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									                           ENGINEERS UP
                          7TH ESB Newsletter
Volume 2                                                                                 JULY 2009
Table of Content
                          Commanding Officer
                          Lieutenant Colonel Phillip N Frietze
CO’s Message        1
                          Hello! Kathy and our four children (Kati, Tori, Ethan and Jake) are proud to
SgtMaj Corner       2     be part of the 7th Engineer Support Battalion Team! Over the past 58 years, 7th
                          ESB has contributed to the success of the Marine Corps 234 years of fighting
                          and winning our Nation’s battles. It is an honor to be part of such an
Chaplain’s Corner   3     organization. Over the next 24-months, 7th ESB will train, prepare and deploy
                          to execute operations in Afghanistan as well as support numerous global, base
                          and community relations events as directed by our higher headquarters. Your
Company’s Corner    4-9   Marine or Sailor is a vital key to the success of our unit’s mission. Their
   H&S                   foundational strength resides in staunch training, equipment and family
                          readiness. In closing, I can not express gratitude of our country and the
   B Company
                          heartfelt pride that you must feel to know that your Marine or Sailor serves our
   C Company
                          great Nation during these tested times.
   Bulk Fuel
   E.O.D                 Sincerely and Respectfully,
   Support               LtCol P. N. Frietze
   B.A.S.

Family Readiness
Officer F.R.O.

Leaning Forward
    Upcoming
Page 2                       BN Newsletter                                     Volume 2, July 2009

                                SERGEANT MAJOR CORNER
                                          SgtMaj Timothy Shatto
To the families and friends of 7th ESB,

The past few months have been exciting and event filled!!! Our Marines and
Sailors are distinguishing themselves throughout Camp Pendleton. Most
recently we had Gunnery Sergeant Matthew Small from Explosive Ordnance
Disposal Company get selected to be the subject of a CNN special on Heroes.
Lou Dobbs of CNN will interview GySgt Small and tell his story of combat
operations. We also had Sgt David Herman get selected as the 1st Marine
Logistics Group Non-Commissioned Officer of the Quarter.

The Marines and Sailors of 7th ESB continue to do good deeds and press
forward with enthusiasm. As most of you are aware the battalion continues to
prepare for the upcoming deployment. Although our schedule is busy, we are
forever reminded that we need to make time for the families. We are
committed to ensuring that our Marines and Sailors are prepared, not only in
a combat environment, but also on the home front.

 I thank those that serve our country and give us
freedom, and I praise those that support them in their efforts!

SgtMaj T. L. Shatto
7th ESB
(760) 725-6071
DSN 365-6071

           Not clear about an issue? Want answers? This is your opportunity to ask
            those “hard questions.” The “Ask the SgtMaj” corner is an endeavor
                      to keep you informed, empowered and enlightened.

              Please send your questions to the F.R.O. before 5th of each month.
                                E-mail alan.reid@usmc.mil.
Page 3                BN Newsletter                                                 Volume 2, July 2009

                                        Chaplain’s Corner
                                     Lieutenant Ammie Miller
                           How can I win when I am defeated in my mind?

        We all make mistakes and sometimes our mistakes are pretty bad and we dwell on them day and
night. But our failures can become a stepping-stone to success if we begin to transform our minds and forget
about our failures. Many of us have experienced some form of brokenness—broken spirit, broken
relationship and broken marriages. Often time individuals ask the question, how can I win when I am
defeated in my mind? The mind is a powerful tool. If we are expecting to win or even rebound from our
circumstance or failures then we must process “positive” thoughts rather than “negative” ones. The
aphorism, “[a]s a man think in his heart so is he,” (Proverbs 23:7) not only describes a person inner
character, but it also describes the condition of ones mind. Henry Ford said, “[w]hether you think you can
or you think you can’t, you’re right.” In others word, our thought process can defeat us or we can transform
our thoughts and see ourselves as winner rather than failures in life most difficult challenges. The power of
thought can either bless or curse. When we think positive then we are highlighting positive self-images and
when we think negative we are promoting poor self-images in our mind. Positive self-images begin with the
words we say to ourselves.

