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					                                                                                    Foundations with a Specific Focus on Arkansas
                                                                            Foundation Center Database- Keywords: Children/ Youth Services

Foundation Name                                         Location               Phone Number       Web address
Clarence E. Anthony Charitable Trust                    Murfreesboro, AR       (870) 285-3471
John O. Anthony Charitable Trust                        Murfreesboro, AR       (870) 285-3471
Arkansas Community Foundation, Inc.                     Little Rock, AR        (501) 372-1116
Nadine L. Baum Charitable Foundation                    Fayetteville, AR
C. Louis and Mary Cabe Foundation                       Gurdon, AR             Anita Cabe         PO Box 6, Gurdon, 71743
Horace C. Cabe Foundation                               Gurdon, AR             Paul Harris        108 Front St, Gurdon, 71743
CB Foundation                                           Little Rock, AR
The Day Foundation                                      Memphis, TN
Elizabeth H. & Stanley E. Evans Charitable Foundation   Fort Smith, AR
Foundation for the Mid-South                            Jackson, MS            (601) 355-8167
Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc.                    Little Rock, AR        (501) 219-1410
The Harvey and Bernice Jones Charitable Trust           Springdale, AR         (479) 756-0611
The John G. Leake Charitable Foundation                 Little Rock, AR        (501) 666-1885
The Murphy Foundation                                   El Dorado, AR          (870) 862-4961
Murray Family Foundation                                Lancaster, PA
Regions Foundation                                      Montogomery, AL                 
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation                           Las Vegas, NV          (702) 804-6000
Riceland Foods Foundation                               Stuttgart, AR          (870) 673-5215
Harold S. Seabrook Charitable Trust                     Pine Bluff, AR         (870) 540-1247
Melanie Holt Speer Foundation                           Ft. Smith, AR
The Steuri Family Foundation                            Little Rock, AR
Sunderland Foundation                                   Shawnee Mission, KS    (913) 451-8900
Trinity Foundation                                      Pine Bluff, AR         (870) 534-7120
Elisabeth D. Wagner Foundation                          Dallas, TX
Windgate Charitable Foundation, Inc.                    Siloam Springs, AR     (479) 524-9829

                                                                                         Foundations with a National Focus
                                                                     Foundation Center Database- Keywords: Violence Prevention and Child Abuse

Foundation Name                                         Location               Phone Number       Web address
Addidas America Corporate Giving Program                Beaverton, Oregon               
                                                                               (503) 972-2300, ext. 4032
The Annie E. Casey Foundation                           Baltimore, MD          (410) 547-6600
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation                        New York, NY           (212) 974-7000
The Ford Foundation                                     New York, NY          (212) 573-5000
Foundation for Child Development                        New York, NY          (212) 213-8337
Foundation for Improvement of Justice, Inc.             Suwanee, GA           (770) 831-9411
Hasbro Children's Foundation                            New York, NY          (917) 606-6226
The Oak Foundation U.S.A.                               Boston, MA                    
Scaife Family Foundation                                Pittsburg, PA         (561) 659-1188
Target Stores, Inc. Corporate Giving Program            Minneapolis, MN       (612) 696-6098
Walmart Foundation                                      Bentonville, AR       (800) 530-9925
Willis of Tennessee, Inc. Corporate Giving Program      Nashville, TN         (615) 872-3000
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation                      Princeton, NJ         (888) 631-9989

