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					                                        San Mateo HigH ScHool Pto

                                        in contact
                                                       DeceMBeR 2008

   Published by the SMHS            a letter From            our PrinCiPal,Yvonne shiu
Parent Teacher Organization         Dear Bearcat Parents,
 for the SMHS Community                 With the holidays just around the corner, can you believe that another calendar year is
                                    almost coming to an end? Time sure flies when you are having fun and are kept busy. Teachers and

Boosters / 9, 10                    counselors are busy preparing letters of recommendations for our graduating seniors, seniors are
                                    putting finishing touches on their applications, and fall sports are finishing up their season and winter
                                    athletes are beginning theirs.
Calendar / 12                           And with the holidays, San Mateo kicks off our annual Canned Food Drive. With the economic
                                    downturn our nation is feeling at the moment, we urge you to support our students and community
                                    in their efforts to ensure that San Mateo County families have food on their tables this holiday
Career Center / 4
                                    season. Thanks for sharing.
                                        Our theater arts department wrapped up RENT and cast PETER PAN. Mark your calendars,
Counseling / 3                      as you will surely not want to miss the show: January 30 & 31, February, 1, 6, 7 and 8. Matinees
                                    are February 1 and 8, all others are evening shows. Other not to be missed events—our winter
                                    concerts: Instrumental Music—Thursday, December 4 and Choral—December 5.
Foundation / 5, 9, 11
                                        I invite you to do some holiday shopping at Barnes and Noble Bookstore at 11 West Hillsdale
                                    Blvd. on Saturday, December 6 from 9am-11pm. A percent of your purchases will be donated back to
Pto / 4, 5                          San Mateo High School. Please mention you are with San Mateo when making your purchases or go
                                    to to download a voucher. Thanks for your support!
                                        Final exams begin the afternoon of Tuesday, December 16 with the 7th period final, followed by
seniors / 3, 4, 8
                                    1st and 2nd period finals on Wednesday, December 17; 3rd and 4th period finals on Thursday, December
                                    18; and, 5th and 6th period finals on Friday, December 19. December 17-19 are minimum days;
student govt. / 7                   students are dismissed at 12:20pm. Please check our website for the full finals schedule. Students
                                    return for the spring semester on Tuesday, January 6.
                                        The 7th Annual Athletics Hall of Fame inducted the following people on Friday, November 14:
suBjeCt areas / 6
                                    Lou Bortolin, Class of 1952; Jeff & Lisa Diamond, 2000-2008; Dan Lacy, 1945-1960; Bob Murphy, Class
                                    of 1949; Colleen Nishiiwa, Class of 1997; Arron Oberholser, Class of 1993; Tom Tuipulotu, Class of
testing / 2                         1983; and the 1975 Football Team. Congratulations Bearcats!
                                        Under summer-like skies, the Bearcats were defeated in the Little Big Game on Saturday,
                                    November 15. It was one of the most exciting games of the season and I am truly proud of the way
YearBook / 8
                                    the team played.
                                        Thank you for all your continuing support of San Mateo High School. I wish you all a safe and
      Any comments, questions
     or concerns regarding this
                                    peaceful holiday season. See you in the new year!
   newsletter may be addressed to        —Yvonne Shiu, Principal
          San Mateo High School, 506 North Delaware Street, San Mateo, CA 94401 (650) 558-2399
testing Corner ContaCt Don SCatena
CAHSEE                                                                      SMHS FALL 2008 FiNALS SCHEDULE
    All sophomores will be taking the CAHSEE for the first
time in February 2009. Our staff is working diligently on                   Monday, December 15th            A Day
preparing our students for this very important test.                        Tuesday, December 16th          B Day
                                                                                 12/16 is a “modified “B” Block schedule day; each period
2008 10th grade CahSee reSultS:                                             will be 86 minutes. Students will take their 7th period final after
     # of students tested 305                                               6th period. Students who do not have a 7th period final are
     Number passed         256                                              dismissed at 1:10pm. The bell schedule for 12/16 is as follows:
     Percent passed        84%                                                   Period                     Time
     Number not passed 49                                                        2                          8:00-9:26
     Percent not passed 16%                                                      Brunch                     9:26-9:36
     Mean Scaled Score 392                                                       4                          9:42-11:08
     For an overview about the California High School Exit                       Lunch                      11:08-11:38
Exam, please go to:                         6                          11:44-1:10
For a free study guide to help your student prepare for the                      7th period final           1:15-3:15
English portion of the CAHSEE, please go to:
ta/tg/hs/documents/elastudypractice.pdf                                     Wednesday, December 17th
For a free study guide to help your student prepare for the                   Period Final          Time
Math portion of the CAHSEE, please go to:                  1                     8:00-10:00
tg/hs/documents/mathpractest.pdf                                              Brunch                10:00-10:14
                                                                              2                     10:20-12:20
                                                                            Thursday, December 18th
      Each 10th grade student will be given a practice CAHSEE
                                                                               Period Final                  Time
test. This diagnostic test is similar to the exam students will take
                                                                               3                             8:00-10:00
on February 3 and 4, 2009. The results will be given to your
                                                                               Brunch                        10:00-10:14
student prior to the holiday break. Copies of the results will be
                                                                               4                             10:20-12:20
given to each student’s math, English, and tutorial teachers. We
hope to have interventions and workshops throughout January                 Friday, December 19th
to help students prepare for this important test.                               Period Final                 Time
                                                                                5                            8:00-10:00
PSAT RESULTS                                                                    Brunch                       10:00-10:14
     The PSAT was given to 325 11TH graders on October                          6                            10:20-12:20
15 . Some 9th and 10th graders took the exam on Saturday,

October 18th. Results for all students will be available prior              December 22nd-January 2nd        Winter Break-Happy Holidays!
to the holiday break. Students should pay close attention to                Monday, January 5th              Teacher Workday
the announcements for where and when these results will be
passed out.                                                                 Tuesday, January 6th             First Day of Spring Semester

