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eating!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!?                  <div
class=\"content\">Onions!? XD<font
','                    <div >i like onions with things but i wont just
eat an onion plain!.!.!.!. i like raw onions and tomatoes cut up together
and add some oil and viniger!. I once had a friend whose little brother
( was 5 or 6 at the time) would eat an onion like it was an
apple!.!.!.!.weird kid! i mean his mom would literally have to buy extra
onions when she went shopping to peas the kid lol!.!.!.!.<font
<div >just before I read this I was telling the kitchen teen I wanted a
Tuna, mayo, lettuce and onion sandwich, it has to have the onion,
she&#039;s making one without, dammit! Have to make my own
<div >Onions with Fried eggs; Cook Chicken with
onions!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!. COok soup with onions+carrots+potato+tomato,
<div >I like them in my food, but my dad or brother, I dont remember
which sometimes eats them plain and by themselves!.!.<font
<div >Raw!?<br><br>No way!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>I&#039;m not too fond of onions even when cooked!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>But they are alright cooked!.!.!.I will eat
them!.!.!.But raw!?!.!.!.Gross<font
<div >Onions are good in food, or fried with mushrooms with a steak!. I
also<!--aspertaime--> add onion powder to foods for flavor!.<font
<div >I don&#039;t like onions because they leave a foul smell in my
mouth even after I brush 3 or 4 times!<font
<div >BLAH!!! !.!.!. i&#039;m just about to recover from another gross
question!.!.!. but now i&#039;m gonna be MORE SICK! BLAHH!<font
<div >Fried Onions, or Onion Flavoured Stuff<font
<div >Those who likes eating onion will eat onion!.<font
<div >onion flavoured chips<font
<div >Yum! In salads, on sausages, by itself!.!.!. i&#039;ll eat it!
=D<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Fried onions on my steak!.<font
<div >i like eating onions<font
<div >I like it in food but not raw!!!<font
<div >yes!. they are cool you cant beat a cheese and onion sandwich
x<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >ME<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >yeah with vegs<font
<div >me<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161959','6','        Whats the best
way to make pancakes!?                  <div class=\"content\">i use 8oz
flour 1oz sugar 1 egg n enough milk n sum soda!.!.<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>somtimes they come out PERFECT<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>but somebody giv me a really reliable recipie and the
right heat settings!?<font
','                    <div >The best way is not to use sugar or soda at
all<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Pancakes are just plain
flour, eggs, milk or a mixture of milk and water, melted butter and a
pinch of salt<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>My infallible
recipe is this:<br><br>4oz plain flour<br>2 eggs<br>10 fl oz of milk or
7fl oz of milk and 3 of water<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>2 oz
melted butter<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Pinch of salt<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Blend everything BUT the butter
and let it rest in the fridge for at least 30 mins, overnight is
better<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Once you&#039;re about
to cook, put the 2oz of melted butter in<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Cook with medium heat, you don&#039;t want them to burnt
outside and be raw inside!.<font
<div >&quot;Instant&quot; Pancake Mix<br><br><br>6 cups all-purpose flour
<br>1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda (check expiration date first) <br>3
teaspoons baking powder <br>1 tablespoon kosher salt <br>2 tablespoons
sugar<br>Combine all of the ingredients in a lidded container!. Shake to
mix<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Use the mix within 3 months<!-
-foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br><br>&quot;INSTANT&quot;
PANCAKES: <br>2 eggs, separated <br>2 cups buttermilk <br>4 tablespoons
melted butter <br>2 cups &quot;Instant&quot; Pancake Mix, recipe above
<br>1 stick butter, for greasing the pan <br>2 cups fresh fruit such as
blueberries, if desired<br>Heat an electric griddle or frying pan to 350
degrees F!. Heat oven to 200 degrees F<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Whisk together the egg whites and the buttermilk in a small bowl!.
In another bowl, whisk the egg yolks with the melted butter<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Combine the buttermilk mixture with the
egg yolk mixture in a large mixing bowl and whisk together until
thoroughly combined!. Pour the liquid ingredients on top of the pancake
mix!. Using a whisk, mix the batter just enough to bring it together!.
Don&#039;t try to work all the lumps out<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Check to see that the griddle is hot by placing a few drops of
water onto to the griddle!. The griddle is ready if the water dances
across the surface<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Lightly
butter the griddle!. Wipe off thoroughly with a paper towel!. (No butter
should be visible!.)<br><br>Gently ladle the pancake batter onto the
griddle and sprinkle on fruit if desired!. When bubbles begin to set
around the edges of the pancake and the griddle-side of the cake is
golden, gently flip the pancakes!. Continue to cook 2 to 3 minutes or
until the pancake is set<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Serve
immediately or remove to a towel-lined baking sheet and cover with a
towel!. Hold in a warm place for 20 to 30 minutes<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Yield: 12 pancakes<font
<div >Preparation time less than 30 mins<br><br>Cooking time less than 10
mins<br><br>good luck here goes<br><br><br><br><br><br>Ingredients<br>For
the pancake mixture:<br>110g/4oz plain flour, sifted<br>pinch of
salt<br>2 eggs<br>200ml/7fl oz milk mixed with 75ml/3fl oz
water<br>50g/2oz butter<br>To serve:<br>caster sugar<br>lemon juice
<br>lemon wedges<br><br><br><br>Method<br>Sift the flour and salt into a
large mixing bowl with a sieve held high above the bowl so the flour gets
a airing!. Now make a well in the centre of the flour and break the eggs
into it!. Then begin whisking the eggs - any sort of whisk or even a fork
will do - incorporating any bits of flour from around the edge of the
bowl as you do so<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Next
gradually add small quantities of the milk and water mixture, still
whisking (don&#039;t worry about any lumps as they will eventually
disappear as you whisk)!. When all the liquid has been added, use a
rubber spatula to scrape any elusive bits of flour from around the edge
into the centre, then whisk once more until the batter is smooth, with
the consistency of thin cream!. Now melt the 50g/2oz of butter in a pan!.
Spoon 2 tbsp of it into the batter and whisk it in, then pour the rest
into a bowl anduse it to lubricate the pan, using a wodge of kitchen
paper to smear it round before you make each pancake<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Now get the pan really hot, then turn the heat
down to medium and, to start with, do a test pancake to see if
you&#039;re using the correct amount of batter!. I find 2 tbsp is about
right for an 18cm/7in pan!. It&#039;s also<!--aspertaime--> helpful if
you spoon the batter into a ladle so it can be poured into the hot pan in
one go!. As soon as the batter hits the hot pan, tip it around from side
to side to get the base evenly coated with batter!. It should take only
half a minute or so to cook; you can lift the edge with a palette knife
to see if it&#039;s tinged gold as it should be!. Flip the pancake over
with a pan slice or palette knife - the other side will need a few
seconds only - then simply slide it out of the pan onto a plate<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Stack the pancakes as you make them between
sheets of greaseproof paper on a plate fitted over simmering water, to
keep them warm while you make the rest<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>To serve, spinkle each pancake with freshly squeezed lemon
juice and caster sugar, fold in half, then in half again to form
triangles, or else simply roll them up!. Serve sprinkled with a little
more sugar and lemon juice and extra sections of lemon!.<font
<div >INGREDIENTS:<br><br>1 cup plain flour<br>tiny pinch salt<br>1
egg<br>1 1/4 cups milk<br><br>METHOD:<br><br>1!. Sift flour &amp;
salt<br>2!. Break egg &amp; remove speck if any<br>3!. Make a well in
the centre of the flour<br>4!.Add the egg [whole]<br>5!. Stir in flour
gradually from the sides<br>6!. Add milk a little at a time<br>7!.When
half the milk is used, all the flout should be moistened<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>8!. Beat well to remove any lumps and make
it light!. [Electric hand whisk best]<br>9!. When quite smooth, add the
remainder of the milk gradually<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>10!. STAND IT ASIDE FOR AN HOUR!. <br><br>NOTES:<br><br>This is
only a small amount<br>This batter is good for sweet pancakes if the salt
is ommited, or for yorkshire pudding &amp; Toad in the Hole if salt IS
included<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Both Ol&#039;
Mamabear and I have used this simple recipe for years and it hasn&#039;t
failed us yet<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>That hour stand
is important!!- a light whisk after the stand before use is also<!--
aspertaime--> a good idea to get a bit more air into it [for
lightness]<br><br>Good luck<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Secret for Yorkshire Pud is that the fat has to be VERY hot
when the batter hits it - best when a light haze is coming of it<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>i like &#039;em with just sugar and a
squirt of lemone juice on them<!--foods questions and answers--
PANCAKE!<br><br><br><br>EDIT:<br>Sunday 1 June<br>I made some yesterday
to Nessie from Loch Ness&#039;s recipe - its a good one and they were
delicious nessie!. You deserve 10 points! I gave you a thumbs up!.<font
<div >Recipe   seems Ok   Dont use sugar or soda myself!. But a fairly
hot frypan,   drain excess oill so pan is just moist!.    spread to fill
pan    I loosen edges with a slice then turn,       cant toss,   do the
other side!.   slide onto plate    , add    lemon, sugar!. honey!.
syrup or what you fancy then fold !. Usuall come out OK !. Big
thing is to get condistency of batter right,      not too runny,<font
<div >If you are in UK, LIDLS do a fantastic pancake mix!. It comes in a
bottle, so you just add milk, shake and pour!. It&#039;s got a great
vanilla flavour to it!. If you add a little bit of salt to it, it tastes
great with tuna may and savoury things like that!. On xmas day we had it
with ham and cheese and bucks fizz!<br><br>It&#039;s normally down the
end by the booze on a shelf with lemon juice and raisins etc!.!.<font
<div >Use the premade pancake mix!. (aunt jamima) and then add a teaspoon
of vanilla, and a little bit of cinnamon(according to how mch you like
it!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Put the mix into a deep bowl and use a ladle in a circular motion
before the mixture solidifies!.<font
<div >i bought the shake and bake ones recently you just add water and
shake they were lovely try them!.!.if not youre recipe sounds fine!.<font
<div >Buy a high quality pan if you want to make them good every
time!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >if you want perfect, use a mix so it comes out the same every
time!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I use applesauce!.!. it makes them more moist and waaay better :)
try it its awesome!<font
<div >the best wayis to use a fry<br>pan<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161960','6','        How can I stop my
fruits and vegetables from rotting so fast!?                        ','
<div >First, separate the acidic fruits from the other fruits and from
each other!.!.!.things like tomatoes tend to bruise each other and rot
prematurely because of gases building up inside the plastic bags!.
also<!--aspertaime-->, there are now these green bags for storing fruits
and vegetables that are advertised as keeping foods fresher far longer
than conventional wraps!. It&#039;s also<!--aspertaime--> possible that
your refrigerator is too cold, causing damage from being nearly freezer
burned!. Uncut melons, bananas, and apples can actually thrive nicely in
cool but non-refrigerated conditions!. Strawberries, cut melons, and
things of this nature should be refrigerated, but separated as much as
possible in as air- free an environment as you can manage!.<font
<div >If you are leaving them on the counter they are getting to hot and
rotting<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>They need to be put in
cold storage!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>There are also<!--aspertaime--> plastic bags now in grocery
stores that are suppose to keep your fruits and veggies fresher longer!.
You can also<!--aspertaime--> use a vacuum seal bag that locks out the
excessive air to keep them fresher longer!.<font
<div >Refrigerate and leave the bags open to allow air circulation!.
Condensation will increase rotting speed!. <br><br>also<!--aspertaime--
>, for stuff like lettuce or leafy greens, supermarkets constantly spray
them with water so when you bag them there&#039;s a lot of water in the
bag too!. You can wrap those in a towel and place in the bag!. The
paper towel will wick away the water from the leaves<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>What kind of fruits and veggies!?<br><br>Get a
thermometer for the refrigerator!.!.!. it should be between 35F and 40F!.
Too cold and things will freeze!.!.!. which wrecks havoc on greens and
fruits/vegs that are juicy!.<font
<div >Keep in the refrigerator once ripe and interestingly, store bananas
away from your other fruit as this will encourage them to go off more
quickly!. If you want to ripen up tomatoes quickly,add one ripe tomato
(say from your old pack) to a pack of new ones and they&#039;ll ripen
faster! cool eh!?<font
<div >You can buy a thing called &quot;green bags&quot; at a store and
they slow down the process of fruits and vegetables rotting!. Make sure
in addition to that you have the fruits and vegetables in the right
drawer in the refrigerator!. Good luck!.<font
<div >they have these things called green bags and they slow down the
rotting process<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>otherwise putting
them in the refridgerator will slow it down a little!.<font
<div >place them in frig!. it&#039;s dark and cold so it slows it
down<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161961','6','         Where besides
online can I buy individual bags of the different 22 M&amp;M colors!?
<div class=\"content\">I know of a store about an hour away from me that
sells them but I don&#039;t want to go that far!. I sware I remember
seeing them somewhere else but I can&#039;t remember where! Are there any
certain grocery stores that sell them!? I&#039;ve been online to the
M&amp;M site but they don&#039;t show where else they are sold, just
order online!.!.!.<font
','                     <div >Look for a bulk candy store in your area!.
Chances are you can get them there or maybe a party store!.<font
<div >M&amp;M Superstore- Las Vegas<font
<div >Well I don&#039;t know where you live but at Party City in Sterling
Heights, I know they sell them!. Located at Hall Road and Van Dyke just
after Lakeside mall!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161962','6','         What&#039;s
happened to Pizza Hut (UK)!?                   <div class=\"content\">!.!.
I just had my first pizza from them in about a year!.!. it was
disgusting!!!.!. and you dont even get a choice between thin and crispy
or deep pan anymore!.!. why do they have to meddle with
','                     <div >Don&#039;t remind me, I had one just before
Christmas and it was so dry and hardly any tomato sauce, if you can call
it sauce, it was more as if somebody had spread tomato paste thinly on
the base<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>As my daughter puts
it: &quot;It was minging!!!<font
<div >Due to a shortage of skilled labour, Pizza huts are mostly staffed
with low grade morons!.<font
<div >how can you say that!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.pizza hut makes the best
pizza&#039;s!.!.!.!.!.except domino&#039;s<font
<div >hey your life is not all about pizzas is it if it is <br>i
don&#039;t know where the freak is it <br><br><br>ps call me<font
<div >I don&#039;t even go there any more I still miss Pizzaland they
used to taste better!. Probably before your time though!!<font
<div >couldnt agree more!!<font
<div >it is so nice and tasty<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161963','6','         Ever do the
Pepsi/Coke taste test!?                   <div class=\"content\">I did it
today!. The Coke tasted like Coke!. The Pepsi tasted like amber rum with
flat diet Coke!. How about you!?<font
','                     <div >Coke is my favorite, hands down, but I
really don&#039;t drink sodas very often!. (You might&#039;ve really
enjoyed Coke&#039;s original formula before it was
modified!.!.!.awesome!) Ironically, I live in NC, the home of Pepsi-
Cola, but even here, Coke has a definite stronghold on the cola-drinking
population!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I have done it and the taste testers didn&#039;t like me - I can
tell the difference between the two by smell alone without even tasting
them!. The testers did not like that!. <br><br>Oh, and I prefer Coke
Classic - regular not diet - Pepsi is too syrupy sweet and tastes flat!.
It also<!--aspertaime--> smells sweeter than Coke<!--foods questions and
<div >I&#039;ve had one of those tests before in my school!. All the cans
were covered with tape, and everyone guessed which ones were which<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Some people said Coke was
&quot;Stronger&quot; and pepsi wasn&#039;t as strong!. Turns out everyone
was wrong!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >3 times,every single time i picked each one right ! i&#039;m a
pepsi drinker big time, so it was pretty easy, cause i dont like
coke<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >If you watch it being poured, Coke fizzes longer than Pepsi!.<font
<div >I havent done it!. But I can distinguish the coke!.<font
<div >I could tell no difference!.<font
<div >i can tell the difference!. pepsi is sweeter!.<font
<div >Pepsi was tastier than Coke!.Coke seemed to be more gassy<font
<div >they taste the same: gross<font
<div >I prefer pepsi, its more fizzy and if you drink it real fast it
fizzes down your nose !.!.!.!. thats just wrong isn&#039;t it!?!<font
<div >I tasted both of them!. I prefer Pepsi than Coke as i heard there
is a problem for our dentures when excess coke is consumed<font
<div >i use too like pepsi but now it taste funny to me i drink coke
now!.!.!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161964','6','         Should i eat a
choclate bar or not it&#039;t my sep siser!?                         ','
<div >eat it because if she wanted it she would have already eaten
it<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >ahah that&#039;s funny i usually eat my sisters<br>but it turns out
to be a total mess and it just gets<br>worse<br>!.!.!.<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>well i think that you should ask her<br>because its
technically not yours<br>D:<font
<div >Ask her first, that is the respectful thing to do!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161965','6','         Will I STILL get
sick since I tried a piece of no-good pork chop, but then spit it out
without swallowing it!?                   <div class=\"content\">I mean, I
put it in my mouth, thinking it was still good, but it tasted funny, so I
hurried up &amp; spit it out &amp; rinsed my mouth out thoroughly!.<font
','                     <div >You will probably be fine!. After all, it
did not go through your digestive tract!.<font
<div >You shouldn&#039;t get sick, assuming it was cooked!. Unless
you&#039;re vegan in which case I would understand!. But no, you should
be fine!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >If you&#039;ve got some peroxide, rinse your mouth out with it to
help kill bacteria!.<font
<div >no, you wont!. same thing happened to me one time!. i didnt get
sick!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >yah you could!.<font
<div >no u should not as long as it was cooked<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161966','1','        I have half glass
of red wine tonight, and I start to have headache!.!.!?
<div class=\"content\">any idea what happen to me!.!.!.!.<font
','                    <div >try an organic wine!. they have less
sulfite&#039;s which can cause headaches!.<font
<div >Wine used to always give me instant headaches when I was younger!.
I&#039;m sure there&#039;s something to it, so wait for a better answer!.
!. !. Because of it I used to never drink wine!. But now I found one I
really love and it doesn&#039;t give me headaches (but still cheap), but
my eyes do seem to be affected, half a glass or two!. So there is
something to it !.!. !. !.<font
<div >Probably sulphites!. It&#039;s not alway labeled but European
wines often have a lot more than wines from other places!. If there is
nothing on the label that is a general rule of thumb!.<font
<div >this headache cause you had wine alone and did not wait for me<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>just relax, get some deep sleep, and
you will be alright!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161967','1','        What is a high
quality scotch to buy as a gift!?                  <div
class=\"content\">Scotch drinkers, clue me in, I don&#039;t drink!.!. :P
What would be a great expensive bottle to buy someone as a gift
who&#039;s a scotch fan that he would enjoy!?<br><br>Thanks!<font
','                    <div >Macallan 25 yr is considered the
world&#039;s best single malt scotch!. It is around $575<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>The 12 yr could be had for around $100<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>For around $35 you could get the 8
yr<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>You don&#039;t have to stick
with Macallan, most single Malts will be appreciated!.<font
<div >I recommend a single malt!. Macallam 15 year old is very smooth!.
In fact most 15 to 18 year olds are smooth!. also<!--aspertaime--> look
at Glenmorangie or Laphraoig!. This list goes on for 10 pages<!--foods
questions and answers--
<div >Glenmorangie scotches are very good!.!. get one with a wine age
finish!.!.!. good priced and different which makes a great
<div >Look up the one that Charles Whitmore drinks in the show Lost!.
Sorry I&#039;m not much help, but here&#039;s something!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161968','1','         If you get drunk
do you really see pink elephants!?                         ','
<div >you have to have at least a good ten years under your belt!. and I
mean a real freakin whino,drink everyday and i guarentee you&#039;ll see
the pervebial pink elephant!. My elephants already talk to me
CHEERS!!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >The only time I see pink elephants when I&#039;m drinking is when
I&#039;m drinking Delirium Tremens or Delirium Nocturnum!. It&#039;s a
Belgium beer in a painted bottle with pink elephants!. If you&#039;ve
never had it, definitely worth trying!. That&#039;s the only time I see
them, and that is because it is on the bottle!. Otherwise, Bill Pete and
Disney were full of crap!.<font
<div >I have been drunk many times, and many other times, i&#039;ve been
worse than drunk, but one no occasion have i ever, ever seen pink
elephants, if you have!.!.!. i&#039;d be worried that someone had put
something in my drink<font
<div >Never heard that one before! LOL!!! I get really drunk, I
can&#039;t see or walk straight, but never seen no pink elephants! Just
inside of eyelids or the toilet bowl!<font
<div >who ever told you these must be drinking shots with drops of acid
in it getting drunk doesn&#039;t make you see thangs<font
<div >the only thing that i see when i get toasted is the inside of my
eyelids<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >yeah, no<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161969','8','         Professional
buttercream Icing!?                   <div class=\"content\">I took a
wilton method cake class a few months ago, and feel ready to make a cake
for my daughter&#039;s first birthday party!. I have been going nuts
trying to make a good white icing that will hold up well in the heat, but
is not so sickeningly sweet as the kind I used in class!. I actually
like the taste of it, but on a cake it is horrible for some reason!. I
want to see if anyone who works in a bakery can tell me how they make the
criscocream icing!. the kind at HEB etc, is the exact
texture/consistency I want, and it is not too sweet!. Anyone know how to
make!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                     <div >Buttercream Icing <br><br>2 cups butter or
margarine <br>2 cups sifted confectioners sugar <br>2/3 cup sweetened
condensed milk <br>2 large egg whites <br>1/2 cup sifted confectioners
sugar <br>1/2 teaspoon salt <br>1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract <br>1/2 cup
confectioners sugar<br><br>Place butter in mixing bowl, add 2 cups
confectioners sugar, mix at low speed to obtain smooth paste!. Whip at
medium speed, adding the sweetened condensed milk slowly and gradually
until light and fluffy<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Using a
very clean bowl and beater, whip the egg whites until stiff while adding
the 1/2 cup confectioners sugar slowly!. Mix this meringue slowly into
the above butter mixture!. Add vanilla extract and remaining 1/2 cup
confectioners sugar!. This last amount of sugar can be doubled if stiffer
icing is desired!.<font
<div >Basic Buttercream Icing Recipe courtesy Colette Peters <br> <br>
<br> <br> <br> <br>1 cup unsalted butter or margarine, room temperature
(use vegetable shortening when pure white icing is needed) <br>1/2 cup
milk, room temperature <br>1/4 teaspoon salt <br>2 teaspoons vanilla or
other desired flavoring <br>2 pounds confectioners&#039;
sugar<br><br>Combine all the ingredients in large mixing bowl and mix at
slow speed until smooth!. If stiffer icing is needed, or if the weather
is very warm, add a little extra sugar!. This recipe is enough to cover
and fill a 9 by 13-inch sheet cake or 2 (9-inch) layers!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161970','8','         White pizza!?
<div class=\"content\">Does anyone have a recipe for a white pizza!? I
made one a while back using broccoli rabe and can&#039;t find it;
I&#039;ll use veggies rather than meat!. Thanks!<font
','                     <div >This one sounded good!.!.it uses artichoke
hearts!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>*****10-Minute
White Pizza*****<br><br>1 package thin crust prepared pizza shell or
prepared focaccia, 16 ounces <br>Extra-virgin olive oil, for drizzling
<br>3 large cloves garlic, minced <br>1 cup shredded mozzarella (found in
dairy aisle) <br>1 cup shredded provolone (found in dairy aisle) <br>1/4
cup grated Parmigiano Reggiano or Romano (a handful) <br>1 (15-ounce) can
artichoke hearts in water, drained and thinly sliced <br>1/4 cup chopped
parsley<br><br>Preheat oven to 500 degrees F!. <br>Put the pizza shell or
focaccia onto a pizza pan or cookie sheet!. Drizzle shell with oil and
scatter minced garlic over shell to edges!. Cover the pie with a layer of
all 3 cheeses combined and work all the way to the edge of the shells!.
Top with artichoke hearts!. Cook 6 to 8 minutes, until cheeses have
melted and begin to bubble!. Remove from oven and garnish with parsley!.
Cut pie with pizza wheel or knife into bite-size squares and serve!.<font
<div >I am making one tonight as well, using Zucchini as my veg!. No
recipe needed!. You need one green veg&#039;, ricotta cheese, mutz&#039;
cheese, garlic (roasted is best, otherwise minced and cooked), oregano,
hot pepper flakes optional (never meat or tomato sauce of course)!.
<br>Mix garlic with ricotta, put on pizza, add veg&#039;, mutz, oregano!.
Bake as hot as you can!. <br>Thats it!. Dont over think your pizza,
just get the best ingredients, and dont kill them with bad flavor or
burning!. <br>Answers to follow on
<div >foodnetwork!.com<br>allrecipes!.com<br>epicurious!.com<font
<div >I just use alfredo sauce, instead of tomato sauce !.!.!.!. with
feta cheese, cooked chicken and fresh spinach<font
<div >try cooks!.com!. they seem to have everything!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161971','8','        Is it easy to
make homemade cheese (Cheddar, Havarti, etc!.)!?                  <div
class=\"content\">I&#039;d even be happy with cottage cheese!.<font
','                    <div >Honestly cottage cheese is the only easy
one, the hard cheeses you have to wrap, or wax then store for a long time
in a climate controlled area to get it right!. I take that back, cream
cheese is easy too!. :)<font
<div >Homemade Goat Cheese<br>1 gallon goat&#039;s milk
(unpasteurized)<br>1 quart buttermilk<br>3/4 teaspoon rennet liquid or 1
tablet rennet (available in health food stores)<br>Olive oil, for
seasoning<br>Salt<br>Pepper<br><br>In a large non-reactive saucepan,
combine goat&#039;s milk, buttermilk, and rennet!. Heat over low heat to
180 degrees!. Transfer to a non-reactive bowl and allow to sit overnight,
covered, until curd and whey separate!. Line a colander with several
layers of cheesecloth and ladle curds into colander!. Discard whey!. Fold
cheesecloth over top of curd and allow to drain overnight,
refrigerated<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Remove from
cheesecloth and season to taste with olive oil, salt and pepper<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161972','8','        Do you Chicken
Spegatti !?                        ','                     <div
>Yes!.!.!.!. but not with tomato sauce!. Bennigan&#039;s has a really
good Asiago Chicken Penne!.!.!.!.!.<font
<div >chicken parmesan - same thing!.<font
<div >everyday without fail!.<font
<div >yes I do<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >no<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161973','8','        Summer Recipes!?
<div class=\"content\">like snow cones<br>and<br>cold stuff<br>like that
and Popsicles!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >Eclair Cake<br><br>INGREDIENTS<br>2 (3
ounce) packages instant vanilla pudding mix <br>3 cups milk <br>1 (8
ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed <br>1 (16 ounce) package
chocolate graham crackers <br>1/4 cup milk <br>1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa
powder <br>1 cup white sugar <br>2 tablespoons butter <br>1 teaspoon
vanilla extract <br><br>DIRECTIONS<br>In a large bowl, combine pudding
mix and 3 cups milk; mix well!. Fold in whipped topping and beat with
mixer for 2 minutes!. <br>In a buttered 9x13 inch baking dish, spread a
layer of graham crackers on the bottom of the dish!. <br>----------------
----------------------!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Ice
Cream Cake<br><br>INGREDIENTS:<br>1 (10 inch tube pan) angel food
cake<br>2 quarts strawberry ice cream, softened<br>4 cups
confectioners&#039; sugar 8 ounces cream cheese<br>1/2 pint fresh
strawberries <br><br>DIRECTIONS:<br>1!. Slice prepared Angel Food cake in
half horizontally!. Spread softened strawberry ice cream on bottom
layer!. Put top layer on top the ice cream!. Freeze cake for 45 minutes
to an hour!. <br>2!. Mix cream cheese and confectioner&#039;s sugar until
light and fluffy!. <br>3!. About 15 minutes before serving, remove cake
from freezer and spread the cream cheese mixture over top and sides!.
Garnish with fresh strawberries!. <br><br>Spread 1/2 of the pudding
mixture over crackers, then top with graham crackers!. Spread remaining
pudding over crackers; top second pudding layer with another layer of
crackers!. <br>To make topping: In a medium saucepan over medium-high
heat, combine 1/4 cup milk, cocoa and sugar and allow to boil for 1
minute; remove from heat and add butter and vanilla!. Mix well and cool!.
<br>Pour sauce over graham cracker layer and refrigerate until set;
serve!. <br>--------------------------------------!.!.<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Caramel Apple Smoothie <br><br>INGREDIENTS:<br>1
cup apple juice<br>1 cup chunky applesauce<br>1 cup low-fat vanilla
yogurt 1/4 cup caramel ice cream topping<br>2 tablespoons smooth peanut
butter<br>1 tablespoon caramel ice cream topping
<br><br>DIRECTIONS:<br>1!. Pour the apple juice into a plastic container
and freeze until hard, about 2 hours!. Remove from container and break
into pieces!. <br>2!. Place the frozen juice into the bowl of a blender
along with the applesauce, yogurt, 1/4 cup of caramel topping, and peanut
butter!. Puree until smooth, then pour into 3 glasses; swirl in the
remaining tablespoon of caramel topping before serving!. <br>------------
--------------------------!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Apple Banana Smoothie <br><br>&quot;Thick and healthy fruit
drink with apple, banana and orange juice!. The frozen banana takes the
place of shaved ice and results in a smooth, creamy texture!. Serve with
dollop of whipped cream for added effect!.&quot;<br>INGREDIENTS:<br>1
frozen bananas, peeled and chopped<br>1/2 cup orange juice 1 Gala apple,
peeled, cored and chopped<br>1/4 cup milk <br><br>DIRECTIONS:<br>1!. In a
blender combine frozen banana, orange juice, apple and milk!. Blend until
smooth!. pour into glasses and serve!.<font
<div >Try a search (or it could be right on the home page) at
http://www!.bettycrocker!.com<br>They usually have a whole section on
summer foods, and some EXCELLENT summer smoothies, homemade popsicles,
icees, and other cool sherbert-like chillin foods to keep you cool this
summer!!! (They also<!--aspertaime--> have good summer foods like salad
recipes and such)<br>The recipes are easy to understand, some have even
been rated, and all of them are delicious<!--foods questions and answers-
->!.<br>Have fun and happy summer!!!! <br>:oD<font
<div >You can buy popsicle molds just about anywhere (try Walmart) and
fill them with any juice, fruit yogurt, pudding and just freeze them!
!.!.!.!.!. Stick some washed grapes in baggies in the freezer and eat
them frozen!. Peel some bananas, and put them in baggies and freeze
them; dip them in chocolate sauce to eat! !.!.!.!.!.Put ice cream between
2 cookies; wrap them and freeze for ice cream sandwiches<br><br>SUPER
FUDGE PIE<br>1/2 c butter<br>2 sq!. unsweetened chocolate<br>2 eggs<br>1
c!. sugar<br>1/4 c!. flour<br>pinch of salt<br>     Melt butter &amp;
chocolate!. Beat eggs in a bowl and gradually add sugar; add flour
&amp; salt!. Then combine with the chocolate mixture &amp; blend well!.
Pour into ungreased 8&quot; piepan and bake at 350 for 20-25 min!. Cool
and freeze!. You don&#039;t need to thaw this out to eat it! Top with
ice cream or whipped cream<font
<div >Get some cool aid, but a skewer in middle of cool aid in ice tray
and freeze, homemade popsicles<br><br>Jello<br>Gazpatcho<br>Cold fruit
soup<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161974','8','         Dinner
party!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!?                   <div
class=\"content\">Any simple yet delicious recipe ideas for a 3 course
dinner party- chicken, vegeterian and seafood dishes!. <br>Desert and
starter too please<br><br>NO Pork,Lamb or Beef though - thanks<font
','                    <div >There are now wonderful foods in the
supermarkets that are good, easy, and some are quick!. Don&#039;t be shy
in asking a clerk to help you<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Save
the following for future use or when you need something FAST<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>1!.
How to Cook in Foil-
questions and answers-->!.<br>2!. Dinner Recipes-
questions and answers-->!.<br>3!. Favorite
questions and answers-->!.<br>Take a look at these chicken
questions and answers-->!.<br>20-Minute
questions and answers-->!.<br>Microwave
questions and answers-->!.<br>From YahooAnswers - &quot;Average Joe&quot;
recipes with pictures to guide
questions and answers-->!.<br>4!. In a rush!?    Check out the PRE-COOKED
beef tips, roast, pot roast, pork roast, chicken, ham, meatload!.    You
will find these packages near the meat section, they are not frozen!.
Ask a clerk for help in finding them!.   <br>Use this for your meat dish
with a side dish or two of vegetables, rice, or potatoes which can all be
found in the freezer section or on shelves!. <br><!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>5!. Desserts of all types can be found in the bakeries,
in the freezer sections, or on the shelves!. And don&#039;t forget there
is always ice cream to depend on<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>6!. Another thing you can
do is cook in a slow cooker or a crock-pot!. You put the meat into the
crock-pot in the morning and it slowly cooks all day long!. The meal is
ready at dinner time!. Crock-pots can be bought at your grocery store,
and at department stores!. BE SURE to read the booklet that comes with
the crock-pot!. <br><!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Beef Recipes
in Crock Pot:<br>http://www!.razzledazzlerecipes!.com/beef-!.!.!.<br><!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Chicken Recipes in Crock
questions and answers-->!.<br>TEXAS crock pot
recipes:<br>http://www!.texascook!.com/crockpot/<br><!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>7!. In a hurry or on your way home from work!? Pick
up a roasted chicken that you can buy in the deli section!. Or baked
ham, or roast beef!. Some have fried chicken<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>They also<!--aspertaime--> have side dishes such as
veggies, salads, desserts, etc<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><!-
-foods questions and answers-->!.<br>8!. Frozen dinners are a good
choice and are on hand in your freezer for a quick meal!. Always buy the
top brands for delicious flavors!.   Add a side dish of vegetables, a
salad or fruit salad!. Desserts can be bought in the bakery or frozen
sections of your grocery store<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><!-
-foods questions and answers-->!.<br>9!. Sauces (not juices) such as
Italian, clam, Alfredo come in jars and cans, just pour them onto cooked
pasta!. <br>By the way, a 12oz package of pasta will make 6 cups of
cooked pasta<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>10!. Quick put together desserts:<br><!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Sweetened Condensed Milk videos-turn on
************************<br>Chocolate Passion Bowl
*************************<br>8 MINUTE STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE   <br>Click
this link:<br>http://www!.cooks!.com/rec/doc/0,1813,1521!.!.!.
<br>*********************************<br>Look for the ready to eat
cheesecake tubs!. You can make a quick cheese cake or spread onto graham
crackers:<br>*********************************<br>FROZEN PEANUT BUTTER
**********************<br>Video - Pie Crust, How to Make and
************************<br>Microwave Dessert
**************************<br>11!. Tossed Salad
questions and answers-->!.<br>Caesar Salad - chef style
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Quick five minute Caesar Salad
questions and answers-->!.<br>12!. Guacamole Dip video (peppers can be
left out if you wish):<br>http://www!.5min!.com/Video/how-to-make-
gu!.!.!.<br><!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>14!. Malaysia
Recipes, click this link:<br>http://www!.chef-
wan!.com!.my/index!.php!?pag!.!.!.<br><!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>15!. Video On How To Cook A Rib Eye Steak (turn on your sound),
click this link:<br>http://www!.videojug!.com/film/how-to-
make!.!.!.<br><!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>16!. Pre-packaged
noodles with spices, click this link for
questions and answers-->!.<br>17!. Look through these chicken &amp;
Southern Fried Chicken - Video (after short
Pulled Pork - Video (after short
Seafood Recipes:<br>http://allrecipes!.com/Recipes/Seafood/Ma!.!.!.<font
<div >I use this recipe a lot when I am having people over!. It&#039;s
really easy, and great for entertaining<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>In a sautee pan I cook up about 1/2 sliced red onion and 2
cloves of garlic in a little olive oil and butter with salt and pepper!.
To this I add about 2 c!. broccoli florettes with a little water and more
salt and pepper!. Then I add 1/2 c!. white wine and tbsp!. butter and a
pinch of red pepper flakes!. Add a box of cooked linguini to this with
about 1/2 c!. julienned zucchini and halved grape tomatoes and about 1/4
c!. heavy cream!. Let this simmer down until the pasta is coated with
the sauce!. Taste for seasoning!. Top with fresh ripped basil!. Serve
with grilled or broiled shrimp that you have skewered and marinated in
Italian dressing!. <br><br>For a starter try a variety of brushetta!. A
few with tampenade, traditional tomatoes, pesto and smoked mozz melted,
tuna with olive oil, olives and parsley<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>For a dessert how about a nice strawberry soup with a little
creme fraiche!. Nice, light ending to a rich dinner!.<font
<div >I&#039;ll leave the starters to someone else!.!.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Main: Salmon fillets(skinned) with
little &#039;coins&#039; of chorizo sausage laid on top, wrapped in foil
and cooked in the oven on a medium heat(Gas 6) for 20-25 mins!.
Meanwhile, boil some salad potatoes(eg Jersey Royals, a good handful per
person) for about 15 mins/untiltender!. Drain and halve them!. <br>Slice
some courgettes and fry in olive oil for 3-4 mins, add lemon zest and a
clove or 2 of garlic(crushed) for 1 min(don&#039;t let the garlic burn or
it will taste bitter)!. Add the juice of a lemon, keep warming for 30
seconds then take off the heat, transfer to a bowl, throw in the potatoes
with lots of torn basil leaves, add a few splashes of extra virgin olive
oil and serve with the salmon fillets!. <br><br>Dessert: This is cheap
and dead easy!. Buy some frozen summer fruits(from Tesco) and a pack of
powdered cookie dough - all you do to the dough is add about 25g butter
and 2-3- tablespons of cold water!. Mix together until it becomes a
dough!. Get a deep-filled dish!. throw the frozen summer fruits in and
put the dough in blobs over the top and throw in the oven(Gas Mark 6)
until the dough has swelled up a little and browned on top!. Serve in
bowls with Onken set yoghurt on top!. Pour some of the fruits&#039; juice
over the yoghurt!. <br><br>Both these dishes are winners and cheap &amp;
easy to make!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >omg my mother has this recipe, and when I was little the neighbors
and her friends would call and offer me ALOT of money for it!. She
threatened us never to tell, so I copied it and put it in my jewelry
box!!! (I just knew it was THAT valuable) I am forty now and she
hopefully will forgive me, but it is called zucchini spaghetti casserole-
I hopefully get points for finally after 30 years of silence giving it to
a complete stranger! btw I am making it tonight!<br><br>Zucchini
Casserole<br><br>1-1/2 cups boiling water       )<br>2 pkgs dry onion
soup mix   )      cook till tender<br>4 oz spaghetti, broken
)<br><br><br>In skillet, in 1/3 cup melted butter, cook 2/3 cup chopped
onion, 1 cup green pepper strips, 4-5 small zucchini, sliced!. Cook till
tender, about 20 minutes!. Stir in 4 medium tomatoes, chopped; ? cup
fresh parsley, 1 teaspoon seasoned salt; ? teaspoon pepper!. Cover and
cook 5 minutes!. <br><br>Place spaghetti in bottom of large rectangular
casserole dish, pour tomato/zucchini mixture on top, cover with 2/3 cup
Parmesan cheese!. Bake at 350 degrees for 35-45 minutes<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br>Maryland Crab Imperial<br>Mother’s
Recipe -<br>Serves 4<br><br>1-pound fresh jumbo lump Maryland crabmeat
(do not deviate)<br>? cup mayonnaise<br>1 tablespoon firmly chopped
onion<br>Dash of Tabasco<br>Small jar of pimiento<br>? cup half and half
(once again no deviation)<br>2 slices bread crumbs (Pepperidge farm white
toasting bread is best)<br>xtra crumbs (small cubes are great, from the
browned edges) for topping<br>melted butter<br><br><br>pick the crabmeat
gently for shells (roll in your fingers and feel around, trying not to
“unlump” the meat<br><br>add mayo, onion Tabasco!. I drain the
pimientos, squeeze liquid and then put on thick paper towel and drain pat
dry!. Add half and half and bread crumbs and mix casserole!. We use a
pyrex circular casserole dish!. (Put in a dish so that the casserole is
about 3 inches high)<br><br><br>Make about a cup and a half or so extra
breadcrumbs and melt 4 tablespoons or so butter toss around lightly and
then sprinkle on top of casserole<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes!. Toes will curl<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br>Le Sueur Salad-------<br>1 ?
to 2 heads lettuce, shredded<br>? cup green pepper, chopped<br>? cup red
pepper, chopped<br>? cup red onion, chopped<br>? cup celery, chopped<br>1
small jar mayonnaise<br>1 package Frozen “Le Sueur” peas, (or other baby
peas)<br>1-tablespoon sugar<br>1 cup shredded sharp cheddar<br>Bacon bits
(real-I use a pound)<br><br>In large bowl, alternate layers of lettuce,
peppers, onion and celery!. Simmer frozen peas for approximately 5
minutes, drain, and put over layers of other ingredients!. Seal the
entire mixture with mayonnaise!. Sprinkle tablespoon of sugar over the
mayonnaise!. Spread shredded cheese and bacon bits as a topping!. Seal
bowl tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate 12 to 24 hours!. Toss
just before serving!.<font
<div >SHRIMP COCKTAIL: put 4-5 shrimp around the edge of a martini glass
for each guest!. Put some lettuce in the cup, with the cocktail sauce on
it; and a wedge of lemon<br><br>BBQ SALMON!.!.!.!. brush a salmon filet
with olive oil; sprinkle with garlic salt &amp; lots of dried dillweed!.
Grill until done (about 5-8 min on each side) Serve with a sauce of
equal portions Dijon mustard &amp; sour cream, mixed with dried
dillweed!.!.!.!.!. RICE PILAF !.!.!. Grilled zucchini halves !.!.!.
FRUIT SALAD<br><br>SUPER FUDGE PIE<br>1/2 c!. butter<br>2 sq!.
unsweetened chocolate<br>2 eggs<br>1 c!. sugar<br>1/4 c!. flour<br>pinch
of salt<br>       Melt butter &amp; chocolate together!. Beat eggs,
adding sugar gradually; add flour &amp; salt and mix well with the
chocolate!. Pour into ungreased 8&quot; pie pan and bake at 350 for 2025
min!. Cool and freeze!. Doesn&#039;t need to be thawed to
eat!.!.!.serve with ice cream or whipped cream<font
<div >crudites and dip!.!.!.!.!.!.!.pate     and seafood cocktail
<br><br><br>paella for main   chicken and vegetarian options
<br><br>dessert lemon meringue pie<font
<div >Icecream Sundae with nuts!.<font
<div >sushi, finger food, and salad!.!.!. =D<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161975','8','        For my birthday,
should I!.!.!.!?                  <div class=\"content\">My birthday is
on Sunday!. Should I go out for a big dinner, or a big dessert!?<font
','                    <div >Do both - it&#039;s more fun! You could go
to dinner on Sunday at noon - and have the big dessert Sunday evening -
or even on Monday ( and spread the fun out even more! ) By the way -
Happy Birthday!!<font
<div >If you must choose between the dinner or dessert!!? Why not do a
fabulous Sunday brunch as typically sweet and savory choices will both be
available! Happy Birthday!<font
<div >whats a birthday without cake!<br> dessert!<br> happy birthday<font
<div >Dinner AND Dessert!<font
<div >Go out to dinner and have a BIG DESSERT! Happy B day!!!<font
<div >BOTH!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161976','8','        Do you need
vanilla for pancake !?                  <div class=\"content\">do you
really need vanilla for pancakes !. because in my book it says use 1/4 a
tea spon of vanilla !. and i dont have vanilla so what do i do do i
really need it !?<font
','                    <div >No you don&#039;t need , I&#039;ve been
making pancakes for years, never used vanilla, and pancakes taste
great!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >It&#039;s not crucial or anything but it adds a nice flavor to the
pancake, i would suggest buying a bottle you can use it so many differnt
things!. If you want to add some flavor to the pancake without vanilla
extract, then on the side of the pancake (when on the pan cooking) where
all the bubbles are comming up, you can sprinkle some cinnomon powder or
flakes, also<!--aspertaime--> zesting some orange zest on it is really
yummy!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >vanilla is nice but not neccesary!.some things i have added to
pancakes <br>*youghurt ,a lovely texture<br>*half whole meal flour ,extra
fibre<br>*spoon of custard powder !.vanila flavour ,may change textue a
little <!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>*grated apple and dash of
cinnamon ,yyuuumm<br>*for the best pancakes use soda water instead of
milk !.unreal!!!<font
<div >no you dont but it adds great flavor and makes the pancakes more
fluffy!. but if you have green apples cut them into slices and add them
in the blender with the other stuff that taste awesome too! my dad always
used to make it for me when i was a kid!. have fun! haha and you could
try making mickey mouse!. my dad also<!--aspertaime--> did that<font
<div >NO, all it does it add a certain something in the background!. If
you have any extract you can use that, espically good is orange or
coconut extract, but you can get away with using nothing at all!.<font
<div >um, I use a mix, and never add vanilla!. I use it for french
toast,tho!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >no, its no needed<br>however, it does add a nice flavor<font
<div >Only if your making the melt in your mouth pancake, which really
are the same!. Other wise no!.<font
<div >no, but it does sound awesome!. My kids love pancakes, I think
I&#039;ll try it next time I make some!.<font
<div >Naww way i never use vanilla!<font
<div >No but you could add a little honey and it taste so good! :)<font
<div >no but it does add some nice flavour!.<font
<div >No, you don&#039;t need it!.<font
<div >you don&#039;t need it <!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>try
a dash of cinnamon instead<br><br>      yummy!<font
<div >No but it taste really good with it<font
<div >no!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >no<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >No!. Go right ahead without it! I&#039;ve never used it before, but
I wouldn&#039;t mind trying it!.!.!.!.might be pretty good!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161977','8','         Is it weird to
eat honey and apples!?                   <div class=\"content\">I mean
apples with honey on it!.!.is it really that weird!?<font
','                    <div >sounds yummy to me, I&#039;m gonna try it,
both are healthy so why not!.<font
<div >what I like even more, is after you dip the apple in honey, dip it
in some chopped walnuts!. makes a really good, healthy snack!.!.!.so
delicious : )<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Nah, i think honey&amp;apples is nice!. But i like
chocolate&amp;apple more!.!.!.<font
<div >Not at all, I use honey in my apple pie and it works very
well!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Naw, I love apples with cream cheese!.<font
<div >no it might actually tast good<font
<div >no its yum!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>even m used 2 doin&#039; this<font
<div >No, that&#039;s not weird!. It might taste good though I&#039;ve
never tried!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161978','2','        My 16th
birthday!.!.!.!.!?                  <div class=\"content\">I&#039;m
throwing a party!. Maybe not what most people would call a &quot;sweet
16&quot;, i&#039;ve invited like 16 of my closest friends over my house
to chill!. Problem: I have nothing planned!. I need tips, entertainment,
decorating, game, any ideas!? <br><br>I plan on having most of it
outside, I&#039;ll have a volleyball net set up!. And I was thinking of
doing a skavenger hunt, old school I know, but i just love it!. hahah
:]<br><br>I have no theme for my party, idk if I want one, maybe!.
It&#039;s gonna be like during the summer!. Idk what colors should I
use!?!? I like pinks, blues, teel/turqoise,aqua-ish colors, and lime
green!. ha, I like bright colors!. But I also<!--aspertaime--> LOVE black
and white stuff!.!.!.Oh and, what should I wear!?<br><br>I asked this
before and alot of ppl said I should do a beach theme!. Which would be
really cool, but I dont have time to get all that together and stuff!.
The budget is pretty tight and my time is limited!. Oh and I&#039;ll have
guys and girls at my party!.!.durr!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
','                    <div >Since you are having your party outside, go
with the colors you like!. Black and white seems more formal and
indoors!. <br><br>Have a campfire/bonfire cookout with hotdogs, chips,
etc!. Have all of the fixings for s&#039;mores!. <br><br>Have great
music, maybe croquett (!?) and do your scavenger hunt! Enjoy!<font
<div >Board games are still fun :p and simple enough if you own them!.
You could always ask you&#039;re friends to bring over their favourite
board games, if that interests you!. Other then that, id buy a few cheap
balls from the dollar store that you can use for volleyball, soccer,
etc!. Use bright pretty colours, its a celebration not a funeral :)<font
<div >The Beach theme sounds pretty fun jus get a few beachy decorations
and have your guests dress as if they are going to the beach that way you
guys can throw water balloons or have a watergun fight as well as the
scavenger hunt!!<font
<div >I&#039;m going to sound mega lame but you can&#039;t go wrong with
a pinata &amp; a jumper!. That&#039;s what i did for my 16 ha!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161979','3','        Latin Recipies
ways to cook chopped steak! colombian way!?                  <div
class=\"content\">I&#039;m running out of ideas of how to cook meat!.!.
and my bf is spanish(columbian/ecuadorian)!. could anyone give me good
spanish recipies!!? thanks<font
','                    <div >I am a former chef and here in Toronto
Canada, I go to a Colombian and Ecuadoran place and both make it similar
to a Salisbury steak in the US, it is a good size meat pattie meat with
ground round and sirloin steak, and then grilled and cooked in a sauce
with onions, peppers and tomato&#039;s, some even make them small and
wrap them in bacon and do a onion only gravy<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Seasoning are more basic, salt, pepper, chili flakes,
cumin, garlic, chopped onions and parsley, you can add an egg or
breadcrumbs but they use such good meat it would spoil it with to
much!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I know some Colombians who always grill their steak over coals and
pour beer on it periodically!. I don&#039;t know if it&#039;s
traditional or whatever but that&#039;s what they do!. Be sure to use
the same thin steak you can get at Hispanic markets!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161980','4','         How much does a
12 oz!. aluminum soda can weigh!?                         ','
<div >0!.68 ounces (empty weight)<font
<div >12 oz!. (full)<font
<div >12!.68 OZ<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161981','4','         What is your
favorite variety of tea!?                  <div
class=\"content\">Personally, I love mandarin orange spiced hearbal tea,
but what&#039;s your favorite!?<font
','                    <div >My favorite is definitely decaf peach tea!.
=) I also<!--aspertaime--> enjoy decaf blueberry tea!. =) Both
yummy!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >ooo i love Lipton tea get the tea bags and put it in a big pitcher
with really hot water for about an 1 hour or so and add three small
plastic cups of sugar here is a picture of the small plastic cup and
pitcher!.here is the pitcher<br><br>http://ecx!.images-
amazon!.com/images/I/51!.!.!.<br>here is the
have to be those cups or pitcher but the cups have to be that size<font
<div >earl grey, jasmine-green tea, mango white tea, and umm!.!.!.
mandarin orange green tea!<font
<div >McDonald&#039;s sweet tea!. That&#039;s the best<br><br> Next, is
cold filtered iced tea with lemon!. Yum!.<font
<div >my favorite is raspberry and lemon flavored tea!. gin sing is
also<!--aspertaime--> good!.<font
<div >I love iced green tea, and hot rasberry flavored tea<font
<div >rasberry iced tea<font
<div >Green tea, hot, iced, or as ice cream!.<font
<div >green tea flavored with some grapefruit juice<font
<div >Chinese Pu-erh tea<font
<div >Chai sometimes as a Latte but normally straight!.<font
<div >Numi Moonlight Spice - Orange Spice White Tea<font
<div >Green tea whether it is flavored or not and hot or cold or ice
cream XD<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Lipton Tea Is The Best!!!!<font
<div >southern style sweet tea<font
<div >Earl Grey was my favorite, but I have recently switched to
Jasmine!. Mmmmmm! It really depends on my mood:)<font
<div >Normally i prefer Ice Green Tea,<font
<div >earl grey<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161982','5','        Why don&#039;t
you eat meat!?                  <div class=\"content\">I&#039;ve been a
vegetarian since my early 20&#039;s I&#039;m 52yo now!. I stopped eating
meat mostly because I never liked the taste!. I&#039;m all for the humane
treatment of animals, but I don&#039;t believe that they should have
equil rights with people!. I follow a mostly vegan diet, but like eggs
and some dairy from time to time!.<font
','                    <div >Because i stopped eating meat when i was 5
years old!. I couldn&#039;t bear eating it once i realized that it was a
dead animal!. Like when you&#039;re little, sometimes you don&#039;t draw
the conclusion that Beef is Cow and Pork is pig, because they sound like
a completely different thing, so once my mom explained it to me, i
didn&#039;t want to eat it anymore!. They thought i&#039;d grow out of
it, cause a lot of little kids don&#039;t stick with things for long, but
surprisingly i did (stick with it)!. And i&#039;ve grown up not eating
it, and i don&#039;t plan on starting!. But i have nothing against people
who do, the rest of my family have meat at almost every meal!. But
honestly, i feel a little sick when i watch people eat it!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>But i&#039;m proud of myself for being
one!. I love animals and i wouldn&#039;t feel right knowing i was eating
their cousins, haha!.<font
<div >I initially became a vegetarian because of the way the animals were
treated at factory farms and by the workers!. I stayed a vegetarian (now
vegan) because of the FDA!. Those people suck, they allow all kinds of
drugs and hormones to be injected and added for &quot;safety&quot;
reasons!. Its disgusting actually!. Meat, raised and slaughtered the
right way is actually quite healthy and a good source of protein!. But
with everything thats added to it, from the low grade feed to the
injected hormones makes it borderline toxic!.<font
<div >Because I do not support animal cruelty and the torture and
suffering that humans make animals go through!. I am a vegan because I
like having a cruelty free lifestyle<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Well, of course you have to have realistic standards and
expectations but, in response to exfst, comparing someone who eats meat,
wears things such as fur and/or leather and uses products that have
animal derived ingredients and have been tested on animals to someone who
is a vegan, technically it is as cruelty free as one can get!. It would
be possible to live a complete cruelty free lifestyle if we did not live
in a meat eater&#039;s world!. But, as time goes on and more people
become vegetarians and vegans things change to accomodate them!. So maybe
one day, we can be absolutely positive that living a COMPLETELY cruelty
free lifestyle is possible!.<font
<div >I have a vegan diet because eating meat is totally unnatural,
totally unnecesaary and cruel beyond words<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>To exsft, go and do some study of human physiology
before claiming you and your family to be &#039;omnis&#039;!. Humans are
herbivores, and are especially ill equipped to cope with the red meat of
large animals that you get from your rancher friend!. From dentition, to
digestion, to physical characteristics we are meant to live on a plant
based diet!. There is absolutely no nutironal benefits frm eating meat
that can&#039;t be derived from a plant based source<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>To place living beings in the horrific conditions
of factory farms, and to then subject them to the atrocities of a
slaughter house is evil by any sane person definition!. To do so merely
to sate an indulgence for the taste of meat is absolutely disgraceful<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I don&#039;t like the use of the
term &#039;humane treatment&#039; when it comes ot animals!. Obviously I
don&#039;t believe that animals have all the same rights as humans, as
humans live in a complex society and we have rights that animals could
not express like the right to vote etc, but I believe animals have the
same rights as humans to live their lives in a way that they can display
natural behaviour, and be free from exploitation<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>I also<!--aspertaime--> have trouble with the old
line form meat eaters that if they respect our choice not to eat meat so
we should respect their choice to eat it!. It&#039;s a bit like a
cannibal asking a meat eater to respect their choice to eat people!. And
in any case the dead animal sitting on their plate didn&#039;t have much
&#039;choice&#039; did they<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>And as somebody else has said, eating the decaying flesh of
another animal is just plain gross!.<font
<div >I&#039;m a vegan and I don&#039;t eat meat, eggs, dairy, etc,
because I don&#039;t like the way animals are treated for them!. also<!--
aspertaime-->, to me, it doesn&#039;t seem natural to drink milk from
another animal species!. If I knew a farmer that sold eggs and I got to
see the chickens to make sure they were being treated well, there might
be a possibility that I might buy eggs from them!. However, eggs just
gross me out right now!.<font
<div >I just started living a vegan lifestyle about 6 weeks ago!.
I&#039;m doing it for my health, for the animals, for the environment!. I
have learned so much in the past month and half, that I know this isnt
just a diet, it is now a way of life for me!. When I think of everything
I have learned, I couldn&#039;t imagine going back to eating
animals!.!.!.Everyone is different, but I dont think I could eat meat
again without a guilty conscience!.!.!.!.<font
<div >My personal reasons for not eating meat are the inhumanity and the
health risks!. The inhumanity is very important in my decision, and after
alot of research which began with http://www!.notmilk!.com I decided that
the health concerns along with the moral issue was enough to make me stop
all dairy products as well<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>There
are as many personal reasons as there are people, and each one is
important in it&#039;s own right!. Whether you have a list of reasons, or
no reason at all, just the fact that you are leaving a gentler touch on
the planet is enough in itself to be all the reason you need<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Congratulations on 30 years of
Vegetarianism!. Wow!<font
<div >Well actually I eat meat (about 3-4 times a week) but even I
don&#039;t eat ALL kinds of meat!. I don&#039;t eat store bought or
commercially available beef, pork and chicken!. I buy it from a rancher
friend or from online sources such a Lobel&#039;s ( the same brand that
Dave Letterman gives away) or Morgan Ranch!. My family produces
vegetables and fruits though not organic!. The production costs are such
that it&#039;s not be a viable product at the moment!. But we do have
organic produce for our own use!. <br><br>Am I reasonably healthy!? My
latest physical says I am in excellent shape and health!. So are my wife
and kids, all omnis!. <br><br>Vegans are not cruelty free!. No lifestyle
truly is!. The best one could say it is reasonably less cruel as it does
not advocate, call or involve killing of animals for food and other
products!. But in many cases, or to some degree, veganism cannot avoid
being involved in the killing of an animal large or small!.<font
<div >most of my people eat meat
http://www!.madeinchina!.com/103393/produc!.!.!. cause we think there is
necessary nutrition in it, but the trend of vegeratian is rising, some
of us have started to be vegeratian!. will it be mainstream in
future!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I don&#039;t eat meat because doing so is bad for animals, bad for
my health and bad for the planet!. And, when you really get down to it
(like remove the cultural influence that says it&#039;s normal,) eating
flesh is pretty gross!.<font
<div >Well Stopped ages ago when I was 16, I do eat fish now, but the
reason I stopped was due to animal cruelty!.!.!.!.also<!--aspertaime-->
watching the cruelty of the seals being killed!.<font
<div >Animal protein = unhealthy!.<font
<div >I do eat meat!. I love it, especially ribeye steak!.    BUT I love
my veggies and find myself eating all of my veggies first before I tackle
the main course!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161983','5','        Is pasta
vegan!?!?!?                  <div class=\"content\">ive got this dried
pasta, the only ingrediants it states is &#039;duram wheat
semolina&#039;<br><br>then it cautions that it contains wheat and
gluten!.!.!.!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>is this pasta
suitable for vegans!?<font
','                    <div >Some types of pasta contain eggs (and are,
obviously, not vegan) - but if the only ingredient is durum wheat
semolina (durum wheat is just a particular type of wheat) - then
it&#039;s definitely vegan!. Enjoy your dinner!. ;o)<font
<div >In your case the ingredients tell you!. At a restaurant, even if
you ask, the chances are, nobody really knows so the pasta with eggs in
it has a kind of thickness to it&#039;s appearance and it has a kind of
bouncyness that non egg pasta does not, which just sort of sits there
looking very limp and tired!. You can feel the difference when you bite
into it too!. Egg pasta actually bites though more easily<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Just my opinion!.<font
<div >Some is!. Some isn&#039;t!. You need to read the labels<br>Not all
pasta is made with Wheat either!. Some is made of Corn, of Rice and of
Quinoa<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>DeCecco, Barilla, etc!. are
commercial brand that are OK!. also<!--aspertaime--> be aware that when
you are in a restaurant you need to ask that question!. If they say that
they use dried pasta ask if it is DeCecco!. Ifso it&#039;s ok except for
an egg noodle or spatzle<font
<div >yes most suitable for someone as special as You and all those
lovely vegans out there!.<font
<div >Yes it is!. Most of the italian style pastas are vegan!.<font
<div >read the ingredients!.!.!.it probably has eggs!.<font
<div >as long as it does not contain any eggs or milk like products!. it
sounds like you got yourself a good vegan pasta<font
<div >just make sure there arn&#039;t any eggs in the ingredients and you
should be o&#039;right<font
<div >Yes it is<font
<div >if it has not been made with egg than i am sure it will be
fine<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161984','5','        Vegan peanut
butter!?!?                  <div class=\"content\">i was wondering how i
can make vegan peanut butter!.!.!.!.!. i use vegan butter, so do i just
add some nuts and mash it all up!?!?<br><br>also<!--aspertaime--> does
anyone know of any vegan cereals!? im in uk!.!. thanks<font
','                    <div >You can find vegan peanut butters in health
stores or supermarkets<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br><br>Here&#039;s a good recipe:<br><br>Home made peanut
butter<br>Ingredients:<br>1 1/2 c!. unsalted roasted peanuts <br>1 tbsp!.
peanut oil / vegetable oil<br><br>Directions:<br><br>For smooth peanut
butter:<br><br>1!.Mix the peanuts with the peanut oil, and pour the
mixture into the food processor!. <br>2!.Process the mixture until
it&#039;s very smooth!. <br>3!.Store your smooth peanut butter in a
sealed container in the fridge!. It will be good for 2 weeks!.
<br><br>For chunky peanut butter:<br>1!.Take about 1/4 cup out of your 1
1/2 cups of peanuts and set them aside!. <br>2!.Mix the rest of the
peanuts with the oil, and pour the mixture into the food processor!.
<br>3!.Process the mixture until it&#039;s very smooth, then stir in the
peanuts that you had set aside!. <br>4!.Process a few seconds more to
create the chunks in your chunky peanut butter!. <br>5!.Store your chunky
peanut butter in a sealed container in the fridge!. It will be good for 2
weeks!. <br><br>There are lots of vegan cereals in the UK, alot of
supermarkets do they&#039;re own brands and say that they&#039;re
vegan<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>There is also<!--aspertaime-
-> alot of health stores such as Holland and Barrett that do
muesli&#039;s, and other cereals that are vegan<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Hope this helps!.<font
<div >Peanut butter is Vegan so is Almond Butter and Cashew Butter, and
Macademia Nut Butter!. Nut butters are simply nuts ground up together!.
Unless you are in a supermarket and are looking at the labels for
commercial products which isn&#039;t a good idea anyway!.!. Eat Organic
Non GMO!. It is important!. Take a look at this to understand why
Path Cereals are amazing!. Organic Non-GMO and totally whole grain and,
yes, vegan!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >To make peanut butter all you need are peanuts!!<br><br>Put them in
a food processor or good blender and blend until smooth and creamy!. The
oils in the peanuts are what makes peanut butter smooth and creamy!. You
can add some salt or sugar if you please!. But the great thing is, you
don&#039;t need any vegan butter to make PB whatsoever!.
<div >Most peanut butter is vegan!. We use Crazy Richard&#039;s and that
has peanuts as its only ingredient<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>There is no butter in peanut butter!. When George Washington
Carver made it for the first time he ground peanuts up and it seemed like
a buttery consistency so he called it butter!.<font
<div >um, isn&#039;t natural peanut butter already vegan!? All
that&#039;s made of is peanuts, so it&#039;s vegan I&#039;m pretty
sure!.!.!. Not sure about the cereals though, sorry!. :)<font
<div >Peanut butter never had butter in it!. As far as I know!.!.all
peanut butter is vegan friendly!.<font
<div >Nut butters ARE vegan<!--foods questions and answers--
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161985','5','         Do your make your
own Wheat Gluten!?                        ','                     <div
>Making your own wheat gluten is simple, just mix up some all-purpose
flour with water as if you were making bread, and knead the heck out of
it to work up the gluten as much as possible!. Now take your dough and
run it under a very gentle stream of cool water, working it constantly!.
The starch will begin to wash away (with some of your gluten with it,
sadly) and eventually you will have a nice, rubbery ball of wheat
gluten!<br><br>or you could always fall back on the old-timey favorite of
throwing a handful of wheat grains into your mouth!. Chew them for a long
long time without swallowing and eventually you will have a piece of
&#039;gum&#039;, wheat gluten!<font
<div >I would really like to but I haven&#039;t yet because vital wheat
gluten is so damn expensive!. <br><br> I tried making seitan using
regular whole wheat flour and the process was a disaster and I ended up
dumping everything out!. But I will make some soon enough with the
expensive stuff!. <br><br>There&#039;s this recipe for a vegan tikka
masala that I&#039;m dying to try using homemade seitan!.
pic:http://bp3!.blogger!.com/_e6y7EG4nAVY/RgXv!.!.!.<br>Doesn&#039;t that
look awesome!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I&#039;ve made seitan a few ways!. I tried a slow roasted seitan
roulade for Christmas; it was pretty good, but the stuffing just sort of
disappeared, so that part of it wasn&#039;t worth the effort!. I make
sausages using a steamed seitan recipe quite often<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>I&#039;ve never tried it the original way, washing
the starch out of regular flour, only with vital wheat gluten
flour!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Yes I do<br>I buy gluten flour and then I mix it (1 &amp; 1/2 cups)
with 4 TBS soy sauce, black pepper, 2 TBS olive oil, 1/2 cup water,
paprika, garlic, parsley and I make a soft mass<br>then I boil it into a
hot vegetable broth for 20 minutes<br>allow to stand for 1 hour and then
cut it thin pieces<br><br>seitan burgers:<br>Ingredients:<br><br>250
grams seitan <br>1 clove garlic <br>2 tbs!. tomato puree <br>2 tbs!. soy
sauce <br>1 tsp!. mustard <br>100 grams bread crumbs
<br>Directions:<br><br>Drain the seitan as much as possible!. <br>Place
it in a food processor and using the sharp blade, chop the seitan in
small pieces!. <br>Mince the clove of garlic and add to the seitan!.
<br>Add the tomato, soy and mustard and once more using the kitchen
processor, mix the ingredients well!. <br>Remove the mixture to a bowl
and add the bread crumbs to make a stiff mass!. <br>This recipe will make
6 to 8 nice size burgers!. <br>Heat some oil in a pan and gently fry the
burgers on both sides!.<font
<div >Yes I do, but it is very time consuming!. I usually do it for
holiday meals!. It makes a nice veggie roast!. :-)<font
<div >yum yum wheat meat!<br><br>I do!. I simply do the who boil and
congeal!.    I will flavor the Seiten by marinating prior to use!.<font
<div >no i never made!.!.!.!.but i heard people make it!.!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161986','5','        Jsut wondering!?
<div class=\"content\">well i know these questions are lame but in ur
prospective did i eat alot today<br><br>i had 4 sandwiches the whole day
is that okay<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>-1 in the
morning<br>-2 smaller ones for lunch<br>-1 for dinner<br><br>* incase ur
wondering i had no food in the house so thats basically all i had =p
<br>i need to go shopping soon!.<font
','                    <div >its ok for today!.!.!.but go !.!.!.go
shopping and get some real food!.!.!.!.<font
<div >well if your not hungry, that&#039;s the main thing!. at least you
ate!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161987','5','        Are you a
vegetarian with bad gas!?                  <div
class=\"content\">!.!.!.or am i the only one!. Maybe i&#039;m just a
gassy person!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >I was!. I found out that I was not digesting
my food very well!. Another tell tell sign is to look at your stool!. Is
it homogeneous in the way it looks!? If so, then you are OK!. But if you
can see bits and pieces of the food you ate, then you are not digesting
your food very well!. And if you do not digest very well, then the
bacteria are having a very good life in your digestive tract (all the way
to the end of the line practically), and partying with methane gas as
their by-product<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>I ended up having
to take HCL (hydrochloric) pills for awhile to get my digestion going
again!. Now I have no gas, and homogeneous stools!<font
<div >Raw vegetables can cause gas as do a lot of dairy products<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Usually beans etc cause the most
problems<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Pinto beans, black-eyed
peas, black beans and chick peas are relatively benign!. Indian pulses,
such as split mung beans (mung dhal), or red lentils (masoor dhal) are
easy to digest!. Navy beans, adzuki beans, green or yellow split peas,
and brown lentils, may be harder to digest, and therefore more gaseous!.
<br>Beans should always be cleaned, rinsed, then soaked, whether or not
they are pressure cooked!. Soaking loosens the skins, and releases the
gas causing agent!. <br>When cooking beans, discard the soaking water,
and use fresh!. Bring to a boil, skim the foam, and boil ten minutes
uncovered!. Again, this loosens the skins, and releases gaseous chemicals
(oligosaccherides)!. Don&#039;t add salt or baking soda to beans when
cooking, but you can add a few fennel seeds, a slice of ginger, a bay
leaf, or a strip of kombu (sea vegetable)!. These make beans more
digestible!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Vegetarian foods aren&#039;t the only thing that makes gas, as I
know plenty of meat eaters who also<!--aspertaime--> have bad gas
problems<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I would say to try
some of the products others have mentioned!. I also<!--aspertaime--> want
to add that when I cook beans and such, I will add a little baking soda
to the cooking process and it seems to lessen the amount of problem I
have after eating them!.<font
<div >No, I&#039;m a vegan with very regular and normal digestive
activities going on down there!. <br>Guess I&#039;m lucky!<br><br>I used
to be quite gassy after eating raw broccoli!. (which happens to be my
fave vegetable!) Even though I was rather offensive after my daily lunch
salads, I refused to give it up!. I love it just that much!. After a
while, it&#039;s like broccoli and I turned a corner and I don&#039;t
have any more issues!. I wish I could give you some concrete advice or
some sort of a fantastic cure, but mine went away after I rode it out!.
<br>Good luck!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Sometimes!. Try making this stuff, it helps a lot with gas or upset
stomach<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>BeNo--You Know You
Need It!!<br><br>Ingredients <br><br>    1 cup water<br>    1/8 teaspoon
crushed mint<br>    1/8 teaspoon baking soda<br>    1/2 teaspoon lemon
juice<br><br>Directions:<br><br>Mix the above ingredients together!.
Gulp it down just before your meal--or during<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>You can substitute crushed mint with sage or
thyme!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Several things can cause GAS(which is no fun)<br>1) Improperly
combined foods<br>http://acidalkalinediet!.com/index!.html!?h!.!.!.<br>2)
Need for Digestive Enzymes, I use a basic one from the Vitamin Shoppe
HCL<br>3) Food Allergies<br>Common ones are Soy, Dairy, Eggs,
Wheat(Gluten), but those are just to name a few!. I have over 50 food
allergies!. Pay attention on what you eat &amp; when you have problems<!-
-foods questions and answers-->!.<br>4) Some foods just are more gassy
than others<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I hope this
helps<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Slainté (to your
health)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Some fresh vegetables promote more gas than others!. Veges such as
broccoli and cabbage give you a lot of gas!. Don&#039;t stop eating them
though!. Their rewards are far too great!. Just find a private corner to
get rid of all that gas!. LOL Or if you could figure out a way to contain
it you could sell it to replace the $4 gas at the stations!. LOL<font
<div >Yea, I&#039;m a vegan, and i tend to fart lots<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>I do have a lot of beans, and lots of things with
fibre !.(branflakes etc)<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>So that
probably doesn&#039;t help, lol<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Some times they smell extremely bad but sometimes they&#039;re
ok!. =]!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >It is a part of being human!. You may need to look into nutritional
issues to find out what exactly is causing it!. Meat causes a great
amount of flatulence, so I&#039;m not sure why veggies always get
blamed!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Not answering your question but making an observation:<br><br>I am
quite surprised at the low number of posters (at the moment anyway)
either very few people care to admit they have frequent gas attacks or
most think it is not worth discussing<font
<div >I loooove beans and lentils and therefore get frequent gas! But
it&#039;s not stinky!.!.!. just poppy and machine-gun-like<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>The only time I&#039;ve had stinky gas
is when I&#039;ve eaten eggs or dairy which I don&#039;t really do
anymore!.!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Omnivores actually tend to have way worse smelling body odors than
vegetarians and vegans, regardless of the gas!. And vegans taste
better!. (:<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I have horrid gas!. I farted 45 times in one hour once and
I&#039;m not kidding<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Cut down
on the dairy if you eat it!.<font
<div >I&#039;m one of those bean loving vegans, <br>so yes I do have bad
gas!. <br>Not bad smelling, but frequent!.<font
<div >No, I am a vegan and I have rather good gas!.<font
<div >Snap!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >no dear i am not and u cannot associate gas with being a veggie or
non vegg!.!.!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161988','5','        Does soyabean
reduce iron absorption!?                         ','
<div >I have heard a little about this, however, there appears to be some
controversy over it!. So, I just typed in &quot;soybeans reduce iron
absorption&quot; in the search engine and this is what I have
found:<br><br>According to
http://www!.nlm!.nih!.gov/medlineplus/drugi!.!.!. &quot;Soy protein
reduces the absorption of dietary non-heme (plant-derived) iron, probably
due to binding of iron by phytate and calcium present in soy!. Fermented
soy products seem to inhibit iron absorption less!. &quot; This site has
a lot of information so I suggest you read what else it says like
&quot;There are two forms of dietary iron: heme and non-heme!. Sources of
heme iron include meat fish and poultry!. Sources of non-heme iron, which
is not absorbed as well as heme iron, include beans, lentils, flours,
cereals, and grain products!. Other sources of iron include dried fruit,
peas, asparagus, leafy greens, strawberries, and
nuts!.&quot;<br><br><br><br>According to
http://ods!.od!.nih!.gov/factsheets/iron!.as!.!.!.<br>&quot;Meat proteins
and vitamin C will improve the absorption of nonheme iron [1,17-18]!.
Tannins (found in tea), calcium, polyphenols, and phytates (found in
legumes and whole grains) can decrease absorption of nonheme iron [1,19-
24]!. Some proteins found in soybeans also<!--aspertaime--> inhibit
nonheme iron absorption [1,25]!. It is most important to include foods
that enhance nonheme iron absorption when daily iron intake is less than
recommended, when iron losses are high (which may occur with heavy
menstrual losses), when iron requirements are high (as in pregnancy), and
when only vegetarian nonheme sources of iron are consumed!.
&quot;<br><br>So this is what these two say as well as a number of
studies done by universities say!. <br><br>I think more research needs to
be done, personally!. Just what I found online so I hope it helps,
however, I will say from personal experience that I am yet to meet a
vegetarian who was actually deficient!. I have met a few omnivores that
were, strangely!. <br><br>No matter, you should do what you can by eating
foods that are proven to increase iron absorption, or take a multi-
vitamin with iron, or consult a dietician with questions if you are
worried about your health<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Oh
just read Hollywood&#039;s info! Thanks!!!<font
<div >Soy is a legume (bean) plant<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Like all bean plants, soy and it&#039;s products, such as tofu
&amp; soy milk, contain phytic acid!. Phytic acid binds to minerals such
as calcium &amp; iron, making them unavailable in the intestine!. I
studied this at University<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>However! High intakes of soy will not give you anaemia!.
Phytic acid is in a lot of foods, so it will NOT have a significant
effect on your iron levels!. Like all foods, enjoy soy products in
moderation, perhaps around 2-3 servings a day<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Don&#039;t be discouraged because soy has many
beneficial qualities, especially because it supplies all 8 essential
amino acids (best source of plant protein), so is a great thing to
include in your diet<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>[edit]
Veggie Tart is correct- vitamin C helps iron absorption!. So after your
cereal, or after eating an iron rich food, such as wholegrain toast,
drink a small glass of orange juice!. =]<br><br><br>Basically, an
adequate diet will compensate for any nutrient losses due to phytic
acid!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I&#039;ve never heard of that!.   Who told you that, the Weston T!.
Price &quot;foundation&quot;!?<br><br>I do know that vitamin C
*increases* iron absorption!.<font
<div >nope dairy does that, (animal product)!.!.!.ironic<font
<div >Not heard from any body up till now!. If you have, tell us the
source of information!.<font
<div >no,soyabean contain proteins good for health<font
<div >No!. Never hear that!.<font
<div >no<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161989','6','         Is the price of
beef going up or down the next coming months!?                   <div
class=\"content\">Famers are selling their cattle for meat cause of the
high price to feed them<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Does this
mean the short term beef prices will come down, but in the long term the
prices will go up from a shortage of beef!?<br>Should I go out now and
stock my freezer with beef, or wait for the prices to go lower!?<font
','                    <div >Like everything else it will probally go up
more and more!.!.!.<font
<div >I would imagine the retail price of beef will be going up in the
next coming months due to the rise in gasoline prices!. <br><br>If you
have a &quot;sale barn&quot; near you, I suggest you go there, bid on
&quot;beef on the hoof&quot;, have the beef taken directly to a local
slaughter house, butchered, and freeze packed!. Should you not feel
comfortable bidding, find someone in your community who is familiar with
the process!. Pork is also<!--aspertaime--> less expensive when purchased
from a livestock auction!.<font
<div >When is your county fair!? Purchase beef from a 4-H kid!. It
won&#039;t be treated with steroids and chemicals, you get it cut how
you&#039;d like and pay a lower overall price!. If you can&#039;t afford
it on your own, ask a friend or two to go in on it with you<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>I think commercial beef will go up, just
like everything else!.<font
<div >Apparently it will rise 2% in the next year!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161990','6','         Does Danone
Activia really work!?                   <div class=\"content\">Does anyone
actually think that the product by Danone called Activia really improve
your digestive system or do you think it is a myth!? I have been taking
it for over two weeks as stated and do feel a slight improvement, I
recently had my gallbladder removed and suffer from bouts of IBS
(Irritable Bowel Syndrome) have you tried it has it improved your
digestive system do you think!?<font
','                     <div >To be honest, I&#039;ve started swopping
snacks and maybe lunch or breakfast for a muller light yogurt and
I&#039;ve noticed a big improvement, I hardly ever bloat anymore and I
feel more comfortable in myself, I guess yogurt will help, but for your
conditon, I advise Greek Total Yogurt, it is pure live yogurt and helps
you out so much, Greek people literally depend on this stuff!.<font
<div >Activia makes me bloated and not feel well!. I have to say though
that my stomach seems really sensitive to low quality dairy products!.
Meaning I know for a fact that non-organic milk will make my stomach
rebel for about 2 days!.!.!.but I can drink all the organic milk I want
and it doesn&#039;t have any effect!. It must be the hormones and other
crap in the low quality milk!. I experimented with Activia and it
definitely does something bad with my stomach!. It might be that
it&#039;s made with this low quality, hormone laden milk!. So it
definitely doesn&#039;t do me any good!.!.!.<font
<div >If I miss my daily yoghurt I definitely feel one degree under!.