                                        Foundation Center Database: Foundations that have given to CASA in the past

Foundation Name                                         For What Given Before Amount Given      Phone Number
Alcoa Foundation                                        For Current Programs          $10,000   (412) 553-2348
                                                        Project Support               $15,000
                                                        Continued Support             $15,000
Bank of America                                         Creation of Resource          $25,000
                                                        Development Center to
                                                        Maximize Resources,
                                                        Develop Collaborations
                                                        and Provide Technical
Annie E. Casey Foundation                               Services for Children         $12,000   (410) 547-6600
                                                        and Families
Citigroup                                               General Operating Support     $10,000   (212) 793-8451
                                                        Management Development        $10,000
                                                        Extended Education and        $10,000
                                                        Training Program
                                                        General Operating Support     $10,000
Max & Victoria Dreyfus Foundation                       Child Foster Care Advocacy    $10,000   (914) 682-2008
ExxonMobil                                              Capital Campaign             $100,000   (972) 444-1104
Hearst Foundation                                       General Operating Support     $50,000   (212) 586-5404
Packard Foundation                                      Director's Salary             $25,000   (650) 948-7658
                                                        Strategic Planning and        $16,585
Donald W. Reynolds Foundation                           Program Support               $10,000   (702) 804-6000
RGK Foundation                                               Programs Providing Volunteer       $103,873 (512) 474-9298
                                                             Advocacy to Abused and
                                                             Neglected Children
Scaife Family Foundation                                     General Support                     $50,000 (561) 659-1188

* All grants are to local programs, unless otherwise specified by listing State name. Also, listed names of large cities receiving money.
cus on Arkansas
: Children/ Youth Services

            Geographic Funding Area    Accept Apps     Giving         Assets                Notes
            CASA of Northeast Texas                           $49,720           $1,278,035 Fairly small, but only gives locally
            CASA of Northeast Texas                           $99,250           $1,877,972 Favors religious groups, but have given to other groups
            Arkansas                   Affliate Orgs                                        Grants 16% of funds to Human Services, only AR
            Arkansas                                          $75,500             $982,950 Grants to mostly higher education??
            Arkansas                   Form required          $88,619           $2,145,196 Interests: religious orgs, education, hospitals and youth
            Southwest Arkansas                                                $61,575,538 Focus- Social services, education, museums, civic & comm affairs, health care
            Arkansas                                          $54,197              $47,820 Cannot find much information
            Arkansas, TN, GA                               $1,598,251         $25,741,862 Looks good, has annual report and other information available
            Arkansas                                          $79,200           $2,448,792 Fairly small
            Arkansas, LA, MS                                 $646,074         $12,307,682 Give more to comm development & churches, check annual report
            National                   9/15 and 3/15       $4,844,960        $109,978,435 Large fdn, given to similar orgs in past, natl but located in LR
            Arkansas                                         $128,500         $15,641,851 Focus on children
            Arkansas                                          $50,653             $500,205 Small grants
            CASA of the 13th JD                            $1,138,991         $33,278,772 Large foundation for small giving area
            Garland County CASA                               $45,750           $4,132,985 Gives to Hot Springs and Lancaster County, PA, Fairly small
            Arkansas, Alabama                              $2,674,061           $2,630,060 Some emphasis on Little Rock
            AR, NV, OK                                                     $1,311,709,405 Specific
                                                       $98,115,762 for 68 grants (high: $9,387,826) focus on Arkansas- has funded CASA program in NV
            Lonoke County CASA                                $80,142             $100,742 Not much information on website
            Voices for Children                              $106,403           $1,748,365 Mainly small grants to various nonprofit groups in Pine Bluff
            CASA of Sebastian County                          $75,334             $502,533 Cannot find much information
            Pulaski County CASA                              $175,600           $1,131,737 Interest in Arts, but also gave to some youth organizations
            Arkansas, KS, MO, NE       Quarterly       3,836, 600             $74,562,216 Not many past grants to AR, suppprts youth organizations
            Arkansas                                         $775,350         $18,414,314 May be more focused on giving scholarships?
            Arkansas                                          $59,945           $1,075,409 Small and cannot find much information
            National                                       $5,704,251        $120,956,461 Large grants, National, but emphasis on Midwest and Southwest

