SPINNED advertising world 48 by kostku


									Taxi Top Digital Advertising - A recent Vertical Market

With dynamic advertising rocking the world, come and innovative avenues
are always looked at, now is taxi top digital signs the next vertical

With dynamic advertising located at every turn, you have to wonder where
next? We peep these radiant, fright moving displays at transportation
hubs, at the gas pump even at the doctors, now one market that isn't
targeted that has a grand target audience is the taxi cab.

Ok, here is a scenario, you cruise in Orlando on business and study for a
taxi cab to remove you from the airport to your meeting, when you earn to
your meeting you derive that some necessary documents or even worse
collected a product you where going to indicate hasn't arrived so you
reschedule for the following day. Now you need some where to ay, so you
exit the meeting and as you are stood on the sidewalk a cab passes with a
taxi cab digital signal on its roof advertising the Hyatt hotel chain and
some special offers, so you brand down the text code or reservation
number displayed and call them, reserving your room at one of the most
luxurious hotels at a very affordable trace.

Another scenario is you are taking a client to lunch in a queer city, on
exiting the building to the street your client is indecisive on where to
eat, then he sees a digital advertisement on the roof of a taxi cab, you
discontinuance the cab and ring the company on the ad and ask the driver
to purchase you there.

These are only two scenarios of taxi top digital advertising, but now
imagine it was you ads on these double sided taxi roof signs how great
attention your stamp will procure.

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