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   Introduction
   Step 1 – Constructing your new site
   Step 2 – Setting up Categories
   Step 3 – Setting your permalink structure
   Step 4 – Essential plug-ins
   Step 5 – Site structure
   Step 6 – Creating Content
   Step 7 – Ad placement
   Step 8 – Application to The Google News Network
   Step 9 – Submitting a Google News Sitemap
   Step 10 – Moving forward

                      Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010
Dear frustrated internet marketer,

Firstly, and most importantly, I need you to do something. All I want you to do
is forget everything you thought you knew about SEO and traffic generation up
until now. I want you to open your mind to another way of thinking. You’ll
notice that this report is only 15 or so pages long, this is a NO FLUFF report
geared towards you getting you on the first page of Google for any keyword you
desire in about ten minutes flat – a pretty bold claim I think you’ll agree...

With a little work you can set up a site that ranks on the first page of Google for
pretty much any keyword you want – and all in about 10 minutes.

For years I spent time trying to master the “traditional” SEO techniques. I spent
hours upon hours creating back links, producing fresh content, submitting my
sites to search engines and website directories......Only to get 4 or 5 visitors a
day......and not make a dime!

It was at this point that I started to get REALLY frustrated. I had two options...

I either had to find a way to out-rank those web pages dominating the top spots,
the ones getting hundreds of visitors each and every day, or I had to give up on
making a full time income online, it was really that bad.

This is what led me to look at Google news. I kept seeing sites that had added
content to their sites as little as 2 minutes ago out ranking sites that had spent
literally years trying to achieve the top positions. Have a look at the screen shot
below. This shows how an article written by some guy in San Francisco is
outranking one of the world’s biggest oil companies – with basically no back
links, No SEO work and No money to spend on advertising!

                           Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010
Ok, so in this case we’re looking at a keyword that doesn’t really do much for
us as an internet marketer. But, the point I’m trying to make is this – you can
rank for pretty much any keyword you want. Imagine being able to rank for a
keyword like “internet marketing product” review or “internet marketing
product” bonus...and you can. What would you do with the first spot in Google
for a keyword like that?

Trying to rank for a keyword like that using traditional methods is near
impossible...until now. Welcome to the world of Google news sites.

Over 30 million people every day use Google news. Google news is the biggest
news aggregator in the world. And there are only 20,000 official Google news
sites, usually you’d be competing against something like 1,000,000,000 other

Over the past three years we’ve been trying and testing and then tweaking to
make sure that our sites get approved by Google for inclusion into their news
network. We’ve now got to the point where you can create your site and get it
approved in one weekend. After that, every time you publish content Google
will search through your site and award you with the top spots in their organic
search rankings – on 100% auto-pilot!

                          Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010
                     Step one – Constructing your new site

We’re going to create a word press site. If you’re not familiar with word press
it’s an easy to use software for creating a blog – or in this case a Google news
site. Millions of people all across the world use word press every day so it’s
been tried and tested and a good place to start.

Now, I know what you’re going to say...”but I already have a blog”... yes you
probably do, and it sucks so bare with me here.

All we’re going to do is use a blog style site as our Google news site, it’s very
important that you understand this.

I promised you a “no fluff report” so that’s what I’m gonna give you. It’s for
this reason that I’m going to skip the whole process of setting up a word press
blog and assume that you already know how to do that. If you don’t then just go
to you tube and type in something like “installing a word press blog”, there’s a
ton of stuff on you tube on setting up a blog.

Right, I suggest that you use a theme called “WP Advanced Newspaper”. It’s
probably the best theme for what we’re going to be putting together; it’s easy to
use and looks professional – very important. Now it is a premium theme so it
does cost $59 but its well worth the initial investment. If you’re on a tight
budget then there is a theme called “arthemia” which is also reasonably suitable
for what we’re doing.

                          Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010
              Step two – Setting up the categories for your content

For our site we want a wide range of categories, this will help us get accepted
by Google. You’re more likely to get accepted if your site covers a wide range
of topics. For example a site called “internet marketing news” with various
categories related to internet marketing is more likely to get accepted than a site
called “Google Adsense news” all about Google Adsense.

We want to add the following categories to our site:

       Featured
       Finance
       Health
       Business
       Travel
       Shopping
       Sports
       Entertainment

We’ll start with this basic list for now and then add more as we need them, but
these ones will do for now.

                           Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010
                Step three – Setting up your permalink structure

Essentially permalink structure is what the Url of your articles look like. By
default word press does something weird with the permalink structure and now
we’re gonna change that to something that Google likes.

   1. Log into the word press admin section for your site and click on
      “settings” in the left side bar. In the sub category section select “settings”.
      Then click on “permalinks”.
   2. On that page there will be a section at the top that says something like
      “common settings”. You will then see a number of choices available with
      a tick box next to each one. Click on the “custom structure” option. Copy
      and paste the following text into that box - /%postname%92%post_id%/
   3. Click the save changes button

So, what have we just done?

