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                                                                                                                                                                   Friday, February 3, 2006                 50¢             26 Pages & Supplements

                             Summerville is fastest growing town
                                                                                                                               Pieper said.
      The Summerville       More people, cars, houses—it’s not                                                                   “There’s no doubt that we’ve seen              AT A GLANCE
                                                                                                                               enormous growth, but it’s amazing
  Women’s’ Club will        your imagination, it is getting crowded                                                            how the entire region has grown so               Population growth from 2000 to 2005
 meet at 11:30 a.m.
    Monday, Feb. 6 at
                                                                              cities,”County Economic Develop-                   Plans are under way to build several
 Gilligan’s Restaurant      MICHAEL TRUSLOW                                                                                    new fire stations, and the extension of
                                                                                                                                                                                Town               2000           2003         2005 (estimated) Percent
on Ladson Road. The                         ment Director Jim Friar noted.
speaker will be Mike                                                            “At 23.4 percent we have outpaced              the Berlin G. Myers Parkway in Sum-
                               Most Summerville residents won’t                                                                                                                 Summerville        27,752         31,734       34,246          23.4
Rivera, candidate for                                                         Mt. Pleasant with 21.6 percent.”                 merville is a critical component in
        South Carolina       be surprised to learn that Flowertown              Friar said the number of businesses            handling growth, Pieper said.
                             has grown faster than any other town             relocating to the area, coupled with               “We’ve already gotten significant              Goose Creek        29,208         30,574       31,949          8.9
Senate District 6. For
    more information,        in the tri-county.                               the natural beauty and lifestyle,                funding, and the environmental stud-
     contact Margaret          Data recently released by the federal          account for the rapid growth.                    ies have been completed.                         Charleston         96,650         101,024      105,570         8.8
 Bailey at 200-6912.         Census Bureau shows Dorchester                     “People want to live here, and what              The next phase will be construction
                             County as the fastest growing county             attracts residents also attracts indus-          of about a three-mile [parkway]                  N. Charleston      79,641         81,577       82,637          4.6
       Senior test           and Summerville as the fastest grow-             tries,” he said.                                 extension,” he said.
    A free five-minute       ing town among Berkeley, Charleston                The town is eyeing an overstrained               The completed parkway, named                   Mt. Pleasant       47,609         54,788       60,006          21.6
   memory check for          and Dorchester counties.                         infrastructure to best determine how             after Summerville’s longtime Mayor
 residents over 50 is          “Summerville experienced the                   to manage growth.                                Berlin G. Myers,          will extend
                                                                                                                                                                                Source: The United States Census Bureau
  offered at the Faith       largest growth over a four-year period             “I’m not surprised by the growth,              from North Main Street to Orange-
         Sellers Senior      in terms of population percentage of             because Summerville is a great place             burg Road, bypassing downtown
    Center, 312 North        any of the tri-county’s five largest             to live,” Town Administrator Dennis              Summerville.
       Laurel St. from
      10:30 a.m. until
   noon today, Friday
    Feb. 3. For more
                                                                                                                                                                                        Cops take the juice
  information call the
center at 871-5053.

The Frances R. Willis
    SPCA will hold its
 annual meeting at 7
                               “It’s excruciating.”                                                                                                                                     during Taser training

