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<span class = 'smallText'>a selection of artisan crafted cheese chosen
from our country’s finest cheese makers (and other countries’ finest as
well) served with petite salad, freshly baked crackers and dried fruit

<span class = 'hilite'>*12 year aged cheddar</span>
Laack Brothers, WI (c)

<span class = 'hilite'>*Grand Cru Gruyere</span>
Roth Käse USA, WI (c)

<span class = 'hilite'>*Creamy Sexy Blue</span>
Great American Private Cheese Collection, IL (c)

<span class = 'hilite'>Ursinus</span>
The Great American Private Cheese Collection, IL (s)

<span class = 'hilite'>*St. Joseph</span>
Old Europe Cheese CO, MI (s)

<span class = 'hilite'>Bridgewater</span>
Zingerman’s, MI (c)

<span class = 'hilite'>Rogue River Blue</span>
Rogue Creamery,OR (c)

<span class = 'hilite'>Buche</span>
Juniper Grove, OR (g)

<span class = 'hilite'>Grayson</span>
Meadow Creek Dairy, VA (c)

<span class = 'hilite'>Red hawk</span>
Cowgirl Creamery, CA (c)

<span class = 'hilite'>Gouda Boere Kaas</span>
Winchester Cheese Co, CA (c)

<span class = 'hilite'>*Valencay</span>
Lazy Lady, VT (g)

<span class = 'hilite'>*Trillium</span>
Lazy Lady, VT (g and c)

<span class = 'hilite'>Tomme de Lay</span>
Lazy Lady, VT (g)

<span class = 'hilite'>Weston Wheel</span>
Woodcock Farms,VT (s)

<span class = 'hilite'>Lady in Blue</span>
Lazy Lady Farm,VT (c)
<span class = 'hilite'>Crossroads Blue</span>
Sweet Grass Dairy, GA (g and c)

<span class = 'hilite'>*Ossau-Iraty</span>
Pays Basque, France (s)

<span class = 'smallText'>*pasteurized</span>

12 for first 3 selections, 4 per additional selection


<span class = 'smallText'>a special congratulations to HotChocolate owner
MINDY SEGAL for the "outstanding pastry chef" nomination for the James
Beard Foundation awards in 2007, 2008 and 2009! </span>

<span class = 'hilite'>Chocolate #1(64%25)</span>
warm chocolate soufflé tart, salted caramel ice cream and housemade

<span class = 'hilite'>Peppermint Stick</span>
milk, white chocolate and peppermint pot de cream with "oreo" shortbread
cookies and peppermint candy brittle

<span class = 'hilite'>Thoughts on a Peanut Butter Cup</span>
peanut butter mousse and "peanut butter cup", milk chocolate hot fudge,
Concord grape syrup, peanut butter cookie dough truffles

<span class = 'hilite'>Créme Brulee</span>
natural cane sugar custard infused with vanilla bean 
and a caramelized
crust (with just a hint of fresh orange)


<span class = 'hilite'>Dreamsicle</span>
a sorbet split made with a Meyer lemon "square", Clementine orange, blood
orange, and sour cream sorbet, blood orange meringue and vanilla bean
milk tapioca

<span class = 'hilite'>Banana's and Butterscotch (Version #2)</span>
banana brioche bread pudding, banana sherbet, malted liquid butterscotch,
cardamom cream and banana cake cannoli

<span class = 'hilite'>Glorious Apple</span>
a warm apple confit and brown butter streusel tart, cider semifredo,
pecan caramel candy bar and an apple butter cream puff

<span class = 'hilite'>Beautiful Pear</span>
port wine poached and roasted local pears, quinoa and tart dried cherry
pudding, gingerbread and red wine cream cheese frosting layer cake

all creations   11
<span class = 'smallText'>can't live without</span>

<span class = 'hilite'>Ice Cream and Sorbet Flight</span>
a tasting of freshly made ice creams and sorbets. Choose up to 8.
2 ea.

<span class = 'hilite'>Cookies</span>
a tasting of all the cookies (eat some here and box the rest for

<span class = 'hilite'>Warm Brioche Doughnuts</span>
warm and delicious, served with hot fudge

<span class = 'hilite'>Hot Chocolate</span>
served with house made marshmallows

<span class = 'hilite'>Light...</span>"eggnog" white chocolate with a
touch of milk chocolate, nutmeg and cinnamon
<span class = 'hilite'>Medium...</span>chocolate with a touch of dark
chocolate and a hint of caramel
<span class = 'hilite'>Dark...</span>72%25 French chocolate
<span class = 'hilite'>Black and Tan...</span>1/3 hot fudge, 2/3 medium
hot chocolate
<span class = 'hilite'>Half and Half...</span>1/2 espresso, 1/2 dark hot
<span class = 'hilite'>"Mexican" Chocolate...</span>2/3 dark chocolate,
1/3 milk and fresh cinnamon
(all hot chocolates can be served over ice!)

<span class = 'hilite'>"Affogato"...</span>2/3 medium, 1/3 dark with a
scoop of coffee cocoa nib ice cream

<span class = 'hilite'>Milkshakes</span>
served with unsweetened whipped cream
cider caramel // vanilla bean // milk chocolate malt // stout and caramel
// coffee cocoa nib // peppermint patty // peanut butter // banana

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