onal Focus
 nce Prevention and Child Abuse

            Geographic Funding Area    App deadline    Giving         Assets                Notes
            National                                                                        Corporate giving program, no grants for general operating support
            National                   No deadlines                        $2,592,378,126 Extremely focused on average: $10,000-$250,000)
                                                       $151,994,135 for 1,332 grants (high: $39,953,822; low: $50;child/youth services- has funded CASA program in Baltimor
            National                                                       $1,444,832,885 Supports low: Abuse Prevention, but only on a national
                                                       $89,194,564 for 198 grants (high: $12,567,000; Child$10,000; average: $100,000-$500,000) scale, no local or state pr
     National, International       No deadlines             $598,154            $9,014,539 Large foundation with international offices
     National                      Mar, Jun, Oct                                            Large grants, supports research and advocacy
     National                      June 1st                                     $1,282,328 Awards for
                                                    $41,768 for 5 grants (high: $10,192; low: $192) child protection-$10,000-not a grant or scholarship
     National                                       $2,303,342                  $3,946,869 Possibility- emphasis on innovative projects
                                   rolling basis- meet 3 times/yr for 56 grants (high: $250,000; low: $1,000; average: $1,000-$30,000).
     National, International                                                 $241,476,885 International, not many US grants, large foundation-maybe more national through
                                                    $7,616,753 for 40 grants (high: $3,200,000; low: $1,000; average: $2,000-$200,000)
     National                                       $4,104,200 for 70 grants$91,422,569 support and develop programs that strengthen families, address issues surroundin
                                   Feb, May, Sept, Nov                          (high: $250,000; low: $5,000; average: $25,000-$100,000)
     National                                                                               Giving on a national basis on areas of store operation
                                                    $61,300,000 for grants (high: $25,000; low: $1,000; average: $1,500-$5,000)
     National                                                                               Do focus on children, but already have several large orgs that they fund
     National                                                                               Possibly only give to areas where have offices?
     National                      Check for RFPs $556.02 million- 1,150 grants $7,072,136 Very large foundation, focus on health and vulnerable pop.- check for RFPs- partn

st                                                Foundations Giving to CASA Cont'd

     Web address                                 Giving
                                Geographic Funding Area           Assets              Notes*
                                Where operations are
                                                 $20,718,190            grants (high: Does not list Arkansas as place of local operations, but is place of local operations located for 2,844 $409,678,168$250,000; average: $1,000-$100,000)

                                Giving           $77,174,191 for 6,993 grants (high: includingcompany conducts businessDC, and other
                                                                         $2,933,072 Where 21 states and Washington, limited to areas of major company operations, $4,500,000; low: $100; average: $1,000-$100,000) select areas where there is a co                  National                             $2,592,378,126 Baltimore, Extremely focused on child/youth services
                                                    $151,994,135 for 1,332 grants (high: $39,953,822; low: $50; average: $10,000-$250,000)

                                   National; international
                                                     $50,297,561          grants (high: NY State and Dallas, TX, Does say that child/youth services is an interest, focus o for 2,943 $193,865,626$1,500,000)

                                   National                                 $73,609,046 New York, New York, not $2,500-$50,000)
                                                     $4,022,150 for 434 grants (high: $52,500; low: $1,200; average:specific child/youth focus
                                   National                                 $70,171,738 Dallas, TX, focus on average:
                                                     $27,080,943 for 1,249 grants (high: $4,173,500; low: $300;education $1,000-$50,000)             National                                $244,299,000 New York, $20,000; Focus on social services, education, health and culture
                                                     $13,165,000 for 164 grants (high: $250,000; low:New York.average: $50,000-$100,000)                                 $427,596,659 for 2,197 grants (high: $30,000,000; low:Californiaaverage: $2,500-$30,000,000)
                                   National; international               $6,196,520,868 Very focused on $2,500;            AR, NV, OK                           $1,311,709,405 Reno, NV, Specific focus on Arkansas!!
                                                    $98,115,762 for 68 grants (high: $9,387,826)   National                         $90,911,302 Supports a $10; range of human services,
                                   $3,335,668 for 124 grants (high: $1,000,000; low:broadaverage: $1,000-$10,000) youth development, community impro          National                          $91,422,569 support $5,000; average: $25,000-$100,000)
                                   $4,104,200 for 70 grants (high: $250,000; low:and develop programs that strengthen families, address issues surroundin
mm affairs, health care

CASA program in Baltimore
 scale, no local or state programs
ybe more national through Boston, MA office
 address issues surrounding the health and welfare of women and children

s that they fund

op.- check for RFPs- partners with other foundations

is place of local operations?

ices is an interest, focus on youth education

on, health and culture
opment, community improvement, and cultural arts programs.

address issues surrounding the health and welfare of women and children

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