If I Knew Then, What I Know Now! by 2CxzIx


									 If I Knew Then,
What I Know Now!

 Laura Witte, Director of Testing Services
              North East ISD
  Training Academy for New District Test Coordinators
                  September 2006
            Where Do I Start?
• Read the DCCM 2006. Read it
• Attend ESC Training
• Check out the Pearson web site
  and read it all
• The Calendar of Events is
  your friend
• Make your own district
  calendar and include your
  training dates & check in of
Plan & Train for the
Worst Case Scenario
   • It is possible for a real fire to
     break out during a live test!
   • It is possible for an armed robber
     running from the police to run into
     a bilingual elementary campus
     during live testing!
   • It is possible for a lizzard to jump
     into the hair of a middle school
     boy who is taking the 7th grade
     TAKS writing test!
   • Have a district and campus test
           How to be a
Successful District Test Coordinator
 • Learn the rules
 • Get organized & make a plan
 • Ask for help if you need it
 • Execute the plan and take notes for the next test
   administration/year on ideas that did not work
 • Hold people accountable for executing their part
   of the plan
 • Make sure your CTC’s know that you are their
   biggest advocate & do what you can to make the
   life of your CTC’s easier
 • Steal what you can from other districts!!
       Learn the Rules!
• Read the DCCM over
  and over and over…
• Read Test
  Administrator Manuals
• Attend ESC Training
• Ask questions
                 Get Organized!
• What is each person’s        •   Testing Service Website
  responsibility               •   Forms
  – District Test Coor.
                               •   CTC Notebook
  – Testing Specialists
  – Campus Test Coor.          •   Calendars
• Set up your warehouse        •   Training Dates & rooms
  or testing room                  – Creating district wide
                                     training modules & folders
  –   Receiving materials
                                   – District Test Monitors
  –   Inventory materials
  –   Additional orders         • Documentation- Get
  –   Check in of scorables and
                                  signatures for all materials
      non scorables               and for each training
                               • Investigations
          Execute the Plan
• Make sure that everyone knows the plan
• Be firm and make others follow the plan
  – Additional Orders
  – Scorable Check in Times
• Be available to answer questions
• Know that sometimes your plan will not work
  no matter how much planning you did
• Take notes on ways to improve “the plan”
  for the next test administration
Become your CTC’s Biggest
• Your campus test coordinators are worth their
  weight in gold, so treat them that way!
• Train them well and provide them with all of
  the tools they will need to do the best job
  – Providing district-wide training modules for them,
    creating forms etc. save CTC’s time and ensures
    consistency throughout the district
• Support them and advocate for them every
  opportunity that arises!
       Campus Test Plan
• Complete the plan in September
• The Test Plan is the plan for the
  entire year of testing and clearly lists
  who is responsible for each task
• Plan includes any Campus Plan of
  Action for an incident report from the
  previous year
• Get plan approved by campus
• Return campus plan to District
  Testing Coordinator
• Keep a copy on file at campus
    Campus Test Coor. Must…
•   Attend All District Trainings
•   Conduct/Document Campus Training
•   Handling Secure Materials
•   Monitor Test Administration
•   Return Scorables for check in at district office
•   Distribute Results
•   Manage Records
       What do I do with all this stuff?
       What to throw out, what to keep, for how long?
        Secure Storage
• All test materials except
  nonsecure manuals must be
  locked up when not in use
• Temporary Secure Storage
  – Kee-Blok : Lever or round
    door knob
  – Manufactured by Major
    Manufacturing, Inc.
    Anaheim, California
 Delivery & Pick up of Materials
• What is your plan for your
• NEISD delivers materials to
  all campuses, but only picks
  up secondary campus
  materials                         Print

