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					                                Enhancing Your Curriculum using unitedstreaming
                                                                             Schenectady City Schools

        Grade 4-6
    Social Studies, ELA
                                                       Star - Spangled Poetry

Created by Tracy Standhart
Schenectady City Schools

Lesson Description
Using the lyrics to “The Star Spangled Banner”, students will learn the
meaning and importance of Francis Scott Key’s words and his inspiration for writing the poem.

Student Objectives
The students will be challenged to:
 interpret the figurative language of the first verse of “The Star-Spangled Banner” lyrics
 rewrite the first verse using their own words

   Computer (laptop) & LCD to project videos
   KWL Chart
   Lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner - http://www.ushistory.org/documents/banner.htm
   Student Codes for unitedstreaming Writing Prompt and Video Assignment
   Access to computer(s) for word processing
   Paper, Crayon, Markers, etc. for creating Illustration unless student chooses to use computer
   Figurative Language Website –
   unitedstreaming – www.unitedstreaming.com and www.unitedstreaming.com/studentcenter

NYS Learning Standards and Performance Indicators
Social Studies
5.3. Understand that citizenship includes an awareness of the holidays, celebrations, and symbols of our nation.
2.1. L.Respond appropriately to what is heard
2.1. R. Recognize how the author uses literary devices, such as simile, metaphor, and personification, to create meaning,
with assistance

National Educational Technology Standards for Students
   Use general purpose productivity tools and peripherals to support personal productivity, remediate skill
    deficits, and facilitate learning throughout the curriculum. (3)
   Use technology resources (e.g., calculators, data collection probes, videos, educational software) for
    problem solving, self-directed learning, and extended learning activities. (5,6)

Focus on Vocabulary
Figurative Language

1. Journal Writing - Go to www.unitedstreaming.com/studentcenter and enter the code: W558C-C29F.
Enter your full name. Follow the directions on the page that opens up.

2. Watch and listen to the following video clip: Singing the Star-Spangled Banner. Go to
www.unitedstreaming.com/studentcenter and enter the code: T4F5E-8D9E.

3. What do you know? What do you want to know?
Complete the first two columns of the Stars and Stripes KWL Chart. Your teacher will give this to you, or you
can print it by clicking here.

4. Now watch the entire video: The Star-Spangled Banner. Go to www.unitedstreaming.com/studentcenter
and enter the code: T4F5E-8D9E.

5. What do the words in the Star-Spangled Banner mean?
With a buddy or partner, read the first verse or stanza of the poem: The Star Spangled Banner. You can find it
by clicking here.
List on a separate sheet of paper the words or phrases that represent figurative language in the first stanza.
Next to each word, brainstorm with your partner and write in your own words what each of the words or
phrases mean.

Need help understanding figurative language?
Select the following links: What is figurative language?
What are some examples of figurative language?

6. Complete the last column of the KWL Chart.

7. Rewrite and Illustrate
Complete one of the following:
1. On the computer using WORD, rewrite the first verse of the Star-Spangled Banner. Include a new title as
2. Using an 8½x11 sheet of paper, create an illustration that represents the scene created by words in the

Extending the Lesson
Students can use the first verse of the national anthem as a start for a short report on the attack on Fort

Check student’s understanding based on the accuracy of their interpretations and visuals.

Have students share their visuals and interpretations of the poem.

Credits and References
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