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									    Reasons I Believe James (B. or C.) Fletcher's Father,
             William Was, In Fact Drury's Son
                             By Ruth Fletcher Wiley
(Ruth Fletcher Wiley is a noted genealogical researcher particularly with respect to
Fletcher/Hoggard family histories. This article was presented at the 2001
Fletcher/Hoggard/Linney reunion responding to other researchers who had purported a
different lineage of William Fletcher Sr. other that Drury Fletcher).

From Lee County VA records, we know that Drury Fletcher married Sarah Benham, the
daughter of John and Mary Hobbs Benham on July 6, 1786. Their first child, Elizabeth,
who married a Fleenor and later moved to Indiana was born in 1787. The second,
William was born 1789 and the third, James, who married Margaret Patterson was born
in 1791.

In Drury's divorce proceedings, one James Huff testified that Sarah had eloped with
Edward Welborne, gone to KY and refused to return to her husband and children.

In 1815, Drury began selling his land, probably due to his age. Records show that his
daughter's heirs appointed Isiah Muncy, Esq. as their attorney to handle the estate that
their mother had inherited from Drury Fletcher in Lee County, VA. Drury made a deed
by gift of a tract of land to his youngest son, James on March 2, 1816. On May 1, 1816
he deeded the tract of land on which he lived to his long-time housekeeper, Dolly
Bausell and after her death, to her four daughters. Then on January 18, 1817, he deeded a
tract of land to his older son, William. (This was probably just before he died). I believe
that William had, for some time been living in KY with his mother and had in fact,
married there and Drury had not liked that. Perhaps William had some bad feelings also,
for he sold the land Drury had deeded to him in June of that same year and want back to

The above William we all agree was Drury's son. But the one who came to TX in the
Peter's Colony and was listed as Wm. K. Fletcher, Sr. and William K. Fletcher. Jr. (father
and son) and several more of his KY and MO born children, James and Sarah Fletcher
Hoggard, William Hoggard and others, who was he? I know for certain that the Sarah
Fletcher Hoggard, wife of James was the daughter of James Fletcher, the youngest son of
Drury. She and James were the parents of Nancy Jane Hoggard who married Coho
Smith. They were my paternal great grandparents.

For the record, I would like to say here that James B. or C. Fletcher and wife, Elizabeth
Hoggard Fletcher did not come to TX in the Peter's Colony, but joined the others here. I
do not know where they came from, but I think it is possible that they could have been in
Indian Territory for some time and fibbed about George Washington Fletcher being born
there for fear that that fact might go against them getting a land grant.

The older ones of William K. Fletcher's children were born in KY. Sometime after 1824
he moved to MO where more children were born. Some of the children married in MO.
James, Elizabeth and young Drury, for instance.

I have information that William K. Sr's mother, Sarah Welborne moved to MO and died
there. Drury's son, James Fletcher, and his family were already in MO by that time.

In the 1850 Navarro County census, we find William Fletcher living with a Parris family.
Very near were his daughter, Elizabeth Bedwell, his son, James Fletcher, William K.
Fletcher, Jr., James Hoggard, William Hoggard, and Sarah Hoggard, widow of
Richmond (Richard) Hoggard with four unmarried daughters. It appeared that William
K. Fletcher, Sr. did not have a wife at that time since his youngest daughter, Sarah
Fletcher was living with her sister, Elizabeth Bedwell. Who was that William Fletcher
living among all his children and kin? He was born in VA and was 61 years old. (That
would mean he was born in 1789, same as Drury's first son).

Let us not forget that William Fletcher was found in the Bell County, TX census in 1870
living with his youngest daughter, Sarah Meek. He was 81 years old and still born in
VA. If this is not William, the son of Drury, then what happened to that one?


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