December 2nd 2009 - Girls on the Go! by 2CxzIx



GOG Network Minutes                                            Wed 2nd December 2009

Attended: Sue Willey, Laura Tirlea, Michelle Lamott, Helen Kalogiannis, Laura Peterson,
Diana Tauteka, Leatha Olsen, Tarryn Faithful, Tanya Hempshall, Leigh Farmer, Bobbie
Hall, Natalie Barber,

Apologies: Joey, Amber, Sam, Sara, Rebecca, Judy

       1. Guest Speaker – Sue Willey (Refugee Health Nurse) Greater Dandenong
          Community Health Service: (see attachment for PowerPoint presentation)
       Sue delivered a great presentation on refugees.
       Some of the topics included:
              Definition of a Refugee
              Australia’s Response
              Refugee settlement in top 10 Local Government areas 2002 – 2007 (DIAC
               settlement data 2007
              Expected Humanitarian Entrants (Vic) May 2009
              Humanitarian Visa Categories
              Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Strategy (IHSS)
              Asylum Seekers
              Background to Refugee Health Nurse Initiative
              Aims of the RHN Program
              Refugee Health Clinics with a Refugee Health Nurse in Greater Dandenong
              Refugee Health & Wellbeing Action Plan
               2008 – 2010
              Interpreters
              Barriers / Difficulties / Issues for Refugees
              How can you help?

       2. Display organized by Te Waka One Ocean during morning tea:

           Leatha and Di gave us an insight into the Polynesian culture.

3. Girls on the Go Program updates – Information sharing by everyone.

4. What is happening at GDCHS for the remainder of 2009:

End of year ‘Girls on the Go’ Barbeque – Tuesday 15th December
Next meeting – 9:30 – 11:30 March 17th 2010, guest speaker TBC


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