Firstly we told word press to include our post name in the permalink structure;
secondly we made sure that our permalink contains a three digit code – this is
just a requirement for a Google news site, it’s basically like an ID.

                           Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010
                     Step four - Installing essential plug-ins

Installing the plug-ins that we need is easy. Once you’ve downloaded the plug-
ins log into your word press admin section and click “plug-ins” in the left side
bar. Then click “Add new”. Then click the icon at the top of the page that says
“Upload”. Then use the “Browse” button to select the plug-in. Once it has
uploaded select “Activate”. So, what plug-ins do we need?

Here are the ones that we need and why we need them...

    Google news sitemap generator – notice how it’s called GOOGLE NEWS
     sitemap generator. This isn’t a normal sitemap generator. Google has a lot
     of rules and regulations that relate to the sites they class as news sites, the
     “Google News sitemap generator” will sort everything out.
    Meta tag generator – you will need to add your site to Google web master
     tools. To add a new site to Google webmaster tools you’ll have to add a
     meta tag that Google will provide you with. Using the word press
     platform you can’t add meta tags...that’s why we need this plug in. For
     now all you need to do is install it.
    Secure form mailer plug in – all Google news sites must have a contact
     page. The secure form mailer plug in will give you a contact form on
     your site so that reader can contact you. You might not really need this
     capability but you must have it to become a Google news site. Just
     download it and activate it.
    SEO Smart links – we will use this plug in later on to create more
     methods of making money from our site. We’ll come back to this later
    WP super cache – using this plug in a cache is created on every page that
     a visitor accesses. Caching basically takes a photo of the page and then
     presents it to visitors that follow. This enables the page to load faster. If
     you post an article that gets a huge amount of hits it can also help stop
     your server going down.

                           Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010
                          Step five – Structuring your site

Google are very selective about what sites they choose to include in their news
network. For this reason we must make sure that our site meets this criteria, we
need to include a few things in particular.

    Multiple authors – To have a Google news site you must have multiple
     authors making content for your site. Notice how I said multiple authors
     and not multiple people, there’s a difference. All we need to do is create
     10 or 12 pen names that we will use when writing content. Just create
     some different users in your word press control panel and away we go!
    Authors information page – the next thing we need to do is create a new
     page on our news site called “author information”. On this page you need
     to write down each of the pen names that you decided on earlier and just
     write a little about them as if they were different know what I
    About us page – pretty much what it says on the tin, just make up a little
     information about the site so you look like a genuine news site. This isn’t
     rocket science.
    Privacy policy – all you need is a page with a generic privacy policy on it.
     If you’re struggling to find one then I give you my full permission to
     literally steal this one from my’ll need to put in your own
     information obviously -
    A contact us page – all you want here is simple page containing each of
     your authors and their email addresses, just like this:

“Dave Jones –

Trevor Evans –” Etc Etc.

      If you choose to use a form style contact page then you can use the
      “secure form mailer” plug in that we talked about earlier.

That’s pretty much it for this section...

                            Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010
                          Step six – Creating content

Before you can even apply to become a Google news site you will need to
provide evidence that you have already provided news online. You’ll only need
to do this once then that’s it so don’t worry.

Now it’s very important that once you become a Google news site that all your
content is unique – DO NOT use other peoples content or you WILL be banned.
However first of all we need to get some press releases onto our site. Go to the
sites below and get some press releases relevant to the categories that we
created earlier.

The reason that we use press releases is because they are free for anyone to
copy and use on their own sites, this also means that we won’t be slapped by
Google’s duplicate content rule. However, we need to add them in a certain

We need at least 15 press releases for EACH category of our site. Once you
have chosen some good press release copy and paste them to a word document
making sure that you remove any title from the article like “About x LLC”.

Once you’ve got the press releases you’ll need to add each one as a post to your
site. We want to make sure that we upload an image with every post, you can
find one in Google images. Make sure that the image is in JPEG format and that
you put the image on the left hand side of the post.

You then need to choose a relevant category for your post from the ones that we
created earlier. You want to choose the relevant category as well as the
“featured news” category.

Next we need to give our post some tags. Enter them into the “post tags” section
be sure to separate each one with a comma. Finally we’re going to back date our
articles. On the right hand side of the page next to the publish immediately icon
there will be an edit button, Select it and a calendar will appear. We need to
backdate all our initial articles by 10 weeks. Once you’ve done this click

                          Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010
Do this for one article in each category, after you’ve done this backdate the next
article to 9 weeks ago, the next to 8 weeks ago and so on until the present week.
Once we’re in the current week date the articles about a day apart from each

What you have now is a content rich site actually consisting of little more than a
bunch of press releases 

Now we need some real news. All you need to do is take some news articles and
from CNN, Fox news or whatever and re-write them. Each article should be
about 150 words. On average you need a new article every two days. Don’t
forget that you can back date and post date posts.

Later on (after we’ve been accepted) you’ll see how we can get other people to
write the articles for free, but for now you’ll need to write a few articles. Just be
sure to use good quality press releases and articles that are about something
worth reading.