Doesn&#039;t have to be Danone though, all brands as long as they are
marked bio!. Muller yoghurts are scrummy and have you tried that Rachels
brand!? They are really wicked but probably not very healthy as they
taste of cream!.<font
<div >yeh it does help, if you actually got a problem<br><br>if you
having it just for the hell of it your gut can become overwhelmed with
good bactiria and it end up being bad for you<br><br>hope this helps
x<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Who knows!?!<font
<div >I don&#039;t know!. My doughter like it, but I think that it just a
tasty yogurt!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >it help me so yeah<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161991','6','         I have a jar of
organic spring onion chutney!?                   <div class=\"content\">I
bought it on discount!.!.!.I sort of get discount rage and just chuck
stuff in the trolley and wonder about them afterwards!. I have no idea
what to do with it or even what chutney is!.!.!.how can I make a meal
using this jar!?<br><br>Best answer gets a jar of sliced carrots in malt
vinegar (also<!--aspertaime--> on discount)<font
','                     <div >Either serve it with some cheese and
crackers at the end of the meal, or with poppadoms at the beginning of an
Indian meal<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>And as it&#039;s
already been said, great in cheese sandwiches too!.<font
<div >either have it on a sandwich with cheese or ham or both, chutney is
like a pickle (almost)!. YOu could eve try adding it to mash pototoe or
have it with new pototoes meat or fish and veg!. Try and see<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Hope this helps<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161992','6','         Is anyone else
addicted to diet sundrop like me!?                  <div
','                    <div >I have a friend who is addicted to regular
Sundrop!. Anytime I have gone anywhere with him he usually has at least
2 or 3 12-packs in his car!. Not to mention empty cans and boxes all
over the place!. We have actually give him the nickname
<div >What is that!? no im not but diet iron bru is great<font
<div >nope diet soda is awful<font
<div >No I&#039;m not!.<font
<div >not me<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >nope<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161993','6','         Are
&#039;Cheesestrings&#039; and &#039;Babybels&#039; good for you!?
<div class=\"content\">I bought both the other day in the supermarket
because I thought my children might quite like them!. But when I saw my
son eating it, It looked like he was eating rubber! Same with the
Babybel!. Are these &#039;cheese snacks&#039; really that healthy!?<font
','                    <div >They fall in the category of what I call as:
&#039;palate destroyers&#039;!. As they are processed food and the amount
of milk used to make them is minimum I&#039;d say their nutritional value
is zilch, zero, nada<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I&#039;m
against food like cheesestrings because they put food at the same level
as toys, and food should be taken seriously as your health depends on
it<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Buy a good decent cheese to
give your kids, let them develop their palate and a taste for good food!.
A few chunks of a decent cheddar with a few simple crackers would
probably be as cheap if not cheaper than babybels and cheese strings<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>And why stop at cheddar!? Let
them try other cheeses, children can surprise you with their taste, my
own daughter loves all the range of cheeses and particularly the blue
ones!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Processed cheeses have higher fat content!. If it is a matter of
getting your dairy serving, milk is the best!. Cheese snacks are good
for kids (and make good trading tools at the lunch table) and are
acceptable by the USDA (who also<!--aspertaime--> says we should consume
12 pounds of milk a week, which is nuts!), but if you ask me, the more a
food is processed the more evil it is!. Make sure you keep a few good,
hand made cheeses in your fridge!. This is a European tradition that we
need to bring back to the US!. Though they are usually $8-15/pound, they
pack a lot of flavor, and will not get used up as quick (smaller servings
means less fat too)!. Check out Chow Hounds cheese videos for tips!. I
will also<!--aspertaime--> be writing about cheese making at a local
dairy this month in my blog!.<font
<div >Have tasted both and yes! They both taste like rubber!. Better to
just give your children good cheese that you have sliced!. Those others
taste liked processed plastic with absolutely no taste!. I keep seeing
the ads for Baby Bels and have to laugh!.<font
<div >Cheese itself is not very healthy!. Yes it has calcium, but you
can get calcium from better sources!. <br><br>I would say stay away from
the cheese!. It is empty calories!.<font
<div >Cheestrings are very processed like cheese slices!. (eg,
kraft)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >oh i love babybels! but you could say they have calcium and some
protein<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161994','6','        Fish and chips or
pizza!?                  <div class=\"content\">i can&#039;t decide
:P<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >What about a fish and chip pizza!?<br>Could
be a winner - off to patent it right now :-)<font
<div >fish n chips , gotta be , maybe a chop suey roll instead of the
fish when you enter the chippy , or sausage , or fishcake and peas , oh I
don&#039;t know !. whilst you are out you can call the offy and get a
mars bar !.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Pzza and chips!. if chips arent an option with pizza , then fish
and chips!. :D mmm i love pizza !. only margareta tho!. dont like any
funny business bin put onto it haha<font
<div >I think fish and chips should always be a once in a long while
treat, but pizza you should have more often as it is just so darn
yummy!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Both sound full of fat and horrible!. I sometimes just buy the fish
and eat with a salad!.<font
<div >fish and chips with a big dollop of mushy peas and a big mug of
tea,when can I come over!?<font
<div >definitely pizza!. smells so good when the cheese is hot and
bubbly!. also<!--aspertaime--> goes great with and ice cold fizzy
soda!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >go for the classic British fish and chips :P<br>with a little bit
of salt and a little bit of vinegar<font
<div >mainly pizza but sometimes i prefer fish and chips too!.<font
<div >Well I love both lol<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>But
right now if I had to choose I would choose fish and chips :)<br>But
it&#039;s up to you<font
<div >i do like fish but to me the pizza sounds the best right
now!.!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>nice and gooey and hot
and just plain good<font
<div >PIZZA, with your favourtie topping!.<font
<div >Fish and Chips (with lots of salt and vinegar and tomato
sauce)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >fish n chips on friday, pizza on saturday!. But they have to be
from the chippy!.!.!.yum!<font
<div >fish and chips obviously with meshy peas!.<font
<div >fish and chips (which is kinda funny, cause it&#039;s actually fish
and fries)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Pizza is tasty!.!.!. fish is good for u (fried or not) and chips
could be classed as potatoes i guess :) i like pizza more<font
<div >Pizza, no animals had to die for it to be made!.<font
<div >pizza! with lots and lots of beef and cheese! :)<font
<div >pizza<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >pizza<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >tricky!<br>pizza<font
<div >Pizza!. I really don&#039;t like chips!<font
<div >Fish and chips every time<font
<div >indian<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >pizza&gt;chips&gt;fish<br>in fact!.!.i jus hate
<div >Fish and Chips<font
<div >PIZZA ALL THE WAY<font
<div >Fish and chips!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.<font
<div >pizza oh yamm<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161995','6','        Can you make
yoghurt at home with soya milk!?                        ','
<div >Yes you can, use soya milk warmed to blood heat, stir in a spoonful
of plain soy yoghurt, put in a vaccuum flask (no need to buy a yoghurt
maker!!) Leave overnight, then add whatever flavouring you like!.<font
<div >yes you can, ive done it, it works beautifully!. you may need to
stretch your principles a little cos you need a spoon of live plain
yogurt to start it off!. use some of the first batch to start off your
second batch then you will be completely soy!. good luck!<font
<div >don&#039;t know why not !.!.!.!.!. you can buy soy yogurt at the
store<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >try it and let me know<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161996','6','         Cadburys Advert!?
<div class=\"content\">The Cadburys advert at the airport!.!. i dont get
it!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >Well i work for Cadburys and i&#039;m afraid
there is no point!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>it&#039;s
just supposed to be cool<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161997','6','         What is the worst
food to eat right before bedtime!?                  <div
class=\"content\">Especially foods that give you nightmares!.<font
','                    <div >Pepperozi pizza,,,,,without a doubt, I am
too ashamed to tell you what disgusting things I dreamed, so take me at
my word and stay away from it!.<font
<div >omg i had tacos at my ex in-laws house one night, and they were
soooo spicy cuz ex father-in-law used a lot of chilli powder and crap
like that!. right so omg i woke up with the WORST case of acid reflux in
the middle of the night! i thought i was gonna choke to death on my hot,
burning, sour vomit!<font
<div >SUGAR<br>one time i was pigging out on conversation hearts, and
went to bed!. had the worst nightmares of my life!<font
<div >Any kind of carbohydrate<font
<div >Spicy Lasagna<font
<div >Spicy nachos!<font
<div >anything with sugar and caffeine<font
<div >mostly things with high calories or chocolate<font
<div >Eatttting Veggies or Beans!. High in protein!<font
<div >rice, meat or anything too heavy!.!.<font
<div >toast in bed or chilly<font
<div >rice<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161998','6','         Where can I get a
BBQ grill that does both gas and charcoal!?!?!?
','                    <div >If you mean a Grill with Gas on one side and
Charcoal on the other side, Brinkmann did make one exclusively for Home
Depot<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>It was called Triple
function Model 810-3830-S<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>They
were $299!.00!. Home Depot had it only online and apparently ran out!. I
want one and cannot get an answer for them as to when they will get them
back<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Try contacting
Brinkmann!. I am going there next myself<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Good luck!.<font
<div >Try Home Depot or Lowe&#039;s they have pretty good grills you
should be able to find what your looking for<!--foods questions and
!.lowes!.com/lowes/lkn!?action=pr!.!.!.<br><br><br>Good Luck!.<font
<div >http://astore!.amazon!.com/discount-home-p!.!.!.<br>Hope this
helps!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Brinkmann 810-5000-0 - All-In-One Charcoal/Gas Cooking System<font
<div >sears<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Why would you want a gas grill, they suck!. Charcoal is where its
at!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Check Lowe&#039;s or Home Depot!. They have a wide variety of
grills in all price ranges!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('161999','6','         Do some butters
really have pork fat in them!?                   <div class=\"content\">I
heard some contains pork fat!.<font
','                    <div >Butter vs!. margarine: Which is better for
my heart!?<br>Answer<br>Margarine usually tops butter when it comes to
heart health!. <br><br>Margarine is made from vegetable oils, so it
contains no cholesterol!. Margarine is also<!--aspertaime--> higher in
&quot;good&quot; fats — polyunsaturated and monounsaturated — than butter
is!. These types of fat help reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or
&quot;bad,&quot; cholesterol, when substituted for saturated fat!.
Butter, on the other hand, is made from animal fat, so it contains
cholesterol and high levels of saturated fat<br><br>I was really
surprised when I read this, but I do not think it is pork fat<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>This is an excerpt from The Mayo
Clinic!.!.!.here is the rest of the article!.!.<!--foods questions and
<div >no, butter is derived solely from milk/ cream!. pork fat!? are you
thinking of lard!? that is rendered pork fat that has been clarified and
sold as lard or &quot;manteca&quot;!. it looks like vegetable
shortening!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >is there a link to support this fact!?!?<br>Please!.!.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>i need
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162000','6','        When did chester
cheetah (cheetos mascot) become evil!?                  <div
class=\"content\">In the new commercials he&#039;s so mean!.!. he makes
the guy mess up the other guys office!.!. and he makes the girl on the
plane stick cheetos up the guys nose while he&#039;s massaging the
stuardist&#039;s shoulders<font
','                    <div >There was a family guy episode where the
cheetos guy crushed some cheetos and sniffed em!. then he broke some
glass and cut himself!. i think it was right around there that he turned
mean!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >cause its the dark cheetos!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>He&#039;s become an American icon in the marketing world, a
laid-back, fun-loving feline encouraging kids to enjoy &quot;the cheese
that goes CRUNCH!&quot;!. But as he takes a stab at marketing for
adults, is Chester Cheetah revealing his dark side!?<br><br>It&#039;s a
new group of Cheetos ads geared for an adult audience!. Here&#039;s one,
as described on Slate!.com!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162001','6','        What do I do with
goat cheese that was shipped to me from Norway!?                  <div
class=\"content\">My friend in Norway shipped me a plastic wrapped
package of Goat Cheese last Friday!. It arrived today!. Is it safe to
eat!? Or should I toss the whole deal in the trash!? <br>I honestly can
not remember what Goat Cheese smells or tastes like, and this is a
foreign version, so I have no clue if it is supposed to taste this
strong, or have such an odd odor!. <br>Any help is appreciated!.<font
','                    <div >What cheese was it!?<br>Does it look like a
giant caramel!?<br>Gjetost maybe!?<br>Is it square and the size of a
giant ice cube!?<br><br>If thats the cheese, it will outlive the both of
us<br>and it is still good<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Is
it one of these in this pic!?<br>The middle one maybe!? Etke!? ( thats
pure goat)<br>the others are mixed milk<!--foods questions and answers--
goat cheeses are pungent and some are not<!--foods questions and answers-
->!.<br>Depends on what it is<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>More info!?<br><br>Very nice<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Made by Tine and almost the exact cheese<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Yes it&#039;s safe as safe can be and it lasts for a very
long time<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>It actually taste
like caramel to me<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>For some people
it is an aquired taste and takes<br>some getting use to<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>No problem with that cheese at all<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Enjoy!.<font
<div >Goat cheese has a strong smell!. One who is unused cannot use it, I
guess!. <br>I have never had it myself!. But so I have heard<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>It is not bad!. As cheese is already
fermented<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Cheese is cheese!. Only
the milk source is different<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>So nice of your friend to send such a gift!. That too across
countries!. That itself is a difficult thing to do!<br>So find a
recipient if you do not like it!.<font
<div >yummm!. sounds good!. unprocessed goat cheese is aromatic to say
the least<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>take yourself a
couple pieces abount 3 inches round, or sqare, but round works better
here!. lay out some chopped fresh herbs (or some dried)!. press each
round down on the herbs (smoosh the herbs into the cheese a bit)!. chill
til nicely firm!. dredge in beaten eggs!. coat in panko, and sautee
quickly!. eat! great on top of a mixed green salad!. and/or crusty
bread!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >goat cheese is pungent as it is!.!.!.in taste and smell!.!.!.<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>the cheese is already fermented,
so I doubt that its gone bad (it won&#039;t make much of a difference
anyway)!.!.but just for safety reasons ask your friend!.!.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>goat cheese can be used to stuff chicken or
turkey, in salads, soups and fraiches!.<font
<div >throw it out and tell them it was great!.<font
<div >I would prepare a delicious salad with it!. Get a sharp knife and
get it hot with running tap water!. Slice the goat cheese into very thin
slices!. <br>Put the slices over a bed of micro greens, sprinkle toasted
pine nuts or candied nuts, sliced seedless red grapes, roasted red pepper
slices, and a thick raspberry vinaigrette on top<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Goat cheese is very rich and creamy - a very luxurious
cheese!. And coming from Norway - it&#039;s a treat!. You must be a
special friend<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Update: Save my
recipe for another day with domestic goat cheese!. I don&#039;t know what
I&#039;m talking about! I&#039;ve never had this type of cheese
(carmel!?)!. Thanks for the Nordic cheese lesson, M! I hope you enjoy
it!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Brunost (lit!. brown cheese) - geitost (Gudbrandsdalso<!--
aspertaime-->st is the most common type) is probably the most Norwegian
of all foods! It is not an ordinary goat&#039;s cheese (it&#039;s made of
milk, cream and whey - whey is a by-product of ordinary cheese-production
- so brunost isn&#039;t technically a cheese!) - and you shouldn&#039;t
use it in salads and such<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>It
doesn&#039;t taste like other goat&#039;s cheeses at all, it has a sweet,
caramel-like flavour!. Use it on bread, biscuits, waffles, sweet crackers
- it should always be eaten in thin slices, not big chunks :o) (It&#039;s
usually cut with a cheese slicer, to get *really* thin slices) A little
brunost can also<!--aspertaime--> be used in game sauces, for a rather
nice, subtle caramel-ish taste!. <br><br>It should still be ok to eat - I
know of several Norwegians who have had brunost mailed to them when
they&#039;ve lived abroad!. (!) <br><br>From Wikipedia: A mixture of
milk, cream and whey is boiled carefully for several hours so that the
water evaporates!. The heat turns the milk sugar into caramel which gives
the cheese its characteristic taste!. It is ready for consumption as soon
as it is packed in suitable sized blocks!. A low-fat variant is made by
increasing the proportion of whey to milk and cream!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162002','6','        If you could
binge on ANYTHING you like!.!. What would you attack!?
<div class=\"content\">I&#039;d enjoy bowl after bowl of pasta and some
chocolate chip fudge, and then some chicken pie, followed by melted
marshmallow-topped dense chocolate cake and lemon meringue pie for
dessert!. Utterly sinful!!!!<font
','                    <div >french fries, chunky monkey ice cream,
chocolate covered strawberries, gummy worms, homeade fried chicken,
orange chicken, fried rice, mint n chip ice cream, cold stone ice cream,
in n out!.!.!.!. u know!.!.!. all the healthy foods!. lol<font
<div >omg! Don&#039;t get me started! I&#039;d start anyway! Prawn
cocktail, followed by braised lamb and cheddar mash with selection of
veggies, cheeseboard and desert wine!.!.followed by handmade choccies and
coffee! Oooooooooooo, making me hungry!<font
<div >umm yummy question! uhh pinkberyy is amazing but also<!--
aspertaime--> dippin dots are sooogooooddd!!<font
<div >im mad about chocolate and a chocolate , caramel milkshake<font
<div >roast chicken with sweet tata roast tatas carrot pumpkin with apple
pie and ice cream<font
<div >Strawberries!!!<font
<div >room filled with cheesecake! yummy!<font
FOR!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER ICE
<div >sushi!!!! <br><br>soo many flavors, textures and tates!.
<div >I&#039;d have a Fruit Crisp or Crumble!.!.!. hot out of
the oven with a double scoop of Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream on
top of it!.     Y-u-m !!<font
<div >money<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Insane amounts of Ben &amp; Jerry&#039;s Ice Cream<font
<div >naughty things begining with &#039;C&#039; like
<div >cookies!. of course!. they really should be their own food
group!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >ice cream and potato chips<font
<div >smoked bbq ribs,,yum<font
<div >chips!!!!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162003','1','         How do you make a
cosmopolitan!?                   <div class=\"content\">Like the one from
sex and the city!? we are having a girls night tomorrow after the movie
nad i need arecipe<font
','                     <div >vodka, triple sec, splash of cranberry,
garnish with lime!.!.!. <br><br>try with raspberry vodka, much
tastier!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >1 oz!. vodka<br>1/2 oz!. each limejuice and triple sec<br>cranberry
juice<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >go to www!.webtender!.com type in the name and find SEVERAL
recipes<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162004','1','         What can I use as
a substitute for alcohol in alcoholic recipes and drinks!?
<div class=\"content\">Please<font
','                     <div >Ginger ale is pretty common substitute for
non-alcoholic alternative drinks!. Recipes!? It depends on the recipe!.
Sometimes you can get flavorings, for example, if rum is called for in a
dessert, then you can get rum flavoring!. Some recipes you could just
omit it (if small amounts for flavor); oher recipes may use it as
flavoring and extra liquid!. For example, I have a recipe for simmering
chicken in cream and white wine -- it calls for a half cup of white
wine!. For that, I might substitute chicken stock or broth!. Other meat
recipes that call for a splash or other small amount, could safely be
just omitted!. Keep in mind, though, that when actually COOKING with
alcohol, in most cases the actual alcohol cooks right out and you&#039;re
just left with flavor!.<font
<div >there really isnt a substitute you can use but you can just leave
the alcohol out all together!. i suppose you can use water or seltzer for
a bubbly effect!. but i have made virgin drinks and i just leave that
portion out!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Try water, fruit juices, sodas, alcohol free wine, etc<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>!.<font
<div >There are flavored liquids in the coffee aisle at the grocery store
that might substitute for some liquors!.<font
<div >Water!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Kool-Aid<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >depends on what you make!.!.!.!. daiquiris- fruit, pina colodas-
pineapple juice,<font
<div >usually club soda works best!.!.!.<font
<div >Club soda<font
<div >god damnit do u even realise how retarded does that
sound!.!.!.!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >fresh crocodile sperm!.!. no lie im serious<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162005','1','         What do you like
to do when your drunk!?                         ','
<div >crazy ****<br>like once we stole a boat to get across the bay
<br>and ended up hiding from the police the rest of the night<font
<div >Um, when I am drunk I really have no control over what I do!. But I
can tell you that when I am drunk I turn into a total flirt and it
doesn&#039;t go over well with my husband!.<font
<div >play video games! Hilarious!.!.!. especially racing games!.!.!. oh
man, good times<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I also<!--
aspertaime--> apparently like to drunk-dial WAY TOO OFTEN, so it&#039;s
now a rule to confiscate my cell!.!.!. ;-)<font
<div >steal road signs<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br><br>seriously!. its becoming a problem lol!. <br><br>but i
LOOOOVE it!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Isn&#039;t it obvious!? Wouldn&#039;t you want to do it
<div >Teach people the difference between &quot;your&quot; and
<div >usually traffic cones, road signs, sandwich boards etc!.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>and have pretend light saber fights in the
street<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >everything<font
<div >Have relations!.<font
<div >practice making babies! lol<br><br>im married so ITS OK<font
<div >Eat greasy foods!.<font
<div >turn into a total dik and bbq<br><br>well I&#039;m being
honest<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >dance away<font
<div >look for night crawlers!.<font
<div >talk, be around friends!.<font
<div >I&#039;m with Just Q on this one!.!.!.I love to eat!<font
<div >sex<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >eat a kebab!.lol!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162006','1','         What to get in
Germany!?                   <div class=\"content\">I have a friend who
will be visiting Germany this summer and has offered to bring me back
some alcoholic goodies<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>What
are some recomendations on what to get!? (Brand names and prices
please)<br><br>One Idea I had was some original recipe Absinthe, and the
beer they have over there that is 37% alcohol<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Thanks for the ideas!<font
','                    <div >Original recipe absinthe came from
France!.!.!. It isn&#039;t worth it!. Real absinthe is a myth<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>The highest ABV beer in the world is
Utopia at 25% and it is American<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Tell him to pick you up just about anything made by
Privatbrauerei Franz Inselkammer KG / Brauerei Aying<br> (Ayinger) or
Paulaner Salvator Thomasbraeu AG that aren&#039;t available in the US!.
<br><br>Or better yet, have him make a day trip to Belgium and the Sint-
Sixtusabdij abbey and get you a mixed case of Westvleteren beers!.!.!.
The best in the world!.!.!. Not just my opinion<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>EDIT:<br><br>Sorry, I forgot about Hair of the
Dog&#039;s Dave Barleywine!.!.!. it is 29%!. Though it is argued if this
is actually a beer or not at such a high ABV!.<font
<div >If I went to German, I&#039;d probably get herpes or an std!. But,
all joking aside, every little town and village has a handful of local
breweries, and according to the locals, that is the best beer in all of
Germany/Europe/World!. So I&#039;d request some small local brews from
different villages!. I would like the beers that not only can you not
find them outside of Germany, you probably can&#039;t even find them
outside of their village!. That would be my request!.<font
<div >gewurtraminer (white wine)<font
<div >Kuppers Kolsch from Cologne is a really good beer<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>How about some fresh Jager!?<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162007','1','        What is your
favorite brand of beer for chugging 1 or 2 in a row!?
<div class=\"content\">i like the Budweiser<font
','                    <div >I can slam 1 Corona with lime in about 3
seconds X 10, probably!!! We will see tonight, will be headed there
soon!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Back in the days, Keystone was the beer that I used for
shotgunning, slamming, double barrel!. Those beer did me good!.
Nowadays, I just relax with corona!.<font
<div >any beer is good for chugging!. the best for shotgunning is molson
cold shots!. or any dollar tall boy<font
<div >Keystone<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Bud light they go down fast ! I put a lime slice in it it is less
than buying Bud Light lime!.<font
<div >Bud Light! To drink COORS light the bullet!! <br><br>Happy
drinking!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >any light beer is easy to get down in a hurry!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162008','8','         How do u make
Chocolate brownies without cocoa!?                  <div
class=\"content\">We want to make chocolate brownies and we don&#039;t
have any cocoa plz help also<!--aspertaime--> without using the stuff out
of the box!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >http://www!.grouprecipes!.com/s/brownies-
w!.!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >1 oz baking chocolate = 2 tbl cocoa plus 2 tbl butter!. So if you
have a recipe that calls for cocoa, revise it based on these mesurements,
and just use whatever chocolate you have!. Of course this could require a
teeny-tiny scale!.!.!.!.and a little improvisation!. Otherwise, yes, go
with the blond brownies or something totally different!.<font
<div >You may want to make blonde brownies instead!. You can leave out
the chocolate chips if you don&#039;t have any chocolate at all!.<font
<div >If you don&#039;t have baker&#039;s chocolate or cocoa powder,
you&#039;re not making brownies or anything chocolate!. Go look up a
recipe for blondies!.<font
<div >Can you go buy cocoa, or bars of baking chocolate!?<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162009','8','         Chocolatechip
pancakes,!?                  <div class=\"content\">Can you just make
simple pancake mix and then put chocolate chips in the mix and then cook
it as normal!? <br><br>Thanks x<font
','                    <div >Yes , but first start the pancake, cook on
one side turn over and sprinkle with choc chips!. If you add the choc
chips to the mix they will stick to the pan!. Sounds yummy!.<font
<div >yes you can i make it for my hubby all the time!.!.!.!.and the guy
above me said not to add it to the mix cuz they will stick to the
pan!.!.!.!.!.well i ALWAYS add my chips to the batter and NEVER had
problems!.!.!.!.id suggestmake the recipe on the box the way it says to
then usually itll say things to add to it!.!.!.like blueberries or
soemthing!.!.!.!.id add the amount it says for a solid chunky item!.!.!.i
think i usually add about a half cup to 3/4 a cup!.!.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>now i wanna go make me some!<br><br>if you
like pancakes apples and cinimon i know this is off the subject but make
the batter as directed then peel and core the apple then dice it up in to
little chunks and mix that and some cinimon into the batter and cook as
usual!! thats yummmy!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162010','8','         Can I substitute
flour for cornstarch in a recipe that already calls for flour!?
<div class=\"content\">I went to make this recipe only to find out we
don&#039;t have any corn starch!. Now I know I can substitute flour in
other things but can I add flour even though it already calls for flour!?
Here&#039;s the recipe<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br><a
','                    <div >Although they have different chemical
properties, I would probably try it anyway, not expecting to get the same
results as the original recipe!. I&#039;m kind of a mad scientist in the
kitchen, though!. As long as you&#039;re cool with that, I don&#039;t see
why you shouldn&#039;t give it a go!. Experimentation is the mother of
all new recipes!<font
<div >No!. Cornstarch and Flour do different things in a recipe!.
Especially when it calls for a 1/4 cup!. That&#039;s too much to
substitute!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >No<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162011','8','        Which do you
think has more meat boys or girls then come up with recipe!?
','                    <div >I think boys would have more lean protein!.
But my favorite is babies!.!.!.!.!.!.either boys or girls work!. If they
are small enough I like to just pop a few on a shis kabob and grill them
with a little salt and pepper (I&#039;m a purist)!.   They aren&#039;t
tough and they cook really fast<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Man I&#039;m hungry!.!.!.!.!.!.<font
<div >HUH!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >U wanna Peice of Me!?!?!?!?!?<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162012','8','        I bought a rock
cornish game hen how should i cook it!?                         ','
<div >GLAZED CORNISH HEN<br>Yield: 2 Servings<br><br>1 x 1 1/2 LB!. GAME
HEN<br>3 tb APRICOT SPREAD<br>2 ts LIME JUICE<br>2 ts SOY SAUCE<br>1/8 ts
OVER THE HEN!. <br><br><br><br><br>Rock Cornish Game Hens With Herb And
Shallot Butter<br><br>2 rock Cornish game hens<br>salt and freshly ground
-- pepper<br>1 teaspoon rosemary<br>1 teaspoon thyme<br>2 tablespoons
chopped parsley<br>1/4 pound butter<br>5 shallots --
(minced)<br><br><br><br><br><br>Preheat oven to 350F!. Cut each hen in
half, sprinkle all over with salt and pepper, and bring to room
temperature!. Melt butter in small fry pan and add shallots, rosemary and
thyme!. Stir well and let bubble for about 5 minutes, then remove from
heat!. Place hens in flat baking pan, skin side up, and baste with the
butter sauce!. bake for 50 minutes, basting every 15 minutes!. Garnish
with parsley<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br><br><br><br><br>CORNISH HENS WITH GLAZED ORANGES<br>Yield: 1
Servings<br><br>3 Rock Cornish Hens (about 1<br>-1/2 lb Ea)<br>2 tb
Butter, melted<br>GLAZED ORANGES<br>1/2 c Orange juice<br>1 tb
Honey<br>1/2 ts Salt<br>1/4 ts Dry mustard<br>1/8 ts Paprika<br><br>Place
hens, breast sides up, on rack in shallow roasting pan; brush<br>with
butter!. Roast uncovered in 350 oven for 30 minutes!. Prepare<br>Glazed
Oranges!. Mix remaining ingredients; brush half of the orange<br>juice
mixture over hens!. Roast, uncovered, brushing with remaining<br>mixture,
until hens are done, about 45 minutes!. <br><br><br><br><br>Cajun Cornish
Hens <br><br>Cajun Seasoning: <br>1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper <br>1
teaspoon seasoned salt <br>1 teaspoon garlic powder <br>4 (1 to 1 1/2
pound) Cornish hens <br>1 teaspoon onion powder<br>2 tablespoon olive
oil<br>1 teaspoon dried thyme, crushed <br>1 teaspoon dried oregano,
crushed <br>1/2 teaspoon paprika <br>1/2 teaspoon pepper <br><br>Preheat
oven to 400 degrees F!. Blend the Rub ingredients in a small <br>bowl!.
<br><br>Wash and dry the Cornish hens!. Brush the hens with olive oil!.
Season <br>the hens with the Cajun Seasoning!. Place the hens in a baking
pan and <br>let stand for about 5 minutes!. Bake hens about 45 to 60
minutes!. <br><br>Makes 4 servings!. <br><br><br><br>Cornish Hens in
Honey<br>1 tablespoon vegetable oil <br>1 cup chopped onions <br>1/4 cup
chopped parsley <br>1 cup raisins <br>1 1/2 teaspoons pepper <br>2
teaspoons ground cinnamon <br>Cloves, saffron and salt, to taste <br>4 (1
to 1 1/2 pound) Rock Cornish game hens<br>Water, as needed <br>1 cup
honey <br>Parsley for garnish (optional)<br><br>Heat oil in medium
skillet over medium heat!. Add onion and parsley!. Cook and stir 2 to 3
minutes or until onion is softened!. Sir in raisins and spices!. Season
game hens inside and out with onion mixture!. Place game hens on rack in
roasting pan!. Roast in preheated 375 degree F oven 25 minutes<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Remove pan from oven!. Pour enough
water in bottom of pan to measure 1/2 inch!. Spread honey over game hens
to coat!. Return to oven; reduce heat to 350 degrees F!. Roast 15 minutes
or until hens are tender and golden brown<!--foods questions and answers-
->!.<br><br>Remove hens to heated serving platter and keep warm!. Adjust
thickness of pan juices and correct seasoning as desired!. Generously
spoon over game hens!. Garnish with parsley if desired!.<font
<div >most weigh 1-1 1/2 pounds so they dont take very long to cook<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I rub them down with butter and
season well with S&amp;P both inside and out,,,!.!.place in pre heated
450 oven!.!.!.then turn down to 350 and cook for 1 hour!.!.!.the initial
high heat helps to brown and crisp the skin!.!.!.<font
<div >Grill it!! I have yet to encounter an animal whose meat didn&#039;t
have the best flavor and texture after being cooked over an open
flame!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Same as any chicken Start with a basic plain recipe<br>then
expand!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >In a crock pot, yum!.<font
<div >In an oven !<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162013','8','        I am looking for
a website!?                  <div class=\"content\">I am planning to make
my niece&#039;s birthday cake, but it must be dairy and egg free (she is
severely allergic to all dairy and egg products!.) is there is a website
that have dairy and egg free receipes!?<font
','                    <div >you can try www!.recipezaar!.com!. i&#039;m
sure they have a lot of cake recipes there that are dairy and egg free!.
the site is free!. good luck!.<font
<div >Search for Celiac Disease, Celiac Sprue, or Gluten-Free recipes<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>You might do better making her a
crustless fruit pie!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162014','8','        Do you have any
recipes for biscuits please!?!? Preferably low fat/low cal!.!?
<div class=\"content\">I like biscuits - wrong - I love biscuits - they
are my weakness!. Digestives, rich tea, nice, shortbread, I love them!.
I&#039;ve been without them for a week now - but I &#039;ve realised I
could make my own - with less cals and less fat<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>But I&#039;ve looked in my recipe books and neither has a
section on biscuits<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Does anyone
have any suggestions please!?!?!?<font
','                    <div >Biscuits and low fat/low cal is an
oxymoron!. Biscuits are good because of all the fat in them!. That is
what makes them so flaky and yummy!.<font
<div >Buy yourself a bag of White Lily flour (self rising)!. It&#039;s
the best biscuit flour in the world!. The recipe is right on the bag!.
Prepare it exactly the way it tells you and you can&#039;t go wrong!.
The ingredients are quite simple; flour, shortening, milk, salt!. When
they are ready, get out the butter, jam/honey/sorghum, whatever you like
and a glass of milk!. Pure heaven!<font
<div >I think he&#039;s talking about &quot;cookies&quot;
:)<br><br>Ginger snaps, oatmeal raisin!. You can always substitute
applesauce for some of the butter or oil!. Digestives are the best! But
no clue how to make them!.<font
<div >Pillsbury doughboy, in a can!. Not healthy; can be fluffy!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162015','8','        Someone with an
idea!?                  <div class=\"content\">im cooking a ham for
dinner to night not a big one and i dont know what to put on it!. i want
a good recipie if someone has one,thanks!<font
','                    <div >My favorite glaze is 1/2 c orange juice, 1/2
c pineapple juice, 1/4 c brown sugar!. Just mix it up and pour over the
top!. It mixes with the ham juices while it&#039;s cooking in the oven,
and if you just baste it occasionally to keep it moist, it tastes
fantastic!. And it&#039;s really simple to make! :) Hope this helps, good
luck!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Personally, I made a ham for dinner for my family a few weeks ago
that turned out absolutely fantastic<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>I got a bottle of honey and dribbled it on the ham, and put
some brown sugar on!. It gave the ham a hint of sweet flavor without
being overpowering!. Everyone loved it!<font
<div >you need a can of pineapple crushed, half a cup of brown sugar and
some cloves!. Make sure you baste it so it can stay moist and juicy yum
that sounds good lol<br>30 weeks pregnant<font
<div >Go here for several different glazes for baked
<div >Dr Pepper poured on top gives it great flavor!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162016','8','        How do i
correctly boil crab legs!?                  <div class=\"content\">My
roomate did them last night &amp; they just didnt taste right!. Im going
to make them this time!. We have to finish them today, so can anyone
help!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >You only need to bil them for 10 minutes if
they are not frozen!. Add some seasoned salt to them!. Simple and easy!!
MAybe the legs were not good or perhaps they were overcooked!<font
<div >Rinse Wash and Brush Scrub Crab Leg Shells <br>Heating Frozen
Unthawed Pre-Cooked <br>Crab Legs<br><br>Steaming - Place pre-cooked
frozen crab legs <br>in a vegetable steamer or colander over heavy
<br>and rapid boiling water (fill pot about 1/3 of the<br>way with
water!.) Cover tightly and steam them <br>10-12 minutes until heated
through and through<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Pre-cooked
crab legs can be eaten cold without cooking otherwise they just need
heating without further cooking!. <br><br><br><br>Seafood requires a
shorter cooking time than beef, lamb or chicken and because most species
of seafood have a low fat and high water content they can easily be
overcooked!. The good news is; Pre-cooked shellfish <br>can be eaten
cold, warm or hot!. Too much steaming will toughen the flesh as it dries
out and too much cooking when submerged in water will make the flesh
soggy<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br><br>HOW TO COOK
FROZEN UN-COOKED CRAB LEGS<br><br>BOILING -Boiling crab legs is easy,
some prefer to add either 1 tablespoon salt or 1 tablespoon vinegar to
the water!. Fill a pot approximately ? to 2/3 full of water depending on
the number of crab legs to be cooked!. <br>Bring water to a heavy boil!.
Place uncooked crab legs into the boiling water and allow the water to
return to a boil!. Reduce the heat to medium and cook them approximately
20-25 minutes<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Serve with
clarified melted butter and lemon wedges<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>To Clarify Butter Melt 2 stick (? lb!.) butter under a medium-low
heat in a fry pan then let it sit for a couple of minutes, then slowly
pour out the clear<br>butter (it will come out first from the frying pan)
into a cup or small bowl and STOP pouring when you see the leftover white
milky fat at the bottom of the pan (discard this part!.) Makes 4 servings
for dipping!. Serve with sliced lemon wedges!.<font
<div >Salt the water generously, I personally like to steam them by
putting a metal collander (strainer) in the pot with the boiling water!.
Water should be low enough that it dosent touch the crab!. cover ans
steam about 5 minutes, if you steam too long then you will have tough
crab thats difficult to crack!. hope this helps Enjoy! <br>P!.S!. another
way i like them is to take a sharp knife and cut them in half!. drizzle
with butter and broil in the over for a few minutes this is yummy
too<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >If you bought them from a supermarket, they have already been
cooked!. Pop them into your microwave for a couple of minutes<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>If they are uncooked, you can still put
them in the microwave for a few minutes<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>We have them often!.<font
<div >they are probably already cooked, you just need to get them
hot<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >stick them into hot water with salt and pepper<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162017','8','        I need sum
ideas!?                  <div class=\"content\">wat can i make with my
ham!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >Scalloped or Au gratin or mashed potatoes!.
You could make a really easy Sweet Potato/Coconut souffle by mixing
together a large can of sweet potatoes(mashed), a can of coconut milk,
1/2 cup of brown sugar and a beaten egg!. Then just bake at 325 degrees
for one hour!. Of course there is the ever famous Green Bean Casserole
which is simply four cups of cooked beans, a can of cream of mushrooms
soup, a half a cup of milk and a little pepper!. Just stir it all
together in a casserole dish with about 2/3 cup of french fried onions
(French&#039;s comes in a can), and bake at 350 for 25 minutes!. Top with
the rest of the can of onions and cook for another five minutes!. Other
good side dishes would be baked beans, ginger glazed carrots and if you
are serving kids, don&#039;t forget the macaroni and cheese!. For
something sweet maybe some roasted apple chunks or home made cranberry
sauce!. Don&#039;t forget the dinner rolls and butter and how about a
hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert!?<font
<div >S&amp;W canned sweet potatoes!. They have cinnamon and brown sugar
already added!. Heat and eat!. Delicious!.<font
<div >Ham and cabbage!. Pinto beans with ham cooked in it!.<font
<div >Put it in the oven and throw some slices of pineapple on it
!!!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >A scramble with a little cheddar cheese and some
<div >a sandwich!.!. :)<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162018','8','        Is there an
unconventional way to make coffee without a coffee maker!?
<div class=\"content\">my coffee maker broke on me, the button is stuck!.
and i&#039;m in desperate need of coffee!! is there an old fashion way of
making coffee!?<font
','                    <div >Grab any old saucepan, and fill it with two
cups of water!. (or of course with however many cups you would like to
drink!.) Add four or five tablespoons of grounded coffee per two cups of
water!. Take that saucepan over to the stove and bring it to a rumbling
boil and then quickly remove it from the heated burner!. Let the coffee
grounds then settle to the bottom of the pan, this may take three or four
minutes!. When you know that the grounds have settled begin to pour the
coffee into your cup!. If at first when you begin to pour the coffee you
think to yourself &quot; i hope that i don&#039;t get a whole bunch of
grounds in my cup!.&quot; Don&#039;t worry!. The grounds will stay at the
bottom of the pan!. Enjoy! <br>Note: Best if made over a fire<br><br>The
Original Cowboy Coffee is done like this:<br>4 quarts water<br>1 1/2 cups
freshly ground coffee<br>1 egg shell<br>1/2 cup cold water<br><br>Bring
water to a boil in a large saucepan or coffee pot!. Add coffee grounds
and egg shell to boiling water!. Return to a boil, then remove from heat
and let stand for 2 minutes!. Slowly add cold water to settle grounds to
the bottom!. Strain if desired<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>However, this way sounds promising also<!--aspertaime--
>:<br>Bring a pot of water to a boil!. Make sure there is more than
enough for a cup or two for everybody!. Throw in a generous handful of
fresh ground coffee!. <br>Simmer at just below a boil until the grounds
settle!. <br>Pour the coffee slowly into your cup!. <br>Beware the last
sip (There is always more, just refill)!. <br><br>Useful Tips:<br>The key
to good cowboy coffee is to keep it hot enough but never let it boil!.
When brewing, it should be hot enough so that the grounds are moving in
the water, but the water is not bubbling!. If you boil it, it gets very
bitter!. Once you have added the coffee, keep the pot over a small pile
of coals!. If you don&#039;t have a grill, keep the pot balanced on a
couple rocks!. When the coffee is the right strength, let it cool just
enough to let the grounds settle!. <br><br>It tastes awful if you reheat
it for every cup!. Exception – it still tastes fantastic when reheated
after a long day hike or climb when you get back to camp, particularly
with some whiskey in it, or as a chaser!. Once you got the fire going,
start a fresh pot!. If you keep it over some coals, you can keep it hot
for hours and it only gets better!. When the coffee in the pot gets low,
just add more water and some more coffee and repeat the process!.<font
<div >Fisherman&#039;s Coffee<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Use
the same amount of water and coffee as you would in your coffee pot<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>-------------------------------------
-!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Put the water in a sauce pan
, bring to a boil<br>reduce heat to low add coffee and stir, simmer for 3
to 5 minutes!. The longer you simmer the stronger the coffee will be<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Take off heat very slowely pour some
cold tap water into coffee!. This makes the grounds settle!. Ladle out of
sauce pan into cup and injoy, you can also<!--aspertaime--> pour through
a <br>fine screen strainer!. Good luck with your <br>unconventional
coffee !.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I guess you don&#039;t have a french press!.!.<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>You will have to do cowboy coffee!.!.!.but buy a
French Press for these occasions, you actually may like it better than a
coffee maker!.!.I do<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Cowboy coffee
- desperation <br>one cup<br>put half scoop of coffee in
filter<br>SLOWLY<br>pour hot water over filter into cup!.!.!.press with
spoon while you do this<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>It is not
the best, but it works!.<font
<div >remove the part that you place the filter in and place over a
coffee cup!.!.!.use 1 T coffee for every 3/4 Cup boiling water(for a
standard 8 oz coffee cup a slightly heaping T should do)!.!.pour water in
slowly making sure all the grounds are covered by the boiling
water!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Well, Sometimes I use the microwave!.!. I just put coffee and water
and heat it up for about 3 minutes!.!. then i just add milk and sugar
:]<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Use a wire strainer, a coffee filter and boiling water!. Makes
great coffee!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Boil water in pot!.   Turn off stove, wait 20 seconds!.    Pour in
coffee!. Let steep!. Place cone filter inside your cup!. Pour pot
contents into filter!.<font
<div >Folgers coffee singles!.<font
<div >What about using instant coffee!? It&#039;s the same thing, but
dissolves in hot water and is easy to use!.<font
<div >just bring to almost boil and then stop and let it brew and then
strain!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Your local &#039;Hot to takeaway&#039; store!!!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162019','8','         Eay points!?
<div class=\"content\">why did the chicken cross the road<font
','                    <div >to get to the other side!. lol<font
<div >Because the Colonel missed one!.<font
<div >Guess you mean easy<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162020','2','         Do all energy
drinks taste good!? And how good!?                  <div
class=\"content\">Just wonderig what they tast like!. Do they taste
good!? And if they do how good!?<font
','                    <div >No some are kind of fruity but others are
just plain weird!. And by the way everybody has different taste buds is i
like something you might not, so until you try it nobody can tell
you!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >they taste kinda bad at first!. then you get used to the taste and
they are good!. monster is pretty good after the first swig<font
<div >HA! Most aren&#039;t great but not bad, but Amp is the absolute
most godawful thing ive ever tasted in my life!.<font
<div >I haven&#039;t tasted one I don&#039;t enjoy yet!. My favorite are
the Monsters!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >well it is all personal preference so you will have to try it!. it
is good with alcohol<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162021','2','        Passion party!?
<div class=\"content\">Me and my friend are throwing a passion party and
we want to give out party favors but we don&#039;t really have any good
ideas on what to give out!. also<!--aspertaime-->, does anyone have any
creative ideas on how to make snacks that go with the theme!?<font
','                    <div >Ask your Passion Parties consultant about
items she sells that can be used as Favors!. A lot of my hostess like to
give out the Fireworks Sampler or the Pretty Penis Ice Cubes!<br><br>She
can purchase these in advance and have them to you before your Passion
Party<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>As far as food: You can
do: Weiners in a blanket, Strawberrys &amp; Chocolate, etc!.!.!.!.We
also<!--aspertaime--> sell a book called the Intercourses Cookbook that
has some recipes in it for the parties!.<font
<div >What exactly do you mean by a &quot;passion&quot; party!?<br><br>Oh
ok cool, I didn&#039;t know that that was what they were called!. There
are ice trays that make ice look like penises!. Instead of ice you could
coat them with a little butter or shortening and fill them with melted
chocolate!. The grease will help them pop out easier!. You could put
orchids around your house, I think it was Ansel Adams that made them look
like vaginas!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Check at your local adult entertainment/novelty store and see if
they have penis shaped pasta and make pasta salad out of that!. And as
stated earlier strawberries and chocolate to dip them in!. and try a
simple champagne cocktail!. Good Luck and have fun!!<font
<div >just go to spencers gifts or hustler hollywood, anywhere with
bachelorette party stuff!. You will find plenty of things there!. as for
snacks!. no one wants to eat anything weird!. just go with basic finger
foods!. nothing too crazy!<font
<div >Cupcakes, and strawberries dipped in chocolate would be a good
idea!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162022','2','        Surprise party
for friends who is moving!?                  <div class=\"content\">so me
and my friend want to have a party for our friend who is going to be
moving this summer!. we have some ideas but we need more!. one of the
reasons we want to have this besides him moving is that he doesnt have
that great of a life at home!.!.!.so we want to do something to give him
good memories instead of bad!. and ideas for what to do for the
party!?!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >GO grill out or go have a night at the
park<br><br><br>ITS A BLAST<font
<div >A thoughtful gift would be for someone to put together an address
book for him with all of his friends addresses, phone numbers &amp; email
addresses in it!. Maybe include some great photos!.<font
<div >Um!.!.!.!. pool party! =) <br><br>dont let him get to drunk!.!. sad
drunk people make me very sad!.!. and slightly angry =\\ <br><br>but yeah
!.!. pool party or get every one who likes him to hide somewhere and them
jump out and say i love you ! x<font
<div >Just the fact that you&#039;re giving one is great!. You&#039;re
nice people to do it!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162023','2','           Help me plan a
party!!!?                   <div class=\"content\">Me and 3 of my other 13
year old friends are hosting a party!. We&#039;re inviting ages 12-15
year olds!. So far, we&#039;ve got a place to hold it, music to play,
decorations, and food!. I know the 7th, 8th, and 9th graders will dance
the entire time, but I&#039;ve heard from some sixth graders that
they&#039;re gonna get bored after a while!. What should I
do!?!?!?!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                     <div >Karaoke, couch to sit and talk on,
games!.!.!.!. here are some game ideas<br>1!. Tug of War<br>2!.
      *Water Balloon Toss (play with elimination)<br>3!. *Scavenger
Hunt<br>4!. *Cotton Ball game<br>5!.      *Musical Chairs (play with
elimination)<br>6!.      Disney Charades<br>7!.       *Hot Potato (play
with elimination)<br>8!.      *Simon Says (play with elimination)<br>9!.
      *Potato Bag Race (hop with feet in side a potato bag)<br>10!.
Limbo<br>11!.     *Eggs and Spoon Race (play with elimination)<br>12!.
      Red Light Green Light (play with elimination)<br>13!.       Pass the
Parcel <br>14!. Bobbin’ for Apples<br>15!.      *Balloon Popping<br>16!.
      *Musical Statue(play with elimination)<br>17!.        Hula
Hoop<br>18!.      Relay Race<br>19!.      *Three Legged Race<br>20!.
      Bottle of Poison<br>21!.      *Obstacle Course<br>22!.      *4 Corners
(play with elimination)<br>23!.     *Wheel Barrow Race<br>24!.    Bottle of
Poison<br>25!.    *Back to Back<br>26!. Telephone<br>that should keep
them occupied and dont forget about snacks<font
<div >hey im 13 too but i think its thier own fault for not liking what
YOU&#039;RE doing at YOUR party that you planned but i think you should
throw in like guitar hero or rock band if you feel like its going to be
boring for them!?!?<br><br>hope i helped you a little bit---:)
Caroline<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I think that you shouod get a 6th grader opinion on it!. Im a 6th
grader, and mostly unlike others inwould dance the whole time!. I would
just want like all of my friends there!. Nobody wants to go to a party if
you dont know people your own age! :)<font
<div >i know first hand (being a teen myself) play spin the bottle!.!.!.
don&#039;t let anyone tell you your to old for it!. hmmm!.!.!. junk
food!. lots of it!. bring video games and movies!.<font
<div >Let them watch TV, play video games, or just hang out!. If it is
not late at night, let them run around outside!. Competitive board games
or card games will hopefully intrest them!. Good luck with the
party!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >put dishes of crap around the whole place!. also<!--aspertaime-->
have an enormous supply of urine in coolers around the house for ppl to
drink!. these two things will make ur party legit!.<font
<div >Have the 6th graders play different games or something, like
twister! [ =<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >have a hula hoop contest, limbo contest, dance contest like dance
from different era&#039;s!.<font
<div >CHOCOLATE<font
<div >play party games<font
<div >Put out some board games or video games!. Karaoke is also<!--
aspertaime--> a lot of fun!.<font
<div >get loads of action movies on dvd, or hire a dvd projector if you
have enough cash and theme it to a movie party<font
<div >Hey, if they don&#039;t like it then too bad!!!!! You could always
bring games to play or movies to watch!.<font
<div >Put coaches in the corner have a place where people can sit and
chat/ makeout<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >TWISTER!<br><br>i know its corny, but its so fun if they&#039;re
really your friends they won&#039;t give a damn<font
<div >give them all lethal injections and then dance with their dead
bodies<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >have some 6th grade games going on or something!. invite the not
shy 6th grader!<font
<div >video games<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>lots of
sncks and pop to keep them going<font
<div >dont invite 14-25 year old booze will def!. be brought and unless u
want that then ur just asking for trouble<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162024','2','        Camp out birthday
party ideas!?                  <div class=\"content\">For my 14 bday
party im having a sleepover!. Im going to put up a tent in my backyard
and thats where we are going to sleep durring the night!. guest will
arive at 4pm on saturday and will be leaving 11:30am on sunday!. I have
invited about 10 girls(including myself) but only 5 are sleeping over!.
the other girls are going to stay over till late just not sleep over!.
<br><br>What are some games we can do!?!?<br><br>i have a Wii snd we are
going to play on it for a bit!.!.!.and also<!--aspertaime--> i have a
outdoor fire place so we are going to have marshmellows!!<br>!.<font
','                    <div >What a fun idea!! I think it would be fun to
toast s&#039;mores and sing campfire songs!. <br><br>Here are three games
you can play (two are special to be played in the dark with
flashlights!):<br><br>#1 The Challenge Game:<br>You’ll need: Slips of
paper and a Timer <br><br>Before the party write down “stunts” on pieces
of paper, along with a time limit of how long they have to complete the
action!. You will want to create several stunts per guest!. Fold them up
and put into a bowl!. Some suggested stunts: say the alphabet backwards,
stand on your head or do thirty jumping-jacks <br><br><br>To Play, have
a guest draw a stunt from the bowl!. They must complete the stunt within
the time limit given to earn a point (otherwise, no point!)!. Go to the
next person, and continue until all guests have had a chance to play!.
You can do this game as long as the supply of written down stunts holds
out, or you can end it after a certain number of rounds!. The Winner is
the party guest with the most points wins! <br><br><br>#2 Flashlight Hunt
Party Game<br>Divide guests into teams and equip them with at least one
flashlight!. Then prepare a treasure hunt with clues to be done in the
dark!. Or, give each person a flashlight and hide things for them to
find!. Think of it as an Easter egg hunt in the dark!. As a matter of
fact, you can even use Easter eggs, filled with fun treats, candy, etc!.
for the guests to find in the dark!. Put a few really great prizes in
some – like a gift card or something, and you’ll have guests really going
after it! Tell the guests to only find a certain number of eggs (or
whatever they are searching for) so that one person doesn’t end up with a
lot, and others end up with none! <br><br>#3 Flashlight Firefly –Another
game to play after dark if you have wide open spaces!. You’ll a
flashlight!. Choose someone to be the Firefly and give her a flashlight!.
Have everyone hide their eyes while the she counts to 10!. During this
time the Firefly goes out into the dark yard!. At the count of 10, the
Firefly must flash the flashlight on and off!. The Firefly can run
around, hide, anything to avoid getting caught! Every few seconds the
Firefly flashes the flashlight!. Whoever catches the Firefly will be it
next!<br><br>Of course, truth or dare is always perfect for a
sleepover<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Good luck! What a
fun idea!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Well, of course marshmallows and plenty of food!. also<!--
aspertaime-->, have lots of board games and your Wii to be entertained !.
make sure your guest are never bored!!! have lots and lots of fluffy
pillows and blankets!. Have fun!!!!!!!!<font
<div >well first you need to invite me so its a great party and you could
play ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ill think for a bit hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
well would you rather, 20 questions, truth or dare, and many other
games<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Telling ghost stories is soo much fun let one start then the other
has to take over if you don&#039;t get scared it&#039;s not much
fun!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >yay party games! i love bob for the apple but instead of water and
apples use jelly and candy its much more fun!. i take it you know how to
play it!? if no you fill a bucket with jelly and put candy in it then one
by one your friends get to fish out as much candy as they can with their
mouths (only their mouths) in one minute!. they put the candy on a plate
and count it and at the end the person who got the most candy wins<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>another game i love i chubby bunnies
coz it makes everyone look like morons lol<br>you need a lot of
marshmallows (the big ones)!. then the person whos going first puts one
marshmallow into their mouth and says one chubby bunny!. then they put
another one in and say two chubby bunnies!. etc!. they cant swallow any
they just have to keep them in their mouth!. the person who gets the most
marshmallows in their mouth and can still say the words mostly coherently
wins<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>theres also<!--aspertaime-->
good old truth and dare lol<br>drop the can is fun but only really with
guys!. ill tell you anyway!. one person holds a can and then another
person runs their hund up the inside of their leg and when they get
uncomfortable they drop the can and the peron who goes the longest wins!.
another one like that (i dont know the name for it though) but its fun!
you sit ina circle and spin something!. i spin a jandal lol!. the person
who spun and the person it lands on then lean in for a kiss and the first
person to flinch back gains a point!. the person with the least points at
the ends wins<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>and if all else
fails try karaoke, chick flick and crazy dancing =)<br>oh and while i
think about it theres the chocolate game!. most people know this one!.
you sit in a circle and roll the dice!. if it lands on a six you start
putting on a weird set of clothing and once you&#039;ve got it one you
cut up a chocolate block and try to get as many pieces as you can!. while
this is happening the rest of the circle is still rolling for a six and
if someone gets on you have to give the cloths and chocolate to them and
they get a go!. most chocolate wins lol and you eat it<br>murder in the
dark is also<!--aspertaime--> fun (last one i promise lol)<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>you write murderer on one piece of paper,
detective on another and innocent on the rest and everyone pick one!. the
detective goes out and them you all do completely random things (eat a
carrot, be a guy and a girl stripping, go to the toilet, be having a
nightmare) anything until the murderer kills someone (they can commit
suicide if they want) the killed person screams and dies and the
detective comes in!. everyone has to freeze doing what they were doing!.
the detective asks them all what they were doing and has to try and work
out who the murderer was!. if you are all on sugar highs this gets quite
fun<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>i have more so if you need any
feel free to email<br>have fun! happy birthday!<br>xx<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162025','3','        Where can i find
a latin food recipe in english and spanish!?                  <div
class=\"content\">the recipe should be from a spanish speaking
country!<br>i need it in english, so i can make it<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>but for the project, i have to write the recipe in
spanish<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>so, know any websites or
recipes that give me the english and spanish version (making the same
','                    <div >Suggest you google a recipe for Paella, in
spanish (just choose your language), then once you have the recipe, paste
it into a translation website from Spanish to English!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162026','3','        What is the
Chinese name for scallion!?                        ','
<div >Simply called cong!. cong = scallion in Mandarin!. <br>E!.g!.,
Cong Bai = scallion, green onion, spring onion<br><br>As in:     cōng bái
qī wèi yǐn, &quot;Scallion Decoction with Seven
<div >green onions!? spring onions!?<font
<div >scallion<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Taka Michinoku<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162027','3','        What is a good
alternative to using rice wine when cooking chinese food!?
<div class=\"content\">I always wondered what the purpose of adding rice
wine is to a chinese recipe!. what difference does it make by leaving it
out!. and what non alcoholic alternatives are there!?<font
','                    <div >It&#039;s an acid, so it adds acidity to a
dish!. I never buy rice wine, but found that rice vinegar is great
because it&#039;s a very mellow vinegar!. Just use a little less than
your recipe calls for!.<font
<div >I am a former chef and worked in Asia and use many different ones,
but you can get away in most recipes without it, an alternative if you do
is a mix of white wine and sweet sherry or either one alone, sake is o!.k
but is higher in alcohol than normal chinese cooking wines, I buy a
shaixcin type which is darker and more flavourful than the clear type,
but if you do not want to add it even a bit of rice vinegar is
fine!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Rice wine adds a subtle flavor!. Just like adding wine to any food
like red wine to stews!. It&#039;s there, you notice it!. You can leave
it out of course!. A substitute is dry sherry!. I often buy just a cheap
sherry and use that for cooking!.<font
<div >dry sherry is fine ,<br>just the cooking proccess will evaporate
the alcohol<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162028','4','        Cancer from
bottled water!?                  <div class=\"content\">can you get
cancer from bottled water-like aquafina and stuff!? can you get cancer
from plastic water bottles!? what were the numbers at the bottom of the
bottle that the news said were cancer causing!?<font
','                    <div >There is an old song which says
&quot;everything causes cancer&quot;!. Just some items more than others!.
The lower grade plastics used by some bottlers is more prone to cause
cancer!. More likely though if it is purchased and consumed quickly, left
chilled, and not refilled then there will be very little chance of it
actually happening!.<font
<div >uhm no!. definitely!. theres probably bacteria and such but not
cancer causing substances<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>people answering should study some biology before making
assumptions about stuff like this!.<font
<div >yeah I heard about this I think they say you can get ill if you
refill bottles over and over coz of the lead content<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>ohh another thing its just dumb if you refill a
plastic bottle with hot water<font
<div >you can get it from anywhere!.<font
<div >Better to Drink Tap-Water!.!.!.!!<font
<div >you could get it at any time but not from the water, you cant catch
it<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162029','4','        Cocaine energy
drink!?                  <div class=\"content\">i live in texas and i
cant buy it anywhere and the web site wont ship it here because its
illegal, does anyone know a web site that will ship it<font
','                    <div
<div >I have read something about that<!--foods questions and answers--
<div >http://www!.jayswholesale!.net/cocaine-ene!.!.!.<font
<div >http://en!.wikipedia!.org/wiki/Cocaine_(dr!.!.!.<font
<div >I think Indiana does!.<font
<div >your so close to Mexico!.   Just drive down!. Sip it up &amp; come
back!. <br><br>Easy as 123<font
<div >yep indy does; my husband orders it alllllll the time!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162030','5','        Vegetarians: What
fast food restaraunt do you feel safe to go to!?
','                    <div >None, really!. Even the fast food
restaurants that claim to cook certain foods in vegetable oil, for
example, fries, may not be entirely truthful!. Supposedly
McDonald&#039;s pre-fries their fries in lard, then freezes and ships
them to the restaurants!. And you never know when some careless employee
has mixed the fry grease with the burger grease!. <br><br>I
wouldn&#039;t eat at fast food chains anyway, because animal cruelty
aside, it&#039;s so incredibly unhealthy!.<font
<div >none at all, even decent resturants have many cross-contamination
and ingredients education issues so i would not trust my morals to people
who work in MCDs<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>sorry, but
thats the way it is<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I&#039;m
sure personally they are great people and things might be different
outside of work, but i&#039;m not trusting them with my morals in thier
&quot;fast food&quot; environment<br><br>Adn i couldn&#039;t bring myself
to create profit for MCDs just so they can expand thier &quot;cheap
meat&quot; food and all the problems its created for animal welfare over
the last 50 years!.<font
<div >I don&#039;t trust any of them and I will tell you why!. <br>1!.
Taco bell uses meat juice in their rice!. <br>2!. McDonald&#039;s
doesn&#039;t have anything to eat for us and there is beef in their
fries<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>3!. Quizno&#039;s cuts
their meat and cheese with the same blade without washing it and I found
Angus in my veggie sub!. The meat is kept right beside the veggies and
the meat overflows into the veggies<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>4!. Wendy&#039;s uses the same fryer for the fries and the
nuggets<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I could go on and
on!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I wouldn&#039;t go to any fast food place, because they actually
all serve meat, and even if you order something vegetarian, you
can&#039;t see where it has been and what it touched!.<font
<div >SUBWAY!!!<br><br>veggie delite is great! lots of vegetables on
whole wheat bread!. all of their bread is vegan<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>they also<!--aspertaime--> have a vegaterian paaty,
tastes good, good protein too!<font
<div >None really I sometimes get a bun deluxe(vun with
lettuce,tomato,and cheese-optional) from Chik-Fill-A when my parents make
me go there!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >None!. I worked in fast food as a teen and I know that the
&quot;food&quot; they serve isn&#039;t fit to eat - and not just because
it&#039;s animal products, either!<font
<div >Taco Bell doesnt put any animal products in their beans, cheese,
tortillas or some of their other things<font
<div >Taco bell - Take the seven layered burrito w/o cheese and sour
cream and its vegan :)<font
<div >They are all ok, if you just drink the water!. (ketchup might be ok
too!.)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >none!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >my kitchen!.!.!.!.!.safest!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162031','5','        Do your eat wheat
meat!? Is it any good!?                        ','
<div >Yes I eat wheat meat, and I&#039;m a vegan :-) It&#039;s yummy and
you can bbq it!. It&#039;s also<!--aspertaime--> called Seitan or wheat
protein!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I love seitan and prepare it myself!. It is a wonderful alternative
to tofu, especially since i don&#039;t buy meat substitutes<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>And I wouldn&#039;t call it &quot;wheat
meat&quot;, it has nothing to do with meat!. The term wheat protein is
more appropriate!.<font
<div >um!.!.!.this is the vegetarian and vegan section<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>why would I eat white meat!?<br><br>EDIT: Sorry!.
I thought it was a typo!. I&#039;ve had seiten before if that&#039;s what
you mean!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >It&#039;s definitely delicious, especially barbecued!.<font
<div >Yes, I had seitan strips in a stir fry for dinner tonight and I
made sausages from steamed seitan last weekend!. It&#039;s good!.<font
<div >try!.!.!.!.u got nothing to loose!.!.!.!.<font
<div >Yeah its good!. Both chicken and fish are white meat!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162032','6','        Difference
beetween sugar ( refined) and Cane sugar and natural sugar!!?!!?
<div class=\"content\">Ok so I know refined sugar is really bad for you
its so bad, but what about cane sugar!? what is that is that is there a
difference!? also<!--aspertaime--> what are some foods with &quot;good
sugar&quot; in them I know banna&#039;s and apples have it anything
else!?!?!? please answer last time I posted this no one answered!<font
','                    <div >White is refined, brown is less refined and
cane is not refined!. All are &quot;bad&quot; for you, but the lesser of
two (or three) evils is cane sugar!. less refinement means better!.<font
<div >All sugar, ie (white sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar and cane
sugar) comes from the cane plant!.   It grown in hot weather areas, and
you squeese all the liquid out of them and you get cane sugar (completely
unrefined, and the best for you out of all of them)   then you boil the
liquid and you get brown sugar (dark is boiled less than light) you boil
it longer, and you get white sugar!.<font
<div >Too much sugar is bad for you, makes no difference what type!.
Incidentally, the answer stating all sugar is from sugar cane is
incorrect!. In the UK a large proportion of sugar comes from sugar beet
(similar to a beetroot) and it tastes exactly the same as cane
sugar!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162033','6','        Whats the song in
the coco-pops advert!?                  <div class=\"content\">It the one
where there are rockets mixing up the milk!. <br><br>Its been bugging me
for a while : /<font
','                    <div >It is Funkytown-100% sure<font
<div >There is two as i was readin this question it came on <br>1) Coco
pops and milk make a bowl full of fun<br>2)We&#039;d rather have a bowl
of coco pops<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >coco-pops and milk make a bowl full of fun lol!.<font
<div >wed rather hav a bowel full of coco pops<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162034','6','        Hot Sauce! Come
Get Your Easy Two Points!!?                  <div
class=\"content\">Let&#039;s hear what kinds of hot sauce you have in the
fridge!. I&#039;ve got Tabasco chipotle and Crystal hot sauce!.
There&#039;s also<!--aspertaime--> a bottle of Dave&#039;s Insanity that
was so freakin&#039; hot, I couldn&#039;t speak for 5 minutes after
having it!. My first words were, &quot;Call an ambulance!.&quot;
I&#039;ll have to put that in my will as a bequest or something!. Oh, and
you can lists salsa if you like<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Best or funniest answer gets the coveted 10 points!.<font
','                    <div >Tabasco, I have some Brazilian hot sauce
with a pepper drawn on the bottle I think the name of it is Pimenta
Malagueta!?! it is freakinnn hoooooot! That is all I got! I Bought it at
a Brazilian market my friend took me to and I thought!.!.!. Oh hot sauce,
so I got home all happy and put it on my steak right!?! Well WRONG!
Should have never done it, I put just a little bit and let me tell you, I
had diarrhea the whole freakin day and a bit of the night! By the time
the sauce was all out of my body, my you know what was burning, my legs
were hurting and I was drained out of energy from running from my bed to
the toilet! Fun memories! <br>Love <br>Pearl<font
<div >We have Hooters hot sauce, 2 bottles that we stole the other
night!!! SSSSHHHHHHHHHHH<br><br>also<!--aspertaime--> a regular bottle of
tobasco we stole from a STR#% club too!. <br><br>Guess we love it, FREE
that is!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA<br><br>oops, i guess everyone has Taco Bell
sauce and Popeye&#039;s tabasco sauce too in there, hahahaha<font
<div >Hey! Glad to hear someone else is a hot nut like me!. My daughter
went to Louisiana and brought back some hot sauce called
&quot;death&quot; and omg, I loved it, but yeah, it&#039;ll make
ya&#039;holla or slap ya&#039;momma but o-o-oso hot!. I understand there
is a website one can go to, to purchase those brands cause they are not
easy to find!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I have Frank&#039;s, Tabasco and some Wasabi sauce that I
don&#039;t really like too much!. I have had the Dave&#039;s Insanity
Sauce you mentioned!. It&#039;s pretty hot! But I&#039;ve had one that
I think is hotter!. It is called Hard Times!. It&#039;s so hot that we
dare each other to eat it!.<font
<div >I got this Da bomb hot suace from whole foods, cost 89!.99 just for
one ounce<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>its so hot that if you
want some you take a toothpick, dip it in, wash off the toothpick then
press it too your tounge, it feels like your mouth is on fire<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Two men walk into a bar, the third one
says that must have hurt<font
<div >I have Tabasco original, chipotle and green, Frank&#039;s Red Hot,
Melinda&#039;s, Jim Beam and I don&#039;t know the name of it but the
bottle is shaped like a cowboy!. My in-law&#039;s got it for my husband
in Arizona!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Jamaica hell fire sauce <br>my homemade habanero sauce<br>my
homemade jalapeno sauce <br>my homemade Tabasco sauce<br>trappys red
chili hot sauce<br>my homemade Tabasco &amp; cyanne mix sauce<br>crystal
tobasco sauce<br>my homemade salsa - secret recipe<font
<div >I have Sambal Oelek ground fresh chili paste!. Its so deliciously
hot it makes me cry!. Use it one eggs, stir-fry, chili, beans and rice!.
When I use fresh garlic with it, people head for the hills to get away
from me!. ;-)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I know we&#039;ve got Tabasco and Tapatio!. Let me go check what
else!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br><br><br><br>Ok,
I&#039;m back!. We got Sriracha sauce, Chili garlic sauce, Sweet chili
sauce, store brand Louisiana hot sauce, and Haba?ero sauce called El
Yucateco<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>We like our stuff
spicy!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >We love &quot;Blazing Saddles&quot; hot hot hot sauce, made in
Texas, bought it in Austin!. Keep it on hand!. Apt name for it!!
lol<br>Then we love the Kinky Friedman Salsas and also<!--aspertaime-->
Newman&#039;s own Salsa with pineapple!.<font
<div >Encona west indian original hot pepper sauce [made with scotch
bonnet chillis]<br>Nandos peri peri<br>Yeos hot chilli and garlic<br>the
encona is the killer one<font
<div >Lol Illinois Hot Sauce :P<br><br>I put some in my ramen noodles and
it was so freaking hot i started licking my hand to get rid of the taste
xD<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Tobasco and louisiana hot sauce!.<font
<div >Tabasco, chipotle, regular &amp; habanero hot sauce<br>Maui onion
salsa<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I&#039;ve got Tabasco too!. But I know I have barbecue sauce
perfect for when my family wants to gross me out by putting it on a Roast
beef sandwich!.<font
<div >Louisiana<font
<div >Tobasco, Rooster Sauce, and Pace Picante!.<font
<div >I have Tabasco and Tapatio mmmm I love them!<font
<div >i got mild buffalo sause i eat it on eggs , bacon,hot dogs
hamburgers, and french fries<font
<div >Tobasco, and some store brand taco sauce!.<font
<div >Franks is just right for me!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>I tried &quot;Jamacian Hell Fire&quot; once and I thought I was
gonna die! *lol*<font
<div >Franks!.!.!.my personal favorite!.<font
<div >blazin<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >INSTANT DEATH<font
<div >I got franks redhot and horse ratish<font
<div >my gay mexican brother<font
<div >Taco Bell, I swipe 25 packs of it so I can use at home!. It&#039;s
FREE TOO!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >i dont have any lol<font
<div >I keep a bottle of &quot;Submission&quot; XXX rated hot sauce i get
from &quot;the Pepper Palace&quot; in gatlinburg,tn!., Franks XTRA HOT
along with Green hot peppers, on the table for everyday use!. In the
fridge i keep XTRA hot horseradish, Ka&#039;me Chinese style HOT
mustard!. <br>     First time i tried &quot;submission&quot; i was on
vacation and since they had a hot sauce store there i couldn&#039;t leave
without at least going in!. So i went in and looked around, the store was
wall to wall ceiling to floor nothing but hot sauces!. I told the owner
that i might have died and gone to heaven<!--foods questions and answers-
->!.<br>After i settled on one from the top shelf, and signed a
disclaimer that i wouldn&#039;t sue if i had a heart attack, he let me
taste it!. He took a toothpick and dipped it in and just barely got some
on the tip, i said &quot;you can&#039;t taste anything like
that&quot;<br>and proceded to drip it onto my finger!.!.!.!.!.2 drops!. I
put it in my mouth on my tongue, paused to let it mix in my mouth and was
about to say that it wasn&#039;t hot enuf when all of a sudden<br>i
opened my mouth and gasped for air!. The guy thought i was gonna keel
over but after about 10 minutes when i got my voice back just enuf to be
heard!.!.!.i said!.!.!.&quot;I&#039;ll take it and another one just like
it&quot;!.   BEST i&#039;ve ever had, and i&#039;ve tried all the ones in
the grocery store!. Thing of it is, its $10!.00 a bottle, but you only
use a couple drops at a time!. I used to make a 3lb!. butter bowl of BBQ
sauce and only put 2 drops in!. AND the longer you keep it, the hotter it
gets!.!.!.!.!.Dang, made me sweat just thinking about it!. BTW, if you
are wondering, both bottles lasted me 5 yrs, and i used it just about
every day!. <br><br>krystan<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162035','6','        How many days
after the due date can bread last if refrigerated!?
','                    <div >I keep my bread in the fridge and it lasts
more than a week after the due date!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162036','6','        Sometimes, when
one unwraps a candy!?                  <div class=\"content\">the candy
come out easily and sometimes when one unwrap the candy, there is all
this wrapper stuck to it and you can&#039;t take it off<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>What causes the paper to stick to the candy
in some cases and others, it comes out easily!? Can one successfully get
the candy out when the wrapper is stuck to it!? How!?<br>Please do not
make fun of my question, its a serious question!.<font
','                    <div >Many have already mentioned the outside of
the candy melting slightly in the heat!. This can happen with chocolate
but not with hard candies!. Hard candies stick to the wrapper because
the sugar eventually absorbs enough moisture from the surrounding air to
dissolve the sugar slightly, making the surface a sticky syrupy
goo!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Word, I think it has to do with it melting at some point in its
jouney from the factory to your cupboard!.!.!. One time I was really
desperate to eat this hundred grand bar that was in my car, (I know,
ridiculous) so it was melty of course, so I put it in the freezer for a
bit, and took it out!. It didn&#039;t stick to the wrapper, but boy it
was nasty!. So I haven&#039;t come up with a good solution except when I
buy candy bars I go for the freshest looking one with the latest
expiration date!.<font
<div >It&#039;s the duration which has elapsed for the packed product,
the exposure it has got from the environment or if the candy was first
stored in a refrigerator and then taken out and kept aside, or if the
package has a teeny weeny hole thru which the air can pass in will
certainly make a great difference in preserving it&#039;s status<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I&#039;ve faced the problem a few times
and it really ires me but then the shopkeeper wudn&#039;t let me open the
wrapper and then lemme buy it, so i have to stick to it<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I just try to open the pack, if the
candy has stuck i try to losen it by licking the candy a bit whereby i
can just make it easy top come off, at times when it&#039;s not possible
to lick i just try keeping some good patience and open it nice and slow
but my fingers indeed must be giving out curses not to be heard by any
one lol<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Your question indeed
was good and quite a sensitive issue for candy eaters :D<font
<div >I always refrigerate it before unwrapping, as that guarantees that
the wrapper comes off without sticking<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>When the wrapper does get stuck, it is due to melting!. In
that case, it is impossible to get it off easily without getting choco in
your fingernails<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Same
condtitions, some melt, some don&#039;t!? No idea!. This is worth some
looking into!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >When a candy wrapped in waxed paper gets warm, it melts and may
stick to the paper!. Wax in paper can also<!--aspertaime--> melt and
paper may stick to the candy!. If aluminium foil is used in place of
waxed paper, candy may stick to aluminium foil, but foil will not stick
to candy!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >When candy is wrapped its sometimes given a nice coating to keep
the wrapper from sticking!. during shipping, sitting on the shelf in the
store, in your house or laying around in your car the candy can get
warmer and this outer coating melts a little causing the wrapper to
stick!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >If I can&#039;t get the candy to come out, I either rip the wrapper
or just throw the candy away!. If the candy&#039;s stuck to the wrapper,
it must have been in too warm temperatures or something else!.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>good eatings! =D<font
<div >The candy gets hot and slightly melts!. Keep it cool and it
can&#039;t stick!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162037','6','         Favourite food !?
','                     <div >rice, bread,pizza<br><br>Food is any
substance, usually composed primarily of carbohydrates, fats, water
and/or proteins, that can be eaten or drunk by an animal for nutrition or
pleasure!. It can be derived from plants, animals or other categories
such as fungus or fermented products like alcohol!. Although many human
cultures sought food items through hunting and gathering, today most
cultures use farming, ranching, and fishing, with hunting, foraging and
other methods of a local nature included but playing a minor role<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Most traditions have a recognizable
cuisine, a specific set of cooking traditions, preferences, and
practices, the study of which is known as gastronomy!. Many cultures have
diversified their foods by means of preparation, cooking methods and
manufacturing!. This also<!--aspertaime--> includes a complex food trade
which helps the cultures to economically survive by-way-of food, not just
by consumption<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Many cultures study
the dietary analysis of food habits!. While humans are omnivores,
religion and social constructs such as morality often affect which foods
they will consume!. Food safety is also<!--aspertaime--> a concern with
foodborne illness claiming many lives each year!. In many languages, food
is often used metaphorically or figuratively, as in &quot;food for
<div >Don&#039;t get me started on my favourite food!.There are so many
to love so I list a few<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Chocolate,crab legs steak,shrimp,cookies,ice
cream,peaches,pocky,grapes,strawberries,!.!.!. potatoes,macaroni and
cheese, and finally cheesecake<font
<div >Grapes!. I think Im obsessed!. If I have one, I have to have the
whole pack!. Im wierd!. But at least its a fruit!. Which reminds me, I
have a punnet downstairs!. Be right back!.<font
<div >I have a lot! Ok, I really love lasagne,pizza, and roast chicken!.