                               2008-09 SAT TEST DATES
Test Dates                 Test                               RegistrationDeadlines* *U.S. dates are postmark dates.
                                                          U.S Regular                           U.S Late (a fee applies)
December 6, 2008           SAT & Subject Tests            November 5, 2008                      November 18, 2008
January 24, 2009           SAT & Subject Tests            December 26, 2008                     January 6, 2009
March 14, 2009             SAT only                       February 10, 2009                     February 24, 2009
May 2, 2009                SAT & Subject Tests            March 31, 2009                        April 9, 2009
June 6, 2009               SAT & Subject Tests            May 5, 2009                           May 15, 2009

                                  2008-09 ACT TEST DATES
                                              The optional Writing Test is available for all test dates.
Test Date                  Registration Deadlines                          Late Registration (late fee required)
December 13, 2008          November 7, 2008                                November 8 – 20, 2008
February 7, 2009           January 6, 2009                                 January 7 – 16, 2009
April 4, 2009              February 27, 2009                               February 28 – March 13, 2009
June 13, 2009              May 8, 2009                                     May 9 – 22, 2009
                                         deCemBer 2008 san mateo high sChool “in ContaCt”                                                    -2-
Counseling neWs ContaCt GeorGiana WatSon & april torreS
SUMMER SCHooL                                  ACADEMiC HELP                                CALiFoRNiA SCHoLARSHiP
      We hope to have summer school              Here is what students should do:           FEDERATioN (CSF)
applications available in February. Students     • ask for help from the teacher                CSF is a statewide academic honor
can pick them up in the Counseling Office,         especially during advisory period;       organization. Students qualify by their
room A108. Dates and location have not           • utilize the Homework Center on           grades. Signup meetings will take place
been set at this time. Summer school               Mondays and Wednesdays from              during the month of February.
usually starts one week after school ends          3:15pm – 4:15pm in the library;           **THERE ARE NO RETRO ACTIVE SIGN-UPS**
and runs for six weeks.                          • ask a Counselor for names of
      Students should make up failed               SMHS California Scholarship                   Announcements will be made at
courses during the summer sessions. It is          Federation (CSF) tutors for help.        school, through Naviance, and on School
especially important for those students                                                     Loop. This will be the first semester
who need to make up graduation                 SENioRS APPLyiNg To FoUR                     that 9th graders will be able to become
requirements not passed during the             yEAR AND iNDEPENDENT                         part of CSF. Remember, there is a $5.00
school year like math, English, history and    CoLLEgES                                     application fee each semester.
physical education. Ninth and tenth grade          Make sure you have met with your              More information can be found in
students should make up failed classes         counselor regarding the following:           the Counseling Information Handbook
right away.                                        • letters of recommendation (please      (sent home last summer) or on the SMHS
      We will offer “first time” classes for         check Naviance for deadlines)          website. Ms. Torres is the advisor and will
students who would like to advance to              • all necessary forms for non-           answer any questions.
the next level when they return for the              common application schools,
fall semester, for example, going from               including secondary school reports
Geometry 1-2 to Algebra 3-4. The district            and mid-year reports;                    SAN MATEo HigH SCHooL’S
will notify the schools as to which classes        • envelopes for these schools;                 CANNED FooD
will be available.                                 • paper work for ordering transcripts
SPRiNg SCHEDULE CHECk                          FRESHMAN ACADEMiC
                                                                                            Friday, Nov. 21 - Friday, Dec. 8
     We will meet with students to             PLANNiNg
make necessary schedule adjustments                 In late February and early March,
beginning the week of November 17th.           the Counseling Department will host
The counselors will visit all students         academic planning sessions. Individual       SCHooL PiCTURES
during their English class and students will   “Four-Year” plans will be created for each        If you ordered school pictures from
be able to make appointments with them         student. An important benefit will be that   Lifetouch (not senior portraits) in August
to make any needed changes during their        the student’s sophomore schedule will        and have not received them, you are
advisory period.                               be discussed and determined. Invitations     not alone. To check on your order and
     In most cases, a student’s spring         will be mailed in early February and more    receive your picture packet, call Lifetouch
schedule will remain the same. The few         information will follow.                     at 1-888-898-4723.
changes that are made could relate to the
following: playing a spring sport; needing
PE at the end of the day; or, a teacher
making a recommendation to change a
                                                                  SAVE THE DATE!
course level.                                                Saturday, February 7, 2009
     No changes will be made for the
following:                                                  E-waste Electronics Recycling
     • Request a different teacher
     • Change an elective
                                                               9am-4pm, SMHS Parking Lot
                                                   Please save the following items to safely recycle and drop off for FREE!—
     • Period change                           Monitors, Computers, Printers, Keyboards/Mice, Laptops, Televisions, DVD &
                                               VCR players, Stereos, Telephones/Cell, Microwaves, Fax Machines, Shredders,
                                               Power Supply Units, and Cords/Cables.
                                                   If your company has this kind of equipment, please have them save and
                                               store it until we can arrange a pick up before February 7th or for other
                                               arrangements, please email:

