GERMANNA COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                                                      Nursing Student/Advisor Worksheet
                                                                            LPN-ADN STUDENT
STUDENT: __________________________________________ SSN: ____________________                                           Date: _______________
______    Official high School /GED/LPN/college transcripts.
______    Pre-requisites-must be completed within the last 5 years prior to applying to the nursing program. A grade of “C”
          or better is required in each prerequisite.
                    BIO 101 & 101L General Biology I & Lab or equivalent from High School
                    CHM 101 & CHM 101L Basic Chemistry & Lab or CHM 125 or equivalent from High School
                    MTH 03 Algebra I OR Compass Algebra Placement test score of at least 36*
                    ITE 115 Computer Literacy or successful completion of the Computer Competency Test.
                    (Computer Competency Exams from other VCCS colleges are not accepted at GCC)
                            Applicants who have completed Algebra, Chemistry, and Biology beyond 5 years, may demonstrate current
                            proficiencies by scoring at the 45th percentile or higher on the Pre-Admission Test. Applicants who fail to score at the
                            45th percentile or higher need to take MTH 03, BIO 101 and CHM 125 or their equivalents. If computer class taken
                            was completed beyond 5 years, the applicant must take another computer application course or demonstrate success on
                            the College’s computer competency challenge exam.
                            You must have received a “C” or better for the above courses. You must be a high school graduate or have received a
                            GED. An application to the nursing program may be submitted after completion of the prerequisite courses in biology,
                            chemistry, algebra, and computer literacy. All pre-requisite course work must have been completed within five
                            years of application date.
______                      GPA 2.5*
______                      Criminal History Report
Applicants must have completed the following program course requirements prior to entry into 200 level courses.

______        NUR 115 – LPN Transition (NUR 115 must be taken no less than 1 year before entering the 2 nd level nursing
              courses). Prerequisite ITE 115, NAS 161/162.
______        Demonstrated Equivalency on Achievement Exams. Test taken prior to applying to program. See Nursing office for
______        NAS 161 & NAS 162 along with NUR 115 must be completed before entering 2 nd level nursing courses.
To enter the 2nd year or 200 level courses of Nursing Program, faculty strongly recommend the completion of the following
course work. These courses may be subject to change.
                           SDV 100                    PSY 230
                           ENG 111-112                SOC 200                  Selective Course (from list)
                           HLT 250                    NUR 114
                  Any one course from ART, ENG, HUM, MUS, PHI, REL OR Foreign language
                                                       & Humanities Electives

______     Resident of service region (the city of Fredericksburg, and the counties of Culpeper, Madison, Orange, Spotsylvania,
           Stafford, Fredericksburg, Caroline, King George)
______     GPA-Applicant will be expected to have earned at least a “C” in all general education courses in the Associate
           Degree. (Credits completed at Germanna Community College and at colleges in the Virginia Community College
           System will be noted in the admission process).
______     Coursework Completed Towards Graduation at Germanna Community College.
______     Proficiency Standard Scores on Achievement Tests.
I understand the above-listed information required for admission and considered in the admission process. I also understand that to
meet graduation requirements, I must have completed all requirements listed in the catalog in effect at date of admission into nursing
program or I may choose to complete all requirements listed in any revision of the curriculum as presented in subsequent catalogs.

                                                         Student Signature     Date

*Updated requirements became effective February 15, 2007
Please place signed form in student advising folder in nursing complex.
                                                                                                                                         Revised 7/1/08

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