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									  THE FAMILY

Dear Members and Friends,

The Medieval mystic Meister Ekhart said, “If the only prayer you ever say in your life
is ‘thank you,’ it is enough.”

Thanks giving lies at the center of the Christian experience for it recognizes God as
the source of all life. This awareness leads to a natural response that flows from
hearts brimming with gratitude.

Thanks giving comes early for us this year at Old South United Methodist Church.
On Sunday, November 7th, we will join together as the whole church to celebrate All
Saints Day with one service at 10am. Together we will express gratitude for the faith and vision that has gone before us,
forming and shaping our faith community. Our legacy is rich in mission and ministry. Faith heroes inspire us to keep the
legacy alive and carry vital mission forward into the future. During the service, we will have the opportunity to make our
faith commitment for the Spirit Alive 2011 Stewardship giving that will help insure the vibrant ministry God calls us into.
All are invited to join in our thanks-giving celebration and share a wonderful, catered meal together following the service. I
love it when everyone gathers around the table for thanks-giving. You don’t need to bring anything, just bring yourselves
and enjoy!

This year our family is gathering for Thanksgiving in our new home in Reading. One of my greatest joys is having
everyone together. Actually, I can hardly wait. As we get closer to the holiday, you might catch me singing, “The
grandboys are coming, the grandboys are coming!” Part of the preparation will include the traditional turkey stuffing and
roasting, peeling all those vegetables and baking the pies. But it is usually the bread baking that catches me up in prayer
and overwhelms me with gratitude for all of the ordinary things of life. Tucked in the pages of a now tattered and spattered,
More with Less Cookbook, compiled by the Mennonites, is prayer that appears amongst the bread recipes.

                 Be gentle when you touch bread.
                          Let it not lie
                     uncared for, unwanted.
               So often bread is taken for granted.

               There is so much beauty in bread-
                      Beauty of and soil,
                    beauty of patient toil.
               Winds and rain have caressed it,
                    Christ often blessed it.

                         Be gentle
                    when you touch bread.

This Thanksgiving season may you be richly blessed a heart of gratitude for the ordinary bread of life; family, friends, food
and faith community. See you in church.

Deep blessings,
Jan Smith-Rushton
2                                       November 2010

                                    Educational Ministry
      Adult Education - 8:30 in the parlor each Sunday morning, except Men's Breakfast Sundays.
      Nursery Care - Provided on Sunday mornings for infants to age 3 in Room 103 of the Educational
                     Wing during the 8:30 & 10:00 worship services.
      Church School - Meets on Sunday mornings in the sanctuary at 10:00 and continues, after the
                     children's time, in the classrooms until 11:15. For age 3 through senior high.
      Church School Staff
       Superintendents: Holly Stanieich and Paula Perry
       Nursery Coordinator: Joan Hoyt and volunteers
        Ages 3-5: Charlotte Harlan, Karen Roscoe, Colleen Perry, and Kristina Smith
       Grades 1-3: Jody Donahue, Dana Trismen, Juliet Montrone, Lauren Hubbard, and Erin Moreira
       Grades 4-5: Paula Perry, Kathy Wensley, and Annika Wagner
       Middle School: Elaine Webb and Lori Vinciguerra
       High School: Jim Roscoe and Chris Krebs
        Adults: Gordon Anderson, Bob Meserve, Keith Goodwin, and Jack Waldroup
      Christian Cooperative Preschool - Infants to pre-K. Meets weekdays 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
       Director: Gina Azulay
       Infants: Eileen McTaggart
       2 year olds: Donna Bramhall
       3 year olds: Jody Donahue
       4 year olds: Cindy Petrucci
      Clock Tower Kids - Afternoon enrichment program for K-Middle School.
                          Meets Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri. 2-6 p.m. ~ Wed. 12-6 p.m.
        Director: Diane Haverty
        Staff: Nancy Chloodian and Jessica Pavey

    Help Needed With Thanksgiving Boxes For Our Home-
    Bound Members
          Each year the Women’s Circles of Old South fill and deliver Thanksgiving boxes/bags to our home-
    bound and nursing home members. If you would like to participate in this project, you can donate
    cookies, jelly, or cash to help pay for fruit. There will be a box in the vestry on Sunday, November 21 for
    these items. WE ALSO NEED HELP DELIVERING THE BOXES. Lots of volunteers will enable
    us to spend more time visiting with our home-bound members who want to hear about their
    church family.
          If you have any questions or can help with delivery, please contact Phyllis Maxwell (781-944-
    7493) ( Cash or checks may be given to Phyllis or left for her in the
    church office. If you know of someone who should be added to the home-bound and/or nursing home
    list, please contact Carol Rogerson in the church office (781-944-2636) or call Phyllis. Thank you.