I specially love chocolates-preferably:cadbury and fererro rochers!. I
also<!--aspertaime--> love steak with a dash of butter!.<font
<div >every food!. you can say im a food maniac!. i luv every kind of
food!.exept maybe tomatoes<font
<div >Probably takoyaki!.!.!. mmmmmmmmmmm!.!.!. especially with that
special BBQ + mayonnaise sauce + bonito flakes!.!.!. *DROOLS* lol<font
<div >Anything homley and proper! Like my meat, veg and buttery, fluffy
mash :) MMmmmm Sunday roast!- can&#039;t beat it!<font
<div >it&#039;s got to be steak and chips great classic meal also<!--
aspertaime--> curry and other authentic foods are very tasty<font
<div >Anything spicy or Italian and if it doesnt have cheese on it, its
not worth eating!.<font
<div >My favourite food is pizza :)<font
<div >My grandmothers enchiladas!. <br>(i&#039;mgettinhungry)<font
<div >I love pretty much all food!. especially black beans &amp; rice w!.
pork roast!. mmmm!. yum! ;)<font
<div >seasame chicken and rice and beans<font
<div >cookies!. really should be their own food group!.<font
<div >My favorite food!? I love it all pretty much<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Good Luck<br>B<font
<div >chicken<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >steak mash and beans!<font
<div >Fried rice!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162038','1','         Can you get drunk
from eating too many beer battered fish fillets!?                   <div
class=\"content\">Just was wondering when I went to the store!.!.!.<font
','                     <div >NO, the alcohol in the bear will wear off
once the fish starts cooking, what will get you drunk is!.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>if you pair your beer battered fish
fillets with beer!!!<font
<div >When I use to make fish and chips, one glass of beer was enough to
batter about 20 orders of fish!. also<!--aspertaime-->, it&#039;s being
cooked at 375 degress for 5 minutes so any alcohol would evaporate<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>So-- no!.!.!.<font
<div >Alcohol   is only for flavoring- the alcohol itself is cooked
out!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >No, the alcohol evaporates when cooked!.<font
<div >no its eveporates when cooked and if t didnt you would half to eat
like 30 off them just to get a buzz<font
<div >Damn funny!.<font
<div >No!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162039','1','         Will drinking and
vodka and tequila together result badly!?                   <div
class=\"content\">am i going to get sick or throw up!?<font
','                     <div >Mixing any alcohol can cause extreme stomach
upset and can also<!--aspertaime--> cause you to not reliase just how
drunk are you are getting<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Of
course not all people feel the side effects all the time or at all but it
is still dangerous and I would not recommend it!.<font
<div >yes very bad you will end up with the ceiling fans &amp; throw up!.
but that would be the least of your worrys!. liver diease,swallowing your
on puke &amp; dying!. that happened to one of my friend mixing all kinds
of hard liquers!.<font
<div >Depends on how strong your stomach is!. I know of a few
combinations of the two that are pretty good but I&#039;d be afraid of
getting mean mixing the two!.<font
<div >A Long Island Tea has vodka, tequila, gin, rum and triple sec, all
in one drink, along with mixers!. One drink is good, more than
one!.!.usually ends badly!.<font
<div >do not mix drinks!. you will live, but it makes you feel horrible!.
one or two!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.maybe ok ( tastes not so nice )<br>more
will make you sick !<br>don&#039;t believe me !?!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.be a
devil!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.do it !<font
<div >Mixed in the same drink!? That would make me yak<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>But I&#039;ve done the two before in the same
night!. No problems for me!.<font
<div >it&#039;ll be really gross!. and alot of people can&#039;t mix
liquors because it makes them sick<font
<div >It&#039;ll taste like you&#039;ll want to throw up!.<font
<div >usually if you mix alcohol its not too good<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162040','1','        If you were
limited to only 3 types of beer for the rest of your life, which 3 would
you choose!?                  <div class=\"content\">Assume you still
have access to all liquor and wine!. Include malt liquor and
malternatives (zima, schmirnoff ice, etc) in this question<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>For me it would be Guiness, Amstel
Light, and Sam Adams Cherry Wheat!.<font
','                    <div >That question is just
wrong!<br><br>It&#039;s like asking me which child I would consider
selling for scientific experiments!<br><br>They all have their own
redeeming qualities and should be appreciated for what they are<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>that said; Saxo (for breakfast),
Hoegaarden (for lunch), and Young&#039;s Luxury Double Chocolate Stout
(for dinner and dessert)<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Of
course, that list is subject to change from day to day!.<font
<div >Beer:<br><br>1!. MGD <br>2!. Stella Artois<br>3!. Dos
Equis<br><br>And I would have no regrets<br><br>Malt
Liquor:<br><br>1!.St!. Ides<br>2!.Mickeys<br>3!.Miller High
Morgan<br>3!.V!.S!.O!.P<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Wine:<br><br>1!.Silver Oak<br>2!.Carlo Rossi (Rhine, White
Zinfandel)<br>3!.Julio Gallo<font
<div >Orval&#039;s La Petite, my homebrewed doublebock, and a
friend&#039;s homebrewed hefeweisen<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>If you&#039;ve never heard of La Petite, I&#039;m not
surprised!. It is the &quot;house beer&quot; and does not get sold!.<font
<div >Good question, tough to answer!.!.!.hmmm<br><br>I would have to
say:<br>1!. Blue Moon - Gotta have it<br>2!. Leinenhugels (spelling)
Honey Weiss<br>3!. Moosehead<font
<div >3 coors light for games<br>2 stella or guinness to enjoy <br>1
Budweiser budvar best beer i think<font
<div >Orval,guiness,corona<font
<div >1!. Guinness from a tap<br>2!. Guinness from a bottle<br>3!. Patron
silver, for good measure<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>that&#039;s it!<font
<div >1!. Coors Light<br>2!. Coors Light<br>3!. Coors Light<font
<div >Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale<br>Alexander Keiths Red Amber
Ale<br>Harp Lager<font
<div >Guiness Stout <br>Killians Red<br>Westmalle Trappist Beer<font
<div >Guinness, Boddington&#039;s and Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold!.<font
<div >jelen,guiness and stella<font
<div >Rogue Shakespeare Stout<br>Alaska Amber Ale<br>Fat Tire Ale<font
<div >Whisky<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >bud light<br>coors light<br>miller light<font
<div >Guinness, Newcastle Brown and Smithwicks<font
<div >bud,bud light and natrual light<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162041','1','        Tour of duty!?
<div class=\"content\">got home this morning after a 3 month tour of duty
in germany,whats the best a night out with my bloke or a bottle of wine
and a quiet night in<font
','                    <div >When you get to see your bloke, let what
happens - happen!. <br>If the two of you are hungry at the time- go out!.
If you&#039;re not and you just want to get re-aquainted, grab a bottle
of wine and head to a quiet spot!. Just enjoy!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162042','1','        Is it healthier
to drink beer or spirits!?                  <div
class=\"content\">Actually I cdont enjoy drinking beers anymore, it makes
me fel sleepy for some reasons, but am fine with spirits!<br>Is there
anythings I need to know about spirits, before I start buying botles of
them!?<br><br>I am very careful with my health and dont want to put a
belly or anything!?<br><br>If I need profesional advice, apart from my
doctor who can I ask!?<br><br>Do you know anything!? tell me please what
you think!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >Overconsumption of any alcohol is bad for
you!. All alcohol contains calories!. Spirits might have less calories,
but when you start mixing them with juice, soda, etc, the calorie content
skyrockets!. <br><br>Alcohol in moderation can actually have some
benefits!. Drinking good beer (not mass produced, pale watery beer) has
many health benefits when consumed in moderation (recommended 1-2 for
women, 2-3 for men per day)!. <br><br>Alcohol in moderation reduces
stress and promotes sleep!. <br><br>It also<!--aspertaime--> improves
good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers the risk of stroke &amp; cardiac
disease<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Dark malts in some
beer are high in antioxidants!. The antioxidants in beer are smaller
molecules which are even easier absorbed by the body than those in red
wine<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Beer contains vitamin b,
proteins &amp; minerals<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Hops
in beer promote mental awareness and fight cancer &amp; viruses<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Alcohol in excess will make you gain a
belly!. The key is eating healthy, getting exercise and drinking in
moderation<!--foods questions and answers--
<div >All of it is basically poison that dehydrates you and makes the
liver work harder!. I can&#039;t see that one type is better that the
other!. Just drinking less of the stuff would be better<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>You could find a drug and alcohol
worker if you need advice on it!. If it&#039;s the social thing that you
enjoy maybe you could work on confidence building so that you don&#039;t
need as much alcohol to enjoy yourself!.<font
<div >Beer has more nutrient value<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Spirits are more concentrated alcohol!.<font
<div >Moderation is the key to everything!.<font
<div >go to the &quot;ice-house&quot; as we call it in Texas, (liquor
store), &amp; try something mild at 1st!. Your whole world is open to
ya!. I like champagne, bubbles tickle!.<font
<div >wela pint of beer has 185 calories a single spirit has 50 but if u
have full coke it 200 u av diet coke it 55 so i guess spirits but they go
down faster an cost more<font
<div >ya i think spirits are good but beer is bad!!(i think is
healthier)<br>hope i help<font
<div >how do they get the spirits in there!.!.!.!.!.hehe get it<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162043','1','        Beer money!?
<div class=\"content\">What is a quick way to get some beer
money!?<br>Without prostitution!.<font
','                    <div >Make a cardboard sign that says &quot;Why
lie !? I NEED A BEER&quot;<br>and stand on the side of a busy
intersection!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >3 options 1 get empty cans 2 be like a bum ask and beg people
you&#039;ll get money this way for sure 3 beer run most stores kkep cases
like 15 feet from the door have a friend go in there to buy a pop after
he pays for it have him hold the door open while you run out just make
sure you do it at like a git n go or caseys no qwick trips to many cops
good luck hope u get the beer dude<font
<div >there&#039;s no shame in this game!. pick up cans ask your mom,
dad, aunt, uncle even stand outside the store and ask for spare change!.
Just don&#039;t sell the little one if you know what i mean(having
grandmas mail you money periodically works to)!. go cut yards,(but just
till you make enough to get drunk)<font
<div >use your money on something wiser!. Or get a part time job!. How
old are u any way!? If u dont have a job beer is not going to be the
number one priority on your list, and if you are still a student!.!. yah,
not gonna happen<font
<div >Hahah, when I was underage a friend and I would scrounge through
our cars and sofas to come up with $3!.21!. That was enough for 3 schiltz
40s!. I for me, i for her, and one for the homeless man who bought the
booze!. !<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >make a bet with someone then win the bet!. But only something you
know you can do!. also<!--aspertaime--> known as hustlin<br>Garage
sale!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >pass a hat<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162044','1','        Whiskey and vodka
drinks!?                  <div class=\"content\">im gonna need to be
making some drinks, cuz one of my buddies won&#039;t drink ****
straight!.!.!.!. me ill drink it straight from the bottle!.!.!.!. but i
need to know some simple drinks to make with canadian whiskey, and drinks
for vodka!. i would like them to only include a couple ingredients<font
','                    <div >Vodka is one of those spirits that is good
with just about anything!. Seltzer, Tonic, Cranberry, OJ, Pineapple,
Coke!. If you don&#039;t want to pick up any extra liquour try some of
these: BayBreeze (Vodka, Pineapple/Cran), Sea Breeze (Vodka,
Grapefruit/Cran), Madras (Vodka, OJ/Cran)!. Vodka Redbulls are great
too!<br><br>As for the whisky; coke is the typical mixer, although I
also<!--aspertaime--> get customers who drink it with ginger ale or
water!. <br><br>Hope that helps!.<font
<div >whiskey and coke is always gooooodd :)<br><br><br>one of my
favorites is vodka and grapefruit juice!.!.!. aka a greyhound!.<font
<div >you can you always just get orange juice for the vodka and!. coke
for the wiskey<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162045','8','        Pork recipe
ideas!?                  <div class=\"content\">I have a few pork chops
(lean), i like most foods and flavours so give me your best idea for a
slightly exotic and exciting recipe i can cook for 2 people
tonite!?<br><br>recipe that makes my mouth water the most wins 10
points!!!!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >My older daughter, who&#039;s an excellent
cook, sent me this recipe a couple weeks ago!. It&#039;s
delicious!<br><br>Hungarian Pork Paprika: <br>2 Tbsp flour<br>1Tbsp
paprika<br>1/2 tsp salt<br>1/4 tsp pepper<br>1 lb boneless lean pork, cut
in 1 inch cubes<br>4 tsp olive oil<br>2 cans (14 1/2 oz each) Stewed
Tomatoes (do not drain)<br>1/2 cup sour cream, room temperature <br>Hot
Cooked Noodles (cooked the last few minutes of prep)<br><br>Combine
flour, paprika, salt, and pepper!. Toss with meat!. In a skillet, brown
coated meat in hot oil!. Stir in cans of stewed tomatoes after browned!.
Cook, uncovered, over medium heat for 20 min or until meat is tender,
stirring frequently!. Remove pan from heat!. <br><br>Remove 1/2 cup of
the sauce mixture from the skillet and blend with sour cream!. Return
mixture to skillet; blend well!. DO NOT BOIL!. Serve over hot cooked
noodles!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Normandy pork with rice<br>Slow cook the chops in dry cider
(Normandy or organic cider is the nicest) with one sliced apple, a sliced
onion, 2 cloves of sliced garlic and some thyme in a casserole!. Fry the
chops briefly first to colour them a bit, and <br>Cook on very low,
covered in the oven for 2 hours (at about 140 degrees c)<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Take the chops out when cooked, reduce the
sauce a bit and thicken with a bit of cornflour mixed with water!. Add a
dash of double cream and some salt and pepper!. Don&#039;t thicken the
sauce much before serving as it can thin again if it has to be
reheated<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>you can add some sliced
mushrooms half way thru cooking if you like them<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Serve with basmati rice and something green - green beans
or thinly shredded savoy cabbage is nice!.<font
<div >Heat a little oil in a skillet, cook pork chops for about 10m
minutes until browned<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Mix
together 1 can cream of mushroom soup, 1/2 can of milk (fill the soup can
half full with milk), 1/2 packet dried ranch dressing<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Pour soup mixture over pork chops, lower heat to
low and cover!. Cook 10 minutes<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Use other half of ranch dressing packet and add it to water to
cook rice<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Serve pork shops
over rice!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Fry some onion and garlic in a pot that is suitable for the hob and
the oven<br>Add some chili and ginger<br>Add some black pepper and some
chopped tinned tomatoes and vegetable stock<br>Add the juice of 2
lemons<br>Brown / seal the pork chops and then add to the sauce (The
sauce should cover the meat)<br>You can also<!--aspertaime--> add
courgettes, mushrooms or sliced peppers what ever you fancy<br>Bring to
the boil and then place in an oven (approx!. 180)<br>Cook for 1 hour with
the lid off, so that the sauce reduces<br>Serve on a bed of rice<font
<div >this is a very simple but exotic recipe from the
orient!.marinate your pork chops with the following ingredients for
at least    2 hours<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>
50 grams   tamarind paste<br>                      1 cup       soy
sauce<br>                       dash of sesame oil<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>                      little lemon juice<br>
1/2 cup   chopped scallions<br>                      1 tablespoon of
sugar<br>                       pinch of crushed peppers<br>the best
you can do for this after marination is to charcoal broil them!.
bon appettit<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I am a former chef with 27 years experience!. I was trained at the
New York Institute of Culinary Arts!. I am an educator extraordinaire and
have worked at major hotels!. I am a certified small kitchen appliance
reviewer and am practiced at both Asian and European Cuisines!. Believe
it or not, I have cooked for the military and in 4 star restaurants!. I
am a fully trained pastry chef, as well, as well as a saucier!. I noticed
your little problem and have deigned to help you!. I&#039;m sorry!. What
was the question again!?<br><br>Oh, yes! Pork chops! Okay, make a bread
dressing, put some at the end of a loaf pan, then a pork chop, then
dressing, until it is filled!. Bake!. Use a LOT of fresh sage!.
Voila!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >pork chops with cider;<br>fry chops in butter, both sides for
5mins,remove and place in casserole,<br><br>fry a large chopped onion and
apple together for 5 mins, add to chops, pour over half pint cider (cider
goes well with pork)!.season with salt &amp; pepper, cover and bake in
moderate oven,170c,350f,gas4, for 45mins until tender!. spoon over
quarter pint double dairy cream and garnish with parsley<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>easy<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>pork chops with sweet &amp; sour sauce;<br><br>grill
chops,<br>fry 1 chopped onion in oil,add the following; tin pineapple
crushed with juice, 1 tbsp!.demerara sugar, 1 tbsp worcester sauce,juice
1 lemon,1 tbsp vinegar, 1 teaspoon made mustard,seasoning!. simmer all
these ingedients for 5 mins!. place chops on serving dish and cover with
sauce<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>easy!.<font
<div >Marinade the chops with this:<br><br>1 garlic bulb<br>2 hot chili
peppers (red)<br>1/2 tsp cumin<br>1 tsp paprika<br>4 tbs vinegar
60ml<br>15 tbs olive oil 225ml<br>little salt to taste<br><br>Blend it
all well and pour over the chops, grill them and serve with a nice green
salad and boiled baby new potatoes!. <br><br>Reserve some of the marinade
before you pour over the pork to serve as dip or sauce!.<font
<div >I tryed this one a couple of weeks ago and it was delicious! All
you need to get is Teryaki Marinade and Soy Sauce!. Use 1/3rd cup of
Teryaki Marinade and 2Tblspns of Soy Sauce Combine them in a baggie and
let the pork marinate for about an hour in the fridge before baking or
broiling them!. My gf loved them also<!--aspertaime-->!.<font
<div >Not mouth watering but definitely quick and easy:<br><br>make up
some sage &amp; onion stuffing, pat this down on top of the pork chops,
tip a can of condensed mushroom soup around and pop in the oven until
cooked<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Tastes better than the
amount of effort involved!.<font
<div >Season chops with salt, pepper, garlic powder and a little ginger
(powder works best)!. Then brown both sides in olive oil!. Add about 1/2
cup nice white wine (sweet, not dry) top each chop with apple sauce,
cover pan and turn burner to low!. Let simmer 15-30 mins (depending on
thinkness of chops) Keep an eye on liquid level, if you need to add more,
use more wine!. Serves well with rice pilaf or stuffing !.!.!. and
steamed veggies or salad!. I hope you try it!.!. it&#039;s AWESOME!
Enjoy!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >pork stir fry, with loads of veg, egg noodles and bean sprouts and
a bit of soya sauce!. Either that or pick up a chow mein sauce, same
ingredients as above (except soya suace) and make a pork chow mein<font
<div >starters: mini pork pies with pork chutney<br><br>main : roasted
pork on a bed of bacon with pork chipolatas and pork gravy<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>for dessert!.!. sugar frosted pork
souffle<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Try this:<br>http://www!.cuisineeurope!.com/recipes_fra!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162046','8','         A good family
cook book!?                   <div class=\"content\">hi i am looking for a
good family cook book, nothing fancey but nothing boring and basic, i
don&#039;t mind putting a bit of effort in (even though im not too good
at cooking) i have four children aged 1,3,8 and 9 and a husband so i need
something to suit all!. I am trying to get in to making things for myself
instead of buying jars and packets all the time!. Book suggestions for
main meals and puddings would be great! thanks<font
','                     <div >Our families cook
book!.!.!.!.&quot;Cookin&#039; With Family&quot;!.!.!. is the one I use
the most!.   <br>Tried &amp; true recipes donated by family members for a
family reunion!.!.!.cook book project about 9 years ago<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>A few recipes include:<br>    2
ingredient fudge (which I use at Christmastime for gift giving)<br>
Cake-mix cookies <br>    Homemade Summer Sausage<br>   Kool-aid Pie<br>
Sticky Buns<br>   Dirt Pudding<br>    Chicken Fajita Dip<br>   Cola
Chicken (lots of variations for this recipe)<br>Lots!.!.!.lots more<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>    <br><br>If interested!.!.!.!.email
<div >Much as I hate to say this, the real and ONLY decent cook book
I&#039;ve ever used - and I&#039;m on to my second copy of it now (AND
I&#039;ve got a library of all the usual &#039;suspects&#039;!) is THE
READERS DIGEST NEW COOKERY YEAR!. Before anyone starts, I have no
connection nor interest with the company but it really IS a smashing
book!. I first got it years ago when they were a nuisance all the time,
but if you can find it in a bookshop, you&#039;ll avoid all that - but if
you can&#039;t, go on line to them, you might be able to order it
there!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I have about 400 cookbooks, but there are some that I absolutely
LOVE:<br><br>1!. The New York Times cookbook: There are no photos in
this, but the recipes are fairly simple, and they always turn out great!.
Lots of good classics<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>2!. The
Victory Garden Cookbook!.!.this is NOT a vegetarian cookbook!. It is
full of photos, and you will love vegetables after trying the recipes!.
Yummy recipes<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>3!. The wooden
spoon dessert book!.!.!.homey, made from scratch desserts that are
fantastic!. All of them!.<font
<div >Several cookbooks come to mind!. For everyday recipes, try Better
Homes and Gardens Cookbook, Betty Crocker Cookbook, or the joy of
cooking!. As you look for more ideas, try Mark Bittman&#039;s How to
Cook Everything!.     A good magazine is: Cooking Light!. Check out these
books at a local library first before you buy one to see what best suits
yur needs!. Happy cooking!<font
<div >These days it&#039;s almost easier to use the internet cooking
sites!. My favorite is www!.allrecipes!.com     Not only do you have
access to hundreds of recipes, you can read reviews from people who have
actually made them!. It&#039;s also<!--aspertaime--> updated
constantly!. I find that I use this site way more than I open up my
cookbooks!. Good luck!.<font
<div >i find gordon ramsays recipes really easy to follow - he explains
things very well and the food usually turns out the way it should - i
love good food but i&#039;m not the best chef in the world!! My kids (2
and 6 yr old) normally eat whats put down to them!.<font
<div >Hi,<br>Talvez te pueda ayudar mira:<br>Te invito a conocer my
recipe blog (CON PHOTOS) en el cual explico las recipes paso a paso y
todos los dias pongo una recipe diferent
in:<br><br>http://www!.lanouvellevie!.canalblog!.com<br><br>Espero te
guste<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Salutation!.<font
<div >I recommend: <br><br>Traditional British Cooking by Hilaire
Walden<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Easy to follow and
delicious recipes, but else can you ask for!? :-)<font
<div >LOGOS Corporation, Health Care Rehabilitation, P!.O!. Box 2660,
Boone, North Carolina 28607!.<font
<div >I love to look up recipes on foodnetwork!.com but if you want a
cook book that REAL easy to follow and will get dinner on the table
quickly!.!. try Rachel Ray&#039;s 30 min meals!. She has several out and
they are all great!.<font
<div >Tana Ramsey (Gordon&#039;s wife) has published cook books aimed
specifically at busy families!. They are healthy, nutritious recipes but
are simple to follow!<font
<div >I find that my Good Housekeeping Cookbook (found in any bookstore)
has absolutely everything in it that you could want!.<font
<div >Try Sam Stern, <br>He&#039;s a teenager with really easy but good
recepies<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >James Martin&#039;s new book is pretty good!.<font
<div >Good old Delia Smith!.<font
<div >Dear,<br><br> Visit food!.sify!.com once<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>I think u will satisfy<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Dannis C!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162047','8','         What to serve
with mackerel!?                   <div class=\"content\">hi i am doing
makerel with lemon butter over the weekend and have no idea what to serve
with it, any suggestions!?!?<font
','                    <div >Jersey Royal potatoes and asparagus is
lovely,or a nice fresh salad and crusty bread !.<font
<div >I would highly recommend making either a gooseberry mayonnaise and
serving it with salad and hot toast or serving it hot with a horseradish
mash!. Both are delicious! I wouldn&#039;t do the lemon butter myself
either!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Hmm, I love Mackerel!. What I usually have with is white rice, some
grilled asparagus, and cut up cucumber!. It taste very delicious with
Mackerel!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >potatoes!. rice, salad of sorts with lemony dressing!. Horseradish
to go with!. Cuts the richness and is v good with mackerel and
beef!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >steamed broccoli with just butter !.!.!.!. and red parslied
potatoes sound good (and would make a pretty, colorful plate)!.   Maybe
some sliced strawberries &amp; fresh pineapple too<font
<div >New potatoes and salad, Mackerel is a very oily fish so I
personally would serve a mustard sauce with it rather than lemon
butter<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I love coleslaw with fish, also<!--aspertaime--> some broasted
potatoes, or fried potatoes and onions!.!.!.!.very southern<font
<div >New potatoes/ baby potates a sprig of parsley and aspargus !.
Yummy!. Even though I have never tried asparagus!.!.!.!.<font
<div >Fresh new spuds and asparagus!.<font
<div >fresh crusty bread and a nice salad<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162048','8','        Bland spaghetti
bolognese!?                  <div class=\"content\">hi just wondering if
anyone can help!? i&#039;ve just made my first bolognese sauce but it
tasted very bland, i put in tomatos, garlic, red wine, water, onion and
mushrooms!. Can anyone suggest something to give it a bit more
flavour!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >Personally, I&#039;d definately lose the
water and possibly the mushrooms!. Drink the wine - that definately
helps!. Everything else is OK, but it needs some herbs!. The secret of
Italian cooking is to keep things simple!. <br><br>Try this recipe
!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>BOLOGNESE
SAUCE<br><br>Enough for spaghetti for 2<br><br>INGREDIENTS<br><br>2
cloves of garlic<br>2 onions<br>1 tablespoon of olive oil<br>500g of
minced beef<br>400g tin of tomatoes<br>1 beef stock cube<br>2 teaspoons
of basil, oregano or mixed herbs<br>Ground pepper to
taste<br><br>METHOD<br><br>Peel the garlic and chop it into tiny pieces!.
Peel the onions and chop them into tiny pieces!. <br><br>Put the oil into
a frying pan on a medium heat!. Add the garlic and onion!. Fry the garlic
and onion for about 2 minutes!. Stir frequently to stop it sticking!.
<br><br>Put the meat into the pan and fry for 2 to 3 minutes, stirring
all the time!. By this time, it should have broken up and be an even
colour, with no pink bits!. <br><br>Open the tin of tomatoes!. Pour the
juice into the pan!. Chop the tomatoes while they are still in the can
(it’s easier than chasing them around the pan)!. <br><br>Pour the chopped
tomatoes into the pan!. Crumble the stock cube into the pan!. Add the
herbs!. Season with the pepper!. Mix thoroughly!. Continue to cook,
stirring as the mixture boils, until the sauce has reduced<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>ADDITIONS &amp; ALTERNATIVES<br><br>Use
minced lamb, pork or turkey instead of minced beef<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>TIPS<br><br>Always “take the pasta to the sauce”!.
Put the cooked pasta in the pan with the sauce and stir together until
thoroughly coated!. The sauce does need to be fairly liquid to coat the
sauce properly!. <br><br>PS!. Everyone has their culinary disasters,
especially when cooking stuff for the first time!. Trust me, I know!<font
<div >When you dry fry the minced beef try adding a tbsp of plain flour
which will thicken the sauce once you have added the tomatoes!. You do
not need to add any water to the ingredients!. <br><br>To your
ingredients I would also<!--aspertaime--> add a couple of bay leaves
(remove at the end of cooking time), a dash of Worcestershire sauce, a
dash a good Balsamic vinegar, 1/2 tsp sugar, tomato puree, dried or fresh
mixed herbs!. A small amount of smoked bacon lardons added with the beef
also<!--aspertaime--> adds and interesting flavour!. Cooked very slowly
for at least 1 1/2 or 2 hours to allow the flavours to develop!.
<br><br>If you are making a vegetarian version use lots of chopped
vegetables such as peppers, courgettes, carrots, different types of
mushrooms instead of the beef and bacon!.<font
<div >Put in some crushed Italian seasoning and crushed dried red pepper
flakes!. also<!--aspertaime-->, saute some chopped onions with your
garlic and mushrooms in a combination of olive oil and butter before
browning your beef in the same pan seasoning to taste with salt and
pepper!. You can also<!--aspertaime--> try adding both sweet and hot
Italian sausage to your sauce to spice it up - oh, and skip the water, it
dilutes the taste of everything<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>SAC<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Where&#039;s the minced beef!?!. Toss the mince in cornflour mixed
with Italian herbs and freshly ground pepper!. Sweat off finely chopped
onions and garlic in olive oil, brown the mince and then add the other
ingredients!. Use a dash of balsamic vinegar instead of red wine and if
the mixture becomes too thick moisten with chicken stock (stock cube
dissolved in hot water)!. Taste, add salt if necessary and simmer!. This
is not an Italian receipt, but it works for me!. Not sure about the
mushrooms, I would add diced carrots!.<font
<div >You didn&#039;t list salt, which I&#039;m hoping is a no-brainer!.
Salt is a flavor enhancer, it&#039;s not just there to taste salty, it
brightens up everything else!. also<!--aspertaime-->, if you only use
onion in your soffrito it can sometimes leave your sauce a little flat!.
Try a little carrot and celery!. If you cook the soffrito enough
it&#039;ll become very soft and it will mush up and bulk up your sauce as
well so it won&#039;t be so thin!.<font
<div >For 4 people I use 2-3 cloves of garlic<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>One large onion or 2 smalll ones<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>One pound of beef mince or soya mince<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>One courgette chopped into small pieces or mushrooms
or peppers!. Sometimes some chopped celery<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>3-4 tomatoes<br>Two dessert spoons of tomato puree<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Oregano one tsp<br>Basil one
tsp<br><br>Yes I add a dash of red wine<br>No I never add water!.<font
<div >you&#039;ve already got some good suggestions (Basil, Oregano,
Thyme etc!.!.!.) Definitely no water in future, there is absolutely no
need for water!. I haven&#039;t used them myself but Oxo do an Italian
style stock cube which might be ok if you don&#039;t keep herbs
yourself!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I&#039;m with ALANA M!.!.!. Plus try adding a fair bit of tomato
puree,this will help thicken it up!. I would skip adding water
too!.Remember you get a lot of moisture from mushrooms etc<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Just don&#039;t use too much liquid and let
it simmer down to &#039;reduce&#039; the sauce!.<font
<div >No less than 4 cloves of garlic, a tablespoon of tomato paste,
oregano and a good glug of white wine, and don&#039;t forget to season
well, salt and black pepper help to bring the flavours out!.<font
<div >Tabasco, you can actually get bolognaise spices that do the work
for you!. They are in Tesco, or Sainsbury etc and don&#039;t cost
much!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >you need oregano and basil to enhance the tomato sauce!.balance it
with a little sugar<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>good
luck!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Grab mug and mix some bisto granules with hot water then add to
sauce !.!.!.!.!.<font
<div >basil, oregano and crushed rosemary - to taste <br>oh ground pepper
too!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Hot pepper sauce i always put it in, not to much though<font
<div >Oregano is the best for this dish!.<font
<div >tobasco<br>leave out the red wine<font
<div >hi try and add a dash of worcester sauce<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162049','8','        Does anybody have
a recipe for Pizza Inn&#039;s chocolate chip pizzert!?
','                    <div >DESSERT PIZZA   <br><br>1 (20 oz!.) pkg!.
refrigerator cookie dough (sugar or chocolate chip) (or use your own
recipe)<br>1 sm!. pkg!. vanilla instant pudding mix<br>1 1/4 c!.
milk<br>1/4 tsp!. almond extract<br>Assortment of fruit (bananas,
berries, plums, cherries, etc!.)<br><br>With hands floured, press dough
onto a 14-inch pizza pan (sprayed or lightly greased)!. Bake at 350
degrees for 12 to 15 minutes!. Cool!. Prepare instant pudding mix with 1
1/4 cups of milk!. Add extract!. Spread pudding on cooled cookie!.
Arrange fruit on top as desired <br><br><br><br>you might like this
one<br><br>OREO PIZZA<br> <br>30 OREO, divided<br>1 pkg fudgy brownie
mix<br>1/2 cup vegetable oil<br>1/4 cup water<br>2 eggs<br>1 1/2 cup mini
marshmallows<br>1/3 cup m&amp; m<br> <br>Pre heat oven to 350<br>Put 22
cookies in bag and crush<br>Cut remaining cookies in to small
pieces<br>Prepare brownie mix using oil, water, and eggs<br>Stir in
crushed cookies<br> <br>Pour into sprayed pizza pan<br>Bake 18- 20
min<br>Sprinkle top with marshmallows<br>Return to oven 1- 2
min<br>Remove pan from oven<br>Sprinkle cookie pieces and M&amp;M over
top<br> <br>I like to melt a small amount of chcoclate and or vanilla
frosting in the microwave<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Take a
fork and drizzle the frostings over the top the of the
pizza<br><br><br><br>Chocolate Pizza - 2<br><br>3 ounces refrigerated
chocolate chip cookie dough<br>12 ounces semisweet chocolate chips<br>4
ounces walnuts<br>1 can coconut pecan frosting<br><br>Preheat oven to
360F!. Grease pizza pan!. <br><br>Press cookie dough evenly around the
pan!. Bake 12-13 min!. Remove the pan from oven, distribute about 2/3
chocolate chips on the dough, return to the over for a minute, Remove pan
and spread melted chocolate evenly on the dough<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Let cool a bit!. Warm the icing for easy spreading!.
Spread evenly on the top of the melted chocolate, leaving a boarder
around the edge<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>sprinkle the
rest of the chocolate chips and the walnut pieces on top<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Let cool a bit before cutting into
small pieces<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162050','8','         If you had only a
cookie!.!.!?                   <div class=\"content\">for the rest of your
life!. What would you do with it!?<font
','                     <div >Well i&#039;d probraly savor it as long as i
could ,if thats all ihad for the rest of my life ,i&#039;d probraly start
talking to it then get angry about the situation then eat it and then go
insane even more!.<font
<div >I would molest it<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>*touches cookie in places it&#039;s mother
wouldn&#039;t*<br>*softly licks it*<br>Good cookie, yummy cookie!.<font
<div >eat it<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Duhhh!.<font
<div >LOL!. What!?!<br><br>I love cookies--I&#039;d eat it!.<font
<div >Take VERY small bites and lick it to supply myself with food to
prevent malnutrition!?<font
<div >My guess would be eating it lil by lil!.<font
<div >eat a crum every day!<br>probably die of starvation!! <br>:)<font
<div >eat it and die of starvation I guess!. 1 cookie want last long<font
<div >lick it everyday to stay alive!?<font
<div >I would eat it!!!! Then die a slow and painfull death!!!<font
<div >eat it little tiny bit<font
<div >I&#039;d Devour It then Sleep till !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?<font
<div >i know this might be a crazy idea but i would eat it!!!! :O<font
<div >I&#039;m thinking I would eat it!. ;)<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162051','8','         What do you eat
for dinner when you&#039;re too lazy to really cook, and don&#039;t want
to drive to pick something up!?                         ','
<div >when i am to lazy to cook I use my oven!.!.!.!.add chicken
quarters<br>red potatoes&amp; carrots add some chicken broth s&amp;p
cover and cook for 1 hour at 350!.!.!.!.!.I have the main dish and sides
in one!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >when too lazy to cook, and dont want to go out to pick something up
!.!.!.!.!.you can!.!.!.!.!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>ORDER IN<br><br>or<br><br>make a grilled cheese sandwich(takes
no time at all not alot of effort having to go into making it)<br>frozen
entree from freezer<br>canned soup/crackers or
sandwich<br>pancakes<br>beans on toast with fried egg<br>hot
dogs<br>salad<br><br>==============================<br>pita bread pizzas-
<br><br>1 pita bread<br>2 tbsp!. pasta sauce<br>grated cheese<br>diced
ham or salami or saucege!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>diced
green onion!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>whatever your
topping choices that you choose<br><br>bake in preheated 425 F oven for
8-11 min* <br>======================================<br><br>put medium
potatoe in microwave (prick with fork first)<br>heat for 6min then turn
over and heat again for about 6 min*<br>take out and let sit for a few
minutes<br>slice into 1&quot;thick slices<br>add a lil oil to fry
pan<br>place slices of potatoes in<br>add some diced
onion<br>salt/pepper<br>brown on one side then flip over to brown on
other side<br>sprinkle grated cheese ontop -let melt<br>add 1-2 eggs and
fry up <br>Filling and delicous*<br>-------------------------------------
-!.!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Here are some &quot;so easy- it doesn&#039;t feel like
cooking&quot; recipes:<br>---<br><br>An easy Mexican style lasagna!.
Layer layers of corn tortilla with cooked Mexican chorizo sausage and A
Mexican tomato sauce!. Top with mozzarella or Monterey Jack and bake
until heated through<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>-----------
<br>loaded baked potatoes (butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese and bacon
bits)!. Make a Greek salad out of green leaf lettuce, whole black olives,
crumbled feta cheese and toss it with balsamic vinegar and olive
oil<br>Cook some spaghetti or linguini!. Once cooked, put in a wok and
cover with oil and chuck in some chopped up garlic and chorizo sausage or
peperami<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>--------------<br>buy the
frozen ravioli and boil them off!. Heat up some sauce and presto!. Thats
Italian in like 12 minutes<font
<div >Breakfast for dinner is usually pretty easy- scrambled eggs only
take a few minutes (especially with the microwave method), and you can
mix it up by tossing in vegetables or cheese you have sitting in the
fridge!. Toast is pretty quick as a side, or cereal, or
bagels!.!.!.finish it off with a piece of fruit and some juice and
you&#039;re set!. There are a lot of possibilities!. :)<font
<div >i always have hot pockets, bologna and bread around so i make a big
plate of hot pockets and another big plate of bologna sandwiches for me
and the kids!.!.!.!.!.we eat that most nights when i dont feel like
taking us to mcdonalds, otherwise mcdonalds is most of our meals!.<font
<div >In that instance, I usually order take-out to be delieverd!. But,
if I am broke and in the situation, I usually eat something in the
cabinet, like Spaghettios or Pasta Side!.!.!. if not then a Hungry Man TV
dinner!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >a sandwich!.!.!.usually chicken or tuna<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>But I have horrible eating habits so it&#039;s not
unusual for me to just pop up some popcorn &amp; have that be my dinner!.
(not the microwave stuff!.!.!.the popped in oil kind :-)<font
<div >nachos; very easy to make, tortilla chips on the plate, sprinkle
with shredded cheese and put in the microwave for 30 - 40 seconds!.<font
<div >Make something that can be thrown together, not necessarily
cooked!. Like a sandwich or something along the lines of that!.<font
<div >slice polenta, dump refried beans on top, a little salsa and
sprinkle cheese<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>In the oven 15
minutes to dinner!.<font
<div >spaghetti is always an easy out!. Put some water on boil add pasta,
put sauce from a jar into hot pan to heat, and add together, fairly
simple!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >can of fruit, a powerbar or something like that or cup of noddles,
Aka Ramen!.!.!.!.<font
<div >quesadillas-cheese and tortillas or spaghetti or mac and
cheese<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >That&#039;s when the pizza guy comes into play!. I don&#039;t have
to cook a thing, just gotta get up to answer the door!.<font
<div >Pasta with garlic butter<font
<div >TV Dinners!!!!! yummy =)<font
<div >delivery pizza fo sho!<font
<div >peanut butter sandwich, grilled cheese and tomato soup or
cereal<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >pizza<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Grilled Ham &amp; Cheese<font
<div >Cup o&#039; Noodles or PB&amp;J&#039;s!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162052','8','        Any tasty
suggestions for a sandwich!?                  <div class=\"content\">I
want to try something different<font
','                    <div >In a hollowed out roll, get some Chopped up
cold chicken mixed with a good egg mayo that has half teaspoon or so of
curry powder, chopped cillantro/ corriander a chopped tomato, red onion
&amp; lettuce to serve, oh ad if you like, some extra chilli, maybe some
jalepnos!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Go simple, yet different<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Use creamy peanut butter, your favorite jam or jelly (i like
fig or strawberry) and banana slices!. Then put it on the grill and you
have a delicious grilled peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwich with a
hint of smokiness which makes it oh so good!. I eat those in the kitchen
when I want a quick and super tasty sandwich!. <br><br>Happy sandwich
making!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I like to saute thinly sliced onions (spanish) in in olive oil and
salt and pepper!. Then I take a roll or good bread and sprinkle cheese or
lay a slice of good cheese on one slice, top with lots of the onion, then
top that with more cheese and another slice of bread or top of roll!.
Toast in a pan or on griddle, but DO NOT BUTTER!! This makes the whole
thing too soggy!. You want to really get a good crunchy toast on the
outside of the bread and a really melty center!<br><br>This is my fav!!
<br><br>Or you could try a quesadilla, which is flatbread (usually
tortillas) with cheese!. Then I put in my onions and/or some chopped
cooked chicken!. Very yummy!!<font
<div >dude! sandwiches are my favorite!<br><br>here are a few things that
i like:<br>peanut butter and banana<br>peanut butter and honey<br><br>try
some crazy mustards to liven things up a bit, and get some really good
deli meat from your grocer, not that thin sliced crap!. the key to a good
sandwich is nothing but really good quality ingredients!. good bread,
good meat, and good cheese is all you really need!.<font
<div >I have beetroot, cheese, baked beans and pepper and toast it till
the cheese melts, its yummers<br><br>Other ones I have:<br>-Banana and
honey<br>-Hot chips with BBQ sauce<br>-Beetroot and Tuna<br>-Salt and
vinidar potato chips<br>-Spread one piece of bread with with butter with
sprinkles (when I&#039;m feeling extra childish)<br><br>My sister also<!-
-aspertaime--> tried cream and jam which she liked<br><br>Try them, I
recommend them all, except maybe my sister&#039;s one!.<font
<div >try mixing herbs in spread!.!.!.like parsley in cream cheese!.
infuse great flavors to spread to make regular sandwiches taste
special!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I heard of someone having a pickle mustard and chips (YES chips)
sandwich! They said it was the best!<br><br>Or ya can try Mustard and
sugar! My own father says thats a good one!<font
<div >Chicken salad,Tuna salad,Egg salad, Piminto cheese,Liver and cheese
or Blackened chicken!*<font
<div >mayo<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>grilled
chicken<br>lettuce<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>celery<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>tomato<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>red pepper<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>mmmm!.!.!.!.!. yumyum<font
<div >Why don&#039;t you try some french parteay and put some chicken in
it!? It tastes great!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162053','8','        Preparing fresh
mackerel!?                  <div class=\"content\">hi i have just taken
all the bones and spine, head and tail and fins off of a mackerel and
have taken the fin off the top but under the fin is very hard, is that
meant to be left!? if not, what do i do!? thanks<font
','                    <div >ive gone off makerel ,<br><br>it smells like
my ex&#039; s , vagina<br><br><br>she used to lie and cheat on me
,<br><br>sometimes we would have sex , only to reveal other mens semen
dripping out of her and onto my penis ,<br><br><br>there was about 12
different men to my knowlegde , god knows how many more that i dont know
off !?!?!?!?<br><br><br>so mackerel is not yay
<div >It is not meant to be left on!. Just get a pair of kitchen shears,
preferably sharp ones, and follow the body shape of the fish, and cut
them off!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >The pin bones are your only real worry the rest come of pretty
easily cut the fin off with a pair of clean scissors, or just leave it
there and discard once its cooked!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162054','2','        I&#039;m having
an xbox party with about 12 people on monday!.!.!.!?
<div class=\"content\">And I am so confused about what to feed them<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>All are males except for 3, so they
will eat a lot, and I know the obvious answer is &quot;pizza&quot; but
the 2 pizza places close to us are closed on mondays!<br>So does anybody
have an idea, I could make something at my house but I don&#039;t know
what would be enough!. I&#039;m 17 too, so nothing!.!.!.complicated
xD<br>Any ideas!?<br>(Snack ideas are good too!.!.!.I&#039;m think
pretzels, chips, pop, etc)<br>I&#039;ve never been to an xbox party
so!.!.!.I just need help!.<font
','                    <div >A good idea would probobly to get one or two
of the BIG two foot hoagies from WAWA or a local sandwich shop!. Pizza
might be a bad idea!. From my experience, people tend to leave the
slices around, and 12 people is alot of people in a small space!. It
will probobly get knocked over and land on the carpet!. But chips, dip,
pretzels, soda, bottled water are good foods!. Try to avoid cheesy poofs
and food like that because it will get all over the controllers and
people will start to whipe it on your carpet if they dont have a napkin
readily available!. But if everyone throws in like 3-4 dollars, you can
get plently of sandwiches to feed 12 people!. Have fun, make sure you
have enough TV&#039;s, Xbox&#039;s, Lan Cables, extension cords, sockets
and a router!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >well, you can buy party trays (snack trays)!. they work really
good, at least in my parties!. make hamburgers or hot dogs!. really its
simple!. with crackers, chips, etc!. dont try to be very fancy neither
like a street person who doesn&#039;t have manners!.!.!. be normal!. they
are your friends so just serve food for like birthday parties!. they wont
mind, as longest they eat!. they will be fine!. have fun!!!!!!!!<font
<div >US guys love junk food so pizza, wings, chips, mozzalrella
sticks<br><br>And always some homade cookies or brownies<font
<div >Guys love hot wings, right!? Make a Buffalo Chicken
Dip:<br><br>INGREDIENTS<br>2 (10 ounce) cans chunk chicken, drained <br>2
(8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened <br>1 cup Ranch dressing
<br>3/4 cup pepper sauce, such as Franks? Red Hot? <br>1 1/2 cups
shredded Cheddar cheese <br> <br>1 bunch celery, cleaned and cut into 4
inch pieces <br>1 (8 ounce) box chicken-flavored crackers
<br><br><br>DIRECTIONS<br>Heat chicken and hot sauce in a skillet over
medium heat, until heated through!. Stir in cream cheese and ranch
dressing!. Cook, stirring until well blended and warm!. Mix in half of
the shredded cheese, and transfer the mixture to a slow cooker!. Sprinkle
the remaining cheese over the top, cover, and cook on Low setting until
hot and bubbly!. Serve with celery sticks and crackers!.
<br><br>**************************************!.!.<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>also<!--aspertaime--> you can make pigs in a
blanket!. Wrap up little smokies or sausages cut up in refrigerated
biscuit dough!. Bake at 350* about 20 minutes or til golden brown!.
<br><br>**************************************!.!.<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>also<!--aspertaime-->, you can mix a bag of spicy
chex mix with original!. I do that all the time, gives it a little kick!.
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162055','2','         Help me throw a
party for my husbands first birthday back in the US!?
<div class=\"content\">My husband&#039;s 23rd birthday is 6/22 &amp; I
need help asap! We&#039;ve been together for years &amp; years and for
his past 3 birthdays, he was in Iraq (he was in the Marines but is now
out) so we havent done anything in quite some time to celebrate his
birthdays!. Its kind of short notice, &amp; its a little crazy since we
both just started new jobs &amp; are still unpacking from our move, but
we both have off the day of and after his birthday so I was thinking
about throwing him a surprise party!. Our apt!. is small &amp; I dont
have much money to spend on it!. I do cook &amp; bake, so if anyone has
any good ideas for food, I would def!. try them out!. He&#039;s a
musician (sings, plays bass and guitar), is very active, is starting
school to be an english teacher &amp; wants to write screenplays, loves
movies, he&#039;s VERY social, if that helps!. I want it to be really
fun &amp; special, but I have no idea as to a theme or some fun ideas!. I
love diy, thrifty ideas are great! Friends also<!--aspertaime--> live
nearby so thats not a problem!. Thanks!!<font
','                    <div >does your apartment building have a room to
use for parties!? or do you know someone else in an apartment complex
that has a room to use or anyone with a bigger house or yard to use to
host the party at!? then ask friends and family all to bring a dish to
share to cut back on cost for you and then you just pick up all the
beverages and booze- and make the cake of course! check out Goodwill and
thrift stores for extra serving dishes and head to the dollar store for
party decorations and paper plates/napkins/utensils!. to make it a
surprise and make sure he&#039;s there you can send yourselves a fake
invite to someone elses surprise party at the location it will be
held!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >The name on the dog tag should go where it would traditional go,
what I did was, a good memorable present would be think of how old he is,
and for each year he has been alive, give him one good memory that
happened that year, for example if he was 18, give him a graduation
ballon, etc!.!.!. Do traditional party ideas, invite his friends, BBQ,
T!.V, whatever he likes!. Good luck!!!!<font
<div >since you both like writing and movies!. make it a hollywood
theme!. doesn&#039;t have to be expensive!. since he is done with the
marines!. you can make a little &quot;grammy&quot; award for him!. to
honor him in helping out our country!. for food you could do some pasta!.
chips and dip!. bbq!. hope this helps you out!. hope you all have
fun!.!.!.!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Make it a &quot;Back in the USA&quot; theme!.!.!.!.!.red, white
&amp; blue color scheme!.   Good ol american food!.!.!.!.hotdogs &amp;
hamburgers (simple &amp; inexpensive), Beer, Apple Pie for
dessert,!.!.!.!.you get the idea!. <br><br>Not sure about what to do
for Fun, though!.!.!.!.play cherades (sp!?) based on movies!? or play
naked twister!.!.!.!.!.can&#039;t get much more American than that!
LOL!!!<br>(sorry!.!.!.not much help!)<font
<div >get alot of his friends over<br>cook<br>get a cake<br>balloons
etc<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>presents<br>decorations<br>get
what he likes!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162056','3','        Kabobs!? What is
the best kabob combo!? I love shrimp and garlic, and squash:)!?
<div class=\"content\">Your Kabob combo!?<font
','                    <div >butternut squash<br>mutton<br>green and
yellow bell peppers <br>artichoke hearts<br>onions<br>balsamic
vinaigrette marinade yum!<font
<div >Peppers!!! Gotta have the peppers!!!!   Green, yellow,
red!.!.!.!.!.!.!.preferably all 3!.!.!.!.!.a few different kinds of
meat!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.sausage, turkey, beef, chicken!.!.!.!.!.it&#039;s
all good!.!.!.!. definitely some onion!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.and slathered in
A-1 steak sauce, cooked over an open flame!!!<br><br>Ohhhhhhhhh
yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>Now you&#039;re
talking!!!!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Chicken,   zucchini, onion, red or green peppers marinated in
balsamic Italian dressing with crushed garlic!<font
<div >Chicken, green peppers, mushrooms and jumbo shrimp all marinated in
either italian dressing or a soy sauce marinade<font
<div >filet mignon + portabella + zucchini<font
<div >strawberries and bannas with chocolate dipping sauce<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162057','4','        Is it alright if
miners between the ages of 12 and 17 can drink energy drinks!?
','                    <div >People under the age of 16 aren&#039;t
SUPPOSED to drink them, or have energy drinks sold to them, but
there&#039;s no official law against it, so salepeople continue to sell
them to the younger people, who are the major consumers!.<font
<div >I don&#039;t think they are healthy!.!.I&#039;m not even sure if
the teens are suppose to drink them!.!.man, were hyper enough with out
them!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >NOOO to much caffine<font
<div >Yeah, it gives them energy when they&#039;re down in the
mines!.!.!.!. oh, you mean minors!. No they shouldn&#039;t drink that
stuff!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162058','5','        Nonvegetarian
Family Members are coming for a visit!.!.!.!?                   <div
class=\"content\">What should we serve!? They will be here 3 days!. I
want stuff that is easy to prepare (or can be prepared in advance)!. I
was thinking lasagne and enchiladas!. But I&#039;m stuck on the third
day!. My husband suggested that we eat meat while they are here!. I
don&#039;t want to and do not want to cook meat!. (They are staying in a
hotel nearby, so breakfast won&#039;t be an issue and we will likely be
out and about at lunchtime)!.<font
','                    <div >I agree why would you eat meat at
anytime!?!?!?<br>Are you against serving meat in your home!? If not do
&quot;take out&quot; from your local grocery store ~ ready made Roasted
Chickens, or local BBQ resturants sale pre-made meats, ribs etc!. I do
this all the time, then I make up nice Veg friendly side dishes!. LOL I
find my Veggies Dishes very popular!.!. I bet the family visiting will
find it so in your case too!. Share &amp; enjoy!.<font
<div >I feel that<br><br>1!. They know you are a vegetarian and should
not expect you to prepare a meal with meat in it!. <br><br>2!. They are
not staying with you, and so, have many options if they feel they need
meat!. <br><br>But then, I do think about if I was to visit a non-
vegetarian member I would expect them to make at least some thing that I
could eat while visiting!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>So I go back to communication!. You should express this to
them without making them feel that you don&#039;t want them there!. Of
course, if your husband is so willing to express his thoughts on having
meat and you don&#039;t want to cook it- why not have him prepare it!? =
)<br><br>Just some thoughts!.<font
<div >Don&#039;t worry about serving them a special dish with meat!.
They are your GUESTS!. While you should do your best to make them
comfortable during their stay, they should also<!--aspertaime--> respect
your lifestyle and not expect you to inconvenience yourself for them!.
Cook something that they will enjoy that doesn&#039;t have meat;
it&#039;s a common non-vegetarian misconception that vegetarians only eat
&quot;rabbit food&quot;!. You could make quiche, or a hearty lentil
soup, or a zesty Asian stir-fry (without the meat)!.!.!. A nonvegetarian
does not HAVE to have meat at every meal!.<font
<div >I had similar situatino over Thanks giving!. - Here is what you can
try!. <br><br>Go to http://www!.vegetariantimes!.com and other recipe
websites!. <br><br>Make a menu of what you think the family and you would
like to eat!. <br><br>Example <br>day one: <br>Breakfast: pancakes,
carrot juice, bowl of fresh fruit<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Lunch: Red thai curry, side salad, soy ice cream!. <br><br>Once
you write out the menu, you can go shopping for the all the ingredience
and you can start working out how much effort each dish will be!.
<br><br>Once you have your ingredience, read the recipes and see what you
can pre do - cutting vegetables, baking etc!.!.<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>also<!--aspertaime--> if you have a menu, you feel
more confident about cooking!. and when your husband says lets eat out or
lets eat meat, you can say, that you have already planned the meal!.
<br><br>Good luck!.<font
<div >Options: Veggie burgers and veggie dogs with fixins!. You can do
a vegan taco bar!. Yves makes a great veggie taco mix that you just heat
up and serve!. Or you can use TVP and season it!. Stir-fry is always a
good option!.   There&#039;s a recipe for a fabulous portabello mushroom
pie in &quot;La Dolce Vegan!.&quot; I usually double the dough recipe
and make a pie rather than a pot pie!. www!.vegweb!.com also<!--
aspertaime--> has recipes for dinner pies<!--foods questions and answers-
->!.<br><br>Check out &quot;The Vegetarian Meat and Potatoes
Cookbook&quot; by Robin Robertson--it has all sorts of neat recipes that
ensure your family won&#039;t miss the meat<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Or you could go to a favorite restaurant that has
options for both<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>You should
not eat meat if you don&#039;t want to and if it goes against your
principles!. After all, if you are a guest in someone&#039;s home, you
often have to abide by their morals, right!?<font
<div >I would never cook meat for a guest!. They know you are
vegetarians and they probably aren&#039;t expecting meat<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Meat eaters can eat vegetarian, but
vegetarians cannot eat meat if visiting the opposite<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Besides, they may decide they like your
vegetarian food better than the food they normally eat :)<br><br>Good
luck and don&#039;t stress out!. This is your chance o show off your
vegetarian cuisine!<font
<div >veggie lasagna, eggplant parm!.!.!. i had at a restaurant fried
eggplant with pasta in oil and garlic sauce with tomatos and fresh
mozz!.!.!.!. i made a shepards pie for family once using the morningstar
ground &quot;meat&quot; in place of real ground meat in the recipe and it
went over very well!.!.!.!. enchiladas are good!.!.!. how bout stuffed
peppers (or any other veggie you can stuff) with a side!.!.!. a pasta
primavera!.!.!. a non-meat italian dish like raviolis (you can make them
yourself and be creative or regular ole cheese ones)!.!.!.!. how about
soups!? minestrone, split pea, lentil, tomato!.!.!.!. make a nice salad
and have bread on the side and whatever you make should be fine!.<font
<div >http://www!.your-vegetarian-kitchen!.com/h!.!.!. has awesome
vegetarian and vegan recipes that will knock their socks off and in some
instances they won&#039;t even know that they are not eating what they
are used to!. There are incredible offerings under Cooking with Wine,
(non-alcoholic wine) and under All About Tofu -- Our Tofu Recipes!.
<br>Maryland NOT Crab Cakes<br><br>*A Mid-Atlantic Classic with a (V)
Twist<br><br><br>Boil 3 Lbs!. peeled Potatoes in Filtered or Spring
Water!. Pour off water!. Place potatoes in a large basin or bowl<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br>Add:<br>2 Lbs!. Washed Yukon Gold
Potatoes<br>1 Large Cauliflower cut into Flowerets Blanched<br>1 Package
Firm Tofu<br>1 Cups Old Fashioned Dry and Uncooked Rolled Oats<br>2 – 3
packages Barbara’s Dehydrated Potato Flakes<br>1/4 Cup Frontier
Vegetarian Chicken Stock Powder<br>? Cup Granulated Onion<br>1/4 tsp!.
Cayenne Pepper<br>1 Cup total Minced Carrot, Red and Green Bell Peppers,
Zucchini, Yellow Squash<br>Sea Salt and White Pepper to
taste<br><br>Coating:<br>3/4 cup Barbara’s Potato Flakes<br>2 Tbs!.
Granulated Onion<br>1/4 cup dried Parsley Flakes<br>Organic Canola Oil
sufficient to fry the cakes<br><br><br>Boil washed Yukon Gold Potatoes in
Reverse Osmosis filtered or Spring Water!. Drain!. Place potatoes in a
large basin or bowl!. Wearing clean rubber gloves coarsely mash potatoes
with your hands!. Blanch* 1 head cauliflower flowerets<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Crumble cauliflower into the potatoes and dry
uncooked oatmeal being careful not to lose the &quot;crablike&quot;
texture of the cauliflower stem!. Add 1 cup minced carrots, zucchini,
yellow squash, red and green peppers!. Add potato flakes until the
mixture is firm but not stiff<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Pour onto a pie plate 3/4 cup potato flakes, 2 Tbs!.
granulated onion and 1/4 cup dried parsley flakes!. Mix by hand<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Using a spring action #20 Ice Cream
Scoop, make balls of the potato mixture; flattening them while
maintaining their circular shape!. Dredge in the potato, parsley and
granulated onion mixture!. Fry until golden in canola oil<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Serve with Tarter Sauce:<br><br>1 Cup
Nasoya Nayonaise<br>1/4 Cup Cascadian Farm or Heinz Sweet Pickle
Relish<br>Dash Cayenne or to taste<br>Squeeze of fresh Lemon
Juice<br><br>The &quot;Not Crab Cakes&quot; freeze well and can be made
in advance!. A delicious &quot;non-fish&quot; course, they are quite nice
plated on a platter, garnished and served on a buffet also<!--aspertaime-
->!.also<!--aspertaime--> great served with a Well Dilled Béchamel – See
SaucesAdd 1 Tbs!. minced fresh dill and a dash of cayenne to the Béchamel
white sauce!. also<!--aspertaime--> a squeeze of lemon!. For a great
variant use Dill Pickle juice as half of the liquid in the Béchamel<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br><br>2 Tofu Rancheros
(V)<br><br>Great for Breakfast, Brunch or Sunday Night Supper<br><br>1
Package Firm Tofu<br>2 Tbs!. Extra Virgin Olive Oil<br>1 tsp!. Chopped
Fresh Garlic<br>1 Cup sliced Button Mushrooms<br>1 small Onion sliced
stem to stern<br>1/4 Cup each Red, Green and Yellow Peppers cut into
chunks<br>1 handful Grape Tomatoes<br>1 Tbs!. Turmeric<br>1 tsp!. Chili
Powder<br>Salt and Pepper to taste<br>Splash Shoyu<br>Five grains Black
Salt* (optional)<br><br>*Black Salt is available at Indian Grocery
Stores!. It has a high Sulfa content so you will need to use only as much
as fits on the tip of a sharp knife!. It is the Sulfa content that pulls
the tofu into the familiar smell and taste of ‘egg’<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>In a frying pan sauté 1 Cup sliced button
mushrooms with freshly chopped garlic in Extra Virgin Olive Oil until
golden!. Remove from the pan and reserve!. Next add to the pan 1 small
onion sliced thinly from stem to stern, and half each of red, yellow and
green peppers cut into small chunks!. Sauté until the peppers are soft
and the onion has becomes transparent!. Add a handful of whole grape
tomatoes!. Stir<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Add 1 Tbs!.
Turmeric and 1 Tsp Chili Powder, and crumble in 1 package Firm Tofu!. Mix
through the spice and vegetables until the tofu is heated through and
well colored, and the tomatoes begin to pop!. Add the Mushrooms, a splash
of Shoyu and salt and pepper to taste!. Plate and serve with toast, or
muffins<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br><br>3 Potatofu
Patties<br><br>These are similar to Latkes<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br><br>2 packages tofu<br>2 pounds of Yukon Gold
Potatoes<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>1 Small Onion<br>1 1/2
boxes of Barbara’s Instant Mashed Potatoes or 2 Cups of Potato Flour, or
Potato Latke Mix<br>Sea Salt &amp; Cayenne Pepper to taste<br>1 Tbs!.
Granulated Onion<br>1/4 Cup finely sliced Green
Onion<br><br><br>Coating<br><br><br>1/4 Cup Dried Parsley<br>1 Tbs!.
Granulated Onion<br>1/2 box of Barbara’s Instant Mashed Potatoes<br>Wash,
Peel and Grate 2 pounds of Yukon Gold Potatoes and the onion<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>(You can use a food processor for
this)<br>Add Salt and Cayenne Pepper, Granulated Onion!. Crumble 2 pounds
of Tofu into the potato mixture!. Add 2 boxes of Barbara’s Instant Mashed
Potatoes or 2 Cups of Potato Flour!. Add 1/4 Cup finely sliced Green
Onion!. Mix well<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>In a shallow
bowl mix Granulated Onion, dried Parsley and Barbara’s Instant Mashed
Potatoes!. Mix!. Using an Ice Cream Scoop or serving spoon, drop portions
of mixture into the coating mixture; dredging them liberally as you form
them into thick patties!. Fry in Canola Oil!. Pat with Paper towel to
remove excess oil!. Plate!. Serve with Sour Cream and Apple Sauce!.
YUM!!!<br><br><br><br>4 Luna Salad<br><br><br>2# Tofu<br>1 Cup TVP<br>1
Cup Vegetarian ‘Chicken’ Stock*<br>1/2 Cup Chopped Red Onion<br>1 Cup
Nayonaise<br>1 tsp!. Dijon Mustard<br>1/8 Cup Bread and Butter Pickle
Juice<br>1/8 Cup Bread and Butter Pickles chopped fine<br>1 Tbs!.
Turmeric<br>1 tsp!. Poultry Seasoning<br>1 Granny Smith Apple finely
diced<br>Chopped fresh Parsley, Dill and Green Onions<br>1 Cup Raisins or
Sultanas<br>1 Cup Chopped Celery<br>Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Celery Seed
Powder, Cayenne Pepper to taste<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Soak TVP in Vegetarian ‘Chicken’ Stock* until tender moist and
fluffy!. Mix Nayonaisse, Dijon Mustard, Pickle Juice and Turmeric!. Add
Poultry Seasoning, Salt, Pepper and Cayenne!. Add chopped Apple, Herbs,
Onion and Chopped Pickle!. Fluff with a fork!. Chill!. Plate!. Garnish
and Serve with pride!. Lovely stuffed in tomatoes or in sandwiches<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Vegetarian ‘Chicken’ Stock* is
available from Frontier Herb Company on line!. It is also<!--aspertaime--
> a wonderful soup, sauce and stew base<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br><br><br>5 No-Egg Salad (V)<br><br><br><br>1 Package Firm Tofu
crumbled<br>1/2 Cup Nasoya Nayonaisse<br>1 Tbs!. Dijon Mustard<br>1 Tbs!.
scant Turmeric<br>1/2 tsp!. Bells Poultry Seasoning<br>1 Tbs!. Chopped
Fresh Parsley<br>1 Tbs!. Chopped Fresh Dill<br>1 Tbs!. Chopped Fresh
Green Onion<br>1/2 tsp!. Sea Salt<br>Five grains Black Salt*
(optional)<br>Black Pepper<br><br><br>*Black Salt is available at Indian
Grocery Stores!. It has a high Sulfa content so you will need to use only
as much as fits on the tip of a sharp knife!. It is the Sulfa content
that pulls the tofu into the familiar smell and taste of ‘egg’!.
*<br><br>Measure all of the ingredients into a bowl with the exception of
the tofu!. Mix well!. Crumble in the tofu!. Mix well<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>*Wonderful in Sandwiches, or stuffed in a
hollowed out Tomato on a bed of Boston Lettuce<br><br>6 Tex-Mex Love
Boats (V)<br><br><br>Extra Firm Tofu (allow 1/2 block per person)<br>1
Jar prepared Red Beans or 1 Cup cooked, rinsed beans<br>1/2 Package of
frozen Corn kernels or Roasted Corn kernels<br>1 Cup Fresh or prepared
Salsa<br>1/4 Cup Hungarian Paprika<br>3 Tbs!. Granulated Garlic<br>1 tsp
Chili Powder<br>1/4 Cup Shoyu<br>1/4 Cup Olive Oil<br><br>Place 1 block
of extra firm Tofu on a cutting board!.Cut it in half on the diagonal!.
Set them upright so that the hypotenuse faces you!. Using a metal
spatula, with a thin blade, carefully cut a wedge shape from the center
of each half!. The walls should be about 5/8 of an inch thick!.Reserve
removed wedges and crumble finely into a mixing bowl!.(Make one cut along
each of the outside walls being very careful not to cut all the way
through the block!. Using the edge of the spatula cut straight down and
then cut parallel to the bottom!. Lift the wedge of tofu out and
reserve!.) Mix 1/4 Cup Hungarian Paprika, 1 tsp Chili Powder, with 3
Tbs!. Granulated Garlic!.Moisten with Tamari and olive oil until you have
a thin paste<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>(Paint the tofu
boats inside and out with a pastry brush!.)<br><br>To the crumbled
reserved tofu add frozen corn kernels and salsa, along with a jar of
prepared Red Beans!.Season with Chili Powder, Garlic, Pepper and Salt!.
Mix!. Pack lightly into the boats!.Bake at 350° for 30 minutes basting
with Tamale Sauce!.Top with grated Jalape?a Soy Cheese and return to the
oven for a few minutes until the cheese melts!. Garnish with finely
chopped Cilantro!. Plate and serve<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br><br><br>7 Tofu Cutlets (V)<br><br><br>*A crisp, golden and
flavorful entrée<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Extra Firm
Tofu — allow a minimum of at least 1/4 pound or three slices per
person<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>You will need to do the
following marinade twice so make sure that you have double the amount of
the following on hand:<br><br>1/2 Cup Eden Tamari or Shoyu<br>1/4 Cup
Eden Mirin<br>1 Tbs!. Ground Coriander<br>1 Tbs!. Ground Cumin<br>1 Tbs!.
Minced Garlic<br>1 Tbs!. Minced Fresh Ginger<br>1/2 Cup Toasted Sesame
Oil<br>Splash San-J Szechuan Hot Sauce<br>1 Tsp each Granulated Garlic
and Ginger (used only in the mixture for painting the tofu)<br>Szeged Hot
Hungarian Paprika<br>3 Large Spanish Onions sliced
Nituke<br><br><br>Slice large Spanish Onions thinly!. (Nituki - from end
to end rather than in rounds or half moons!.)<br><br>Place in a large
bowl along with:<br><br>1 Tbs!. each finely minced garlic and ginger<br>1
Tbs!. each ground Cumin and ground Coriander seeds<br>1/2 Cup each
Toasted Sesame Oil, Tamari or Shoyu<br>1/4 Cup Eden Mirin, along with a
splash of San-J Szechwan Hot Sauce<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Let onions to wilt in the mixture for a minimum of 15 minutes
while the tofu is sliced<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Line
baking sheet(s) with parchment and a thick layer of wilted Onions and
sauce<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Place each block of
Extra Firm Tofu on a cutting board and cut it in half diagonally!. Set
the halves upright so that the hypotenuse of the triangular wedge faces
you!. Slice thin triangles from the blocks of tofu!. You should get 6
thin slices from each half!. Allow a minimum of 3 slices per
person!.Place each slice on the bed of wilted onions in a geometrical
pattern<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br>In a separate
small bowl create a dupli<font
<div >My carnivore relatives LOVE my easy recipe where I use whole wheat
tortillas, and roll up grilled Boca chicken strips, sauted onions and red
&amp; yellow peppers, shredded lettuce, soy cheese shreds, guacamole, and
salsa!. They go back for seconds - even the ones who are usually
suspicious of my vegetarian cooking!. If there are kids - they love to
help make them!. I usually make extra guacamole and serve it with
tortilla chips!.<font
<div >I think you should serve what you would ordinarily have served if
you hadn&#039;t company!.Anyway, as you said you&#039;ll be out at
lunchtime, there they can have meat if they want to, and I&#039;m sure
they don&#039;t eat meat in every single meal! (and if they do,
you&#039;re doing them a favour, that cannot be healthy)!.<font
<div >Salad, split pea soup, and homemade pumpernickel bread!. Add a
spectacular dessert or to-die-for carrot cake with cream cheese
frosting<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Or do a barbeque on
the grill: roast corn, grilled veggies (squash, onions, etc), grilled
parmesan tomatoes, roast potatoes, barbeque beans, deviled eggs, pasta
salad, green salad, fresh fruit skewers!. If you like, add veggie
burgers and/or vegetarian (soy) sausages!.<font
<div >It doesnt matter that they&#039;re novegetarian!. whats good enough
for u is good enough for them! and there are plenty vegetarian meals
everyone loves!. yep veggie lasagna, enchiladas, red bean chili, macaroni
and cheese , baked potatoes with cheese and chives !.!.!.!.y dont u go on
<div >If you do eat eggs, a quiche would be filling and most people enjoy
it (with or without bacon/ham)!.!.!.!.!.A dish I make for my vegetarian
friends is roasted vegetables and then cover the top in cheese!. Potatoes
au gratin is another option!.!.!.!.corn chowder!.!.!.!.<font
<div >Why not try an asian dish!? Thai coconut curry with tofu is easier
than it sounds to make and is always a hit!. also<!--aspertaime-->, a
simple stirfry with some tofu , vegetables and noodles would probably go
over well!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >1) pasta with tomato sauce<br>2) vegtable soup<br>3) soy/veggie
burgers with whatever you want on it!! <br><br>=] have fun!! =]<font
<div >I don&#039;t think you need to serve meat to your guests!. Your
ideas are terrific!. How about eggplant parmesan, pasta primavera, or
grilled portobello mushrooms on the third night!?<font
<div >Veggie stir fry, grilled veggies over rice, homemade veggie
pizza,<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Order a pizza!.<font
<div >I agree with an asian dish!.!.!. easy and they won&#039;t notice
the absence of meat so much!. just don&#039;t serve them meat!<font
<div >maybe show things that you like both can benefit they might like
something new<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >go to a Portuguese restaurant order a couple of chicken legs wings
maybe a pork, gosh!! MEAT IS DAM GOOD!!! YOU NEED IT IN YOUR
LIFE!!!!!!!!! sorry!.!. im just so hungry for meat and i have only this
little apple beside me after lunch!.!.!.!.just seriously go to a
Portuguese restaurant they serve the best chicken in the would and tell
them no spicy or man will it burn =D seriously ask for their round
potatoes its awesome and some cooked rice too or you make it!.!. plus
they are cheap!! all this might cost about 11 bucks and alot of it comes
too!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162059','5','        What do I do with
this vegetarian stuffing mix!?                        ','
<div >Rubber Veggie-Stuffed Mock Turkey<br><br>1!.Hollow out a big square
of tofu, and insert stuffing!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>2!.Slice off corners so it looks less like a brick<br>3!.BAKE FOR
FORTY MINUTES, THEN BROIL FOR FIVE!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>4!.Dribble around living room, fending off point guards <br>
Stooge &amp; Penfold<br>5!.From the three point line,shoot tofu turkey
directly into<br>salivating vegetarian&#039;s pie-hole, or as you Brits
<div >Don&#039;t know particulars of this stuffing mix, but you can
&#039;stuff&#039; a nut roast! - Just make a regular nut roast, but put
half mix into your tin, then a layer of stuffing, then the other half
your mix!. This &#039;layered&#039; or &#039;stuffed&#039; nut roast
gives a bit of variety and can be good for making the original recipe to
serve more people! Just make sure the flavour of the stuffing
doesn&#039;t overpower the rest!<font
<div >Hollowed out veggies are good- peppers, courgettes (cut lengthways
and can add shredded cooked inside to mixture - yum)<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>Or can flatten into thin burger type shapes for an
extra slice in a veggie burger in bun (this has to be tried-
fantastic)<br>Or just shape into little balls and oven bake<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Stuffing&#039;s ace!.<font
<div >Hi!! I have not come across this before but i assume that you would
use it to make dumplings or something like that if they were havindg
stroganoff or a similar dish!. there inothing i know that veggies have
that they could stuff!.<font
<div >Not real sure what is within the stuffing mix that you have - but
you could maybe stuff some bell peppers with it<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Use it as a side dish for a meal!.<font
<div >What&#039;s for dinner - <br>Bean Loaf <br>Veggie Stuffing
<br>Mashed potato with veggie gravy <br>Steamed spinich and baby
carrots<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Tell me when It&#039;s
ready I&#039;ll be over!. :o)<font
<div >Assuming you&#039;re not vegetarian or vegan, follow the directions
on the package for making it with turkey, chicken, pork, etc!. Have a
nice dinner!!!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Maybe you could give a bangra bassline and some indian drums and
try it on the rave circuit !.<font
<div >Stuff it into Penfolds very large ear so you have food all
winter!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Make it into stuffing balls!.<font
<div >make stuffing!?<font
<div >Stuff it in a Tofurkey!.<font
<div >in turkey and roast it!.!.!.!.!.<font
<div >Add water to it and cook it I&#039;d imagine!.<font
<div >Stuff a vegetarian!?<font
<div >put it inside a lovely roast
chicken!.!.!.tasty!<br><br>hey!.!.!.come on thumbs
downer&#039;s!.!.!.they didn&#039;t say they WERE vegetarian!!<font
<div >Throw it in the bin and get some good stuff!.<font
<div >Eat it!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162060','6','         I&#039;m Going
out for a Curry Tonight, and I don&#039;t Know what to have!?
<div class=\"content\">I would like to try something different!.
Something that has a medium level of spice, creamy and packed with any
vegetables, especially onions<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Any
suggestions!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >have a chicken tarka its like tikka but
otter<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Try curry chicken with white rice it&#039;s really good and the
chiken usually comes with vegetables, peppers, onions and really good
stuff if anything ask the waiter they could be of great help sometimes
too!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I make alot of curry now-a-days!. I usually do !.!.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Potatos, chicken (sometimes though),
peppers, garlic (lots and lots) and onions<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>I usually add hot sause too!.<font
<div >Green curry with chicken and vegetables, or vegetarian green curry,
is hot but not usually flaming and very interesting!. Tell the waiter you
want only moderate heat!.<font
<div >curry chicken gizzards and white rice!.!.!.!.!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162061','6','         Do you like jelly
beans what color and why!?                  <div class=\"content\">Purple
and green rock my mouth!.<font
','                    <div >Nah not really my thing - sometimes they use
pork fat to make em and I&#039;m not very partial to that!. also<!--
aspertaime--> the red ones are sometimes coloured with beetle shell or
something<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br>(They call me
neurotic, I don&#039;t get it!)<font
<div >The black ones are my favorite, licorice flavored<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>But I LOVE all the colors of the JELLY
BELLY jelly beans!!! OOOH sooo YUMMY!!!!<font
<div >i really love black ones and im especially happy you can buy them
seperate now!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Only Jelly Bellies!. They have real flavor, and aren&#039;t pure
sugar!. I like Strawberry Daquari the best!.<font
<div >i love jelly bean factory jelly beans there yummy<br>love rum
flavor or tutti fruity<font
<div >My favorite jelly bean is the black liquorish ones!. Call me old
fashioned!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Purple is one of my favourites, but I also<!--aspertaime--> like
the white and the blue!.<font
<div >I like the lime green ones!. or the pink ones!.<font
<div >I highly dislike jelly beans and all things gummy!. I&#039;m a
straight up chocolate girl!.<font
<div >I like pink the best, it tastes better than the other colors!.<font
<div >Yeah just love the blackcurrant purple ones!.!.!.!.yummie!.!!<font
<div >yes! i like grape and strawberry!.<font
<div >no thanks on the jelly beans!<font
<div >yeah, you got it!<br><br>Green ones are the BEST!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162062','6','         What is the other
name for Aloe Barbadensis Miller!?                  <div
class=\"content\">What is it!? Who are the earliest mankind who use it!?
What so great!?<font
','                    <div >The aloe family of plants includes over 200
varieties!. Of these, it is the Aloe Barbadensis Miller (Aloe Vera) that
has been of most use to man!. It looks like a cactus but is in fact a
member of the lily family!. A succulent plant with thick fleshy leaves
which conceal an inner gel, it has been used for centuries to maintain
health and enhance beauty!. Flourishing in warm, dry climates, both the
Greeks and the Egyptians valued it highly!. It contains over 75
substances which meet the body&#039;s needs in maintaining health and
vitality!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >aloe vera ( Asphodelaceae )<br><br>i think it originates from
japan !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?<br><br><br>it has been used for thousands
of years,<br><br>it is used in yoghurts , beverages , funugreek salad
,<br><br>it is very good for digestion!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162063','6','        Cherries are my
favorite fruit, black cherries, what is your favorite fruit!?
','                    <div >pineapples! apples! clementines! cherries!
oranges! plums! peaches! strawberries! nectarines! pomegranates! pears!!!
