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Originally published February 28 2008
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Video Shows Employees Torturing Cows on Way to Slaughterhouse
by Julie Hurley, citizen journalist
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(NaturalNews) An article posted by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) on their Web
site on Jan. 30, 2008 revealed the disturbing results of a six-week undercover investigation into
Hallmark Meat Packing Co., of Chino, located in southern California. Video evidence showed
employees of the plant, which supplies beef to the National Lunch Program, kicking, electrocuting,
and downright torturing sick or injured animals, forcing them to walk on their own ability into the
slaughterhouse and into our food chain.

A link to the video can be found here:
( . Be aware that this is very
disturbing footage.

The practice of forcing sick or injured animals into the slaughterhouse presents a danger because
of the established link between "downer" cattle and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also
known as mad cow disease. A downer cow is one that is sick or injured and unable to stand on its
own. According to the HSUS, of the 15 known cases of BSE-infected animals discovered in North
America, at least 12 involved downed animals. Mad cow disease is a progressive fatal neurological
disorder of cattle which can be transmitted to other species, including humans. In humans, it is
called Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.

Hallmark's Chino, Calif., slaughter plant supplies the Westland Meat Co., which processes the
carcasses. The facility is the second-largest supplier of beef to USDA's Commodity Procurement
Branch, which distributes the beef to needy families, the elderly and also to schools through the
National School Lunch Program, which served more than 30 million children daily in 2006.
Westland was named a USDA "supplier of the year" for 2004-2005 and has delivered beef to
schools in 36 states.

The Farm Animal Stewardship Purchasing Act (H.R. 1726) would set modest animal welfare
standards, including humane euthanasia of any downed animals, for producers who sell food to
federal government programs, and the Downed Animal Protection Act (S. 394 and H.R. 661) would
ban any slaughtering of downed animals for human consumption.

Reprinted by permission of The Humane Society of the United States ( .

Source: (

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About the author
Julie Hurley is a working mother of two children. She has a degree in journalism from Grand Valley
State University in Michigan, and has an increasing interest in holistic living.
Julie is also training for her first 25k in May after picking up running in April 2007. Follow her
training journey on her blog at:

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