    Angel Tree and Alternative Giving Coming Soon!
         The Outreach Committee will be putting up the Angel Tree in time for the first Sunday in Advent.
    Old South has a long tradition of helping to bring a little Christmas to the children served by the Cooper
    Community Center in Roxbury. Please consider purchasing an article of clothing and a small toy or book
    for a needy child. Each paper angel (made by Old South middle-schoolers) has the name and size of a
    child. Gifts will be due back to the church in early December so we can get them to the Community
    Center in time for their holiday celebration.
         Look for the Alternative Giving Boutique coming to the vestry soon! Here is a chance to buy a gift
    for someone on your list and benefit someone in need. Look for beautiful ethnic crafts from SERRV
    International, a non-profit alternative trade and development organization that helps artisans in less
    developed countries bring their goods to market. Starting in December, the Outreach Committee will also
    offer the gift of a donation to Heifer International with a small gift for someone special on your list.
                                                 The Family Visitor                                                   3

Thanksgiving Offering                                                   A Month of Sundays
                                                                               8:30 a.m. in the Chapel
Envelope                                                                     10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary
     The Thanksgiving Offering will be received for            All services are handicapped accessible and nursery
distribution to persons in need through the Pastor’s           care is provided. Everyone is invited to the vestry
Discretionary Fund. Your generosity will share good            immediately following the 10:00 service for a time of
news with persons experiencing difficult financial             fellowship.
                                                               November 7th - One Service at 10:00 a.m.
Pumpkin Anyone?                                                All Saints Day/Spirit Alive Stewardship Celebration
                                                               Daniel 7:1-3, 15-18
     This month homemade pumpkin treats will be
                                                               Psalm 150
available on Sunday, November 28th at the coffee hour.
                                                               Ephesians 1:11-23
What a great way to eat your vegetables! Pumpkin
                                                               Luke 6: 20-31
bakers are needed. Please sign up in the vestry if you
would like to provide pumpkin treats.                          November 14th
                                                               Bible Sunday
Cranberries are Coming                                         Isaiah 65:17-25
    December 20th will be Cranberry Sunday in honor            Psalm 118
of our local Massachusetts native berry. Cranberry             2 Thessalonians 3;6-13
bakers are invited to share their favorite recipes.            Luke 21: 5-19

                                                               November 21st
New Member Gatherings                                          Thanksgiving Sunday/ Christ the King Sunday
     Sunday, November 14th and November 21st from              Deuteronomy 26:1-11
11:30am-12:30pm in the parlor with child care                  Psalm 100
provided. Persons interested in becoming members of            Philippians 4:4-9
Old South United Methodist Church, or simply                   John 6:25-35
interested in exploring what United Methodists are
about, are welcome to attend. New members will be              November 28th
received in worship on Sunday, November 28th. A                The First Sunday in Advent
special welcome reception will be held in the vestry           New Members Welcomed
following the 10am worship service.                            Isaiah 2: 1-5
                                                               Psalm 122
Small Group Happenings                                         Romans 13: 11-14
                                                               Matthew 24:36-44
Julia Circle - Meets 3rd Monday at members homes
Dorcas Circle - Meets 3rd Tuesday at members homes
Book Club - Meets 4th Thursday at Nancy White's.               Fellowship Time
Adult Education Class - Meets Sunday mornings at                    Did you know how coffee hour comes to be?
8:30 in the parlor (except the fourth Sunday).                 Early each week Marion Murphy provides the set up
Men’s Breakfast - Meets the 4th Sunday at 7:00 in the          for coffee hour. Coffee is available in the vestry after
vestry.                                                        the first service and before and after the second service.
                                                               Please feel free to come early or stay late and enjoy the
                                                               fellowship. Church committees take turns each month
     Deadline for the Dec. Family Visitor:                     providing clean up.         This month the Outreach
                November 10                                    Committee is providing clean up. Helpers are always
                                                               appreciated. Thank you Marion and thank you to
  If possible, please send by e-mail                 to:       Norma Chisholm, Helen Swanson, Grace Palmer, Thank you!                            Phyllis Maxwell, Barbara Austin, Nancy Chloodian,
                                                               and Carol Rogerson for providing clean up in
                                                               September and October.
         See the Family Visitor Online!
  If you would like to read the Family Visitor online          The Cherubs Are Returning
  and save some trees, just call the church office (781-            Marcy Goodwin Nelson will meet briefly with
  944-2636)      or      send       an     email      to       children interested in singing in the new Cherub Choir                                      on Sunday, November 7th at 11:15am in the parlor.
       Just go to and click on             The group will continue to rehearse each Sunday
  “Family Visitor!”                                            immediately following church school.
4                                       November 2010