                                         deCemBer 2008 san mateo high sChool “in ContaCt”                                           -3-
Career Center ContaCt terri FeneCh, 558-2318
                                                 •   Beware of scams and websites like            DATES To REMEMBER
   THE CAREER CENTERS oF                    that charge a fee to
    ARAgoN, BURLiNgAME,                              file this form. Filing this form is always   CSU Application Filing Period
 CAPUCHiNo, HiLLSDALE, MiLLS,                        FREE. You should never have to pay               Oct . 1- Nov. 30
   PENiNSULA & SAN MATEo                             a fee to apply for financial aid or          UC Application Filing Period
       HigH SCHooLS                                  scholarships.                                    Nov. 1 - 30
                                                 •   Haven’t filed your 2007 taxes yet?           FAFSA-Free Application for Federal
  iNViTE SENioRS and PARENTS                         Don’t worry, just estimate your              Student Aid
             To A                                    income on the FAFSA and then make                Available online Jan. 1, 2009
   FiNANCiAL AiD WoRkSHoP                            corrections on your Student Aid              Financial Aid Night
                                                     Report (SAR) after you file.                     Jan. 14th 7-9pm (PAC)
      HoW To CoMPLETE                            •   Get a PIN number to sign                     Sophomore/Junior Student & Parent
         THE FAFSA                                   electronically. Dependent students           Information Night
 (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)          should get one PIN for themselves                Feb. 5th, 6:00-8:00pm (PAC)
                                                     and one PIN for their parents. You can       Deadline for Cal Grant Eligibility
   guest Speaker: Norman Caito,                      register for a PIN at            March 2, 2008
   Assistant Financial Aid Director              •   Some independent colleges and
     University of San Francisco                     universities have earlier financial aid
                                                     deadlines. Check with the schools you  oUTSTANDiNg BEARCAT
                                                     are applying to for their financial aidAWARDS
           you are encouraged
        to apply for financial aid                   deadline.                                   On November 3rd, this year’s first
  (Federal and Cal grant Entitlements)                                                      Outstanding Bearcat Awards Lunch was
       and attend this workshop.                 WHAT iS THE CSS/FiNANCiAL AiD hosted by the PTO in the Flex Theatre.
        Step-by-step instructions                PRoFiLE?                                   Three times a year students are nominated
      Question and answer session                     The CSS Profile is used to help award by staff members to receive these awards
                                                 nonfederal student aid funds. Some         for contributions they have made to the
  Wednesday, January 14, 2009                    private colleges and universities require  SMHS Bearcat community. Congratulations
        7:00 - 9:00Pm                            that you file a CSS/PROFILE. Check www. to these recent winners and many thanks
                                        and click on CSS/         to Lai Ching Wong and her committee for
        San Mateo High School
       (Performing Arts Center)                  PROFILE under “Pay for College” to view organizing this special event.
                                                 the list of schools and deadlines.
                                                                                            STAFF MEMBER            STUDENT
FAFSA (Free Application for Federal                                                               Terri Fenech             Jordan Guinn
Student Aid) for the 2009-2010 year can be       SCHoLARSHiP iNFoRMATioN
                                                                                                  Susan Barba-Miller       Deja Brown
submitted beginning in January.                       Don’t miss out! Check on Naviance,
                                                                                                  Diane Termini            Jonathan Sandoval
• For Cal Grant consideration: Both the          SchoolLoop or stop by the Career Center
                                                                                                  Alexandra Loera          Duc Tran Mai
    FAFSA and your GPA verification form         for the latest scholarship opportunities to
                                                                                                  Arienne Adamcikova       Jesus Padilla
    must be submitted by March 2, 2008.          get free money to attend college.
                                                                                                  Andrea Soroko            Christina Nerio Osai
    Visit for more                                                              Ana Maria Ramos          Sailo Mounga
    information about Cal Grants.                SENioR iNFoRMATioN
                                                                                                  Molly Rosenfeld          D’armon Collins
• Fill out the FAFSA at         Financial Aid information
                                                                                                  Martin Ortega            Fernando Carrillo
    for more accuracy and a quick turn                Mrs. Fenech has visited the senior
                                                                                                  Ashley Brainard          Ruby Vasquez
    around time. Certain types of financial      classes to give a brief overview of financial
                                                                                                  Gerald Mountain          Carlos Morales
    aid are first come, first serve; so          aid and scholarships. Students were given
                                                                                                  Heather Vasquez          Juan Barajas
    submit your FAFSA right away!                a Cal Grant GPA Information Release
                                                                                                  April Torres             Mercedes Ballesteros
• Many parents think they will not be            Form and information on how to get a
                                                                                                  Ya-Hui Steinbrecher      Jonathan Gonzalez
    eligible for financial aid so they don’t     PIN number and file a FAFSA. Be sure
                                                                                                  Cindy Braganza Rillera   Marsha Cardona
    submit a FAFSA or Cal Grant GPA              that your student returns the signed Cal
                                                                                                  Elizabeth Cronin         Francisco Arevalo
    form. However, some schools use              Grant GPA verification form so that we
                                                                                                  Sara Catalli             Megan Villanueva
    the FAFSA to award other grants              can electronically file it for your student.
                                                                                                  Ann Pappas               Edwin Velis
    or scholarships. Also, some family           Mrs. Fenech will give Student Financial
                                                                                                  Marco Rainaldi           Jonathan Shani
    situations can change between now            Aid Workshops during tutorial in January.
                                                                                                  Sara Iraheta             Esteban Rodriguez
    and when a student attends school,                                                            Devra Foster             Lavell Ferguson
    so it is recommended to submit
    the form and let the schools decide.             SAT & ACT Test Dates                         Patsy Fergusson
                                                                                                  Sarah Eheart
                                                                                                                           Jacqueline Nuñez
                                                                                                                           Josie Sanchez-Lazaro
    Additionally, to be eligible for a Federal
    Stafford Student Loan, you must submit               See page 2.                              Elizabeth Yapp
                                                                                                  Julie Stock
                                                                                                                           Mario Rodriguez
                                                                                                                           Isaak Torres and
    a FAFSA.                                                                                                               Dante Salazar
                                         deCemBer 2008 san mateo high sChool “in ContaCt”                                                   -4-

Dear Bearcat Parents and Teachers,
     We have reached the halfway mark. Finals are just around the corner and then a much needed break for everyone.
     Thanks go out to every teacher, administrator, parent and student who stepped up to be heard regarding the 7th period day. On
November 17th at a committee hearing, I spoke in favor of saving the 7th period day along with many other school representatives
from SMHS and the other district schools. I left copies of all the letters and opinions I collected over the past month with the
committee. After a lengthy meeting and many voices and opinions on the pros and cons of the 7th period day, we now wait to hear
their recommendations. I will keep you posted as information is released.
     Congratulations go out to Mr. Friedman and the entire cast of RENT. The show was amazing and no other high school could
have handled the content of this play with as much style, grace and confidence as our SMHS students. Peter Pan is now in the works
and I am really looking forward to opening night.
     The PTO is proud to be part of the Bearcat Awards. These are awards that honor students recognized by individual teachers.
Thanks to Lai Ching Wong and her committee for organizing an award-winning luncheon.
     If you missed the Parent Information Night in October, you missed some very helpful insight regarding the pressures that our
teens face and how we can help. If you are worried about your student, feel free to call Diana de Guzman, SMHS School Safety
Advocate at 558-2376.
     As teenagers prepare for their future independence, money management skills are needed. On January 27, 2009 at 7:15Pm in
the library, the next SMHS PTo Parent information Night will feature “Teenage Money Management” and is targeted to both
parents and students. Do you know how to talk to your kids about credit? Has your student opened a checking or savings account?
Do your students know how to get a work permit? These questions and many more will be the focus of our January meeting. Hope
to see you there!
     Finally, this is the time of giving and even though we are all feeling the pinch, be thankful for what you have. Give generously to
the Canned Food Drive. Happy Holidays to all and enjoy the winter break.

