SAM Meeting November 2nd, 2007 by 2CxzIx


                     Student Achievement Measures (SAM) Task Force
                              Teacher Incentive Fund Project
                                    November 2, 2007

The SAM Task Force met in the Board Room at 3:45 p.m.


Those in attendance introduced themselves and expressed their best hopes for Task Force work. (see
attached attendance list)

Modus Operandi

Membership: Those in attendance were asked to indicate if they wanted to be Task Force members or
observers. Liz McCachren and Christi Cook indicated observer status.

Norms: The Meeting Norms adopted by the Steering Committee were presented to the group and
discussed. Jen McClain suggested adding “Use verifiable information when discussing achievement, not
assumptions.” The group agreed to add this language and agreed to the Norms by consensus.

Chairs / Facilitator: The group was asked to ponder whether to select chair(s) and/or an outside facilitator
with the Interest Based Strategies (IBS) program that the district uses in negotiations and the Steering
Committee uses. Materials on IBS were included in the meeting packet.

Tasks, Timeline, Workflow

The meeting packet included handouts outlining the group’s tasks, the project timeline for the school
year, and the workflow process.

There was discussion of the tasks, which include determining the assessments to be used for October
2008 payments, other measures to be added to the system, and possible payout in the spring of 2008. A
white paper from Mark was included in the packet, and Mark briefly introduced it, explaining that it
outlined ideas and what the grant describes as a “body of evidence” to be used for incentive payments.

Sarah Romero moved that there be a second payout this school year, with criteria and date to be
determined. Ben Klein seconded the motion.

Discussion followed. Questions raised during the discussion included 1) whether payouts could be
district-wide: Mark and Carol explained that under the grant they must be building and/or classroom
based and differentiated – and 2) whether we could require a minimum payment: we cannot. Concern
was raised that we not selectively choose data from last year to deliberately result in payments to one
school or another.

Marci Horton moved to amend the motion to read “an additional payout which will compensate for
programs in place during the 2006-2007 school year and use of effective instructional methods that
evidence shows improved student achievement.” Ben Klein seconded the motion.
After additional discussion, Carey Sanchez moved the question; Ben Klein seconded the motion. The
motion carried. The motion to amend carried. The amended main motion carried.

Carol reviewed the remaining items in the meeting packet, which included articles about performance pay
plans and other TIF grantees. A number of other research articles were made available to members to
review prior to the next meeting.

The group agreed to meet next on Friday, November 16 at 3:45 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 5:35 p.m.

                                                                             Recorded by Scott Graham

Attendance November 2, 2007 Student Achievement Task Force (SAM)

Anna Sink
Barb Miles
Barbara Licona
Ben Klein
Brandi McWilliams
Carey Sanchez
Cheri Amrine
Christi Cook
Diana Gomez
Elisha McWilliams
Ginny Woodruff
Holly Sheldon
Jennifer McLain
Jessica Kelto
Jody Mudd
Kathy Murawa
Liz McCachren
Marci Horton
Marian Thrush
Mary Shotts
Paula Marquez
Regina Metivier
Sandra Rabas
Sarah Romero
Sarah Skaaland
Sasha Rhodes

Members absent:
Casey Rocha
Jocelyn Walters
Nativity Miller
Peggy Reynolds
Phil Breedlove
Shela Blankinship

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