    Bible Sunday – November 14th
         Third grade children will receive a special presentation Bible during the 10am worship service. The
    New Revised Standard Version Bible is designed especially for the elementary student with maps,
    pictures, and background information. Children who are new to the church school will also be presented
    with Bibles. The Education Committee will host a celebration in the vestry following worship to mark
    this special occasion.

    Advent Workshop, December 5 - Mark your calendar!
         Advent Workshop has been an all church tradition at Old South for more than thirty years. It is a
    wonderful afternoon of crafts and carol singing planned for all ages. Come alone or bring a spouse, a
    friend, or your whole family! Activities will begin immediately following church on Dec. 5. Everyone is
    asked to bring a bag lunch; dessert and beverages will be provided.
                                  helping,                                        raft
         If you are interested in helping we have many jobs open at present: craft tables – activities for
                          home,                                                    , l
    children or for the home assistants, set-up, clean-up, desserts, decorations, leading the carol sing.
    Volunteers please leave your name and contact information in the Education box located the church
    office, or contact Donna Bramhall:, or 781-944-2315.

    Clock Tower Kids
         Clock Tower Kids had a grea October. We thoroughly enjoyed the fall weather with all kinds of fun
                             umpkin                                          ecyclables,
    activities like: baking pumpkin cookies, creating a CTK monster with recyclables, concocting icky slime,
    playing monster mash in the ball area, and making tasty chocolate witch hats.
         CTK had a haunted Halloween party on Friday October 22nd. The kids participated in fall classic
    games like: eating donuts on a string, mummy races and more. When the games were finished, the
    children had pizza and enjoyed a movie.
                e                                                                                        wi
         We are still accepting enrollments. Anyone who refers a family to CTK (and the family enrolls) will
    receive a check for $50.00. It's simple really, you just let your friends and family know about our great
                  ey                      program,
    program, they become part of the program and you get the money. We have already given away
         We are looking for a few volunteers to teach staff members at CTK how to knit. Lands' End is
    promoting a campaign called Share the Warmth. People make, and send in, knit or crocheted squares.
    All of the squares are then collected and made into warm blankets to help those in need. CTK would very
                                       program and could use your help. If you or someone you know can knit,
    much like to be part of this great pr
                  hem                not
    please ask them if they would n mind giving us a hand here. The phone number at CTK is 781-354- 781

    Christian Cooperative Preschool
         We have had a lot of fun learning about community helpers and enjoying fun fall crafts. We
    especially enjoyed our music time with Miss Mary Gould and are looking forward to her next visit
    coming up in November. Singing about Aiken Drum is always a special Halloween tradition as well as
    seeing all the children in their costumes and we also learned about UNICEF with Charlotte Harlan - thank
    you Charlotte.
         Soon we will be collecting donations for the food pantry and having our thank you s    service and
    Thanksgiving lunch. All the classes will help in some way to prepare the meal, and we will all eat
                                     Thanksgiving from all of us at CCP!
    together in the vestry. Happy Thanks

        We serve Equal Exchange coffee at Old South, a fairly traded coffee from small farmer cooperatives
    in Latin America. The decaf blend is decaffeinated by a natural process that is better for us and better for
    the environment. As we share coffee and fellowship time together, we also share fellowship with our
    global neighbors and help farmers build a better future for themselves and their families.
                              The Family Visitor                                                       5