<div >lychees!. locals in hawaii pronounce it lie-chee!. mainlanders
pronounce it lit-chee!. it&#039;s a sweet fruit in a hard covering, much
like the covering around an avocado, but way smaller!. it&#039;s
wonderful when you freeze it or make it super cold!. yum!<font
<div >i like strawberries and cherries!. I hate apples bananas grapes and
any other fruit!. o ya and i also<!--aspertaime--> like kiwi and
pineapple!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Green Grapes,Strawberries,bananas,rasberries,b!.!.!. berries, fuji
apples, pineapple<font
<div >Apples!<br><br>and I am a real sucker for a naked chick holding out
an apple to me!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>that is so sexy!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.<font
<div >Apples, blackberries, and strawberries!!!<font
<div >Figs!. I just adore them!. I think th only cherrie with pits would
be dried!. Just as full of flavor though!.<font
<div >Cherries and starwberries!. and yes they do!. i think!.<font
<div >I like seedless red grapes, cherries and blueberries<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I do not think there is a seedless
cherry as of yet!<font
<div >Strawberries :]<font
<div >Apricots<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Eddie Izzard!.<font
<div >strawberries and raspberries<font
<div >pineapple!<font
<div >apricots and mangos<font
<div >watermelon<font
<div >my favorite fruits are strawberries and peaches<font
<div >mellons, big juicy melons<font
<div >lemons<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Kind of a toss up between Apples, Bananas, and Pears!.<font
<div >Red grapes or kiwi!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br><br>and you can buy pitted cherries!.!.!.<font
<div >Grapes are mine<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>i have
never found cherries with no pits!.!. i wish i could though<font
<div >I go thru phases right now its peaches<font
<div >Cherries too! They are the best fruit! xxx<font
<div >Freddie Mercury!.!.!. boy could that man sing<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162064','6','         How long is it
safe to eat pickle slices from a jar!?                   <div
class=\"content\">I have a jar of pickle slices in my fridge that has
been open for quite a while, at least 6 months!. The expiration date
isn&#039;t until 2009, but since the jar has been open in the
refrigerator, are they still ok to eat!?<font
','                    <div >As long as the brine is fairly clear and not
cloudy, or there isn&#039;t some weird blobby stuff at the bottom (known
as a &quot;mother&quot; that shows up in vinegar sometimes), then snack
away!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >if it was in fridge, its ok to eat, no problem!. but only if it was
open it might have dried up!. u can make little oil hot and pour in it!.
it will taste like before!. its safe to eat!.<font
<div >That should be safe unless you find some fungus or discoloration in
thhe liquid!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >yah if it was in the refrigerator then it&#039;s safe to eat<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162065','6','         How would you
like your bacon cooked!?                         ','
<div >just on the turn im not to fussed with crispy bits :)<font
<div >Grilled, please!. And while you&#039;re in the kitchen would you
scramble some eggs, fry a few mushrooms, open a tin of baked beans, and
make my tea really strong!. No sugar!. I have to watch the
weight!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >microwaved lol <br>and sometime stoved <br>and also<!--aspertaime--
> <br>can you guys answer this question <br>its very important to me
<div >Definitely crispy,then preferably between 2 slices of white
buttered bread with a squirt of ketchup! (I&#039;m drooling now just
thinking about it!)<font
<div >well done please, then the fat tastes delicious<font
<div >i like my bacon cooked until da fat is crispy but the rest of the
bacon is not like cardboard<font
<div >not too well done!. I want it be a little crispy and a little
chewy!. I don&#039;t want it too dry!.<font
<div >Well, can you cook it for me quite well, but not too over-done,
thanks!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >With all the fat cut off and not burnt at all, not even a little
bit!.!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Crisp!. I will bring tomato&#039;s and lettuce and bread!. LOL<font
<div >So that the fat is crispy, cant stand it when its stringy and
<div >crispy, then set on a paper towel to drain the oils!.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>how sweet of you to ask me how i like
my bacon!.!.!.!.thank you!.<font
<div >In an omellette with cheese and oinions - yummy<font
<div >D!.!.!.!.Well you inviting me round for Breakfast!?<br>I like my
Bacon crispy but not burnt!.!.!.!.!.<font
<div >if u must make a pig of yourself, &quot;Grill it&quot; its the
grease that does you harm!.<font
<div >Just browing please, and maybe a little brown sauce!. I&#039;ll put
the kettle on!.<font
<div >Grilled with a fried egg, beans, sausages and fried bread!.
You&#039;re too late though, I&#039;ve already had that!<font
<div >I love Maple Bacon fried crispy enough to crack!<font
<div >I wouldn&#039;t<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Veggie bacon
for me please!.<font
<div >Crispy<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >i dont eat this unhealthy rubbish!.!.!.too salty!.!.only
smoked<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >burnt to a crisp then thrown away!.!.!.bacon is nasty!.<font
<div >Good ol&#039; microwave!.<font
<div >medium,!!<font
<div >sorry I would throw up, egg sarnie would be nice though x<font
<div >random question :S<br><br>crispy with fat on =]<font
<div >Hell let Pink cook it thanks!.<font
<div >Grilled please!.<font
<div >lightly grilled for me thanks!.<font
<div >crispy!.!.!.mmm<font
<div >Well done, crispy at the edges please!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162066','6','        Which do you
prefer!.!? HP sauce or Daddies!.!? For the USA, Horse raddish or
Mustard!.!?                        ','                    <div >Here in
Canada, I will alway reach for the HP, they have it here like the Yanks
do ketchup on the table, and when in the UK I had Daddies, very similar,
I agree with some it is less acidic, but for the US it is either ketchup
or yellow mustard and it is not anything like UK or French styles, it is
neon yellow with added turmeric and is not as flavourful or complex, they
cannot handle good &quot;Keens&quot; or quality dijon as it covers up the
taste of the food, they like a vingery taste, not the flavour of the
mustard<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Actually the most
popular condiment in the US and it has been for the last few years is the
&quot;Salsa&quot; for taco chips, it is more popular now than ketchup,
they put it on everything!.<font
<div >There is more than one mustard!. I refer you to the Mustard
<div >Daddies sauce with everything!.<font
<div >HP has less vinegar and more decent ingredients,<font
<div >HP especially on a nice sausage butty! Yum!<font
<div >Horseradish, of course! Would like to know what HP and Daddies
taste like! What do you use it on!?<font
<div >HP its got a real mark of quality about it!.<font
<div >HP<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Tangy taste =]<font
<div >HP is the daddy of sauces=]<br><br>x<font
<div >It has to be horseradish!.!.!.!.!.especially home made<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162067','6','        Who invented
baking cakes!?!?                  <div class=\"content\">!.!.!.Surely it
wasnt the cavemen on this!!!.!. maybe the Victorians, (Victorian
Sponge)!.!.!?!?!? But who really invented the way of baking cakes!!
<br>=]<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >in the spirit of giving absoultely
ridiculous/untrue answers to this question, i&#039;ll say jesus<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>and my real answer is:<br>who knows!?
anyone can throw some stuff in a bowl and heat it up (even me
:D)<br>probably invented by the most prolific inventor of them all,
accident!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >King Alfred (849 - 899) is supposed to have burned the cakes
&quot;a peasant woman&quot; left him to watch<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>The Egyptiand were supposed to have made them 1st,
though &#039;more like bread&#039;<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Rich Romans added honey, dried fruits to the mix<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Chaucer wrote about special cakes in the
14th century!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >It is slighlty earlier than that, Mari Antoinette is know to have
said &#039;let them eat cake&#039; and that is before Queen Vic!. I
suspect it is at the same time (certainly not before) the discovery of
suger cane, which I think comes from the Carribean or the Americas!.
Bread however has been about for far far longer!.<font
<div >Cake as we know them today date back about 500 years, but there
were &#039;cakes&#039; at least 10,000 YEARS ago, and probably longer,
since it&#039;s now estimated that man has been on this planet at LEAST
40,000 YEARS!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >cakes have been around for BBIILLIIOONSS of years!.!.!. first made
by !.!.!. i dunno!.!. colliding asteroids :S<font
<div >Betty Croker!.<font
<div >Mr Kipling<font
<div >Rose Tyler!.<font
<div >Queen of hearts after she made her tarts<font
<div >OK !.!.!. my guess is the ancient Egyptians !.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162068','1','        Does Smirnoff
Raspberry Vodka have suger in it because it is very sweet !?
','                    <div >yea it does but there are some other flovors
that dont have as much sugar<font
<div >Most if not all alcohol has sugar in it!.<font
<div >all alcoholdoes<font
<div >yes it does, it say it on the back of the bottle<font
<div >yea it does but it is very very tasty!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162069','1','        To Bartenders or
Anyone: Different connotations of Cocktails!?                  <div
class=\"content\">lol I&#039;m pretty sure your all kind of confused by
the title but what I mean is: are there any social messages that are sent
when someone orders a certain cocktail!?<br>like if someone ordered a
cosmopolitan would others consider the person to be cliche and girly for
ordering it!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >I hate to just forward you a link, but
it&#039;s just too good to pass up<!--foods questions and answers--
<div >I&#039;m a bartender and I absolutely judge people by what they
drink!! It&#039;s impossible not to!. Girly drinks for guys!.!.!. bad
sign!.!.!. but if the guy jokes about it, its cool!. Guys who get pissed
if you don&#039;t have mojitos when you work at an Irish pub and the bar
is 5 deep, unforgiveable!. <br><br>Sorry, rough weekend!. But yes, short
answer, we notice and judge!.!.!. as bartenders!. I would say that the
general public is significantly more forgiving!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162070','1','        Upset stomach
(hangover)!?                  <div class=\"content\">What should I
eat/take!. The headache is gone, I just have an upset stomach!.!.<font
','                    <div >When you are drinking it sucks all the water
out of your body!. Ergo, drink lots of water just after drinking but
before bed and drink lots of water now!. <br><br>also<!--aspertaime-->, a
little known remedy but highly effective is ginger root!. You can get it
at most super markets, Von&#039;s, Stater Bros, Food 4 Less, etc!. OR
health food stores<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Get the
actual root and cut some THIN slices!. IT&#039;s VERY spicy but it will
settle an upset stomach in no time flat!. Just keep taking it until it
works!. It can only help you !.!.!. it&#039;s good for getting rid of
colds too<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>The water will
eliminate the headaches and make you feel better!. If water upsets your
stomach, drink more, until your body starts CRAVING water and you get
&quot;dry mouth&quot; a whole bunch!. This is good because when you
drink alcohol is starts moving into your cells and take them over!. Once
you become an alcoholic totally (it&#039;s coming if it&#039;s not there
yet !.!.!. trust me !.!.!. been there) your cells with run on alcohol!.
When your cells run low on alcohol you will be like &quot;Bender&quot;
and require MORE alcohol in order to feel good!. <br>Note: Get a gallon
of water and drink 1/4 of it and put the rest in the freezer!. The next
time you drink alcohol, take the frozen gallon out of the freezer, top it
off with room temp bottled water and keep it with you!. After a beer or
whatever, take a swig of water!. If you replace the water that the
alcohol removes you will NOt get a hang over, NOT get a headache in the
morning, and NOT die of dehydration!. Coke&#039;s and other soft drinks
will also<!--aspertaime--> dehydrate you! Your body reads soft drinks as
food and not the water that it contains so dehydration continues UNLESS
you drink water and for me the BESTEST WATER OF ALL !.!.!. is ICEY COLD
WATER!. Your body will assimilate cold water much faster too<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>The guy who told you not to drink was
right but screw that since you are NOT going to listen to that until you
are about 30 or 40 or 50!. When I went to rehab it was about $10,000!.
The last I checked it was up to about $20,000!. The sooner you quit the
cheaper it will be<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>One thing
to REALLY watch for and which made me quit drinking on the spot cold
turkey is this:   When you are sober and walking normally and you start
to trip over your own feet and it keeps happening it is time to consider
re-hab!. The reason being is that it is beginning to affect your nervous
system at that point and unless you get help really quick you will be
dead in a few days, weeks, or months!. IT&#039;s one of the BIGGY
warnings that if unheeded will result in your demise<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>But don&#039;t worry about that til it happens!.
Oh yeah, if you ever want to quit drinking without all the hassles and
re-hab and all that just take L-Glutamine!. It&#039;s an amino acid that
is in short supply in most alcoholics bodies!. It is one of the few
amino acids that can access your brain by passing through the blood/brain
barrier and giving your brain what it is REALLY craving! You have to
take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening for about 30 days
but you will simply lose your CRAVING for alcohol!. You can still drink
it if you want but you just won&#039;t want to drink as much!.
You&#039;ll become a social drinker<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>But like I say, party on for now, you&#039;re probably NOT an
alcoholic YET, unless you try to stop for two weeks and can&#039;t<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>BUt when you get &quot;trippy
feet&quot; start taking LOTS of L-Glutamine or Glutamic Acid (same
thing)!. You can get it in any health store or you can order it online
at the absolute LOWEST prices from www!.swansonvitamins!.com!. It&#039;s
about $5/100 capsules or less!. I think it&#039;s about $8/200 capsules
from Swanson!. <br><br>Good luck !.!.!. you will MOST LIKELY live
through it but do NOT ignore the advice of those who have already been
there!. WE may be older and untrustworthy but we have already lived your
life for you and when we WARN you we are only doing it because we were
saved by someone warning US!<br><br>Listen to the Grups!. Not all of us
are idiots !.!.!. but I agree with you that MOST of us are TOTAL RAVING
LUNATICS!!!<br><br>You are getting good advice here !.!.!. stuff that
will save you about $30,000 in the near future or maybe already so be
smart and be safe and party til you drop!<br><br>:-)<br>Peace !.!.!. Some
people just have to experience it to learn!<font
<div >Magnesium Oxide supplement tablets!. The kind for bone and joint
health<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>They replenish the
magnesium you lost from drinking, and they are usually made with calcium
which helps with any stomach issues<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Magnesium with Vitamin B12 will get rid of the shaky hands
too<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>LOL and don&#039;t have
&#039;a hair of the dog that bit you&#039; aka a bit of whatever you were
drinking last night!. It may make the stomach go away now, but it will
come back later so you&#039;ll have to deal with it anyway<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Don&#039;t drink anything sour like OJ
or any colored Sodas like Coke!. The vitamin C in the OJ and the caramel
coloring in the Cola will make your stomach even more upset!. I prefer
Sprite, and lots of it!.<font
<div >Eat something high in Vitamin B and C like fruit, and eat something
high in startchyness such as ceral, rice, pasta, bread!. Try to drink
some gatorade and milk the milk will coat your stomache but drink and eat
slowly!. the gatorade will help to rehydrate your body!. TRUST ME ive
been hungover my share of times and this ALWAYS works!.<font
<div >I know when I have had the occasional night out, before I went to
bed I always drank a glass of milk, its suppose to coat your stomach, my
mother in law told me to do that!.   But for the upset stomach, I
recommend crackers and tea, hot preferably!.!. hope this helps<font
<div >Take a Pepcid or Prilosec or eat some Maalox or Tums!. Then try to
eat something fatty and greasy, like a cheesy omelette with toast or a
cheeseburger to absorb the acids!. DON&#039;T drink milk!. Maybe some
V8 juice, for vitamins and to hydrate you!. Take a B complex and B-12
vitamin too to pump some vitamins in!. Just remember, this too shall
pass! :)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Just get some sleep; drink a little water maybe!.    Make sure your
parents know you&#039;re getting some sleep so they don&#039;t leave the
house without you again<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>AND,
stop drinking!. YOU&#039;RE TOO YOUNG!<br><br>EDIT:<br><br>1!. Because
this is a question a kid asks<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>2!.
See &quot;La Vie Boheme&#039;s&quot; answer<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>3!. I used to be a young also<!--aspertaime-->!.
You&#039;re preaching to the choir son!.<font
<div >water water water water!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.i like the &quot;smart
water&quot; it has electrolytes in it to replenish dehydration<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>then!.!.!.!.!.<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>a greasy cheeseburger, with all the stuff on it, ketchup,
mustard raw onion, relish, hotsauce!.!.!.!. and greasy fries with
salt!.!.!.!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>might make you run
to the bathroom, but gets rid of that hangover!!!!!
EVERYTIME!!!!<br>p!.s<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>DONT FORGET
<div >Salty food helps!? like Eggs,bacon hashbrowns toast @ Denny&#039;s
good stuff before you drink take a pair of aspirin about 1/2 hour before
you out better off! less hangover!<br>aas a last chance thing a couple of
drinks from the bottle of Tabasso will help (thow-up) then drink a 7-up
or sprite!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >the greasiest most unhealthy thing you can get your hands on!.!.!.
that works for me, but some say clam chowder is a good hangover cure and
so is one drink of whatever you had last knight!.!. but i would stick
with the greasy food   :)<font
<div >Try to eat anything that will help soak up some of the acid in your
stomach!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!. toast, apples, etc!. and remember to keep
yourself hydrated since that helps relieve all the other symptoms of a
hangover!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >A cup of herbal tea<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>You&#039;d probably read these sorts of answers a lot but
herbal teas actually work<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>If
you&#039;re feeling nauseous at all, it sould weird, but suck on a piece
of lemon!. This is good for car sickness too<!--foods questions and
<div >I agree!.!.!.you are too young to be doing this to yourself!. How
do we know!? Because you pretty much tell your age and immaturity by
your comment in your profile<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Stop drinking to excess and you won&#039;t feel this way
again!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >3 beers and 2 shots!. wierdo!. oh hang on, your american!. That
explains it!. sleep!.<font
<div >Fresh fruits, cheeses and maybe some yogurt with lots of water<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>OR<br><br>A 3 egg cheese omlette
with some bacon and whole grain toast!. <br><br>Both work for me!<font
<div >eat anything but no sweats so it can soak up the alcohal and drink
tea<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >coke (the drink) can settle your stomach!.<font
<div >I always drink skim milk and cold unsweet iced tea<br><br>I am in
the same boat right now<font
<div >get some posole or menudo<font
<div >Raw egg!!!!! It&#039;s hard 2 get down but works!.<font
<div >take to the bathroom, throw up and start all over again, cept this
time, know your limit!.<font
<div >Nice greasy food and a beer :P<font
<div >Raw egg!* I&#039;ve done it many times, it&#039;s never let me
down!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >burn a fatty<font
<div >toast with honey on it!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162071','8','         Dinner ideas!.
!?!?!? help!.!?                   <div class=\"content\">I want to make a
great sunday dinner for my mum and dad!. Does anyone know what is easy
and fast to make!. !?!?!? <br>I can make anything!. Desert ideas wont go
a miss either!. : P <br>thanks!. : D<font
','                     <div >Favorite E-Z recipes you might want to try!.
<br>Good Luck &amp; enjoy<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>COLA
CHICKEN <br>(And more variations of recipe)<br>(My personal
favorites…!.using this recipe<br>are the ‘wings &amp; ribs…!.ummm
good!)<br><br>4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts<br>1 cup catsup<br>1
12oz!. can cola (pepsi, coke, etc!.)<br><br>Put chicken in a non-stick
pan<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Mix together catsup and cola,
pour over chicken<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Bring to a
boil!. Cover, reduce heat and cook 45 minutes<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>(turning chicken a few times, while cooking!.!.!.to
prevent from sticking to pan)<br>Uncover, turn up the heat and continue
to cook until the sauce<br>becomes thick and adheres to the chicken<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>It turns into the most incredible BBQ
sauce!. Yummmm!<br><br>You can double the recipe and use more pieces
of<br>chicken!.!.!.!.wings!.!.!.would be ideal!.!.!.add some hot
sauce!.!.!.!.presto &quot;Hot Wings&quot;! <br><br>I have used Ribs, just
as good!. <br><br>I tried this recipe with
&#039;meatballs&#039;!.!.!.!.was equally<br>as good!.!.!.served over
rice<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I found another
variation!.!.!.!.!.omit the catsup and add a small jar of Salsa (any
variety)!. <br>I have tried using Salsa (omitting the
catsup!.!.!.!.not)<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>You&#039;d
think a recipe with only &#039;3&#039; ingredients couldn&#039;t be
messed up!.!.!.!.wouldn&#039;t you!?!?<br>Well!.!.!.while I was preparing
to fix the &#039;Cola Chicken&#039; recipe<br>using Salsa!.!.!.!.!.I was
also<!--aspertaime--> trying to carry on a conversation with
my<br>husband!.!.!.(just proves!.!.!.I can&#039;t do two things at
once)!.!.!.!.mixed Salsa &amp; Catsup (before I realized I was supposed
to leave out the catsup) &amp; Cola!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.still turned out
really tasty (to me)!.!.!.might be a little sweeter than some of you
like<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I fixed chicken wings,
(using the above recipe)<br>but!.!.!.I added the spices from a MILD (I
don&#039;t care for &quot;HOT&quot;) Buffalo Wings packet!.!.!.(the kind
you get to bake in the oven)!.!.!.!.!.I thought it was really
good!.!.!.!.!.(but you/I can&#039;t find a &#039;bad&#039; way to fix
chicken)<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Finally!.!.!.!.!! I
fixed the &#039;SALSA&#039; chicken!.!.!.!.!.!.that&#039;s good , too<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Another (bright)idea!.!.!.!.!.I
thought of trying!.!.!.!.!.!.replace the<br>catsup with a bottle of
Shrimp Cocktail Sauce!.!.!.and add a bag of (pop corn) shrimp!.!.!.!.!.!
<br>Fixed the shrimp with cocktail sauce!.!.!.!.!.!.eh!.!.!.wasn&#039;t
all that<br>great!.!.!.was OK!.!.!.probably won&#039;t be fixing it
again<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>also<!--aspertaime-->
tried beef stew cuts!.!.!.!.!.!.that was pretty good!.!.!.!.!.I can
see<br>myself making this again<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Served both over rice!.!.!.!.!.think the stew cuts would have been
just as<br>good over noodles<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Try little cocktail wieners/sausages…for appetizers<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br><br>CRUNCHY ONION CHICKEN<br><br>1
1/3 cups French’s Original French Fried Onions<br>4 boneless skinless
chicken breast halves<br>1 egg, beaten<br><br>LIGHTLY
CRUSH:<br><br>Onions in a plastic bag<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>DIP:<br>Chicken in egg<br><br>COVER:<br>With onion crumbs,
press firmly to adhere to chicken<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>BAKE:<br>Preheat oven to 400 degrees<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Place chicken on lightly greased baking pan<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Sprinkle with additional onion crumbs, if
desired<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Bake for 20 minutes or
until no longer pink in center<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br><br>Mushroom Chicken<br><br>4 boneless/skinless chicken breast
(or any pieces you like)<br>1 can cream of mushroom soup<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>1 can water<br><br>Place chicken in crock
pot (or sauce pan for stove top cooking)<br>mix soup &amp; 1 can of water
together<br>pour over chicken<br>cook on medium heat until boiling then
reduce heat and cook until chicken is really tender &amp; falling
apart<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Serve over noodles or
rice or dressing!.!.!.!.or!?!?!? <br><br>POT ROAST<br>Your choice of beef
(to fit crock-pot)<br>1 pkg!. dry Ranch dressing mix<br>1 pkg!. dry
Italian dressing mix<br>1 pkg!. dry Brown Gravy mix<br>1 cup water<br>Put
beef in pot<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Mix together all the
dry mixes…!.then add water …pour over meat and cover &amp; cook on high
4-6 hours<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Until meat is tender<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>The first time I mad it I didn’t have
the Italian Dressing mix…!.so I added a pkg!. of Onion Soup Mix…!.I have
to say I liked that better<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>If you
use more water you might want to add more Brown Gravy mix…!.to make a
thicker sauce!. Was gonna add <br>potatoes and carrots…but never got
around to it!. <br><br><br>OLD SETTLER’S BEANS <br>INGREDIENTS:<br>1/2
lb!. ground beef1/2 lb!. bacon<br>1 chopped onion<br>Brown in skillet and
drain excess grease<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>ADD:<br>16
oz!. can Red Kidney Beans (drained)<br>24 oz!. can Pork &amp; Beans
(drained)<br>1/2 cup white sugar<br>1/2 cup dark brown sugar<br>1/4 cup
Catsup<br>2 TBLS!. Molasses<br>1/2 tsp!. dry mustard<br><br>Mix
Thoroughly !<br>Cook in a crock pot
until!.!.!.hot!.!.!.hot!.!.!.hot!<br><br><br>Kreamy Kool-Aid
Pie<br><br>1-(6 g) package un sweetened Kool-Aid powdered drink mix<br>1-
(14 oz!.)can sweetened condensed milk<br>1-(8 oz)container Cool Whip
frozen whipped topping, thawed<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>1-
(9 inch) Graham Cracker Pie Crust (or Cookie crust)<br>Cool Whip for top
(optional) <br><br>1!. In a medium bowl mix Kool-Aid and condensed milk,
thoroughly<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>2!. Fold in Cool
Whip<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>4!. If desired, spread more
Cool Whip on top<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>5!. Chill for a
minimum of 4 hours<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I’ve used:
Strawberry…Cherry…Lemon-lime (Key-Lime Pie)…!.Lemonade (Lemon Pie…might
add some yellow food coloring for a more lemony look!.)<br><br><br>E-Z
Cake Recipes<br>NO EGGS, NO OIL, NO WATER !.!.!.!.!.!.!.JUST 1 12oz!.
SODA AND Cake MIX<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>CHOCOLATE
LOAF CAKE PAN <br>BAKE 350 DEGREES AS BOX SAYS<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>(P!.S!.PREPARE PAN WITH SPRAY)<br>Your choice of
frostings or use cool whip<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br><br><br>Found following recipe…!.not tried it yet<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Passed it on to a lady who did<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Family enjoyed, no complaints<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>SARA LEE TIRAMISU (E-Z)<br>Tiramisu –
<br><br>Ingredients:<br><br>1 Sara lee pound cake (10 3/4oz!.)<br>16 oz
Non-dairy whipped topping;<br>1/4 c Strong-brewed coffee <br>1/2 c
Sweetened cocoa powder<br><br>Instructions: <br><br>Cut pound cake
vertically into 10 equal-size slices!. <br>Drizzle coffee over each
slice; set aside!. <br>In a large bowl, combine whipped topping and 1/4
cup cocoa, mixing until blended!. <br>Place 5 cake slices on a flat
surface!. <br>Evenly spread a thick layer of whipped topping mixture over
each slice!. <br>Top each with a second cake slice, sandwich-style!.
<br>Transfer to individual dessert plates!. <br>Spread each cake
&quot;sandwich&quot; with whipped topping mixture!. <br>Cut
&quot;sandwiches&quot; diagonally in half!. <br>Sprinkle with remaining
cocoa; serve immediately<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br><br>ROBERT REDFORD DESSERT<br><br>INGREDIENTS &amp;
INSTRUCTIONS FOR BOTTOM LAYER:<br>Melt 1 stick butter<br>Add 1/2 cup nuts
and 1 cup flour<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Press into
bottom of lightly greased 9 x 13 baking pan!. Bake 20 minutes at 350
degrees<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>MIDDLE LAYER:<br>Blend
together 1 8oz!. package cream cheese and 1 cup sugar!. Fold in 1/2 small
tub Cool Whip!. Mix well<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>TOP
LAYER:<br>Mix together until mixture begins to thicken:<br>1 large
package vanilla instant pudding &amp; 1 large package instant chocolate
pudding with 3 cups milk<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Spread on middle layer and chill to set!. Spread remaining
cool whip on top &amp; garnish with nuts &amp; grated chocolate if
desired<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br>DIRT
PUDDING<br><br>INGREDIENTS:<br>1 pound bag of Oreo’s<br>1 large box of
instant vanilla pudding<br>1 small container of Cool Whip<br>1 Tablespoon
powdered sugar<br><br>INSTRUCTIONS:<br>1!.) Crush 3/4 bag of Oreo’s and
spread in 9 x 13 baking dish<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>2!.)
Make pudding as directed on package<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>3!.) Add Cool Whip &amp; sugar, spread over crushed Oreo’s<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>4!.) Crush remaining Oreo’s and
sprinkle on top of pudding mixture!. Refrigerate<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br><br>Banana Pudding<br><br>I usually double the
recipe!.!.!.!.never any left-overs<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Ingredients:<br>Bananas<br>Use instant Banana pudding or
vanilla pudding fix by directions on box<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Cool Whip!.!.!.add to pudding mix thoroughly<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>Vanilla wafers <br>Toasted coconut<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Line serving dish with a layer of vanilla wafers
(a row up the sides of dish, also<!--aspertaime-->!.)<br>Add a layer of
sliced of bananas<br>Gently cover with a layer of 1/2 pudding mixture<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Make a second layer of wafers,
bananas &amp; pudding<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Top with
some toasted coconut and/or crushed vanilla wafers<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br><br><br>Mock Ice Cream Sandwiches<br><br>2 whole
graham crackers<br>Cool Whip<br><br>Spread a thin layer of Cool Whip on 1
whole cracker…!.top with remaining cracker…!.freeze<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Make several at a time<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Melt some chocolate and drizzle over top before
freezing<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br><br><br>If you
like these recipes……<br><br>Find more quick – simple – E-Z – few
ingredient…!.recipes…at E-Z Cookin’
zcookin/!.!.!.<br><br>Lots of interesting ‘stuff’ in files &amp;
links…come join &amp; check it out<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Pat in Indiana…<!--foods questions and answers--
<div >If you have a crock pot- Sunday morning, throw in a pot roast,
some carrots, potatoes, onions , garlic , beef stock and some
seasonings!.    By dinner you will have a wonderful roast, make a tossed
salad and a dessert and you are done- very easy<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>You can also<!--aspertaime--> do a chicken stew in
the crockpot!. I have a book full of quick and easy crockpot recipes and
5 ingredient meals- let me know what kind of meat you prefer and I can
give you a more specific recipe that will be simple but really nice<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>For dessert I usually do
brownies, chocolate chip cookies or a chocolate cake- these are simple-
if I am in the mood for a little more complicated (unless you got a
premade one ) I make a cheesecake- you could also<!--aspertaime--> do a
pie but I don&#039;t like to make or eat pie so I cannot help you with
that!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >My favorite Fancy Stuffed Pork Chops (Easy, but they turn out
restaurant quality!)<br><br>Ingredients<br>1/2 cup panko or breadcrumbs
<br>1 apple, diced <br>1/2 cup pecan or walnut, chopped and toasted
<br>1/2 cup green onion, chopped <br>1/2 cup gorgonzola, crumbled <br>4
pork chops, 1-1 !. 5 inch thick, trimmed <br>1 cup white wine <br>salt
&amp; pepper <br>2 tablespoons olive oil <br><br>Directions<br>1In a
small bowl, combine first 5 ingredients!. Season with a pinch of salt and
pepper!. <br>2With paring knife, form a deep pocket in each chop: make a
3-4 inch slit into the side and cut through the middle, almost to the
other edge!. Widen cut into a pocket!. <br>3Use 1/2 to 3/4 of the cheese
mixture to stuff the chops, reserving the remaining mixture for topping!.
Seal openings with toothpicks if needed!. Season both sides of the
stuffed chops with salt and pepper!. <br>4Heat 1-2 tablespoons of olive
oil in saute pan till shimmering!. Sear chops for 4-5 minutes per side
till golden outside and cooked thru!. <br>5Remove chops from pan, lower
heat!. <br>6Carefully add white wine to the pan, scraping up any browned
bits from pan, simmer 1 minute!. <br>7Add remaining cheese mixture and
simmer until wine is reduced and absorbed, about 1 minute more!.
<br>8Remove toothpicks from chops, and top with wine-cheese
mixture!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Honey Glazed Lemon Roast Chicken Recipe<br>Print
Options<br><br>Ingredients<br><br>One 6 1/2- to 7-pound roasting chicken,
rinsed, patted dry<br>1 1/4 cups fresh lemon juice (from about 6 large
lemons)<br>Coarse kosher salt<br>Freshly ground black pepper<br>1/4 cup
honey, heated until pourable<br><br>Method<br> Place the chicken in
heavy-duty resealable plastic bag!. Add the lemon juice to the bag and
seal!. Turn the chicken to coat!. Place bag in a large bowl, so that if
it leaks it will leak into the bowl!. Refrigerate several hours to
overnight, turning the bag occasionally<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Preheat oven to 450°F!. Drain chicken; pat dry!. Sprinkle
generously with salt and pepper!. Place chicken breast side down, on a
rack in a large roasting pan!. Roast 15 minutes!. Reduce oven temperature
to 375°F!. Roast 45 minutes<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Turn
chicken breast side up!. Brush all over with honey!. Continue to roast
until cooked through and deep brown, basting with any juices in pan and
brushing with honey occasionally, about 55 minutes longer (test for
doneness starting about 40 minutes)!. The chicken is done when the juices
run clear (not pink) when a knife tip is inserted into both the chicken
breast and thigh, about 165-170°F for the breast and 180-185°F for the
thigh!. Transfer chicken to platter!. Tent loosely with foil to keep warm
and let stand 15 minutes<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>4
Meanwhile, pour pan juices into small saucepan!. Spoon off fat!. Rewarm
pan juices!. Season with salt and pepper!. Serve chicken with pan
juices<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Serves 4<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Serve with your choice of veggie, salad,
rice or egg noodles and dinner rolls<br><br>Adapted from a recipe in Bon
Appétit magazine<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>****************************<br>APPLE BROWN BETTY
(dessert)<br><br>2 cups diced Rome or York apples<br>1/4 tsp!.
cinnamon<br>2 tsp!. butter<br>3/4 cup brown sugar<br>2 cups bread
crumbs<br><br>Place a layer of apples, then bread crumbs and half of
sugar in a greased baking pan!. Repeat and sprinkle cinnamon over top!.
Add 1/4 cup hot water, cover and bake at 350 for 30 minutes!. Remove
cover and brown!. Serve with ice cream or whipped topping!.<font
<div >This recipe is good because you can make it with any light meat or
fish you have on hand!. Just make sure you meat is equal thickness, so
if you are using chicken or pork chops you might need to pound them to
about 1/2&quot; thick<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Season
the meat with salt and pepper and dust lightly with flour on both sides!.
Then sautee the meat in about 2 tbsp!. of butter!. When the meat is
almost done remove it from the pan!. Then add 2 tbsp!. more butter, 1/2
c!. white wine, the juice of 3 lemons!. Mix this all together and add
the meat back to the pan to finish cooking!. It should take about 5 - 7
minutes!. About 3 minutes in add 2 tbsp!. capers!. Right before you are
about to serve chopped parsley!. Serve over rice with a veggie!.<font
<div >a great, quick meal i recently discovered is pan-fried pork
tenderloin!. It takes around 30 minutes and comes out great fried in
butter, garlic, thyme, and onions!. Serve with steamed veggies, potato,
whatever!. I usually cut it into sections, one for each guest before
frying!. brown the outsides over med-high, then reduce heat just enough
to keep them simmering!. They are done once the thermometer reads 160
F!. Let them sit for a few minutes before serving!.<font
<div >Grilled Raspberry Chicken<br><br>? 6 boneless, skinless chicken
breasts<br>? 1/2 cup frozen raspberries, thawed<br>? 1 cup raspberry
vinaigrette<br>? 1/4 cup raspberry vodka (optional)<br>? 1/4 cup finely
chopped mint leaves (optional)<br>? Fresh mint sprigs, for garnish
(optional)<br>? Fresh raspberries, for garnish (optional)<br><br>Rinse
chicken breasts and pat dry with paper towels!. Place chicken in a large
zip-top bag!. Add raspberries, vinaigrette, vodka (if using) and chopped
mint!. Squeeze air out and seal bag!. Gently massage the bag to mash
raspberries!. Marinate in the refrigerator for 1 to 4 hours<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Preheat grill to medium-high heat!.
Place chicken breasts on the grill and cook for 4 to 6 minutes per side!.
Remove from grill and place on serving platter!. Garnish with fresh mint
sprigs and fresh raspberries if so desired<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br><br>---------------------- and for dessert ----------
---------<br><br>Cheesecake-Brownies<br><br>Brownies:<br>? 1-1/2 cup
flour<br>? 2 cup sugar<br>? 1/2 teaspoon salt<br>? 2/3 cup
applesauce<br>? 6 egg whites<br>? 2 teaspoon vanilla<br>? 1/2 cup + 1
tablespoon cocoa<br><br>Combine dry ingredients ant wet ingredients
separately, then mix together!. Spray a 9x13” baking pan and pour mix
into it<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Cheesecake:<br>? 3 8oz
packages fat-free cream cheese<br>? 3/4 cup sugar<br>? 3 eggs<br>? 1
tablespoon vanilla<br><br>Mix all ingredients together until well
blended!. Pour on top of brownie mix!. Run a knife through the batter to
swirl!. Bake at 350 degrees F for 40-45 min!.<font
<div >Spaghetti w /creamy tomatoe pepper sauce <br>2 tblsp olive oil
<br>1 sm onion chopped <br>2 tblsp minced garlic<br>1 lrg bell pepper
chopped <br>2 lrg tomatoes<br>1/4 c fat free half and half<br>1/2 c
grated 2% parmesan cheese<br>1/2 tsp black pepper<br>8 c whole wheat
spaghetti<br>Hear oil in large skillet over med low heat!. add onion and
garlic!. cook <br>over med heat 5 min or untill onion is soft,stirring
constantly !. Add bell <br>pepper cook 4 min or untill pepper is crisp
tender!. stir in tomatoes <!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>2!.
Remove from heat let cool 2 minutes!. return skillet to heat !. gradually
<br>stir in half and half,cheese and black pepper!.reduce heat to
low,cook 5 minutes<br>or until heated through!. serve over
spaghetti!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >i would go for something like spaghetti and garlic bread!. have a
salad first and end it with a no bake dessert<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>my personal sauce recipe is:<br>brown 1lb hamburger
with chopped onion, garlic, sprinkle of lowry&#039;s seasoning salt and
dash of oregano<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>1/2 can hunts
traditional (the big one)<br>1 can on italian style tomatoes<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>salt &amp; pepper to taste<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>If you boil your noodles while making
the sauce, the whole thing only takes about 15min max!. it&#039;s really
good too!. one of my favorites!!<font
<div >Lemon Herb Chicken is a fav of mine<!--foods questions and answers-
Garlic Mashed Potatoes i use box but here is a recipe<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>http://allrecipes!.com/Recipe/Red-Garlic-
!.!.!.<br><br>Rosemary Carrots are great with chicken<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>http://allrecipes!.com/Recipe/Rosemary-
Ca!.!.!.<br><br>Banana Flips are a favorite of my nephews<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br> http://allrecipes!.com/Recipe/Banana-
Flip!.!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Pork Chops<br><br>Brown some sliced onions in some oil in a pan!.
Toss in some pork chops!. Season the way you like!. I use a lot of garlic
and some Mrs Dash!. Whatever you like is fine!. <br>When the pork chops
are brown, add to the pan a can of Cream of Celery soup, and about half a
can of milk, or water!. <br><br>Cover with a tight lid and simmer all
this on low heat for at least an hour!. The meat should fall off the
bones!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >This is what my family call the 4 &quot;C&quot;&#039;s meal<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>corned
beef<br>cabbage<br>corn<br>cornbread<br>!.!.!.!.!.cook corned beef in a
pot of water until tender at least 2 to 3hrs<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>!.!.!.!.!.!.cut cabbage into small pieces and cook in a
pot of water<br>with sliced onions and 3tbsp!.margarine,
salt&amp;pepper<br>!.!.!.!.!.!.!.can corn or frozen corn w/ a little
margarine<br>!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.jiffy cornbread mix!.!.!.follow
instructions<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Beef Stroganoff<br><br>1 lb ground beef<br>1 bag wide egg
noodles<br>2 cans cream of mushroom soup<br>1 (8 oz) canister sour
cream<br><br>brown beef, drain!. boil pasta, drain!. mix all
ingredients together and simmmer 5 minutes until hot<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>I always serve with a salad and buttered bread<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Serves 4-6 adults
easily!<br><br>HOPE THEY ENJOY IT!!! ITS MY FAMILIES FAVORITE!!! =)<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162072','8','         Cooking hotdogs!?
<div class=\"content\">What&#039;s a good liquid to boil hotdogs in!?
(other than beer) and do you know any good hotdog recipes!?<font
','                    <div >Beef Stock!.<font
<div >Not sure abour liquid to boil hotdogs in!.!.!.!.but heres a couple
recipe using hotdogs:<br><br><br>CHILLI DOG CASSEROLE <br>1 pkg!. (8) hot
dog buns <br>1 pkg!. (8) hot dogs (use more if you like) <br>1 can Chilli
(15 oz!. without beans, use more if you want) <br>1 small onion (chopped)
<br>2 cups shredded cheese <br>mustard <br>DIRECTIONS: Pre-heat oven 350
degrees <br>In a 9&quot; x 13&quot; baking pan, break up hot dog buns
(bite size) and spread in pan!. <br>Cut up hot dogs (about 1/2&quot;
size) spread over buns!. <br>Spoon/spred chilli over hot dog/buns!.
<br>Sprinkle onions over all!. <br>Squirt mustard over entire mixture
(don&#039;t spread!.!.!.just make a few lines both ways across mixture)
<br>Cover with shredded cheese!. <br>Bake until cheese is melted and
bubbly!. <br>(Hint: If using extra hot dogs &amp; chilli, don&#039;t add
extra buns!.) <br><br>&quot;Corny Beanie Weenies!.&quot; <br>(from a
country preacher in Mississippi…wife &amp; 2 teenage sons)<br><br>Mix one
can of good baked beans <br>We use a good sized can of beans (14-16
ounces, I think) and<br>get a kind that we like (maybe with brown sugar,
onion, and bacon)!. <br>There are several kinds of good baked beans!.
<br><br>and a package of Oscar Meier Weiners (all sliced up)<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>with a can of whole kernel corn
(drained)<br><br>Any way, heat up these three ingredients, and serve with
brown bread<br>(maybe toasted !?) and a glass of milk<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>It doesn&#039;t get any easier than this, and is
suprisingly good!<br><br>Pattsywattsy notes:<br>1!.)Might put ingredients
in a casserole dish and top with corn muffin mix<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>2!.)Use a pound of cooked gr!. beef or gr!. turkey or
cooked Jimmy Dean w/sage sausage or some smoked sausage<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>(Rename …!.!?!?!?)<font
<div >grill &#039;em!. water works<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>If you ever are cook large sausages fro pasta and the like it
works really well to prick the sausages with a knife and/or fork and boil
them in water to get rid of the unnecessary to eat grease!. Hot dogs just
go bland, and usually rupture by splitting open!. They&#039;ll get too
soggy too!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Try boiling hot dogs in cheese!. It can be expensive, but I think
it is good! It makes the hot dogs kind of like cheese dogs!. You can
also<!--aspertaime--> boil them in water mixed with white wine!. It is
supposed to give off a good smell, and taste really good, too!<font
<div >I suppose you can just boil them in water, but I&#039;ve never
boiled them! We always make them on the BBQ; my daughter will heat them
up in the microwave for my grandkids too!.!.!.!.<font
<div >pork can be boiled in water or poached white wine!.!.!.!.!.though
poaching is not usually suggested for pork unless you&#039;re doing
something really gourmet!.!.!.!.<font
<div >Cook them in a combo of bourbon, maple syrup and some bay leaves
<br>Top with fresh coleslaw and deep fried pickles!.<font
<div >not sure what liquid but if you wrap the hotdog with bacon and put
in a pan or on the grill it tastes good<font
<div >wercheshire sauce<br>And yes Wercheshire is probably spelled
wrong<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Water<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >brine<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >BBQ sauce!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162073','8','        Chicken recipes
for a picky eater!?                  <div class=\"content\">Hi so
I&#039;m tired of the same old chicken recipes that i have and i looked
on foodnetwork!.com and their recipes look good but my husband is a VERY
picky eater!. so i was lookin for chicken breast recipes for a picky
eater!. he likes spicy but more of a mild-medium spicy!. the vegies he
eats are corn green beans and carrots there can be more in the recipe but
easy to pick off of his plate so no small dicing please :D!. he loves
enchiladas but doesnt like the enchilada sauce in a can so a mild
enchiladas recipe would be great too!! thanks for all your help in
advance!. and its 3:30pm right now and he just left for work we&#039;re
on a weird schedule since he works nights and i dont start cookin dinner
until about 1230am-130am so he has dinner when he gets home!. THANKS
:D<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >COLA CHICKEN<br>(And more variations of
recipe)<br>(My favorite: Wings or Ribs)<br><br>4 skinless, boneless
chicken breasts<br>1 cup catsup<br>1 12oz!. can cola (pepsi, coke,
etc!.)<br><br>Put chicken in a non-stick pan<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Mix together catsup and cola, pour over chicken<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Bring to a boil!. Cover, reduce heat and
cook 45 minutes<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>(turning chicken a
few times, while cooking!.!.!.to prevent from<br>sticking to
pan)<br>Uncover, turn up the heat and continue to cook until the
sauce<br>becomes thick and adheres to the chicken<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>It turns into the most incredible BBQ sauce!.
Yummmm!<br><br>You can double the recipe and use more pieces
of<br>chicken!.!.!.!.wings!.!.!.would be ideal!.!.!.add some
hot<br>sauce!.!.!.!.presto &quot;Hot<br>Wings&quot;! <br>I have used
Ribs, just as good!. <br><br>I tried this recipe with
&#039;meatballs&#039;!.!.!.!.was equally<br>as good!.!.!.served over
rice<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I found another
variation!.!.!.!.!.omit the catsup and add a small<br>jar of Salsa (any
variety)!. <br><br>I have tried using Salsa (omitting the
catsup!.!.!.!.not)<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>You&#039;d
think a recipe with only &#039;3&#039; ingredients couldn&#039;t
be<br>messed up!.!.!.!.wouldn&#039;t you!?!?<br>Well!.!.!.while I was
preparing to fix the &#039;Cola Chicken&#039; recipe<br>using
Salsa!.!.!.!.!.I was also<!--aspertaime--> trying to carry on a
conversation with my<br>husband!.!.!.(just proves!.!.!.I can&#039;t do
two things at once)!.!.!.!.mixed<br>Salsa &amp; Catsup (before I realized
I was supposed to leave out<br>the catsup) &amp;
Cola!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.still turned out really tasty (to
me)!.!.!.might<br>be a little sweeter than some of you like<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I fixed chicken wings, (using the above
recipe)<br>but!.!.!.I added the spices from a MILD (I don&#039;t care for
&quot;HOT&quot;) Buffalo Wings packet!.!.!.(the kind you get to bake in
the oven)!.!.!.!.!.I thought it was really good!.!.!.!.!.(but you/I
can&#039;t find a &#039;bad&#039; way to fix chicken)<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Finally!.!.!.!.!! I fixed the &#039;SALSA&#039;
chicken!.!.!.!.!.!.that&#039;s good , too<!--foods questions and answers-
->!.<br><br>Another (bright)idea!.!.!.!.!.I thought of
trying!.!.!.!.!.!.replace the<br>catsup with a bottle of Shrimp Cocktail
Sauce!.!.!.and add a bag of (pop corn) shrimp!.!.!.!.!.! <br>Fixed the
shrimp with cocktail sauce!.!.!.!.!.!.eh!.!.!.wasn&#039;t all
that<br>great!.!.!.was OK!.!.!.probably won&#039;t be fixing it again<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>also<!--aspertaime--> tried beef
stew cuts!.!.!.!.!.!.that was pretty good!.!.!.!.!.I can see<br>myself
making this again<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Served both over
rice!.!.!.!.!.think the stew cuts would have been just as<br>good over
noodles<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>How about using the
little cocktail weiners/sausages!?<br><br><br><br>CRUNCHY ONION
CHICKEN<br><br>1 1/3 cups French’s Original French Fried Onions<br>4
boneless skinless chicken breast halves<br>1 egg, beaten<br><br>LIGHTLY
CRUSH:<br><br>Onions in a plastic bag<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>DIP:<br>Chicken in egg<br><br>COVER:<br>With onion crumbs,
press firmly to adhere to chicken<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>BAKE:<br>Preheat oven to 400 degrees<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Place chicken on lightly greased baking pan<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Sprinkle with additional onion crumbs, if
desired<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Bake for 20 minutes or
until no longer pink in center<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br><br>Mushroom Chicken<br><br>4 boneless/skinless chicken breast
(or any pieces you like)<br>1 can cream of mushroom soup<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>1 can water<br><br>Place chicken in crock
pot (or sauce pan for stove top cooking)<br>mix soup &amp; 1 can of water
together<br>pour over chicken<br>cook on medium heat until boiling then
reduce heat and cook until chicken is really tender &amp; falling
apart<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Serve over noodles or
rice or dressing!.!.!.!.or!?!?!?<font
<div >1!. Foil-Pack Dinners-turn on your sound
Take a look at these recipes from
Chicken Recipes in Crock
questions and answers-->!.<br>5!. TEXAS crock pot
recipes:<br>http://www!.texascook!.com/crockpot/<br><br>6!. Ragu Sauces-
Italian (in jars, just pour it on)<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Scroll down this screen, click a category and then click
&quot;Find Recipe&quot; at the bottom of the
screen:<br>http://www!.eat!.com/recipe_landing!.asp!.<br><br>7!. Look
through these chicken &amp; pasta
```````````````````````````<br>There are only two of us at home and we
had the same problem until we found out that the new frozen dinners are
delicious and most are healthy with no preservatives<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Here is a typical weekly dinner for us:<br>Each
of us have our own frozen dinner;<br>Canned pears or other
fruits;<br>Small can of Del Monte vegetables;<br>Can of S&amp;W sweet
potatoes;<br>Or a small bag of Idoho 100% real potatoes (just add
water)<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Some of the best
tasting frozen food brands are:<br>Stouffer&#039;s,<br>Michael
Angelo,<br>Marie Calendar,<br>Boston Market<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>There are many more brands, but these tastes best to us!.
<br><br>Give it a try for one week and see what you think<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Another thing you can do is buy pre-
cooked meats such as pot roast, chicken, pork chops, ham, meatloaf, etc!.
Divide them into meals and freeze them!. We do this often!. The brands we
like are:<br>Smithfield,<br>Hormel,<br>Armour,<br>Tyson chicken<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>There are other brands, but these are our
favorites!. Ask a grocery store clerk to help you find these pre-cooked
meats!. They are in the refridgeration section<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>The Pasta-Roni dinners are delicious!. Just follow
the directions on the box!. You will find these on the shelf at your
grocery store<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Betty Crocker
also<!--aspertaime--> has boxed dinners<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>You can buy cups of rice for one person!. Just add water!.
Follow directions on the containers<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Canned soups with a sandwich make great dinners or lunches<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Bagged salad greens will often
give you two or three salads!. BE SURE TO READ THE DATES!. Buy the ones
that have been washed twice!. Salad greens go bad fast<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Cerals are good for supper<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Eggs are also<!--aspertaime--> good for supper as in
fried egg sandwiches<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Grilled
cheeses with soup<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Spam can be
fried or eaten cold on bread<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Canned fish such as kippers, sardines, tuna, salmon (I like to put
a little soy sauce or salsa on kippers and sardines)!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162074','4','        Is there a place
in or near Roanoke, Virginia, where I can buy Bawls!?
','                    <div >You can buy it from Amazon,cheaper than
alse:<br>http://www!.amazon!.com/gp/redirect!.html!?i!.!.!.<br>Hope that
can help you/!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162075','5','        What is it called
when you dont eat any seafood (like a vegetarian but not)!?
<div class=\"content\">i only eat pork,beef,or chicken <br>thts the only
meat i eat<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >picky!.<font
<div >It&#039;s not called ANYTHING!<br><br>It&#039;s just called not
liking seafood!. Nothing more, nothing less<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Pork, beef and chicken = meat!. Vegetarians do not
eat meat!. Think about it<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>You
are an omnivore who doesn&#039;t like seafood!.<font
<div >Omnivore if you eat BOTH plant an animal!. Cannibal if you ONLY
consume those you previously listed!.<font
<div >It&#039;s called an omnivore!. Vegetarians eat no animals!.
<br><br>My husband eats meat but stays away from lamb and veal!.!.!.does
that make him like a vegetarian but not!? <br><br>::shaking head::<font
<div >It&#039;s called &quot;Not liking seafood!.&quot;<br><br>You can
let your friends and family in on this by telling them &quot;I don&#039;t
like seafood!.&quot;<font
<div >a weirdo!. seafood is delicious!.<font
<div >A meat eater!. Alot of people don&#039;t eat seafood!. They are not
vegetarian or anything close!.<font
<div >it means your an omnivore that just doesn&#039;t eat seafood!.<font
<div >Your an omnivore!. GMAB!<font
<div >i &lt;3 seafood not eating seafood means u dont like it i
guess<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >then u are leggitarian coz u eat those with legs!.!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162076','6','         Whats your
favorite brand of snack food!?                         ','
<div >Doritos =)<font
<div >these mexican ones http://www!.mexgrocer!.com/5395!.html<font
<div >Anything sweeet!!! I like Kelloggs brand<font
<div >Little Debbie<font
<div >nabisco<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >cadburys<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >snickers and liver fry with chillies<font
<div >lots of food- jello, and more<font
<div >Lays<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >baked lays sour cream and chedder!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162077','6','         Fruits with
seeds!?                   <div class=\"content\">What is the easiest way
to de-seed tomatoes &amp; the pits in cherries!?<font
','                    <div >Tomatoes are fairly easy!. Cut in half
horizontally (set tomato upright and cut across the middle rather than
down through the center from the top), and either scoop out seeds with
spoon, which takes the core and most meat with it, or give it a gentle
squeeze over a bowl or sink, scooping out any remaining seeds with your
fingers<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Cherries can be pitted
with a cherry/olive pitter, but in a pinch, cut in half (this time, from
the top, center), and open like a peach!. Remove pit with small spoon or
tip of knife (but be careful!)!.<font
<div >Well that is a difficult question but with apples you can get a
gadget that you put through the part with the stem and the middle part
with the seeds comes out!. Oh and with tomatoes you can cut the tomato in
half and use a spoon to scoop the seeds and just use the part without the
seeds!. With cherries there are pitted cherries at the store, but you can
also<!--aspertaime--> just spit the seed out as you eat!. also<!--
aspertaime--> there is a way to use a tube to put through the cherry and
ta da the seed is out!<font
<div >For tomatoes, cut them in half crosswise so the seeds are exposed
and scoop them out with a small spoon, or your finger!. Some people turn
the tomatoe halves upside down and squeeze the seeds out but you have to
be careful not to smash the tomato<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>For cherry pits, the only easy way to remove them is with a
cherry pitter!. Here&#039;s a link to one so you can see what they are!.
They remove pits from olives,
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162078','6','        How do you care
&amp; store raspberries once you bring them home from the grocery store!?
','                    <div >raspberry season is from May to November so
it is important to pick carefully!. Raspberries picked to early will be
tart!. Avoid shriveled, and dark looking berries!. You can store them in
a single layer in a moisture proof container in the refridgerator for 2-3
days!. If necessary, rinse lightly just before serving!. ENJOY<font
<div >Well you refrigerate immediately to keep them fresh!. But you only
wash them when you want to eat them, to keep them fresher longer!.
Portion out the amount you want, and wash that and immediately eat!. That
is the freshest way to eat them!. Same goes for all other berries!.<font
<div >Unfortunately, raspberries just don&#039;t last very long:) !.!.!.
Yes, you can store in refrigerator and wash only right before you use
them!.!.!. but the answer to store them in your tummy was probably the
best one! !.!.!. don&#039;t &quot;save&quot; them - eat them!<font
<div >this is how to treat all berries!.!.!.!.!.!. refrigerate
immediately to keep them fresh!. wash them when your ready to eat them,
if you wash them, and then put them in the fridge, they will get mushy
and turn!. so take out what you need and immediately refridgerate the
rest<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >cover with cream and store in tummy<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162079','1','        What is a honkey
tonk!?                  <div class=\"content\">is it the sound that is
made when you hit a donkey with a truck or a bar!?<font
','                    <div >a country bar<font
<div >From Wikipedia:<br><br>A honky tonk is a type of bar with musical
entertainment common in the Southwestern and Southern United States,
also<!--aspertaime--> called honkatonks, honkey-tonks, tonks or tunks!.
The term has also<!--aspertaime--> been attached to various styles of
20th-century American music!. As of 2008, honky tonk music seems to be
the most recognized and mainstream subgenre of country music<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>the earliest source explaining the
derivation of the term (spelled honkatonk) was an article published by
the New York Sun in 1900 and widely reprinted in other newspapers!.[1] It
states uncategorically that the term came from the sound of geese which
led an unsuspecting group of cowboys to the flock instead of to the
variety show they expected!.<font
<div >The other definition is a place where rednecks go to get drunk and
stupid!.!.!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I don&#039;t care how technical the other answer before me got!. A
honkey tonk is a coutry bar!. Plain and simple!.<font
<div >it is a sexy Hick girl that is really frisky and likes to have
fun!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162080','8','        What are the
differences between a choux pastry and a puff pastry!?
','                    <div >Choux Pastry:<br><br>choux pastry<br>[ shoo
] <br><br>also<!--aspertaime--> called choux paste, pate à choux and
cream-puff pastry, this special pastry is made by an entirely different
method from other pastries!. The dough, created by combining flour with
boiling water and butter, then beating eggs into the mixture, is very
sticky and pastelike!. During baking, the eggs make the pastry puff into
irregular domes (as with CREAM PUFFS)!. After baking, the puffs are
split, hollowed out and filled with a custard, whipped cream or other
filling!. Besides CREAM PUFFs, choux pastry is used to make such
specialties as éCLAIRS, GOUGèRE and PROFITEROLES<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Puff Pastry:<br><br>puff pastry<br><br>The French
call this rich, delicate, multilayered pastry P?TE FEUILLETéE!. It&#039;s
made by placing pats of chilled fat (usually butter) between layers of
pastry dough, then rolling it out, folding it in thirds and letting it
rest!. This process, which is repeated 6 to 8 times, produces a pastry
comprising hundreds of layers of dough and butter!. When baked, the
moisture in the butter creates steam, causing the dough to puff and
separate into hundreds of flaky layers!. Puff pastry is used to make a
variety of crisp creations including CROISSANTS, NAPOLEONS, PALMIERS and
ALLUMETTES!. It&#039;s also<!--aspertaime--> used as a wrapping for
various foods such as meats, cheese and fruit!.<font
<div >Choux pastry is made from eggs, flour, butter, sugar and is a soft
dough, when cooked, has alot of holes on the inside that can be filled
(eclairs, cream puffs)<br><br>Puff Pastry is made from butter, flour and
if a firm dough that must be worked, rotated and rolled every 30 min for
7 times and when baked, creates lots and lots (approx 1k) layers!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162081','8','        How do you make
your home made coleslaw and potato salad!?                        ','
<div >Hi there, i dont actually have any experience with this but here is
a recipe
<br><br>http://www!.reluctantgourmet!.com/slawpota!.!.!.<br><br>Hope this
helps<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Apple Coleslaw is a family favorite<br><br>INGREDIENTS<br>2 cups
coleslaw mix <br>1 unpeeled tart apple, chopped <br>1/2 cup chopped
celery <br>1/2 cup chopped green pepper <br>1/4 cup vegetable oil <br>2
tablespoons lemon juice <br>2 tablespoons honey <br>1 teaspoon celery
seed <br><br>In a bowl, combine the coleslaw mix, apple, celery and green
pepper!. In a small bowl, whisk remaining ingredients!. Pour over
coleslaw and toss to coat<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Cheesy Potato Salad <br><br>INGREDIENTS<br>2 1/2 pounds red
potatoes, cubed <br>1 cup sour cream <br>1/2 cup mayonnaise <br>1/4 cup
white sugar <br>1/2 bunch green onions, chopped <br>1 cup shredded
Cheddar cheese <br>1 tablespoon real bacon bits <br><br>Place the
potatoes into a pot, and fill with enough water to cover!. Bring to a
boil, and cook for about 10 minutes, or until easily pierced with a
fork!. Drain, and set aside to cool!. <br>In a large bowl, mix together
the sour cream, mayonnaise, sugar, half of the onions, and half of the
cheese!. Gently stir in the cooled potatoes!. Top with remaining cheese
and onions, and sprinkle bacon bits over the top!.<font
<div >Potato Salad <br><br>Ingredients<br>5 pounds potatoes - I prefer to
use red/new potatoes or Yukon Gold potatoes <br>1/4 teaspoon salt <br>2
cups Miracle Whip <br>2 tablespoons spicy mustard - or use your favorite
mustard<br>1/2 teaspoon salt <br>1/4 teaspoon black pepper <br>8 slices
of crispy bacon, crumbled<br>1 cup thinly sliced celery (2 stalks)
<br>1/2 cup chopped onion (1 small) <br>1/2 cup chopped sweet or dill
pickles or sweet or dill pickle relish - I prefer the dill <br>6 Hard-
Cooked Eggs, coarsely chopped <br><br>Directions<br>In a medium saucepan
place potatoes, the 1/4 teaspoon salt, and enough water to cover!. Bring
to boiling; reduce heat!. Simmer, covered, for 20 to 25 minutes or until
just tender!. Drain well; cool slightly!. Peel potatoes if desired and
cube!. <br><br>Meanwhile, for dressing, in a large bowl combine Miracle
Whip, mustard, the 1/2 teaspoon salt, and the pepper!. <br><br>Stir in
the bacon, celery, onion, and pickles!. Add the potatoes and eggs!. Toss
lightly to coat!. Cover and chill until ready to serve<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Creamy Coleslaw <br><br> Ingredients<br>1/2 cup
Miracle Whip <br>1/2 cup Marzaretti &lt;sp!?&gt; Slaw dressing - I have
found that some store brands of slaw dressing are just as good<br>3 cups
finely shredded green cabbage <br>1 cup finely shredded red cabbage
<br>1 cup finely shredded carrot <br><br>Directions<br>Combine green
cabbage, red cabbage, and carrot in bowl; toss gently with Miracle Whip
and Slaw dressing to coat!. Cover and chill until ready to serve!.
<div >For coleslaw, I made the dressing!. Good bit of mayo, apple cider
vinegar, sugar, celery salt, pepper!.!.!. whisk together and taste,
adjusting S&amp;P to your tastes!. Pour over shredded cabbage and
carrots!. Sometimes I throw in a few raisins or salted peanuts to keep
it interesting<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>For potato
salad, I make the dressing separately!. Good bit of mayo, bit of yellow
mustard, sweet and dill pickle relishes, S&amp;P!.!.!. whisk well, taste
for S&amp;P to suit your tastes!.!.!.!. pour over cubed cooked potatoes
(I like yukon golds!) and chopped boiled eggs!. I&#039;m not a fan of
celery in my potato salad, but will add green onion if I have it!.<font
<div >Coleslaw is made from carrots onions and white cabbage!. Its
easiest to put it into a food processor to chop up but if you don&#039;t
have one just chop by hand!. Not too much onion because it can overpower
the coleslaw!. Then just add mayo until its a nice consistency<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>With potato salad just peel and chop
your your potatoes into bitesize pieces!. boil until cooked, you can
check this by putting a knife into the potatoes, if it goes in easy they
are cooked!. Drain potatoes then cover with cold water until cooled!.
Drain again, make sure you get all the water off then spoon mayo over
them and mix carefully cos you don&#039;t want to break the potatoes up!.
You can add a bit of black pepper if you like!.<font
<div >Potato Salad-<br>I boil the potataoes just untill they are slightly
fok tender!. I mix in even parts of mayo and miracle whip as well as
mustard!. Some people also<!--aspertaime--> add pickle relish to sweeten
it!. I also<!--aspertaime--> add hard boiled eggs to mine!. You can add
paprika on top if desired<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Cole
Slaw- <br>I use a shreder to shred carrots and cabbage!. I add mayo and
miracle whip(if you dont have miracle whip you can just use a little
sugar)!. I also<!--aspertaime--> add a little mustard as well as salt and
pepper!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >For potato salad I boil whole red potato&#039;s then peel them when
they are soft!. I add celery, bell pepper, onion, sweet pickles, a dill
pickles, boiled eggs, all chopped pretty small, a bit of mustard and a
big spoon full of mayo!. salt and pepper to taste!. <br><br>Cole
slaw!.!. chop up cabbage, celery, carrots, very little onion all as thin
a small as possible<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>For dressing I
add these ingredients till I like the these of it<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>mayo, vinegar, sugar salt, pepper!. and pour it over the
cabbage and chill for several hours til the cabbage starts to wilt!.<font
<div >Cole slaw is easy Cabbage ,mayonaisse,salt and dab of vinegar is
all you need , you can add things like apples,raisins,and spices like
curry powder/ up to you as far as a recipe/ <br>I&#039;ve just measured
mayo, vinegar head od cabbage chopped up dash of salt to taaste chill in
frig till kinda soupy at bottom/ mix up thoughly to get that softness to
it!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Red Coleslaw<br><br>Red cabbage - grated<br>Red onion - finely
diced<br>1 teas Caraway seeds<br>Chopped walnuts<br>Sultanas<br>equal
parts mayo and natural yogurt<br>salt<br><br>Tradition
Coleslaw<br><br>White cabbage - grated<br>Carrots - grated<br>Firm eating
apple - grated<br>Sultanas<br>Mayonnaise<br><br>Potato
Salad<br><br>Cooked Potatoes - diced<br>Chives - snipped<br>Onion - fine
dice<br>S &amp; Pepper<br>Salad Cream<font
<div >coleslaw= grated cabbage and grated carrot bit of grated onion
mixed with mayo or salad cream or half and half!. potato salad= cooked
new potatoes cut up ( i prefer them with skins left on) a diced onion
mixed with mayo or salad cream as above!. enjoy x<font
<div >I have never made potato salad but this is my coleslaw
recipe;<br><br>Finely sliced white or red cabbage<br>Small amount of
finely sliced red or white onion<br>Grated Carrot<br>Mayonnaise<br>Dijon
Mustard<br>Lemon Juice<font
<div >Cole slaw: I chop cabbage and carrots up real fine andI add
mayo,vinegar and sugar to my taste I don&#039;t really use a certain
measurment!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >i prefere these with salad cream rather than mayo, try it its
delicious<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162082','8','         What are some
good toppings for hot dogs!?                   <div class=\"content\">I
usually just put mustard on hot dogs, or once in a while I&#039;ll put
chili on it!. But what else do people put on it!?!? I&#039;ve heard of
onions!.!. and I&#039;ve heard of pickles too!. But does that mean you
put everything on at the same time, like mustard, chili, onions, and
pickles all on the same dog!? What are other toppings that you like on
your hot dog!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >I like things like:<br><br>Sauerkraut and
spicy mustard<br>Spicy mustard and dill pickle slices<br>Chili, cheese
and chopped onions<br>Spicy mustard, chopped onions, sports peppers, dill
relish or dill pickle slices and some celery salt - some people also<!--
aspertaime--> like to add tomato slices and then it becomes a Chicago
Style dog<br>Corn dogs with spicy mustard and dill pickle slices<br>Stuff
a hot dog with sliced cheese and wrap a slice of bacon around it and bake
or broil until the bacon is cooked - dip in spicy mustard<br>Stuff a hot
dog with sliced cheese and wrap in a crescent roll; bake for 10-15
minutes or until roll is cooked - dip in spicy mustard or top with chili
and chopped onions and eat with a fork<br><br>Other things people like to
put on their hot dogs are:<br>BBQ sauce and chopped onions<br>BBQ sauce,
chopped onions and dill pickle chips or relish<br>Baked beans and
cheese<br>Mayo or Miracle Whip<br><br>SAC<font
<div >Take your bun and spread it with garlic butter or mustard or mayo!.
squirt sauce like garlicmayo, sweet chilli, barbecue sauce, tomato,
mustard, hot dog sauce, place hot dog on top roll a few times in the
bread, place grated cheese and then raw or dried onions on top also<!--
aspertaime--> other topings that can be put over that would be pickles,
chutnes, relishes, cream salad (seafood)<br>any one of these combanations
also<!--aspertaime--> work well with topings such as wild cranberries
(Lingon) apple, plum but the latter are tooo sweet for me!. their are
many more combanations but this should give you some advice!.!.Pa
Akwa<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >here in nh, ther is a hot dog place and you buy a hot dog, and pick
out anytoppings, they have usual ketchup mustard, chili, there&#039;s
rice, there&#039;s potato clumps, usually mexican stuff or rice works
best<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Sauerkraut , onions, ketchup, pickles or relish, barbeque sauce in
any combination!. Try different combinations that is the fun of it!.<font
<div >Personally, I like mustard, sweet pickle relish, and onions on my
hot dogs!. At other times a chili dog tastes good!. My husband like
ketchup, onions and pickle relish!. It all depends on how your taste buds
are feeling!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >relish,bits of bacon and cheese,chili,ketchup,and mustard wth bacon
and onions!.!.!.<font
<div >I just like Creole mustard and onions !.!.!. but some people like
ketchup, chili, pickle relish, sauerkraut, cheese!. I suppose they put
on the combinations that they like all at one time!.!.!.!.<font
also<!--aspertaime--> ADD CARAMEL ON IT!.<font
<div >Mustard, ketchup, and relish, I don&#039;t really put anything
else!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >i like relish,pickles,onies,ketchup,musred, all the things their is
really good on my hot dog!.<font
<div >I usually put onions and hot spicy mustard on mine<font
<div >chili &amp; cheese<br>mustard &amp;
sauerkraut<br>relish<br>ketchup<br>sloppy joe<font
<div >I like mustard, corn relish and stuffed olives on mine!.<font
<div >Lately my favorite is ketchup, mustard, and crisp dill pickle
slices!. Sometimes I&#039;ll melt some cheese on it!.<font
<div >Chow-Chow, slaw, onions!*<font
<div >Emeril&#039;s Ultimate Hot Dog Bar Recipe courtesy Emeril Lagasse,
2004 <br>Show: Emeril Live <br>Episode: Basketball Madness <br> <br>
<br> <br> <br> <br>8 all beef, bun-length hot dogs <br>8 regular-sized
hot dog buns <br>2 to 3 tablespoons olive oil <br>1 recipe Jalapeno-
Cheese Sauce, recipe follows <br>Optional assorted garnishes: diced
yellow onions, sauerkraut, mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, barbecue sauce,
diced tomatoes, sweet or dill pickle relish, chiffonade of iceburg
lettuce, and chili <br><br><br>Preheat a well-oiled grill to medium-high
heat!. Place hot dogs on preheated grill and cook with grill lid covered,
until nicely marked on all sides and heated through, 4 to 5 minutes, or
until desired degree of doneness!. Remove hot dogs from the grill and
keep warm until ready to serve!. <br><br>Brush the cut sides of the hot
dog buns lightly with the olive oil!. Place cut side down on the grill
and cook, with the grill lid open, until lightly toasted!. Serve buns
immediately with grilled hot dogs, Jalapeno-Cheese Sauce, and assorted
garnishes!. <br><br><br>Jalapeno-Cheese Sauce: <br>4 tablespoons (1/2
stick) unsalted butter <br>1/4 cup all-purpose flour <br>1/2 teaspoon
salt <br>1/2 teaspoon Essence, recipe follows <br>3 cups milk <br>1 1/2
cups shredded Colby cheese <br>3/4 cup (mild or hot) pickled jalapeno
slices, drained <br>Heat the butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat
until melted!. Add the flour and whisk to blend!. Season with salt and
Essence!. <br><br>Cook, stirring, for 2 minutes, then slowly add the milk
and whisk to blend!. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce heat to
medium-low!. Allow mixture to simmer, stirring constantly using a wooden
spoon, until mixture thickens enough to coat the back of the spoon, about
20 minutes!. <br><br>Add the cheese and the chopped jalapeno slices, and
whisk until completely melted!. Remove from the heat and serve warm with
Emeril&#039;s Ultimate Hot Dog Bar!. <br><br>Sauce can be refrigerated
for up to 2 days, then reheated on low heat, with a little liquid added
if necessary!. <br><br>Yield: about 3 cups <br><br><br><br>Emeril&#039;s
ESSENCE Creole Seasoning (also<!--aspertaime--> referred to as Bayou
Blast): <br>2 1/2 tablespoons paprika <br>2 tablespoons salt <br>2
tablespoons garlic powder <br>1 tablespoon black pepper <br>1 tablespoon
onion powder <br>1 tablespoon cayenne pepper <br>1 tablespoon dried
oregano <br>1 tablespoon dried thyme <br>Combine all ingredients
thoroughly!. <br><br>Yield: 2/3 cup <br><br>Recipe from &quot;New New
Orleans Cooking&quot;, by Emeril Lagasse and Jessie Tirsch, published by
William and Morrow, 1993!.<font
<div >what about cheddar cheese,chopped tomatoes and chopped
pickles!?<br>i would no do pickles and chili!.!.!.<font
<div >Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce <br><br>1/4 pound ground round <br>1 1/2
cups water <br>1 6 oz!. can tomato paste <br>1/4 cup sweet pickle relish
<br>1 tablespoon chopped onion <br>1 tablespoon prepared mustard <br>1
tablespoon Worcestershire sauce <br>2 teaspoons chili powder -- (up to 3)
<br>1 teaspoon salt <br>1 teaspoon sugar <br><br>Recipe by:
America&#039;s Best Recipes - 1992 Hometown Cook meat in large skillet
over med!. heat until browned, stirring to crumble meat; drain!.
<br><br>Add water and remaining ingredients to skillet; stir well Bring
to a boil; reduce heat, and simmer mixture, uncovered, 30 minutes,
stirring occasionally!. <br><br>Yield: about 3 cups <br>
<br><br><br><br><br><br>B And K Spanish Sauce For Hot Dogs<br><br><br>2
pounds lean 15% ground beef <br>3?4 cup water <br>2 cups Hunts ketchup
<br>41?2 teaspoons chili powder <br>2 tablespoons white vinegar <br>1?4
cup onion, diced fine <br>1 teaspoon salt <br><br>Do not cook hamburger
meat first!. Mix raw hamburger with the water and <br>add all the
ingredients together in a pot!. Simmer for 1 hour!. Spoon <br>over hot
dogs, or delicious served on a bun by itself!. <br><br>B&amp;K Drive-In
at Logansport, Indiana<br><br><br><br><br>FESTIVE HOT DOGS   <br><br>2 (1
lb!.) pkgs!. hot dogs<br>4 c!. bottled B!.B!.Q!. sauce<br>1/4 c!.
Worcestershire sauce<br>1/8 tsp!. white pepper<br><br>Cut hot dogs into 1
inch pieces!. Mix in bowl BBQ sauce, Worcestershire sauce and white
pepper!. Pour over cut hot dogs in casserole dish!. Make sure hot dogs
are covered with sauce mixture!. If not, add more B!.B!.Q!. sauce until
covered!. In preheated oven bake for 1 hour on 300 degrees F!. Then keep
warm until ready to serve!. <br>Hint: Open Pit Brand B!.B!.Q!. works the
best<br> <br><br><br><br><br>SWEET AND SOUR HOT DOGS   <br><br>3 to 4
lbs!. hot dogs cut into bite size pieces<br>1 can cranberry sauce<br>1
1/2 c!. unsweetened pineapple juice<br>1 sm!. bottle catsup<br>1/4 c!.
vinegar<br>1/4 c!. brown sugar<br>2 tbsp!. cornstarch<br><br>Mix all
together and cook slowly until smooth!. Add hot dogs and simmer 1 hour!.
<br><br><br><br><br>REUBEN HOT DOG   <br><br>Beef hot dog and
bun<br>Sauerkraut<br>Caraway seed<br>Russian salad dressing<br>Sliced
Swiss cheese<br><br>Cook hot dog and place in bun!. Add sauerkraut,
sprinkled with caraway seed!. Then add a little Russian dressing!. Top
with a slice of Swiss cheese!. Put under broiler just long enough for
cheese to melt!. <br><br><br><br><br>PIZZA HOT DOGS    <br><br>4 hot dog
buns<br>4 hot dogs<br>12 slices Mozzarella cheese<br>Pizza
sauce<br>Parmesan cheese, grated<br><br>Split hot dog buns and hot dogs
lengthwise!. Place layer of cheese on buns!. Add hot dog slices to each
bun!. Top with pizza sauce!. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese!. Place on
broiler pan!. Broil until brown and bubbly!. <br><br><br><br><br>Chicago
Hot Dogs<br>All-beef hot dogs<br>Green sweet bell pepper, diced<br>Yellow
onions, diced<br>Mustard<br>Sweet pickle relish<br>Dill pickle
chips<br>Cucumbers, sliced thin<br>Iceberg lettuce, shredded<br>Tomatoes
diced<br>Hot peppers (pepperoncini)<br>Celery salt<br><br>Steam hot dogs
and put condiments on table!. NEVER USE CATSUP! Celery salt is a
MUST!<br><br>Serve on poppy seed buns, if they are
available<br><br><br><br><br>Hotdogs Azteca?<br>1 package Azteca? Flour
tortillas<br>1 pound hot dogs<br>1 (15 ounce) can chiliwith beans<br>8
ounces American cheese slices<br><br>Bring tortillas to room
temperature!. Preheat oven to 475 degrees F<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Spread 1 heaping teaspoon of chili on each tortilla!.
Place slice of cheese on top of chili!. Set hot dog in center of cheese!.
Roll up sides of tortilla and fasten with wooden picks!. Bake
approximately 10 minutes until cheese is melted and tortilla is crisp<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Serves 5 to 6<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>NOTE: For appetizers, slice in quarters<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162083','4','         Question for
coffee lovers!.!.!.!?                   <div class=\"content\">Jamaican
Blue Mountain Coffee or Kopi Luwak, which is better!?<font
','                     <div >Which is better!? depends on what you
like<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Personaly Jamaican Blue!. is
better<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>as to Fair Trade, and
Harvest go, Jamaican blue is a very rich smooth coffee!. With a preutiful
roma<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I have a coffee company,
and not a lot of people go for the Luwak coffee<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>check out my coffee company if you
<div >Jamaican Blue Mountain hands down! Which, by the way, is why it
was selling for $25!.00 a pound in 1968! I have no idea how much it is
going for at this time it must be astronomical!. I am talking about the
very, very finest grade of beans here not those grown on the lower
slopes!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I have had Blue Mountain blend, good!. I have no desire to drink
coffee that has come out of an animal&#039;s butt!.<font
<div >I love Jamaican Blue!. Can&#039;t say I&#039;ve ever tried Kopi or
that I would necessarily want to!.<font
<div >sorry for saying this first of all coffee is not good for the
health!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.its my request to not have any coffee
<div >I love Jamaican Blue Mountain, its soooo smooth<font
<div >I have never heard of any of them, sounds good - now I want a
coffee!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >depends on which one you like!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162084','5','        Can we prove
veg*nism is right!?                  <div class=\"content\">Alright,
I&#039;ve noticed that many veg*ns (myself included) believe that their
way of life is &quot;right&quot;!. Well, I got to thinking!.!.!. two
wrongs don&#039;t make a right, right!? But, 3 lefts do make a right!
(take a second to make three 90 degree left turns if you&#039;re
Lost!.!.!. Thursdays 10/9c on ABC) Now, I figure we can prove veg*nism
is right (and not left and/or wrong), but it leads to another shocking
discovery!.!.!. that being on the left is associated with being wrong!.
And veg*nism is a very leftist sort of ideal!. But then again, might
doesn&#039;t always make right!.!.!. see where I&#039;m going with this!?