        In the book of Ephesians 6, Paul wrote a letter to a small but growing band of believers at Ephesus.
The Ephesus’ believers were under an emotional and spiritual attack by the first century Jewish believers but
they had declared defeat in their mind because of a self-image problem. They didn’t believe that they were
under the covering of God’s covenant that was promised to them. Paul’s letter was therefore to lift and
encourage the struggling community to rise above their anxieties, doubts and failures that had settled in their
minds. He assured them they were fully accepted by God apart from the covenant promise God was
upholding eternally to the Jewish people. Beyond encouragement, the letter also offered a call to that small
group to walk in a way that showed they were a part of the Kingdom and they needed to prepare themselves
for the spiritual battle of the mind. The Ephesus’ believers displayed many characteristics of a self-image
problem because they did not understand what they were up against. Self-image problems have been
correlated with low life satisfaction, loneliness, anxiety, resentment, irritability and depression.

        In the text Paul issues a fourfold refrain: (1) Be strong (2) Prepare yourself (3) Stand firm and (4)
Pray always. If we stop and ask, why do people allow defeat to set-up in their mind due to self-image? It
may be because they are expecting defeat rather than victory over life circumstance. We must remember the
protection and power God offers us against the enemy of mind. I challenge every Marine, Sailor and family
member to fight the battles of their mind with a new equipment. The equipment consist of: (1) The belt of
truth buckled around your waist, (2) Breastplate of righteousness in place to cover your mind, (3) Feet fitted
with the readiness that comes from the Gospel of Peace, (4) Shield of faith which you can extinguish all the
flaming arrows of the evil one, (5) Helmet of salvation that would help transformed the mind and (6) Sword
of the Spirit which is the Word of God. When we arm ourselves with God’s equipment, we can stand firm
and declare ourselves winners because we have overcome the battles of our minds. Quoting the words of an
old African Hymn, “We shall overcome, We shall overcome some day, Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We shall overcome someday.

A Special Prayer: God help our Marines and Sailor see beyond their failures and transform their mind so
that they can see a new path call success.
Page 4                             BN Newsletter                                  Volume 2, July 2009

H&S Company

                                               COMPANY COMMANDER
                                                       Lt. Nick Worley
                                                    COMPANY 1STSGT
                                                   1stSgt. Keith Butterfield
                                                     COMPANY GYSGT
                                                    GySgt. James Murphy

                                       Headquarters and Service Company has been busy
                                       as always! The Sections have been running
                                       superbly in order to support the battalion on
                                       inbounds/out bounds, training, and supporting base
                                       and MLG activities. Great job Marines and thanks
                                       goes out to all the families who without your
                                       support we would not be as successful as we are.
   Communication Marines getting
         ready to race.
      (Don’t forget your PPE)

Good luck goes out to Lt. Garcez as we just completed a Change of Command between her and the on-
coming Company Commander Lt Worley. Also, 1stSgt Butterfield will be leaving us to take the reigns as
Bravo Company 1stSgt. Welcome to 1stSgt Pruitt, who will be assuming the duties as Headquarters and
Service Company 1stSgt.

                                     Headquarters and Service Company
Page 5                BN Newsletter                                                Volume 2, July 2009

Company B
June was another exciting month for the Marines of Bravo Company as several field ops were conducted.
Second Platoon trained in the Juliet Training area where they conducted patrols and a land navigation
package to better prepare for the Enhanced Combat Skills Course which was the culminating event for the
Company this month. The Marines got a chance to hone skills that will ensure that the upcoming
deployment with CLB-1 to Afghanistan will be a success, such as Base Camp Operations, Patrol Operations,
Operation Orders, Entry Control Points, Vehicle Control Points and Convoy Classes along with several other
things that the Marines can use in their tool box. The Marines gained a lot of good information as well as the
staff as they were involved in the day to day operations of the Command Operations Center.

More to come from the Marines of Bravo as they prepare to go to Camp Roberts next month where they will
focus on vertical construction.