Thanksgiving Ingathering
      Thank you Old South for supporting the Reading Food Pantry sponsored by the Reading Clergy
Association. Presently we are serving over 200 people, many of whom visit the pantry twice a month,
either Monday evenings from 7-8 or Friday mornings 10:30-11:30. Our supplies of groceries,
overflowing after the May postal collection, have been dwindling down to very few of the items most
needed by our families. You are invited to bring donations on Sunday, Nov. 21, during our Thanksgiving
Ingathering. Items most needed at this time are canned fruit (peaches, pears, apricots, fruit cocktail),
applesauce, juice, juice boxes, microwave popping corn, raisins, canned pasta (Spaghetti O's, Beefaroni,
ravioli), rice (brown & white), instant potatoes (mashed, scalloped), canned white potatoes, yams,
creamed corn, mixed vegetables, spinach, carrots, beets, toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels, dish and
laundry detergent, shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste & toothbrushes. Please check expiration dates on
all items. We do not like to throw food away. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Charlotte
Harlan or Phyllis Maxwell.

Music Notes
CHANCEL CHOIR: You’re invited! Interested in singing for Christmas? Now is the time to join. We
rehearse one Thursday a month, and meet regularly on Sunday morning at 8:30 to prepare for the 10am
service. The next Thursday rehearsal is Nov. 11 at 7:15pm. Our rehearsal schedule is very streamlined
so consistent attendance is very important. Christmas rehearsals are: Saturday mornings, Nov 20, 27, Dec
4, 11, 18 from 9:30-11. We have one Thursday rehearsal Scheduled for Christmas: Dec. 2 at 7:15. We
can add more Thursday rehearsals if you have difficulty with the Saturday times. We have some really
beautiful seasonally appropriate music chosen for the Special Music Sunday on Dec. 19, and also for the
Christmas Eve service. See you there!

MUSIC FOR THE EARLY SERVICE: Adriana Rawlins continues to do a really fine job providing
LIVE accompaniment for the 8:30 service (now called 8:30 LIVE! and we are delighted! Thank you

AND...HELP! We are looking for musicians to provide special music for the early service - this might be
the perfect time to play that special piece you’re working on. There is a sign up list for special music on
the chapel organ door. We’re looking forward to seeing your name there!

HAND BELL CHOIR: We have begun to prepare for our guest appearance with the Reading
Community Singers during their Christmas Concerts, Dec. 4 and 5. I am sure that this will be lots of fun,
just as it was last time! This is the time to join (or return) if you want to ring for Christmas!

OLD SOUTH BRASS AND ORGAN - We’re preparing for a repeat appearance during the Reading
Tree Lighting, November 28. Our time to shine is 3pm, in the sanctuary, followed by a reception
provided by the Welcoming Committee. The program will include music for brass separately, organ
separately, and of course, both together (you bet!). Come out on the 28th and join the fun!

ORGAN UPDATE TASK FORCE: We’ll be having the organ touched up and tuned so it will sound
beautiful for the Christmas season. Other than that?.... we’ve been so busy there are no further
developments yet - we’ll keep you posted.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. Just a note - we are always looking for new members! Give Susan a call at the
church, e-mail ( or just come to one of the rehearsals!

REthink, REvive, REnew School Congregational Development
     A team of leaders from Old South UMC will be attending this year’s School of Congregational
Development on Friday, November 5th and Saturday, November 6th at Grace Chapel in Lexington. This
New England wide United Methodist gathering will bring some of the most dynamic leaders in the
country as keynote speakers, worship and workshop leaders. Workshops in revitalizing ministry in
mission, outreach, finance, stewardship, young adult, youth and children’s ministries, building bridges in
the community, strengthening relationships and leadership in anxious times are just some of the offerings.
Anyone interested in attending all or part of this important event may contact Rev. Jan for more
information or visit the website:
6                                         November 2010

Demonstrate your
thankfulness this
Old South anticipates and relies on the
increase in donations we see every year
between Thanksgiving and the end of
the year. These contributions help
support the work of the church all year
round. This year has been especially
challenging for many families and
individuals. Please consider
demonstrating appreciation for your
own good fortune or good health by
increasing your seasonal giving, or, if
you haven’t done so already, by setting
up an automated giving schedule.
Getting started is easy. Speak to Bruce
Maxwell for more information.