                                                                            The San Mateo High School Foundation is pleased to
  San Mateo High School Bearcats PTo                                   welcome our new Director of Development, Karin Klarreich.
                                                                       Karin has 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector
      our SMHS eScrip account is                                       and specializes in development, event planning and board
                                                                       management. She is looking forward to getting to know the
                      #139430620                                       San Mateo High School community. Karin and her husband live
                                                                       in Los Altos and their three children attended Los Altos public
                                                                       schools. Please feel free to contact her if you would like to
                                                                       learn more or get involved with the Foundation. She can be
     Please support our PTO eScrip fundraising! This is “easy          reached at 650.575.4432 or
money,” donated to the PTO as a direct result of your shopping
and dining purchases. You can register your debit and credit
cards and the rewards return to SMHS! Just a few easy steps to                    The latest issue of the SMHS PTO’s
sign-up and support the PTO’s many programs:                                            In Contact newsletter
1. Log on to, enter San Mateo High School                               is always available online:
Bearcat PTO’s group I.D. #139430620, and follow the easy steps.
2. Don’t forget to register your Safeway Club card. If                    
you don’t remember the number, call 1-800-723-3929.
3. Check out the many merchants supporting our PTO, local                SMHS PTO prefers that parents receive the electronic version,
restaurants, Ducky’s Car Wash, Shutterfly, and many more.               in order to save time, money, paper and postage. If you received
                                                                       this by regular mail and want to request future electronic copies,
     Contact me if you have any questions and thanks!
                                                                           please send an email to:
     —Sandy Ghilarducci
                                        deCemBer 2008 san mateo high sChool “in ContaCt”                                              -5-
$400 gRANT gETS MoDEL                             NEW MATHEMATiCS CoURSES iNTRoDUCED
gRoUND                                                      There are two new math courses at San Mateo High School this year. Last
                                                  spring the Board of Trustees approved Integrated Math 1-2 and Integrated Math 3-4 as
                                                  part of the district’s revised course sequence in mathematics. Integrated Math 1-2 is
                                                  being used as a “bridge” course between Algebra 1-2 and Geometry for those students
                                                  who need additional algebra skills reinforcement. It also helps prepare students for
                                                  their next course by introducing geometry content. The Integrated Math 3-4 course is
                                                  a similar “bridge” between Geometry and Algebra 3-4. As the name implies, Integrated
                                                  Math intertwines strands of Algebra 1-2, Geometry, and Algebra 3-4 in each course.
                                                  SMHS has three sections of Integrated Math 1-2 and two sections of Integrated Mat 3-4
                                                  this year. Below is the revised math course sequence.

      A newly formed club Model Rocketry
Club, sponsored by physics teacher Paul
Robinson, received a $400 grant from
the Jewish Community Center. Club
President, Tiffany Ho, is a 10th grader who
hopes to pursue a career in aeronautical
engineering. Club VP Arun Asundi would
also like someday to be an engineer and
is excited about the opportunity to apply
his math and science skills in a real-world
situation. The club now has the funds to
purchase dozens of model rockets. Since
SMHS is so close to the SFO airport, we
will launch them at NASA Ames Research            DANCE PRogRAM
Center at Moffet Field in Mountain View.

Some members are studying plans on how                 Mrs. Tribuzi would like to give a Big
to build a model rocket that will break the       Bearcat thanks the SMHS Advanced Dance
sound barrier—and create a mini-sonic             class AND the SMHS Marching Band for

                                                  dancing such a “dead on” Thriller at the
      Another goal of the club is to acquire
the skills to compete in the Team America         Little Big Game Half Time. Bearcat spirit is
Challenge, where students must design,            alive and well, and dancing at San Mateo!

build, and fly a one-stage model rocket                Come see the SMHS Advanced Dance
carrying one raw egg to an altitude of            class (aka: The Bearcat Dance Ensemble)
exactly 750 feet while staying airborne           at the Redwood City Holiday Faire on
for exactly 45 seconds and returning