p.m. Monday, Feb. 6            JULIE R. SMITH
  at the offices of the
          Summerville             “It’s excruciating.”
    Commissioners of              “Words can’t describe it.”
   Public Works, 135              “You fall to the floor.”
     West Richardson              No, those aren’t viewers’ reactions to
               Avenue.          “Rumor Has It.” They’re comments from
                                police officers who have been Tasered as
         County                 part of their training.
      convention                  A Taser is a hand-held electric stun gun
       The Dorchester           used by hundreds of police departments
  County Republican             across America. A five-second burst of
      Party will hold a
                                50,000 volts can send an enraged suspect
  reconvened county
                                to the ground, and keep him there long
        convention on
                                enough to be handcuffed.
 Tuesday, Feb. 21 at
                                  The Taser is extremely popular with law
      the Summerville
                                enforcement agencies. Just last week in
      County Services
                                Round O, a Colleton County sheriff’s
Building. Registration
                                deputy Tasered an irate billy goat. The
 will be from 6 p.m.-
 7 p.m. and conven-             tough old goat took three jolts in his hairy
  tion from 7 p.m.-9            hide before he became docile.
 p.m. Candidates for              Tasers “reduce workmen’s comp claims
   the 2006 election            [by officers], they reduce injuries to sus-
       will speak. For          pects. They are win-win,” Summerville
      information, call         Police Chief Bruce Owens said.
  821-1410 or 270-                Owens took a shot of the juice Tuesday
                 0656.          during mandatory training for Taser use.
                                The department currently has about 15
Dump changes                    Tasers, in use since 2003, and is slated to
 Effective Jan. 2, the          get eight more in 2006.                                                                                                                                                                         Staff photo by D.H. Smith
 hours at Dorchester              At $800 a pop, “They are more expen-             Summerville police officer Dennis Henderson, center, reacts to a five-second burst of 50,000 volts shooting through his body during a Taser
 County convenience             sive than our Glocks [service weapons],”           training session. Supporting him are Pfc. Bill Tolson, at left, and Pfc. Shaun Tumbleston
  sites will be from 7          Owens noted. “You’re paying for that
      a.m. until 6 p.m.         technology.”
    Monday, Tuesday,              Classroom training on using a Taser safe-
                                ly is required. Getting Tasered is not. But
                                                                                    YOU’VE BEEN TASERED                                    scrambles the suspect’s central nervous system. (The
                                                                                                                                           optimum shot is from seven to 10 feet away.)
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Also, if there’s more than one suspect or if the
                                                                                                                                                                                                     probes miss
 Thursday and Friday                                                                                                                       The suspect’s muscles freeze up and he or she is          their target, an
                                many police departments require officers
                                                                                    ■ What it is: An electric stun gun. The Taser shoots
      and from 9 a.m.                                                               out 2 darts attached to 15 feet of wire. The darts     briefly incapacitated long enough to be handcuffed.       officer can
           until 5 p.m.         to take a jolt before they inflict one, to fully                                                                                                                     place the Taser
                                                                                    pierce the suspect’s clothing and make contact with    ■ Why police like it: For several reasons. It’s fast,
   Saturday. The sites          appreciate the Taser’s effects.                                                                                                                                      directly on the
                                                                                    the skin.                                              it’s dependable and others aren’t affected by its
         will be closed           That’s how Owens sees it, too, and on                                                                                                                              suspect’s body for a powerful
                                                                                    ■ How it works: When the trigger is pulled, the        use—unlike pepper spray, which can make innocent
       Wednesday and                                                                                                                                                                                 touch-stun affect.
  Sunday. Yard debris                               See TASER Page 7, Sec. 1        hooks fly and 50,000 volts travel over the wires and   bystanders (and officers) choke and cough.
     from county resi-
  dents can be taken
to the Jenner site on
      Highway 61 and
      construction and
     demolition debris
                            Forum calls for more cooperation in planning for growth
     from county resi-                                                                                               these choices.”                              of planned developments before                  the growth that is coming.”
  dents can be taken        Planning takes money, official                                                             Jeremy Stipkala, a patent attorney         approval is given.                                Longtime resident Lucy Ann Cath-
     to the St. George                                                                                               who moved to Summerville from
   and Old Fort sites.      says at public forum on Tuesday                                                          Washington D.C. four months ago,

                            JOE A. FIGUEROA                              given three choices that could be
                                                                         adapted to the region. Attendees
                                                                                                                     attended the meeting because he’s
                                                                                                                     been noticing certain trends in the
                                                                                                                                                                     Government doesn’t have the ability to slow
                                                                                   “I found this paradise to be what
                                                                                                                                                                     growth in order to allow infrastructure to catch up.
                                                                         were asked to examine the issue,
                              Politicians, citizens, developers and                                                  northern Virginia was 20 years ago,”
       INDEX                environmentalists came together
                                                                         express their opinions and exchange
                                                                         ideas in the quest to find a solution to    he said. “Today, that part of Virginia                                                              — LUCY ANN CATHCART
Classifieds...2-5, Sec.2    Tuesday evening to discuss growth            the county’s growing pains.                 is wall to wall developments.”                                                                                Summerville Resident
                                                                                                                       Stipkala believes that to preserve
   Legals...4-5, Sec.2
     Editorial...2, Sec.1
    Sports...1-2, Sec.2
                            in Dorchester County.
                              While opinions differed, all felt that
                            more cooperation is needed between
                            area government agencies and citi-
                                                                           “This is an important topic for us
                                                                         because there is so much growth
                                                                         going on in our area,” Frances
                                                                                                                     what attracts most people to the area,
                                                                                                                     government officials should adopt
                                                                                                                     policies requiring better coordination
                                                                                                                                                                    “Developers are putting up more
                                                                                                                                                                  homes and not really thinking about
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  cart is not opposed to growth but
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  believes that it should more organic
                                                                         Chavis, the group facilitator, said.
       Crime...3, Sec.1     zens in planning for growth.                 “We are simply looking at all the           and more comprehensive planning.             the immediate impact to the area,”              rather than chaotic. From her point of
  Obituaries...4, Sec.1       During the process, participants           options available to us. When we            He also believes that developers             Stipkala said. “Right now, we have a            view, people relocating into the area
                            were separated into three groups and         look, we come to a realization with         should submit a comprehensive view           very special moment because we see                          See FORUM Page 7, Sec. 1

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