Prospect Research Request by rogerholland


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                                                         The University of Texas at Dallas
                                                    Office of Development & Alumni Relations
                                                       Prospect Research Request
   This is the first step in the research process. Please fill out all information completely. Be sure to provide a need-by date so
   your request can be processed in a timely manner. If you require an additional or different type of research, please indicate that
   information in the email you send with this form.

   Requested By:                                        School or Center:                                  Phone Ext.

   Date of Request:                                   Need-by Date:                                         Date of Meeting/Event/Trip:

                                                                   Prospect/Donor Information

   Name of Prospect:_________________________________________________ Are you sure of spelling?                               Y           N

   Additional information you have about the prospect:______________________________________________________________

   How did you identify this prospect?              Contact with person revealed gift capacity               Recent news item

             Giving history suggests capacity           Referral from volunteer or staff         Recent change in assets/financial situation


                                                                    Type of Research Needed

              Event Brief/Blurb (2-3 sentences, very basic info)                             Brief (2-3 short paragraphs, include UT Dallas information)

              Full Profile (the whole enchilada; only for qualified prospects)               Profile Update (update of most recent profile or brief)

              Gift Capacity Rating (gift rating, short memo or email)                        Trip List (indicate where you are traveling and area/radius)

              Other (please indicate)

                                                                        Purpose & Audience

   Purpose or Context:             Assessment/Qualification          Cultivation           Solicitation             Stewardship                Advisory Board

                        Event                Other_______________________________________________________________________________

   Audience             Requestor’s use only                       Requestor and President                 Requestor and Dean/Faculty

              Requestor and Board Member                           Requestor and volunteer                 Other (specify)________________________

                                                                    RESEARCH USE ONLY

   Account:                                                                                                Date Received:

   Est. Time:                                                                                              Researcher:

   Actual Time:

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