                                                  Saturday, December 6th from 12:30-1:00.
the egg uncracked. The process of
designing, building, and flying a moderately      They will be performing in front of the
complex flight vehicle teaches many               Court House in Redwood City.You’ll
concepts of teamwork as well as those of          see a half hour of exciting dancing AND
physics, engineering, aerodynamics, flight        singing from members of our SMHS Dance
mechanics, stability, and electrical circuitry.   Department. Bring your friends!
After completing local qualification flights,
the top 100 U.S.-based teams are invited
to Virginia for a national final fly-off.
                                           deCemBer 2008 san mateo high sChool “in ContaCt”                                         -6-
student government ContaCt Sara Catalli, 558-2333
SMHS ACTiViTiES                               THREE CHEERS FoR...                            2008 SPiRiT HALL SCENES
                                                    --Colin Schwartz and Taylor Mallory,
    SAN MATEo HigH SCHooL’S                   the Health Awareness Commissioners,
 CANNED FooD DRiVE who worked together on this years “Peace
  Friday, Nov. 21 - Friday, Dec. 8 Week”. We promoted positive behavior
                                              on campus all week. We all hope it will
     Support our Annual Food Drive for        continue throughout the rest of the school
the Samaritan House and Second Harvest year. Thanks to all the Mutual Respect
Food Bank. This year it will be organized by Assembly Speakers who presented to the
Kate Stern and Jon Ocon, our Community freshmen. Another thanks to the cast of
Service Commissioners. San Mateo High         RENT who sang during lunch.
has the most successful school-organized            --The 400 students who came
                                              to “Grid” at the San Mateo Marriott.            Senior Class Council in the Senior Spirit Hall
food drive in the nation! Last year we
did very well and collected 274,000 lbs.      Special congratulations to our Dance
(money and cans combined). This year our Commissioner Jeni Styka and her
goal is 300,000 pounds! The drive will be     committee for organizing such a wonderful
run through the tutorial classes. Students    event.
are most creative in their approaches to            --All the students, especially the class
gathering canned goods. Classes challenge     officers, who organized the wonderful hall
each other, students collect cans outside     decorations for Spirit Week. All four grades
of supermarkets, they deliver “Dear           did a terrific job! Special thanks to all the
Neighbor” letters and they collect money parents that hosted Spirit Hall and helped
in class to donate directly to Samaritan      with set up—especially Charlie Royce and
House. Parents are encouraged to write        Lia Turk! The juniors and seniors tied for
tax-deductible checks made out to the         first on Spirit Hall. The seniors won Spirit        The Bearcat King Senior Spirit Hall
“Samaritan House” for their student to        week by 200 points over the juniors.
take to his/her tutorial period. Each dollar        --Zac Vaden and Neal Honda, our Spirit
translates into four pounds of credit for     Commissioners, organized a fun-filled week
that class. Ask your student about the        of lunch-time events with dress-up days
drive and support this major community        and renditions of the Fight Song everyday
outreach project. This is a very moving and which ended in a very spirited way with
significant experience for our students       a Little Big Game/Food Drive rally with
as they all learn that they can make an       the theme “Yes We Can”. We would like
important contribution to their community. to thank our talented “Tech Team” for all
Please support their efforts.                 of their support and expertise working
     You can also donate on-line.Virtual      on the rally; Alyssa Royce, Jeffery Paul Lee,
Food Drive for Second Harvest. Select         Vidhan Mittal and Madison Boggs. Another
                                                                                                     Juniors in the Junior Spirit Hall
“school”, “SMHS” and your son or              successful and amazing rally!
daughter’s tutorial teacher under “team
default.aspx                                        Our third Renaissance Rally will be
                                              hosted by the Renaissance Leadership
SUPPLiES NEEDED                               class on November 21 at lunch. All card
     If possible we will need lots of         members are honored with free treats,
cardboard boxes for the Food Drive.           raffle prizes and a fun rally game! There
Please have your son or daughter drop         were several articles about RLT in the
them off at school in Room A001.              school newspaper. We would like to thank
                                              all of the Magic of Mateo Gala donors that
upComiNg: late JaNuary 2009                   supported this year’s “Fund-a-Need!” The
     Winter Sports rally, honoring our        students and staff love the new recognition               Class of 2010 Spirit Hall
wrestling, basketball, and soccer teams, will program. We are all very excited about
be during a double fourth period.             our progress so far.
                                         deCemBer 2008 san mateo high sChool “in ContaCt”                                                 -7-
      Seniors and families! Do you know that you can have a                   gRAD NigHT 2009
special page, or part of a page in the 2009 yearbook? Families                    Support the Class of 2009’s Grad
purchase space and use them for “baby ads,” cute photos                       Night! Attend a fun fundraiser featuring
showing “then” and “now.” Some simply do a page featuring
                                                                              Silpada Jewelry.
their splendid young adult. Sometimes, families arrange to share
                                                                                  Barb Shenson is opening her home on Sunday,
pages. Senior students may also purchase pages on their own. If
you want to purchase space in the 2009 yearbook, here are the                 December 7th to host this fundraiser, featuring Silpada
steps:                                                                        Jewelry. 50% of the designer’s earnings are being donated
      1. Contact us to reserve the space--full page for $250,                 to Grad Night. There is something for everyone with over
half page for $150, or quarter page for $100. We are at                       480 sterling silver creations. Check out the website at or at 558-2399, ext 3377 in the               The jewelry is affordably priced from
mornings starting at 8 a.m. Or, visit us in the Media Lab, B102,              $12-$100+ with the majority of items in the low to mid-
near the Library.
                                                                              $30 range. The quality and style speaks for itself. There is
      2. Send in photos for us to scan (labeled with your child’s
                                                                              no formal presentation. Join the party and enjoy a glass of
name), or send in high-quality JPGs. (Sometimes people bring
in the photos and we scan them on the spot. We can do this                    hot cider or wine.
MWF before 8:45.) Write your message.Yearbook students will                       Sunday, December 7th 12noon-4pm
be glad to design a page for you. (If you want to do the graphic                     707 Anacapa Lane, Foster City, (TEL: 345-6618)
design, we can also accept pages that you have designed. They                    Park on Sea Cloud Drive—look for the open gate and
should be Photoshop or InDesign documents, JPGs, or TIFFs.                          orange and black balloons. Everyone is welcome!
Include fonts and graphics if appropriate.)                                        The Grad Night Party is the safe alternative for
      3. Arrange for payment. It can be a month it’s a good time
                                                                              our seniors. The event is SMHS parent-supported and
for you to pay. A check to SMHS Yearbook with the amount and
                                                                              chaperoned. The senior class is bussed to a surprise
your child’s name is ideal.
As we finish the yearbook before Spring Break, we try to do                   destination for a safe, fun evening of celebrating with
as much as early as we can.You can help us meet our deadlines                 classmates. Our next meeting is 1/14, 7pm in the Library.
by being an “angel” or a “good sport.” An angel has all of the                     The innisbrook giftwrap Fundraiser is on-going
photos and message to us by the end of Thanksgiving vacation.                 now and will continue through the holidays—Just go to
A good sport has photos and message ready the first week of         , click on “shop” and use our
school in January. That way, families can work on these pages                 school code #112447 for your purchases. Your order
over the winter break. The final deadlines for reserving pages
                                                                              will ship directly to your home.
is late February or when the pages are all sold, with all pictures
                                                                                   We are also grateful for your direct donations. If
and messages due shortly thereafter.
      Finally, remember to purchase that precious book. The cost              you could consider sponsoring one additional student,
will be $60 till the end of the semester; it is $65 in January-April,         along with your own, we will be well on our way to our
and $75 on Senior Activity Day in May.                                        $18,000 goal. All donations are tax deductible. However,
      —Jane McCabe,Yearbook Advisor                                           no donation is too small or too big. All donations can be
                                                                              sent to SMHS gRAD NigHT, 506 N. Delaware,
                                                                              San Mateo, Calif. 94401. Make sure to include your name,
                                                                              student name, address, phone # and e-mail with your
                                                                              check. Thank you in advance for your support.