                                                          The Hike for Hope is a
                                                               Thank you to all those who either
                                                          hiked in this year's Hike for Hope or
                                                          donated to the team! The team had a blast
                                                          during the hike. It was a warm fall day and
                                                          we all enjoyed snacks after finishing the
                                                          walk. We raised over $2000! Thank you
                                                          for supporting Old South’s eleventh Hike
                                                          for Hope!
                              The Family Visitor                                                       7

Mark Your Calendar
Advent Workshop - Sunday, December 5th following worship

Reading Community Singers in Concert with the Old South Bell Choir as guest artists
Saturday, December 4th at 7pm and Sunday, December 5th at 3pm in the sanctuary

Alternative Giving - Sundays, December 5, 12, and 20
Angel Tree Gifts for Cooper Community Center and Bells for Shut Ins

Charge Conference Monday, December 13th at 7:30pm in the vestry
District Superintendent meets with Staff Parish Relations Committee at 6:30pm in the parlor.

     Thank you for your generous response to the October UNICEF campaign. Keep an eye on the
bulletin boards for the count as we total the contributions.
     Created in 1946 by the United Nations, UNICEF has been an agency that helps families meet their
basic needs in over 150 countries. UNICEF has been a prime mover in the development of clean water
sources, eliminating illnesses such as polio and measles, and UNICEF workers are often the first
responders to the needs of children who are victims of natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, or
victims of armed conflict. This is the 60th year of the "Trick or Treat" for UNICEF campaign, and we are
grateful that you have done your part. The UNICEF boxes will be brought forward during the time for
children on Sunday, November 7th.

Reading Memorial High School Drama
The RMHS Drama Club will be presenting The Scarlet Pimpernel on November 13, 14, 19, 20, and 21.
The Sunday performances are matinees at 3 p.m. The Friday and Saturday performances are at 7:30 p.m.
Tickets are $15, $10 for students/seniors. The Scarlet Pimpernel is a musical, set in the time of the
French Revolution, where a dashing English aristocrat risks his life to enter France and save the innocents
from the guillotine. The music is wonderful and memorable! Come, be entertained and support our
talented students at RMHS! All seats are reserved. Box office hours are 6-7 p.m. every Tues., Wed., and
Thursday night before the show. For tickets and more information, please go to:

Craft Sale and Exhibit - November 13th 9am-2pm at Old South
Presented by the Reading Society of Craftsmen

Tree Lighting on the Town Green – November 28th
The public is invited to the Old South Brass and Organ Program in the sanctuary at 3:00 p.m. before the
tree lighting ceremony on the green. Our restrooms will be available along with hospitality, hot cocoa
and refreshments provided by the Welcoming Committee. Music for the Old South Brass performance
was made possible by a grant from the Arts Council of Reading.

Reading Cares
Happy Holidays to all Reading Families!
Reading neighbors have been generously helping to create happier holidays for each other for over 25
years through the Adopt-A-Family program. Donors are anonymously matched with families in need of
holiday food and/or gifts. Recipient families must have a child under 18 years old and be able to
demonstrate financial need to participate. To be a part of this great program, call 781-942-6680 or email
8                                      November 2010

    Youth Opportunities
    Spirit Alive 2011 Stewardship Celebration Meal
    Join the entire Old South Church family in celebrating the culmination of this year’s stewardship program
    with a free meal on November 7th. Plan to prayerfully consider your pledge for the coming year and
    participate in our time of dedication at the 10am worship service.

    Work Day at Lazarus House – Saturday, November 13th
    Come and join the work crew gathering at 10:00am at the church to head out to Lazarus House in
    Lawrence to help in their many important ministries with and for the poor in the region. Bring a bag
    lunch. Sign up in the vestry.
                                             The Family Visitor                                                     9

               Reading Food Pantry News
                   As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches we are asking for specific canned vegetables: canned white
               potatoes, yams, creamed corn, mixed vegetables, spinach, carrots, and beets. We never have enough of
               these specific vegetables. They are our client’s favorites. Also thank you for participating in the
               Thanksgiving Ingathering. Other needs are listed in the article on Page 5.
                   Thank you to those who have left items for the food pantry. We appreciate your support. We will
               begin collecting items in worship on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
                                                                                   Charlotte Harlan and Phyllis Maxwell

