Ancient Rome and Western Civilization

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					World History
Ancient Rome
Rome and the Roots of Western Civilization

   Rome borrowed cultural elements from many places—
    especially the Greek and Hellenistic cultures.
   This mixture of culture is called Greco-Roman culture. It is
    also called classical civilization.
   Romans did not simply copy Greek art, writing, and
    philosophy, but adapted it and made a style of their own.
   Romans learned sculpture from the Greeks—but theirs was
    more realistic and practical.
   They developed a new type of sculpture called bas-relief—
    images projected from a flat background.
   Romans were skilled at mosaics—pictures created by
    setting small pieces of stone, glass, or tile onto a surface.
    Most Roman houses had at least one colored mosaic.
   The Romans were accomplished painters. Many wealthy
    Romans had brightly colored murals, or frescoes, painted
    on their walls.
   The most famous philosophy of the Romans was
    stoicism—it encouraged virtue, duty, moderation, and
   Most famous Roman poet was Virgil who wrote the Aeneid-
    modeled after Homer.
   Latin remained the language of learning in the West long
    after the fall of the empire and was the official language of
    the Roman Catholic Church into the 20th century.
   Latin developed into French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese,
    and Romanian—the Romance languages.
   They had extensive architectural achievements—the arch,
    the dome, and concrete. They built the Colosseum.
   They built aqueducts to move water into cities and towns.
   The US Capitol building is designed in the style of Roman
   One of the most important contributions of the Romans
    was their legal system.

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