How to learn Chinese more effectively ? by mrepr6688


									How to learn Chinese more effectively?

This experience is taken from the Chinese teachers , and some excellent students who
learn Chinese.

   1. Learn the transcription well.

              To learn Chinese well, the very first thing you need to do is to
grasp good transcription, because having good transcription means you can pronounce
     more exactly; therefore, when communicating,you will find yourself much more
                                confident and talk better.
Besides, good transcription at the beginning at school also contributed to your
practicing writing Chinese characters so you can avoid misspelling and consfusion
between words which nearly look like each other.
2. Communicate in Chinese more and more.

This is probably more common way to students who are studying in China. If you are
         living and studying in China, please take full advantage of your good
opportunities to interact withChinese. Because when you turn Chinese become your
 daily comunicative language, it means Chinese will become the first language after
your mother language you think of and the words are on the tip of your tonge will be
           in Chinese,then you already proved you succeed in your first step.
  However, do not be sad if you are not studying inchinese because you can talk to
  each other every day in Chinese, and thus it is easier to help each other point out
and overcome the mistakes in speaking? It is an extremely effective way! Why don’t
                                        you try?
   3. Illustration

      Watching Chinese movies , listening to current events, news in Chinese.
      Fortunately, because today it is no longer too difficult to find the
      Chinese movies, or to hear news from the television channel of China is also
      very easy. You can do it just with your TV cable, and a light press to change
      channels via CCTV4 or google searching, typing the name of the film
      and searching.... If else you can access to the famous movie website of China
      as Youku, Tudou .... 56 directly or to find your favorite movie and enjoy, you can
      both relax and study , but remember that when watching movies, you should
      keep a dictionary beside you and look up the new words right when you watch
      the movies, Just finished watching a movie (in Chinese), you
      can immediately check your listening skill, and you can make sure it has
      been significantly improved then.. Try to see Chinese film as much as you can!

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