                                                                          yEARBook SALES
                                                                               Yearbooks will be available for $60 through December. If
                                                                          you haven’t purchased one yet, send a check for $60 with your
                                                                          child’s name on it to:
                                                                           SMHS Yearbook, 506 N. Delaware Street, San Mateo CA 94401
                                                                               Or, you can have your student drop it off to the Front
                                                                          Office or the Media Lab, B102, near the library. The price will
                                                                          go up to $65 in January and $75 in May when the books are
Josh Leung and Kevin Chew are thrilled by what they see in these yearbooks!

                                          deCemBer 2008 san mateo high sChool “in ContaCt”                                                -8-
smhs Boosters

drama Boosters

     Many thanks to all who attended our production of RENT. This challenging show
received a wonderful review (
news&id=100301), along with an article highlighting our related health outreach in
the program and lobby during the show (
php?id=100273&eddate=10/30/2008). We also made a $1500 donation to Project
Open Hand from our opening night proceeds as a gesture of support.
     Our appreciation to you, our audiences is heartfelt for many reasons; the large
enthusiastic houses are a great reward for the huge commitment of our students, and
the financial support helps us fund future shows. Glad you enjoyed RENT as much as
we enjoyed presenting it.
     Next we want you to think lovely, wonderful thoughts, because we’re flying off
                                                                    to Neverland, with the magical musical Peter Pan! January 30
                                                                    – February 8 in the Performing Arts Center. The show features
                                                                    fairy dust and the wonderful flying adventures of Peter, Wendy,
                                                                    Michael, John, Tinkerbell, The Lost Boys, Tiger Lily, and, of course,
                                                                    the delightfully villainous Captain Hook.
                                                                         Our Winter musical is always the biggest stage event of the
                                                                    year at SMHS, and this year, we intend to leave no doubt. Over
                                                                    100 San Mateo High students will be involved in this oversized
                                                                    production, with approximately 40 in the cast, and 60+ others
in the crew, orchestra and other support roles. Mark your calendars, and tell your
friends--it’s a great show for everyone from grandparents to toddlers! The cast list can
be viewed with this link:
     Join the fun! There are many opportunities for behind the scenes participation—
from concessions to publicity, and a dozen other easy, fun jobs for students and adults.
We also welcome your financial support in the form of program advertisements,
sponsorships, donations, or booster membership. For more information, please
contact Bill Brissman (, 650-533-2341) or Alan Venook
(, 650-259-0260). For our meeting schedule, please consult www.
     The Boosters wish all a happy and safe Holiday season. See you in the lobby!

                                         The many reasons you should donate to the Foundation…
                     “The Diamond Grants have been instrumental in allowing our art students to take their artwork to the next level.
                 Student displays and shows really encourage students to work to a higher level because they want to have a sense of pride.
      Since we started the Spring Art Show in the library, we have seen growth in both the level and quality of artwork that our students are producing.
                                 Thanks to the Foundation for supporting our art students.” —Elizabeth Yapp, Art Teacher

         “The document camera I purchased with a Diamond Grant allows me to quickly project student-generated work for the whole class to see.
              It allows me to respond much more quickly to student needs and really grab their attention.” —Nancy Dinges, Math Teacher

 “MathType has allowed every teacher in the Math Department to create professional-appearing mathematical expressions for worksheets and assessments.
 The students have no difficulty understanding them from class to class because they are a standard professional quality.” —Marco Rainaldi, Math Teacher

            “Renaissance Leadership Team is a class I look forward to every day. Seeing our school strive as one is priceless and a reward in itself.
                     To be able to use my leadership skills and have fun at the same time is incredible.”—James Zongas, 9th Grade

               “To me Renaissance is a program that helps students believe they can achieve anything and when they do, they will be rewarded.
          This has impacted the school greatly because over 150 students improved .5 or more in their GPA because they wanted to be recognized.
        I see this as a huge stride in a long journey to make achieving great things in academics the focus of the school.”—Eric Morin, 11th Grade

          “It is meaningful to remind students, teachers, staff and administrators that the work they are doing is IMPORTANT! It is easy to get lost
                  in a passionless routine. Renaissance gives back the importance to our educational system.” —Claire Green, 12th Grade

         Every dollar makes a difference. Any level is greatly appreciated. Pledges are accepted anytime.
      SMHS FoUNDATioN, 204 E. 2nd Ave., Suite 617, San Mateo, CA 94401 • • 650-575-4432
                                              deCemBer 2008 san mateo high sChool “in ContaCt”                                                             -9-
athletiC Boosters                                                      musiC Boosters