                                            COMPANY COMMANDER
                                            Captain David Saunders

                                               COMPANY 1STSGT
                                             1stSgt Keith Butterfield

                                               COMPANY GYSGT
                                              GySgt Corey Crawford

                                           1stPLATOON COMMANDER
                                                 Lt. Brian Reed

                                            1stPLATOON SERGEANT
                                               SSgt Mary Stratton

                                           2nd PLATOON COMMANDER
                                                 Lt. Kathryn Neff

                                            2nd PLATOON SERGEANT
                                                SSgt Jerry Wilkins
Page 6                     BN Newsletter                                              Volume 2, July 2009

Company C
Dear Family and Friends,

        Charlie Company has had a busy spring as we continue to move closer to deployment. First and
foremost Charlie Company said farewell to Major Jennifer Nash, as she relinquished command and turned
over the reigns to Captain Brooke Speers of Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. Major Nash executed a PCS move
to Raleigh, North Carolina to take command of Recruiting Station Raleigh. Good luck Major! The
company also lost a few key players as Lieutenant Baliko, Staff Sergeant Peterson, and Staff Sergeant Baker
moved on to their new assignments. Also Gunnery Sergeant Willer graduated from the Advanced Course at
the Staff Non-Commissioned Officers Academy. Good job Guns!

        First Platoon was busy as usual as they accomplished a myriad of tasks this quarter. In all, they
conducted over forty hours of bridge training, participated in classes on close air support and call for fire,
executed sixteen hours on the convoy simulator, finished one hundred and twenty hours of patrolling, 8
hours of the Humvee simulator, and finished it all off with a week in the field with the Enhanced Combat
Skills Course.

       Staff Sergeant Landon of First Platoon also was blessed with a new addition to his family. His wife
Gina gave birth to a baby girl named Kailee Marie on June 6th. Congratulations Staff Sergeant Landon.

       Not to be outdone, Second Platoon stayed equally busy with numerous training events conducted.
The Platoon conducted rappelling, martial arts, convoy simulator, gas chamber, and a personnel inspection.
An eight mile hike was executed, as well as Improvised Explosive Device training.

       The end of the month brought lots of change as the company was re-organized for the upcoming
deployment. With that, we welcome Operations Platoon, the newest member to the Charlie Company
family. Led by Chief Warrant Officer Pedraza, Gunnery Sergeant Williford, and Gunnery Sergeant
Manzifortich we look forward to the vast knowledge and experience that they bring to the table.

                                               Semper Fi!
     COMPANY COMMANDER                         Hell-bent Charlie
     Captain Brooke Speers

     Lt. Michael Baliko

     1stSgt Vincent Abeyta

     GySgt Robert Mathis
Page 7               BN Newsletter                                                                                    Volume 2, July 2009

