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									                              Greenwood Animal Clinic
                                                                                           Winter 2008

                            Quarterly Newsletter

                              Convenia Injectable Antibiotic
                              By Dr Eric Kapke              effects. In the USA, it is
                                        We have all seen    approved for use in skin
                              the “How to Pill Your         infections/abscesses, but,
German Shepards 2
                              Cat” e-mail by now and        in Europe, it is also
Furminator          2         quite a few of you have       approved for use in
Feline Rabies       3
                              first hand experience with    bladder infections. We
                              the rigors of giving your     have used it at Greenwood
                                                                                           These were all reported to
                              cat oral medications.         Animal Clinic “off-label”
                                                                                           occur less than 10% of the
                              There are also many of        for many other types of
                              you who wonder why            infections with great
                              your dog will eat anything    effect. As of this time                 We are very
                              that is rotten outside, but   there have been no side        excited about this new
                              won’t touch the most          effects reported back to       medication because it
                              savory of morsels if there    us. In addition, the           gives us a safe effective
                              is a pill inside. Well, now   injection showed fewer         treatment and decreases
                              there is an antibiotic just   side effects than oral third   the hassle on our clients
                              for you. Pfizer Animal        generation cephalosporins.     and patients. It also helps
                              Health introduced             The side effects reported      decrease the risk of
 Special points               Convenia Injectable           are lethargy (decreased        resistance because we
 of interest:                 Antibiotic earlier this       energy), vomiting,             know our patients will
                              year. It is a third           diarrhea, and inappetance.     receive their full
  Exciting new
   antibiotic injectable.     generation cephalosporin                                     treatment. It is impossible
                              (that’s medical speak for                                    for us to forget to give
  Which shepard is the
                              new antibiotic) injection                                    medications if they are
                              that lasts for 1-2 weeks                                     already in there and
  Why even your              once injected into your
   indoor kitty should be
   vaccinated.                beloved pet.

                                       It has been in use
                              in Europe and Australia
                              for a few years now
                              without any major side
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                                                                             Quarterly Newsletter

  The Furminator Comes To Greenwood Animal Clinic
   By Tracy Stott

   Do you love your pet but hate the
   hair? The Furminator was developed
   to grab and remove your pets
   undercoat hair quick and easily.
   Properly used the Furminator can
   reduce the hair in your environment
   and on you pet. The Furminator is to
   be used on shedding breeds only. Stop
   by Greenwood Animal Clinic for a
   demonstration today!

 Which Has The Best Shepard Bloodline?
By Kim Hunt

        First bred by Max von Stephanitz in 1895, the Shepherd is
Germany’s most popular canine. The debate now is which part of Germany
has better breeders. East German Shepherds are mostly dark gray or black
and have a straighter back. West German Shepherds are the better known
tan and black with a sloped back.

       It is believed that the East German Shepherds are less prone to hip
problems that are known to plague the breed. Some claim that East
German Shepherds are healthier and have a better personality.

       While German Shepherds are popular in the United States, the
American Kennel Club states that it is not aware of any debate between the
two breeds. “In the US, there is only one standard and one breed of
German Shepherd dogs.” said Lisa Peterson, a spokesperson for the AKC.
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       Why Should I Vaccinate My Indoor Cat Against Rabies?
By Dr Anndrea Kapke                                               and expose herself to rabies.
       Two reasons:
                                                                     This summer, Jill, who resides in Franklin, heard an awful
        1. It’s state law.                                        squeaking noise coming from another room. She had let her
                                                                  pet turtle loose in the house for some exercise. She saw the
        2. There are bats in Indiana.                             turtle had caught a bat. Luckily, reptiles, like turtles, don’t
   Indiana law (345 IAC 1-5-2) states “All dogs, cats and         get rabies. However, I’m thinking that had to be one slow
ferrets three (3) months of age and older must be vaccinated      bat to be caught by a turtle!
against rabies.” Why do we have this law? Although we               In Indiana, dogs and cats (both indoor and outdoor) are
adore our four-legged friends, this law exists to protect us.     required to be vaccinated against rabies every one or three
Because of widespread pet rabies vaccination laws in our          years depending on the type of vaccine used. Ferrets are
country, currently humans rarely get rabies from dogs.            required to be vaccinated against rabies once a year.
   Luckily, the extent of most people’s experience with             The common misperception is that housecats aren’t
rabies is being scared silly by the movie “Cujo”, based upon      exposed to infectious diseases. However, if you live in
the Stephen King novel. The Saint-Bernard, Cujo, gets             Indiana and your cat moves at least as fast as a turtle, you
infected by a rabid bat and, subsequently, goes on a frothing-    know now that there is a potential for rabies. Vaccinate your
at-the-mouth killing spree.                                       cat to protect both her and your family.
 So what does this have to do with your indoor cat? This is
where the bat part comes in.

   The Center for Disease Control reports that in the United
States “the number of rabies cases reported in cats is
routinely 3-4 times as that of rabies reported in cattle or
dogs.” The Indiana State Board of Health reports, “In recent
years, cats have become the most common domestic animals
infected with rabies. This is because many cat owners do
not vaccinate their cats before the cats are exposed to rabid
wildlife outdoors” and indoors. In 2006, the most recent
statistics available, there were thirteen positive rabies cases
in Indiana. Twelve were bats. One was human. The human
got rabies from a bat.

   Bats like our homes, especially attics. To a bored
housecat, a bat is just a mouse with wings. The fluttering
movement is enough to bring out the tiger living dormant in
your pudgy lap warmer. A rabid bat is sick and more likely
to be confused and enter the living quarters of the house.
The rabid bat will be slower and easier for your cat to catch

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