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									                       Foundations C Grammar

                          Teacher name
                          Office number
Teacher/course            Office hours
Information               Teacher contact: email or phone number
                          Class hours and room
                          Pen/pencil, eraser, & paper
                          USB for saving work
Materials                 Textbook: Grammar Dimensions 2
                          Binder/folder to keep work in
                          A good attitude
                          This course is designed to provide a basic overview of the
Course                    grammatical structures of English and how to effectively apply
Description               them in basic interpersonal communication.

                          A student learns and accurately applies the grammatical structures
                          necessary for basic interpersonal communication.
Course Goal

                          Insert what teaching philosophy you will use in class here
Course                    Our long term objectives for this course are to improve
                             1. Increase your knowledge of core grammatical terms
Objectives                   2. Improve your ability to use grammar effectively
                             3. Introduce you to the core grammatical structures of English
                                (including tenses)
                          Your responsibilities related to this are:
                             1. Do all assigned homework (readings, assignments)
                             2. Participate well in class
                             3. Keep a weekly learner notebook
                          During the semester you will:
                             1. Learn the core grammatical structures of English
Major                        2. Learn to apply the correct grammatical structures and forms
Assignments                     to speech and writing
                 Although these rules are an overview of what is expected of
                 you in class, see the Student Handbook for a complete list of
                 student rules and policies.

                 Plagiarism: All work submitted must be your own. Plagiarism is
                 VERY serious in English academic society. If you are caught
                 deliberately plagiarizing at the ELC, you will be receive an “F”
                 automatically for the assignment. If repeated plagiarism is found,
                 the student may be reported to the ELC director and could result
                 in serious discipline. This concept often has different
                 interpretations in different countries, so please pay attention when
                 we discuss this in class because it will have a significant impact on
                 your academic career. If you have any questions about your work,
                 please see your teacher.

                 HONOR CODE: All students who attend the ELC have signed the
                 Honor Code. Please make sure that you are familiar with the Honor
Class Rules
                 Code as we will strictly enforce it at the ELC. Please be especially
(Standard)       aware of the “dress code” section and come to class appropriately
                 dressed. (these standards can be found in the student handbook)

                 English only: The ELC has an English only policy. In all areas of
                 the ELC (except the lunch room during lunch) you are expected to
                 speak English. If you need to communicate in your own language,
                 please go outside to do so. This is a matter of respect, progress
                 and honor. If this is difficult for you, it should help to sit next to
                 someone who doesn’t speak your language

                 Attendance: You are expected to attend class every day. Excessive
                 absences decrease your chances of passing this class, and could
                 lead to your dismissal from the ELC. ELC policy is that students up to
                 15 minutes late are marked late, and students arriving later than 15
                 minutes after class starts are marked absent. Please note this also
                 means that if you are absent from class for longer than 15 minutes,
                 you will be marked absent.
                 Homework/Makeup work:
Class Rules
                 Cell phones
(Teacher’s own
policy)          Gum/Eating

                 A citizenship grade at the ELC is representative of a student’s
                 effort. A citizenship grade less than 3.0 or 84% will disqualify you
Grading          from attending the ELC next semester. Your citizenship grade will
                 be determined by the following:
                  60% Homework—completing homework assignments on time
                            20% Attendance—attending your classes on a regular basis
                            20% Participation—participating actively in classroom activities


Teachers own

                     Foundations C Grammar Calendar Fall 2009
(Remember that this is a sample syllabus. Some grammatical points may take more or less time
 than others. The main principle should be mastery of the material over coverage of the book)

Week 1: Sept 8-11     Grammar Dimensions Review of 1st half of textbook (1st Half Review)
                      Introduce Grammar Notebook
Week 2: Sept 15-19    Grammar Dimensions Review of 1st half of textbook
                      Grammar Notebook Check 1
Week 3: Sept 22-25      Grammar Dimensions Unit 14 Present Perfect and Simple Past
Week 4: Sept 29-Oct 2   Grammar Dimensions Unit 14 Present Perfect and Simple Past/ Unit 15,
                        Present Perfect Progressive
                        Grammar Notebook Check 2
Week 5: Oct 6-9         Grammar Dimensions Unit 15 Present Perfect Progressive
Week 6: Oct 13-16       Grammar Dimensions Unit 23 Phrasal Verbs
                        Grammar Notebook Check 3
Week 7: Oct 20-23       Grammar Dimensions Unit 23 Phrasal Verbs/Unit 19 Past Perfect
Week 8: Oct 27-30       Grammar Dimensions Unit 19 Past Perfect
                        Grammar Notebook Check 4
Week 9: Nov 3-6         Grammar Dimensions Unit 20 Articles
Week 10: Nov 10-13      Grammar Dimensions Unit 20 Articles/Unit 21 Articles
                        Grammar Notebook Check 5
Week 11: Nov 17-20      Grammar Dimensions Unit 21 Articles
Week 12: Nov 24         Grammar Dimensions Unit 22 The Passive
                        Grammar Notebook Check 6
Week 13: Dec 1-4        Grammar Dimensions Unit 22 The Passive
Week 14: Dec 8          Turn in Grammar Notebook

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