Engineer Support Company (ESCo)
Greetings Family & Friends,         June 2009                               Engineer Equipment Platoon did           Motor Transport Platoon’s
It’s hard to believe that it has    LCpl Bentle, S. A.                      some outstanding training at Camp        contributions included a 330 mile
been two months since our last      LCpl Blanchette, A. J.                  Roberts. Sgt's Cain II and Hagen         convoy to Camp Roberts, which is a
newsletter. The Company has         LCpl Carr, R. L. (meritoriously)        built a 450' x 450' dirt pad that will   significant event in itself that has not
been steadily preparing for the     LCpl Castro, E.                         serve as the base for Tactical           occurred in a number of years.
upcoming deployment. We             LCpl Curiel Jr., A.                     Training Base 2. They used an            During the exercise the platoon
recently returned from a month      LCpl Delacruz, R.                       estimated 20,000 cubic yards of dirt     provided daily support of transporting
long training evolution at Camp     LCpl Desch, J. V.                       and over 80,000 gallons of water to      water, fuel, and personnel on the
Roberts, CA which is Reserve        LCpl Kucinski, A. A.                    compact the pad for follow on            camp. They also participated in
National Guard Base located         LCpl Martin, J. L.                      construction of the FOB. Sgt's           convoy preparations and conduct,
about 6 hours north of Camp         LCpl Ramirez Jr., J. A.                 Whitt, Evans and Cpl Sherratt were       conducting several convoys and
Pendleton. Marines of all           LCpl Reatz, S. F.                       the team leaders for the Firebreak       simulated missions. During the
specialties were able to practice   LCpl Singer, D. J.                      Projects that were conducted during      exercise, the Wrecker operators were
their skill set during the          LCpl Summers, T. N. (meritoriously)     the Field Op. The teams utilized (2)     able to conduct two vehicle recovery
exercise and get hands on           Cpl Armenta, U. B.                      130G road graders and (2) D7G            missions, assisting the camp Fire
training that normally does not     Cpl Caskey, D. A.                       dozers to cut approximately one          Department with a recovering one of
occur while in garrison mode.       Cpl Errickson, M. E. (meritoriously)    hundred miles of firebreaks through      their vehicles that had slipped into a
They all worked very diligently     Cpl Gruzen, M. P.                       out Camp Roberts. Cpl Blecha was         ravine.
and we are proud of their           Cpl Hawke, D. T.                        the team leader for the installation
accomplishments during the          Cpl Hildebrand, J. R.                   of a 300' septic line at the Camp
exercise. As we continue to         Cpl Hotchkiss, K. A.                    Roberts trailer park. There were
prepare for the upcoming            Cpl Molina, A. M.                       numerous other projects that were
mission, Marines are being          Cpl Peterson, G. H.                     completed during our time at Camp
assigned to different companies     Cpl Pizarro, J.                         Roberts. All the Marines of
in order to provide them with                                               Engineer Equipment platoon should
the capabilities of operations      For the month May, the Utilities        be very proud of their
that our Marines can support.       Platoon was actively engaged in the     accomplishments while they were
                                    Support Company Field Exercise          out at Camp Roberts.
Our current Marine of the           aboard Camp Roberts, Ca; during
Quarter is LCpl Beaver from         this time the platoon successfully
                                                                                                                              KEY PERSONNEL
Motor Transportation Platoon        executed a water production mission
and our current NCO of the          in support of Bulk Fuel Company
                                                                                                                       COMPANY COMMANDER
Quarter is Cpl Harmon, also         and base camp hygiene services
                                                                                                                          CWO4 SHANE KING
from Motor Transportation           producing over 1000,000 gallons of
                                                                                                                        COMPANY EXECUTIVE
Platoon. Congratulations go to      potable water in a ten day period.
both these Marines for their        During the 30 day evolution at Camp
                                                                                                                         CWO3 JAMES NEWTON
hard work and achievement.          Roberts the Electrical Section were
                                                                                                                          COMPANY 1STSGT
                                    hard at work renovating existing
                                                                                                                        1STSGT GINGER MONGE
The following personnel have        barracks and heavy machine gun
                                                                                                                          COMPANY GYSGT
recently been promoted to their     class room. These projects were a
                                                                                                                     GYSGT HERMAN WASHINGTON
current rank and                    challenge to the Electrical Section
                                                                                                                         COMPANY OPS CHIEF
Congratulations goes to them as     considering the buildings were built
                                                                                                                        MSGT RONALD ROMERO
well!                               in the 1940’s and had received little
                                                                                                                      HE PLATOON COMMANDER
                                    to no electrical upgrades throughout
                                                                                                                         CWO2 JOHN PEDRAZA
May 2009                            their existence. Utilities Platoon
                                                                                                                             HE SNCOIC
LCpl Acevedo, D. M.                 would like to welcome a new
                                                                                                                      GYSGT CLIFFORD WILLIFORD
LCpl Christoffersen, S. A.          member to the Utilities Platoon
                                                                                                                      MT PLATOON COMMANDER
LCpl Cline, L. T.                   family; Lance Corporol Johnny J.
                                                                                                                       1STLT MARCUS MAHANTY
LCpl Columbiet, E.                  Pinerogaston and Traliva Lucille
                                                                                                                             MT SNCOIC
LCpl Heinich, J.                    Pinero are happy parents of newborn
                                                                                                                        MSGT GILBERTO RIVERA
LCpl Johnston, D. M.                baby girl named Jasmin Lucille
                                                                                                                      UT PLATOON COMMANDER
LCpl Oliver, S. S.                  Pinero. Baby Jasmin was born on 12
                                                                                                                         CWO2 MARCOS JAIME
LCpl Ramos, J.                      May, 2009 at the Naval Hospital at
                                                                                                                              UT SNCOIC
LCpl Stewart, M. P.                 0355 weighing in at 6lbs and 6oz.
                                                                                                                      MGYSGT HORACE COPELAND
LCpl Valdez, M. P.
LCpl Waters, C. E.
LCpl Wubben, G. D.
LCpl Wubben, M. T.
Cpl Gonzalez Jr., C.
Cpl Grande, T. M.
Cpl Haynes, T. L.
Cpl Ramirez, C.
Sgt Greenwood, N. S.
Sgt Ramos, J. J.
MSgt Lane, R. A.
Page 8               BN Newsletter                                                  Volume 2, July 2009

Bulk Fuel Company

                                                        Friends and family of 1st Bulk Fuel
                                                Company, 7th ESB, we are getting increasingly busy with
                                                our training schedule to prepare our Marines for our
                                                upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. We would like to
                                                take some time to give you an update and recognize some of
                                                our very deserving Marines.
                                                        In May, Bulk Fuel Company had a Change of
                                                Command Ceremony in which CWO2 Luc P. Brennan
                                                relinquished Command to CWO2 Richard L. Cordes.