(P!.S!. I&#039;m not going to be right) So if meat consumption is
considered to make people big and strong (might), might that mean that it
isn&#039;t right to write!? And would it even be the sort of thing to
write home about!? I mean, what if your home is on the left, right!? Do
I have Mad Cow Disease!?<br><br><br><br>Congrats if you understood all of
that!. You&#039;re either insane or a genius!. Oh, and happy
Friday!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >It&#039;s right to write about such things
JR!. However, I have an issue with your avatar on the left!. It is a
painting, no!? It looks like your brother (can I disclose that
information here!?) is holding a hamburger! It&#039;s either a hamburger
or its his fist clenched in victory!. If its the former, you confuse the
non-veg*ns with that idea!. Not only that, but he&#039;s holding the
burger in his right hand!. It contradicts your lifestyle choice and you
know that we veg*ns are as &quot;lefty&quot; as they come!. I hope you
can clarify and or resolve that quickly<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>You&#039;re right - in this country, people think that the
left folks are wrong- overzealous, too sympathetic, bed-wetting, free-
spirited hippie types who came off of some spaceship!. It would take a
lot to convince the public at large that this leftist idea is right
(correct)!. (Have you seen the King of the Hill episode where Hank
becomes a member of the co-op!? That&#039;s how most mainstream Americans
think of veg*ns!. I close my case!.)<br><br>I have two left feet (not
when it comes to dancing!.!.I&#039;m black after all!) and two left
hands!. Therefore, I try to leave green footprints where I&#039;ve been
and I try to make good, wholesome foods with my hands!. I too refuse to
be right!. You have my support<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br><br>With that said, have a fantabulous
weekend!<br><br>::EDIT:: Yes, I certainly know too much!. I&#039;m super
glad that&#039;s not a burger!. Are you trying to tell me you don&#039;t
watch King of th Hill!? It&#039;s only the greatest show ever, right!?
<br>Oh!. And to answer your question - Father McKenzie!.<font
<div >Ok I am totally lost!<br><br>After much re-reading I have reached a
conclusion: That veg*nism is both left, and right simultaneously!. Is
that right!? LOL! ;)<br><br><br>Since it&#039;s Friday night (in the UK
at least!), I guess I can share my Green &amp; Blacks Organic Dark
Chocolate with you guys!. Or is it too good for sharing!.!.!?<font
<div >Fight for your right to party!. If you fight for your 3 lefts to
party, they may not let you in!. How can you ever get anywhere if
you&#039;re always right!? Right!? I think I left something out!.<font
<div >we are designed to eat meat and veggies so veganism is not the way
to go it is merely just a preference one chooses to take!.<font
<div >Smiles and nods,Smiles and nods!.<font
<div >I heartily concur with whatever it was that you said!.<font
<div >Left is right and right is wrong<font
<div >FXB5-1<br>Edit: I did!?!?!?<font
<div >The answer is 42<font
<div >What is right!.!.!.right is what is acceptable and generally taken
as the best course of action<br><br>is the western world right to drink
alcohol (in moderation) or are Muslims right to not drink it!?<br><br>are
vegetarians right to give up meat, or are omnivores right to eat
meat<br><br>to each person they are right, because it is the ideals that
have been instilled upon them<br><br>some believe killing is right,
others believe its wrong<br><br><br>so who is to really say whats right
and wrong, its simply how we view something that determines whether we
view it as right or wrong<br><br>cheers for the thumbs down!.!.!.its
cause i didn&#039;t say vegans are the best did i!? i simply said every1
is right in their own eyes, if you all cant respect that then i have
nothing more to say<font
<div >Three rights made a left in the Holy Grail!. That&#039;s how King
Arthur ended up right back where from whence he started at the Castle
ARGGGHHH! You can only prove Veg&#039;nism to be right if you convert
everyone and it&#039;s the only diet that is left<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>That is my contribution for today!. Have a great
Weekend!. Enjoy what is right of it!.<font
<div >No!. It&#039;s a personal choice!. To each his own!. Vegetarians
think they are right and people who eat meat think they are right!. Just
like mothers who breast feed think that they are better than mothers who
bottlefeed!. They aren&#039;t!. It&#039;s not what you feed you child!.
It&#039;s that you love them!. You do what works for you but don&#039;t
put others down for doing something different than you would do!.<font
<div >since i have no idea what you just said!.!.!.!.<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>i guess i&#039;m not insane, so that&#039;s a good
thing!. <br>i&#039;m also<!--aspertaime--> not a genius, and that kind
of sucks<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>happy friday to you,
too!<br><br>(by the way, we could prove we&#039;re right a million times
over and it would be like talking to a wall anyway!.!.!.!.!.don&#039;t we
do that almost daily on this forum!? speaking (or typing, in our case)
means nothing if no one is willing to listen with an open mind)<font
<div >There isn&#039;t a semblance of sence left in whatever you just
said, but I can only assume you are right!. But how did this all
&quot;vegan&quot;!? Maybe your brain has died and you are now a
vegetable!. Lost as I may be, I don&#039;t watch any shows on ABC except
Grey&#039;s Anatomy!. <br><br>I think to prove veg*nism is right,
you&#039;d have to first seperate the directional variation of the word
right, which pits it against left!. Rather, see it as right in conjecture
to the word &quot;wrong&quot;; wrong is often seen in reference to anyone
that is not veg*n!.!.!. yes, I believe that is right!. <br><br>Veg*n is a
rite of passage into the way of being right, but if you take it too far
you are more like making it into a reich, which many people complain
about (&quot;vegan nazi&quot; syndrome)!. You will notice that you walk
funny, in a weird high-stepping way, grow a peculiar growth under your
nose that isn&#039;t a lip, and your posture will be impeccable!. Perhaps
the condition is somehow linked to the clear lack of protein we veg*n
people get!. I myself always felt I was pro-teen, myself, that was the
most carefree period of my life!. <br><br>I think you should be careful
taking any turns for the worse, so I would stay as far away from the
right as possible, especially the religious right!. There is a website
dedicated to that,<br>http://www!.fstdt!.com<br>I visit often and
laugh<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>To avoid being right you
should take four left turns (do not stop at the third left turn, do not
pass go, and for God&#039;s sakes don&#039;t take that Godless Monopoly
man&#039;s 200 dollars) and end up where you started from!. Which is
what&#039;s right to begin with, the veg*n way<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>I don&#039;t think you have Mad Cow Disease, because
you have to be a cow to have it!. You might have the human variant,
Creutzfeldt-Jacobs disease, which is very sad news, unless you are, in
fact, into that sort of thing!. What with it turning your brain into a
sponge and all!. Nothing against sponges, of course, they clean your
dishes and that Bob sponge on T!.V!. is nice, though his pants are
geometrically incorrect<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I
cannot believe I participated in this!. O_o<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162085','5','        Fruits and
Vegetables!?                  <div class=\"content\">Okay, I am newly
vegetarian!. I was wanting a variety of fruits and vegetables!. We dont
have a lot of money, so somewhat cheap!. Easy, if any prep<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>I would like to try A-Z in both fruits and
vegetables!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >Buy store brand frozen veggies!. They are
just as good as fresh!. also<!--aspertaime--> buy beans and whole wheat
pasta, both are cheap!<font
<div >Go NO father than this chips and fruit dip recipe!!! You will want
to eat this everyday!!! <br><br>INGREDIENTS<br>2 kiwis, peeled and diced
<br>2 Golden Delicious apples - peeled, cored and diced <br>8 ounces
raspberries <br>1 pound strawberries <br>2 tablespoons white sugar <br>1
tablespoon brown sugar <br>3 tablespoons fruit preserves, any flavor <br>
<br>10 (10 inch) flour tortillas <br>butter flavored cooking spray <br>2
cups cinnamon sugar <br><br><br>DIRECTIONS<br>In a large bowl, thoroughly
mix kiwis, Golden Delicious apples, raspberries, strawberries, white
sugar, brown sugar and fruit preserves!. Cover and chill in the
refrigerator at least 15 minutes!. <br>Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175
degrees C)!. <br>Coat one side of each flour tortilla with butter
flavored cooking spray!. Cut into wedges and arrange in a single layer on
a large baking sheet!. Sprinkle wedges with desired amount of cinnamon
sugar!. Spray again with cooking spray!. <br>Bake in the preheated oven 8
to 10 minutes!. Repeat with any remaining tortilla wedges!. Allow to cool
approximately 15 minutes!. Serve with chilled fruit mixture!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162086','6','         What is your
favourite ready meal!.!.!.!?                   <div class=\"content\">I
don&#039;t normally eat them but when I do I like Birds eye kids
shepherds pie!.!.!.its yummy with loads of peas in<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>The adult ones just don&#039;t compare lol<font
','                     <div >Cottage pie or lasagna!.<font
<div >I like the Tysons chicken meals that are frozen, lots of vegetables
and chichicken cooked within a fifteen minute time frame for those of us
that get off work late and try to find something to eat just before to
going to bed to sleep!. Hopefully with nothing to help our battle with
the buldge!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Sainsbury&#039;s own Chicken Korma!. I like both their Chicken
Korma&#039;s, the normal one and the more expensive one with coriander
rice!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >any ready made curries contain beetles blood and that so i wudnt
reccomend eating them!. its in the ingredients under a different name so
you do not realise<font
<div >Marie Callender chicken pie<font
<div >Marks and Spencer ham and mushroom tagliatelle !<font
<div >a few lasagne chicken cottage pie tune an chicken pasta bake they
all nice but lasagne healthy option my favourite<font
<div >Spaghetti Bolognaise<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Much
simpler then me making it wrong<font
<div >spring onion mash just pop in microwave simply the best <br> so
quick to prepare   , some gravy !.<font
<div >I like the Weight Watcher&#039;s Chicken Hotpot!.<font
<div >spaghetti bolognaise it is<font
<div >chicken burrito<font
<div >spaghetti<font
<div >Stoffers meals are yummy but very high in fat!. Lasagna!<font
<div >cottage pie<font
<div >shepheards pie good to<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162087','6','        I am so misrable
because my mother didn&#039;t go to the shop AGAIN!.!.!.!!?!!?
<div class=\"content\">I have no food in the house!.!.!.!.i am planning
to make an emergancy storage box under my bed just in case something like
this happens again<br><br>But since i have not emergancy supply now, and
only a small pack of Quick Ready Noodles what can i do!!!<font
','                    <div >Call 911 immediately! Do it now! You may
become too weak from malnutrition to push the buttons if you put it off
for another minute!<font
<div >order a pizza from www!.pizzapizza!.ca<br>order a quarter chicken
dinner with fries from www!.swisschalet!.ca<br>order a submarine sandwich
from www!.mrsub!.ca<br><br>Unless, of course, you are under age and have
no source of income!. In which case, you could walk to the nearest food
bank, and request a box of kraft dinner!.<font
<div >i know it is annoying maybe your mum run out of time or didn&#039;t
have enough money<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>i always eat
cereal or toast when I&#039;m out of food<!--foods questions and answers-
->!.<br><br>Maybe you could ring a friend and have dinner at there house
tonight<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Eat the ready noodles<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>After
that, volunteer to go out and get more ready noodles, or perhaps Captain
Crunch using her money!.<font
<div >You need a foster home!. Nobody in America should be without
food!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Here&#039;s a crazy idea, get off your @ss and go to the shop
yourself!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Eat your ready noodles!.<font
<div >Cook The Noodles (Y)<font
<div >Thats a good idea!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>but the best recipe ever!.!.!.which no doubt you will
have!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>make some
toast!.!.!.leave it to go cold so when you put the butter on it
doesn&#039;t melt!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>mmm
yummy!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Eat the noodles<font
<div >Go to your neighbour&#039;s house and look wistful!.<font
<div >legs<br><br>left right left right<br><br>repeat until you get to a
shop<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Order a pizza!.<font
<div >Go to the store yourself!.<font
<div >go to the shop you lazy git!<font
<div >if your that desperate, go to the store yourself<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>Don&#039;t have a car!? Walk lazy!.<font
<div >divorse your parents<font
<div >You lazy so and so, you sound like my 19 year old son!. Its not
you is it Adam!?!?!?<font
<div >Starve<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >How Old Are You!<br>Go shopping yourself you lazy bugger!<font
<div >go shopping yourself instead of blaming your mom!.!.!.lazy
bum!.!.!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Go to the store yourself!?<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162088','6','        Whoops! Ice-cream
put in fridge by mistake!. Can I put it in freezer now and eat when
frozen again!?                  <div class=\"content\">Will I get food
poisoning!. It has been in frozen at shop, unopened in fridge to complete
melting state!. Can I freeze it again!?<font
','                    <div >it depends how long it was in the fridge
really<br>but im positive you can still be eaten <br>because it was still
kept cold<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >you cannot re freeze something that has defrosted unless it is
something you can cook before refreezing!. you can get food poisoning and
in particular because icecream is dairy and a greater risk!.<font
<div >You can freeze it but it will not be nice to eat !.!.!.no you wont
get food poisoning !.!.!.!.!.!.!.what will happen is you will get ice
crystals in the ice cream !.!.!.!.!.bin it and get some more<font
<div >Its gonna taste funny but I wouldn&#039;t do it the texture and
everything will be thrown off!. Just get more or turn it into a
shake!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >No once something has de-frosted you can&#039;t re- freeze
that&#039;s how you get food poisoning<font
<div >Yes, it will be fine! It just changed the state of the icecream,
not the flavour!<font
<div >Yes you can<font
<div >You can not re-freeze ice cream!. And yes, you can get food
poisoning!. So don&#039;t eat it!.<font
<div >HA HA omg<br>YES refreeze it!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>? ?<br>HOW would you food poisoning!?!?!? what about your
butter!?!?!?   it sits in your fridge for weeks<br>There is too much
sugar in it <br>Get Real<font
<div >Yes, but the texture and flavor will be a bit off!.<font
<div >You must NEVER re freeze anything, try drinking ! tastes quite
good, maybe a bit sweeter than normal!.<font
<div >Yes, I think it will be fine!. It didnt mean it went bad just
because it melt!.<font
<div >Ewww! NO! It will taste all freezer burnt and crap! lol! If i wer u
hunn i would just throw it away NOW!<font
<div >you cant get food poisoning from it!.!.!.it&#039;ll be fine =]<font
<div >It will be fine chillaxxxxxxxxx<font
<div >Na don&#039;y eat it!.!. you could!.!. i wouldn&#039;t<font
<div >the texture will get all ice-y and hard!.!.!.!.!.wont be very nice
regardless of whether u get food poisoning or not!. sorry for ur loss, i
know the hollowed feeling of not enjoying great ice cream :p<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162089','6','        Vertigo Candy!?
<div class=\"content\">Hey I love them!. There really good =] But!.!.
Most the time I buy them there experation date is ALWAYS out of date!. I
think I had them a couple of times were there in date!. Does anyone else
have this problem!? Because I&#039;m about to take this up with the
corparation!. And is the corparation just by vertigo on does another Corp
own them!.!. ex:hersheys!?<br><br>Thanks<font
','                    <div >Those look so good<br>Cheers<br>B<font
<div >never heard of vertigo candy!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>cant imagine candy going bad with all the junk in it
tho!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162090','6','        How do i order at
koibito teriyaki sushi!!?                  <div class=\"content\">Its
like a shushi place!. They just put one in here and i saw the
board/menu!. How do i order there for example, it says california roll
4!.99, so it that like 3 rolls for 4!.99 or what!!? and why are some so
expensive are they plates or something!?! anyone know what im talking
about!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >A &quot;roll&quot; is usually cut into 6 or
8 bite-size pieces!. The prices of rolls cary depending on what
ingredients they contain!. There are literally dozens of different types
of rolls!. The best thing to do is to try different ones until you find
some that you like!. Most sushi beginners like california rolls, crunchy
rolls, snowcrab rolls, and Philadelphia rolls, to name a few!. Hope this
helps!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162091','6','        Who likes to eat
Marmite!.!.!.!?!?                  <div class=\"content\">On its own like
from a spoon, finger or knife<font
','                    <div >I eat it with a spoon or get told off for
sticking my fingers in the jar! everyone thinks i&#039;m sick glad to
know other people do it haha!<font
<div >no i dont do non as i dont like it but like the advert they say you
either love it or hate it and i hate it !.!.<font
<div >I love it spread really, really thickly on toast - but don&#039;t
know if I could eat it straight from the jar!.<font
<div >Great stuff!. I like it with cucumber!. It&#039;s also<!--
aspertaime--> good on toast before you melt cheese all over it!.<font
<div >Ive never actully tried it, but ill get my mum to buy some when
goes shopping next, hahaaa i might like it &quot;)<font
<div >I love Marmite but eat it in a sandwich with Lurpak butter,
yum:)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Only on toast with butter<font
<div >I&#039;ll only eat it at gunpoint!<font
<div >yea love the stuff<font
<div >I HATE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>Yuk ! :(<font
<div >I love marmite on toast!. YUM YUM<font
<div >yer on toast!.!.<font
<div >i do and i love it as its lush!!!<font
<div >Yummy!<br><br>My mum has it on toast mixed with peanut butter!<font
<div >i love it but it makes you thirsty<font
<div >love it!!!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162092','1','        Has anyone ever
had Absinthe!? How good is it!?                  <div
class=\"content\">has anyone ever had it!? and where can you get it at!?
I know its illegal in a lot of places, but where can you get it still!?
whats the trip like!? also<!--aspertaime-->, whats some good drinks to
get wasted as **** on!?<font
','                    <div >Its peerfectly legal in the uk (As I presume
we can handle it) There is no &#039;trip&#039; as its just and alcoholic
drink!. Earlier brands in the 1800s had a lot more contaminants in them
which along with the ingredient wormwood which is present in absinthe and
gives it its green colour could produce psychotropic anomolies but now
there are regulations on purification!. You can get Hapsburg Absinthe
which is at 75 and 85% but the tastiest one for me is called sebor
absinthe and it is at 55% as it has an aniseed base to it!. It does not
how ever smell of drambuie nor does any absinthe!. Try it with sugar to
soften the sharp taste!. put sugar on spoon and dab a bit of absinthe on
to spoon!. Light sugar and let it burn til it is a sort of paste but do
not burn it!. mix with absinthe in glass and neck it straight down!.<font
<div >The only place that I know of to get real absinthe is France<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>You can get an alcoholic drink
called absinth pretty much anywhere!. But what makes it real absinthe is
the wormwood!. Wormwood is traditionally a medicinal herb, but in larger
doses (like you would get from drinking absinth) it can make you
hallucinate!. Wormwood can also<!--aspertaime--> make you die, and long
term use can screw up your brain, which is why it is illegal in so many
places!. <br>Most likely the absinth that you have access too is not the
real thing, so it won&#039;t make you trippy, or anyting like that!.<font
<div >&quot;Absinthe is an alcoholic liquor made from a blend of herbs!.
Among the most popular herbs used for production are anise, licorice,
hyssop, fennel and most importantly, wormwood (artemesia absinthium)!.
Absinthe is also<!--aspertaime--> known as the Green Fairy (&quot;La Fee
Verte&quot;) and is often characterized by its green colour!. This green
colour comes normally from the blend of herbs used, though certain modern
absinthes are clear as well<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Most modern commercial absinthes have high alcohol
concentrations ranging from 40% - 70% (80 - 140 proof)!. However, most
also<!--aspertaime--> have a low level of thujone (the active chemical in
wormwood)!. Absinthes supposed special effects of greater clarity of
thought and creativity comes from the mixture of the high concentration
of alcohol and the mixture of herbs including wormwood!.&quot;<br><br>I
do not think it is illegal and I have had it many times at different bars
in Hamilton Ontario Canada<font
<div >Absinthe in a very strong tasting anis-based liquor (tastes like
killer licorice)!. It was banned in France in 1915 because a prominent
doctor studying the association alcohol-insanity claimed that drinking
absinthe could result in loss of one&#039;s mind!. Obviously, a sip or
two isn&#039;t going to hurt anyone; it is overuse of any alcoholic
beverage that damages the brain!. However, at 90 to 144 proof, absinthe
is one of those drinks that is easily and quickly OVERused!. It burns on
the way down and it burns in the stomach, and personally, I can&#039;t
understand why anyone would take a second drink!. <br><br>To see
&#039;effects&#039; of absinthe drinking see Monet, Picasso, or Degas
paintings on the subject!. I particularly like the Degas, which shows the
hopelessness and loneliness of alcoholism!. In those days, it was a cheap
escape, and the poor and desperate escaped by getting wasted, as you put
it!. Don&#039;t get wasted!.<font
<div >It smells horrendous!. I have only smelled the liqueur - which is
available in the US!. I have heard the real deal is a lot like blk
licorice!. It has an herby smell like Drambouie though<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>There&#039;s a reason why it&#039;s illegal - you
could easily end up with alcohol poisoning or death!. That would be a fun
trip, eh!? Then people can start calling you &quot;Charcoal
Boy&quot;!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >It&#039;s awful!. The smell is awful, the taste is awful!. It felt
kind of foamy in my mouth!. If you like black licorice, you might like
it!. Not sure where you can buy it at!. I got a bootleg version that a
friend snuck into the country!. And the trip is just an urban legend!.
It&#039;s not going to do anything that a bottle of Jagermeister
won&#039;t do!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162093','8','        Which should I
have for a late night snack!?                  <div class=\"content\">I
was busy and never ate earlier!. Now it&#039;s very late and I&#039;m
starving what should I have steak au poivre (used New York strip) or
rotisserie chicken (traditional deli spice)!. I&#039;ve been on a cooking
binge and have plenty of either in the fridge!.<font
','                    <div >dont have steak so late at night it will
take a long time for your body to digest it!. if anything have some
chicken, it&#039;ll be must nicer to your stomach!. remember you shouldnt
eat right before going to bed, so if you eat give it an hour or two
before you sleep to help you digest your food, either wise it will take
longer!. if you can, try having something even lighter, like a salad with
light dressing or cottage cheese!.!.!.!.but i would stay away from the
steak<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >depends if you are obese or not, if you are like most of this
country, you should walk your fat *** on the treadmill, and then eat some
fruit, if not, eat some fish, chicken or steak, and get some lean meat in
you,and get a booty!.<font
<div >Chicken!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Always steak!.<font
<div >If you can&#039;t decide you are going to go to bed hungry!!<font
<div >I&#039;m craving more of a late night feast<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>And the rotisserie chicken sounds good!. =)<font
<div >Go with the steak!.!.!.!. great, now I&#039;m hungry<font
<div >steak is good<font
<div >try this great site, you will get many
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162094','8','        Cake modeling
clay!?                  <div class=\"content\">how do you make the
eatable clay that you cover the cake with and make tiny models with to
put on the cake!? hope you guys understand what i mean!. i needed for my
sons birthday party, i want to make a round cake and then decorate with a
sports car or something with cars<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>ps: if you don&#039;t know what i mean here is a pic
nt color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >It&#039;s called fondant!. If you are new to
this, I strongly suggest buying already made fondant!. If you are up to
making it, here is a good site!. It provides tons of info and a good
recipe!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >http://www!.candylandcrafts!.com/fondant-m!.!.!.<font
<div >If you&#039;re wanting it for your child&#039;s party then more
than likely the kids will want to eat it (I know they always do when I
use it lol)!. Therefore I would not recommend buying it ready made- the
ready made stuff can be easier to work with if you&#039;re new to working
with various fondant recipes at home, but it tastes generally less than
desirable!. It comes in handy if you&#039;re making something like a
dummy wedding cake that won&#039;t get eaten!. The whole point of
decorating a cake pretty is making it edible too, right!?<br>This is a
cheater&#039;s version called Marshmallow fondant- the kids of course
love it- you can always substitute in the kids favourite flavoring for
part of the water:<br>16 oz bag marshmallows<br>2 tbsp water<br>1/3 cup
Crisco plus more for kneading<br>Several cups of sifted icing sugar (it
varies how much you will need to add- -gradually gets added so if you
sift more than you need, you can always put it back)<br><br>Melt the
marshmallows and water in the microwave (in a well greased microwavable
bowl)!. After they melt remove and quickly scrape into your stand mixer
(or straight onto a clean counter surface first greased with Crisco, then
dusted with icing sugar- beware when you touch it, it is very hot - and
always coat your hands/fingers with Crisco so it doesn&#039;t stick to
your fingers)<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Add 1/3 cup Crisco
and begin mixer on low speed!. Add 3 cups of confectioner&#039;s sugar, 1
cup at a time!. Mixture will be very thick!. You will only be able to mix
for 1-2 minutes!. Turn out the mixture onto a surface that has been
generously greased with Crisco and 2 cups of confectioner&#039;s sugar
put into a pile!. Begin kneading the mixture, continuing to add more
sugar until the fondant is quite stiff!. If it starts to crack or appear
crusty, dip your fingers into more Crisco and add another tablespoon or
so!. I usually do this 4 or 5 times!. I knead for about 7-8 minutes!.
Wrap tightly in plastic wrap and let rest overnight!. I had problems with
the MMF tearing and being to dry!. By adding the Crisco, it is much more
elastic and easier to work with!. I did not have to use any cornstarch or
additional Crisco to roll out the fondant and it didn&#039;t stick at
all<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Roll out what you will need -
on icing sugar dusted surface, and cover your rolling pin as well, and
save the rest wrapped well in plastic wrap until you use it for making
your shapes,cars etc- if you&#039;re going to use it for that!. If you
don&#039;t and have some left over, wrap it in several layers of plastic
wrap tightly, and then place in a heavy ziploc bag and freeze it until
you need to use it next!. Just let it thaw overnight and then knead it a
bit to soften (with Crisco if necessary)!. <br>Have fun!<br>If it&#039;s
your first time covering a cake with fondant, you may want to look online
for the great myriad of tutorials, e!.g!. Wilton or Cakecentral (need a
free membership for that one), and then practice first with a round piece
of styrofoam (available at your craft/cake supply store- as for dummy
cakes and get the size you will be using for the real
thing)<br><br>PS!.!.!.when covering a cake with any kind of fondant, you
want to make sure your cake is a heavier recipe, because it has to stand
up to the weight of the fondant and keep its shape - so this is no time
to make an angel food cake for instance!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162095','5','        Teen
Vegetarians!?!?                  <div class=\"content\">Im looking for a
teen vegetarian cookbook, i know they have them i saw them at a
bookstore, but i was wondering which ones you like best, and which ones
your recomend and why<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>thankss<br>btw, im 13 so nothing complicated!.<font
','                    <div >I&#039;m a teen vegetarian too!<br>You
should sign up for this FREE Vegetarian starter pack, it&#039;s from PETA
and it comes with a cookbook and other resource guides =]<!--foods
questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>http://www!.goveg!.com/order!.asp<br><br>YAY, and you should
sign up at www!.peta2!.com for newsletters and check out their sweet
merchandise!. Lol!. And look at Peta2 and vote for sexiest vegetarian!. I
suggest Brian Bell of Weezer fame for the guy!.!.!. =p Now aren&#039;t I
just a Peta freak!.<font
<div >My nephew is your age and a vegetarian, and since I&#039;m the cook
in the family, I gave him a cookbook for Christmas!. I found that the
things intended for kids were too childish, and most of the things for
adults were too complicated!. I also<!--aspertaime--> avoided anything
too weird - he isn&#039;t into strange bean mixtures and freaky
combinations of vegetables!. There was really nothing appropriate for
his age group, and believe me; I looked hard! What I ended up giving him
was Mark Bittman&#039;s &quot;How to Cook Everything Vegetarian,&quot;
and it was a hit!. According to his parents, he has been cooking
regularly from it!. Some things might be too complicated, but others are
not, and there is so much in there, you are sure to find something you
can use!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Here are 3 good books!. I&#039;m 17 and just became a vegetarian
too!. <br><br>The Teen&#039;s Vegetarian Cookbook by - Judy
Krizmanic<br>A Teen&#039;s Guide to Going Vegetarian - by Judy
Krizmanic<br>Kids Can Cook: Vegetarian Recipes - by Dorothy R!.
Bates<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I am not a teen - so I am not sure which book would be good!.
<br><br>But there is a great vegetarian site, with easy and free
recipes!. <br><br>http://www!.vegetariantimes!.com<br><br>Plus check out
some online teen vegetarian sites!. - google them!. <br><br>Good
luck!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >The Teen&#039;s Vegetarian Cookbook by Judy Krizmanic<font
<div >i like THE EVERYTHING VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK<br>it has a lot of cool
and easy recepies<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162096','5','         A good place to
work!?                  <div class=\"content\">a good place for a 14-16
year old to work (Vegetarian) so not flipping burgers or something<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Nothing related to meat,<br>any
ideas!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >I would suggest retail stores in your
nearest mall!. Sure, they will have you stocking shelves at first,(and
because of your age) but we all have to start at the bottom and with
your hard work, you will eventually work your way out to the floor,
working with the customers using all of those manners that your parents
taught you that you thought you would never use!. It&#039;s a clean
environment, you won&#039;t go home smelling like some restaurants food
all the time, you can get discounts on clothing and your friends can come
in and see you and act like customers to give you the 411 of what&#039;s
going on!. I made more money babysitting than anywhere I went when I was
16, so if you have the tolerance for that sorta thing, maybe that&#039;s
a thought as well!. I hope this suggestions help you out today, good luck
on your job hunt!<font
<div >If you are vegetarian because of animal rights issues, you could
see if you could get a job with PeTA or another group like that!.
Another idea would be to see if you can get a job with animals (vet
clinic, horse stable, animal shelter, etc!.)<br><br>If you&#039;re a
vegetarian because of the environment, you might want to check out
organizations like Greenpeace, PIRG, the Sierra Club, etc!.<font
<div >Whole Foods<br><br>i love it there!<font
<div >any office wud be good!.!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162097','6','         Adding a hint of
mint to tea!?                  <div class=\"content\">So I went to a
great medaterrian restaurant the other day and they had spearmint tea and
it was so great I asked the waitress where they got it!. They said they
just made normal tea and put some mint leaves in the brew for
flavoring<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I want to make this
tea myself, so I have the tea and mint flakes, (McCormick brand Mint
Flakes), but I&#039;m not sure how many flakes to put in the tea, and if
I should add them before or after boiling the water!. Thanks in
advance!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >you add them before boiling, see when it
starts brewing the flavor actually goes in the tea, but if after the
boiling then the leaves would just sit there<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>and how many you put in your tea all depends on how much
of a essence of mint you want<br>Hope this helps :)<font
<div >No, no, no and thrice no!!!!<br><br>Mint tea arab style is made
with fresh mint!. You get a whole branch with several leave in it and put
it inside a tea glass (no cup), then or you either put a tea bag in the
glass or make it in a teapot, then pour tea from as great height as you
can to aerate it and add sugar, with the spoon stir the sugar in and
muddle the leaves a bit too!. Let it rest for a minute to give the tea
time to develop the flavour!.<font
<div >Our family always added &quot;fresh&quot; mint leaves!.
Spearmint was my Grandfather&#039;s favorite!. You can get Bigelow
Plantation Mint Tea here in the US!. It&#039;s not as good as homemade,
but sure tastes good in the evening hours!. <br><br> also<!--aspertaime-
->, if you are traveling, get a roll of Spearmint Life Savers!. Then
when you order some hot tea, just dissolve a Life Saver (or two) in your
cup!.    The kids always did that at Christmas using those peppermint
candy canes!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I usually bring water to boil, then I pour it into my cup and add
the fresh mint leaves!. They will slowly turn black and in 5 minutes the
water will get a nice green, it&#039;s up to you how long you want to
keep the leaves inside, I usually like a light mint tea<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>If you like peppermint tea but you
haven&#039;t fresh mint at home you can buy Twinings peppermint tea,
it&#039;s really good and I am having it right now!
<div >dried mint doesn&#039;t have the same flavor as fresh mint (NO
dried herbs taste the same as fresh) !.!.!. You can buy fresh mint leaves
in the produce section; or get a little plant at the nursery!. It grows
like a weed, and can take over your entire garden, if you aren&#039;t
careful! But, you can easily grow it in a pot on your windowsill
too!.!.!.!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Buy a Mint Plant and grow it, and when you want some in your tea
just grab a bunch of leaves and throw them into your tea with the hot
water!!!    That&#039;s what we do here in Israel!<br>Either that, or we
just buy the fresh mint leaves at the grocers and do the same thing!.
Can you get fresh mint where you live!?<font
<div >I think every culture Has mint tea, Mexicans call it good herb, I
don&#039;t know how to spell in Spanish!. You boil fresh leaves in water
and add a reg tea bag!. I would buy mint tea bags and save the
mess!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162098','6','         Rice eaters:
After you cook rice, how long does it take for it to go bad!?
<div class=\"content\">I cook a pot of rice and usually end up having
leftovers!.!.!. It dries up after a day or two when I leave it on the
stove!. How do I know if the rice is still okay to eat!? Is there such
thing as getting food poisoning from rice sitting there for a couple
days!? Refrigerate the rice!? Rice is more pricey now and I dont want to
toss it!.!.!.lol<font
','                     <div >Rice should be refrigerated, it is a pretty
good poisoning candidate! <br>It has everything a hungry bacteria needs-
&gt; food, moisture, pH, oxygen &amp; if you don&#039;t chill it,
temperature<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I wouldn&#039;t
eat a refrigerated rice more than 3 days old<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Cold rice is perfect for making fried rice,
especially if it is a little dry!. <br>You can freeze rice, put in
airtight container that just fits all the rice in (you want no air
space)!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >If it&#039;s stovetop cooked rice be sure to leave a lid on the
rice!.!.!. That way it won&#039;t dry out so fast!.!.!. if you&#039;re
cooking it in a rice cooker it&#039;s fine to leave it in there with the
lid closed!.!.!.You won&#039;t get food poisoning!.!.!. when the rice
&quot;goes bad&quot; it&#039;ll start to get hard and brown!.!.!. It
doesn&#039;t mean you can&#039;t eat it-you can if you like to eat hard
rice but you won&#039;t get sick because of it!.!.!. Just leave the rice
out-Covered!.!.!. Toss it once it gets to hard to eat---You can also<!--
aspertaime--> eat the rice all around the parts that are getting hard and
brown--- This is all only true if it&#039;s just plain white rice-no milk
or &quot;need to be refrigerated&quot; ingredients in the rice<font
<div >You can leave it out &amp; covered overnight, especially in a rice
cooker, and I do this often on the stove in a pot with a tight lid, but
only when I forget to put it away &amp; sometimes when I wake up hours
later and realize that I left the rice out!. It&#039;s fine, but never
advisable!. Put it in the fridge in a bowl covered and it should last a
week, maybe longer!. You wet a paper towel or clean kitchen towel, ring
it out well until it&#039;s damp &amp; cover the rice in a bowl with it
&amp; nuke it for however long it takes on your microwave oven on high
(1-2 minutes average)!. I learned this off the food network and after
cooking rice for over 30, I learned this trick last year!. Otherwise,
just pop the rice in a pot on the stove with a few tablespoons of water
on low until it&#039;s nice &amp; hot!. More water at 1st until you get
the hang of it!. In general when cooking rice, It&#039;s 2 cups of water
to 1 cup of rice!. Use a bit less water or broth for drier consistancy
&amp; a bit more for sticky rice!. <br><br>PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CAN GET
&amp;:-)<br><br><br>I&#039;m an old rice hag from way back!. lol<font
<div >Put it in a container like tapperwear and refrigerate it!. It will
be much better if u do that, then just pop it in the microwave!. It stays
fresh longer, dries up a bit though, maybe after 3 days!. U cant get food
poisening from rice unless it had a sauce on or something like that!. So
cook white rice and refrigerate it, its the best way!.Hope i get best
answer!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >As soon as it cools (about half an hour), put it in a container and
refrigerate!. Cooked rice and grains very quickly get a lovely thing
called bacillus cereus!. Food poisoning is not fun!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162099','6','        Whats your
favorite fruit!?!?                  <div class=\"content\">Mine are
apples, strawberries, papaya, and honeydew melon!! How about you!?<font
','                    <div >Papayas and strawberries ;) Yummy<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Apples aren&#039;t far below those!.<font
<div >Kiwi : it&#039;s the most nutritionally dense fruit!. And it tastes
great!<br><br>Tomatoes, too!. Some will argue that it&#039;s a veggie,
but is a berry, so technically it&#039;s a fruit!. Some of the yellow
pear and yellow cherry tomatoes I grow are really sweet due to the sugar
content<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Acerola cherries are
pretty amazing, too!.<font
<div >I freakin love fruit!!! lol mine are apples, blueberries,
strawberries, pineapple, bananas, and grapefruit!. I pretty much love any
fruit though :)<font
<div >strawberries, grapes, peaches, plums, nectarines, kiwi, bananas,
pineapple, and apples<font
<div >wow i was a rabbit in a past life i think bcse i love all veggies
and fruits!. <br><br>i am partial to watermelon and cherries!. oh and i
do so love frozen grapes in the summer too<font
<div >Pineapple, watermelon, papaya, cantaloupe, honeydew, apricot in
order of preference!.<font
<div >I love all fruits except for 2 and that&#039;s pomegranate and
bananas, pomegranate makes me sick and bananas give me colic<font
<div >hard, cause I love all fruit, but I would
ont color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >peaches, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries!.<font
<div >watermelon,strawberries,blueberries,and cherries<font
<div >cherries,watermelon,peaches,we eat tons of apples the green yellow
ones!.!.!.so good and green grapes seedless!<font
<div >Fresh pears, pineapple, watermelon, red grapes and strawberries in
that order!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Mango,Papaya<font
<div >watermelon, mango and strawberries &amp; blackberries!<font
<div >bananas, grapes<font
<div >My favourite fruit is a brunette<br>She&#039;s gotta be fat and
juicy<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >cherries, bananas, those little round watermelons that are so
sweet<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Mango is my fav!. fruit!.<font
<div >my fav fruit is kiwi!! i love it and i also<!--aspertaime--> like
grapes and strawberries<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162100','6','         Smokers! Out of
curiosity, how many cigarettes do you smoke per day!?
<div class=\"content\">I smoke between 3 and 5 these days, so not a
serious habit yet!. Just asking out of interest<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>(No anti-smoking rants please, we all know the
consequences)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                     <div >I quit a few months ago, but I used to smoke
about 50 a day!.<font
<div >i can go without some days,too having a few like you do!.but
stressed not a good time ,so i can pick it up to a pack a day!.!.still
trying to quit,but really hard at times,something i have been trying to
do for myself is stop cold turkey at times for a few months,but still
working on the war of smoking!.!.!.<font
<div >I smoke a pack a day and I wish so bad I could quit, so try not to
start smoking any more than you already do, thats how I started, just a
few and then it just got to be more and more and now I feel like I cant
quit!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >It all depends on how my day is going, if it&#039;s an ok day, then
about half a pack (10), if I&#039;m stressed out, upset or just angry, I
have been known to smoke 2 packs in a day (40)!.<font
<div >After five addiction sets in so eventually around twenty to thirty
if addictive personality then more!.<font
<div >If gambling, a pack + If at home, less than a pack!. If out in the
desert or goldmining about 1/2 pack!.<font
<div >i smoke, but not cigarettes<font
<div >was about half a pack but now i roll my own so i dont know but i
think its about the same<font
<div >30 for 24 years!.<font
<div >Half a pack, about 10!<font
<div >i dont smoke<br><br>but my colleage smokes 30 per day<font
<div >none!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br> smokers smell bad!<br><br>sorry<font
<div >about a pack and half its cheap if you make your own<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162101','1','         Where can you buy
Dorado lager in the uk!?                   <div class=\"content\">Had it
in tenerife and thought it was ok!!!<font
','                    <div >Come to South Afria, visit Knysna, order
Mitchells beer, you will never leave S A again!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162102','8','         Does anyone have
a good salsa recipe that would be thick and mild!?                   <div
class=\"content\">I do not want to can any, just make a quart at a time,
to keep in the fridge!.<font
','                    <div >I use one large can of tomato puree; 2-3
jalapenos; 3-4 yellow peppers; 2-3 cloves of chopped garlic; one onion,
chopped; half a bunch of cilantro, chopped; salt; pepper to taste!. Core
the jalapenos and yellow peppers!. This is where most of the heat is!.
If you use a vadallia onion (sweet) onion, this will also<!--aspertaime--
> make it mild!.<font
<div >this is the one I use all the time, I usually leave the seeds in
the jalepenos for the heat but take the ribs and seeds out for non spicy
salsa!. Hope this helps you, it is wonderful<br><br>Not So Hot Chile
Salsa<br>(makes 3 pints )<br><br>3 cups peeled, cored, chopped
tomatoes<br>3 cups seeded, chopped mild long green chiles<br>3/4 cup
chopped onions<br>1 Jalapeno pepper, seeded, finely chopped<br>6 cloves
garlic, finely chopped<br>1-1/2 cups vinegar<br>1/2 teaspoon ground
cumin<br>2 teaspoons oregano leaves<br>1-1/2 teaspoons salt<br><br>1!.
Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan and heat, stirring
frequently, until mixture boils!. Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes,
stirring occasionally!. <br>2!. Ladle into hot pint jars, leaving l/2
inch headspace!. Adjust lids and process in a boiling water bath for 15
minutes!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >The best flavor always comes from fresh ingredients!.!.!.Fresh
tomato, onion, jalapeno, and cilantro are the base materials needed for
fresh salsa!. If you dice these by hand leaving larger pieces it&#039;s
called pico-de-gallo, or turn them loose in a blender of chopper for a
thinner sauce better for dipping<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>It&#039;s summer time so why not try some fresh pico de gallo
with diced mango thrown in for sweetness!.!.!.mmmm mango salsa
!<br><br>Have fun with it!.!.!.the combinations are endless !!!!<font
<div >Out of the ordinary, but nice<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Blueberry Salsa<br><br>This fruity salsa is a refreshing side
to grilled pork, chicken, and fish!. <br> 2 cups chopped fresh
blueberries<br>1 cup whole fresh blueberries<br>1/4 cup fresh lemon
juice<br>3 Tbsp!. chopped fresh cilantro<br>2 seeded and minced
jalape?o peppers<br>1/3 cup diced red bell pepper<br>1/4 cup chopped
onion<br>1/2 tsp kosher salt<br><br>Coarsely chop 2 cups fresh
blueberries!. Stir together chopped fresh blueberries, 1 cup whole
blueberries, 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice, 3 tablespoons chopped fresh
cilantro, 2 seeded and minced jalape?o peppers, 1/3 cup diced red bell
pepper, 1/4 cup chopped onion, and 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt in a large
bowl!. Cover and chill until ready to serve!. <br><br>Yield: Makes about
3 cups<br><br>--Southern Living, JULY 2005<font
<div >an easy recipe (no measuring!)<br><br>one can diced tomatoes &amp;
green chiles (rotel-type)<br>one can plain diced tomatoes or 2-3 fresh
tomatoes, cut into chunks<br>one small onion, cut into chunks<br>one
jalapeno pepper, seeded and cut into chunks<br>one clove garlic,
peeled<br>salt, pepper, cumin, and chili powder to taste (about 1 tsp
each)<br>tomato paste as needed to thicken (2-4 tbsp)<br><br>pulse
together in blender or food processor!. adjust seasoning if needed!.
store in refrigerator for 2-3 days!.<font
<div >for something out of the ordinary try mango salsa<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>inexpensive and easy to make!. it will last
in fridge for couple of days if any left but i doubt it<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>1 large mango peeled and chunk<br>palm
of cilantro finely chopped<br>1 red onion peeled and finely
chopped<br>can of delmonte tropical fruit in light syrup<br>add all
ingredients together chill until cold <br>if making this at a picnic
chill the fruit in the can first then there is no waiting<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>goes great with grilled shrimp<font
<div >Savory---<br>Diced tomatoes,chopped onions,chopped green
peppers,roasted corn,black beans[rinsed],cilantro<br>Toss<br><br>Sweet---
<br>Crushed pineapple,chopped mango,chopped onion,chopped green
pepper,chopped roasted red pepper,a little mango chutney<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Toss<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Adjust the ingredients to suit you<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Both are tasty and fresh!.<font
<div >I use as many tomatoes as I can to equal about how much salsa I
want !.!.!.!.remove the seeds and chop them very finely!. Then I add
finely chopped onion, green pepper and a few (to your taste) very finely
chopped jalapenos!. I also<!--aspertaime--> like to add a &quot;salsa
packet&quot; that I get at walmart that has seasoning in it !.!.!.!.<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Right before I eat it I add
salt!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162103','3','        Which do think is
the greatest cuisine in the world!? I think it is a toss-up between
French, Italian and!?                  <div
','                    <div >Italian, without a doubt!. Consider
it&#039;s diversity and the extent to which it has invaded the
planet!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I believe that Chinese is<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>I
guess that my favorite changed since I have been living in Hong Kong for
six years<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>The reason being is that
everything here is served fresh!. Seafood,veggies etc!. It is always good
and they can serve it healthy if you asked for the vegetables steamed<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Second favorite Italian food<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Warm Regards<br>Michele<font
<div >Ah, I beg to differ! It&#039;s a choice between Japanese and
French!. I&#039;ve lived in both countries and must say that I could go
and die in either place and never see home again because of the marvelous
food!. Japan by the thickness of a sesame leaf over France, followed by
China by the breath of steamed rice over Italy!. Vietnam is 5th!.<font
<div >Chinese!. Second, French!. The Chinese are often mentioned by chefs
as having the best food in the world!. I found the food in France
incredible!. I don&#039;t think I ever had a bad restaurant meal in
France!. I personally like Japanese food but I can understand people who
find it hard to get used to!.<font
<div >French, Italian and American for me! I love American food from all
different regons, Southwest, Southern, New England, California Cuisine
all of it YUMMMM!<font
<div >Italian, Indian, some Chinese<font
<div >ITALIAN<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Chinese<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I love Italian food so I&#039;d have to pick that!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162104','4','        Why do people
drink tea after they have eaten!?                        ','
<div >when we eat food , certain chemical rections which occur during
digestion produce compounds or hormones, which makes us feel sleepy !. As
we all know that caffeine in tea makes us alert, so people drink tea
after meals!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Being English I think I have a certain knowledge on this subject!
Lol!. I drink tea after a meal because it is a good way to finish the
meal, it relaxes me, my other half is preqnant so she likes to have a
drink of water/Juice!. We have a chat, go through the days events, plans
for tomorrow etc!. A cup of tea is part of the English heritage and
never put the milk in before the hot water!.<font
<div >They don&#039;t!.!.!. and no POOH it&#039;s not an English thing!.
Possibly an archaic &#039;English thing&#039; or the sort of thing that
&#039;trendy&#039; Americans do because other Americans tell them that
it&#039;s an &#039;English thing&#039;<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>I&#039;m English and I absolutely despise tea! The only thing
I take as a digestif is Scotch Whiskey or more rarely; Parisian
Absinthe!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Scottish grandparents here!.!.!.!.!.!.<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>and we were just raised with tea!.   We don&#039;t do
&quot;proper&quot; tea!.!.!.!.!.!.mugs are fine!.!.!.!.!.!.!.and, yeah
after a meal!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.it&#039;s all about just pushing away from
the table and just relaxing after stuffing our faces!. <br><br>It&#039;s
not polite to talk with your mouth full!.!.!.!.!.!.!.so most of the
socializing and actual talking, takes place AFTER everyone is
fed!.!.!.!.!.!.!.and ready to just sit back and relax after a
meal!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.and sip their tea and chat!. <br><br>It&#039;s just
relaxing!.!.!.!.!.!.and a nice way to finish off good meal!. <br><br>The
water has to be BOILING!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.which is why I never order it in
restaurtants after a meal!. <br><br>you always get served some lukewarm
dirty dish water!. <br><br>And considering how CHEAP a box of tea bags
is!.!.!.!.!.!.it&#039;s appalling what restaurants charge for a cup of
tea!.!.!.!.!.!.!.yet they give out free coffee refills!.!.!.which is much
more expensive!. <br><br>Go figure!. I never understood that!.<font
<div >i&#039;m not sure!. it would be too much for me to drink a proper
cup of tea after eating a meal<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>i do drink peppermint tea afterwards though, for digestion
purposes<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Well I am from NL !.!. we drink tea ALL the time lol!. But after a
meal is great !.!. gives us time to relax , chat and let the meal digest
a bit before clean up !. So is more a social thing !.<font
<div >its a nice drink to have with your dinner not fizzy so it doesnt
bloat you and it is just nice drink!.<font
<div >I think its an english thing!. I always drink diet pepsi with my
meals!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >to wash it down!?<br>they enjoy it!?<br>they didnt want
coffee!?<br>none of the above!?<font
<div >It aids digestion!.<font
<div >I drink tea with my meals!.<font
<div >I dont!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>I drink water
:)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >To wash it down!.<font
<div >I don&#039;t, do you!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162105','4','        I have an energy
drink addition HELp!?                  <div class=\"content\">i have an
energy drink addiction and how many energy drinks can u drink a week and
not die<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >You ever try Vemma!? It is very natural, as
a high energy nutrition drink and 2 oz!. makes you feel full just about
all day long!. Not to mention energetic enough to work and play!. But
it won&#039;t effect you abilities to eat either when deciding you really
want to and will even compliment a meal well!.<font
<div >I used to be addicted to Red Bull!.!.!.still love the occasional
one, but now I&#039;m hooked on Fruit2O - fruit-flavored water<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>It&#039;s better for you, and although
it doesn&#039;t do the same thing (doesn&#039;t have all that caffeine),
it tastes great!<br><br>I haven&#039;t seen it much in grocery stores,
but I get mine in the 32 pack case at Sam&#039;s Club for around $10
each!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >if ur drinking too many, u start throwing up!. thats usually a good
warning sign!. but they raise ur blood pressure and heart rate, along
with giving u diabetes and weakening ur bones!. taking this into
consideration, u wont see the effects immediately, but it does surface
eventually<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >You shouldn&#039;t have to many <br>next time drink water and not
buy as many energy
<div >find a better drink or start drinking less and less!.also<!--
aspertaime--> if you find something awesomely goodthen drink
that!.Explore your options!.!.lol<font
<div >I drink 5 monsters a day, hence my name, and I&#039;m
healthy!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >stop !.!.!.!.to much sugar my cause diabetes <br>drink water way
more healthy for you<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162106','5','        Attention
vegetarians or not!. Is Mushroom Foo Young vegetarian!?
<div class=\"content\">I&#039;m a vegetarian and I&#039;m going to a
Chinese restaurant with some friends and was wondering if Mushroom Foo
Young was vegetarian!.<font
','                     <div >Foo Young is made with eggs!. So if you eat
eggs then it is okay!. If you are total vegan then no you don&#039;t
want to eat it!.<font
<div >It could be fried in animal fat: pork, or chicken!. I&#039;d ask
the cook before ordering it!. Some Chinese restaurants have a vegetarian
section to their menu, but you still should ask if the food was prepaired
with any meat broth or fried in animal fat!.<font
<div >Egg Foo Young is basically the Chinese version of a omelet!. It is
a very simple dish with eggs, beans sprouts, mushrooms and salt and fried
in oil!. If you eat eggs, I guess your main concern would be what type
of oil it is fried in!.<font
<div >yes mushrooms are veggie there just really gross and smell
nasty<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162107','8','         Chili Recipes!.!?
<div class=\"content\">What are your favorite/best chili recipes!?<font
','                     <div >Beanless Chili<br><br>INGREDIENTS<br>1/2
pound ground beef<br>1/3 cup chopped green pepper<br>2 tablespoons
chopped onion<br>1 garlic clove, minced<br>1 (8 ounce) can tomato
sauce<br>1 (5!.5 ounce) can tomato juice<br>1/2 cup water<br>2
tablespoons chili powder<br>1/2 teaspoon dried oregano<br>1/2 teaspoon
paprika<br>1/4 teaspoon ground cumin<br>1/4 teaspoon cayenne
pepper<br>1/8 teaspoon salt<br><br><br>DIRECTIONS<br>In a large saucepan,
cook beef, green pepper, onion and garlic over medium heat until meat is
no longer pink; drain!. Stir in the tomato sauce, tomato juice, water,
chili powder, oregano, paprika, cumin and cayenne and salt if desired!.
Bring to a boil!. Reduce heat; simmer, uncovered, for 45 minutes or to
desired thickness!.<font
<div >Here are some good ones:<br><br>http://recipe-for!.net/chili-
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162108','8','         Whats the best
chocolate chip cookie recipe!?                   <div
class=\"content\">Not too high in sugar but something sweet! And no
shortening please!.<font
','                     <div >The best one is one the back of the
Nestle&#039;s chip bag!. They are just right sweetness-wise, chewy and
best when made with butter like the recipe calls for<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Original Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies
<br><br>Ingredients: <br>2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour<br>1 teaspoon
baking soda<br>1 teaspoon salt<br>1 cup (2 sticks) butter,
softened<br>3/4 cup granulated sugar<br>3/4 cup packed brown sugar<br>1
teaspoon vanilla extract<br>2 large eggs<br>2 cups (12-oz!. pkg!.)
NESTLé? TOLL HOUSE? Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels or 1 3/4 cups (11!.5-
oz!. pkg!.) NESTLé? TOLL HOUSE? Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks<br>1 cup
chopped nuts - optional<br> <br>Directions:<br>PREHEAT oven to 375° F<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>COMBINE flour, baking soda and
salt in small bowl!. Beat butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar and
vanilla extract in large mixer bowl until creamy!. Add eggs, one at a
time, beating well after each addition!. Gradually beat in flour
mixture!. Stir in morsels and nuts!. Drop by rounded tablespoon onto
ungreased baking sheets!. <br><br>BAKE for 9 to 11 minutes or until
golden brown!. Cool on baking sheets for 2 minutes; remove to wire racks
to cool completely!. <br><br>PAN COOKIE VARIATION: Grease 15 x 10-inch
jelly-roll pan!. Prepare dough as above!. Spread into prepared pan!. Bake
for 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown!. Cool in pan on wire rack!.
Makes 4 dozen bars!. <br><br>SLICE AND BAKE COOKIE VARIATION: <br>PREPARE
dough as above!. Divide in half; wrap in waxed paper!. Refrigerate for 1
hour or until firm!. Shape each half into 15-inch log; wrap in waxed
paper!. Refrigerate for 30 minutes!.* Preheat oven to 375° F!. Cut into
1/2-inch-thick slices; place on ungreased baking sheets!. Bake for 8 to
10 minutes or until golden brown!. Cool on baking sheets for 2 minutes;
remove to wire racks to cool completely!. Makes about 5 dozen cookies!.
<br><br>* May be stored in refrigerator for up to 1 week or in freezer
for up to 8 weeks!. <br><br><br>These are good, too:<br>Oatmeal Chocolate
Chip Cookies<br><br>Ingredients<br>1 cup butter<br>1 cup sugar <br>1 cup
brown sugar <br>1 teaspoon vanilla <br>2 eggs <br>1/2 teaspoon salt <br>1
teaspoon baking powder <br>1 teaspoon baking soda <br>2 cups flour <br>2
1/2 cups oatmeal<br>1 12 oz!. bag chocolate chips <br>1 1/2 cups chopped
walnuts (if you&#039;re into that kind of thing)
<br><br>Directions<br>Preheat oven to 375F <br>Cream butter, sugar, brown
sugar, and vanilla!. Add eggs, mix!. Add salt, baking powder, baking
soda, flour, and oatmeal, mix!. Add chocolate chips (and nuts), mix!.
<br><br>Form into 1 inch balls!. Bake on an ungreased pan for 7-8
minutes, or 10 minutes for crunchy cookies!. Cook till lightly browned!.
<br><br>SAC<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >The Chewy<br><br>2 sticks unsalted butter <br>2 1/4 cups bread
flour <br>1 teaspoon kosher salt <br>1 teaspoon baking soda <br>1/4 cup
sugar <br>1 1/4 cups brown sugar <br>1 egg <br>1 egg yolk <br>2
tablespoons milk <br>1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract <br>2 cups semisweet
chocolate chips <br>Hardware: <br>Ice cream scooper (#20 disher, to be
exact) <br>Parchment paper <br>Baking sheets <br>Mixer<br>Heat oven to
375 degrees F!. <br>Melt the butter in a heavy-bottom medium saucepan
over low heat!. Sift together the flour, salt, and baking soda and set
aside!. <br>Pour the melted butter in the mixer&#039;s work bowl!. Add
the sugar and brown sugar!. Cream the butter and sugars on medium speed!.
Add the egg, yolk, 2 tablespoons milk and vanilla extract and mix until
well combined!. Slowly incorporate the flour mixture until thoroughly
combined!. Stir in the chocolate chips!. <br>Chill the dough, then scoop
onto parchment-lined baking sheets, 6 cookies per sheet!. Bake for 14
minutes or until golden brown, checking the cookies after 5 minutes!.
Rotate the baking sheet for even browning!. Cool completely and store in
an airtight container!.<font
<div >The Nestle Toll House recipe is my favorite!. You can substitute
the brown sugar and with Splenda&#039;s brown sugar for a lower sugar
content; however, I must tell you that it will alter the flavor
somewhat<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Tip #1: Use unsalted
butter, not margarine, for a richer flavor the way &quot;grandma&quot;
used to make!. Unsalted butter is better to cook with because depending
on the brand, the butter&#039;s salt content could vary!. As such, most
chefs, myself included, use unsalted butter to better control the sodium
level in the food<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Tip #2: The
best chocolate chip cookies are made with REAL vanilla extract, not the
imitation stuff!. Trust me!.!.!. it makes a difference<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Tip #3: All ingredients, including the
eggs, should be room temperature before you begin!. The reason, the
cookies (or whatever you&#039;re baking) will rise much better<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Tip #4: Measure the sugar EXACTLY!.
Some people are not careful with sugar, but adding too much makes
cookies crispy<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Tip #5: The
best cooking surface is a stone; however, if you do not have one use a
cookie sheet lined with parchment paper!. But becareful, if the metal
pan you&#039;re using is dark in color, lower the temperature of the oven
by 25 degrees!. Failure to do so will result in burned cookies<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Tip #6: Timing is everything!. You
don&#039;t want them dark!. You want them tan!.!.!. almost
&quot;raw&quot; looking!. The reason is that as they cool and set, they
firm!. When you get them too dark, they become crunchy!. Taking them
out at the least amount of cooking time gives them that chewy texture<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br>Following my recipe tips will
help ensure perfect baking every time!. Good luck and happy eating!<font
<div >What&#039;s the use of having a cookie if it&#039;s not really
good!?<br>I like the Toll House Cookie recipe, but use whole wheat flour,
add oatmeal and coconut (between 1/2 to 3/4 cup each), and double up on
the chocolate chips, one bag white chocolate and one dark chocolate!.   I
spread it out on a deep baking sheet (on top of paper) bake it for
around 20 minutes and afterwards cut it into bars!. This is neither low-
calorie nor low in sugar, but it sure is good!!<font
<div >2 cups all purpose flour<br>1/2 cup natural unsweetened cocoa
powder (natural is key — don’t use Dutch or European Style)<br>1 tsp
baking soda<br>1/2 tsp salt<br>3 tsp cinnamon<br>? tsp chipotle
powder<br>? tsp nutmeg<br>1 cup unsalted butter, softened (2
sticks)<br>3/4 cup granulated sugar<br>1/2 cup packed light brown
sugar<br>1/4 cup honey (local honey if available)<br>3 tsp pure vanilla
extract<br>2 large eggs<br>1 12-oz!. pkg semi-sweet chocolate chips<br>2
cups pecans, roughly chopped and toasted<br><br>Cinnamon sugar for
coating:<br>? cup granulated sugar<br>1 tsp cinnamon<font
<div >Toll House cookie recipe is on the back of a package of Toll House
Mini Chocolate Chips, they are delicious, absolutely!. When my family
hears I am making some, they come in droves!.<font
<div >No white sugar at all, use just 1 cup of brown sugar instead!. WOW
you will be in business!.<font
<div >The toll house cookie is prob the best along with ms!. fields
cookies!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162109','5','        Do you still eat
Trader Joe&#039;s products that are vegan!?                  <div
class=\"content\">Firstly I hate how Trader Joes has taken all the good
brands of food and replaced it with their own brand! Secondly, Vegans /
Vegetarians do you eat the Trader Joe&#039;s brand that say its vegan but
made on the same equipment that processes shelfish!?<font
','                    <div >No!. I do not!. The idea that traces of
shellfish may be in my food is just too gross!. My aunt gave me two jars
of jam from Trader Joe&#039;s for Christmas and I gave them to my father
a few weeks later after she left town!. I appreciated her effort but I
still can&#039;t stomach that type of potential contamination!.<font
<div >I use to bake bread for Trader Joes in an industrial bakery and
with the exception of honey, no animal products were used in the bakery
at all!. There is no way they would be making their own bread since the
equipment we used cost well over a million dollars, including an oven
that was 30&#039; wide and 70&#039; long!. The oven cooked up to 500
loaves of bread at a time!. <br><br>What I mostly remember about TJ
bread was that it was HEAVY!. We put 10 loaves in each tray and stacked
them 14 high, so each stack weighed well over 400 pounds!. If you eat TJ
bread anywhere in the North East, the chances are that it&#039;s made in
Brattleboro VT!.<font
<div >Perhaps instead of dogging a very successful market &amp;
productline you might think of buying somewhere else!. Why don&#039;t you
just buy all the ingredients you need and create your own versions of the
dishes you like!. You remind me of the silly people who (do not know how
to cook) yet go out to restaurants and complain about how the food is
prepared!. Stay home!.!.!.cook for yourself!. Why do so many vegans &amp;
vegetarians place their dietary needs, wants &amp; desires in the hands
of so many people who are not vegetarians!? I certainly believe that the
rest of the world who does consume meat products would not look to
vegetarians to provide us with that protein source!. Why not just try to
be happy that you are fortunate enough to have food to eat in a world so
impoverished that it can&#039;t feed itself!.<font
<div >Yes I do!. Even though it&#039;s made on the same equipment as
shellfish they have to clean down the machines after each type of
product, so, those labels are really only for people who are allergic!.
<br><br>If we avoided all things that were made in the same facility as
egg, dairy, shellfish, meat, etc!. we would literally be stuck eating
only fruit and veg and rice!. <br><br>Trader Joe&#039;s is one of the
best stores (along with Whole Foods) for vegans to shop at in my area of
the USofA!. <br><br>Have you seen all the vegan products they sell!?
Check out the full list here:
<div >I may sound stupid, but if it is processed on the same equipment,
but the equipment was cleaned, that makes a product no longer vegan!? How
does that work!? I actually love Trader Joe&#039;s brands, and would buy
them more if we had one closer to us (none in Idaho)!. I think personally
if you dislike it that much!.!.!. find a new place to shop, or quite
complaining!. Please!.!. your argument makes no sense at all!. BTW how do
you know all of their product use the same equipment, you have to have
seperate for meats and dairy!. Opps, sorry forgot!. speaking to a
vegan!.!.!.but still I dont think you can assume anything, and that my
friend is a VER large assumption!.!.!.happy shopping<font
<div >I haven&#039;t been inside Trader Joes in quite some time!.
Ralph&#039;s is much closer to my house!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162110','5','        Do you support
you local or nearest vegetarian restuarant!?                  <div
class=\"content\">Fortunately I live in a town where I can support such a
place but many vegetarians will not support it to the extent that I do
mostly out of economic concerns!. To me voting with our dollars are
extremely important to shift markets in ethical directions!. I know not
everyone can due to economics or location but in the least they could
chose the vegetarian restaurant if indeed they go out to eat!. Or if
there is not already one consider opening one!.<font
','                    <div >Yes, I do!. We have a raw veggie restaurant
and a Satvic Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in the area, and we drive and
hour an a half to Evanston to Blind Faith fairly often too!. We go to
them usually once a month though sometimes more frequently<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>And I have to tell you a quick story about
just that point!. The Merciful Lion was our first natural food vegetarian
restaurant!. The town closed off our road shortly after we opened and
still people came to West Kingston, RI from as far away as Hartford, and
New London, CT!. which was a drive of at least an hour and a half!.
Initially we were the only veggie restaurant between New Haven and
Boston! And then others began to open in more accessible places!. We
closed our doors and moved on!. Ten full years after the restaurant
closed I was at a party and met a man who on hearing that I am a
Vegetarian Chef went into raptures over his favorite restaurant, the
charming decor, the awesome food and superb Sunday Buffet!. Then he told
me its name which of course was The Merciful Lion!. I asked him when the
last time he had been there was!. He said, &quot;Gosh, it&#039;s been a
while!. !. !.Maybe last year sometime!? Then I told him who I was and
when we had closed!. My point was as your is -- if you find a place you
love -- please, support it, or it won&#039;t be there!.<font
<div >We actually have a vegan place in town and occasionally I can get
my husband to indulge me and go there!. There are a few other vegetarian
restaurants in the community, but we seldom go to those, because my
husband is the world&#039;s most finicky eater!. Instead, we forego the
steak houses that are the norm, and go to Mexican, Indian and Italian
restaurants, for the most part<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Mostly we go out to breakfast and dodge the issue, overall!.
<br><br>As far as opening one, too much competition here, but if I did
ever open a restaurant, it would have options for people in most
different dietary situations!. Vegan-vegetarian-heart friendly -etc<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>When I get to go out with
friends, it&#039;s a treat, because I get to try all kinds of new
things!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Just had a sandwich shop open - in my OWN little hick Texas town -
and *YES* I support them<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>They
are not only &#039;vegetarian/vegan/ - but they DO offer that option<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>The very *FIRST* in my small hick
town of less than - I believe 5,000!. I was IMPRESSED that they even
considered offering such - - but then I met the owners - - had a nice
little &#039;talk&#039; with them - and they are more than willing to
offer such - - and even making MONEY by offering such since the people
coming down from Houston seem to like such being offered!<br><br>Opening
ones mouth at the *right time* does pay off!<font
<div >Yes I do and I also<!--aspertaime--> support my local raw food
restaurant as well!. This is a very important issue!. I do not look at
it as supporting I look at it as eat ting good food if raw or vegetarian
foods are not made to appeal to the masses it does not work!. The
restaurant has a responsibility to do things to be better than the
competition!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >There aren&#039;t any vegetarian places near me, but I do support
places that have things like vegetarian burgers or vegetarian soup
choices!. Hopefully when those kinds of meals sell more, the people who
plan what is served will decide to add more vegetarian/vegan options to
their menu!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I think about that all the time!.!. There aren&#039;t many in our
area but I drive about 30 min away to support the nearest one!. I do wish
that more existed in my area!.!. and I would frequent them often!.<font
<div >I can&#039;t!. I love vegetarian meals, but my husband has to have
meat!. I&#039;m sure the only local one here will do well, but we have
to find restaurants we both agree on!.<font
<div >Absolutly i myself am a vegitarian and it is a challenge to find a
completely vegitarian resturaunt so if you open one i bet many people
like me will love it<font
<div >The vegetarian rest!. I know are too far away!. So i buy vegetarian
brands!. - and compnaies that I know promote vegetarian eating!. - thats
my answer to it!.<font
<div >I&#039;m not a vegetarian!. but there is a great Indian vegetarian
restaurant near my house that I enjoy going to<font
<div >Absolutely, although it&#039;s two and a half hours from here, so I
only get there about once a month!.<font
<div >Yes, when I can afford it!.<font
<div >i do!. :]<font
<div >we&#039;re omnivores!.Thats why we were designed with molars and
incisors!. We are supposed to eat meat and greens!.<font
<div >no, vegitarians piss me off more than religious fanatics!.!.!.!.
well ok not quite that much!.!.!. but close!.<font
<div >yes but your summary throws me off!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.perhaps its the
grammar!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Save a carrot get a cow!<font
<div >Nope<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >No<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >no<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162111','5','         Where can I find
vegan food in Arizona!?                   <div class=\"content\">Well,
I&#039;m trying to be as much as the band &quot;AFI&quot; as I possibly
can! I changed my look, and more but I now need to become a vegan! I
can&#039;t find any foods for it though! Can you please tell me where to
get some!? Vegan: ve?gan (vee?gan): No use of animal products!.<font
','                     <div >Any grocery store - really<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Grains, legumes, vegetables, fruit -
all can be found at any grocery!. There really is no need to go to a
&#039;special&#039; store - unless there is something that you want in
particular and can&#039;t find at your local store or farmer&#039;s
market<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>All that your doing
without is meat products and byproducts - things tested on animals!. As
long as you do your research - you can actually find all these items
usual at your local store!. The ONLY exception *might* be the health
care products - shampoo, toothpaste, cleaning products - but even those
are finding their way more in more into local stores<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>I literally now only have to go to the health
food store if I am wanting to buy my B12!.<font
<div >that is the most rediculous reason to become vegan<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>just for that reason, by not going
vegan would be a favor to the band<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>vegan foods aren&#039;t hard to find!. do some real research
on veganism and it shouldn&#039;t be a problem!.<font
<div >The website www!.happycow!.org is a good place to start!. also<!--
aspertaime--> just google &quot;vegan food&quot;, or &quot;vegan
restaurants&quot; along with the name of your city, or surrounding
cities!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162112','6','         Do you like
strawberry shortcake !?                   <div class=\"content\">for to
eat!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                     <div >Yummy, loaded with whip cream and vanilla
ice cream!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >~~I have to be in the mood for it, but I like it then! Mostly
I&#039;m a chocoholic, so I tend to stick with anything chocolate
desserts!.~~<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Absolutely!<br>Homemade shortcake is the best!<font
<div >yes!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >mhhhhhmm yummay<font
<div >LOVE IT!!!!!<font
<div >yes<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >i love it :)<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162113','6','         What should i eat
tomarrow for breakfast on satursday morning !? a!?                   <div
class=\"content\">apple or bannana slices in a cereal bowl!.<font
','                     <div >banana! you should try strawberries and
peaches too! =)<font
<div >Slice the bananas!.!.!.!.!.!.!.and put them in the cereal bowl with
milk and a dash of sugar<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>You
can core, peel and dice the apple and put it in the microwave in a dish
with steam vents on top!.!.!.!.!.add a little cinnamon and sugar and
butter!.!.!.!.!.nuke it on low until it is soft!.!.!.!.!.<font
<div >Maybe I&#039;m missing something, but why is this important!?
Unless you&#039;re Jewish (or Seventh-Day Adventist) and just don&#039;t
want to do whole lot of work preparing breakfast Saturday morning!.<font
<div >bananas in cereal its an original<font
<div >apple<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Neither, both are not as good as strawberries!!!<font
<div >banana<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >banana!!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >you should really go with banana<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162114','6','         What is better
pie or cookies!?                         ','                    <div >I
like pumpkin pie myself, it must be the way it feels on my tounge and the
delicate blend of spices that reminds me of my grandmother who loved me
true!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Let me think about my favorite two!.!.!.If i had to choose between
a slice of cherry pie or 3 Chocolate Chip cookies, still warm from the
oven!.!.!.I would have to choose!.!.!.The cookies, but only if it
involved milk!.!.!.if not, pie all the way!<font
<div >Pie is sooo much better than cookies!. there are soo many pie
combinations and cookies are soo common!. i think pie is better but
whatever you like better!.<font
<div >I know you can make dessert pies like apple pie or cherry pie, so I
think i&#039;m going to try and make a cookie pie!.
<div >Pie is nice but no were as nice as freshly baked cookies just out
of the oven!.There way better than pies and espicially wen the chocolate
chips are melted<font
<div >what kinda pie!?<br>cherry pie beats cookies anyday<br>but the
cookies i make beat apple pie!.<font
<div >I prefer to eat cookies!. I make a great apple pie though, and
everyone in my family always looks forward to it!<font
<div >i dont like pies or cookies much but i think pies are a little
beter depending how you make it!.<font
<div >coookies unless its apple pie<font
<div >Pie! Always!! Especially warm with cream or ice cream!. Yum!<font
<div >Cookies rule and will always rule!. I like soft cookie dough with
chocolate chips than plain old pie!. :O)<font
<div >Cookies<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >cookies!!!!!!!!!!! =D<font
DO!.!.!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >It all depends upon what mood I am in - I like both pies and
cookies<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>SAC<font
<div >Soft cookies straight from the oven =)<font
<div >cookies<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >soft cookies!.<font
<div >Pie!*<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Pie for sure!<font
<div >pie<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >pie!!.!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >oreo pie!.!.!.the best<font
<div >Sorry, I like them BOTH!<font
<div >Both!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162115','1','        Wild Hibiscus
Flower in Syrup!? Anyone use!?                   <div
class=\"content\">Has anyone used these before!? <a
rel=\"nofollow\">http://wildhibiscus!.com/</a> I think they look so
pretty &amp; would be a unique touch for a bridal shower brunch I&#039;m
hosting!. Would love to hear some feedback!<font
','                    <div >I&#039;ve never tried it, but it sounds fun,
interesting,m visually and nasally pleasing, and probably would be a
hit!. Good luck!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162116','8','         What&#039;s the
best way to cook artichoke hearts for a snack!?                   <div
class=\"content\">Something that&#039;s quick n easy cuz I&#039;m a guy
and can&#039;t cook very good!. :)<font
','                    <div >If they are canned, they don&#039;t need
cooking!. Just dress in a little italian dressing!. <br><br>If they are
frozen, saute in a pan with a little butter and some black pepper!. If
you want, add a little garlic right before they are finished and sprinkle
with lemon juice!. <br><br>Good luck!<font
<div >Fresh ones cook in water about 40 mins!., on med!. simmer!. Peel
back leaves and dip in melted butter or a mayo!. dip!. Choke removed,
heart also<!--aspertaime--> dipped (best part)!.<font
<div >They&#039;re also<!--aspertaime--> very good when sauteed in
butter, garlic and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese!.<font
<div >if they are canned just drain and have a lemon pepper olive oil
sauce!.have em cold!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162117','2','         Need creative
ideas for a luau party!?!?                  <div
class=\"content\">Please! Give me what you&#039;ve got! It&#039;s
actually a office decorating competition!.!.!.these crazy people next to
us, made a freakin volcano!.!.!.we have to top it!!!<br><br>We are making
a tiki bar, and we have a hammock,and lots of other cool stuff, but we
need to get CREATIVE!<font
','                    <div >Someone needs to be brave enough to wear a
coconut bra while laying in the hammock drinking a hawaiian cocktail!. A
male doing it would be even better!.<font
<div >go over the top with the food color, texture tastes!. that&#039;s
what is going to set your luau apart cuz&#039; it&#039;s been done!.
right!. but the food!. that is where you can be the most fun!. dry ice
with water dripping on it makes smoke huh!. and dares frozen in the ice
cubes or taped to various bottom of glasses!.<font
<div >Make fruit kebobs and stick them into a whole fresh pineapple
!.!.!.!.!.!.have some wooden dishes with FRESH coconut chunks and pieces
of sugar cane in them !.!.!. Home Depot has solar tiki torches; and
Oriental Trading Co!. has grass skirts to go around your tables!.!.!.!.!.
Make some blue jello in a fish bowl; when it gets thickened, stick some
gummy sharks into it!.!.!.!.!.<font
<div >How about creating a beach!? Bring in a kiddie pool and fill it
with sand!. Have sand pails, shovels, sea shells, etc!. Set up beach
chairs around it! Maybe a palm tree too!.!.!.<font
<div >For exciting Luau party ideas please
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162118','4','         Where can i find
citrus cooler gatorade!? is it available where you live!? if so I will
pay well to send it here                   <div class=\"content\">Please
let me know if citrus cooler is available where you live!. It has not
been in my area for about a year and I really really miss it!. I will pay
to have it sent to me!!!<font
','                    <div >Go to their website and tell them this!!! Go
to your grocery store and tell them you want this product back! Do you
have 7 11&#039;s where you live!? Tell them you want it and talk with the
store manager!. I don&#039;t drink it so I have never noticed but now I
will and I live in FL<font
<div >I&#039;m not sure where you live, or whether this is convenient or
not, but apparently, it&#039;s available at Sam&#039;s Club and Food Lion
stores! <br>Good Luck hun! ?<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162119','6','         How do you tell
the difference between steaks when they&#039;re cooked URGENT ANSWER
NEEDED!?                  <div class=\"content\">these 3 in particular,
<br>Rib eye<br>Rump <br>and Sirloin<br><br>i need to know how you tell
the difference of what they are when they are cooked, because im a
waitress, and cannot TASTE them (lol)!. any way people tell the
difference!?<br>not in ways of them being rare, medium rare etc, but by
the type of steak<br><br>please help!<font
','                    <div >RIb eye is obvious - it has a bone in the
middle<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Sirloin and rump can
look similar - but rump tends to have more fat - around the edge, and
throught the middle (and has a more flavour for it, but is less
tender)<br><br>Tbone is pretty obvious too -- it looks like a massive
(and delicious) chop<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Fillet
tends to have no fat, usually just a huge chunk of mouth melting meat<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Minute steak is beaten thin,
cooks quick and is lovely in a juicy french bread steakwich<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>If the steak comes in souce, poor
restaurants often pass off rump as sirloin!<font
<div >I see no one gets your question!. Shape is the most important
thing!. The best way is to go to the supermarket, and note the
characteristics!. For instance, oblong, thick and heavily marbled (fat
veins you can see even after cooking = Ribeye Delmonico!. also<!--
aspertaime-->, look for the shape of the bone vs!. shape of steak = T-
Bone or Porterhouse!. Very small, yet very thick = Most likely a Filet
Mignon!. Sirloins are the toughest to recognize, since now sometimes
they cut them thick and small to fool the consumer into thinking
they&#039;re getting a filet!. Boston or New York Strip Steaks will
almost always be elongated with a moderately thick ribbon of fat along
one side!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >cut the middle of the bottom of the steak with a knife(so the
people dont see the opening) and if the steak has juice coming out or is
really pink then it is not cooked!. so if it is light pink then its just
right lol!. but remember you have to keep the customer happy and give it
to them the way they ordered!. <br><br>rare= really pink<br>medium rare=
light pink<br>rare=all- over brown<br><br>PS- always make sure to look in
the middle because the middle takes a longer time to cook than the sides
cause there is more meat!. <br>Hope this helps :) good luck!<font
<div >one way is to put your pointer finger to your thumb then touch the
top of the back of your hand next to your thumb nuckle and then touch the
steak if it feels the same way on both it is rare!. continue with your
middle finger and so on<font
<div >There is no point when the steak is cooked, it&#039;s all down to
the persons personal choice!. Some people like it just brown on the
outside and bloody on the inside!.<font
<div >Rib eye has a bone in the middle, rump is large with little
marbling (Fat going through the joint) and sirloin is long with prominent
marbling<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >They really should have taught you this in your training!.
