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					             Comprehension         Phonics Skills           Grammar        Vocabulary             Study
                 Skills                                       Skill           Skill                Skill
Theme 1
Dragon       Story Structure       Short a,i; base         What is a       Homophones         Reading a chart
Gets By                            words and               sentence?
                                   -s,-ed, -ing endings
Julius       Fantasy/Realism       Short vowels o,u,e;     Naming parts    Synonyms           Using a Diagram
                                   VCCV pattern            of a sentence
Mrs. Brown   Fantasy/Realism       Long vowels CVCe; a,i   Action parts    Multiple           Locating
             Cause & Effect                                of a sentence   Meaning words      information
Theme 2
Henry and    Compare and           Long vowels CVCe;       Telling         Compound           Using a Map
Mudge        Contrast              o,u,e; two sounds for   sentences and   Words
                                   g                       Questions
Exploring    Fact and Opinion      Consonant Clusters      Commands        Antonyms           Using a Graph
Parks                              (r,l,s); two sounds
                                   for c
Around the   Categorize/Classify   Double consonants;      Exclamations    Multiple           Using guide
Pond                               VCV pattern                             Meaning words      words in a
Theme 3
Chinatown    Making Judgments      Consonant digraphs      Common Nouns    ABC order in       Using a schedule
                                   (th,wh,sh,ch,tch);                      the dictionary
                                   base words with –er,
                                   -est endings
A Trip to    Topic/Main idea       Vowel pairs ai,ay,      Proper Nouns    Beg, Mid, End in   Using a phone
the          Supporting Details    Compound words                          dictionary         book
Big Bushy    Problem Solving       Vowel pairs ow,ou;      Plural Nouns    Using Context      Understanding
Mustache     Cause & Effect        suffixes –ly, -ful                      Clues              the calendar
Jamaica      Making inferences     Vowel pairs ee,ea;      Irregular       Dictionary guide   Using an
Louise       Sequence of Events    common syllables –      Plurals         words              encyclopedia
James                              tion, -ture
Theme 4
Officer      Fantasy/Realism       r-controlled vowels     Pronouns        Dictionary entry   Interviewing
Buckle &     Cause & Effect        ar, or, ore                             words
ANT          Cause & Effect        Words with (nd, nt,     Singular        Using a            Using a glossary
             Fact & Opinion        mp, ng, nk); base       Possessive      thesaurus
                                   words and endings       Nouns
                                   -s, -es, -ies
Great Ball   Cause & Effect        Vowel pairs oa, ow      Plural          Parts of a         Using directions
Game         Compare/Contrast                              Possessive      dictionary entry

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