        The company has worked extremely hard last few months in preparation for our upcoming
deployment. The Company took part in a field exercise (FEX) at Camp Pendleton in April, and training at
Camp Roberts, California in May. During the April FEX we completed HEAT training (hmmwv rollover
training) and a number of different pre-deployment exercises. The May training conducted at Camp Roberts
was a joint field operation with Support Company. Our security platoon practiced mounted and dismounted
patrolling along with immediate action drills. The Bulk Fuel platoon constructed a tactical fuel system
which dispensed approximately 12,000 gallons of JP-8 in support of Support Company’s operations. The
Bulk Fuel Platoon also spanned approximately 2.6 miles of the hose real system and transferred over
750,000 gallons of simulated product. Bulk Fuel Company also participated in a series of ranges, including
fire and movement and combat marksmanship training. All of the training conducted enhanced the Security
Platoon’s communication/coordination skill level and increased the knowledge and experience or our Bulk
Fuel Platoon. Entering June we are preparing for the month long field exercise and will be returning to
Camp Roberts in July.

April Promotions                   May Promotions                            June Promotions
Cpl Ajsenberg, Mitchell E.         Sgt Martinez, Micah C.                    Cpl Galloway, Jessy M.
Cpl Minckler, Marcel J.                                                      LCpl Magallanes, Paul A.
                                   Cpl Harvey, Scott M.
Cpl Villarreal, Juan R.            LCpl Tomon, Justin M.
LCpl Hall, Angela N.                                                          Bulk Fuel Marine and NCO
                                   LCpl Bowden, Elizabeth M.                    of the Quarter winners
LCpl Patron, Emmanuel G.
                                   LCpl Laponius, David G.
LCpl Leija, Benito S.
                                   LCpl Walker, Kurtis W.                    Cpl Minckler, Marcel J.
LCpl Twarog, Mark W.
Pfc Sepeda, Paula G.               Pfc Fields, James R.                      Cpl Villar Juan M.
Pfc Vega, Alec V                   Pfc Hood, Samuel L.
                                   Pfc Logan, Richard A.                     Cpl then LCpl Minckler also
                                   Pfc Bragg, Ross G.                        won the Battalion Marine of
                                   Pfc Harmon, Jessica E.                    the Quarter Board.
                                   Pfc Bolaoen, Denver C.
                                   Pfc StGeorge, Stephen M.
Page 9           BN Newsletter                    Volume 2, July 2009

Explosive Ordinance Disposal (E.O.D)
Greetings from the Marines of first Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company.

     The Marines continue to perform superbly across all fronts in
preparation for our future deployments. We have provided Improvised
Explosive Device (IED) training to the Battalion at Camp Roberts in
order to better prepare them for their forthcoming deployment to
Afghanistan. During our time at Camp Roberts the technicians were able
to brush up on Range Clearance Operations, demolition procedures, and
conducting BZO’s of the Enhanced Marksmanship Rifles (EMR). The Marines
have conducted various Range Clearance Sweeps aboard Camp Pendleton,
Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho,
and Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska, which resulted in the location
and safe destruction of a wide variety of Unexploded Explosive Ordnance
(UXO). Additionally, the Marines continue to perform numerous Very
Important Person (VIP) missions for the President and Vice President of
the United States, as well as foreign dignitaries and heads of state.
We currently have SSgt Attson supporting a Joint POW/MIA Accounting
Command (JPAC) mission in Vietnam where he works closely with a team of
personnel searching for remains of our fallen brothers so that we may
properly bring them home.