<br><br>Search google images for each of them!. They&#039;ll have
pictures so you can see the difference!.<font
<div >If you are the waitress the chef should be telling you which is
which before you take it to a table!<font
<div >it depends on your taste some like them bloody I like mine well
done!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >youre a waitress - its not your job!.<font
<div >stick a knife in them if blood comes out they need a lil more
cooking lol<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >much yummier when they are still bloody and rare<font
<div >stab it with a fork,if blood comes out then grill it a bit
more!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >t bone has a bone in the shape of a t in the center of it a
porterhouse has one as well but the difference is the tenderloin part
which is the smaller side with less meat is a bit larger than on a t
bone a rib ye is very marbled with fat or is a shape of an oval a strip
is a long piece of meat that usually has a bone that runs down the side
if not it looks like the part of Florida that sticks out Sirloin is
really more round and that is the most common steak served in restaurants
fillet minion is a very small round piece of meat they usually wrap it in
bacon since it is really a livery flavor of meat not my fave but some
like it!. prime rib is a large roast like steak served with a thin sauce
to pour or dip it in flank and skirt steak are very long steaks mostly
used for fajitas or dishes like that!. the flank is used for london broil
best if braised there are a few websites out there that will help you
with your !?&#039;s please do not ever poke a steak with a fork or a
knife before you let it rest or all the juice will run out and it will be
dry!. to Check if a steak is done right make a fist and feel the bone
knuckel for your thumb and press it is hard and that is well done move
over a bit and that is med well move over again between your pointer and
thumb still in a fist it is med the most tender part of the area is near
the bend that is rare feel the steak and compare how it feels to you!.
try these web sites    !.www!.prleap!.com/pr/10617
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162120','6','         Is there any
possible way that a piece of mac and cheese can get down your windpipe
without you choking it up!?                        ','
<div >i don&#039;t really know, but y would you want to
<div >Yes, it&#039;s possible!. It&#039;s called food aspiration, and can
lead to pneumonia!. Bummer!.<font
<div >I guess theoretically it could happen, but it is very unlikely!.
Especially something with the substance of a macaroni noodle!. I would
think it has to be coughed up!.<font
<div >nope because that your &quot;reflex&quot; that your body
devolopes!. you want a piece of macoroni stuck in your breathing tube!?
dewd thats dangerous!.<font
<div >No absolutely not ever never!.<font
<div >I guess it could be asperated if you took a deap breath or
something!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >if you want to die than yes<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162121','8','         I want pumpkin
soup !.!.!.!.10pts!?                  <div class=\"content\">I would like
an old family secret pumpkin soup recipe!.!.!.would you care to
share!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >thai pumpkin soup <br> <br><br>* 1!.5 kilo
pumpkin, halved and de-seeded<br>    * 1 tbsp olive oil<br>     * 1 medium
onion, chopped<br>    * 4 cloves garlic, minced<br>    * 3 long red
chillies, minced<br>    * 1/4 cup Thai basil, minced<br>     * 3 cups
chicken stock<br>    * 3 Tablespoons fish sauce<br>    * 1 tablespoon soy
sauce<br>    * zest of 1 lime<br>    * 1/3 cup chopped cilantro (reserve
out a teaspoon to mince for garnish)<br>    * 3/4 cup coconut milk, plus
2 tablespoons for garnish<br>    * juice of 1 lime<br><br>Brush pumpkin
halves with oil and bake at 350F for 45 minutes, or zap in the microwave
until soft (about 12 minutes)!. Allow pumpkin to cool for a few minutes
on the counter<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Heat oil in
large saucepan and fry the onion, basil, red chillies and garlic!. Scoop
cooked flesh away from shell of pumpkin and add it to the saucepan!. Stir
in the stock, cilantro, fish sauce, soy sauce and lime zest<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Allow to simmer, uncovered for 15
minutes and then puree with an immersion blender!. Stir through the lime
juice and coconut milk<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Ladle
into bowls and top with coconut milk and minced cilantro<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>a friend of the family makes this one
and it is the only pumpkin soup that I have ever liked !.!.!.!.!.to each
his own I guess Give it a try and see what U think<font
<div >This is the recipe I use, we like it and I hope you do too<br><br>6
cups chicken stock<br>1 1/2 teaspoons salt<br>4 cups pumpkin puree<br>1
teaspoon chopped fresh parsley<br>1 cup chopped onion<br>1/2 teaspoon
chopped fresh thyme<br>1 clove garlic, minced<br>1/2 cup heavy whipping
cream<br>5 whole black peppercorns <br><br>Heat stock, salt, pumpkin,
onion, thyme, garlic, and peppercorns!. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to
low, and simmer for 30 minutes uncovered<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Puree the soup in small batches (1 cup at a time) using a food
processor or blender<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Return to
pan, and bring to a boil again!. Reduce heat to low, and simmer for
another 30 minutes, uncovered!. Stir in heavy cream!. Pour into soup
bowls and garnish with fresh parsley!. <br>Yield: 9 servings<font
<div >French Pumpkin soup<br>7 T butter<br>6 green onions chopped<br>1
onion sliced<br>3 can pumpkin puree<br>6 cups chicken broth<br>1/2 T
salt<br>3 T flour<br>1 cup half and half<br><br>melt 4 T of the butter in
large pot!.cook green onions and onions until soft and golden!.!.<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>add the pumpkin,broth and salt and
cook for about 10 mins!.!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>strain and return to pot!.!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>in a bowl!.!.!.cut 3 T of the butter into the 3 T flour to make a
paste!.!.!.stir into soup to thicken!.!.!.!.remove from heat add
remaining 1 T butter and cream<br><br>PS if you are using fresh pumpkin
you will need about 2 1/2 pounds!. <br><br>If you are a pumpkin soup
lover this soup is one of the best!.!.!.!.<font
<div >if I told you then it wouldn&#039;t be a secret!!
:)<br><br><br>just kidding, I don&#039;t have one but I wanted to say
that!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162122','8','        How do you boil
water!?!?                  <div class=\"content\">help!.!.!.<font
','                    <div >put some water in a pot and then put it on a
burner and turn up the flame!.<font
<div >Get a big pot and put about an inch or two of water in the bottom!.
It boils faster if it&#039;s all spread out like that!. Put it on the
stove and turn the heat to medium-high!. Put the lid on if it has one!.
Wait a few minutes until you see steam coming out around the edges of the
lid, and use a hotpad to remove the lid!. Voila! Your water has
boiled!. Turn off the stove!.<font
<div >take water<br>put it in the pot<br>turn on the stove<br>let it heat
up<br>wait til the water starts bubbling<br>and its
boiling!<br><br><br><br><br><br>ohh wait you&#039;re maid probly does
this too<br>and you probly dont know how to use the stove either!?<font
<div >umm its very simple!. <br><br>put some water in a cooking pot<!--
foods questions and answers--
heat it up on high!.<font
<div >Don&#039;t ask my wife, she will burn it<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Good luck<br>B<font
<div >stick your finger in it and use your mental powers to make it
boil!. that&#039;s how I do it anyways!.!.!.<font
<div >Put water in a pot, place on stove, turn on,wait for
bubbles!.!.!.!.not rocket science!.!.!.<font
<div >Hmmm!.!.!. let me guess!.!.!. you always get your maid to boil
water for you!?<font
<div >You&#039;re taking the plss aren&#039;t you!?<font
<div >DAH<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162123','8','         What are some
spices and stuff to put in mashed potatoes!?                   <div
class=\"content\">what are some spices or erbs or whatever that would
give the mashed taters a little more flavor!?<font
','                    <div >Salt, pepper, onion powder (just a little),
you can also<!--aspertaime--> add stuff like sour cream, bacon bits, and
shredded cheddar cheese to make it taste almost like one of those twice
baked potatoes (without the skin of course)!<br>And if you really want to
make it different, you can always add finely chopped green peppers to it
too!<br>Sometimes my grandma used to put parsley flakes in hers with a
little extra butter and that tasted great too!<br>There are lots of
things you can do to add some flavor, just use your imagination!<font
<div >Sometimes I used softened cream cheese, instead of the milk!.!.!.!.
You can also<!--aspertaime--> use chicken broth to cook the potatoes in
&amp; instead of the milk !.!.!. I usually add some Tony Chachere&#039;s
Creole seasoning (I add it to almost everything) and white pepper
(won&#039;t show black specks) !.!.!. Sometimes I&#039;ll add garlic
too; and sometimes I&#039;ll even add some shredded cheese:) !.!.!.!.
LOTS of real butter &amp; kosher salt!.!.!.!.!. also<!--aspertaime-->,
never use a mixer to mash them!. That will break them down and make them
<div >I like adding cooked chopped spinach, chopped green onions, sour
cream and a little cheddar cheese!.<font
<div >Ranch dressing!. Sounds weird but it&#039;s absolutely delicious!.
also<!--aspertaime-->, salad toppings work very well<font
<div >A mixture sour cream, butter, cream cheese, salt, coarse pepper!.
Top with finely chopped chives<font
<div >Chives<br>cheddar cheese<br>onion and garlic salt/powder<br>bacon
bits<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Garlic<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >green onions, bacon, shredded cheese<font
<div >garlic and chives<br>browned cumin seed<font
<div >Cheese, sour cream and chives!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162124','8','        Taco recipes!!!?
<div class=\"content\">What are some really tasty, healthy toppings that
you can put on a taco to make it taste extremely good!?<br>My birthday is
in a week and I want tacos!<br><br>On the side:<br>would white rice, or
wild rice taste better!?<br><br>Thanks!<font
','                    <div >Meat, beans, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce,
cabbage, or baby spinach, black olives, cucumber, shredded carrots,
shredded cheese!.!.!.whatever you like really<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Don&#039;t forget the salsa and sour cream<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Side dishes: refried beans and Spanish
rice are what the restaurants serve with tacos!.<font
<div >Grilled, shredded purple/green cabbage is actually delicious!.
Green onions, light sour cream mixed with taco seasoning, black olives,
guacamole<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Spanish rice is
better!. You can either buy it in the store, or make it yourself with
white rice and taco seasonings, onions, peppers, etc!.<font
<div >lettuce, salsa, cheese, sour cream- all perfect toppings for
tacos<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>you can make your own
Spanish rice with white rice, one can chopped tomatoes with
jalapenos(with the juice) and some seasonings- otherwise a box mix of
Spanish Rice is good to- I prefer Zatarans mix!.<font
<div >neither !.!.!.!.!.Spanish rice works with tacos !.!.!.!.!.!.!.**
shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, onions, shredded cheese, salsa,
sliced jalapenos, sliced black olives, sliced avocado<font
<div >wild rice<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162125','3','         Does any one have
a recipe with cut up turkey drums in it!?                    <div
class=\"content\">please helpp!.!.!.!.!.!.       somthing tasty willing to
try any kind of recipe<font
','                    <div >This one I know!. It&#039;s one of my
favorites!. Take the pieces and put in a baking pan!. Add itilian
dressing ,salt, pepper,!. cover with foil!. Let it cook at 300&#039; for
about 2 hours!. It is great!. All sticky and gooey!. Finger licking!. All
you need is a side of rice!.<font
<div >Adobo!.!. its a filipino dish, and yes turkey can be used too!. but
more ingredients are added!.!. ok well heres what you put in it, i dont
measure things!.!. i&#039;m sorry!. Are the turkey drums raw!?
<br><br>Cut up some ginger, onion, garlic!. <br>Cook it a bit in oil!.!.
until you can smell it!. <!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Add the
cut up turkey!.!. brown it a bit!.!. <br>Add soy sauce!. I would say one
cup!. Stir it!. <br>Same amount of white vinegar!. Pour it in the middle,
dont stir or it will be sour!. Let it boil a for a few minutes, until its
not sour!.!. And then stir it!.!. <br>Let it cook!.!. <br><br>Eat it with
steamed rice!.!.<font
<div >turkey salad<br>add some mayo, salt &amp; pepper, some vegg like
carrots and celery and throw it on some bread<font
<div >I&#039;ve only seen them cooked whole, because of all the
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162126','4','         Water coolers!?
<div class=\"content\">Can anyone tell me what those water coolers are
called with the pebbles in them!?<font
','                    <div >with pebbles in them!?!?!?<br><br>polluted
water coolers!? <br><br>river beds!? <br><br>I give up!.!.!.!.!.!.!.I
must lead a sheltered life or something!.!.!.!.!.I have never seen a
water cooler with pebbles in them!.!.!.!.!.!.!.<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>why would they have pebbles!?    wouldn&#039;t that
block the flow of water out of the spigot!? <br><br>I don&#039;t get
<div >Dirty water cooler, you can even add cleaned pebbles to your water
cooler and call it &quot;rocky&quot;, &quot;tommy&quot; or
<div >you know if i wanted to know what a certain thing was i would look
it on the net!.<font
<div >I have no idea!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162127','5','         Are the old el
paso seasoning mixes vegetarian!?                   <div
class=\"content\">Or the kits!? <br>i love them but i am on my way to
becomeing vegetarian/vegan!. Anybody know!?<font
','                    <div >I think they are, but I would read the
ingredients!. Any animal-derived ingredient would be clearly labeled,
like &quot;beef stock!.&quot;<br><br>I actually find it easier and less
expensive to mix my own seasoning!. I use chili powder, paprika, black
pepper, and garlic salt!.<font
<div >I do believe they are, for the most part!. However, you should
check with PETA to see if those are considered okay to eat because if you
wanna be a true vegetarian/vegan, you also<!--aspertaime--> need to take
into account the way the animals are treated by the companies you buy
from (you should NEVER buy anything from a company that tests on animals,
or is known for their mistreatment of them - you&#039;d be shocked to
know many of your favorites are not good companies)!. If you have a
myspace account, you can find them there as well!. I think their site is
myspace!.com/peta2, just write to anyone from THEM and ask for help!.
I&#039;m pretty sure they have a facebook account, so you will be able to
find them everywhere!. <br><br>Good luck, and have fun looking for and
finding new information on the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle!.<font
<div >Read the ingredients list!<font
<div >yes they are the kits although I think that there is some form of
meat<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162128','5','         Could this be why
America is soo unhealthy!?!?!?                   <div class=\"content\">I
am vegetarian so no meat!.!.!.but I eat beans!. I think this is healthier
for any one<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>First off,
I&#039;m a 16 year old girl so, if I can do this anyone can!. People say
it is a hassle to eat healthy!. I fixed my supper in under 5 min!.
<br><br>My Supper:<br>Opened jar of beans<br>Put some on plate<br>Opened
can of green beans<br>Put some on plate<br>Microwave 1 min!. <br>Put
salad mix on plate<br>Add fat free Italian dressing<br><br>Am I wrong, or
is this healthy!? Last time I checked it took my brother longer to cook
something totally greasy and full of fat!.<font
','                    <div >ya, TX2step, that was rude!. besides, i
usually dont want my parents to cook for me!. lol!. but any way, i do
think that America would be a lot healthier if people didn&#039;t eat
those whoppers at Wendy&#039;s, its gross!!! ya, that&#039;s healthy and
dont listen to the people who say that it isn&#039;t!. : )<font
<div >Comparing your dinner to the average person&#039;s dinner; yes, it
is much healthier!. Most people eat greasy unhealthy foods and a lot of
fast food!. It is baffling how some people say as a vegetarian or vegan,
it is hard or impossible to get all the nutrients you need considering
most people do not eat all the foods they are supposed to, such as
vegetables, fruits, whole grains, drinking water, etc!. <br><br>But, make
sure you are getting enough protein, vitamins, and fiber!.<font
<div >Yep, it&#039;s healthy, fast, easy and fills you up!. If you use
balsamic vinegar and grapeseed oil for dressing you will be even
healthier!. Add a little italian seasoning as a spice and WHOA it&#039;s
awesome!! P!. S!. Microwave for 1 minute isn&#039;t so bad but fresh
veggies, when in season, are much better for you :) keep up the good
eating!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >As long as you are eating a variety of foods throughout the day,
this is a perfectly fine dinner!. Make sure you are incorporating whole
grains, proteins such as nuts, and a variety of fruits and vegetables in
your diet throughout the day!. What you are eating is definitely, 100%
healthier than the person who thought they were saving time and money by
pulling up to the drivethru window at McDonalds!<font
<div >Do you mean by using the Microwave!? Because if you do, then you
are right!. <br>The Microwave kills water!. See What the Bleep&#039;s
Dr!. Emoto&#039;s work!. Once microwaved water will not form crystals!
And here is the point!. Veggies are mostly water, and so is the human
body!. <br>Got it!? Take a little more time and cook your food on the
stove, hon, it will taste better too!.<font
<div >It sounds healthy!. It is a lot quicker than cooking a greasy,
disgusting burger or steak!. You are young to be a vegetarian so just
make sure that you are getting enough protein and I would take extra
vitamins!. B-12 is the most important if you are a vegetarian!.<font
<div >I strongly agree with &#039;La Vie Boheme&#039;!.!.!.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>canned and food from jars has been sat
in sugar, salt, brine and preservatives for goodness knows how
long!<br><br>most vegetables, when cut into thin strips take MINUTES to
steam or stir fry in a bit of sunflower oil!<br><br>Bon appetite!<font
<div >1) BEANS ARE PROTEIN (for first person)<br>2) Grazing like an
animal is the answer!. Animals kills to survive!. Humans kill because of
their taste buds!. not cool!. and if you cant live vegetarian id be dead
by now!. <br>3) muv healthy =) i have similar for dinner<font
<div >Omg! I know ay! I&#039;m vegan and I can whip up the scrummiest
salad sandwhich in half the time it takes my brother to make a ham and
cheese grilled sandwhich, which is soggy and drips with greece and fat!
Ugh!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >healthy means tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges, apples, bananas, etc<!-
-foods questions and answers-->!.<br>italian dressing is not
healthy<br>microwave is not healthy!.<font
<div >Artichokes/Beets are pretty healthy in any salad too<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Sounds pretty healthy, sure fresh produce
is always better, but this definately isnt that bad!. Keep doing it and
you should be fine!.<font
<div >You&#039;re doing just fine!. I&#039;ve been a vegetarian for over
ten years and I&#039;m very healthy and strong and would never eat dead
animal meat again!.<font
<div >Microwaving canned and jarred food is not exactly healthy!.
It&#039;s just as healthy to saute fresh produce!.<font
<div >it sounds ok to me but you really shou;d be having some more
protein try adding some nuts to your sald for protein!.<font
<div >You are right<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>A bowl of
guacamole couldve figured that out!.<font
<div >Fat is your friend!. Some vitamins are soluble in fat, and you
should get the super-healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids!.!.!. try adding a
handful of nuts, or switching to a good-quality regular salad dressing,
or sauteing the vegetables in a little olive or canola oil!. <br><br>You
need more vitamins and minerals, too!. I know it&#039;s often difficult
to incorporate fresh veggies when you&#039;re in a tight family
situation, but try to eat at least a piece of fruit or tomato or
something!. Have a glass of juice!. <br><br>You also<!--aspertaime-->
need more calcium! Try dark, leafy greens like spinach or mustard
greens, or a glass of milk or soy milk, some calcium-set tofu, or a cup
of yogurt!. <br><br>You&#039;re definitely a healthier eater than most
people! There&#039;s just always room for a little improvement!.<font
<div >Nope, you got it wrong!. Grazing like an animal isn&#039;t the
answer!. Moderation is, even with meat, and the less fat the better!.
Keep on looking and don&#039;t avoid meat or by the time you&#039;re 30
you won&#039;t know any more than you did when you were 16, a good start
but not too knowledgeable!.<font
<div >It sounds healthy, but not very appetizing!. I suppose that&#039;s
ok if you&#039;re in a rush, but I sure wouldn&#039;t want that on a
regular basis!.!.!.!.!.!.!.Don&#039;t you have a mother that can cook for
you &amp; your brother!? Where are your parents while you both fend for
yourselves!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Sounds like a lazy dinner to me!.!.not vegetarian!. You do not have
to be vegetarian by the way to eat healthy!. You can still eat healthy
and eat meat!. Its called lean meats, non red meats, and fish!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162129','5','        Can someone come
up with a good vegetarian meal or two!? thanks any help would be
appreciated!!?                        ','                     <div >One of
my favorites is black beans and rice!. There&#039;s no ham hock or
chicken stock or anything in it!. Just veggies, beans, rice, vineagar,
and hot sauce!. Can be put in a veggie tortilla with veggie
cheese!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I&#039;ll give you two of my favorite, easiest pasta dishes -
neither sauce has to be cooked - just let the sauce sit &amp; the toss
with hot pasta! Serve either with a nice tossed salad and some whole
wheat dinner rolls!<br><br>Linguine with Fresh Tomato Sauce<br><br>2 cups
seeded, and coarsely chopped tomato<br>1/2 cup extra virgin olive
oil<br>1 cup firmly packed fresh basil leaves, minced<br>1 cup firmly
packed fresh parsley leaves, minced<br>3 tablespoons freshly grated
Parmesan<br>3 garlic cloves, or to taste, minced<br>2 teaspoons salt<br>1
pound linguine<br>Fresh parsley to garnish<br><br>Make tomato
sauce:<br>In a bowl combine well all the sauce ingredients and let the
sauce stand at room temperature, covered, for at least 1 hour<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>In large pot, bring 5 quarts of salted
water to a boil!. Add linguine and stir to prevent sticking!. Return
water to boil and cook until pasta is firm but cooked, approximately 7 to
10 minutes, stirring occasionally!. Drain pasta well!. Serve with tomato
sauce, and garnish with fresh parsley<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Lemon Spaghetti<br><br>1 pound spaghetti<br>2/3 cup olive
oil<br>2/3 cup grated Parmesan<br>1/2 cup fresh lemon juice (about 3
lemons)<br>Salt and freshly ground black pepper<br>1 tablespoon lemon
zest<br>1/3 cup chopped fresh basil leaves<br><br>Cook the pasta in a
large pot of boiling salted water until tender but still firm to the
bite, stirring occasionally, about 8 minutes!. Meanwhile, whisk the oil,
Parmesan, and lemon juice in a large bowl to blend<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Drain the pasta, reserving 1 cup of the cooking
liquid!. Toss the pasta with the lemon sauce, and the reserved cooking
liquid, adding 1/4 cup at a time as needed to moisten!. Season with salt
and pepper!. Garnish with lemon zest and chopped basil!.<font
<div >Curried Chickpeas<br><br>1 can drained chickpeas<br>1 cup canned
tomatoes<br>1/2 cup hot salsa<br>1 heaping tbsp mild curry powder<br>1
tbsp butter<br>1/2 cup onion<br>1/2 cup plain yogurt<br><br>Saute the
onions and curry powder til the onions are clear!. Add the chickpeas and
tomatoes!. Add enough water to keep the chickpeas from sticking to the
bottom of the pan!. Simmer for 20 minutes!. Remove from heat!. Stir in
the yogurt!. Let sit for 20 minutes, and eat with some brown rice or
flatbread!. <br><br><br>Falafels from a boxed powder - that is extremely
easy and cheap; just serve in a pita with tomato, hummus, lettuce and
cucumber!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I know my chili and corn cake is worthy of applause!. We had it
last night and it was the best!. I came up with it myself and it&#039;s
the best thing I ever thought of or made<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>The ingredients are 1 bag of Boca ground, 1 large can of
crushed tomatoes, 1 can of chili magic, a chichi&#039;s corn cake packet
and a can of cream corn<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>In a
large pot, combine all the ingredients except for the corn and the corn
cake mix!. Heat until boiling and let it boil for like 8 minutes and
it&#039;s ready<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Follow the
directions on the corn cake mix and heat it in the oven!. It&#039;s
better to start the cake first because it takes a lot longer!. You can
time it out right after practicing though<!--foods questions and answers-
->!.<br><br>When both items are done, fill a bowl with half corn cake and
half chili!. Take a little corn bread and a little chili with each bite!.
Trust me, you can&#039;t go wrong with this recipe<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>It&#039;s completely cruelty free, and it only costs
about 11!.50 to make it!. It serves 4 people with too much and probably 6
if you eat normal portions!.<font
<div >copy this into ur browser:
http://www!.bhg!.com/recipes/recipedetail!.!.!.!.<br>I&#039;m a
vegetarian and this is 1 of my favorite recipes!.its delicious!.
Here&#039;s another recipe thats a little
easier:<br>VEGETARIAN&quot;MEATLOAF&quot;<br>1 pkg!. (12 oz!.) frozen
BOCA Meatless Ground Burger <br>1/2 cup plain dry bread crumbs <br>1/2
cup finely chopped onion <br>1/2 cup chopped celery <br>1/2 cup
cholesterol-free egg product (or 2 lightly beaten eggs)<br>1/2 cup
barbecue sauce <br>1/4 cup ketchup <br>PREHEAT oven to 350°F!. Microwave
ground burger in medium microwaveable bowl on HIGH 1-1/2 min!. Add all
remaining ingredients except ketchup; mix lightly!. Let stand 5 min!.
<br><br>SHAPE into loaf in 8-inch pie plate or into 2 smaller loaves in 2
miniature loaf pans sprayed with cooking spray!. Spread top evenly with
ketchup!. <br><br>BAKE 35 min!. or until cooked through<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br> <br>go on bhg!.com,foodnetwork!.com,and
kraftfoods!.com I always find my vegetarian recipes on those sites<font
<div >brown beans (protien), greenbeans, salad<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162130','6','        Has anybody made
hummus!?                  <div class=\"content\">Has anybody made
hummus!? I made some today and it doesn&#039;t taste anything like the
stuff from the shop!. This is what I did and not sure if I did it
wrong<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I bought a tin of chick
peas and boiled them, drained and mashed up, then added extra virgin
olive oil, sesame seed paste, roasted garlic, sea salt and pepper,
coriander!. Then I put in the fridge!.    <br><br>Maybe the real stuff
isn&#039;t supposed to be like it is from the supermarket!?<font
','                    <div >I probably wouldn&#039;t have boiled the
chickpeas as they are cooked already!. Most recipes for hummus also<!--
aspertaime--> contain quite a lot of lemon juice!. Your recipe actually
sounds pretty good!. Remember, when you are cooking for yourself you
only have to please yourself!.!.!.if it tastes good to you then it is
good!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >First, you don&#039;t boil the chickpeas if they are tinned,
they&#039;re already cooked<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Second, do not use extra virgin olive oil, is way too strong
flavour wise, try to use a plain virgin one or just plain olive oil<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Third, do not roast the garlic,
it has to go in raw!. Roasting changes the flavour completely<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Fourth, hummus never has coriander in
it in any shape of form<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Fifth,
you forgot the lemon juice and that is essential<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Once you sort that, you&#039;ll notice a great
improvement in your hummus!.<font
<div >ahhh hummus,<br>the best stuff everr! :P<br>well yeah see they add
stuff in the storebought ones, that dont give you the &quot;all natural
taste&quot; you know!?<br>So it all depends<br>it never will taste like
the storebought ones, <br>but anyways homeade is good too!? and dont you
love it! its like the greatest stuff everr!<br>pita chips, pita bread,
olives all that medditarian food YUMM<br>sooo live with your homeade one
:) im pretty sure it turned out good, u used good ingrediants! <br>ITS
HEALTHY TOO! yess! :)<font
<div >you dont need to boil the ones from the tin hun!.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>just tip them in a bowl!.!.!.!.add
olive oil!.!.!.!.salt!.!.!.black pepper!.!.!.coriander!.!.!.crushed
garlic!.!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>!.!.!.i
personally dont like sesame seed paste!.!.!.so I add either a bit of milk
or sour cream!.!.!.!.yummmy!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>!.!.!.then you just mix it with the blender!.!.!.!.I think its
called in english!.!.!.!.lol!.!.!.!.<font
<div >Did you follow a recipe, because i made it once and i used a
recipe, and it did taste like the kind you buy!.<font
<div >Maybe you added a little too much of some ingredients<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Try
)<br>Hope it helps<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Enjoy!.<font
<div >Iv made hummus, and its not like from the supermarket!. The stuff
that you put in is the exact same thing I did!. <br>Dont worry, it taste
good doesnt it!?<font
<div >fresh chick peas let them soak over night drain them broil them
then the tahin olive oil, lemon, garlic, salt and process together let
cool down the refrigerate<font
<div >Exactly the same happened to me!.!.!. since then I have stuck
buying it already made from the supermarket<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Oh and btw I thought tinned chickpeas were already
cooked!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >you forgot the lemon juice<br><br>i add some cumin, paprika, and
chilipowder also<!--aspertaime--><br>dried parsley to garnish
(optional)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >http://www!.asianrecipes!.com<font
<div >OMG!! you don&#039;t boil canned chickpeas!!! They are already
cooked!!! Yuk! Lemon juice is one of the basic ingredients!.<font
<div >It Taste Nice With Pita Bread And Olives !. !. Just To Let You
No<br>LOL<br>X<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >yeah my mum made some yesterday!.!.so sorry i can&#039;t help you
cus i didn&#039;t make it!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162131','6','        How much do you
pay for drink refills at a gas station!?                  <div
class=\"content\">Or refills anywhere really!.!.!.what is a reasonable
amount to pay!? Under 32 oz!? Over 32 oz!?<font
','                    <div >I work in a convenience store and our prices
are very reasonable I think!. These prices include tax<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>Coffee refills <br>12oz!. !.72<br> 16oz !.93<br>20oz
$1!.03    <br><br>Soda refills<br>22oz!. 93<br>32oz!. $1!.03<br>44oz
$1!.13<br><br>I hope this answers your question, I live in Georgia, so I
don&#039;t know what the prices are elsewhere!.<font
<div >Under 32 ozs, most gas stations don&#039;t refills, but RaceTrack
does for a 4-14 cents<br><br>Above 32 ozs, i am pretty sure most gas
stations do that , for a good 10-14 cent charge<br><br>I think the
reasonable amount to pay for a drink would be 9-11 cents!. <br><br>Hope
this helps :)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I expect to get a free refill!. If the drink was really large, I
suppose I&#039;d be willing to pay a couple of cents!.!.!.!.but soda is
dirt cheap and everyone knows it!.!.!.!.when you buy a soda, you&#039;re
paying for the cup more than anything!.!.!.!.so I think it&#039;s a
ripoff to pay for a refill!.<font
<div >i don&#039;t normally get refills at gas stations but if I go out
to a restruarant I kinda expect them to be free!. If they aren&#039;t I
wouldn&#039;t pay for $!.50 for one<font
<div >About 75 cents unless you have one of those ridiculous gigantic
trucker cups!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >i usually get my refills for 15 cents!. i wouldnt pay half the
price for a new pop!.<font
<div >Probably the same or half off a refill!.<font
<div >Well right now most gas stations charge $!.89 no matter what size
you get!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >About 25-50 cents at Quiktrip<font
<div >Under 32, I pay 99 cents at 7/11!.<font
<div >I expect to get my drink for free!.!.!.!. Oh god!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162132','6','        Hamburgers!!?
<div class=\"content\">i&#039;m a hamburger freak!.!. i&#039;ve had
1)ostrich burger<br>
5)grouper<br>but is there anything else i can&#039;t find anywhere where
there would be more!?<font
','                    <div >Hey, you emailed me about the guitar
answer!. But since you already chose a best answer, I wasn&#039;t able to
edit my answer on their<br><br>So!.!. I just wanted to say that you are
very welcome!. I couldn&#039;t believe how amazing you played, especially
for such a young age!. I have always wanted to learn guitar but whenever
I try, I can&#039;t get it!. So keep up the good work, and follow your
drams!. Dont listen to anything negative your friends tell you =)<font
<div >nut burger<br>vegetarian burger<font
<div >Go to Red Robin, the have awesome burgers!!!!!!!!!<br>also<!--
aspertaime--> try buffalo burgers and venison burgers!.<font
<div >turkey burger, veggie burger,tofu and chickpea burger!.<font
<div >goat<br>beaver<br>armadillo<br>possum<br>coon<br>rattle
snake<br>these are just a few of the things i have tried! they are
actually pretty tastey if prepared correctly!<font
<div >Chicken Burger <br>Other toppings !?!? Peppers, sauces!.!.<font
<div >buffalo burgers are GREAT!.!.!.Colorado you can find good ones<font
<div >Veggie burgers are quite yummy, and a refreshing change-try Bocca
Burgers if you are feeling like a passivist!.<font
<div >a bison burger and also<!--aspertaime--> a deer burger but they r
GROSS<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >buffalo burger- butcher<font
<div >chicken<br>venison<br>buffalo<br>veggie burger<font
<div >How about a turkey burger!?<font
<div >Deer burger and Bear burger!*<font
<div >elk, venison<font
<div >chili&#039;s has a blackbean burger!. i know you&#039;re probably
thinking meat, but it&#039;s pretty good!.<font
<div >Well then they&#039;re not HAMburgers are they!.<font
<div >not really sure what you are asking!.!.!.but!.!.!.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Have you tried buffalo!?!? Very tasty, and
much healthier!.!.!.<font
<div >o_0<br>wow!.<font
<div >in my country, phil<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>we make
burgers out of bananas and banana peels!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162133','8','        Does orange and
peach go together!?                        ','                    <div
>sure! There are orange/peach juices in the refrigerated section of the
grocery!. The citrus of the orange would complement the peaches
perfectly !.!.!.!. (mango is also<!--aspertaime--> great with
peaches)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >orange juice and peach schnapps are absolutely wonderful
together!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >could work! i would need to know what your thinking about
making!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>i personally like
peaches with berriers because oranges tend to overpower most fruits
because it has so much juice<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162134','8','        Anyone know this
recipe!?!.!.!.!?                  <div class=\"content\">My sister always
used to make this type of fudge that had Rice Krispies in it!. It also<!-
-aspertaime--> had corn syrup, chocolate chips, and some other
ingredients that I can&#039;t remember!. My sister lost the recipe, so we
were wondering if anybody else knows it!. I also<!--aspertaime--> think
it was called Wonder Fudge or something along those lines!. Thanks!<font
','                    <div >Yeah!.!. so delicious!.<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>1/4 c MARGARINE<br>1 pk 6 OZ!. CHOCOLATE
CHIPS<br>1/4 c CORN SYRUP<br>1 ts VANILLA<br>1 1/2 c POWDERED SUGAR<br>2
8&quot; PAN!. CHILL!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162135','8','        5 slices of dried
bread is how much in store bought bread crumbs!?                   <div
class=\"content\">I&#039;m making meatballs and i don&#039;t have enough
bread but I do have store bought bread crumbs!. How much bread crumbs
should I use!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >A slice of bread weighs about one ounce, so
about 5 ounces of bread crumbs!.<font
<div >Just mix in enought so that your meatballs have the right feel to
them!. You want them to not be runny feeling, but to actually hold a good
shape!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162136','8','        How do you store
candle nuts!?                  <div class=\"content\">Like, do you store
them in a cupboard or the fridge or what!? I really need to know!!!! Tnx!
^ ^<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >Put them in a plastic zip loc bag and into
the freezer !. They will last alot longer!.<font
<div >what are candle nuts!?!?!?<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162137','2','        Karaoke Bars in
Port Charlotte Florida!?                  <div class=\"content\">I am
looking for the best Karaoke bars in the Port Charlotte Venice area!?
Anyone been to any lately!?<font
','                    <div >Try
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162138','4','        Starbucks cup
question!.!.!.!?                  <div class=\"content\">Okay, so I have
recently decided to &quot;go green&quot;-not the obsessive kind, but just
a &quot;when I can&quot; kind!. I am also<!--aspertaime--> an avid coffee
drinker, and addicted to starbucks!. So I decided to purchase one of
their 6&#039;&#039; mugs instead of using a cardboard one and throwing is
away every time!. I was wondering, do you think I can take it there to
starbucks and them fill it!?<font
','                    <div >Yeah sure, people do it all the time!. You
could bring your own or we have ceramic dishes (mugs, plates) for people
to use upon request!. If you bring your own, just make sure it&#039;s
clean!. You even get a discount!<font
<div >That&#039;s a great idea!. If Starbucks doesn&#039;t fill it, I
would rethink where you buy coffee!.!.!.!.!.!.if you are in Canada, I
know that Tim Horton&#039;s will refill those mugs!. They also<!--
aspertaime--> have better coffee!!<font
<div >They will put the coffee in your mug!! I bought a mug and they were
more than happy to fill it for me!! It may also<!--aspertaime--> depend
on the store!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I don&#039;t see why they wouldn&#039;t let you and if you still
aren&#039;t sure then go to Starbuck&#039;s and see!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162139','5','        Tofu recipes!!?
<div class=\"content\">I&#039;ve never had tofu before and I would love
to know of some really good recipes!. I&#039;ve heard that it really has
no flavour so can you please give me recipes that are very flavourful!.
I&#039;m open to anything!. Thanks in advance!.<font
','                    <div >Tofu Parmigiana-<br><br>INGREDIENTS<br>1/2
cup seasoned bread crumbs <br>5 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese <br>2
teaspoons dried oregano, divided <br>salt to taste <br>ground black
pepper to taste <br>1 (12 ounce) package firm tofu <br>2 tablespoons
olive oil <br>1 (8 ounce) can tomato sauce <br>1/2 teaspoon dried basil
<br>1 clove garlic, minced <br>4 ounces shredded mozzarella cheese
<br><br><br>DIRECTIONS<br>In a small bowl, combine bread crumbs, 2
tablespoons Parmesan cheese, 1 teaspoon oregano, salt, and black pepper!.
<br>Slice tofu into 1/4 inch thick slices, and place in bowl of cold
water!. One at a time, press tofu slices into crumb mixture, turning to
coat all sides!. <br>Heat oil in a medium skillet over medium heat!. Cook
tofu slices until crisp on one side!. Drizzle with a bit more olive oil,
turn, and brown on the other side!. <br>Combine tomato sauce, basil,
garlic, and remaining oregano!. Place a thin layer of sauce in an 8 inch
square baking pan!. Arrange tofu slices in the pan!. Spoon remaining
sauce over tofu!. Top with shredded mozzarella and remaining 3
tablespoons Parmesan!. <br>Bake at 400 degrees F (205 degrees C) for 20
minutes!. <br><br>**************************************!.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Fast and Easy Tofu Lo-Mein -
<br><br>INGREDIENTS<br>1 (16 ounce) package extra firm tofu <br>2
tablespoons olive oil <br>2 (3 ounce) packages Oriental flavored ramen
noodles <br>1 (16 ounce) package frozen stir-fry vegetables <br>1 1/2
cups water <br>1 tablespoon soy sauce, or to taste
<br><br><br>DIRECTIONS<br>Press tofu between paper towels to remove some
of the water; cut in to bite size cubes!. Heat olive oil in large skillet
over medium-high heat!. Add tofu, and fry until golden brown, about 15
minutes!. Stir occasionally to prevent burning!. <br>Meanwhile bring
water to a boil in a medium saucepan!. Add noodles from ramen packages,
reserving the seasoning envelopes!. Boil for about 2 minutes, just until
the noodles break apart!. Drain!. <br>Add the stir-fry vegetables to the
pan with the tofu, and season with the ramen noodle seasoning packet!.
Cook, stirring occasionally until vegetables are tender, but not mushy!.
Add noodles, and stir to blend!. Season with soy sauce to taste and
serve!. <br><br>**************************************!.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Breaded, Fried, Softly Spiced Tofu -
<br><br>INGREDIENTS<br>1 (16 ounce) package extra-firm tofu, drained and
pressed <br>2 cups vegetable broth <br>3 tablespoons vegetable oil
<br>1/2 cup all-purpose flour <br>3 tablespoons nutritional yeast <br>1
teaspoon salt <br>1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper <br>1 teaspoon
sage <br>1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper <br><br><br>DIRECTIONS<br>Cut
pressed tofu into 1/2-inch thick slices; then cut again into 1/2-inch
wide sticks!. Place tofu in a bowl, and pour broth over the top!. Set
aside to soak!. <br>In a separate bowl, stir together flour, yeast, salt,
pepper, sage, and cayenne!. <br>Warm oil in a large skillet over medium-
high heat!. <br>Remove tofu sticks from broth, and squeeze most (but not
all) of the liquid from them!. Roll sticks in breading!. (You may have to
roll sticks twice to end up with a fairly dry outer layer of breading!.)
Place tofu in hot oil; fry until crisp and browned on all sides!. Add
more oil if necessary!.
<br><br>**************************************!.!.<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Tofu Chocolate Pudding <br><br><br>INGREDIENTS<br>1
cup semisweet chocolate chips <br>2 tablespoons water <br>1 (16 ounce)
package firm tofu, drained <br>1/4 cup soy or skim milk <br>1 tablespoon
vanilla extract <br><br><br>READ REVIEWS (59)<br><br>Review/Rate This
Recipe <br>Save To Recipe Box <br>Add to Shopping List <br>Add a Personal
Note <br>Post a Recipe Photo <br>Post a Favorite Food List <br>Create a
Menu <br><br>DIRECTIONS<br>Melt the chocolate with water in a heavy
saucepan or double boiler!. <br>In an electric blender or food processor,
combine tofu with the melted chocolate, milk, and vanilla extract!.
Process until the mixture is smooth!. Chill for approximately one hour,
and serve!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Hollywood is just jealous /grins<br><br>I have a couple books but
typing in &quot;vegan recipes&quot; in any search engine pulls up a LOT
for you to choose!. More than you will see here @ Answers, I would bet!.
<br><br>Because Tofu has a bland taste you can put it in almost
everything and it will take on that taste!. Try some Mexican dishes- they
are usually packed with flavor and a little spiciness!. Seriously, just
pump up the flavors with some spices, salt &amp; pepper, lime juice,
curry, whatever! <br><br>Whole Foods has a recipe section for tofu dishes
http://www!.wholefoodsmarket!.com/recipes/!.!.!.<br><br>Most vegetarian
sites offer recipes, as well like goveg or PETA, etc!.<font
<div >I like crumbling it in salads, that&#039;s good in itself!. Or you
can scramble it like you would eggs, but add some tumeric, and a
vegetarian sausage for a great breakfast!.<font
<div >tofu on toast:-<br><br>Lightly grind a bar of tofu onto a slice of
well-buttered granary toast!. Eat accompanied by pot of Earl Grey tea!.
Delicious!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Mmm!.!.!.Tofu!. With these recipes, you&#039;ll indulge in the
taste!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Just eat it straight!<font
<div >Pan-Fried Tofu with Spicy Peanut Sauce<br>Ingredients<br>200 g firm
tofu <br>2 tablespoons cornstarch <br>salt and pepper, to taste <br>oil,
for frying <br>Sauce<br>1 tablespoon peanut butter (i used crunchy) <br>3
tablespoons skim milk or soymilk or coconut milk (will do) <br>1 teaspoon
garlic powder <br>1 teaspoon soy sauce or oyster sauce <br>1 tablespoon
chili sauce or ketchup <br>1 dash chili flakes <br>salt and pepper, to
taste <br>Directions<br>1Drain tofu (i pressed gently between paper
towels)!. <br>2Cut into bite-sized cubes!. <br>3Toss with cornstarch,
coating the cubes!. <br>4Sprinkle a little salt and pepper!. <br>5Heat
some oil (about 3-4 tablespoon, just ensure pan is coated)!. <br>6Fry the
tofu cubes in batches, making sure all sides are lightly browned!.
<br>7Drain on paper towels, then sprinkle with salt and pepper if
desired!. <br>8Sauce: Heat the milk in small saucepan (you can make sauce
in microwave too)!. <br>9Add peanut butter, stirring well!. <br>10Add
other seasonings, according to personal taste (I love spicy food, so i
added LOTS of chilli flakes!)!. If you use coconut milk, add 1/2 - 1 tsp
of lime juice too - it will be great! <br>11Serve hot, as a snack or
appetizer!. Sometimes i serve them with a sweet Chinese dessert: Green
Bean Soup!. <br><br>Asian Style Savory Baked Tofu<br>Ingredients<br>12
ounces firm tofu <br>For Marinade<br>2 tablespoons dark sesame oil <br>2
tablespoons tamari soy sauce <br>1 tablespoon rice wine or sake or dry
sherry <br>1 tablespoon rice vinegar or cider vinegar <br>1 garlic clove,
minced <br>2 tablespoons finely minced onion <br>1 teaspoon grated fresh
gingerroot <br>3 tablespoons water <br>1/2 teaspoon hot chili paste, to
taste (optional) <br>Directions<br>1For best results, tofu should be
&quot;pressed&quot; in order to remove excess liquid and absorb the
flavors of the marinade!. <br>2Press tofu block between two plates,
weighted down with a cast iron pan, large bowl of water, or heavy cans,
for about 30 minutes!. <br>3Halfway through, you may dump the plate of
water and flip the tofu block!. <br>4To make marinade, simply whisk
together the ingredients in a bowl!. <br>5After tofu is pressed, cut the
block into small cubes or triangles!. <br>6Place pieces of tofu into
baking dish, and cover with the marinade!. <br>7The tofu can sit
overnight in the marinade, or can be prepared right away!. <br>8Preheat
oven to 375 degrees!. <br>9Bake tofu about 35-45 minutes, or until all
the liquid is absorbed!. <br>10Tofu can be eaten by itself, or added to
stir-frys, salads, soups or sandwiches!. <br><br>Tofu Egg
Salad<br>Ingredients<br>2 lbs firm tofu <br>1/2 cup soy mayonnaise (or
regular, your choice) <br>3 tablespoons Dijon mustard <br>1 teaspoon
cayenne pepper <br>1/2 teaspoon turmeric <br>2 tablespoons chopped
parsley <br>1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill (I&#039;ve used dried as
well) <br>1/2 cup green onion, diced <br>salt and pepper
<br>Directions<br>1I always drain my tofu first!. <br>2I cut it into
1/4s, wrap it in paper towels on a cookie sheet, with another one on top,
weighted down with some heavy canned goods!. <br>3Let sit in refrigerator
for 10-20 minutes!. <br>4Mash the tofu in a bowl with a wooden spoon!.
<br>5Mix tofu well with remaining ingredients!. <br>6Chill and serve!.
<br><br>General Tso&#039;s Tofu<br>Ingredients<br>1 (16 ounce) box firm
tofu <br>1 egg <br>3/4 cup cornstarch <br>vegetable oil (for frying)
<br>3 chopped green onion <br>1 tablespoon minced ginger <br>1 tablespoon
minced garlic <br>2/3 cup vegetable stock <br>2 tablespoons soy sauce
<br>4 tablespoons sugar <br>red pepper flakes <br>1 tablespoon sherry
wine (optional) <br>1 tablespoon white vinegar <br>steamed broccoli
<br>Directions<br>1Drain, dry and cut tofu into one inch chunks-You can
freeze the tofu the night before to get a more&quot;chicken-like&quot;
texture, if desired!. <br>2Mix egg with 3 Tbs of water!. <br>3Dip tofu in
mixture!. <br>4Sprinkle cornstarch over tofu to completely cover!.
<br>5Heat oil in pan and fry tofu pieces until golden brown and set
aside!. <br>6Drain oil!. <br>7Heat 3 Tbs vegetable oil in pan on medium
heat and add onions, ginger and garlic, cook for about two minutes (be
careful not to burn garlic)!. <br>8Add vegetable stock, soy sauce, sugar,
red pepper flakes and vinegar!. <br>9Mix 2 Tbs of water and 1 Tbs
cornstarch and pour into mixture, stirring well!. <br>10Add fried tofu
and coat evenly!. <br>11Serve immediately with steamed broccoli over your
choice of rice!. <br><br>Tofu Dream Pudding and Pie
Filling<br>Ingredients<br>24 5/8 ounces firm silken tofu <br>1/4 cup
sugar <br>1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla <br>2 teaspoons almond extract, see
notes <br>1/2 cup cocoa powder <br>Directions<br>1IMPORTANT NOTES
ADDED:!. <br>2The tofu called for here is asceptic tofu NOT waterpacked
tofu!. One brand is Mori-Nu!. AGAIN: It will NOT work with Waterpacked
[tofu packed in water] also<!--aspertaime--> called cotton!. It will NOT
work with firm waterpack tofu!. The texture and the taste will change
because the medium will change!. An example of the correct tofu is:
http://www!.morinu!.com/ Please feel free to visit the Vegetarian forum
and ask if you aren&#039;t sure!. We don&#039;t bite!. Honest but we do
have great ways to make stuff taste even better!. I host there so you can
ask anytime!. As to the Almond, add a bit, taste and add more!.
Don&#039;t add all at once!. You may need less than we use because brands
vary!. [Do the same with other flavorings too] also<!--aspertaime--> I
have added chocolate extract!. It does well with that in place of the
Almond!. <br>3Simply blend your tofu, cocoa, sugar or Splenda, vanilla in
a food processor or blender until smooth and well blended!. <br>4You have
pudding!. Add to your favorite shell or eat as a pudding!. Can be used in
parfaits also<!--aspertaime-->!. Layer pudding, fruit, pudding, fruit!.
garnish with fruit slices and a mint leaf or two or almond slices!.
<br>5NOTE 24!.6 ounces is two standard packages for me!. It does seem to
&quot;grab&quot; the sweet of sugar to me so I use less!. I also<!--
aspertaime--> find it works very well with Splenda!. Those with a sweet
tooth may want to tweak that!. Simply add the 1/4 and taste!. Then add to
your taste!. Syrups such as honey, maple syrup and Kings Molasses have
been used but I personally wasn&#039;t pleased with it!. However tastes
may vary!. also<!--aspertaime--> note it MUST BE FIRM SILKEN!. IT CANNOT
BE WATERPACKED [can be low fat, organic or regular]!. Soft is for
smoothies and Cotton or waterpacked is for other methods!. <br>6I never
thought to add this!. Be careful what cocoa powder you use!. The tofu is
going to grab the taste!. IF it is a chalky type you are going to have
chalky tofu pudding!. Nothing in the pudding mix will &#039;hide&#039;
that!. Remember this has no milk to &#039;mute&#039; the cocoa taste!.
<br><br>Fried tofu<br>Ingredients<br>1 (350 g) package extra firm tofu
<br>3 tablespoons tamari or soya sauce <br>1/4 cup Red Star nutritional
yeast <br>1 teaspoon seasoning (EG Tony Chachere&#039;s, Mrs Dash or mix
your own combination) <br>1 tablespoon olive oil, to lightly grease a
skillet (or other veggie oil) <br>Directions<br>1Lightly grease a non-
stick pan with oil!. <br>2Put tamari (soy sauce) in a bowl!. <br>3In
another bowl mix yeast and spices!. <br>4Slice tofu into 1/4-inch
slices!. <br>5Dip tofu in the tamari and then in the yeast mixture!.
<br>6Fry until golden; flip and brown the other side!. <br>7Add a bit of
oil if necessary!. <br><br>Tofu Cacciatore<br>Ingredients<br>2 lbs firm
tofu <br>1 medium onion, thinly sliced <br>1 red bell pepper, thinly
sliced <br>1 green bell pepper, thinly sliced <br>3 cloves garlic, minced
<br>2 teaspoons dried basil <br>2 teaspoons dried oregano <br>crushed red
pepper flakes (optional) <br>3 (14 1/2 ounce) cans diced tomatoes <br>2
tablespoons tomato paste <br>1/4 cup flour, for dredging <br>grated
parmesan cheese or romano cheese, for topping <br>Directions<br>1To press
tofu: For best results, tofu should be&quot;pressed&quot; in order to
remove excess liquid and absorb the flavors of the marinade!. <br>2Press
tofu block between two plates, weighted down with a cast iron pan, large
bowl of water, or heavy cans, for about 30 minutes!. <br>3Halfway
through, you may dump the plate of water and flip the tofu block!.
<br>4For an even meatier texture, place the pressed tofu slices in the
freezer until ready to use!. <br>5For the cacciatore: Preheat oven to 350
degrees!. <br>6Coat a large, non-stick skillet with cooking spray, and
heat over medium low!. <br>7Add onion and bell peppers and cook until
softened, about 5-8 minutes!. <br>8Add garlic, oregano, basil and crushed
red pepper, if using, and stir to coat the vegetables evenly!. <br>9Next,
add the diced tomatoes, and tomato paste!. <br>10Mix well and bring sauce
mixture to a boil!. <br>11Reduce heat to low, and simmer the sauce
covered for about 15 minutes!. <br>12While sauce simmers, cut the block
of pressed tofu into ? inch thick slices!. <br>13Mix flour with a good
pinch of salt and pepper!. <br>14Spray a nonstick skillet with cooking
spray, and place over medium low heat!. <br>15Dredge the tofu slices in
the seasoned flour; be sure to tap off the excess!. <br>16Place slices
into skillet, and cook until lightly browned on both sides, about 3
minutes per side!. <br>17Watch that the pan doesn’t get too hot, and
lower the heat if necessary!. <br>18This step needs to be done in two
batches!. <br>19Be sure to re-coat the pan with spray for the second
batch!. <br>20As the tofu slices are finished browning, place them in a
baking dish in a single layer!. <br>21Pour tomato pepper sauce over tofu,
sprinkle generously with Parmesan or Romano cheese if desired, and cover
dish with foil!. <br>22Bake until heated through (about 45 minutes to 1 ?
hours) The longer the tofu bakes, the more flavor it will absorb!.
<br>23Serve hot!. <br><br>Honey Nut Tofu Spread<br>Ingredients<br>12
ounces firm tofu, drained <br>8 tablespoons peanut butter (substitute any
other nut butter or tahini, if you prefer) <br>4 tablespoons honey <br>2
teaspoons lemon juice <br>Directions<br>1Put all ingredients into a food
processor and blend until smooth!. <br>2Scrape the mixture into a covered
container for storage in the refrigerator!. <br>3Use spread within 2
weeks!. <br><br>Strawberry-Banana Tofu Pudding<br>Ingredients<br>1 1/2
cups firm tofu (cubed) <br>1 1/2 cups strawberry (sliced) <br>1 banana
(sliced) <br>1 teaspoon vanilla <br>1 tablespoon lemon<font
<div >http://www!.your-vegetarian-kitchen!.com/h!.!.!. has awesome Tofu
recipes in several places too!. Here are a dozen of them:<br>Enjoy!
<br>P!.S!. bookmarking the page sort of makes sense too! <br><br>1
Maryland NOT Crab Cakes<br>*A Mid-Atlantic Classic with a (V)
Twist<br><br>Boil 3 Lbs!. peeled Potatoes in Filtered or Spring Water!.
Pour off water!. Place potatoes in a large basin or bowl<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Add:<br>2 Lbs!. Washed Yukon Gold
Potatoes<br>1 Large Cauliflower cut into Flowerets Blanched<br>1 Package
Firm Tofu<br>1 Cups Old Fashioned Dry and Uncooked Rolled Oats<br>2 – 3
packages Barbara’s Dehydrated Potato Flakes<br>1/4 Cup Frontier
Vegetarian Chicken Stock Powder<br>? Cup Granulated Onion<br>1/4 tsp!.
Cayenne Pepper<br>1 Cup total Minced Carrot, Red and Green Bell Peppers,
Zucchini, Yellow Squash<br>Sea Salt and White Pepper to
taste<br><br>Coating:<br>3/4 cup Barbara’s Potato Flakes<br>2 Tbs!.
Granulated Onion<br>1/4 cup dried Parsley Flakes<br>Organic Canola Oil
sufficient to fry the cakes<br><br>Boil washed Yukon Gold Potatoes in
Reverse Osmosis filtered or Spring Water!. Drain!. Place potatoes in a
large basin or bowl!. Wearing clean rubber gloves coarsely mash potatoes
with your hands!. Blanch* 1 head cauliflower flowerets<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Crumble cauliflower into the potatoes and dry
uncooked oatmeal being careful not to lose the &quot;crablike&quot;
texture of the cauliflower stem!. Add 1 cup minced carrots, zucchini,
yellow squash, red and green peppers!. Add potato flakes until the
mixture is firm but not stiff<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Pour onto a pie plate 3/4 cup potato flakes, 2 Tbs!.
granulated onion and 1/4 cup dried parsley flakes!. Mix by hand<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Using a spring action #20 Ice Cream
Scoop, make balls of the potato mixture; flattening them while
maintaining their circular shape!. Dredge in the potato, parsley and
granulated onion mixture!. Fry until golden in canola oil<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Serve with Tarter Sauce:<br><br>1 Cup
Nasoya Nayonaise<br>1/4 Cup Cascadian Farm or Heinz Sweet Pickle
Relish<br>Dash Cayenne or to taste<br>Squeeze of fresh Lemon
Juice<br><br>The &quot;Not Crab Cakes&quot; freeze well and can be made
in advance!. A delicious &quot;non-fish&quot; course, they are quite nice
plated on a platter, garnished and served on a buffet also<!--aspertaime-
->!.also<!--aspertaime--> great served with a Well Dilled Béchamel – See
SaucesAdd 1 Tbs!. minced fresh dill and a dash of cayenne to the Béchamel
white sauce!. also<!--aspertaime--> a squeeze of lemon!. For a great
variant use Dill Pickle juice as half of the liquid in the Béchamel<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>2 Tofu Rancheros (V)<br><br>Great
for Breakfast, Brunch or Sunday Night Supper<br><br>1 Package Firm
Tofu<br>2 Tbs!. Extra Virgin Olive Oil<br>1 tsp!. Chopped Fresh
Garlic<br>1 Cup sliced Button Mushrooms<br>1 small Onion sliced stem to
stern<br>1/4 Cup each Red, Green and Yellow Peppers cut into chunks<br>1
handful Grape Tomatoes<br>1 Tbs!. Turmeric<br>1 tsp!. Chili
Powder<br>Salt and Pepper to taste<br>Splash Shoyu<br>Five grains Black
Salt* (optional)<br><br>*Black Salt is available at Indian Grocery
Stores!. It has a high Sulfa content so you will need to use only as much
as fits on the tip of a sharp knife!. It is the Sulfa content that pulls
the tofu into the familiar smell and taste of ‘egg’<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>In a frying pan sauté 1 Cup sliced button
mushrooms with freshly chopped garlic in Extra Virgin Olive Oil until
golden!. Remove from the pan and reserve!. Next add to the pan 1 small
onion sliced thinly from stem to stern, and half each of red, yellow and
green peppers cut into small chunks!. Sauté until the peppers are soft
and the onion has becomes transparent!. Add a handful of whole grape
tomatoes!. Stir<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Add 1 Tbs!.
Turmeric and 1 Tsp Chili Powder, and crumble in 1 package Firm Tofu!. Mix
through the spice and vegetables until the tofu is heated through and
well colored, and the tomatoes begin to pop!. Add the Mushrooms, a splash
of Shoyu and salt and pepper to taste!. Plate and serve with toast, or
muffins<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>3 Potatofu
Patties<br>These are similar to Latkes<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>2 packages tofu<br>2 pounds of Yukon Gold Potatoes<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>1 Small Onion<br>1 1/2 boxes of Barbara’s
Instant Mashed Potatoes or 2 Cups of Potato Flour, or Potato Latke
Mix<br>Sea Salt &amp; Cayenne Pepper to taste<br>1 Tbs!. Granulated
Onion<br>1/4 Cup finely sliced Green Onion<br><br>Coating<br>1/4 Cup
Dried Parsley<br>1 Tbs!. Granulated Onion<br>1/2 box of Barbara’s Instant
Mashed Potatoes<br>Wash, Peel and Grate 2 pounds of Yukon Gold Potatoes
and the onion<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>(You can use a
food processor for this)<br>Add Salt and Cayenne Pepper, Granulated
Onion!. Crumble 2 pounds of Tofu into the potato mixture!. Add 2 boxes of
Barbara’s Instant Mashed Potatoes or 2 Cups of Potato Flour!. Add 1/4 Cup
finely sliced Green Onion!. Mix well<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>In a shallow bowl mix Granulated Onion, dried Parsley and
Barbara’s Instant Mashed Potatoes!. Mix!. Using an Ice Cream Scoop or
serving spoon, drop portions of mixture into the coating mixture;
dredging them liberally as you form them into thick patties!. Fry in
Canola Oil!. Pat with Paper towel to remove excess oil!. Plate!. Serve
with Sour Cream and Apple Sauce!. YUM!!!<br><br>4 Luna Salad<br><br>2#
Tofu<br>1 Cup TVP<br>1 Cup Vegetarian ‘Chicken’ Stock*<br>1/2 Cup Chopped
Red Onion<br>1 Cup Nayonaise<br>1 tsp!. Dijon Mustard<br>1/8 Cup Bread
and Butter Pickle Juice<br>1/8 Cup Bread and Butter Pickles chopped
fine<br>1 Tbs!. Turmeric<br>1 tsp!. Poultry Seasoning<br>1 Granny Smith
Apple finely diced<br>Chopped fresh Parsley, Dill and Green Onions<br>1
Cup Raisins or Sultanas<br>1 Cup Chopped Celery<br>Sea Salt, Black
Pepper, Celery Seed Powder, Cayenne Pepper to taste<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Soak TVP in Vegetarian ‘Chicken’ Stock* until
tender moist and fluffy!. Mix Nayonaisse, Dijon Mustard, Pickle Juice and
Turmeric!. Add Poultry Seasoning, Salt, Pepper and Cayenne!. Add chopped
Apple, Herbs, Onion and Chopped Pickle!. Fluff with a fork!. Chill!.
Plate!. Garnish and Serve with pride!. Lovely stuffed in tomatoes or in
sandwiches<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Vegetarian ‘Chicken’
Stock* is available from Frontier Herb Company on line!. It is also<!--
aspertaime--> a wonderful soup, sauce and stew base<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>5 No-Egg Salad (V)<br><br>1 Package Firm Tofu
crumbled<br>1/2 Cup Nasoya Nayonaisse<br>1 Tbs!. Dijon Mustard<br>1 Tbs!.
scant Turmeric<br>1/2 tsp!. Bells Poultry Seasoning<br>1 Tbs!. Chopped
Fresh Parsley<br>1 Tbs!. Chopped Fresh Dill<br>1 Tbs!. Chopped Fresh
Green Onion<br>1/2 tsp!. Sea Salt<br>Five grains Black Salt*
(optional)<br>Black Pepper<br><br><br>*Black Salt is available at Indian
Grocery Stores!. It has a high Sulfa content so you will need to use only
as much as fits on the tip of a sharp knife!. It is the Sulfa content
that pulls the tofu into the familiar smell and taste of ‘egg’!.
*<br><br>Measure all of the ingredients into a bowl with the exception of
the tofu!. Mix well!. Crumble in the tofu!. Mix well<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>*Wonderful in Sandwiches, or stuffed in a
hollowed out Tomato on a bed of Boston Lettuce<br><br>6 Tex-Mex Love
Boats (V)<br>These are pretty as a picture and really delicious<br>Extra
Firm Tofu (allow 1/2 block per person)<br>1 Jar prepared Red Beans or 1
Cup cooked, rinsed beans<br>1/2 Package of frozen Corn kernels or Roasted
Corn kernels<br>1 Cup Fresh or prepared Salsa<br>1/4 Cup Hungarian
Paprika<br>3 Tbs!. Granulated Garlic<br>1 tsp Chili Powder<br>1/4 Cup
Shoyu<br>1/4 Cup Olive Oil<br><br>Place 1 block of extra firm Tofu on a
cutting board!.Cut it in half on the diagonal!. Set them upright so that
the hypotenuse faces you!. Using a metal spatula, with a thin blade,
carefully cut a wedge shape from the center of each half!. The walls
should be about 5/8 of an inch thick!.Reserve removed wedges and crumble
finely into a mixing bowl!.(Make one cut along each of the outside walls
being very careful not to cut all the way through the block!. Using the
edge of the spatula cut straight down and then cut parallel to the
bottom!. Lift the wedge of tofu out and reserve!.) Mix 1/4 Cup Hungarian
Paprika, 1 tsp Chili Powder, with 3 Tbs!. Granulated Garlic!.Moisten with
Tamari and olive oil until you have a thin paste<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>(Paint the tofu boats inside and out with a pastry
brush!.)<br><br>To the crumbled reserved tofu add frozen corn kernels and
salsa, along with a jar of prepared Red Beans!.Season with Chili Powder,
Garlic, Pepper and Salt!. Mix!. Pack lightly into the boats!.Bake at 350°
for 30 minutes basting with Tamale Sauce!.Top with grated Jalape?a Soy
Cheese and return to the oven for a few minutes until the cheese melts!.
Garnish with finely chopped Cilantro!. Plate and serve<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br><br><br>7 Tofu Cutlets (V)<br>*A crisp, golden
and flavorful entrée<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Extra
Firm Tofu — allow a minimum of at least 1/4 pound or three slices per
person<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>You will need to do the
following marinade twice so make sure that you have double the amount of
the following on hand:<br><br>1/2 Cup Eden Tamari or Shoyu<br>1/4 Cup
Eden Mirin<br>1 Tbs!. Ground Coriander<br>1 Tbs!. Ground Cumin<br>1 Tbs!.
Minced Garlic<br>1 Tbs!. Minced Fresh Ginger<br>1/2 Cup Toasted Sesame
Oil<br>Splash San-J Szechuan Hot Sauce<br>1 Tsp each Granulated Garlic
and Ginger (used only in the mixture for painting the tofu)<br>Szeged Hot
Hungarian Paprika<br>3 Large Spanish Onions sliced
Nituke<br><br><br>Slice large Spanish Onions thinly!. (Nituki - from end
to end rather than in rounds or half moons!.)<br><br>Place in a large
bowl along with:<br><br>1 Tbs!. each finely minced garlic and ginger<br>1
Tbs!. each ground Cumin and ground Coriander seeds<br>1/2 Cup each
Toasted Sesame Oil, Tamari or Shoyu<br>1/4 Cup Eden Mirin, along with a
splash of San-J Szechwan Hot Sauce<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Let onions to wilt in the mixture for a minimum of 15 minutes
while the tofu is sliced<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Line
baking sheet(s) with parchment and a thick layer of wilted Onions and
sauce<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Place each block of
Extra Firm Tofu on a cutting board and cut it in half diagonally!. Set
the halves upright so that the hypotenuse of the triangular wedge faces
you!. Slice thin triangles from the blocks of tofu!. You should get 6
thin slices from each half!. Allow a minimum of 3 slices per
person!.Place each slice on the bed of wilted onions in a geometrical
pattern<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br><br>In a separate
small bowl create a duplicate of the marinade without the sesame oil<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Using a pastry brush, paint the
triangles with the mixture of 1/2 Cup each Tamari or Shoyu, 1/4 Cu<font
<div >Raw Ground Beef, Eggs, and Sea Bass<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162140','5','        Do you think that
people know what they really eat!?                  <div
class=\"content\">Do you think that people know what they really eat!?
Can you tell what you noticed that people eat wrong or combinations of
food that shouldn&#039;t be eaten together!?<font
','                    <div >Yes!.!.!. , it&#039;s the long term affect
of un-balanced diets that we all need to be less blissful about!.
<br><br>Unless!.!.!. , there is a mental problem <br><br>No!.!.!. ,
don&#039;t eat just red meat and expect no danger signs!. Turning red is
not irrelevant!.<font
<div >What do you mean by eat wrong!? And foods that shouldn&#039;t be
eaten together!? <br><br>In my experience, it isn&#039;t lack of
knowledge that causes people to have bad eating habits!. Its habitual
eating, convenience eating, taste, lack of cooking skills, lack of time!.
Most people know what is healthy, they just have trouble incorporating
that knowledge into their lives!.<font
<div >I think that lots of people don&#039;t know what goes into procesed
foods<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I know vegetarians who
eat cheese, and say it&#039;s ok because the cows just get milked, not
killed!. But they have to kill the cows to get the rennet from the cows
stomach, which you have to have for cheese<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>I also<!--aspertaime--> know a Jewish kid who eats
gummi bears all the time, even though they have gelatin in them, which is
made from pig bones!.<font
<div >they knew what they eat!.!. but they never care or bother about
it!.!. the only matter is how delicious the foods are!.!. i mean, not
everyone!.!. there also<!--aspertaime--> people that really watch what
they eat especially women to keep their body fit and healthy!.!.<font
<div >I think it&#039;s just down to each individual&#039;s taste, some
people love some stuff and others hate it, I don&#039;t think there is a
right or wrong combination of food!.!.!.<font
<div >Meat eaters mostly just eat whatever they want without thinking
what the ingredients are!. They just don&#039;t care!.<font
<div >no people just eat all kinds of stuff depands on their
tastebuds<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >no<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162141','6','        And the award for
the best ever Ice Cream goes to!.!.!.!?                        ','
<div >tripple choc chip yummy<font
<div >There was this brand of ice cream called Portofino!.!.!.it was
discontinued a few years ago and I wish I had stocked up! It was a
specialty ice cream that you could get at the grocery store, there was a
black raspberry vannila with Choc truffles, and a choc truffle ice cream
also<!--aspertaime-->!.!.!.!.sooo good- was a sad day when it was no
longer there!. I still think about it!.!.!.!.<font
<div >oooh i tried crunchie bar ice cream today, delicious and had
popping candy in the chocolate, and the actual ice cream part is
honeycomb flavour, it was quite big too<br><br>delicious<br><br><br>xxx
vici<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >viennetta!!!!!!!!! jst saw it on tv n reminded me of my youth
lol<br><br>but seriously it has to be sumthin which has like 50 different
kinds of chocolate in it, ben n jerrys phish food or chocolate fudge
brownie<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Do you mean flavor or shop!? The best flavor is mint chocolate
chip!. Cold stone is the best ice cream shop!.<font
<div >A little ice cream shop called Kilwin&#039;s in Celebration in
Florida!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Walls Cornish - yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!<font
<div >Nocciola: hazelnut/chocolate gelato<!--foods questions and answers-
->!.<br>Must be made and eaten in Italy!<font
<div >DEATH BY CHOCOLATE!!!!    with peanuts, chocolate syrup,
<div >Tillamook Mountain Huckleberry!. Oooh, it is so yummy =)!.<font
<div >Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla<font
<div >Cherry Garcia -- Ben &amp; Jerry&#039;s!<font
<div >Blue Bell-----Banana Split!.!.!.!.!.Sooooo goooood!<font
<div >Coffee<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Magnum - Mint chocolate chip!<font
<div >Cookies n cream<br>Or cookie dough<br>Mmmmm, cookies!.!.!.!<font
<div >marks and spencers soft scoop vanilla ice cream!.<font
<div >I have 2 answers!. my moms homemade vanilla &amp; ben &amp;
jerry&#039;s cherry garcia<font
<div >Cookies and Cream<font
<div >lemon sorbet<font
<div >better batter from maggie moo&#039;s<font
<div >Maple Bacon!. No really!<font
<div >2 GIRLS 1 CUP<font
<div >Dreyer&#039;s Turtle Sunday!.!.!. yummy!<font
<div >Turkey Hill!.!.!.!.Tin Roof Sundae<font
<div >cookie dough<font
<div >mint choco!. chip with little chips!<font
<div >Cornwall!.!.!.!.UK!.!.!.!.!.Cornish ice creams the best!.!.<font
<div >carte dor<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162142','6','        Kashi cereal
tastes bad!?                  <div class=\"content\">everybody says it
was good, I ate it this morning, I couldn&#039;t finish it because it
didn&#039;t even taste like anything!. ^_^<font
','                    <div >I have never ate it, but I don&#039;t have
any desire to purchase it<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>It
looks as appetizing as DOG FOOD!!<br><br>Try S&#039;mores cereal!.!.!.
Much tastier!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >They don&#039;t taste as good as &quot;fruity pebbles&quot; but
maybe you could add some fresh fruit, or flavored milk!?<br>Good
Luck<br>B<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >So, what&#039;s your question!?<font
<div >i agree, it does taste bad!. its like cardboard!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162143','6','        What are the
Nutritional Requirements for Adolescents!?                        ','
<div >http://pedclerk!.bsd!.uchicago!.edu/adolesc!.!.!.<br><br><br>that
might help :)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >The food pyramid has the answers!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162144','6','        Freezing a box of
chocolates!?                  <div class=\"content\">I just bought a box
of tools-shaped chocolates for my carpenter dad!. I think he&#039;ll like
them, but I&#039;m hoping that they can last till I give them to him on
Father&#039;s Day!. Should I freeze or refrigerate them or do you think
it&#039;s okay for me to leave them out!? It&#039;s still pretty cool
inside my place, so I don&#039;t think they&#039;ll melt!.<font
','                    <div >I am a former chef and have made many types
of choclate fancies, and the seocnd lady and last gentleman are right,
the chocolate can get with spots from the cocoa butter solids<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Chocolate melts at a bit above 100 d F,
so fond a nice dark drawer or the back of your pantry or cupboard, they
will last for a month or 2 and with Fathers day only a week away, they
are fine left out, just keep them cool!.<font
<div >Please don&#039;t refrigerate them! It&#039;s okay to leave them
out if you keep them in a cool dark place, but if you put them someplace
WAY below room temperature, like the freezer, the chocolates will turn
white with sugar bloom, and any moisture in the fridge can damage them!.
The chocolates will still taste fine with sugar bloom, but it&#039;ll
ruin the pretty appearance of them, which is a big part of chocolate
presentation!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >It depends how long &#039;til Father&#039;s Day!.It might be okay
if you leave them in a dry, cool area!. <br>
---OR---<br> Don&#039;t freeze them (unless he likes frozen chocolates =P
) just refrigerate them, let them out a day before father&#039;s day to
get back to room temp!. also<!--aspertaime--> depends if he likes cold
chocolate (:<br><br>hope father&#039;s day for you and your dad are
great!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >It&#039;s never good to cool chocolate down, you can keep them in
your cellar for example or another cool place, but never put your
chocolate in a freezer or refridgerator<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>ps!. I&#039;m from THE chocolate country :p<font
<div >If you put them in the freezer or refrigerator, you take the chance
that the chocolate will turn white !.!.!. I&#039;d just put them
somewhere very cool in your house (pantry!?)<font
<div >put them in the bottom shelf in the fridge is fine but not the
freezer if you are worried that your dad might find them put them at the
bottom floor of your clothes wardrobe<font
<div >ummmm put it in the freezer and two days later leave it out for it
to like thaw<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162145','6','        What are some
examples of stems we eat!?                  <div
class=\"content\">Besides celery and asparagus, I already have those
two!. I need atleast 5 more!. Thanks you guys!!!<font
','                    <div >Asparagus <br>The edible portion is the
rapidly emerging stems that arise from the crowns in the early spring!.
<br>Bamboo <br>The edible portion is the young shoot (culm)!. <br>Birch
<br>Trunk sap is drunk as a tonic or rendered into birch syrup, vinegar,
beer, soft drinks, and other foods!. <br>Broccoli <br>The edible portion
is stem tissue, flower buds, and some small leaves!. <br>Cauliflower
<br>The edible portion is proliferated stem and flower tissue!.
<br>Cinnamon <br>The bark is used as a spice!. <br>Fig <br>The edible
portion is stem tissue!. The fig &quot;fruit&quot; is actually an
inverted flower with both the male and female flower parts enclosed
inside stem tissue!. <br>Garlic <br>The edible portion is predominantly
swollen leaves with a bit of stem!. <br>Ginger root <br>The edible
portion is a branched underground compressed stem also<!--aspertaime-->
referred to as a rhizome!. <br>Kohlrabi <br>The edible portion is an
enlarged (swollen) stem!. It is a member of the cabbage family and is
white, green, or purple in color!. <br>Leek <br>Similar to other members
in the onion family, the edible portion is swollen leaves with a bit of
stem!. <br>Lotus root <br>The edible portion is a stem modified for
underwater growth!. Buds and branches are visible on the vegetable sold
as lotus root!. <br>Nopal <br>The edible portion is stem segments!.
<br>Onion <br>The edible portion is swollen leaves with a bit of stem!.
They are bulbs which, like garlic and leeks, are modified stems in which
the primary storage tissue is expanded leaf bases!. They come in white,
yellow, and red varieties!. <br>Potato <br>The edible portion is an
underground stem that is also<!--aspertaime--> a tuber!. The
&quot;eyes&quot; of the potato are lateral buds!. Potatoes come in white,
yellow, orange, or purple-colored varieties!. <br>Radish <br>The edible
portion is a combination of root and stem tissue, but is mainly stem!.
<br>Sassafras <br>The shoots and stem bark are sometimes used to make
root beer!. <br>Shallot <br>also<!--aspertaime--> a member of the onion
family, the edible portion is mainly swollen leaves with a bit of stem!.
<br>Sugar cane <br>The edible portion is the inner stalk (stem) whose
sap is a source of sugar!. In its raw form chewing or extraction through
a juicer extracts its juice!. <br>Sugar maple <br>Xylem sap from the
tree trunks is made into maple sugar and maple syrup!. <br>Taro <br>The
edible portion is the underground stem (corm)!. <br>White pine <br>The
sweet inner bark (phloem) was eaten by native Americans!.<font
<div >You decide!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>stem 1
<br>NOUN: <br>1: The main ascending axis of a plant; a stalk or trunk!.
<br>2: A slender stalk supporting or connecting another plant part, such
as a leaf or flower!. <br>3A banana stalk bearing several bunches of
bananas!. <br>4A connecting or supporting part, especially:<br>5The tube
of a tobacco pipe!. <br>6The slender upright support of a wineglass or
goblet!. <br>7The small projecting shaft with an expanded crown by which
a watch is wound!. <br>8The rounded rod in the center of certain locks
about which the key fits and is turned!. <br>9The shaft of a feather or
hair!. <br>10The upright stroke of a typeface or letter!. <br>11Music The
vertical line extending from the head of a note!. <br>12The main line of
descent of a family!. <br>13Linguistics The main part of a word to which
affixes are added!. <br>14Nautical The curved upright beam at the fore of
a vessel into which the hull timbers are scarfed to form the prow!.