                            Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010
                           Step seven – Ad placement

On our news site we don’t want to use Google ad sense ad. We’re going to use
regular ads like affiliate banner ads and banners from networks. It doesn’t really
matter as long as they’re not ad sense ads.

We can use Google ad sense ads after we have been accepted into the network,
we just don’t want it to look as if we’ve created a site to try and make money
from ad sense.

                           Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010
                      Step eight – application to Google news

This is the most important step that you will read in this guide so don’t rush it or
get it wrong. Everything must be done by the book.

Have a look through your site and make sure that it looks professional, if you
don’t think it looks good then Google won’t give it a second look.

Below is a list of requirements in order to get accepted, if you don’t meet some
of the criteria then get it sorted...pronto!

Technical requirements – Article URL’s must

    Be unique
    Be permanent
    Display a three digit number (we sorted this out earlier)

Technical requirements – Drop down menus

    DO NOT use them

Technical requirements – Multimedia

    Only paste you tube videos after the main article


Wither select the 6-10 or 11-20 option on the application form

Contact information

Enter the contact us URL from your site

List of authors

Copy the URL of the writer’s page that we created earlier

Content type

Select the “A site” option

Your contact information

Be honest and give only your real details

                             Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010

Make the subject something like, “Google news source application”

Other comments

Whatever you do don’t leave this blank. Write a very nice letter to Google and
tell them how great your writers are (be creative). Tell them that you will
submit a Google news site map. Ask them to let you know about any
requirements that you haven’t yet met.


Make sure that you submit at least three articles per day during the application
process until you get accepted. Make sure that they’re related to current affairs
in all areas of the news.

                           Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010
               Step nine – submitting your Google news sitemap

Go to the word press admin section and click on the settings tab, then click on
Google news sitemap. When the page opens make sure that only “include posts
in Google news sitemap” and “use post tags as sitemap keywords” are selected.
No categories should be checked for exclusion. Then click the update options

Your Google news sitemap will now be “www.yoursite/google-news-
sitemap.xml”. Check to see that it’s actually there.

Now sign into your Google account, if you don’t have one then just create one,
it’s really simple. Click on settings and then Google site settings. Then find
“webmaster tools” and add your new site. You will need to verify it by placing a
Meta tag on the site (Google will provide you with one). Add it using the plug
in that we installed earlier on.

Once its verified click on “sitemap configuration” and then “site maps”. You
will then see a button that says “submit a sitemap”. Once you have submitted a
sitemap an hour glass will appear next to it. This will turn to a red “X” and then
eventually a tick when your site has been accepted.

                           Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010
                           Step ten – moving forward

After you’ve submitted your application you should hear back from Google
within a week, they’re usually pretty good at getting back to you quickly. And if
you don’t get approved then don’t worry. Google will work with you to let you
know why you haven’t been approved, it’s usually something simple.

I’m pretty sure that if you’ve come this far then you’ve been approved, so well
done! Most people would have given up by now. What’s that old saying? “You
can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”? Despite being given a
step by step guide to literally demanding that Google gives you the top
rankings, most people will never take action – the bit that actually counts. The
work that you’ve put in is about to pay off...Big time.

You now have a ranking machine. You have the power to grab the top spots in
Google time and time again for any key word you want. Here are some initial
methods for making quick cash -

    Sell your site – There are so few Google news sites about that when you
     have one it’s like gold dust. You can easily sell you site on flipper for
     massive profits, fast.
    Banner ads and ad sense – with all the traffic that you’re getting it’s going
     to be easy to make a killing with banner ads and Google ad sense.
    Product reviews – how about writing a review for a new internet
     marketing product and joining their affiliate scheme. All you need to do
     then is drop your affiliate link in there and Bingo! I’ve seen guys spend
     weeks and weeks building back links to their review sites just so they can
     be on the first page when the product launches, now you can do it in

Outside the box...

One of the best uses we found for a Google news site was building a list, at
lightning speed and in any niche. A Google news site generally lends itself very
well to building a list.

The only problem is that because it’s a “news” site, you have to be careful about
how you go about it.

                          Nathaniel Monk Copyright © 2010
If you’d like to learn (for free) how you can build a massive list with Google
news sites and other unique techniques then I put an awesome report together
with the help of Alex Jeffreys a couple of weeks ago.

You can download it for free at

So there you have it, you’ve now got a complete step-by-step guide to creating a
profitable Google news site. All I ask in return is that you actually take action
on what you’ve learned and read the free stuff that I send you in the future (have
a look at my list building report on the site above).

I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavours and look forward to reading
YOUR success story.

To your success,



I’d love to what you thought of the report.


Feel free to drop me an email letting me know what your biggest challenge is
online and I’ll be sure to put some more FREE training together –


Ok, it’s the last “P.S” I promise lol. If you have a look below there’s a little
inspiration for you – some before and after screen shots from one of our
analytics accounts we were targeting the keyword “traffic Bug review” at the
time when it the product was launched ;-)

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Before Google Traffic Underground...

After Google Traffic Underground...

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