Congratulations go out to the following EOD technicians on their

GySgt McInerney (May 1)
SSgt Stevens    (May 1)

     We would also like to recognize and welcome the following EOD
technicians and their families to First EOD Company:

WO Cheatum
GySgt Adle
GySgt Scott
SSgt Hraha
SSgt Marsh
SSgt Roberts
Sgt Griffen

     Finally, you should take some time and travel by our new building
location on the corner of Golf Course Road and A Street. Construction
is coming along at a rapid rate and we are expecting to move into our
new home around the beginning of next year.

Semper Fidelis
Page 10                          BN Newsletter                                Volume 2, July 2009

Family Readiness Officer

                                     “LINKS to the Corps”
    Living the Marine Corps lifestyle has its unique challenges and opportunities. Navigating through
this maze will often have you wondering how to survive the stresses that we face every day. Probably
the greatest source of information to get you through the maze is Marine Corps Family Team Building
(MCFTB). The MCFTB staff has recently moved to their new Family Readiness Center at building
1795. (formerly the San Luis Rey Officers’ Club). With their new facility, the MCFTB staff is better
equipped to provide support to our families. One program in particular is Lifestyle, Insights,
Networking, Knowledge, Skills (L.I.N.K.S.).

  L.I.N.K.S. is a program that enhances the readiness of Marines and their families by offering an
orientation to the Marine Corps lifestyle. This orientation includes mentorship by experienced
Marine Corps spouses, Marine Corps Family Team Building personnel and involves information
sharing, small group discussions and interactive activities.

   Some of the topics covered in this program are: “The Corps”, this section covers history, traditions,
and structure of the Corps. “The Maze”, covers benefits and services. “Pay Day”, covers Leave and
Earning Statements (LES) and a discussion on pay and allowances. “Crossroads”, discusses moving in
the military. “Staying Marine”, talks about the benefits and opportunities about re-enlistments.
These are just some of the topics covered in this program that is informative and entertaining as well.
At the end of the program, there is a cake cutting and closing ceremony to cap off this experience for
all participants.

  By the end of this program, you will gain a better understanding of the Marine Corps mission and
how it affects Marines and their families. It will give you the opportunity to make new friends and to
thrive as an empowered member of the Marine Corps family. If you wish to attend, please call Marine
Corps Family Team Building at 760-725-9052. Childcare may be available for those who request it.

   I invite you to attend our monthly family readiness meetings on the second Tuesday of each month
at 1730 to hear the latest information on family readiness programs and to get the latest news from the
Battalion. I am available for anyone who would like to become a volunteer in our Family Readiness
Program or to answer any questions you may have. I may be contacted at (760) 725- 6101 (office);
(760) 429-4790 (mobile) or by e-mail at alan.reid@usmc.mil . You may also visit our website at

Alan Reid
Page 11                    BN Newsletter                                      Volume 1, July 2009

                            “LEANING FORWARD”
                                      BN Upcoming Events
   o 21-23 July: LINKS for Spouses at Bldg 1795 from 1730-2030.

   o 28 July: Family Readiness Volunteer Training at Bldg 1795 from 0900-1500.

   o 3 -24 August: Family Readiness Assessment for Marines and spouses.

   o 8 August: Family Readiness Volunteer Training at Bldg 1795 from 0900-1500.

   o 10 August: Battalion Pre-deployment Brief at South Mesa Club. Brief begin at 1900. Child care is
     available at Brown Child Development Center for those who register. Drop off begins at 1815.

   o 11 August: Monthly Family Readiness Meeting in Battalion Conference Room at 1730.

   o 12-13 August: LINKS for Spouses at Bldg 1795 from 0800-1230.

   o 13 August: Pre-Marriage Workshop in Battalion Conference Room from 0800-1000.

   o 14 -16 August: SMP trip to San Francisco.

   o 15 August: LINKS for Kids at Bldg 1795 from 0900-1300.

   o 18 August: LINKS for Teens at Bldg 1795 from 1300-1700.

   o 25 August: Family Care Plan class at Bldg 1795 from 0830-1000.

   o 2-3 September: LINKS for Spouses at Bldg 1795 from 0800-1230.

   o 8 September: Monthly Family Readiness Meeting in Battalion Conference Room at 1730.

   o 14 September: LINKS for Parents at Bldg 1795 from 0800-1630.

   o 19 September: Heartbreak Ridge 13.1 Marathon.

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