<br>15The tubular glass structure mounting the filament or electrodes in
an incandescent bulb or vacuum tube<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>the stem on a mushroom broccoli cauliflower!.!.parsley!.!.!.
artichokes!.!.!. most all leafy herbs<font
<div >rhubarb, celery,<font
<div >broccoli and cauliflower<br>those are the only other ones i can
think of<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Rhubarb, Broccoli, Swiss Chard, Rabe, endive and bok choy<font
<div >Leaf lettuce includes the stems!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-
->!.<br><br>this is tricky!<font
<div >sorry, those were the only 2 i could think of too!.!.!.<font
<div >spinach, collard and other greens<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162146','1','        How do they make
that shamrock in the head of a guiness draft!?                        ','
<div >First you need a nitro tap!.!.!. then you just kinda draw it on
when you&#039;re done with the pour<!--foods questions and answers--
<div >Try making two figure eights joined in the center!. As foam swells
they &quot;resemble&quot; a shamrock!.<font
<div >I&#039;m sorry I don&#039;t know!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162147','1','        Can i ferment a
fruit drink by drinking it past its expiration date and would it be bad
for your health!?                        ','                    <div
>you&#039;ll probably just puke it back up <br>but you ouhgt to try
it<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >no<br><br>you would need to open it, pour in yeast which has been
prepared in a little warm water and then let that sit in a warm place
undisturbed for about a week or two<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>it works best with actual fruit juice high in sugar!.
commercially ready drinks may have too many preservatives to ferment<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>then again you could just go buy
steel reserve if you&#039;re that hard up for booze!. (ohhh!.!.!.
that&#039;s an underage joke)!.<font
<div >As mentioned, without the yeast to convert the sugars to alcohol,
it won&#039;t get you buzzed at all!. Don&#039;t bother trying to make
your own, just go buy<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Not a
funny joke Joe!. SR is the only beer I like the taste of!. Miller, Bud,
Ice, etc are ok!. Seeing as I live in Chico, I tried a Sierra Nevada
Pale Ale!. Gross!. Was so thick I had to chew it!. SR however actually
tastes good to me, go figure!. (I&#039;m not underage, I&#039;m actually
29 this year!.)<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162148','1','         How can wine be
made with a higher alcohol level!?                  <div
class=\"content\">I bought a wine kit to make some Itilian wine &amp; i
want to make it with a higher alcohol level without ruining the wine any
information would be helpful!.I have fortified wine before with brandy
&amp; it turned out pretty good,but i&#039;m wanting to make some without
fortifing it but with the natural process in wine making!.Thanks<font
','                    <div >You would need grapes with a very high sugar
content and then let them ferment as long as possible<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>!.<font
<div >High alcohol could totally kill the flavor of the wine!. My
suggestion would be to make two batches, one with capitalization (raw
sugar added to bring final alcohol up to around 14-15%), one all
natural!. Make sure you use champagne yeast, and ferment till dryness!.
Then do some blending and see what works, that way you will at least have
some wine that doesnt taste like hooch!. Use the rest for sangria in the
summer, and hot spiced wine in the winter!. You cant loose!.<font
<div >You COULD substitute grape juice for some of the water or add sugar
if no water is called for!. This will not produce a wine that conforms to
type, though!. You would also<!--aspertaime--> have to change the yeast
to a champagne yeast, another departure from type!.<font
<div >it is basicaly impossible to make wine with alcohol content of over
14% because the yeast used to make the wine dies over this
concentration<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Look at Ports, Sauternes, and Muscats or late harvest Reislings as
an example!. They have a higher sugar content which increases the
Alcohol level in the wine!.<font
<div >use a margarita mix it is going to mix the flavors<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162149','1','         Serious i have a
problem!?                   <div class=\"content\">how do you spell apple
sauc/se <br>im not sure if ihts aye &quot;c&quot; or aye
&quot;s&quot;<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >applesauce is spelled with a &#039;C&#039;!.
<br><br>And while we&#039;re at it!.!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>ihts = it&#039;s (it + is = it&#039;s)<br><br>aye = a or an
when in front of a vowel (e!.g!. an apple, a pear)<br><br>im = I&#039;m
(I + am = I&#039;m)<br><br>hope this helps!.!.!. <br><br>Why did you post
this in Beer, Wine &amp; Spirits!?<font
<div >definitely sauce<font
<div >It&#039;s sauce mate!. definately sauce<font
<div >SAUCE<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >It&#039;s one word and it&#039;s applesauce!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162150','8','         How can i roast
potatoes without using olive or veggie oil!?                   <div
class=\"content\">trying to cut back on the fats and calories!.!. <br>how
can i roast tatoes without drenching them in oil!?<font
','                    <div >I first put potatoes in the microwave to
soften them up, then cut them and add a little bit of Pam!.!.!.not too
much though (even though it says it&#039;s fat free, it&#039;s all b!.s)
add Mrs!. Dash , garlic powder, onion powder, and fresh chopped garlic ,
and pepper (salt it optional) and rub all of the ingredients together and
pre heat the oven 350 and put potatoes in the oven and check for roasting
or carmalization, then eat!.<font
<div >Potatoes Dauphinoise<br><br>15 medium waxy potatoes (Finnish
Yellow, Yukon Gold), sliced thin<br>salt and pepper<br>fresh grated
nutmeg<br>16 Tbs!. butter<br>1 clove garlic<br>6 cups half &amp; half or
light cream<br><br>Wash the potato slices, dry them in a towel, then
season them with salt and pepper ( you could also<!--aspertaime--> add
just a tiny bit of nutmeg)<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Rub
the inside of your gratin dish with the garlic clove!. Butter the dish
with a nob of butter!. Layer the potatoes in the dish up to 1/2 from the
top!. Place a few pieces of but here and there!. Pour the cream over them
to cover!. Put the bits of butter here and there!. <br><br>Bake in a 325
degree F!. oven for about 1-1/2 to 2 hours<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>It will be brown on top and beautifully creamy and
delicious!. Be careful, it could be addicting!. Do not put any cheese on
it!. It would distort the flavor!.<font
<div >I would par boil them first and then give them a bit of a bash
around in a bag!. This way the outside of the potatoe which is cooked
gets mushed up and so crisps up when you put them in the oven!.<font
<div >You don&#039;t have to drench them in oil! You can use minimal oil
and still have delicious roasted potatoes!. Other than that, I&#039;d
suggest using, &quot;I Can&#039;t Believe It&#039;s Not Butter&quot;!.!.
that is what I use!.<font
<div >you don&#039;t have to drench them in oil!.!.!.!.!.but brushing
them would do just fine!.!.!.that wouldn&#039;t need much oil or
fat!.!.!.or use a glaze (suggested for meats mostly but would do fine on
veggies as well)<font
<div >spray with cooking spray; the flavored ones work well!.<font
<div >Use nonstick spray on them!. and make sure your sheet tray is
rocket hot before you put them on!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162151','8','        A yummy recipe
for soup!!?                  <div class=\"content\">For about one or two
people and using rice! i have about a cup of cooked rice!<font
','                    <div >Soup: Chicken &amp; Rice<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>(by Dune 31/1/08) <br>Chicken Chunks<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Rice<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Diced Carrot<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Diced
Celery/Sliced Leek<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Diced Onion
!.(medium)<br>More Vegetables<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Add
all except the Rice and Extra Vegetables to a decent sized pot or stock
pot<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Stir fry until the chicken has
a little colour and the other vegetables are soft<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Add a little water to de glaze the pot and add as much
for the size you want!. (2 litres)<br>Bring to a boil and add rice!.
Return to boil then reduce to a rolling simmer<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Go through the freezer and take out all of those part
bags vegetables and add<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Go through
the fridge and look for what else to add<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Stir from time to time<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>The
rice will absorb a lot of liquid so that may need to be topped up<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Season to taste, and plate up<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Serve with Garlic Bread!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162152','4','        Coke or pepsi!?
and does anyone !.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!?
<div class=\"content\">does anyone have any coke or pepsi codes they can
BEST ANSWER!!!!!!!!<br><br>I CAN DO something for you if needed lol
!!<br>just tell me what it is <br><br>I really need them !<font
','                    <div >im assuming that you are talking about the
ones from like kfc!? @ pepsistuff!.com!? if so i have 2 of
foyzsyf (if the o doesnt work try 0)<font
<div >Perhaps you should get your own codes instead of taking other
peoples!. Just an idea!. Plus, you don&#039;t need them!. You want them!.
What do you want them for!? You likely won&#039;t win anything!.<font
<div >Sorry I use mine!. But what do you have to offer !?!?<font
<div >Sorry I use mine!<font
<div >coke<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162153','5','        PETA &amp; Animal
rights-food consumption!?                  <div class=\"content\">I am
thinking of joing PETA, even though I am not a vegetarian!. I&#039;m
trying to gather some information about the group and other helpful
facts!. From what I understand, I do not have to be a vegetarian to join
PETA, and I should buy organic meat!? Are there any other helpful things
that I should know about how to buy my food and what not!? Any
information would be great appreciated, thank you!<font
','                    <div >It&#039;s great that you&#039;re thinking of
joining PETA!. You don&#039;t have to be vegetarian to join!. You can be
involved with their campaigns against fur, animal circuses, animal
testing!. etc<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>However, going
vegetarian is one of the best ways to help reduce animal suffering so I
would recommend it!. &quot;Organic” just means drug- and chemical-free;
it has nothing to do with animal welfare practices!. I think eating less
meat would be much better than buying organic meat!. For instance, you
could be vegetarian two or three days of the week and eat meat on the
other days!. <br><br>Reducing animal suffering isn&#039;t an all-or-
nothing issue; you can make a huge difference just by eating less meat!.
Hope this helps!<font
<div >Anyone can join peta!. A lot of people may think it strange
though!. What&#039;s the point in trying to save animals while supporting
their death and eating them at the same time!?<br><br>If you do eat meat,
go for free range organic and if possible, go and visit the farms to see
the conditions for yourself!. Unfortunately they&#039;ll still endure the
same horror at the slaughterhouse as all meat-reared animals but at least
you&#039;ll know they lived a somewhat better life than their factory
farmed friends!.<font
<div >I say go for it!. They are a great organization!. I have been a
member for over a year!. I am on letter writing campaigns where I can e-
mail companies that are bad to animals<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Organic meat is no better than regular meat!. Explore the
Peta website and also<!--aspertaime--> check tryveg!.com!. It won&#039;t
be too long until you see things like a vegetarian<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>I too once thought that there was nothing wrong with
eating meat!. I have seen the light!. For me it was the &quot;dark
side&quot; of meat!. <br><br>Good luck:)<font
<div >i honestly despise those quacks!! any organization thsat wants to
ban fly swatters is way too extreme for me, i am dead set against
cruelty to animals but they take it waaaaay too far, they stalk people
and throw paint on women wearing furs, personally i think they should be
labeled a domestic terrorist group, be careful what dogs you lay down
with, you may end up with fleas!!<font
<div >Anyone can join PETA!. What you choose to eat is up to you!.
Organic meat is, according to supporters, more humanely raised than
regular meat because the animals have access to pasture and are not given
growth hormones!.<font
<div >Umm I am very sorry if this offends you and don&#039;t take it the
wrong way but!.!.!. <br><br>If you are not committed to the well being of
animals enough to go vegetarian I kind of doubt PETA wants you!.!.!.<font
<div >Hey, from what you will find out from PETA, you will WANT to be a
vegan!. !.!.!.The truth will hurt!.<font
<div >PETA is a good organization to avoid!. They are a very extremist
organization!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162154','5','        I&#039;ve decided
to become vegan and I&#039;m breastfeeding, any advices!?!?
','                    <div >I recommend that you take a daily prenatal
multivitamin and a regular source of DHA or other long-chain EFA<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I don&#039;t recommend a prenatal
vitamin because of your vegan diet but just to ensure that there are
enough nutrients for the both of you and to keep bone density and tooth
loss to a minimum!. You should still be making every effort to meet daily
requirements through diet which should be easy if you research the best
sources of everything that your body needs!. Both cooking and eating take
time so it&#039;s not always practical to <br><br>There are quite a few
vegan DHA sources out there but I think that I&#039;ll suggest flax seed
oil with DHA from algal oil!. My wife put some on some pasta and I could
have sworn there was seafood in it until I realized where the taste and
smell were coming from<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Please
read on to keep yourself as informed as possible and I might add that it
would be wise to develop vegan cooking skills and and at least seven
vegan main entrees that taste not just good but great to you before you
make the actual commitment and call yourself vegan<!--foods questions and
<div >Talk to your doctor and a nutritionist!. also<!--aspertaime--> do
your research--some vegan family websites may have advice for
breastfeeding on a vegan diet!. I would also<!--aspertaime--> transition
cautiously--gradually removing animal products from your diet<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>also<!--aspertaime-->, while some
people go straight from omni to vegan, many don&#039;t, and if
you&#039;re not a vegetarian yet, you might want to start by being
vegetarian!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Don&#039;t make any drastic dietary changes while breastfeeding
!.!.!. a balanced diet, high in vitamins from food, is the right choice
for now!. <br><br>Extreme changes put everything off balance until your
body adjusts!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Do ALL of your research!. Do not go replacing an entire food group
at one time!. Incorporate vegan food into your diet in conjunction with
your regular diet and slowly begin to replace the foods!.<font
<div >Really should talk to your doctor about it!. You&#039;ll definately
need to take iron supplements if you want to stick to that diet and
breast feed<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Good luck!<font
<div >Just make sure you get enough B12 in your diet!. B12 is important
for your baby&#039;s brain development!.<font
<div >check with your pediatrician first!.!.!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162155','6','        How many
teaspoons of sugar do you add to your green tea!?
','                    <div >~~~I am with ya on this!. I love green tea
but I have to add a heaping teaspoon to a cup!. Otherwise it gives me a
tummy ache!~~~<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >2 teaspoons<font
<div >3 TEASPOONS!.<font
<div >i dont use sugar , i sometimes pour little sweetness small package
that all!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >None!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I really don&#039;t use anything in it, I drink it as it is<font
<div >about 4!. It tastes like bitter water without it!.<font
<div >none!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >honey<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162156','6','        Is my
toaster!.!.!.toast!?                  <div class=\"content\">Okay!. This
is a brand new toaster!.The first time I used my toaster the bread tasted
AWFUL!. There was this terrible smell to it, and aftertaste!. Tinny, I
might describe it!. I tried it again tonight hoping last time was just a
fluke!.!.!.but smoke started to come out of it!. So then I stopped it!. I
nibbled a peice, and it tasted AWFUL as well!. <br><br>I&#039;ve
unplugged my toaster and put it in a storage room!. Any
','                    <div >blow that **** up<font
<div >This is the result of cheap labor in China!. Gotta Love it :)<br>
<br> Toss it in the can and get a new one!.!. Spend a few extra bucks for
a good one!. Trust me, you wont regret it!. :) GL<font
<div >Run it a few times empty until the smell dissapates!.<font
<div >return it to the store if you get store credit just buy a toaster
from a different brand<font
<div >Definitely return it! And don&#039;t get an exchange for another of
the same model!<font
<div >Dont waste you time with that toaster get a different one!.<font
<div >it might be a really cheap toaster<font
<div >if its a new toaster i would return it<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162157','6','        Online Fruit
&amp; Veg Stores For Australia - Rural Areas !?                  <div
class=\"content\">Does anybody know any for rural australia !?<font
','                    <div >have u tried asking this question on Answers
Australia!?<br>Scroll down the page!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162158','6','        Is lasagna from
the 1920&#039;s!?                  <div class=\"content\">what food
represents the 1920&#039;s!?<font
','                    <div >Lasagna came to the states after WWII, when
the GIs came home and had developed a taste for different cuisines, one
being Italian food!. This is one dish that the women could recreate with
ease, along with spaghetti and meat sauce, etc!. Pizza became a big fair
at this time, as well!.<font
<div >try this website!.!.!.!. the fact that during the 1920&#039;s the
depression occurred, people generally ate cheap!.!.!.!. this website is
great for info!.!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
<div >In America I think they had huge gatsby dinners!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162159','6','        Do u think that
dr!.pepper and pibb extra have the same taste!?                  <div
class=\"content\">bc i dont Dr!.Pepper is SO much BETTER than Pibb Extra
but people tell me they cant tell the difference wen i SURE can!!<font
','                    <div >Dr!. Pepper tastes much better than
Pibb!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >dr!.pepper does taste very similar to pibb extra<br>but dr!.pepper
is much better!<br>also<!--aspertaime--> coke and pepsi are very similar
too!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >They basically taste the same, but something about Dr!. P is so
much tastier!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >i think i had both when i visited america (i&#039;m english) and i
can tell the difference!<br><br>people who can&#039;t are foools
:P!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I think they taste the same<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162160','1','        Beer Pong Help!?
<div class=\"content\">ok im not that bad at beer pong but my partner is
like amazing and i was wondering if anyone had any tips on getting
better!. i would ask my partner but hes a horrible teacher!. <br><br>his
best advice is, &#039;just try to throw it in a cup!.&#039;<br><br>does
anyone have anything like always aim for blah blah or hold the ball like
this or keep your body like this etc<br><br>any help is greatly
appreciated<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >Try to arc you shots rather than tossing
them directly at the cups!. A ball going downward is more likely to sink
than a ball going in at an angle!. I usually throw with sort of a wonky
back hand and provided my shot is on target it will nearly always make
it!. It&#039;s also<!--aspertaime--> less likely to spin down like this
which, depending on what rules you play by, prevents people from blowing
or flicking it out!.<font
<div >http://partyforum!.blogspot!.com/<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162161','1','        Liquor light
calories!?                  <div class=\"content\">anyone know what type
of liquor has the least calories!?<br>and which light beer is the
best!?<br><br>--trying to cut the calories! thanks!<font
','                    <div >Best light beer: Corona<br>Least calorie
liquor: Unflavored vodka, no mix, no chaser!.<font
<div >there is no liquor without calories!.and have empty calories!. to
avoid apple belly,have to sweat it out<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162162','8','        Got any recipes
that involve a lot of brown sugar!?                  <div
class=\"content\">I&#039;ve got a twenty pound bag of sugar that I&#039;m
dying to use! Are there any recipes that use primarily brown sugar!?<font
','                    <div >Try this one - enjoy!<br><br>Brown Sugar
Divinity<br>1 1/2 cups granulated sugar <br>1 1/2 cups firmly packed
light brown sugar <br>2/3 cup water<br>1/2 cup light corn syrup <br>2 egg
whites <br>1 teaspoon vanilla extract<br>Dash salt<br><br>Combine sugars
and water in a heavy saucepan!. Place over low heat and stir until sugar
is dissolved, then stir in corn syrup!. Bring mixture to a boil; cover
pan and boil gently for 5 minutes!. Uncover and cook without stirring to
252 degrees F (hard ball stage)<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>While syrup is cooking, in a large mixing bowl, beat egg
whites and salt to stiff peaks<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>As soon as the syrup reaches hard ball stage pour it in a
steady stream into egg whites, beating constantly with an electric mixer
at high speed!. Continue beating until the mixture begins to lose its
gloss and it is stiff enough to hold its shape when dropped!. Quickly
stir in vanilla extract!. Drop by teaspoonsful onto wax paper!. Cool
completely, and store in a covered container<font
<div >The pecan pie recipe on the Karo Syrup bottle uses a cup of sugar -
and I use brown<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>My
grandmother&#039;s simple but fabulous chocolate sauce recipe (for ice
cream or desserts that need a drizzle):<br>1 tbspn butter<br>3 tbspns
cocoa<br>3 tbspns golden syrup or corn syrup<br>1 cup sugar - I use
brown<br>5 tbspns milk<br>Boil together for 5 minutes then store in the
fridge!. Heat slightly before pouring out!.!.!.<font
<div >At allrecipes!.com, they have a search option to search for recipes
with specific ingredients!. Try this link:
<div >Carmel is yummy on any thing!.!.!.!.!.allrecipes!.com<br>has a
candy section!. You can jar it, keep it in the fridge!. Great on
sundaes, apples, bananas,<font
<div >Molasses cookies<br>Bread Pudding <br>Ginger
Bread<br>Cobblers<br>You could Glaze a Ham<br>Anything Carmel<br>mmmm!.!.
!.gotta go!.!.!.hungry now<font
<div >Dragon scones an old welsh recipe you will need a roll of foil, 2
duck eggs, floweR!!!<font
<div >peanut butter fudge uses a pound of brown sugar!. u can email me
if u want my never fail recipe!!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162163','8','        How do you make a
Starbucks mocha frappuccino!?                  <div class=\"content\">I
need the ingredients and how to make it!. Thanks!<font
','                    <div >Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino<br>    *   3
cups espresso coffee<br>    * 3/4 cup sugar<br>    * 4 cups milk<br>    *
3/4 cup chocolate syrup<br>    * whipped cream, for topping<br>    *
chocolate syrup, for topping<br>Make coffee, follow directions for your
favorite brand of expresso roast coffee<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Mix coffee, still hot, and sugar in your mixer until sugar is
dissolved<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Add milk and chocolate
syrup and continue mixing, about one minute<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Pour mix into a air tight container for easy storage<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Store in fridge until ready to use
(Note: Do not store any longer than you would milk)<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br><br>To make drink, combine equal parts mix and
ice in a blender and blend on high until<br> smooth<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>Pour into glasses<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Top each glass with whipped cream and drizzle with chocolate
syrup<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Serve!.<font
<div >Chocolate Hazelnut Mocha Cappuccino Pie was as close as i could
get<!--foods questions and answers--
<div >Walk into Starbucks, slap down the cash and order up, Sonny! Their
recipes are secret!!!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162164','8','        How to make fried
rice, like panda express (fast food chinese)!. Special-Syrup!?
<div class=\"content\">What on earth is the syrup that they
use!?<br><br>I know soy sauce, peas, sometimes a carrot, a scrambled egg
sometimes but I have asked 3 employees, and they tell me they put in like
a quart of brown syrup into a 2 gallon rice recipe!. They dont know what
it is either!. I didn&#039;t want to bother them to ask to see its
container<br><br>maybe someone knows!. I like the fried rice, but I dont
live near a panda express!. My local chinese fast-food place was on one
of those &quot;special reports--food safety&quot; that my local news
station did, so I can&#039;t eat there without thinking of that report
some 8 years ago!. (they&#039;re better now, new mgmt, but I need
therapy to go back)<font
','                    <div >Well i went to this place where they cook
asian food in front of you and saw ingrediants for traditional fried
rice!.!.!.!.well they used already cooked white rice (it was all stuck
together) put sunflower seed or sunflower cooking oil o the grill thing
put minced onions chicked on the grill then put a clump of the rice on it
(the chef seperated the rice with a spatchula ) then he added soysauce
(thats what gives it color) and he put garlic butter on it he continued
to seperate and tend to the chicken and vegies that where cookingflipped
rice and little by little adding soy sauce and when the chicken n vegies
where done cooking he put them together and served it to us!.!.!.!.i
hope that helps you while cooking it and the reason why i explained to
you what i saw is so you have an idea of what to do to make i geuss
regular frieed rice befor you go experimenting!. and good luck in the
kitchen!!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Could be oyster sauce!.<font
<div >go there and ask the repcipe to make it<font
<div >yum<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162165','3','        If you make
ethiopian injera using bisquick, will it still have a sour taste!?
<div class=\"content\">i love injera and i&#039;m trying to make it for a
class project!. i can&#039;t get my hands on any teff flour, but i found
a couple recipes using bisquick!. will it still taste somewhat like
injera!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >no you need teff flour for that sour taste,
i found this recipe that is not using teff!. i dont know the taste of it
but you can try this out<br><br>http://www!.fatfree!.com/recipes/breads-
va!.!.!.<br><br>Indian peoples add some yogurt or the buttermilks to some
flatbreads for getting the sour flavors, maybe check that<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162166','3','        Where can I buy
authentic Tamales online!?                  <div
class=\"content\">I&#039;ve recently moved to a small town where they
don&#039;t sell any tamales! :(<br>I&#039;ve been craving tamales lately
so I&#039;m wondering where I can buy them!. <br><br>Thanks!!<font
','                    <div >I recently bought EXCELLENT tasting tamales
online on eBay! And the cool thing was that they were already fully
cooked and ready to eat!. I&#039;m pretty sure they ship anywhere in the
U!.S<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Here is the place where I
bought them:<br>http://cgi!.ebay!.com/TAMALES-BEEF-or-PORK!.!.!.<br><br>I
definitely recommend these tamales b/c they were delicious and the price
was quite reasonable!. Hope this helps!<font
<div >!?!?!?!?!?<br>A small town with NO Mexican restaurant!?!?<br>That
has to be &quot;small&quot;<br> This city has 2000± and we have 3<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>I have checked with 2!.!.!. bring
your pan and they sell by the dozen,,, Phone ahead!.<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>the grocer has tamales in the frozen foods!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>I would never think about online they are
too fragile!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>That small!!!!
post a wanted add on the bulletin board!.!.or local paper!.!. at the
church maybe a local family will take you up on the offer <br>Psst
$15!.00 us / doz<font
<div >www!.meatspin!.com<br><br>I believe you can buy meat and all sorts
of different cuisines on there!. They have a specific section for
tamales!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Here is the
<div >Tamara&#039;s Tamales in Los Angeles are excellent!. Click here to
order on-line - they will ship anywhere in the U!.S<!--foods questions
and answers--
<div >Someone bought tamales on ebay! Wow! Gutsy<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>I suggest making your own<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>A great way to have a party and make new friends - tamale
making party!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I would suggest trying to make them yourself also<!--aspertaime--
>!.!.!.I tried it and it wasnt so bad, kinda fun!.!.!.a little time
consuming, but worth it!. I got my recipe off teh foodnetwork
website!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162167','4','        Stove top
espresso maker!?                  <div class=\"content\">Does anyone have
one, and if so, is it easy to use!? Is it a pain to clean!? Do they
work on ceramic stove tops!? Should I just splurge on an electrical
one!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >i love my stove top espresso maker i use it
all the time!. it cleans easily and makes me some great coffee!. i take
it camping and back packing to so i can have fresh hot coffee or espresso
any time without the price the coffee shops charge!. they work on all
stoves, gas, electric or ceramic!. no problems!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162168','4','        Coffee ratio!?
<div class=\"content\">What&#039;s the ratio of grounds to water for the
perfect cup of coffee!?<font
','                    <div >Depends on what kind of coffee machine you
have!. Usually, if it&#039;s just a regular drip machine you use 2 tbs of
coffee per 6 oz!. of water!.<font
<div >i usually fill up the pitcher to 12 cups and i use 1 and a half
dippers of coffee!. i use 1 of those little measuring spoons you get with
coffee!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162169','5','         Hey what kind of
nutrients do i need to help me!? ive decided to be vegitarian!.!?
<div class=\"content\">im 15 and i just watched some very horrible and
heart wrenching videos on animal rights, ive been vegitarian almost a
week now, and the only somewhat meat im eating is shellfish!. i dont eat
livestock or jello or fish!. just the shell fish!. and i cant afford fake
meat, so i was wondering what foods i should eat so i dont become sick,
and what protien powders i should buy etc!. thanks!<font
','                    <div >Eat beans as much as you can, and stick with
whole grains!. Wild caught fish (esp local American ones) are a great
and sustainable source!. Canned tuna is fine for this, since it is wild
caught<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>The best way to help
improve animal rights is to buy meat from local farmers who treat their
animals well!. This will help farms that practice proper farming
succeed, and take a larger share of the market from factory farming!. If
proper farming is marketable in the US (like it is elsewhere) people
would do it more!. You will have to search for them though!. Generally
grass fed animals are treated better, bison is a good example since they
must be grass fed, and don&#039;t take any BS<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Check out Slow Food for more on how to help local
farmers!. <br>I also<!--aspertaime--> address the animal rights issue in
my blog!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Fake meat isn&#039;t necessary, neither are powders!. Just eat
real food, not processed crap!. Nuts, beans, lentils, tofu, whole grains
are all good sources of protein!. Eat a varied diet, and don&#039;t be
afraid of leafy green foods, you can practically eat as many of them as
you want, and they&#039;re loaded with nutrients to help you stay
healthy!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >shellfish is not a vegetarian food!. Vegetarians do not eat
animals at all<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Most vegetarians do
not take protein powder!.!.we don&#039;t need it!. There is plenty of
protein in our diets of whole grain items, beans, veggies, nuts
etc!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >If you have to ask then you do not need to be a vegetarian<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Educate yourself to the proper way of
being one before thinking you need to be one!.<font
<div >If you are eating shellfish then you aren&#039;t a vegetarian!.
You don&#039;t need fake meat!. There are plenty of things that a
vegetarian can eat!. Do your research!.<font
<div >don&#039;t eat jello ;-)<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162170','5','        Comfortable vegan
shoes!?                  <div class=\"content\">I am a vegetarian, not
vegan, but I haven&#039;t worn leather for many years!. I have VERY high
arches and have trouble finding shoes that fit comfortably!. I always
look for &quot;All man made materials&quot; when I&#039;m buying shoes,
and this really limits what I can buy!. Most of the time this kind of
shoe cuts off the circulation in the top of my foot (and up my leg)
because my arches are so high!. I&#039;ve tried the Earth vegan shoes,
but for some reason they REALLY hurt my knees!. I&#039;ve tried using
inserts in shoes, but they cut off the circulation in my feet, too!. I
usually end up wearing flip flops if any shoes!. I&#039;m teaching now,
and stand for hours at a time!. Should I give up on man made material
shoes that have no give in them!? I hate to wear leather!. Is there
anything else I can try, or am I going to have to go against what I
believe is right in order for my feet, knees and back to stop hurting!? I
appreciate any help you can give me!.<font
','                    <div >I know exactly what you mean!. The
manufacturers of shoes in recent years have stopped making what used to
be called a Combination Last Shoe for women!. That translates to ill
fitting shoes, pain and poor posture!. It also<!--aspertaime--> means
that we have no protection in winter and the snow and icey slush just
enters our shoes through their open to the elements backs! The only
recourse we have is sandals when we are indoors, which doesn&#039;t work
in snowy climates!. But for comfort at school try TIVAS!. REI carries
them and they at least will give you some support!.!.<font
<div >Wondering if you have tried going to a foot doctor to see if they
could custom make something for you to place within your shoes for your
high arches<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I had foot
problems as well - and a visit to the doctor had him make me some inserts
to place within my shoes that give me the support that I need with any
shoe that I wear - except open backed shoes/sandals<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Might be an approach that you would want to look
into!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Whoa i didnt know vegitarians couldnt wear leather well i say you
should get custom shoes made it may cost more but if it saves an animal
GO FOR IT! :)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162171','5','        I&#039;m having a
vegetarian picnic; any ideas!? Something relatively easy would be
cool!.!?                  <div class=\"content\">A main dish, like a pita
or sandwich idea, would be great but any ideas are welcome!.<font
','                    <div >I would!. say bring a bunch of stuff so
people could make their own!. But here are some ideas!. Pita with hummus
and vegetables, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, fake chicken salad
sandwiches ( http://vegetarian!.about!.com/od/soupssala!.!.!. ) or with
crackers, fruits, tomato; lettuce; red pepper; and dressing/sauce of
choice, pita pizzas (my favorite- tomato sauce and vegan or regular
shredded mozzarella!.!.!. i don&#039;t heat them and they taste great),
potato salad (with vegan mayonnaise)!.!.!.!. the possibilities are
endless!. <br>   I say bring a loaf of bread, a couple pitas, a package
of flour or flavored tortilla wraps and alot of filling (like the ones
mentioned)!. You might want to bring peanut butter, jelly, different
vegetables, dressings, different mock meats (deli slices)!.!.!.!.<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>   Hope I helped you!.<font
<div >Get some leaf lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions, olives, bell
pepper, shredded carrots, cucumber - or other veggies if you like them
better - and make a mini sub sandwich - or put them in a pita!. Maybe a
small container of Italian dressing to pour over it if you so desire<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Take some pickles - maybe some
chips (picnic isn&#039;t an every day event once in awhile won&#039;t
hurt - and no cleanup)<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Some
fruit - bananas, apples, grapes - whatever fruit that you like<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Take some bottled drinks of what ever
it is that you like to drink<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Easy - and very little trash or mess to have to clean up
after<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>The best picnics that I
have been to - are the ones that I didn&#039;t have much to clean up
after!. :)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >take large portabello mushrooms and lightly sautee them in olive
oil, garlic!. parmesean cheese, and salt and pepper!. then put them in a
container and let them cool!. in same pan sautee some red peppers!. put
them in container and let them cool!. i like to this the night before
this wasy the mushrooms really take on the flavors!. to construct
sandwich use a thick bread, like focaccia!. then put a layer of basil
leaves, a layer of fresh mozz, then drizzle a little blasamic ving!. and
olive oil then add mushroom then add the red peppers!. i&#039;m telling
you this sandwich is killer people love it!. even none vegetarians love
it!!! you could also<!--aspertaime--> add pesto if you&#039;d like i do
that sometimes too!. good lcuk!!!<font
<div >I&#039;d start off with veggies and dip, you can&#039;t go wrong
with that! Then make a few different salads like Asian, Cesar, and
fruit!. You could also<!--aspertaime--> get pitas and hummus along with
some fruit, comdiments, and whatever else would be good to make like a
pita sandwhich!. <br><br>Best of luck!<br><br>~ Natalie<font
<div >Potato salad, couscous&amp;chickpea salad (like this one for
example: http://norwayveggie!.blogspot!.com/2008/05!.!.!. ), quiche
(tastes great cold too), Greek salad, pasta salad, pita bread or wraps
with falafels &amp; vegetables!.!.!.<font
<div >Chop tomatoes, salad cucumbers, and mozzarella cheese into small,
bite size pieces!. Mix with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil!. Add
some fresh chopped basil!. Put on tortillas!. <br><br>Don&#039;t use too
much oil and vinegar or else they will drip too much!. Bring
napkins!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Fruit salad<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Pita sandwich (2
links below)<br>Bottle of wine!.<font
<div >Whole wheat pasta salad loaded with bell peppers, cucumbers,
tomatoes and onions!.!.just mix with your favorite dressing<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Whole wheat mini pitas cut into
triangles with roasted red pepper hummus!.<font
<div >Potatoe salad, salad, umm pita bread filled with chhese and other
veggies and then grilled, mmm so good!.<font
<div >cauliflower, broccolli, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes all cut up and
dipped in ranch dressing, yummy, yummy, its so good!.<font
<div >just go to the park and eat the grass<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162172','6','         Apricot VS Peach
VS Nectarine!?                  <div class=\"content\">What is the real
difference here!? Obviously there is a lack of fuzz and whatnot, but I
mean tastewise!. Is one sweeter than the other!? firmer!? What&#039;s
going on here!?<font
','                    <div >Apricot is fuzzier and tart<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Peach is fuzzy and sweet<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br>Nectarine is smooth, firm and sweet !.<font
<div >They are different fruits with different taste and flavors!. No
diff in firmness!. <br> Love the smell of peaches!. Is fuzzy<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>But prefer the taste of Apricots!.Has
fuzz<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Nectarines are sweeter!.<font
<div >peaches #1<font
<div >i prefer nectarines<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162173','6','         What was your
FAVORITE cereal as a kid!?                   <div class=\"content\">mine
was cocoa krispies<font
','                    <div >Count Chocula!.!.!.It still is!.!.!.LOL
:)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I never got cereal as a kid!. Mom bought me raisin bran and I only
ate the raisins!. So she got me lucky charms and I only ate the
marshmallows!. To this day the only cereal-like thing I like is grits
with butter, pepper, and hot sauce!.<font
<div >FRUITY PEBBLES AND FRUIT LOOPS YUMMMYYYY<br><br>(now i eat yucky
healthy stuff)(im 15 but i really try to be healthy)<font
<div >Reese&#039;s Peanut Butter Cup Cereal<font
<div >Mine was and still is frosted shredded wheat with half and
half!.!.!.!.!.it made it so creamy!!<font
<div >I&#039;ve never liked cereal!.<font
<div >my favorite was and still is Captain Crunch!. the original
one!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Fruity Pebbles<font
<div >My favourite cereal as a kid was Coco Pops and still is my
favourite :)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Cinnamon Toast Crunch<font
<div >captain crunch<br>cocoa puffs<font
<div >Boo Berry<br>Yummy! Can&#039;t find it anywhere now!. :-(<font
<div >Trix, but it&#039;s gross now<font
<div >Reese Pieces!. Still is!.!.!.!.<font
<div >frosted mini wheats! XD<font
<div >Kellogs Frosties or Fruit Loops<br>Yummy all the way!<font
<div >fun question! I loved Cocoa Puffs!<font
<div >cookie crisp<font
<div >cap&#039;n crunch<font
<div >I agree with Sunny!. Boo Berry was the s**%!!!!!<font
<div >Fruity Pebbles!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162174','6','        Why is fish not
considered meat to some people!?                        ','
<div >I donno its stupid!.<font
<div >They are most likely considering it from a health perspective!.
It&#039;s nowhere near as bad for you as red meat<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>I had a friend who called herself a vegetarian, but
she did it for health reasons only, and she ate fish and poultry!.<font
<div >wellll fish are different because you dont have to butcher them up
like beef and stuff!. there is no blood and fish dont have limbs!.!.<font
<div >Perhaps because there is a stigmatism that fish dont feel pain!.
Or the fact that they dont bleed when cut!.<font
<div >because little fishies aren&#039;t as cute as little, cuddly
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162175','1','        How much alcohol
before i get drunk!?                  <div class=\"content\">okay so i am
111 lbs and 5&#039; and so i had 2 bailey&#039;s mini bottles (50ml and
15% alcohol by volume) and two mouthfuls of some othe rbailey&#039;s in a
big bottle AND one of those mini bottles of godiva cappucino (sp!?)
liquer bottles (50ml and 17% alcohol by volume) so even IF this
isn&#039;t enough how much and what would i need to get drunk!.!.!. i
have drank before some swigs here and there and glasses of screw
drivers!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >like half a shot you little girl :)<font
<div >it depends wat type do u drink<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162176','8','         Dick&#039;s mild
wing sauce!?                  <div class=\"content\">I love that sauce!.
I have try to figure out what it could possible be!?!?!?<font
','                    <div >I think it is a combo of butter, hot sauce
and spices!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162177','8','         We are a cub pack
in UK going to do Greek day need Greek recipes for food with out cooking
them on camp!?                        ','                     <div >greek
pasta salad<br>6c cooked multi grain rotini<br>1&amp;1/2 c diced
cucumber<br>2 med tomatoes ,diced <br>2 oz feta cheese ,finely crumbled
<br>1 med green bell pepper ,chopped<br>12 med pitted black
olives,sliced<br>1/4 c chopped fresh dill <br>juice of 1/2 lemon<br>1/4
tsp salt <br>1/8 tsp black pepper<br><br>Mix all together in large bowl
!. chill untill <br>ready to serve !.<font
<div >Yasas!<br><br>I can just about make out what you&#039;re asking
for, so go to this site;<br><br>www!.greek-recipe!.com<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162178','8','         How do you
double/triple/quadruple a bread recipe!?                   <div
class=\"content\">I&#039;m actually trying to figure out if I can take a
recipe that makes about 2 lbs of bread and make it into a recipe that
makes dozens of loaves of bread (for a commercial size mixer)!. Is it
simply multiplying all the ingredients like 10x!?<font
','                    <div >There is no rule of thumb about what to
quadruple and what not to on a recipe!. This is where
&quot;standardizing&quot; a recipe comes into play, and you need to use a
recipe that has already been tested for a large quantity!. A home-sized
recipe may have already had the eggs rounded up and the yeast rounded
down, so multiplying the recipe by any factor will magnify the estimation
already done and not give you satisfactory results!. The bigger the
multiplication factor, the bigger the screw-up<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Here is a recipe for 6 doz!. white yeast
rolls!.!.!.!. you can form them into loaves ifyou desire<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>4 oz!. sugar<br>3 Tbsp!. salt<br>6 oz!.
shortening<br>1? qt!. scalded milk (still warm)<br>    Place all in mixer
bowl and combine; cool to lukewarm<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Soften 1? cups dry yeast in 1 cup warm water (105-115oF); add
softened yeast and 4 beaten eggs to milk mixture and combine well<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>4 lbs, 12 oz flour<br>      Add
flour to milk/yeast mixture to make a moderately soft dough!. Mix on low
speed until smooth, satiny, and elastic<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>    Turn into lightly greased bowl, turn over to coat
completely; Cover, let rise in warm place (80oF) until double in bulk<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>    Punch down, divide into thirds
for ease in handling!. Shape into 1? oz rolls!. Let rtise until
doubled!. Bake at 400-425oF for 15-25 min!. <br><br>     3-4 hours are
required to mix and rise dough!. For a quicker rising dough, increase
yeast to 2 oz!. dry yeast!.<font
<div >Google has a calculator function!. There is also<!--aspertaime--> a
converter for cups into pounds and stuff like that!. <br><br>If you have
a question about a specific recipe, we need to know which recipe it is<!-
-foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>But the basic answer is, you
just use the multiples!. They chemistry and physics remain the same<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Top Tastes Forums: multiplying
recipes<br>Mar 12, 2003 !.!.!. a chocolate chip cookie recipe!. I heard
you have to specially adjust the baking soda or salt otherwise the recipe
will be ruined!. !.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>www!.toptastes!.com/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/ultim!.!.!. - 20k - Cached -
Similar pages - Filter<br><br>Scaling<br>You should avoid scaling a
recipe indefinitely!. In fact, it’s best to increase or decrease a recipe
by multiplying or dividing by any number under 4!. !.!.<!--foods
questions and answers--
>!.<br>allrecipes!.com/Help/RecipeInfo/Scaling!.!.!. - 45k - Cached -
Similar pages - Filter<br><br>Cooking For a Crowd - Food
Quantities/Supersizing Recipes - free !.!.<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Logically, if you have a recipe that feeds four people,
you might think all you need to do to get enough food for 40 is to
multiply the recipe by 10!. !.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>www!.suite101!.com/lesson!.cfm/17598/1025 - 18k - Cached - Similar
pages - Filter<br><br>Cooking for a Crowd, Cooking for a Large
Crowd<br>Jun 18, 2006 !.!.!. When you&#039;re multiplying recipes, keep
in mind that cooking times may be different if you change the recipe
size!. A larger amount of food may !.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>cookingtips!.cookingcache!.com/general-c!.!.!. - 16k - Cached -
Similar pages - Filter<br><br>Multiplying Recipes 4182<br>Multiplying
Recipes 4182 - Food - Wine &amp; Australia News and usenet newsgroup and
talk resource<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>www!.barossa-
region!.org/food/Multiplyin!.!.!. - 9k - Cached - Similar pages -
Filter<br><br>multiplying chicken stock Recipes at Epicurious!.com<br>We
are unable to find an exact match for: multiplying chicken stock!. the
following results matched at least one search term!. !.!.<!--foods
questions and answers--
>!.<br>www!.epicurious!.com/tools/searchresults!.!.!. - 104k - Cached -
Similar pages - Filter<br><br>Gourmet Recipe Manager<br>Gourmet allows
you to automatically generate shopping list from your recipes!. You can
easily multiply recipes when you add them to adjust for the number of
!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>grecipe-
manager!.sourceforge!.net/ - 14k - Cached - Similar pages -
Filter<br><br>Algebra II Recipe: Multiplying Matrices<br>Algebra II
Recipe: Multiplying Matrices !.!.!. Multiply the entries in row 1 of
matrix A by the entries in column 1 of matrix B, add the products and the
!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>algebralab!.net/studyaids/studyaid!.aspx!.!.!. - 15k - Cached -
Similar pages - Filter<br><br>Algebra I Recipe: Multiplying
Polynomials<br>Algebra I Recipe: Multiplying Polynomials !.!.!. Remember
to add exponents when multiplying like bases and leave the terms in the
order as they come after !.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>algebralab!.net/studyaids/studyaid!.aspx!.!.!. - 18k - Cached -
Similar pages - Filter<br><br>Algebra II Recipe: Multiplying and Dividing
Rational Expressions<br>Algebra II Recipe: Multiplying and Dividing
Rational Expressions !.!.!. Leave answers in factored form, but multiply
any remaining monomials!. !.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>www!.algebralab!.org/studyaids/studyaid!.!.!.!. - 11k - Cached -
Similar pages - Filter<font
<div >hmmm public school education by any chance!?!?<br><br>To double the
recipe!.!.!.!. double the ingredients (that means times two)    Hey!.!.!.
tripple means times three!.<font
<div >I&#039;m pretty sure that&#039;s all you do!. If you&#039;re making
a double recipe, you just double the ingredients and make extra
loaves!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162179','8','        Is artichoke dip
cool to bring to a BBQ!?                  <div class=\"content\">Recipes
anyone!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >sure it is, but if youre looking for a hot
artichoke dip, you may have trouble keeping it warm!. Paula Deen has a
fabulous recipe for that<br>that one is
here<br>http://www!.foodnetwork!.com/food/recipes/!.!.!.<br><br>here is
another one ( cool style ) from Sandra Lee<br>Artichoke Caper
Dip<br><br>1 (6-ounce) jar marinated artichoke hearts, drained and finely
chopped<br>2 teaspoons capers<br>2 teaspoons mayonnaise<br>2 tablespoons
sour cream<br>1 tablespoon grated Parmesan<br>1 teaspoon lemon
juice<br><br>In small bowl, combine artichoke hearts, capers, mayonnaise,
sour cream, parmesan cheese, and lemon juice; set aside!.<font
<div >that dip is good for anyplace!!<br><br>these 2 are my favs<br><br>
Artichoke Dip<br><br>1 cn Artichoke hearts, drained<br>-and chopped (13
1/2 oz)<br>1 cn Diced Tomatoes and<br>-Green Chilies (10 oz)<br>1/2 c
Mayonnaise<br>1/2 c Grated Parmesan cheese<br>1 ts Garlic powder<br>1/2
ts Worcestershire sauce<br><br>Thoroughly combine all ingredients!. Place
in a 1-quart casserole<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Bake in a
375&#039;F!. oven for 30 minutes or until hot and bubbly!. Let<br>cool 10
minutes before serving!. Makes 2 1/2 cups dip<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br><br><br>Spinach Artichoke Dip<br><br>2 pk Cream
cheese<br>3/4 c Parmesan cheese<br>1 c Mozzarella cheese; shredded<br>4
tb Mayonnaise<br>1/4 c Milk<br>3 pk Frozen spinach; chopped,<br>-thawed,
dry<br>1 cn Artichoke hearts; plain, cut<br>-in 1&quot;
pieces<br><br>Preheat oven to 350 F<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Place first 5 ingredients in a microwave and oven-proof dish
with lid<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Heat in microwave for
one minute increments until all ingredients are<br>easily incorporated<!-
-foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Once this is done, mix the
spinach and artichoke heart pieces into the<br>cheese mixture!. Bake 50
minutes covered, the 10 minutes uncovered!.<font
<div >Yes!. Everyone loves it!. There is a great recipe on the Kraft
Grated Parmesan cheese container!. (The Green Can)!. It&#039;s got mayo,
and cheese, and lord it&#039;s fattening, but it&#039;s good!. I leave
out the tomatoes!. <br><br>1 can (14 oz!.) artichoke hearts, drained,
chopped<br>1 cup KRAFT Mayo Real Mayonnaise<br>1 cup KRAFT 100% Grated
Parmesan Cheese<br>1 clove garlic, minced<br>2 Tbsp!. chopped
tomatoes<br>2 Tbsp!. sliced green onions<br><br>PREHEAT oven to 350°F!.
Mix all ingredients except tomatoes and onions<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>SPOON into 9-inch pie plate or shallow ovenproof dish<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>BAKE 20 to 25 min!. or until lightly
browned!. Sprinkle with tomatoes and onions!. Serve with vegetable
dippers, tortilla chips, assorted NABISCO Crackers or assorted cocktail
bread slices!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >way cool!<font
<div >sure!.!.its food<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162180','4','          Coffee for
everyone over here!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!?                   <div
class=\"content\">I&#039;ve just made a strong fresh brew from Finland,
you&#039;re welcome to a cup - kippis (cheers in Finnish) to everyone!!.
:D<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                     <div >Priority send it USA please <br><br>LOL,
and we mean FAST so it doesn&#039;t get cold !!<br><br>hahaha : )<font
<div >Kippis to you!. I would love a cup of your fine brew but tell me,
does your generosity extend to providing some biscuits!? hehe :)<font
<div >Thanks, but remember to scrape me off the ceiling afterwards, if
you can catch me!.<font
<div >Sorry ,,, Beetroot-Yourself,,,, Its Tea in England
mate!.!.!.!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I&#039;d love to try it sometime<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Maybe I&#039;ll get a cup someday!.<font
<div >Oh I can smell it over here, One large cup please, cheers<font
<div >I&#039;m following my nose!.!.!.<font
<div >Yes please!<font
<div >coffees ace<font
<div >can i have one tomorrow!.!.!.!. might need it after tonights
beer<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >sorry, earl grey or nothing at all!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162181','4','          What tenperature
does a whistling kettle heat water too when it just begins to whistle!?
','                     <div >212 F, 100 C<br><br>that&#039;s the boiling
point of water, and the hottest it will get without something added to it
to raise the boiling point<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>the
steam, however, gets very very hot!.<font
<div >212 degrees farenheit<font
<div >boiling 212<font
<div >depends on the temp and pressure!.!.!. <br><br>at standard temp and
pressure it would be 212<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162182','4','        Pizza and soda VS
cookies and milk!?                        ','                    <div
>umm both<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Cookies and milk!. Cookies are soft, chewy, delicious and you can
wash it down with creamy milk!. Cookies have calories, but milk is
healthy! Unlike pizza and soda!. Pizza is filled with oil, with other
unhealthy ingredients!. Soda goes without saying, full of carbon dioxide
and stuff!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >cookies and milk!. i dont even have to think about it!.
there&#039;s no comparison!. cookies should be a food group all by
itself!. i don&#039;t know when someone will realize that!.<font
<div >Cookies and milk over pizzza and soda!. I like sweet stuff not
including soda!.<font
<div >Both!. I have pizza and soda more than I have cookies and milk but
their both equally delicious!.<font
<div >I&#039;ll take the cookies and milk in the afternoon<br>+ the pizza
with a beer for dinner<font
<div >Pizza :)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Cookies and milk every time!<font
<div >can i have cookies and chocolate milk!? =]<font
<div >pizza and soda<font
<div >Cookies &amp; Milk<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>:)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >to me the Pizza and soda hmmmmmmmmm<font
<div >Cookies and milk!!<font
<div >pizza and soda all the way!.!.!.!.<font
<div >cookies and milk!.<font
<div >Pizza and soda!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162183','5','        What are some
quick and EASY vegetarian meals!?                        ','
<div >hi i like baby jacket tata,flavoued rice,sweetcorn,mixed
salad,couscous,mix it all together and have it with your tata its real
quick and its tasty healthy too hope i helped<font
<div >Quorn sausages, mash, peas and vegetarian gravy :)<font
<div >Take a morning star pizza burger and fry it!. Then Cut it up in
thin pieces and toss it with butter and pasta<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162184','6','        What temperature
does a whistling tea kettle heat water too, when it just begins to
whistle!?                  <div class=\"content\">Does anyone know!?<font
','                    <div >I assume it&#039;s 212 F since that&#039;s
the temp for water to boil<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Edit: Maybe I answered too quickly! Water boils at 212 F at
Sea Level!. I live close enough that I don&#039;t worry about the slight
variation, but it would be different if I lived in the Rocky Mountains or
other high altitude area!<font
<div >100 deg c<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162185','6','        Luna bars!?
<div class=\"content\">are they meal replacement bars or a snack bar
<br><br>do they come in a box or can you only one<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>whats the best flavor!?<br><br><br>THANK YOU!!!<font
','                    <div >I love LUNA BARS!. I have one everyday as a
snack between lunch and dinner!. The have lots of protein and fiber!.
they are also<!--aspertaime--> organic and low in sugar!. You can buy
them individually or in a box&#039;s!. I get them at Walmart, Target, and
Kroger!. My favorite flavor is peanut butter cookie and nuts over
chocolate!. They also<!--aspertaime--> have luna minis which are only 80
calories!. Check out their website www!.luna!.com<font
<div >As far as I can tell, like MOST of these bars, they are Meal
Replacement! Which means you should eat one and then not eat anything
else until the next time for a meal!. Many tend to use them as a snack or
dessert, which adds nearly another meal&#039;s worth of
calories!<br><br>I have so many allergies, I don&#039;t indulge, but my
hubby and daughter like flavors like chocolate and peanut butter best!.
One of the other lower carb bars has a strawberry shortcake flavor, and
the hubby says it&#039;s real good!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162186','6','        What cheese do
you think for you is the best cheese ever!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!?
<div class=\"content\">for me I really love Mozzarella and
','                    <div >At different times I like different cheeses,
blue cheese mixed with cream cheese on crackers , port wine cheese, jack
or sharp cheddar on a tortilla!. All the hard Italian cheeses I
don&#039;t think I&#039;ve meet a cheese I didn&#039;t like!.<font
<div >Mozzarella and Cheddar are the 2 biggest selling cheeses in the
World<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>But best selling does not
mean the best<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>The best cheeses
made are:<br>Vacherin Mont d&#039;or ( Illegal in the US so you would
have to opt for the pasteurized version called
&quot;Clarines&quot;)<br>Epoisse De Bourgogne and Brie De Meaux<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Those cheeses are considered the
pinnacle of French cheese making<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Takes some getting use to<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Especially the Epoisse( stinky)<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Brie De Meaux is one out of 2 Bries that earned the AOC
denomination ( quite a feat considering there are about 500 different
brands of Brie) the other in Brie de Mulin!.<font
<div >nuttin is bedda than a sharp chedda!<br><br>i love cheddar!. mild
or sharp<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>i like brie, monterry
jack and pepper jack!. oh and the deli near me has a horseradish cheddar
that is phenomenal on roast beef sandwiches and in other dishes!<font
<div >I personally like lappi cheese and havarti!.!.!.!. where cheddar
comes along, I like a VERY sharp long aged cheddar, where it has the
&quot;crunchy&quot; crust<font
<div >I use extra sharp cheddar mostly!. But I LOVE feta!. Gorgonzola
is a close second!.<font
<div >Parmasiano Reggiano (spelling!?!?)<br><br>And I really love Bree
and goat cheese!<font
<div >Mozzarella and Cheddar and Parmesan! XD<font
<div >I really like Asiago<font
<div >Pepper jack<font
<div >same as yours<font
<div >cheese cake<font
<div >all except 4 bleu<font
<div >Free cheese!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162187','6','        Why does my
vanilla essence taste like strawberry essence!?
','                    <div >Why were you tasting vanilla essence!?<font
<div >mmm!. kinky!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162188','6','         Who loves mago
lollipops!?                  <div class=\"content\">the mexican kind are
sooo good, there kind of sour and then mango flavored!. i can eat the
whole pack and there&#039;s like four in a pack!.<font
','                    <div >MANGO! Anything and everything
<div >I had Ozark Delight mango lollipops and those are pretty good
=)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I really love those things!.!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Good Luck<br>B<font
<div >me too i love them so much and the watermelon ones
<div >Yummy!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >i love them<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162189','6','         Making my parents
a special dinner!?                  <div class=\"content\">no reason,
just because(: i&#039;m 15, by the way &amp; loves to cook!. I was
thinking of making a morrocan/asian infusion meal ish thing!. lmao i have
no idea what that means but it sounds good!. so basically, grilled lamb
kebabs with spices like cumin as the main course!. i would have a
mandarin orange chicken salad accompanying it &amp; vanilla ice cream
&amp; apple pie for desert!. does that sound okay!? (:<font
','                    <div >You go girl!I really hope you have some
recipes for your meals,what else are you going to have on your
kebabs!?How about pepper,garlic,lamb,pepper,baby onion,lamb and
repeat!.After they are almost done coat the entire kebab with honey and
finish grilling!.Are you going to use chives and bean sprouts in your
mandarin salad!?Instead of apple pie and ice creme,why not try ,berry
surprise!?It&#039;s really simple to make,you&#039;ll need 1 qt!. heavy
creme,strawberries,raspberry&#039;s,and blueberries,and straw berry
shortcakes!.Whip the heavy cream ,adding sugar to taste,into whipped
creme,put your short cake in a bowl ,divide each of the berries into
thirds on and around the short cake,now for the surprise,peel and cut a
half of a banana over the berries,then cover it all with whipped
creme!.If you have all the ingredients,it should only take 15 to 20
minutes to make!.Best of luck with your meal!.I think it is a wonderful
thing you&#039;re planning!Loads of luck and peace!<font
<div >Sounds great to me! Come on over to my house!. lol If you&#039;re
going for a morrocan theme, maybe throw in some sticky rice and try to
carry the theme over to dessert!. But really, sounds good either way!.
Have fun!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >that sounds brilliant particularly for your age, fair shout to
you!. got me feeling hungry now!!! Good luck with it!<font
<div >sounds great = what time do we all show up for dinner!?<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162190','1','        What is an easy
way to get drunk with only hard liquoir!?                  <div
class=\"content\">with out having it taste like S*** and ya im only
13<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >ok absolute best way to do itt lol <br>have
another drink in hand non alcoholic like fruit punch, snapple, anything
with flavor ok put a little of that in you mouth and keep it theree then
take the alcohol and then take another sip of the non alcoholic and
swallow <br>worked really good with getting the horrible taste out of
tequila<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >depends on how hard your liquor is!. I presume you are American so
is it Martini or Baileys we&#039;re talking about here!. and learn to
spell liquor properly!?<font
<div >if u have vodka mix with orange juice or someting fruity !.!.!.if u
got jacks or rum use pepsi or pop     13 is way too young<font
<div >mix with gaterade or soda<font
<div >13 is too young to be getting wasted!. SORRY<font
<div >well if u think it tastes like **** u shouldnt be drinking<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162191','1','        Without using a
mix, what is the best recipe, in your opinion, for mojitos!?
','                    <div >My favourite recipe for 2<br>Put around 4
mint leaves in each collins glass!. Squeeze the juice from 2 limes into
the glasses on top of the mint (1 lime per glass)!. Add about one
teaspoon of icing sugar into each glass, and mash the mint leaves gently
with the back of a spoon, or if you have a wooden muddler (looks like a
long wooden pestle)!. Add crushed ice and 2 ounces of rum into each
glass!. And top off with 2 ounces of club soda or thereabouts, depending
on your taste!. Garnish with lime wedges or slices on the glasses<font
<div >My fave, courtesy of Tyler Florence:<br><br>For the Ginger simple
syrup:<br>1/4 cup grated fresh ginger<br>1 cup granulated sugar<br>1 cup
cold water<br><br>For the Mojito:<br>1 cup fresh blueberries<br>1 lime,
cut into wedges<br>20 to 24 fresh mint leaves<br>4 ounces ginger simple
syrup<br>4 ounces vodka<br>5 ounces club soda<br>Ice
cubes<br>Blueberries, for garnish<br>Mint leaves, for garnish<br><br>For
the Ginger simple syrup:<br>Peel and grate the ginger and add it,
together with the sugar and cold water, to a saucepan!. Bring it to the
boil and stir until the sugar dissolves!. Cover and let steep for 15
minutes!. Strain and cool in the refrigerator when done<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>For the Mojito:<br>Add the blueberries,
lime wedges and fresh mint leaves to the glass (or pitcher)!. Muddle with
a wooden spoon so the blueberries are broken and the mint and lime
release their juices and flavor!. If assembling pitchers you can cover
them at this stage and leave in the refrigerator until ready to serve<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>When ready to serve, add the
simple syrup, vodka and top off with club soda!. Give it a quick stir and
then pour into glasses with ice cubes!. Garnish with a handful of fresh
blueberries and a sprig of mint<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>The recipe outlined below is for 2 tall glasses, but you can
use the ratio to make pitchers (depending on how big your pitcher is
double or quadruple the recipe)<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Combine the blueberries, mint leaves and lime wedges in the
pitcher and muddle it in there with the back of a wooden spoon!. When you
are ready to serve add the vodka, ginger simple syrup and club soda!.
Stir and pour into glasses with a couple of ice cubes!. Garnish each
glass with some fresh blueberries and a sprig of fresh mint!.<font
<div >You cant use a mix for a proper mojito, it is a muddled drink!.
Try this (video on link provided):<br>10-12 leaves mint <br>2 tsp
granulated sugar <br>splash soda water <br>- muddle<br>- add<br>11/2 oz
white rum <br>3/4 oz fresh lime juice <br>fill half way with ice and
stir<br>top with ice and soda water<br>garnish with lime wedge<font
<div >2-3 oz Light rum <br>Juice of 1 Lime (1 oz) <br>2 tsp Sugar <br>2-4
Mint sprigs <br>Soda water <br>Mixing instructions:<br>Lightly muddle the
mint and sugar with a splash of soda water in a mixing glass until the
sugar dissolve and you smell the mint!. Squeeze the lime into the glass,
add rum and shake with ice!. Strain over cracked ice in a highball
glass!. Top with soda water, garnish with mint sprig and serve!.<font
<div >Razberry mojito:<br><br>Muddle mint, lime slice and sugar in the
glass!. Then put ice and 1 shot of Bacardi Razz!. Finish with 1 oz of
club soda and 1oz of sprite!. Trust me, you will love it!<font
<div >This is the best recipe I&#039;ve found and its great<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br> Bacardi Mojito <br><br>1!.5 oz BACARDI
Rum<br>12 fresh spearmint leaves<br>1/2 lime<br>7 oz club soda<br>2
tbsp!. simple syrup<br>(or 4 tsp!. sugar)<br><br>Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162192','1','         What&#039;s the
best beer to give to a boyfriend!?                  <div
class=\"content\">He&#039;s rather a snob, and I want to get it right
when I go to his place!. So, spendy, and of course, classy!.<font
','                    <div >You can&#039;t go wrong with
guinness!.!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >If he&#039;s a beer snob, maybe try to find Chimay,
Schneider&#039;s Adel Weiss, Lindeman&#039;s lambics, maybe Le Chouffe,
or St!. Peter&#039;s!. Youngs brewery makes a huge selection including
oatmeal and chocolate stouts!. If he likes domestics, try to find some
fun labels like Sweaty Betty Blonde, Mojo IPA, Hazed and
Infused!.!.!.Flat Tire is always popular!. Good luck!<font
<div >Anything from Dogfish Head, Stone or Rogue should fit in!.
It&#039;s fairly easy to find in a larger liquor store, but everything
both companies makes is really good!. Expect about $4 for a 22oz, a 6
pack of 12oz could run up to $16 [DFH cheaper]!. Stone Ruination IPA,
Rogue Chocolate stout are two of my favorites!. Stone&#039;s Arrogant
Bastard is also<!--aspertaime--> good, but a bit more common!.
DFH&#039;s 60 and 90 minute IPAs are very good, and easier to find than
Stone or Ruination!. {OK, I&#039;m in MA!. DFH is in DE, Stone/Rogue
from CA!. I&#039;m sure DFH is harder to find on the west coast than
Stone/Rogue}<br><br>For an import, I really liked the St!. Bernardus Abt
12 (750mL with cork, $11, true Belgian)!. I&#039;m a fan of domestics --
there&#039;s just so many small US breweries that I don&#039;t need to
get an import!. Oh, and Rochefort 10 is insane ($7 for a 12oz)<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>If you want to get him drunk, find
Dogfish Head 120 minute (about $8 for a 12oz!.!.!. but it&#039;s 21%
ABV)!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >This question does not make sense!. You say he is your boyfriend
and you do not know what kind of beer he drinks!? Is he old enough for
one thing!. if he is , michelob or mich light are good smooth beers!.Bud
light is always popular!.<font
<div >you can never go wrong with a landshark [jimmy buffet&#039;s beer],
if he&#039;s a classy dude<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>if
he&#039;s a partier, throw him a natty ice<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>hes a manly man!? heinekin<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>pretty boy!? corona!.<font
<div >Whatever he likes!. There is no one answer to this question!. That
is why there are so many types of beer!.<font
<div >yeah snobs are no fun he will expect like imported and hand bottled
stuff!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!. you can always drop by my place with some
Budweiser<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >ditch the snob!. come have a milwaukees best with me that way
we&#039;ll have enough left for a whataburger<font
<div >Take him to a bar and see what he likes to drink<font
<div >Heineken<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Heineken<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I&#039;m partial to Stella Artois or Guinness depending on my
mood!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162193','8','        Problems with
dough!?                  <div class=\"content\">I made my pizza dough as
usual and it rose nicely as usual!. However, it was very elestic and I
had difficulty rolling it out because the dough kept pulling back!.
<br><br>Any ideas !?<font
','                    <div >This is a very good question and is an
interesting food science problem!. What you have is a dough that&#039;s
a little high in protein and that&#039;s what causes it to pull back!.
In industry they add &quot;dough conditioners&quot; which help relax the
dough when this happens!. (that&#039;s when everyone starts questioning
those weird sounding chemicals in the ingredient line)<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>If you try adding more flour (and it&#039;s high
protein) it won&#039;t help!. If you try adding more water the dough
will just get stickier!. the easiest thing to do is add a little garlic
power but not too much!. If your interested here&#039;s the explanation
Garlic has -SH groups which interfere with the bonding across the wheat
protein molecules and thus the dough becomes less
&quot;tight&quot;<br><br>I know that&#039;s probably more than you wanted
to know but I think it&#039;s interesting!. It&#039;s been my life for
25 years<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>PhD Food Chemistry
and Nutrition<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >You overworked the dough when kneeding it!. Now the glueten is
built up to much, and is very tough, and elastic!. Now, the more you
roll it, the more glueten builds up and the harder it will get!. <br>Next
time, just kneed it until it becomes smooth, no more!. <br>It will still
rise properly due to the yeast doing their job, that is what happened to
your dough<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Now all it is good for
is crackers to thicken a soup with!.<font
<div >Just try adding some flour!. However my dough usually has some
elastic qulaity you just have to keep working with it until it forms
right in your pan!. Make sure you also<!--aspertaime--> coat it in
oil<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I heard a TV chef say recently you should leave your dough/pastry
to rest for 1/2 hour &amp; it will relax!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162194','3','        Is there anything
I can use to make canolli tubes, maybe something around the house!?
<div class=\"content\">I would rather not order the tubes, I wish to make
them today!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >Take a look at a few from
here,,<br>http://www!.fantes!.com/cannoli!.html<br>get some
measurement!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Go to a good
plumbing or elect rial supply!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>look (ASK) for some decorative tubing chrome or brass<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>(towel racks)<br>If your lucky they will
have the right length <br>Otherwise have them cut it for you!.<font
<div >How can someone use paper towel or toilet paper tubes when you have
to submerge it in hot oil!? Won&#039;t it break down and collapse!? I
would be reluctant to try that<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>I think you may have to go to a baker&#039;s suppy shop and
purchase them!. I&#039;ve tried thinking of what would be a suitable
replacement for months, and can&#039;t seem to think of anything that
will hold up in the fryer!. Hopefully, you&#039;ll get someone with a
brilliant idea, and then I can make some too!. :)<font
<div >I don&#039;t know if this will work but you could try using tin
foil!. Just wad some up in the size and shape you want and then wrap
another piece around it so it will be smooth and not stick to your
dough!. Just a thought!. Good luck and have fun!.<font
<div >You can use a piece of wooden dowel or broomstick!.<font
<div >ketchup bottle or something similar in girth!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!. think
of a toilet paper tube when the T&gt;P&gt; is gone!.!.!.!.!.<font
<div >I use my smaller rolling pin, I have seen folks use an empty paper
towel tube<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162195','5','        What are some
good ways to get protein if your a Vegetarian!?
','                    <div >There are many sources of vegetarian
protein<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Dairy, eggs, nuts/
seeds, tofu, soy milk, the list goes on!. <br>The Vegetarian Society
says: <br>&#039;&#039;Most foods contain at least some protein!. Good
sources of protein for vegetarians include nuts and seeds, pulses, soya
products (tofu, soya milk and textured soya protein such as soya mince),
cereals (wheat, oats, and rice), free-range eggs and some dairy products
(milk, cheese and yoghurt)&#039;&#039;!. <br><br>Tofu tastes bland on
it&#039;s own, but it picks up the flavour of whatever you cook it with!.
There are lots of tofu recipes on the internet!. Here is a tasty tofu
recipe to
try:<br>http://www!.vegsoc!.org/cordonvert/recipes!.!.!.<br>Tofu is great
for protein!. Why not give it a try!?<br><br>I provided a link that says
all I need to mention!. <br>I hope you find it useful!.<font
<div >If you live near a Kim Son resturaunt ask for the Fun House
Delight!. It is a vegan tofu dish that tastes like HEAVEN!. It comes with
rice squares and carrot gingner sauce!<br>Tofu tastes like nothing, it
absorbs whatever flavor you cook it in<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Dark green vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes, and beans are all
great sources of protein!. Smoothie king can make a vegan protein shake!.
Jamba juice makes a pretty good shake too, word of mouth<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>There is protein everyone!. Brocolli
actually has more digestable protein than some meats!. There is protein
everywhere you just have to know which vegetables to get them from!. If
your eating balanced diet than you can get everything from protein to
all of your vitamins and minerals through your food!.<font
<div >Getting enough protein is easy!. I have never even heard of anyone
in the western world not getting enough protein - that vegetarians
don&#039;t get enough protein through their diet is just!.!.!.a myth,
really!. <br><br>Almost all foods contain some protein - vegetables
generally don&#039;t contain all 8 essential amino acids, meaning that
you don&#039;t get complete protein from eating, say, carrots - but
combine several different foods (for example, chickpeas and couscous) and
you&#039;ll get complete protein!. As long as your diet is reasonably
varied you&#039;ll get the amino acids / protein you need<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Good vegetarian sources of protein:
grains, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, tofu and other soy products,
Quorn!.!.!. (+ dairy products and eggs if you&#039;re not vegan)!. Tofu
doesn&#039;t taste much - it tastes like whatever you&#039;re cooking it
with! I prefer marinated tofu, or &quot;tofu rosso&quot;, which is
flavoured with tomato, olives!.!.!.<font
<div >nuts, beans, dairy, eggs!. soya beans are common in vegetarians
foods and are used to make things like quorn and tofu!. with tofu, it
totally depends on how you can cook it and what you have it with!. you
can do so many things with it, you can get silken tofu which isnt solid,
and you can get tofu pieces that are spongey and are good to fry in a
sauce!. i havnt tried tofu on its own but im sure it would taste bland,
however i love frying it with sauces because it really soaks in the
flavour and as you bite it its really juicy and i think one of the most
flavorsome of foods - its totally down to the sauce!. its got a chewy
texture when you fry - the first time i tried it it sort of reminded me
of a kind of scrambled egg for some reason!. it doesnt really taste like
any particular food it really is its own thing lol<br><br>do NOT take
protein supplements like someone said!. vegetarians who take protein
pills are just contradicting themselves!. if we believe that we are not
meant to eat animals, then there is no need to take supplements!. we can
get anything from plant based foods that we can get from meat<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>hope i helped :)<font
<div >How do you get protein!? From food!. As long as you get enough
calories, and they&#039;re not all junk food, you should be okay<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Tofu is rather bland and takes on the
flavors of whatever you cook with it!. If you freeze your tofu, it will
change the texture and make it chewier!. I actually store my tofu in the
freezer, and it will stay for months!.<font
<div >one cup of ice, five frozen strawberries, 1/2 banana, 1 packet of
splenda or other non sugar sweetner, one scoop of whey protein, 1 cup of
skim milk all in a blender!. Blend until smooth!. It makes two eight
ounce protein drinks, if you don&#039;t drink cow&#039;s milk make it
with soy milk!. Boy are these ever good!. Yummy!<font
<div >either stop being a vegetarian<br><br>or use the protein
supplements they sell at the GNC<font
<div >Tofu doesn&#039;t really have a taste but it has a creamy texture
like a tick pudding!.<font
<div >nuts of all types<br>peanut butter<br>beans of all
<div >nuts, esp!. almonds<br>soy products<br>tofu<br>peanut butter (watch
for fat, though)<br>dairy products<font
<div >tofu is relatively high in protein!.!.!.<font
<div >Boca burgers!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162196','6','         Malted milk balls
or chocolate yogurt covered raisins!?                   <div
class=\"content\">Which do you like better!? I just picked up some
covered raisins and I think I like them better!. But Whoppers are really
good!<br><br>Any recepie suggestions, like a Whopper cake!. No frozen
desserts, though!.<font
','                     <div >I like whoppers and if you crunch them up
and mix them with whipped cream it is really good!.<font
<div >I love to make chocolate chip cookies and instead of chips I put
crushed whooper in it!.!.!.really good especially with chucks of
whoopers!. As for chocolate raisins I like to make oatmeal raisins
cookies and add chocolate covered raisins<font
<div >Depends where I am<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>If
I&#039;m at the movies, the malted milk balls!. If I&#039;m home, the
covered raisins!. If I&#039;m outside, neither one, because they&#039;ll
probably melt!.<font
<div >yogurt covered raisins<font
<div >whoppers<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Malted milk balls!. Prefer Malteasers to Whoppers!.<font
<div >WHOPPERS SUCKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<font
<div >def!. chocolate yogurt covered raisins<font
<div >Malted milk balls<font
<div >Whoppers!<br>Crush them up and put them in pudding Mmmmm good<font
<div >malted milk balls<font
<div >Have you tried the &quot;Strawberry Whoppers&quot;!? ummm so
good<br><br>my momma loves Raisenets<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162197','6','        Ricotta
cheese&#039;s expiration date is May 23!. Is it still okay to eat!?
','                    <div >I&#039;d rely on my &quot;sniff&quot; - and
if it smelled okay, I&#039;d usually proceed with &quot;taste&quot;
routine!. Because again, it depends on method of storing (e!.g!.
temperature in refrigeration process)!. I know for a fact that some items
have expiration dates which are beyond it&#039;s actual &quot;goes
bad&quot; date!. Learned this from a food processor expert!. However,
good rule of thumbs says : if it smelled funny, just trash it in the
first place<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >My dad said he would eat it as long as it wasn&#039;t moldy and he
is 68 lol, hasn&#039;t died yet from expired food!. The experation date
is just a cautionary procedure so that ppl don&#039;t sue the grocery
store or the manufacturing company!. In all reality I have bought milk on
more then one occasion where it is already expired and the date is still
sellable!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >If it smells good you should be just fine!. The expiration date is
the last day they can sell it in the store, it should last beyond that!.
I&#039;ve had milk that expired before the date and have had to return
it, and I&#039;ve had milk that lasted more than a week past the
expiration date!. So, if it smells &amp; tastes good--enjoy!<font
<div >I think no because is cheese , and it expires exactly the same day
that is wrotten in the cheese!.You′d better not use it !. Buy another
one<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >NO!.!.!.!.its cheese!!!!! its already rotten!.!.!.!.cheese got milk
with it so it can expired right away!.!.!.!.<font
<div >no way its 8 days rotten to me its like 10 cuz i dont even eat on
expiration date<font
<div >I thing you will be okay to eat it<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162198','6','        How do you like
to eat your fries!?                        ','                    <div
>Usually, lightly salted with ketchup!. Sometimes with chilly and cheese,
but not from Sonic!. Wendy&#039;s fries taste good dipped in their
Frosty&#039;s!. I have a friend who likes to mix ketchup and mayo!. My
brother likes to mix ketchup and black pepper!. My sister likes to dip
her&#039;s in ranch!.<font
<div >This is the most amazing thing ever:<br><br>Wash and peel potatoes
(any kind, i like white/gold)<br>Put them on a baking/cookie sheet lined
with tin foil<br>Seaon with paprika(as much as desired),&amp; salt (very
little, optional)<br>Drizzle with canola oil (optional)<br><br>Baking
until they are soft<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>I love
these!!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I like dipping my fries in Wendy&#039;s chocolate frosties<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Dipping in mayo is awesome also<!--
aspertaime--><!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Olga&#039;s Kitchen
has very good fries with mayo dips!. <br><br>(Olga&#039;s is located in
the mid-west)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I like mixing mayo and ketchup then eating them!. i&#039;ll eat the
kinda soft ones- not too greasy or too soggy, but not too hard either!. i
like them with salt too but too much of that will hurt me too!. try old
bay seasoning on them it tastes delicious!<font
<div >With salt and either ketchup or mayonnaise!. However *dramatic
pause* the best french fries I ever had were smothered in cheese curds
and beef gravy!. It&#039;s how Canadians eat their fries!.<font
<div >poutine and at Taco Bell they have cheesy fries and im not sure
what this is called but its like ground beef,sour cream,cheese, and
stuff on fries<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >dunk one at a time in chunky bleu cheese or pepper parmesan
dressing!. Or gravy!. Or as poutine!. <br>Hmmm!.!.!. McDonald&#039;s
fries !!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >oo mcdonalds or burgerking fries wit a strawberry milkshake is sooo
good or wit ketchup<font
<div >Really crispy with a mixture of ketchup, mayonaise and a touch of
mustard!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Well I like them to be a little bit salty, but not super salty,
then I dip them in either BB-Q sauce or Ketchup!.<font
<div >with ketuchup and one at a time!. i can never eat two at a
time!.!.!. i dont know why though<font
<div >Just depends what kind of mood I am in,Usually with either ketchup
or Ranch dressing!.<font
<div >I love McDonald&#039;s and ketchup, the normal American way!<font
<div >I make a little bunch of like 3 or 4, and dunk them in sweet and
sour sauce!.!.!.!. <br><br>yum! I&#039;m going to go get some fries
now!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >With my fingers, salted!. Gravy is also<!--aspertaime--> good from
time to time!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >salt and red wine vinegar!.!.MMmmm <br>Sometimes,,just ketchup mix
with mayo<br>or with 1000 island dressing<font
<div >MMM fries!<br><br>Poutine (gravy and cheese curds)<br>or malt
vinegar<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I only like Arby&#039;s curly fries or onion rings!.<font
<div >ketchup or vinegar and sometimes ranch dressing<font
<div >with liquid cheese or ranch dressing!!   Or best of all from Wings
o&#039;le with blu cheese!!!!<font
<div >with my mouth!. haha!. and chedder cheese doesnt hurt!.<font
<div >fries are my favorite food!. i love to eat em with
<div >hotsauce &amp; ketchup<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>or
jalapeno ranch!.<font
<div >I love my french fries with chili and cheddar cheese!<font
<div >4 at a time dipped in ketchup and salty<font
<div >a lil crunchy but not burnt!. <br>i mix ketchup and mayo to make a
fry sauce YUM!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >from mcdonalds!.!.!.!.large fries no salt!.!.!.in other word
plain<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >with alot of ketchup!!! I like to dip them in the ketchup<font
<div >plain or just with salt<br>nice and plain :]<br>but tastyy<font
<div >with ketchup and mayo mixed!. it&#039;s good!. trust me!.<font
<div >mix ketchup and gravy, little pepper and dive in<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162199','5','        Does Soy Lecithin
have phytoestrogens!? If so, is it a lot compared to soy protein and
oil!?                        ','                    <div >heyo!. I know
that soy lecithin does have phytoestrogens, I watched a documentary about
it!.!.!. I&#039;m not totally sure about the comparison to soy protein
and oil -- but I imagine is it equal or less, but not more!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162200','5','        What is the best
diet I can do!?                  <div class=\"content\">Do you think it
is better to become a vegan!?<font
','                    <div >a vegan, vegetarian or omnivore diet can be
very healthy if done right!.!.!.!.what you need to do is do your research
and eat sensibly!.!.!.after all a junk food vegan!.!.!.isn&#039;t going
to have a better diet than a health conscious omnivore that eats meat
once a week<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I truly believe vegan is the way to be!.   Check out Dr!. John
McDougall&#039;s program!. You&#039;ll thank me for it!.<font
<div >here is a website with a vegetarian shopping list!.!.!.!.!.!.!. it
makes it alot easier to shop!.!.!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162201','6','        What is coarse
bee tobacco, can you smoke it!?                  <div
class=\"content\">why is it that cheap and can you smoke it or not!?<font
','                    <div >idk!. look here:<br>http://www!.dave-
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162202','6','        Do you like to
microwave your popcorn or do u enjoy making it the old fashioned way!?
