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					Evidence: Trace Evidence Analysis
                                 Yoknapatawpha County Forensic Laboratory

  Madeline Holland, Ph.D.         Analysis: Trace Evidence Analysis
  555 Jackson Avenue
  Oxford, MS 38655
  662-234-XXXX (FAX 662-234-XXXX)
                                REPORT OF TRACE EVIDENCE ANALYSIS
 Case Description:                         Investigative Agency:
 Kristal B. Waterson Homicide               Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department
 Case #:                                   Investigating Officer(s):
 001294-23E-2004                            Det. T. Armtrong, Det. S. Murphy

 Items obtained from the search of the residence and vehicle of Nathaniel Harrison "Hunter" Nelson were
 examined for trace evidence. The items analyzed included:

               Item                                                 Description
 001294-30 through 001294-35        Six (6) pairs of men's trousers, khaki, size 32"x33"
 001294-36 through 001294-41        Six (6) men's oxford cloth button-down shirts, blue, size 15-1/2" neck, 32"
 001294-42                          One (1) baseball cap, white, Greek letters "Δ Τ Χ" on cap
 001294-43 through 001294-45        Three (3) pairs men's athletic shoes, size 10
 001294-46-001                      One (1) pair men's running shoes, red and blue, size 10
 001294-46-002                      One (1) pair men's athletic shorts, dark blue, size M
 001294-46-003                      One (1) athletic supporter, size M
 001294-46-004                      One (1) pair men's athletic socks, white, size 10
 001294-46-005                      One (1) cotton men's t-shirt, dark blue with dark-colored stains, size M
 001294-48                          One (1) used latex condom
 001294-49                          One (1) 2"x3" swatch with suspicious stain
 001294-H001 through 001294-        Three (3) long blonde hairs
 001294-H004 through 001294-        Seven (7) short dark hairs visually consistent with pubic hairs


       Items 001294-30 through 001294-45 and 001294-46-001 through 001294-46-005 were examined
    using an alternate light source.
        o For items 001294-30 through 001294-41, no hairs or other biological material were discovered.
        o For items 001294-42 through 001294-45 and 001294-46-001 through 001294-46-005, all hairs
            and other biological material discovered were microscopically similar to those of Nathaniel
            Harrison Nelson.
   Item 001294-48 was swabbed internally and externally. The residue from the swabs dissolved in
    methylene chloride (organic) and water (aqueous).
        o The organic portion was analyzed by FT-IR revealing the presence of polydimethylsiloxane
            (PDMS) from the external swab.
        o The aqueous extract from the internal swab was analyzed for the presence of DNA. Insufficient
            quantities of DNA were found.
        o The aqueous extract from the external swab was analyzed for the presence of DNA and found to
            contain sufficient quantity and quality. The DNA was submitted for STR analysis.
   Item 001294-49 was viewed with an alternate light source and found to contain possible biological
    material. The stain was negative for the presence of blood. Microscopic evaluation yielded the presence
    of epidermal cells. The quality and quantity of DNA present was sufficient, and the sample was
    submitted for STR analysis.
   Items 001294-H001 through 001294-H003 were microscopically similar to those of the victim, Kristal
    B. Waterson.
   Items 001294-H004 through 001294-H010 were analyzed microscopically. Comparison to the pubic
    hair of the victim revealed that:
        o 001294-H004, 001294-H005, 001294-H007, and 001294-H010 were microscopically similar to
            that of the victim's hair.
        o 001294-H006 and 001294-H009 were microscopically similar to those of Nathaniel Harrison
        o 001294-H008 was not consistent with those of the victim or Nathaniel Harrison Nelson.

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