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                             Our Company

     Priority Energy Consulting?

     What is Priority Energy Consulting’s primary focus?

     What is Priority Energy Consulting’s retail commodity coverage?

     What retail electricity advantages does Priority Energy Consulting

Priority Energy Consulting
                             Who is Priority Energy Consulting?

   We help you develop a buying strategy that uses appropriate practices so you can leverage
    your buying power across your corporation while mitigating your risk exposure. As your
    energy advisors, we implement the strategy and measure your progress toward meeting
    your budget goals, as well as measure our progress working for you. You can't manage
    what you can't measure, and we'll help you do both through supply and demand side

   We work aggressively in order to make this a rewarding business opportunity and not just
    another utility purchase.

   Then, on the demand side we indentify and optimize your efficiency efforts providing a
    secondary area of revenue from consumption management, efficiency projects,
    behavioral modifications, bill verification and audit, EnergyCAP utility management, and
    Demand Response.

Priority Energy Consulting
                             What is Priority Energy Consulting’s primary focus?

 We focus on the most critical part of your energy costs- procurement. Sure,
    demand side management is important but a large part of savings begins with
    supply procurement. Our value weighs heavily upon our wholesale
    transparency and market intelligence. These attributes to our procurement
    process allow us to virtually dictate prices to qualified retail energy providers,
    instead of the reverse. Market intelligence provides the control in a volatile
    environment that is needed to optimize your decision making.

Priority Energy Consulting monitors the following:

   Regional and national energy market movements
   Local, state, and national regulatory developments
   Activity in ERCOT, Northeast, and Midwest markets
   Gas transportation and basis figures
   Energy market prices and indices for the regions where you do business

Priority Energy Consulting
                             What is Priority Energy Consulting’s retail
                                       commodity coverage?

                                                        Procurement Services
   Since deregulation, its become essential
    for businesses to make their                        Pre-Contract Services:
    procurement a priority and look at it as               Load Analysis
    an opportunity instead of a big hassle.                Individual Risk Analysis
                                                           Strategic Product Selection
                                                           Solicitation & Supplier Evaluation
   In today's market, windows of                          Pre-negotiated Supplier Contracts
    opportunity are continually opening                    Market Timing Evaluation
    and closing as market conditions                     Product Structures:
    change. PEC's analysts monitor the                     Fixed price variations
    energy markets and inform you when it                  Shaped blocks
    is time to contract. If market activity is             Blended structures
    about to be effected for fundamental or                Seasonal blocks
    technical reasons, you will know ahead                 MCPE/Index
    of time and take appropriate action.                   Heat Rate
                                                           Hedge plan design and management
                                                        Post-Contract Services:
   We provide much more than a new                        Switch Verification
    contract. You get information that                     Invoice Verification
    makes these important decisions a                      Meter Add/Deletes
    rewarding business opportunity.                        Market Watch
                                                           Lock / Renewal / Blend and Extends

Priority Energy Consulting
                              What retail electricity advantages does
                              National Energy Consulting provide?

Flexibility:                 Hedge duration, hedge volumes, unwind options, etc.

Transparency: Retail and Wholesale Markets

Options:                     Extendables; Blend & Extend; Open Orders, etc.

Strategic View: Portfolio approach to managing energy purchases

Expertise:                   In business as an energy management provider, well-
                             established in complex energy commodity markets

Priority Energy Consulting
                             Product Options

     Fixed Price for Term                 PEC manages each product
     Heat Rate                            according to the client’s risk
     Index-Based                          tolerance and target. Budget
     Hedge Plan                           certainty- risk averse to
                                           tolerant-aggressive price
     Seasonal Blocks
                                           optimization. Each client
     Shaped Blocks                        profile carries its own unique
     Flat Blocks                          characteristics.
     MCPE
     Customer Tailored Blocks
     Open Orders

           We will determine and recommend the best product for your
                        company’s energy requirements.
Priority Energy Consulting
                             Price Risk Management

 Priority Energy Consulting offers Risk Management Services to help
   you identify and quantify risk exposure at the corporate, business unit,
   plant and product levels. Risk levels are monitored to achieve cash flow
   certainty and reduced exposure to high energy prices.
Typical steps in the development process are:
      1.      Quantifying risk
      2.      Developing hedging strategies based on financial targets, hedge
              objectives, risk tolerances, operational flexibility and current
              procurement methods
      3.      Executing transactions to support developed strategies
      4.      Monitoring, optimizing and managing risk levels on an on-going basis
      5.      EnergyCAP Utility Management Software

Priority Energy Consulting
                                 Market Watch

Daily Market Summary Updates – Each weekday, we provide you with up-to-the-
  minute market reports for natural gas and electricity pricing and analysis for each region
  by e-mail. The reports are a brief overview of the fundamental market drivers. A typical
  report includes:
     •      Weather – provides a weather forecast for the coming week, along with
            precipitation reports, snow pack updates and long-term outlooks.
     •      Gas Market Update – reviews and analyzes trends in national gas markets,
            storage and rig counts.
     •      Power Market Update – analyzes price movements in various markets, such
            as gas prices, weather patterns and generation outages.

 Bi-Weekly Regulatory Updates – Every other week, we provide you with
  updates on the status of deregulation and deregulated market developments nationwide.

Priority Energy Consulting
                                   Our Fee

 You never make a direct payment to PEC, our fee is a component of your energy
   rate and is paid to us by the supplier with which you choose to contract.
   Depending on load size and term, we'll identify a fee that is acceptable to you
   based on our level of involvement with your particular energy requirements.

 Typically, it's one to three tenths of a cent per kilowatt hour, sometimes less for
   multi-site, larger companies. We provide a 'look-back' analysis which, among
   other important data, will prove our value in dollar and percentage of savings.

 Our EnergyCAP Utility Management Software will measure not only your
   company’s energy requirements, but also our effectiveness in procurement by
   comparing recent supply contracts with your past purchasing trends and
   current market data.

Priority Energy Consulting

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