','                    <div >I enjoy it both ways and usually microwave
because of the convenience, but the old fashioned way is truly the best
:)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I like it both ways!. I prefer to have it cooked on top of the
stove in a pan, and if you add a little bit of sugar it will taste like
kettle corn!. But when I don&#039;t feel like popping it microwave taste
good to me too, I like my popcorn a little bit burnt when I microwave
it!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >The old fashioned way! I like to pop it in a Whirley Pop Popcorn
maker!. It only takes 1/8 cup of oil for a1/2 cup of popcorn kernels!.
I can put as much butter and flavoring I want, none of the chemicals!. I
like it with a little bit of butter, salt and cinnamon/sugar!. My hubby
likes it with salt and pepper!   mmmmm<font
<div >I prefer to make it the &#039;Old Fashioned&#039; way on top of the
stove!. Top it with a bit of real butter and salt, maybe some cheese,
and you have one tasty snack<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>SAC<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >No microwave here, just an old pan and some olive oil!. Nothing
beats the flavour of popcorn done that way!.<font
<div >I do it in the popcorn maker!.<font
<div >The old fashion way-I do not own a microwave by choice!.<font
<div >Microwave For Me!.!.!.!!<font
<div >I can only eat microwave popcorn!. I was raised to have a very
plain taste, so yeah!.<font
<div >microwave<br><br>=]]<font
<div >microwave<font
<div >The old Fashioned way is worth the work!.<font
<div >microwave its so much neater<font
<div >I make my popcorn in the microwave!.<font
<div >making it the old fashion way<font
<div >I&#039;m not really a big fan of popcorn but when I do eat it, I
make it in the microwave!.<font
<div >the old fashion way<font
<div >I like my kernels nuked<font
<div >I prefer an air popper!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>NO mess<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162203','1','         Why I get drunk
(or sleepy) with beers, but when I drink rum I can go on and on!!?!?!?
<div class=\"content\">I have had some psychologuical heavy stuff, and
drink tow beers and feel sleepy!<br><br>But if I drink spirits such as
rum, I go on and On!<br>Get energetic and all the oposite effects of
beers!?<br><br>Why is this!?<font
','                     <div >Maybe it is more difficult for you to digest
beer, since it has more &quot;substance&quot;!. Ever feel sleepy after
eating a big meal!?<font
<div >Fancy a refreshing pint of betaglucanase!? Or maybe a thirst-
quenching glass of propylene glycol alginate!?<br><br>I know a lot of
commercial beer contain a LOT of hidden
r>Until a new law is passed by the European Union, brewers across the
continent will be able to add chemicals without fear of putting off the
drinker<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>With one rather
notable exception: Germany!. <br><br>With more breweries than any other
country, the Germans take the purity of their beer exceptionally
seriously<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Ever since the
German Purity Law or Reinheitsgebot of 1516, beers in Germany can only
legally be produced using the core ingredients of water, hops, yeast and
malted barley or wheat<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>&quot;Consumers deserve to know what goes into their
[alcoholic] drink in the same way as they would any other product,&quot;
says Camra research and information manager Iain Loe!.
<br><br>&quot;Brewers shouldn&#039;t have anything to hide!.&quot;
<div >It&#039;s all in your head!. They both contain the exact same
thing!.!.!. Ethanol<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Ethanol -
<br>n!.   <br>1!. A colorless volatile flammable liquid, C2H5OH,
synthesized or obtained by fermentation of sugars and starches and widely
used, either pure or denatured, as a solvent and in drugs, cleaning
solutions, explosives, and intoxicating beverages!. also<!--aspertaime-->
called ethanol, ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol!. <br>2!. Intoxicating
liquor containing alcohol!. <br>3!. Any of a series of hydroxyl
compounds, the simplest of which are derived from saturated hydrocarbons,
have the general formula CnH2n+1OH, and include ethanol and methanol<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>EDIT:<br><br>Who is the douche
giving everyone a thumb down!?<font
<div >Different alcoholic drinks affects different people in different
ways<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Yeah, oddly enough, just a couple of lagers leaves me virtually
comatose, and yet a few whiskeys has no effect at all!.!.!.!.!.!.I&#039;m
sticking with the Scotch from now on!!<font
<div >differ alcys<font
<div >Maybe it&#039;s all the carbs!.<font
<div >sugar crash from all the carbs in the beer!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162204','3','        What&#039;s your
best chinese beef curry recipes please!?                        ','
<div >Go to mamtaskitchen!.com as they have a brilliant recipe for
original curry sauce and you just add the beef!. I have used it many
times and it tastes just like the carry out stuff<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Enjoy !!!<br>Here is the link to the
<div >1 pound flank steak<br>Marinade:<br>1 tablespoon light soy
sauce<br>1 tablespoon Chinese rice wine or dry sherry<br>1 teaspoon Asian
sesame seed oil<br>1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch<br>Other:<br>1/2 medium
yellow onion<br>3/4 cup green peas<br>1/2 cup chicken broth<br>1
tablespoon dark soy sauce <br>1 thin slice ginger<br>2 - 3 tablespoons
curry powder, to taste <br>2 -3 tablespoons water, as needed, to make a
paste<br>1 teaspoon salt, or to taste<br>1/2 teaspoon sugar<br>2
tablespoons canola or peanut oil for stir-frying<br>Preparation:<br>1!.
Cut the beef across the grain into thin strips approximately 1 1/2 inches
long and 3/4 inch wide!. Add the marinade ingredients, adding the
cornstarch last!. Marinate the beef for 25 - 30 minutes<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>2!. While the beef is marinating, prepare
the vegetables!. Peel and chop the onion!. Blanch the peas in boiling
water for 1 minute!. Rinse in cold water and drain thoroughly!. Combine
the chicken broth with the dark soy sauce and set aside<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>3!. Preheat the wok on medium-high heat
(the wok is ready when a couple of drops of water sizzle when added to
the wok)!. Add 2 tablespoons oil to the wok, drizzling to coat the
sides!. When the oil is sizzling, add the ginger!. Cook for 2 – 3
minutes, until the ginger is browned!. Discard the ginger<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>4!. Add the beef to the wok (to avoid
overcrowding the wok, cook the beef in 2 batches if needed)!. Sear the
beef for about 30 seconds, then stir-fry until it is about 80 percent
cooked and changes color!. Remove the beef from the wok!. Turn the heat
down to medium<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>5!. Add the onion
to the wok!. Let the onion cook for 2 minutes to brown, then add the
curry powder!. Add enough water to make a paste!. Let the onion cook for
a couple of minutes, then add the peas<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>6!. Add the beef!. Return the heat to medium-high and add the
chicken broth and dark soy sauce!. Bring to a boil!. Stir in the salt and
sugar!. Cook for about another 3 minutes and serve hot!.<font
<div >half pound of pok gai<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162205','4','        How Many
Rockstars Is Unsafe!?                  <div class=\"content\">I need to
stay up late into the night for important reasons (not party related)<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>This is my first time drinking
Rockstar DOUBLE SIZE DOUBLE KICK!. On the can, it says no more than 1 can
can be consumed in a day!. I know that most these labels are
recommendations!. However, I thought I&#039;d ask to be sure<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>For those that don&#039;t know there i (in
a can)<br><br>151mg (5!.32 oz) of caffeine<br>1892 mg (66!.7 oz) of
taurine<br>62g (2!.19 oz) of sugar<br>and various other stuff like
Inositol, Gingseng, Niacin etc<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Thanks for any help!.<font
','                    <div >How many Rockstars would be unsafe!? The
simple and short answer: ONE!. Energy drinks are unbelievably bad for
you, especially if you are a growing teenager (which I&#039;m guessing
you probably are!. I&#039;m a high school teacher so my guess is that
you&#039;re doing some final exam cramming--which by the way,
doesn&#039;t do a thing for your ability to learn and retain information,
but that&#039;s another story)!. <br><br>Anyway, here are some concrete
reasons why they are AWFUL for you:<br>Too much sugar--may damage your
liver, pancreas, and gallbladder<br>Caffeine, Guarana, Taurine combo--can
cause heart problems<br>The effects of the kick are so short that it
won&#039;t even last you all night--in fact, you&#039;re lucky if it
lasts you an hour or two<br>The more you drink, the harder you crash--you
end up feeling almost like you&#039;ve got a hangover<br><br>Better
solution if you feel you really must stay up all night!?<br>Take a long
nap in the late afternoon<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Or,
if studying is what you are trying to do, e-mail me and I will give you
some easy, non-cramming study tips that will help you retain, synthesize,
and apply information!.<font
<div >Do not drink Rockstar for energy!. Most people I know just drink
them not for the energy but for the taste!. This is because you have a
short burst of energy and no longer than a few minutes later your
practically asleep!. So if you really want energy, just get a super
caffiene coffee or tea (they have them at Cumberland Farms where I live;
though I don&#039;t know if they have Cumberland Farms in your neck of
the woods!.) But anyway they have a ton of energy!. And they may be at
Exxon and most convience stores!. I hope this helps!.<font
<div >I drink them like it&#039;s going out of style and it doesn&#039;y
hurt me at all!. It depends on your body(especialy weight) and your
diet<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>P!.S!. For energy, I
likeRip-it&#039;s and good, old-fashioned Mountain Dew!.<font
<div >Even one is unsafe!. Energy drinks are so awful for your body!.
You&#039;ll crash quite quickly and you&#039;ll want to go to sleep,
which will defeat the purpose of staying awake!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162206','6','         My spring greens
were horrible are you meant to eat thedark green outer leaves or just the
light green center!?                   <div
class=\"content\">leaves!?<br><br>I cooked the outer dark green ones and
they were quite bitter!.<font
','                     <div >Discard the outer green leaves and use only
the inner green centre!. Serve with spring lamb and jersey potatoes!.
Delicious!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Peel off the very outer leaves the next time you cook greens!. They
are always bitter!. Any leaves that seem tough, old and the outside
layers should be discarded!. If they seem bitter next time around, choose
a green that is smaller in size!. The bigger bundles seem bitter to me!.
Hope this helps :)<font
<div >Hi, try a little vinegar on your greens when they are on your
plate!. It brings out a lovely flavour!. This applies to all greens
especially Brussel Sprouts!.<font
<div >you can eat every thing on your spring green<font
<div >that can happen, just eat the inner leaves!. the outer leaves can
be v thick and dark, in this case, throw them away and cook the inner
leaves only<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>good luck next
time<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >What are &quot;Spring Greens&quot; is it a cabbage you&#039;re
talking about!?<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162207','1','         Regular apple
cider or hard cider!?                   <div class=\"content\">Whats your
favorite!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                     <div >Scrumpy, the sort that makes you chase the
white rabbit around and around!. I love hard cider!.<font
<div >well seeing the fact that its summer and knowing the fact that
guinness is far to heavy for me to drink i will go with a nice regular
cider my favourite cider is bulmers served with a pint glass of
ice!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I&#039;ve just discovered Bulmers Pear cider it beats all the
others hands down!<font
<div >Minutemaid Apple Juice =]<font
<div >hi , i like regular cider, especially in the fall!.<font
<div >Sorry Bob don&#039;t like Apple Juice or Cider - although I do
like Apples !?!?<font
<div >insideher<font
<div >Can&#039;t stand the stuff!.!.!.I prefer my tipple to come from
sugar cane!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >reg for sure<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162208','8','         Is sushi really
good for health!?                   <div class=\"content\">as it is raw
fish!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                     <div >of course too much of anything is bad!.!.
TUNA is high in mercury so should be eaten in moderation!.!.<font
<div >Sushi is a very healthy meal made mostly with rice, fish and
vegetables!. Sushi should always be made with fresh ingredients!. Not
only for the safety of the eater but for the flavours!. The delicate
flavors of rice, vegetables and fish are enhanced with healthy soya
sauce, ginger and wasabi<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Wasabi is
a member of the cabbage family and closely resembles horseradish!.<font
<div >nori (seaweed) is an excellent digestive aid and also<!--
aspertaime--> is a rich source of vitamin A and iodine<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>sushi fish is commercially frozen and then
thawed!.!.!.!.it is completely safe!.!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-
->!.<br><br>the fishes are very rich in proteins (obvious source) and
minerals as well as calcium<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>most of the fish used in good and high quality sushi
restaurants are farm-bred!.!.!.and hence grain-fed and completely safe to
consume<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>the only uncomfortable
thing of sushi is the sticky vinegar rice which is a rich source of
complex carbohydrates!.!.!.that might be a tad bit unhealthy!.!.!.!.<font
<div >yes, UNLESS it&#039;s one of the 4 fish that have high levels of
mercury (but they also<!--aspertaime--> have the same mercury levels when
cooked)!.!.!.!.!.!.!.I suppose there is some chance of bacteria in raw
fish though, since ob-gyns recommend that pregnant women don&#039;t eat
sushi<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Why is everything associated with health<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>IT TASTES GOOD<br>IT&#039;S NOT BAD FOR
YOU<br>THEREFORE IF YOU LIKE IT &gt;&gt;&gt; EAT IT<br><br>Get over this
&quot;is it healthy&quot; thing    gosh enjoy life<font
<div >I believe so and it&#039;s good for my taste buds too LOL<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162209','2','         Did Gorden Ramsey
play for rangers,if so how many games did he play!?
','                     <div >Check wikipedia!.org to find out!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162210','3','         Whats in Wasabi
Sauce!?                   <div class=\"content\">Theres this sushi salad
wrap I like to get sometimes at the store but I noitced theres a little
sauce they put in it!. Ordinarily it wouldnt bother me but the other day
I was going to buy it but I noticed there was a lot more sauce<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>they said it was wasabi sauce but they cant
tell me whats in the sauce!. Yea wasabi but what else!? <br>Is it like
mayo or something making a healthy lunch unhealthy!?<br><br>I tried to
googe it and I read something about heavy cream, but I dont know if that
was a recipe for something else or an ingredient in the sauce!.<font
','                     <div >It is most likely cream!! It would not be
enough to make it unhealthy! THe sushi shop I go to has this sauce as
well! ITs a healthy food place so I know they would not have it if it was
bad for you!!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >first i want you to know exactly what is wasabi!.wasabi is a
Japanese green colored horseradish!.you can used them either fresh
, powdered or paste<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>mostly they
used them mixed with soy sauce for sashimi and sushi!.some of them
they put little lemon juice and accompanied with pickled
ginger!.it is a very healthy thing!. don&#039;t do what the other
wacko doing!.putting mayo with wasabi!.ulk!!!!!!!!!<font
<div >These are the ingredients they use to make wasabi sauce:<br><br>2
thinly sliced scallion <br>1 teaspoon of minced fresh coriander <br>2
tablespoons fresh lime juice <br>3 tablespoons soy sauce <br>1 1/2
tablespoons wasabi <br>6 tablespoons unsalted butter<br><br>this is the
site I found it from: http://www!.recipezaar!.com/89827<font
<div >It&#039;s Japanese Horseradish!.!.!.<!--foods questions and
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162211','4','         Would anyone
please be willling !?!?                   <div class=\"content\">to give
me their codes on their pepsi caps !?!?!? if you aren&#039;t using them
!?!? please!!!!!!<br><br>i do need them and i&#039;m new to it!. <br>if
you have any, please e-mail me!<font
','                     <div >Ill save ya as a contact!. I love Pepsi but
throw the caps away!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>I&#039;ll start tomorrow!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162212','4','         What kind of milk
do u like!? whole, 2%, 1%, or skim!?                   <div
class=\"content\">i like 2%<br>i hate skim, milk should not be skim, it
should be white, not a gross off white yellow, watery color<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>yea, hbu!?<font
','                     <div >I also<!--aspertaime--> like %2, cause whole
is gross, and %1 and skim are watery but 2% is the perfect amount<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>yum milk<font
<div >I refuse to drink skim!. Tastes like water to me!. Whole milk is
too &quot;thick&quot; for me!. Our store here carries 1/2% so I get that
or the 1% if they don&#039;t have it that day!. Even 2% is too much for
me sometimes!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I don&#039;t drink it, just cook with it!. My hubby used to like
whole, but had to change his diet, so I&#039;ve been getting 2%!. I
wouldn&#039;t mind if I could get him down to 1%!. But cooking with skim
is just not right!.<font
<div >Personally, I like half &#039;n&#039; half!. :D<br>2% is what I
most commonly drink, but sometimes I drink skim to avoid the extra
calories!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I like 2% - skim and 1% are too watery and whole milk is too
thick!. I like it ice cold, too<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>SAC<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Really don&#039;t drink milk, never did like it but for my cereal
I only use whole!.<font
<div >Skimmed for me!.!.!.!.!.hate the fatty taste in milk, whether whole
or semi!.Yeuch!.<font
<div >I&#039;m a big fan of whole, vitamin D milk!. And also<!--
aspertaime--> like to use real butter and real sugar:)<font
<div >whole, if im gonna drink milk its gonna count<font
<div >i like 1%<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162213','5','         Who has seen this
monkey that has been impanted with a micro chip in his brain!?
<div class=\"content\">Am I the only person who is disgusted byt
this!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                     <div >I have seen more than enough!. It makes me
feel sick to my stomach, seeing their eyes, you can tell that they are
suffering!. I understand that animal testing can help humans, but there
are other ways of doing it and the testing is causing immense suffering
to animals who feel pain, I will never understand how anyone can think
that is ok!. I just don&#039;t see humans as being more important than
animals, causing animals such pain for us is wrong and selfish!. One day
hopefully it will all end for them!.<font
<div >For the handicapped person that is paralyzed from the neck down -
it is ground breaking and life changing research!. <br><br>Can you
imagine the difference it would make to a person that hasn&#039;t been
able to even feed themselves for years because of an injury!?
<br><br>Something so simple as to brush their own hair, wipe their own
nose, scratch an itch, even eat on their own - they couldn&#039;t do -
but now will have that option<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Sorry - but if I was that person confined to a wheelchair - I
would be doing mental cartwheels at the thought of being able to do the
things that so many take for granted!. <br><br>But then maybe I look at
it differently since I have family that are confined to wheelchairs and
this sort of life changing research will mean a total 100% change in
their life for the better!.<font
<div >I haven&#039;t seen that, but animal testing does disgust me!.
There are a variety of methods for performing medical research without
testing on animals!. Options include epidemiological studies, human
genetic research, clinical research, in-vitro studies, autopsies,
mathematical modeling, and computer stimulations<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>Even if we had no alternative to using animals,
animal testing would still be ethically unacceptable!. As George Bernard
Shaw said: “You do not settle whether an experiment is justified or not
by merely showing that it is of some use!. The distinction is not between
useful and useless experiments, but between barbarous and civilized
behaviour!.”<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I&#039;m not sure if I&#039;ve seen that particular one but there
are many others I have seen!. It enrages me and also<!--aspertaime-->
frustrates me because I am not sure how to solve the problems of animal
testing myself!. <br><br>Poor
<div >I have seen the photo of the monkey and I think it&#039;s
horrible!. It really makes me want to do the same to whoever did that to
the monkey!. I hope animals will oneday seek revenge on all those who
have tested on them!.<font
<div >yes i have seen this specimen and i think it is an excellent
example of advances in modern technology i hope to be involved in the
expirments in the future and am looking forward to new advancements and
possibly even human subjects <br>reply me to let me know your opinion on
the subject<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >no i never saw it !.!.!. was the chip one of the low in saturated
fats varieties!. If so I think it was disgusting too!.<font
<div >I have not seen it and I am not disgusted!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162214','6','        Whats the best
chocolate bar!?!?                  <div class=\"content\">My fave is
snickers i could eat them everyday!<font
','                    <div >Cadbury! Milk chocolate, with or without
nuts! Hershey&#039;s Milk Chocolate is good, but it gave me one hell of a
stomach ache after I consummed one big pack!. Hahaha!. Yes, I know
I&#039;m a chocoholic!. Hehe:) Snickers is good, too!. I lo0oove
Hershey&#039;s Cookies &#039;n&#039; Cream! YUMfest!<font
<div >For me, it has to be any type of Galaxy chocolate! I love Snickers
as well, all of my family prefer Mars Bars but I have to be the odd one
out!. I would say overall Galaxy, but Snickers is definately second, I
love the ice cream bars!. Umm, Toblerones as well :)<font
<div >checkout flakes http://www!.aussiefoodshop!.com/catalog/it!.!.!.
its heaven on earth<font
<div >galaxy dairymilk these r the two good chocobars !. du u know that
chocolates are very good for yur body eating more chocolates increases
yur energy level but after eating one choco yu shuld brush yur teeth or
yu will become a teethless person<font
<div >I LOVE snickers, I swear I ate like 5 of them in one day, but
I&#039;m going to have to say plain old milk chocolate!.<font
<div >I love Snickers but when I really want some tasty chocolate, I go
for the Milky Way dark!.<font
<div >My favourite chocolate is cadbury flake and mars!. I also<!--
aspertaime--> like kinder bueno!.<font
<div >I love Snickers but every now and then only a Caramac will do<font
<div >Cadbury!.<font
<div >snickers<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Hershey&#039;s <br><br>=]]<font
<div >My favourite are Dairy Milks :)<font
<div >mars!!!<br>although i like all other chocs as i am a
chocaholic!!!!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >galaxy all the way!!!!!!!!<font
<div >milky way<font
<div >i really like milky way<font
<div >Snickers!.!.!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162215','6','        What have you
eaten today =D!?                  <div class=\"content\">so far
ii&#039;ve had two rashers 1/2 of crispy fatty bacon with crusty rolls
with real butter on mmmmm =D (breakfast) &amp;&amp; a packet of crisps
and an orange and a pcket of maryland cookies (mini ones, don&#039;t
worry ii&#039;ve not eaten a whole packet of massive cookies
hahahahaha)<br><br>now how about youuzz!?!? =D<br><br><br>FUNK?LiiCii?US
&amp;&amp; C?!. ? =]&#039; x<!--foods questions and answers--
','                    <div >A packet of cheese and oniond hula hoops and
a chicken royale meal from Burger King :)<font
<div >i didn&#039;t wake up till 1 so i didn&#039;t eat breakfast, but
when i got up i ate a couple sour patch kids because they were sitting on
the counter lol, then for lunch i had celery sticks and a few chicken
nuggets with bbq sauce [just because i was craving bbq sauce] lol!.<font
<div >I had a cup of tea slightly flavored with cloves and milk!. I
also<!--aspertaime--> had a bowl of shredded wheat with some walnuts!.
Being a diabetic, I had to sweeten my tea and shredded wheat with
Splenda!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Breakfast was cheese muffin, Lunch was curry with corn bread- very
strange, and for tea I had salmon with pasta and pesto and roasted
vegetables and cottage cheese, followed by cheesecake! It&#039;s been a
good day food wise!<font
<div >Grr! I envy you<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>I&#039;m
broke, there&#039;s not much food around in the house today<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>I just had some bread and coffee<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Hopefully, by lunch I&#039;ll think of
something! :)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I started out being good and had Special K for brekkie, then at
dinnertime I was bad and had a Mc donalds Sweet Chilli Chicken Baguette!.
And this afternoon I had 5 chocolates, and I feel sick now!.<font
<div >Saturday is McSkillet Burrito day with no sause!. Yummy<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>otherwise, its back to carrots and
celery!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >A banana for breakfast and chicken sweet and sour for dinner<font
<div >mcdonalds breakfast<br>burger stall lunch<br>roast dinner
dinner<br>chocolate cake pudding <br>but im going oout l8r for fish n
chips<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >French bread with butter, a chocolate biscuit and a dried
mango<br>:)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >well your a chongaaaaaaaaa <br>well ive eaten: a bowl of lucky
charms &amp; milk <br>and thats it!.!.!. <br>juuuust that<br>i might go
and grab a bite now before leaving to my friends house<br>yumm!!<font
<div >chicken nuggets honey chocolate milk peanut butter toast<font
<div >lentils with bread for lunch<br>honey nut cornflakes for
breakfast<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Morning - Toast<br>Lunch Time - Fish, chips and peas<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Dinner - Passed on that!.<font
<div >2 toaster strudels!. lol<font
<div >Just woke up half an hour ago!. I&#039;m not usually real big on
morning eating, so all I&#039;ve had so far was a banana!.<font
<div >grilled meat<font
<div >cereal<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
XD<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Feeling really guilty, had a cream donut but thats all I&#039;ve
had all day up till now!. LOL<font
<div >I&#039;ve had 2 pieces of wheat toast!. That&#039;s it!. !._!.<font
<div >Nothing yet - but I&#039;m about to have a couple of steak
sandwiches!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >!.beef salad and branston sandwich<font
<div >i only had a piece of toast about half an hour ago i only just got
up :p<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Gum!. I&#039;m trying to quit smoking while not gaining
weight!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >im mad hungryyyy<br>i aint eat shiet<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162216','6','
DOUGHNUTS!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!. where do YOU think sells the BEST
doughnuts please!?                        ','                     <div >My
favorite type of doughnut is a Brazilian doughnut<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>it isn&#039;t round its kind of like a sugared pastry
tube filled with chocolate, custard or treacle!. mmmm!.!.!. <br>There is
a traveling Brazilian doughnut van that goes to festivals<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>i think its called &quot;The Caribbean
doughnut company&quot; <br>even though its a Brazilian doughnut!.<font
<div >krispy kreme - and you get a paper hat and factory tour! i love
watching them make the doughnuts!. mmmmm glaze, at dunkin donuts you get
to watch the donuts sit there all day since 5am, like the commercial
says, have to get up and make the doughnuts!.!.!.meaning, we make them in
the morning and if we run out, tough luck!. at krispy kreme they are
warm and fresh!.<font
<div >Dinah&#039;s Original Southern Style Hush Puppies!. The Hush
Puppies are delicious puffy style dough nuts without the hole!.
They&#039;re usually dusted with powered sugar and/or puffed up with
cream, one bite and your taste buds are in a land they can only dream!.
Sold in the French Quarter of New Orleans, but you would have thought
they were made at Tara Hill in Gone with the Wind served by Scarlet
O&#039;Hara whispering little southern things in your ear!.<font
<div >Always Krispy Kreme, best doughnuts in town, plus, they give a free
dozen to any cop who comes in the store in uniform!.<font
<div >Dunkin Doughnuts;<br>for surrrre<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>I love just original cake doughnuts w/ chocolate frosting and
Boston Creme doughnuts from there!. :]<font
<div >MY HOUSE!!<br>i make my own using store bought pizza dough!. i deep
fry them unti golden then i dip them in melted chocolate, nuts,
sprinkles, coconut really ANYTING and eat them
<div >In the States Shirley&#039;s!. In the Virgin Island Dunking
Donuts!. Both are very Good!.<font
<div >in dunking donuts trust me they are the best donuts you could ever
taste if you buy them and drink it with the new ice latte you would be
like wow!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Shipley&#039;s<font
<div >the only kind of doughnuts i like r the ones my mom makes!.<font
<div >Greggs!. End of!.<font
<div >dunkin<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Dunkin&#039; Donuts, hands down!<font
<div >Krispy Kreme !.!.!.!.the original glazed just can&#039;t be
beat!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >probably all star dougnuts in el cerrito<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162217','6','        Does anyone know
a website where I can buy canned salsify!?                        ','
<div >Look up &quot;Roland&quot; products<!--foods questions and answers-
->!.<br>They have it<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>www!.Roland!.com<br><br>Here it is<!--foods questions and answers-
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162218','6','        Frozen chicken
past use by date!?                  <div class=\"content\">We have a
frozen chicken but the use by date was last month should we throw it out
or will it be ok to use it, it has been in the freezer the whole
time!.!?<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                    <div >If it was frozen, the expiration date means
nothing<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Was it bought
frozen!?<br>Did you buy it fresh and freeze it!?<br><br>Thaw it out and
smell it<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Slight odor, wash with
lemon juice and water<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Bad odor---
toss!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >It will be fine!. The use by date is when you just put it in the
refrigerator!. Then I wouldn&#039;t use it, but you froze it, so go ahead
and enjoy!. You could keep in the freezer for several months and it will
still be good!. Have a great meal!.<font
<div >It should still be okay to cook, especially since it was frozen
directly after buying<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>I have kept
meat and poultry in my freezer past the &quot;use by&quot; date, and
still cooked it and it was just as tasty!.<font
<div >it will be ok, cook as soon as it is thawed<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>i have ate some that has been in my freezer alot longer
than that !.   i am serv safe certified<font
<div >food 4 less<br>http://www!.foodnetwork!.com<font
<div >I don&#039;t think frozen chicken can really go bad, but it might
be freezer-burnt, and might not taste very good!.<font
<div >Its fine!. As long as u put in the freezer and has been in the
freezer until now!.!.then its absolutely fine!.<font
<div >It will still make good eats, enjoy it!.<font
<div >i think i will go by the use date<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162219','1','        Is yellow tail
wine good!?                  <div class=\"content\">i just saw this ad on
the sight when i looked at my mail!. it had a kangaroo on it!. i was
curious to see if anyone has ever drank it!.<font
','                    <div >I&#039;m not much of a wine drinker but
it&#039;s ok to me!.<font
<div >Most folks in Australia think it&#039;s a crap wine!. Which is one
reason you can buy it in the states for about the same price you can get
it in Australia, and that is after being shipped half way around the
world!. However, their Shiraz is the best example I know of for a
bitter, acidic, unbalanced, poorly made Australian Shiraz!. Seriously,
when a wine has shipped half way around the world, and has competitive
prices against California bargain wines, something might not be
right!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I really don&#039;t like this brand at all! Its very dry and the
after taste is worse :o/<br>If you want to try a good wine try <br>Gallo
Twin Valley: White Zinfandel or the Moscato<br>This win e is by far the
most delicious I have ever tasted way better than even fine expensive
wines and its real cheap<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>I like to
make sangria with it like I&#039;ll slice some green apples,
strawberries, pineapples, or whatever with a little vodka in a pitcher OH
mY GoSh! n<br>=o)<br>Enjoy!<font
<div >i don&#039;t drink wine; however, i served it last thanksgiving and
my guests were surprised and pleased !!<br>smooth!. not too fruity!.
not too bitter!. nice and mild!. i still have a bottle, maybe i&#039;ll
pop it open!.!.!.<font
<div >i drink it all the time!.!.!.had them all and the only one i did
not like was the shirazz because it had a spicy peppery taste to it and
it left a horrible aftertaste in my mouth<font
<div >It&#039;s considered an &#039;entry level&#039; wine!. So, if you
are not a wine drinker and you want to try, it&#039;s a good place to
start!. Personally, I find it too sweet!.<font
<div >great wine, aaustralian!. Try the sharrazz!. a little lighter than
merlot and cabernet!.<font
<div >For an inexpensive wine, it is OK<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I think the California wines have it bested hands down!.<font
<div >For the price it&#039;s a great buy, Enjoy!.!.!.!.Very nice
wine!.!.!.!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Yeah, it is good!. It&#039;s from Australia, and most of their
wines are pretty nice!.<font
<div >I don&#039;t care for it at all<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162220','1','        Should i buy a
bottle of Dom Perignon!?!?                  <div class=\"content\">?m
gonna buy a bottle for my mothers birthday so is it worth the 150 bucks
or should i buy crystal which one is better , thanks in advance!.<font
','                    <div >I&#039;m sure ur Mom will be very impressed
with the Dom Perignon, i know id prefer that to crystal any day and she
probably has enough of it already!. Ah you are very good, i hope my
children think like that when they are older<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br> Good Luck<font
<div >No!. It is over priced and you can get a much better bottle for
far less!. You are paying for name recognition!. Dom and Crystal are
the big jokes in the wine industry for ripping people off!. Check out
below link for reviews on bubbly from a pro!. I buy Cava (Spanish
Sparkling wine)!. It is more fun and more approachable!. You can get
your mom a case and she can drink it for a week with breakfast lunch and
dinner!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Neither, buy Perrier-Jouet instead!. It should be about the same
price as Dom (maybe a little cheaper even; Crystal is like twice as
much), but it&#039;s better!. The bottle is handpainted, and some of them
come with 2 hand painted champagne glasses as well!.<font
<div >Don&#039;t bother!.!.it&#039;s not that great!. There are very
nice California &quot;champagnes&quot; that are a lot less
expensive!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >its up to you but Don Perignon is nice and the best champagne
going,if you bought me that with a card i wouldnt complain!.<font
<div >you cant go wrong with either one of those two!. nice choices!.
I&#039;m sure she&#039;ll love what ever you give her!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162221','8','        Can I cook a
roast in a slow cooker/crock pot!?                   <div
class=\"content\">HI all!. I&#039;ve just splashed out on a slow cooker
and was wanting to try a roast lamb or beef in it, but all the recipes
and information I&#039;ve found state there needs to be a certain amount
of liquid added as well!. I recall reading somewhere (no idea where) that
I could just pop the roast in and cook!. I&#039;d give it a go but
don&#039;t want to ruin my new purchase!! Can anyone help me out
','                    <div >Yes, you do need a small amount of liquid<!-
-foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Beef Recipes in Crock
questions and answers-->!.<br>Chicken Recipes in Crock
questions and answers-->!.<br>TEXAS crock pot
<div >If you wanna make a roast in it, you could just add some beef stock
or vegtable stock, to make it extra special, cut up some veggies like
celery carrots etc!. Add just enough stock to make it cover the meat
3/4th of the way so a little is showing at the top!. my mom makes this
great crockpot meal of pork tenderlions and adds in a can of chicken and
rice soup from cambles omg it sounds lame but really its super delious!
try it sometime!. Oh and put in on the medium low heat like a simmer and
my mom starts before her work starts so like 7 am untill 6pm and its
cooked!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >POT ROAST<br>Your choice of beef (to fit crock-pot)<br>1 pkg!. dry
Ranch dressing mix<br>1 pkg!. dry Italian dressing mix<br>1 pkg!. dry
Brown Gravy mix<br>1 cup water<br>Put beef in pot<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Mix together all the dry mixes…!.then add water …pour
over meat and cover &amp; cook on high 4-6 hours<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>Until meat is tender<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>The first time I mad it I didn’t have the Italian Dressing
mix…!.so I added a pkg!. of Onion Soup Mix…!.I have to say I liked that
better<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>If you use more water you
might want to add more Brown Gravy mix…!.to make a thicker sauce!. Was
gonna add <br>potatoes and carrots…but never got around to it!.<font
<div >ive done it before i just used those crock pot liners from the
store because clean up sucks haha it sticks pretty bad not the meat but
he juices from the meat does!. foil works fine too i would do a roast add
some seasonings and some baby white potatoes with some carrots and cook
for about 4 hours i want to say sometimes i wouldnt have to add any
liquid at all but sometimes half way though it looked like it was gettin
dry so i added a little bit of beef broth so the roast wouldnt dry out!.
:) enjoy your new crock pot<font
<div >Shell: YES you can, but once you put the lid on, DO NOT Remove
it!.* Add 1/2 cup of water and cook 6 to 8 hrs!.* I usually put mine on
at night, and wake up in the morning, with a cooked meal!.*<font
<div >Put 1 can mushroom soup, 1 can celery soup, 2 cups water and then
carrots, potatoes, it is the best easiest roast you&#039;ll ever make,
and everyone will want the recipie!<font
<div >A small amount of water is fine because it will make its own!. You
can put onions, celery too because they spring water or use lipton cup of
soup either onion or mushroom and onion!.<font
<div >Yes you can I put in a small amount of water because it will make
its on you can put onion, celery and I also<!--aspertaime--> use lipton
cup of soup either onion or mushroom and onion!.<font
<div >DO NOT COOK LAMB IN IT<br><br>You can cook a beef roast, just add
some veggies and a little of either stock, broth or water (just to start
the braising process)!.<font
<div >I would add a bit of water it all depends on your meat!. Maybe 1/2
cup<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162222','8','         Help needed
QUICK!!?                   <div class=\"content\">I am in the process of
making black bean soup for my toddler and realized i dont have black
beans!. I subbed white beans, is that ok!? also<!--aspertaime-->, i dont
have cumin! Anyone know a good sub for that in this recipe!? Other
ingredients are carrots, onions, garlic, and stock<font
','                     <div >White beans ok but it won&#039;t be the same
taste!. Better to change the whole recipe, especially in light of the
cumin!. <br><br>Add cooked bacon and spice it with parsley and thyme
<br><br>yes it can be frozen!. <br>I would serve it with a dollop of sour
cream!. <br>Hope your toddler has an iron tummy!.<font
<div >You are now making an Italian minestrone without the cumin and
black beans! Add some small pasta, like elbows a pinch of oregano
(Tomato juice, optional) and sprinkle with grated cheese and
serve!.!.!.!.or to keep it Mexican, use chili powder for the cumin!. It
will freeze well!.<font
<div >If it&#039;s for a toddler, cayenne probably isn&#039;t the best
sub for white beans, but with garlic and oregano, it will still be pretty
tasty!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >so you are basically making a white bean soup!.!.!. you dont need
cumin, that is for black bean soup and other hispanic dishes!.!.!.!.!. a
white bean soup can take garlic as a substitution!.!.!.!.!.<font
<div >maybe u can sub the cumin with some taco season<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162223','8','         What all do you
put in YOUR fruit salad!?                         ','
<div >Cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew melon, pineapple, strawberries,
grapes,apples, orange juice and bananas if we are eating it right away
otherwise they turn brown!.<font
<div >For a fresh fruit salad, I use a combination of any of the
following fresh
- both green and
ge segments<br>Sliced bananas<br>Apples<br>Pears<br>Peaches<br>Pitted
cherries<br>Mango<br>Papaya<br>Kiwi<br>Star Fruit<br>Shredded coconut or
coconut flakes<br>Granola clusters<br>Chopped pecans or
walnuts<br><br>Sprinkle a few tablespoons of fresh lemon juice over the
fruit to keep the fruit from turning brown and serve as is or with
whipped cream, yogurt or sour cream dabbed on top<!--foods questions and
<div >I like to hollow out half a watermelon, then refill it with: melon
balls (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew), halved strawberries, cubed
fresh pineapple, blueberries &amp; raspberries!. I garnish it with
sliced starfruit &amp; fresh mint leaves!. I never put any dressing or
sauce over it; the fruit is too good to disguise the flavor:)<font
<div >Any nice fresh fruit I can get - except bannanas<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>Any fresh mellons I can get!. Musk mellon,
honeydew, watermellon, cantelope etc<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Fresh peaches, cherries, oranges, strawberries, kiwis, star
fruit, blueberries, raspberries, apples, pink grapefruit, mangoes,
sometimes raisins or craisins!. Whatever you like!<br><br>If you use
bannanas make sure it&#039;s just enough to eat the same day they get
slimmy!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >grapes, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries,
bananas, pineapple, watermelon, cantalope, apples, pears, coconut, orange
juice YUM!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >melon,blueberries,strawberries, raspberries,cut up bananas!. Pretty
much any fruit I have on hand!.<font
<div >1 pineapple peeled and diced<br><br>2 Medium banana&#039;s peeled
and sliced<br><br>2 apples, peeled and cored <br><br>1 pint strawberries
<br><br>3 cups seedless grapes<font
<div >I put all of my favorites!.!.!.watermelon, green grapes, red
grapes, cantelope, honey dew, cherries, blueberries!. I toss it with a
splash of lemon juice and put in some fresh mint as well!.<font
<div >Bananas yumm<br>apple<br>orange<br>plum<br>grspes
<br>starfruit<br>basically all the fruit the looks and taste nice X<font
<div >I like peaches, pears, seedless green grapes, apples, mango,
berries and miniature marshmallows!.<font
<div >I put in=<br>-strawberrys<br>-blueberrys<br>-watermelon<br>-
cantalope<br>-grapes<br>-kiwi<br>-sometimes raspberries<font
<div >Green and a red apple, oranges, grapes and melon!. I think I will
make some tonight!.<font
<div >Melon (always honey dew) strawberries, grapes, pineapple and
sometimes cherries or blueberries!.<font
<div >Any fresh fruit you have available!. It&#039;s a matter of
choice!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >a variety of meats<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162224','8','        Recipe calls for
1 cup LIGHT cream, I have HEAVY whipping cream!?                  <div
class=\"content\">do I need to half the heavy cream or what<font
','                    <div >mix 1/2 cup heavy cream with 1/2 cup milk to
give you light cream!.<font
<div >Not knowing what the recipe calls for or what it&#039;s for,
I&#039;d go buy some Light Cream, as they recommend!. That&#039;s my 2
cents worth!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >The recipe would most likely end up being around 1/3 cup HEAVY!.!.
but even that wont be the same, i would really just go and get the LIGHT
because using the HEAVY will really throw things off!.!.<font
<div >1 C liquid = 1 C<font
<div >depends what it&#039;s for, but I&#039;d just use the heavy
cream!.!.!.!. it&#039;ll be thicker and richer tasting, but should
work<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >No it will be fine, just use heavy!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162225','8','        Help finding
coarse cuts of beef!?                  <div class=\"content\">My mother
used to have a recipe in which she used very lean, coarsely textured,
half-inch thick cuts of beef!. When I picture the meat in my head, it
reminds me of the texture of corned beef!. She would slow cook it in the
pan with thick gravy for a couple of hours and it came out like heaven!.
I&#039;ve got the gravy down just fine, and I tried a London Broil for
the meat, but it&#039;s too finely textured!. Any advice of the coarse
cuts of beef I should looking for in a regular grocery store!?<font
','                    <div >Brisket!!
http://www!.certifiedangusbeef!.com/<br>On this site you can look at the
cuts of beef and where on the beef they come from!. It also<!--
aspertaime--> has loads of ideas for cooking any of the cuts<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>With Brisket, trim well and use your
mother&#039;s recipe on it!.<font
<div >Your mom either used beef brisket or shortribs in her recipe!. My
mom used to make shortribs in gravey with noodles in a pressure cooker
that were outstanding!<font
<div >You could try a shoulder or rump roast!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162226','8','        Hi im nd sum
ideas on hw to make a spong bob square pants + patric (strfsh)b-day cke
(its for twins/boyz)4 yrz                  <div class=\"content\">im in
desperate nned of advice i work in a bakery and im confectionest, but
ive never made a novelty cake like sponge bob be4 (im 16 btw) and im jus
luking for advice on these kind ov cakes becus im learning as much as i
can , thanx x x xx x<font
','                    <div >get the picture of the characters you want
to do!. make them big enough to copy onto sheet cakes what ever size
sheet cakes are ordered<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>pipe
the color on outline then fill in with more color either with plain tip
or star tip<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I always cut the
outlines out and used toothpick to draw around the outlines<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>have you checked out
http://www!.wilton!.com for ideas on these things!?<font
<div >They Sell the Sponge Bob cake pan at Hobby Lobby<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162227','8','         How do they make
juice with!.!.!?                  <div class=\"content\">K, so I bought a
small bottle of juice from the store after my bikeride, and these were
the ingredients:<br><br>Apple juice, banana puree, cherry puree,
blackcurrent puree, lemon juice<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>How do they make juice mostly out of purees - like how do they
get it so it is still thin like juice and not like a smoothie<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>How can I make a juice similar to
this!? (just with different purees - i dont have blackcurrent or cherry,
i do have banana though)<font
','                    <div >Strain it through something called cheese
cloth!. Ask at the grocery if they have it!. If not Walmart has it in the
paint department!. It&#039;s used to take the skim out of paint
too!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I don&#039;t really know I&#039;m soo sorry!. I hope you find an
answer that&#039;s great! <br><br>good luck<br><br>    from me!.<font
<div >add water<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162228','8','         Can I use heavy
cream as a substitute for milk!?                  <div
class=\"content\">I&#039;m trying to make macaroni and cheese, but I
don&#039;t have milk at the moment!. Is it alright to use heavy cream
instead of milk in the recipe!? Please hurry!<font
','                    <div >I have!. It actually tastes pretty yummy
that way!. None of my kids even noticed!. You don&#039;t have to add
water to it!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Yes but is it from a box or scratch!? Milk will curdle at a high
temp!. If adding it to a scratch recipe make sure the oven isn&#039;t to
high of a temp!.<font
<div >Yes you can use cream it will make the recipe richer!.<font
<div >Mix the heavy cream with a little bit of water to thin it out and
you should be just fine!. Enjoy your mac and cheese!.<font
<div >Yes!.!.!.!.it&#039;ll be decadent!.<font
<div >it is fine, it just might be a little creamier and richer<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162229','8','        How do u make
fluffy pancakes!?!?                  <div class=\"content\">whenever i
make pancakes they are always flat :(<br>Help!!!<font
','                    <div >You could be mixing it too much!. Over
mixing will make your pancakes come out thin!. also<!--aspertaime-->,
after you make the batter!.!.!.let it set!.!.!.or rest!.!.!.for 30
minutes or so!. This helps set the cake sponge and raise your panckaes
to be fluffy!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Pancake Mix<br><br> <br>6 cups all-purpose flour <br>1 1/2
teaspoons baking soda (check expiration date first) <br>3 teaspoons
baking powder <br>1 tablespoon kosher salt <br>2 tablespoons
sugar<br><br>Combine all of the ingredients in a lidded container!. Shake
to mix!. <br>Use the mix within 3 months<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br><br>&quot;INSTANT&quot; PANCAKES: <br>2 eggs, separated <br>2
cups buttermilk <br>4 tablespoons melted butter <br>2 cups
&quot;Instant&quot; Pancake Mix, recipe above <br>1 stick butter, for
greasing the pan <br>2 cups fresh fruit such as blueberries, if
desired<br><br>Heat an electric griddle or frying pan to 350 degrees F!.
Heat oven to 200 degrees F!. <br>Whisk together the egg whites and the
buttermilk in a small bowl!. In another bowl, whisk the egg yolks with
the melted butter!. <br><br>Combine the buttermilk mixture with the egg
yolk mixture in a large mixing bowl and whisk together until thoroughly
combined!. Pour the liquid ingredients on top of the pancake mix!. Using
a whisk, mix the batter just enough to bring it together!. Don&#039;t try
to work all the lumps out!. <br><br>Check to see that the griddle is hot
by placing a few drops of water onto to the griddle!. The griddle is
ready if the water dances across the surface!. <br><br>Lightly butter the
griddle!. Wipe off thoroughly with a paper towel!. (No butter should be
visible!.) <br><br>Gently ladle the pancake batter onto the griddle and
sprinkle on fruit if desired!. When bubbles begin to set around the edges
of the pancake and the griddle-side of the cake is golden, gently flip
the pancakes!. Continue to cook 2 to 3 minutes or until the pancake is
set!. <br><br>Serve immediately or remove to a towel-lined baking sheet
and cover with a towel!. Hold in a warm place for 20 to 30 minutes!.<font
<div >Separate your eggs, mix all ingredients together including the egg
yolks, but seperately beat your egg whites until they are very light and
fluffy!. Then fold them into your batter, do not beat or stir hard after
adding the whites, or you will lose all the air from them!. Cook as you
normally would<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>The air added from
the beaten egg whites is what gives you that fluffiness!.<font
<div >Use buttermilk instead of milk<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>Seperate the eggs and add the yolk and white seperately<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>Use electric mixer, so that it is mixed
really well but dont do it for too long, just so that it isnt lumpy or it
will make the pancakes flat!.<font
<div >I use the buttermilk complete mix that you just add water too, but
I make the batter thick and my pancakes always come out fluffy and
delish!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Substituting club soda or 7up for your water will make your
pancakes extra fluffy!. I use a regular box mix and change exchange the
soda for water!. Sounds strange!.!.!.but true!<font
<div >Use the recipe for pancakes on a bisquik box!. They are always
fluffy!. It is only a couple of ingredients!. Enjoy!<font
<div >i make fluffy panacakes by adding more panacake mix then you would
useally!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162230','4','        Why do you drink
bottled water when it cant possibly be fresh!?                        ','
<div >I don&#039;t as the quality of the water in the UK is very good and
haven&#039;t since I realised Evian backwards is &quot;niave&quot;!.<font
<div >by boiling water you kill any bacteria in it!. Yhe same holds true
when you add chlorine to water!. It kills germs and bacteria in it!. I
believe there are good bacteria and bad bacteria!. I love good healthy
spring water even though it has bacteria in it but in some cases good
bacteria kills off bad bacteria!. Polluted water has a lot of bad stuff
that has to be boiled to kill the nasties in it!.<font
<div >i always think the
same!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.but!!!!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.near the end
of the year, our QUEENSLAND Government is gonna make us DRINK RECYCLED
water from the
TOILET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.YUCK!.!.!. i will be
drinking bottled water!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.the thought makes me
ill<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Because it tastes better than the crap that comes out of my
faucet!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I drink tap water there is no difference in my opinion!.<font
<div >dasani is the best water for you every others spring water
isnt<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Honestly i have never tasted bottled Water! I think it is a waste
of money!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >its convienent<font
<div >I prefer tap water, I fill up my bottle from the tap!.<font
<div >because it has had all the chlorine taken out of it !<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162231','4','        I just started
mycokerewards and i need some help!.!?                  <div
class=\"content\">Well I just started mycokerewards!.com and i need some
help please email them to me at lukeknpk@yahoo!.com !!!<br><br>`-`-`-`-
Thank you for the help`-`-`-`-`-<br><br><br>AND!!! <br><br>I just bought
a dasani water and i would like to know if there are the mycokerewards
thing on the 12 pack of 500ml <!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Plz awnser<font
','                    <div >http://widgets!.yahoo!.com/widgets/my-
coke!.!.!.<br><br>Maybe this will help!.<font
<div >Yeah!. All those coke products have points on them!. Check the
caps!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >sorry for not answering but are you luke kemp<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162232','5','         Do vegans eat
fish!?                  <div class=\"content\">Ok, so I know the answer
to this!. Of course they don&#039;t!. <br><br>I was just thinking!.!.!.
there&#039;s been so much debate on here (well I say debate, it&#039;s
more a case of a select few meat eaters being ridiculous) about people
saying it&#039;s ok to eat fish and still be called a vegetarian<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>What I&#039;ve been wondering is why
don&#039;t you get the same thing with vegans!? Why don&#039;t people
come on here claiming they&#039;re fish-eating vegans!?<font
','                    <div >Interesting point!.!.!.!. l too get fed up
of people saying they are vegetarian, but then qualifying it by saying
they still eat fish or something; which actually makes them NOT-
vegetarian!<br><br>We don&#039;t get people saying they are vegan but
then qualifying it by saying they still eat cheese or something!<br><br>I
don&#039;t know, but my guess is that the white-meat-eaters or the fish-
eaters are looking for a label to describe themselves and no such label
exists! If there was a spectrum between carnivore and vegetarian, then
you could have &#039;degrees&#039; of vegetarianism!. But it isn&#039;t a
spectum, it can only ever be a clear dividing line!. YES or NO!?
Meantime, if you know any semi-demi-hemi-vegetarians!.!.!.!.give them
encouragement to take the next step!.<font
<div >&quot;What I&#039;ve been wondering is why don&#039;t you get the
same thing with vegans!? Why don&#039;t people come on here claiming
they&#039;re fish-eating vegans!?&quot;<br><br>Because veganism requires
a certain amount of intelligence!. You know, the kind of intelligence
that allows one to tell the difference between a plant and an animal<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>There was a dumbasparagus on here
not long ago claiming to be a lacto-vegan!.!.!. I never laughed so hard
in my life!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Well cause i would say it is cause it is more than one level up!.
<br>You see vegetarians last meat they have to give up before being able
to be called a vegetarian is fish!. So for a vegan the last thing you
would have to give up umm I actually don&#039;t know!. Is it diary or
eggs maybe - anyway they would be saying they are egg eating vegan - big
no no in vegan world like in vegetarian world calling yourself a fish
eating vegetarian is also<!--aspertaime--> bad!.<font
<div >Right I want to get two things straight<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>1) You ARE NOT a vegan or vegetarian if you eat fish,
because fish is still a form of meat, so it would be ridiculous to argue
otherwise<br>2) Vegans don&#039;t eat any food that has come from any
living creature (Eggs, cow&#039;s milk (hence cheese, cream and butter as
well) included)<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>No one claims
to be a fish-eating Vegan because it would be extremely ridiculous to
even propose the idea!.<font
<div >Interesting point, although some people are misreading your
question!. Maybe it&#039;s a social thing!. There are more vegetarians
than vegans (in the UK at least) and the media attention is more focused
on a vegetarian diet!. There are 250,000 vegans in the UK, and about 5
million vegetarians<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>People
tend to see vegans as more &#039;&#039;hardcore&#039;&#039; so
vegetarians get a harder time about fish eating<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>There used to be a troll on this site called
&#039;&#039;Flexitarian Vegan&#039;&#039; who claimed to eat fish!.
Obviously, vegans &amp; vegetarians don&#039;t eat fish!. *rolls
eyes*<br>LOL! ;)<font
<div >Perhaps there are a lot of casual vegetarians, but by definition,
being vegan is much more hard-core!. <br><br>also<!--aspertaime-->, I
don&#039;t think it&#039;s the meat eaters claiming a vegetarian can eat
fish!. I think it&#039;s vegetarians themselves who wish to make up
their own set of rules because they like the label or the idea of being
vegetarian!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I&#039;m not even a vegetarian but I know vegetarians cannot eat
fish and still say they&#039;re veggie!. Fish is not even close to being
a vegetable!!<br><br>Argument settled ;-)<br><br>Vegans fight over the
whole fruitarian VS vegan thing!. Ie, is it OK to eat vegetables because
the plant dies, wheras the fruit being picked doesn&#039;t kill the
tree!. It&#039;s all swings and roundabouts!.<font
<div >A vegan is defined as someone who does not eat / buy animal
products!. <br><br>period<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>So
thats why there is no room to breath on that subject!. Being Vegan is
about doing as much as you possibly can to not contribute to the
slaughtering of animals!. No animal products means no animal products<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>a Vegitarian is more flexable!.
They have different types!.<font
<div >I guess the trolls haven&#039;t thought of it yet<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>I don&#039;t get why there are so many
trolls on this page!. You&#039;d have to have a pretty sad life to be
trolling veg*ns, arguably one of the most peaceful groups of people there
are<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Very strange behaviour<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br>But to be honest, if I did meet/hear
of anyone calling themselves a vegan who ate fish, i&#039;d most likely
fall off my chair laughing!. Which might make work mildly suspicious that
my online activities are not 10%work based!.<font
<div >No!. They are NOT vegetarians if they eat fish<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>It&#039;s the same with religion!. You are NOT a
Christian if you kill anything - that includes eating any creature!.
<br><br>(Just to annoy those supposed followers of Christ&#039;s
philosophies)<br><br>[ref:] The Lord Christ Jesus Was a Vegan
<div >No!. Pescetarians are people who eat no meat but eat fish!. Vegans
eat no animal of all kind!. So they don&#039;t!. Lacto-ovo, Lacto, Ovo
and other vegetarians also<!--aspertaime--> do not!. Or else they would
be pescetarians!.<font
<div >I&#039;m a chef and you wouldn&#039;t believe how many people we
get that claim to be vegetarians and then proceed to order fish!. No
surprise that waiters and chefs hate all vegetarians, lol!.<font
<div >Vegan means not consuming anything that comes from an animal, and a
fish is an animal!. True vegans don&#039;t even eat honey because
it&#039;s produced by bees, let alone a whole fish!.<font
<div >UGH! i just put up a question complaining about this because
AOL!.com put up an article about &quot;Oprahs new diet&quot; and this is
direct from it: &quot;While all vegetarians don&#039;t eat red meat, some
do eat fish or dairy!.&quot;<br><br>Get it straight people!<font
<div >No!. They are NOT vegetarians if they eat fish<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>It&#039;s the same with religion!. You are NOT a
Christian if you kill anything - that includes eating any creature!.<font
<div >Vegetarians don&#039;t eat fish never mind vegans, as a vegetarian
I used to know said &quot;I don&#039;t eat anything that had a
face!.&quot;<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >There are similar debates in the vegan world, like some people who
wear leather and call themselves vegan!.<font
<div >Because vegans are true vegetarians!.<font
<div >The vegans don&#039;t eat fish, eggs, milk!. They eat vegetables,
cereals, fruit<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Fish ≠ Vegetable<font
<div >No they don&#039;t!.<font
<div >they won&#039;t eat anything that is, or comes from an
animal!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >No, everyone knows we only eat fruit and vegetables!.
<br><br>right!?!?<br><br>edit: ok people clearly i was joking!.<font
<div >no!.!.!.!.!.!.!. u shud become a level five vegan (like the guy in
the simpsons) and not eat ne tin with a shadow!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!. hahaha
funny program!.!.!.!.!.!. but no vegan dont eat fish<font
<div >No!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >No, they don&#039;t!<font
<div >No<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >No vegans do not eat anything derived from an animal!. The correct
term for someone who eats fish, but not meat, is a pescetarian<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>And John whatever-your-name is,
you&#039;re talking out of your rear end - of course Christians eat meat!
There was meat at the Last Supper - you can&#039;t call yourself a
Christian if you known b*gger all about Christianity! Buddhists
won&#039;t kill or injure any animal, neither will Hindhus or, indeed,
any religion that believes in reincarnation (and Christianity wasn&#039;t
one of them, last I checked!.!.!.)<font
<div >No! Never! Ever! and they hate poofs!. But I don&#039;t know why<!-
-foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Sorry that was a mistake!. It is
fundamentalist Christians that hate poofs isn&#039;t it!? (But I think
that they eat fish, because Jesus gave them some!.)<font
<div >No,no,and no! Vegans do not eat any animal products!. They can,I
guess,call themselves vegetarian if they eat fish,but I wouldn&#039;t
think they would!.<font
<div >vegans and vegetarians do not eat fish, if they did they would fall
under the classification of a demi-vegitarian (i!.e!. they eat some
meats)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162233','5','         Haven&#039;t any
of you heard of wheat meat (Seitan)!?                   <div
class=\"content\">BTW: It&#039;s veggie (wheat protein) not animal
flesh!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
','                     <div >Mmmmm!.!.!.Seitan! Yes yes yes! I finally
got off my butt and made a batch of my own just a week or two ago!. So
delicious and SO much CHEAPER to make!. (I paid $5 at Whole Foods for
half the amount I made at home for the same price, ugh!)<br><br>I used
the Simple Seitan recipe from the Veganomicon and used some in a veggie
stirfry and some faux chikken sandwiches!. Next time I&#039;ll make the
recipe in the cookbook for Vietnamese Seitan Baguette sandwiches with
dipping broth!.It&#039;s cucumber, onion, cilantro &amp; seitan
sandwiches with a garlic, lime, ginger &amp; red pepper broth to dip them
in!. It sounds SO delicious!<font
<div >You are being a bit patronising with your question you know<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Some of us could equally say
&quot;Haven&#039;t you ever heard of real vegetables !? Its not all fake
meats like seitan you know&quot;<br><br>I think you might be better
supporting people rather than knocking them<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>This forum is a Q&amp;A forum!. If you don&#039;t
want to answer questions or help people, feel free to walk away<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>And your &quot;why are you veggie&quot;
and &quot;do humanitarians eat humans&quot; questions have been asked a
million times before here!. Perhaps you can think about that rather than
criticising others!.<font
<div >I had it before; I think it&#039;s pretty good<!--foods questions
and answers-->!.<br><br>I used to buy a product called Mun Chai Ya which
is essentially the same thing!. But I haven&#039;t bought it for a while,
kind of leery of gluten products that were made in China!. <br><br>I have
been a new vegetarian for 24 years!. What&#039;s the deal with the
flippant remark!? Take that chip off your shoulder, please!.<font
<div >Yes I&#039;ve heard of it!. But I&#039;m a bit more of a &#039;eat
vegetables&#039; kinda person, not a &#039;eat fake meat&#039; person<!--
foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Seitan isn&#039;t bad but it is
not readily available in some areas!. Easy to find in cities, and in
veggie restaurants, but not out in rural towns!.<font
<div >where can i buy it!. i have been Veggie since i was 11 and im
almost 25 now!. i have never heard of it!. a lot of recipes use same crap
like fattening cheese and pasta!. i would love if you could give me your
knowledge darling!<font
<div >I make seitan all the time from scratch (simply using normal flour)
and we love it!. I stir-fry it, add it to ragouts, soups, or bake it in
the oven!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Of course I have; I had seitan in a stir fry for dinner tonight and
made sausages from steamed seitan this weekend<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>I don&#039;t usually see a lot of questions about it
here!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Yep, I&#039;ve heard of it<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>My brother used to be non-veggie and used to love duck
meat!.!.!.but after he turned vegetarian, he&#039;s fallen in love with
<div >Yep, I love it!. (:<br>Tempeh too!.<font
<div >yes i heard of it!.!.!.!.<font
<div >I&#039;m so sorry but no I have not!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162234','5','        Is it bad to eat
a lot of beans every day!?                        ','
<div >No it&#039;s not bad!. I think it is bad to eat gobs of gelatinous
bleeding meat though:) <br><br>Bean=Clean :)<font
<div >I think as long as your not eating black beans at every meal and
snack, it is okay!. Beans are a good source of protein!. To vary your
nutrients and to get more benefits, try varying the beans you eat!.
Maybe black bean burrito at lunch and garbanzo (chickpeas) in a salad at
dinner!. But having a black bean omelette breakfast, black bean taco at
lunch and then a can of black beans at dinner might be counter
productive!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Yes, but it really depends on what type of beans you are eating!.
For instance, if you eat GREEN beans every day then no, it&#039;s
perfectly fine!. However if you eat things like refried beans and
busch&#039;s baked beans, that&#039;s not nearly as good because of all
the fat/sugar they contain!. NOT GOOD!. Trust me nothing is worse than
eating an entire can of refried beans for lunch!. Worst experience of my
life!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >On the contrary!.!.!.apart from the apparent side effect, beans
provide the benefits of: high fiber content, low in calories, inexpensive
to buy &amp; a good source of quality protein!.The wide array of
beans/legumes have provide humans for thousands of years with daily
nutritional value!.<font
<div >beans are good for you!. but you know sometimes they make you
gassy!. try adding some ginger to your food or try beano that helps!<font
<div >It&#039;s only bad for the people around you, and maybe your
reputation!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Ya, bad for the people around you!.!.<font
<div >Beans are good protein, if you can handle the gas !<font
<div >I eat black beans almost everyday!<font
<div >just for the people around you<br>jk jk<br><br>beans have a lot of
protien<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Only for those who have to be near you!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162235','5','        Do vegetarians
have a lack of cholesterol!?                        ','
<div >Dairy and eggs have cholesterol!. All animal foods have
cholesterol, and plant foods do not<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>HOWEVER, two things to keep in mind: 1) Your body makes all
the cholesterol you need based on family history!. 2) If you come from a
family that tends to have high cholesterol, your levels will be elevated
even if you are vegan and consume essentially no cholesterol<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>And yes, saturated fat and transfats
cause your body to make more cholesterol!.<font
<div >not exactly!. you need certain cholesterols and your body seeks to
maintain certain levels of these cholesterols by producing them!. in
fact, you must be careful you do not eat certain foods, such as margarine
and hydrogenated vegetable oil, which trick your body into producing more
cholesterol, and put the bad cholesterol in your body!. some vegetarians
eat cheese, eggs or seafood, so the cholesterol comes in from those
foods!. vegetarian diet can lower cholesterol levels, but discuss all
diets and exercise with your doctor!.!.!.<font
<div >Depends upon the individual<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>There really is no one answer covers the total for any
particular group - even vegetarian<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>Looking on the side of packages that you buy - show the amount
of cholesterol within a serving!. BUT - that doesn&#039;t mean it it is
&#039;good&#039; or &#039;bad&#039; - just gives the level<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Some people geneticly handle cholestrol
better than others - some don&#039;t!. Example - my late husband&#039;s
father doesn&#039;t handle cholesterol well at all for some reason - no
matter the changes to his diet!. He is on med&#039;s - and it is still
&#039;high&#039; per the doctor!. He eats meat<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br><br>I don&#039;t eat animal products - and my doctor
thinks my cholesterol is high - but I refuse the med&#039;s and just rely
on my diet and figure that is just the way that my body wants it to be
(doctor not too happy with the approach - but she can&#039;t force me to
take med&#039;s I won&#039;t take either)!. But then, 160 would have
been considered &#039;normal&#039; a few years ago - now it is considered
&#039;high&#039; - but then my &#039;good&#039; is I think something like
80 (!?) which according to what *I* have read actually levels out my
levels<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>So - depends on the
individual!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >That depends!. I am a vegetarian and high cholesterol runs in my
family (and thus my levels are very elevated)!. If you take a case where
your vegetarian doesn&#039;t have hereditary cholesterol issues, then
their levels will be fine!. Our diets are usually low in fat, but things
like ice cream, milk, cheese, shrimp (for flexitarians), etc!.!.!.have
cholesterol content, so there will be some amount of cholesterol!. (A
normal level is perfectly healthy, and is imperative)!. No cholesterol
is a bad thing just like high cholesterol!.<font
<div >Not necessarily!. Sometimes high cholesterol runs in the family!.
also<!--aspertaime-->, it&#039;s not just meats that have cholesterol!.
Dairy and a lot of snacks can run a little high!. Depends on the person
and the specific diet!.<font
<div >huh!?<br>Well, we don&#039;t ingest it!. There isn&#039;t any in a
plant based diet!. But the human body does have some of its own!. But do
you mean do we, as a population, have lower rates of what is called bad
cholesterol -- yes, we do!.<font
<div >A lack!? no, because the body manufactures cholesterol naturally,
regardless of how much you eat!. They probably have lower cholesterol
than some meat eaters!.!.!.unless high cholesterol runs in the
family!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >it doesn&#039;t matter waht you are sometimes it&#039;s just in
your genes!. you could have high cholesterol even if you don&#039;t eat
meat!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Well I havn&#039;t heard of that before!. Usually veg*ans have low
cholesterol!. As long as they keep the good fats up which can be found in
foods such as avacados!.<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162236','6','        Which is the best
fruit to eat after dinner!?                        ','
<div >a big peice of choclate cake with a cherry on the side lol<font
<div >I think that the best fruit is watermelon or berries after dinner
with a little cool whip on top, because it is light and you won&#039;t
regret it!. also<!--aspertaime--> you don&#039;t won&#039;t anything too
acidic like oranges because it could upset your stomach and cause you to
have trouble sleeping!.<font
<div >Traditionally, if you are serving a meal to family and/or guests,
you would serve a cheese board with a variety of cheeses (usually one
soft, one semi-soft, one hard), and add apple, pear, and grapes to it!.
This would be in place of a fancy dessert<!--foods questions and answers-
->!.<br><br>I prefer an orange, as it&#039;s juicy and refreshing and
cleans the palate!.<font
<div >I have always enjoyed eating fruit after meals , then I got this
email from a friend!. It is a short clip with some food for thought!. I
invite you to watch then make up your mind<!--foods questions and
<div >ummmm!.!.!.the best fruit I have ever had is a star fruit!!!! They
taste like apples and grapes and cherries!. if this doesn&#039;t sound
good to you ,you should still try it!. they are not that expensive and
they can be bought at Meijer!.<font
<div >The fruit i would advice is papaya!. Cos one, it contains fibre!.
Two, it is easy to eat as its soft!.<font
<div >Watermelon is my favorite!. and also<!--aspertaime--> strawberries-
eat them with whip cream! :)<font
<div >If you are hungry, then watermelon, cuz they make you full and
don&#039;t have alot of apologies<font
<div >1st of all freacky hair style but cool!. second of all parceline is
very gd agains cancer<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>PS all
fruits r gd<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >apples!.!.!. and even though carrots arent fruits!.!. carrots 2, ur
body craves crunchyness!.!.!.!. so basically anything crunchy, that is
healthy [=<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >A bowl of fresh strawberries &amp; blueberries mixed with
strawberry yogurt - YUM!<font
<div >hmmm, i like orange slices, or watermelon!. or strawberries
YUM!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >I say strawberries and pineapple!! Maybe even mango!! They are all
sweet so they make good desserts!<font
<div >Cherrys<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >i like strawberries, watermelons and oranges : )<font
<div >All fruits are good but I would prefer Strawberries!.<font
<div >cantaloupes and watermelons!<font
<div >strawberrys<br>watermellon<font
<div >I like orange slices for dessert!<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162237','6','        Blue cheese or
Ranch with your hot Buffalo wings!?                         ','
<div >Ranch dressing!. In fact i put it on potatoes!. Oh Yea!!<font
<div >I used to be a ranch girl and thought blue cheese sounded gross!.
That was until someone talked me into trying blue cheese!. Now I LOVE
it!!!! It truly is perfect for hot wings and I&#039;ll never go back!.
If you like ranch you should try blue cheese, they are similar but the
blue cheese has something more!.<font
<div >I&#039;m allergic to bleu cheese also<!--aspertaime-->!. I wish I
could eat it, but got major genetic problem!. My children can&#039;t
take it either, get fever, indigestion, the whole works<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>I think ranch is great, but maybe bleu
cheese is better if you&#039;re not allergic to it!.<font
<div >It&#039;s ranch by a landslide!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>IMHO, bleu cheese dressing is one of the most disgusting
substances created my man!.!.!.STRIKE ONE!! I mean, it&#039;s got actual
mold in it!.!.!.STRIKE TWO!! Not to mention that it&#039;s my ex&#039;s
favorite dressing!.!.!.STRIKE THREE!! YER OUTTA THERE!!!<font
<div >mix them together!.!.!.i went to a pub like place that served food
and beer and they have the most awesome wings!.!.!.diff flavors and they
mix the two together!.!.!.mmmmm its great!.!.!.try it<font
<div >blue cheese is the best!. it is creamy and the bits of the cheese
with hot sauce is so good together!.<font
<div >Blue cheese and buffalo wings!.!.!.great combination!. mmmmmm!<font
<div >I got to go with blue cheese and It took me two days to find my
Apt!. so you can take this answer with a grain of salt!. :)<font
<div >Nothing with the wings, but blue cheese with the stix please!.<font
<div >Ranch with my Buffalo wings - I am allergic to Bleu cheese<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br><br>SAC<font
<div >I love them both, but if I had to choose I&#039;d go for the Ranch
Dressing!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Definitely-Ranch<font
<div >BOTH ARE VERY, VERY, GOOD!.<font
<div >Hard choice!. Either 1!.<font
<div >Ranch cuts the heat best!.<font
<div >Cool Ranch!.<font
<div >Ranch!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Actually, I prefer them with no dip!.<font
<div >Bleu cheese or forget it<font
<div >Ranch is best!.!.!.<font
<div >Ranch :)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Ranch is the best!<font
<div >Ranch For Me!.!.!.!!<font
<div >Bleu cheese or nothing!<font
<div >I&#039;m so tough i eat them plain<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162238','6','         What&#039;s the
best beverage to have with popcorn!?                  <div
class=\"content\">I like diet coke with it myself!.<font
','                    <div >Diet coke or pepsi for me as well!. You need
something to drink with it and something with flavor!.<font
<div >If its movie theater popcorn, I get a Pepsi!.!.otherwise if I am
eating microwave popcorn at home I just drink water!.!.<font
<div >sprite is the best thing with popcorn its settle enough to not over
power the popcorn but it compliments it nicely<font
<div >I do too :]<br>Soda is always the best combination with popcorn,
yumm!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Regular coke nice<font
<div >Dr!.Pepper!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.And sometimes chocolate milk!.!<font
<div >I like it with either Diet Pepsi Diet Coke or Diet Dr Pepper
myself!.<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >lemonade<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >that&#039;s a draw, Diet Coke, or Diet Dr!. Pepper<font
<div >Always Diet Coke<font
<div >Coke, for sure!.<font
<div >An Icee!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Orange juice! Ya gotta try it!. They&#039;re great together!<font
<div >a SLURPEE<font
<div >root beer float<br><br>i like sweet &amp; salty combo<font
<div >sprite =]]<font
<div >dude!.drink butter with it!.low fat of course<font
<div >water with a lemon slice !.!.!. to quench my thirst from the
salt<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162239','6','         BUURRRRRP!!! Can
you beat that!?                  <div class=\"content\">I can make very
loud burps after a beer and pizza!.<font
','                    <div >BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPi just beat
it!. :)<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >Impressive! I&#039;ll bet you are a chick magnet!<font
<div >1!. dont drink and drive<br>2!.
<div >I can burp after pizza but not real loud!.<font
<div >I usually just fart after beer and pizza!. Good luck and hope this
helps!<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >BUUUURRRRRRRRRRP!<br><br>Oo-ee!.!.!. excuse me, that wasn&#039;t
very lady like!<font
<div >FAAAAARRRRT!.!.!.!.damn!.!.!.wish i woulda burped instead,it saves
a lot of wear and tear on the @ss hole!.!.!.<font
<div >lol<font color=\'#FFFFFF\'>Www@FoodAQ@Com</font><hr><hr></div>
<div >can&#039;t i just screw u in the a$$ instead!?<font
INSERT INTO `dede_addon15` VALUES('162240','6','        Big John&#039;s
Baked Beans (and a can of fixin&#039;s) - is this still made!?
<div class=\"content\">My husband has fond memories of a brand of baked
beans called Big John&#039;s!. It came in two cans: the big can contained
the beans and sauce, and the small can contained flavorings that had to
be combined with the big can!. We used to be able to find it at Weis
supermarkets, but haven&#039;t seen them in a while!. I don&#039;t know
who the manufacturer was so I can&#039;t call them to find out!. Thanks
for your help!.<font
','                    <div >Oh my goodness!<br>I was just talking about
those beans last night, my son LOVED Big John&#039;s Beans and
Fixin&#039;s<br><br>I tried the Bush&#039;s Grillin&#039; Beans last
night, and the taste reminded me of the Big John&#039;s!.!.!.!.!.!.give
&#039;em a try when you can<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br><br>ps!.!.!.!.I don&#039;t think they manufacture the Big
John&#039;s anymore<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>~sigh~<font
<div >I have not seen them lately!. Sometimes you can find stuff like
that on e-Bay<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Here&#039;s the
first 10 Google hits:<br><br>Big-John`s Beans `N Fixin`s Recipe @
CDKitchen!.com :: it&#039;s what&#039;s !.!.<!--foods questions and
answers-->!.<br>A recipe for Big-John`s Beans `N Fixin`s containing (16
ounce) Campbell&#039;s Pork &amp; Beans ***The
&quot;Fixin&#039;s&quot;*** !.!.!. Nancy`s Best Baked Beans!.
Advertisement !.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>www!.cdkitchen!.com/recipes/recs/511/Big!.!.!. - 21k - Cached -
Similar pages<br><br>Baked Beans Page 3 Recipes like Baked Beans With
Sausage, Boston !.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Big-John`s
Beans `N Fixin`s recipe rating (2 reviews) !.!.!.!. Ingredients: (16 oz)
can baked beans, Tabasco Brand Chipotle Sauce!.!.!.view the recipe
!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>www!.cdkitchen!.com/recipes/cat/493/3!.sh!.!.!. - 32k - Cached -
Similar pages<br><br>MySpace!.com - Big Johns Beans - 35 - Male - Newport
News !.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>MySpace profile for Big
Johns Beans with pictures, videos, personal blog, !.!.!. Big John&#039;s
Beans &#039;n Fixin&#039;s served best with a fresh Butt Steak and
Taters!.&quot; !.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>profile!.myspace!.com/index!.cfm!?fuseacti!.!.!. - 153k - Cached -
Similar pages<br><br>In the 1970&#039;s there was a brand of Baked beans
that came in!.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>In the
1970&#039;s there was a brand of Baked beans that came in two cans!. One
large can at the bottom !.!.!. I think they were called big John&#039;s
beans and fixins!. !.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>www!.answerbag!.com/q_view/341980 - 41k - Cached - Similar
pages<br><br>Big John&#039;s Alabama BBQ - Tampa, FL, 33610-3859 -
Citysearch<br>Editorial Review for Big John&#039;s Alabama BBQ – by Sara
Kennedy !.!.!. the baked beans are rich with a heavy sauce, thick with
molasses and just sweet enough!. !.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>tampabay!.citysearch!.com/profile/267104!.!.!. - 68k - Cached -
Similar pages<br>Big John&#039;s Alabama BBQ User Reviews - Tampa, FL
33610-3859 !.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br><br>Come to
Citysearch to read user reviews on Big John&#039;s Alabama BBQ in Tampa!.
!.!.!. Baked beans are awesome and coleslaw was OK!. Big
complaint!.!.!.!.how can you !.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>tampabay!.citysearch!.com/review/2671049 - 65k - Cached - Similar
pages<br><br>More results from tampabay!.citysearch!.com ?<br>Big Johns
Pub and Grill - Newfoundland, New Jersey<br>Want to know whats happening
at Big Johns Pub!? Join our Mailing List! !.!.!. FALL-OFF-THE-BONE BBQ
questions and answers-->!.<br>bigjohnspub!.com/menu!.shtml - 11k - Cached
- Similar pages<br>Big John&#039;s Bar-B-Que Restaurant &amp; Catering,
Harlingen - Menus<br>Look no further than Big John&#039;s Bar-B-Que
Restaurant &amp; Catering!. !.!.!. Side choices are baked beans, beans
o&#039;lachare, potato salad, cole slaw, french fries, !.!.<!--foods
questions and answers-->!.<br>www!.bigjohnsbarbq!.com/menus!.nxg - 62k -
Cached - Similar pages<br><br>Tampa/St!. Petersburg | Dining | Local
Traditional Cuisine | Big !.!.<!--foods questions and answers-->!.<br>Big
John&#039;s Alabama Barbecue The secret is in the sauce !.!.!. Add a side
dish of baked beans simmering in a thick sweet sauce or crisp coleslaw!.
!.!.<!--foods questions and answers--
>!.<br>americanairlines!.wcities!.com/en/record!.!.!. - 45k - Cached -
Similar pages<br>Big Johns, Virginia, VA, Catering, BBQ Barbeque<br>Click
here to view printable version of Big John&#039;s On-Site Cooking Menu!.
STYLE)!. POTATO CHIPS !.!.<!--foods questions and answers--