               Youth 2011 – July 13-16 at Purdue University, West
               Lafayette, Indiana
                   Plan now to attend this national youth gathering for the United Methodist Church. The event
               happens every four years and is the single largest gathering of United Methodist youth in existence. This
               four day conference will bring together top United Methodist leaders as well as the best ecumenical
               speakers, bands and talent with thousands of youth from around the nation for what is sure to be a life-
               changing event that consists of:
                                                   Passionate Worship Experiences
                                                   Bible Study
                                                   Small Groups
                                                   Workshops and Trainings
                                                   Interactive Exhibits
                                                   Onsite Mission Opportunities
                                                   Late-night Fun and Games and more!

               Early registration (until December ’10) is $375. Let’s see if we can send a group from Old South to
               Youth 2011. Visit for more details. See Rev. Jan if you are interested.

                                   Christmas Poinsettias
    If you would like to donate a memorial plant for Christmas, please fill out the form below and mail it with your
check to the church office. Plants are $8.50 each.

                      Please make checks payable to “Old South United Methodist Church.”
                                           Deadline to order - Dec. 5

    If possible, please leave the plants at the church until after the Christmas Eve services. Seeing the sanctuary
decorated with all the poinsettias is a beautiful sight!

Name __________________________________________ Phone__________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________
10                                                     November 2010
                                         Our Church Family

                                                                 Thank You!
                                                                     The Middle School and Senior High Church
                                                                 School classes did an excellent job with the leaf
                                                                 raking service project at the parsonage. Many
                                                                 thanks to the youth, teachers, and parents for
                                                                 providing such a wonderful crew of workers.
Heartfelt sympathy is extended to the family and friends
                                                                                          With appreciation,
of Susan “Susie” Smith who died on October 6th and to
                                                                                          Bob Rushton & Rev. Jan
Laura Webster and her children, Jack and Karen, on the
loss of their husband and father, Lawrence “Buck”
                                                                     Special thanks to Trustee, Bill Davis, for all of
Webster, who died on October 5th.
                                                                 his efforts in the parsonage including the
                                                                 professional installation of afire door in the garage,
                                                                 and all of the Trustees for working overtime on the
                                                                 repair/restoration of the parsonage.

                                                                 Did you know?
                                                                      Each week a team of workers gather to make
Jennifer Anderson and Daniel Poirier were united in
                                                                 repairs and complete other work projects around the
marriage on October 9th and Christine LaMontagne and
                                                                 church and parsonage. Thank you to the COMO
Carmen David Carosella were united in marriage on
                                                                 team (Committee on Maintenance Operations) Ron
October 23rd.
                                                                 Weston, Bruce Austin, Peter Avtges, and Phyllis
                                                                 Maxwell completes the team with cleaning and
                                                                 straightening jobs around the church.

                                                                To reach us by email…
                                                                Rev. Jan Smith-Rushton ~
Congratulations to Evan and Kelly Walsh and big                 Susan Holloway ~
brother, Owen, on the birth of their daughter and sister,       Carol Rogerson ~
Natalie Laura, on September 14th.

                                                                                                  we care...
                                                                       If you are hospitalized, please let the church
                                                                  office or one of the pastors know. Also, please list
Kaitlyn Alix Agami, daughter of Mark and Kristen                  Old South United Methodist Church as your church
Chasse Agami, was welcomed into the family of God                 upon admission.
through the Sacrament of Baptism on Sunday, October                   If you know of someone else in our church
10th.                                                             family who is in the hospital, please let us know.
                                                                  Contact the church office at 781-944-2636 or
If you are interested in having your child baptized,
please speak to Rev. Jan.
                                                  The Family Visitor                                                  11

                                              November 2010
           SUN.                 MON.            TUES.           WED.             THURS.            FRI.            SAT.
                                   1                2               3                4               5                6
   Christian Cooperative        6:00 PM         7:30 p.m.        7:00 PM                          10:30 PM
         Preschool                Yoga          Outreach      Evening Prayer                     Food Pantry
      Mon.-Fri. 9-12
                                7:00 PM                          7:30 PM
    Clock Tower Kids           Food Pantry                       Worship
Mon.Tues.Thurs.Fri: 2-6 PM                                      Committee
     Wed: 12-6 PM

