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Description: Burke first picked up the guitar at age 11, spurred on by an episode of the reality TV series Wife Swap. A preppy, sports-loving boy on the show ended up with a swapped rocker mom who forced a guitar as a replacement for the kid's soccer ball. "He flipped," Burke recalls. "He did not want anything to do with it, and I was like, 'If I had a guitar I would not be freaking out. I would love it!'" Dad Michael Burke, who also saw the episode, pounced on the opportunity and put a guitar in his son's hands within days."It's all crazy," [Linda Burke] says. "I always told [Josh Burke], 'If this is what you want to do, we will support you 100 percent, but it does mean you'll have to work harder than anybody else.' When kids are in the fifth grade and they say they want to be a basketball star or play in some famous band, don't discourage them right away. If you can imagine it, it's possible. They need their parental support and for anybody to tell a child, 'Well, that's not realistic. You really should have a backup plan,' why go to that right away? Why not see what the possibilities are?""I want people to know that this is a very genuine thing," [Ronnie Winter] says in a YouTube video highlighting Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' Summerfest appearance. "I met {Josh, he's} a fan of the band, and {he's} a great guitar player and now we're boys. So guess what? If you play guitar, bass, drums, sing, anything, don't give up on your dreams because this can happen for you. This really happened. This is a true story. Believe in yourself. You can do it."
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