     SMHS Athletic Boosters has just completed our FALL sports               The music students at SMHS have been in high gear since
season and are looking forward to WINTER sports. Both Soccer           the last update. The marching band participated in band reviews
and Basketball teams should do well and we hope everyone               in Antioch, Santa Cruz and Pleasanton as well as performed
                                                                       in the Italian Heritage Day parade in San Francisco to great
comes out to show the BEARCAT sprit.
                                                                       applause. The band and color guard came in second place in
     As we wind                                                        Pleasanton. They are looking good this year.
down 2008 and                                                                Our choir under the direction of Shawn Reifschneider has
look forward to                                                        performed to standing room only crowds during this very busy
Winter Break,                                                          fall season. The Choir Winter concert is set for December 5 at
the gift-giving                                                        Burlingame High School. Please check the Bearcat Music website
                                                              for further information.
time is upon
                                                                             Our jazz band performed at the jazz festival at College of
us. So, why not                                                        San Mateo on November 14th. They never sounded better! They
buy your SMHS                                                          also attended workshops to learn how to improve their already
student a hooded                                                       awesome sound.
sweatshirt? This                                                             The marching band and color guard took to the field and
black sweatshirt                                                       turned Michael Jackson’s Thriller into an awe-inspiring spectacle
                                                                       during the half-time show at the Little Big Game at Burlingame
with an orange SM
                                                                       High School on November 15th. They were awesome as usual.
on the front is just                                                   Our music boosters hosted the post-game BBQ for the Music
perfect to keep                                                        department. There was hardly a crumb left. Thanks to Dawn
him or her, or even                                                    Tesarowski and Kathy Kobara for organizing this most delicious
parents warm. And it’s only $40. Order forms are available in the      and welcome food fest for the marching band and pep bands.
main office; samples of the sweatshirt are displayed in the glass      Thanks also to all the parents who helped out, brought food and
                                                                       are always there when needed. We couldn’t participate in these
cases just outside the main office. Hurry and place your order by
                                                                       wonderful events without your help.
December 5 to receive your orders prior to Winter break. If you              There is always room for more volunteers in the Music
want to order this as a surprise, contact me via e-mail for details.   Boosters and we really do have too much fun when we get
     The athletic boosters contributed to a “new” golf cart for        together. Come and join us, get involved and you will see the
the sports program. Now our trainer can get to various games           benefit of your involvement in your students and in the music
with supplies fast and easy. This cart is also used by the coaches.    program.
                                                                             Finally, our Winter Instrumental Concert will be held
Thanks to CO-AD Jeff Scheller for finding the perfect cart and
                                                                       on December 4th at 7:00pm in the PAC. All the groups will be
having the SM colors painted.                                          performing during this much anticipated event. We would love
     Once again, SMHS athletic boosters are selling the Family         to see all the friends and family of the San Mateo High School
Pass. The cost has not changed in years, and for only $40, a family    community attend these performances and see all the talented
of two adults and 2 non-high school kids can enter ALL home            kids that make up the Music department at San Mateo High!
basketball games and SMUHSD away games. A savings of over
$100! Contact me for details. If you have one already, then it will
allow you into the basketball games.
     We are always looking for parents to get involved. Please
step forward and help us help the athletic program remain
     For questions or comments, contact me –
     Gary Pollard, President or 415-519-4279 cell

For BearCat SportS SCheduleS:
                                                                                        2008 Italian Heritage Day Parade

                                         deCemBer 2008 san mateo high sChool “in ContaCt”                                           -10-
                      SAN MATEo HigH SCHooL FoUNDATioN DoNoRS
                                                             JULY 1, 2008 TO PRESENT
                          Thank you for supporting the Foundation. Your generous donation makes a BIG difference to our school!
                               This list is a work in progress and we sincerely apologize in advance for any errors or omissions.
   Please contact Karin Klarreich at 650.575.4432 or with any edits or for additional information on how to join our Foundation family.
                          THANKS AGAIN and we look forward to seeing this list continue to grow! Pledges are accepted anytime.
                                     Please send to: SMHSF, 204 East Second Avenue Suite 617, San Mateo, CA 94401