• CTC is emailed that shipment

  is on the way and should be
  ready to receive it and lock it
• CTC or an administrator
  must sign for the
       Shipments from Pearson
• See State Calendar for dates
• Pearson will email the District Test
  Coordinator notifying him/her what is being
  shipped with tracking numbers.
• Verify that your district has received all of the
  shipment and notify Pearson if you have not
• Either deliver the shipment to the campuses or
  have them pick them up
• CTC’s must make sure to make arrangements
  for the materials to be put in locked secure
  storage as soon as they arrive.
• No boxes should be left sitting in the front
• NEISD Campuses have 48 hours to check
  packing list and report any missing
  materials to Testing Services
            Additional Orders
• As soon as the CTC receives her/his Campus Materials
  List from Testing Services additional orders may be
• NEISD allows only 1 additional order per campus per test
  administration unless there is a documented emergency
• Additional orders are only good for the current test
  administration and must be made before the deadline
• The additional order must be completed using the
  appropriate form (posted on website and emailed with
  campus materials list)
• All forms are PDF format and should be e-mailed to
  Testing Services
            Working with Other
           Departments and Staff
• Testing may have to take the lead in
  data verification in your district
• Testing Teams get data verification
• Data in the mainframe should match
  testing data!
• Districts get data files for all test
  administrations, but we do not get them
  for corrections
• CTC’s must give campus data
  processors the info regarding
  corrections so it can be put in to the
              Training Modules
• NEISD trains CTC’s for each test administration plus DBA
  and LAT
• CTC must use district training modules in order to ensure
  consistent training district- wide
• CTC’s will be given a color coded training folder with all
  necessary forms and handouts as well as the training on CD
  when he/she attends the district training
• No slides can be deleted, but CTC’s can add slides to
  address campus organizational issues
• It is better to train all available staff in case there is an
  emergency you will be prepared
• Keep Training Folders and all information within them for at
  least ? Years (NEISD keeps folders 5 years)
• Does your district use your PEIMS submission
  or submit a data file? If so, who does it?
• As soon as the district sends in our precode file
  to Pearson campuses get a copy of the
  precode list to verify
• The Testing Team works together to verify
  that all precode information is correct
• Do not put labels on AD until you know for sure
  that the label has correct information. Once a
  label is put on a document it must be returned
  with scorables!
• SDAA II Workbook
  – Used for Fall Enrollment
  – Keeps track of LDAA’s, OA etc.
  – Helps campuses keep track of tests needed and it additional
    orders are necessary

• Meet regularly with Special Education & Bilingual
  Coordinators and get them to sign off on lists of
  students they provide CTC
• CTC’s need ARD testing information
• Double check all lists the day before testing to
  ensure that every student is taking the appropriate
             Monitoring Testing
• District Monitors
   – For each test administration assigned
     randomly to campuses
   – All trained at district office and have
     signed an oath as a test administrator
• Super Monitors- Superintendents
  and Executive Directors
• District Monitor Reports
   – Campus Overview
   – Individual Classrooms
• CTC should monitor testing
  on campus
           Return of Materials
• Sign up for return of
  scorables at CTC Training
  – First person to arrive get
    his/her pick of times
• No Drive By Check Ins!
• Bring documentation with
  you or you cannot check in      TAKS
• NEISD verifies all hand
  grids, score codes, counts
            Scorable Check In
• CTC’s are prepared to stay until all scorables are
  checked in
• If CTC misses appointment they go to the end of the
  line & principal is notified
• Bring all documentation to check in
• Data Processors verify all hand gridded documents
• Next, AD will be counted and score codes checked
• Scorable “live” test booklets will be checked in
• NEISD keeps log of the contents in each scorable
  box sent to Pearson
• October- Send it Superintendent’s Oath in Box 1
  District Coordinator’s Packet
Keep all documentation pertaining to the test
in the packet and file it at the conclusion of
•Shipping records
•Additional order records
•Sign in sheets
•Check out sheets
•Box Logs
•Inventory lists
•Copies of ADPL’s
•Copies of P.O. and order forms
• Check State Calendar for dates
• We notify our superintendent when shipment arrives
  and then notify campuses
• Rosters are available online first and are emailed to
  NEISD principals & CTC’s ASAP
• Summary Reports are available on the Testing
  Service web site
• Writing Image CD’s for TAKS & SDAA II are given to
  curriculum to forward to campuses
• Mainframe is loaded within 2 days of receipt of data
• TRIAND gets data immediately
  Contact Information
Laura Witte
Director of Testing Services
North East ISD
Email: lwitte@neisd.net

8961 Tesoro Dr., Suite 500.14
San Antonio, TX 78217
Fax: 210-804-7128

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