              7                    8                9              10               11               12              13
   "Spirit Alive" Sunday        6:00 PM          7:00 PM         7:00 PM        Veteran's Day     10:30 PM        9AM-2PM
      All Saints Day              Yoga          Bell Choir    Evening Prayer      - Church       Food Pantry    Reading Society
             8:30 AM                            Rehearsal                       Office Closed                    of Craftsmen
       Adult Education          7:00 PM                          7:30 PM                                            Exhibit
    Chancel Choir Rehearsal    Food Pantry      7:30 PM       Brass Rehearsal
                                                                                  7:15 PM
            10:00 AM                          Commission on                                                       10:00 AM
                                                                                Chancel Choir
     Worship in Sanctuary                       Education                                                        Work Day at
        Sunday School                                                                                           Lazarus House
            11:15 AM
    "Spirit Alive" Luncheon

             14                    15              16              17               18               19              20
        Bible Sunday            6:00 PM          7:00 PM         7:00 PM                          10:30 PM         9:30 AM
           8:30 AM                Yoga          Bell Choir    Evening Prayer                     Food Pantry    Christmas Music
      Worship in Chapel                         Rehearsal                                                          Rehearsal
       Adult Education           7:00 PM                         7:30 PM
   Chancel Choir Rehearsal     Food Pantry                    Brass Rehearsal
          10:00 AM
     Worship in Sanctuary       7:30 PM                          7:30 PM
       Sunday School           Julia Circle                      Finance
          11:15 AM                                              Committee
   Reception for 3rd Graders
          11:30 AM
    New Member Gathering

              21                   22              23              24               25               26              27
 Thanksgiving Ingathering       6:00 PM         7:30 PM          7:00 PM                        Church Office      9:30 AM
           8:30 AM                Yoga         Staff Parish   Evening Prayer                       Closed       Christmas Music
      Worship in Chapel                         Relations                                                          Rehearsal
       Adult Education
    Chancel Choir Rehearsal
          10:00 AM
        Sunday School
     Worship in Sanctuary
          11:30 AM
    New Member Gathering

             28                    29              30
United Methodist Student Day    6:00 PM          7:00 PM
           7:00 AM                Yoga          Bell Choir
       Men's Breakfast                          Rehearsal
           8:30 AM              7:00 PM
      Worship in Chapel        Food Pantry
   Chancel Choir Rehearsal
          10:00 AM
     Worship in Sanctuary
          11:15 AM
  Reception for New Members
           3:00 PM
   Old South Brass & Organ
12                                                      November 2010

                        The Old South United Methodist Church is a supportive, accepting,
                      and loving community of believers inspired by the message of Christ to
                    worship God, to grow spiritually, to nurture one another in faith and to serve
                                           others at home and abroad.

      Published regularly for the members and friends of Old South    Sr. Pastor: Rev. Janet E. Smith-Rushton
 United Methodist Church. The purpose is to inform the congregation   Director of Music: Mrs. Susan Holloway
 of upcoming meetings, events, and activities, and to proclaim the    Secretary and Editor: Mrs. Carol Rogerson
 works of God in our midst.                                           Business Administrator: Mrs. Nancy Chloodian
      Old South United Methodist Church is in connection and in       Childcare Coordinator: Mrs. Joan Hoyt
 mission with other United Methodist Churches in the United States    Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Robert K. Sweet, Jr. D. Min.
 and around the world. We are part of the New England Annual          Director of Music Emeritus: Mr. Wendell W. Hodgkins
 Conference.                                                          Custodian: Mr. Bill Daley
                    Bishop: Rev. Dr. Peter D. Weaver                  Christian Cooperative Preschool: 781-944-0612
           District Superintendent: Rev. Ronald Wilson                Reading Food Pantry: 781-944-8486
         Church Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.         Clock Tower Kids: 781-944-3124
              Phone: 781-944-2636 FAX: 781-944-8858
 E-Mail: Website:

                                    THE FAMILY VISITOR                                                  Non-Profit Org.
                                    Old South United Methodist Church                                 U.S. Postage Paid
                                    6 Salem Street                                                        Reading, MA
                                    Reading, MA 01867-2624                                                 Permit No. 6
                                    RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

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