Patricia Lim and Jonathan Abilay        George M. Drysdale                      Wendi and John Labbie                 Michael P. Richards
Constanza Beltran and                   Jackie Dunn                             Geraldine Rufino and Rogelio Lagapa   Shelley Rintala
    Francisco Afanador                  Eve and Ed Duran                        Swee and Andy Lau                     Diane Rogers
Sally and Peter Anastassiou             Karen and Dan Dyckman                   Cynthia Rapaido and Gary Lawrence     Nancy and Gerald Rosenberg
Anonymous                               Rebecca and Leon Ecker                  Donna Retheford and Richard Leavitt   Marie and John Sabol
Ria and Roland Apikelis                 Gloria and Mark Erlick                  Carolyn and Russell Leonard           Pam and Jeff Sachs
Kiyoshi Asaoka                          Monica and Tomas Evensen                Robert Leo                            Candace and Bob Savoie
Ana and Stephen Asp                     Zena and Leon Fish                      Joyce Therese Leyesa                  Shana and Don Scatena
Daphne and Ray Atkinson                 John Fisher                             Judi Littell                          Nathan Schmidt
Jodi and Isaac Babbs                    Ellen O’Leary and Ray Flatland          Lisa Louie                            Wendy and Jonathan Segal
Honorata Bautista                       Jeannie Lew and Cary Fong               Jennifer and Lenny Low                Marna Skaar and Michael Shannon
Bay Meadows Land Company                Nancy and Jeff Fong                     Julia and Larry MacNeil               Li Yen Yan and Yang Shen
BC|A Architects                         Marjorie and Allyson Forrest            Susie and Robert Mar                  Barb and Mike Shenson
Elizabeth and Glenn Belen               Sophie Cole-Foster and Lionel Foster    Manolo Martinez                       Tsui-Hua and Peter Shieh
Mary Ellen Benninger                    Franklin Templeton Investments          Peggy McLaughlin                      Peggy Chen Shirreffs
Bohannon Foundation                     Nancy Scheinholtz and George Freeborn   Keith McWilliams                      Yvonne Shiu
Lisa and Robert Bonahoom                Barbara and Dan Freeman                 Elaine and David Meacham              Kiron Skinner
Stewart Bonn                            Gerald Fullsack                         Taybeh Ghafari and Sima Memari        Thomas C. Smith
Julie and Jim Borden                    Vera and Dave George                    Barbara and Douglas Merkel            Anne and Scott Stein
Borel Private Bank and Trust Company    Kerry Hyman and Gary Gerber             Sarah and Dennis Millstein            Patty Hsiu and Will Stein
Lina and Robert Borromeo                Tabitha and Marvin Gin                  Tom Mohr                              Ruth Steiner
Suzanne Boutin                          Karen Glaser                            Hamid Moinpour                        Bev and Andy Stern
Mary and Ross Brewer                    Debra and Thomas Gruber                 Rosa Bucío and Pedro Molina           The Storch Family
Randi and Bill Brissman                 Reem and Mike Habeeb                    Mollie Stone’s Markets                Patti and David Styka
Marilyn and Clark Brown                 Lisa and Adam Halpern                   Jo and Bruce Mork                     Jocelyn Koo and Gilbert Sy
Phyllis and Jeff Brown                  Susan and Dean Harris                   Cynthia Easton and Albert Mughannam   Thyra Tegner
Robert Buckingham                       Claudia and Mark Helenius               Andy Mughannam                        Dawn and David Tesarowski
Norma and Peter Bufford                 Irene and Daniel C. Hernandez           Naohito and Yasuko Nakamura           Peter Thayer
Julie Burkert                           Christine and Allen Hom                 Vija Norkvesta                        Vicki and Dave Titus
Mauro Calvi                             Susi and Michael Housman                Shirley Oiwa                          Amy Cheng and Paul Tong
Gordon L. Campbell                      Caryn Goldman and Richard Hull          Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP    Barbara and Gary Toy
Suzy Parker Cantor and Jeff Cantor      Jimmy Ikeda                             Mary Wang Oskamp                      Lilli Rey and Val Vaden
Beverly and Ben Cardenas                Kathy Indicks                           Jeanette and Kerim Otus               Ann and Tim van Oppen
Tamara Carlin                           Beth Izmirian                           Marcelo Palazzo                       Carrie Small and Alan Venook
South San Francisco Conference Center   Elaine Jacobs                           Amy and Eugene Pallas                 Anette and Stephan Voges
Jammy Tsai and Yung Chang               June and Anthony Jin                    Patty Kaitz and Chris Pascoe          Gilbert Wai
Stephanie Peiyi and Donald Chen         Guyton Jinkerson                        Joseph Pausner                        Ginny and George Wailes
Daphne and Pisin Chen                   Alicia and Steve Jones                  Ellen and Bill Peters                 Naomi and Leonard Weaverling
Yvonne Chen                             Deanne Joshua                           Lynn and Michael Pierce               Beth and Alan Weiss
Jo Ellen Chew                           Julie Shiong-Juin and Terry Tan-Jui     Christina and Matt Pietro             Laurel and Jon Wetherbee
Marie and Mike Chuang                   Virginia and Dean Kacludis              David Pine                            Mary Jane and Stanley Whitehead
Janet and Lester Chun                   Wen-Shen and Yue-Lie Kao                Pinnacle Ventures                     Patrice and Walter Willig
Susie and Joel Cohen                    Hiroshi and Miki Kasagi                 Wendy and Keith Pituley               Karin Klarreich and Walter Wilson
Cohn-Reid-O’Neill Insurance             Tomoko Kashiwagi                        Chris and Gary Pollard                Debra Precht and Scott Wirch
Deborah Marcus and Tom Cross            Ruth Sim and Kee Meng Keith             Prodesse Property Group               Karen and Bill Wong
Carla and Bruce Dannels                 Lia Turk and Kamran Kheirolomoom        Sharon Proft                          Sabrina Chen and Arthur Wu
Lisa and Jeff Diamond                   Diamond and James Khoe                  Delia Ragadio                         Ika Huang Wu
Lauren and Richard Domingo              Kimiyoshi and Yuko Kikuchi              Una and Perry Rango                   Yue-Lie Wu
Charles Douglas                         Kathy and Shiz Kobara                   Ann and Andrew Reid                   Sharon and Edward Yeh
Betty Drisko                            Flavia Borellini and Walter Koch        Cathie and Richard Reisman            Joanne and Mike Zongus

                                             deCemBer 2008 san mateo high sChool “in ContaCt”                                                         -11-
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Published by the                                                                                     US Postage
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for the SMHS Community

December 2008

SMHS Principal:
yvonne Shiu

PTO President:
Karen Dyckman

Editor and Publisher:
Lia Turk Kheirolomoom

Patti Lim

                        smhs sChool Calendar
                                                                                          SAVE THE DATE!
                                                                                      Saturday, February 7, 2009
                                                                                      E-waste Electronics Recycling
DECEMBER 2008                              JANUARy 2009
2     Coral Rehearsal - PAC                6     FiRST DAy oF SPRiNg SEMESTER
3     Latino Parents Association           8     PSAT Ames Seminar
                                                                                      See also other specific calendar dates
4     Winter Concert- PAC                  8     Drama Boosters
                                                                                              within the newsletter.
5     PTO Board Meeting                    9     PTO Board Meeting - Library
5     Winter Choral Concert - PAC          14    Financial Aid Night                    Please verify dates and times on
6     SAT Testing - Check location         14    Senior Parents Grad Night Planning         SMHS’s web calendar at
8     Site Council                         19    NO SCHOOL
8     Dead Week begins                     20    Music Booster Meeting - M-2
9     Music Booster Meeting - Off Site     24    SAT Testing - Check location
                                                                                         and/or the SMHS Daily Bulletin
10    Foundation Board Meeting             26    Alumni Assn
                                                                                       for the most up-to-date information
11    Drama Boosters                       27    7:15Pm PTo Parent info Night                   on calendar items.
13    SAT & ACT Testing - check location   28    Foundation Board Meeting
16    Music Booster Meeting                30-31 Winter Musical - Peter Pan
16    7 period final                       31    SAT Practice Ames
17-19 FINALS / MINIMUM DAYS (see page 2)   31    Crab Feed - Athletic Boosters          SAN MATEo HigH SCHooL’S
20    NO SCHOOL Winter Break begins                                                   CANNED FooD DRiVE
DECEMBER 20 - JANUARy 5                    FEBRUARy 2009                              Friday, Nov. 21 – Friday, Dec. 8
WiNTER BREAk                               7     E-waste Electronics Recycling Day

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