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					Venturing Crew464 - Snow Backpack Equipment List

The 10 Essentials: (to be carried at all times)
         To Find You Way                                    For Emergencies
         Compass                                            Matches (in waterproof container)
         Map                                                Fire starter (candle, heat tabs, etc.)
         Flashlight (extra batteries)                       Pocket Knife
         For Your Protection                                First Aid Kit (include moleskin, tape)
         Sunglasses, leash (side shields good)             11th Essential
         Extra Food (trail snacks, etc)                    Toilet paper (the 11th essential)
         Extra Warm Clothing
Individual Gear                                        Clothing to Wear
         backpack                                          Socks(2-pair)-wool or synthetic
         pack cover (large trash bag OK)                   Sock Liners - synthetic
         sit pad                                           Boots - well waterproofed
     Sleep Gear                                            long underware - wool or synthetic
         sleeping bag & extra blanket                      Long Pants (wind or snow pants)
         two sleeping pads (extra insulation)              Warm Hat
         straps to hold on sleeping bag                    Warm mittons or gloves, overmitts, glove liners
         warm wool or synthetic cap                        Warm Shirt -wool or pile for layering
         long underware/sweats - cotton for night only     Sweater -wool or pile for layering
         underwear/clean socks(to sleep in)                Parka or Jacket (wind & water resistant)
     Personal Emergency Kit                            Clothes to carry
         whistle                                           extra clothes - at least one full change
         watch                                             socks, 2-pairs warm/1-pr liner
         emergency blanket                                 camp shoes or sandals for camp use
     Personal Eating Gear                                  scarf/neck warmer
         plastic spoon/fork                            Cleanup kit
         bowl & insulated cup w/ lid (or two cups)         toothbrush/paste - comb - etc.
         spare food - high calorie for energy              moist towelettes - lots - each meal + night clean-up
         money for lunch coming back Sunday                small towel or pack towel
     Water                                                 sunscreen
         2-qts in wide mouth bottles                       lip balm
         (one a steel thermos for night if you can)        toiletry shovel
Group Gear - to be coordinated/distributed by outing leaders
     Tents - poles/fly                                 Other group gear
     Ground Cloth                                          toilet paper
     Food for meals                                        garbage bags
     Cook Gear                                             cord or rope (for tent pegging + else)
         Cook stove/windscreen - (2 per cook group)        collapsible water bucket
         fuel - 1/2 cup per person per day                 snowshoes/poles
         stove support board                               snow shovels
         matches - in waterproof containers                hatchet/folding saw
         two large pans each w/ lids                       crew first aid kit
         cooking utensils-spoon/spatula/                   camp soap
         plastic work sheet
         pot scrubber/brillo

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