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					Peg Kehret
 By: Lindsey M.
               Table of Contents
   Cover Page
   Introduction
   Birth
   Where Peg Lives
   Peg’s Pet Page
   Other Interests
   First Book
   Series
   Education
   Favorite Book
   Obstacles
  Peg, I can tell, is a very generous person. She
volunteers at the Humane Society. She is also a
long-time volunteer for animal welfare causes.
On top of all that, she writes amazing books and
    has won many awards. Keep going Peg!
Peg Kehret was born on November 11, 1936.
   She was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.
  Now she is 72 years old. Although she
 retired from going from school to school;
   she still goes and does volunteering for
            animal welfare causes.
              Where Peg Lives
  When Peg married Carl Kehret in 1955, she
moved to California two years later. In 1970, Peg and
Carl moved to Washington. Washington is now the
current place where she lives. Peg’s home is a log house
on a ten acre wildlife sanctuary near Mount Rainier
National Park. For many years Carl and Peg traveled
around Washington to visit schools, libraries, and
children’s literature conferences to speak to children.
           Peg’s Pet Page
    Peg loves pets. In fact, most of her books
are based on her animals. She has two cats, the
first one is named Molly; and her second cat is
named Mr. Stray. Peg also has two dogs. One
of them is named Lucy. Lucy was mistreated.
Peg got her from a rescue group. All of her
animals are rescued animals!
           Other Interests
    Peg Kehret does other things than writing
and volunteering at the Humane Society. She
also loves to go to baseball games. Of course,
she absolutely LOVES to read. Since she has
three animals she always plays with them (of
course that is the main part to having animals).
     First Book
       Peg’s first book is
   called The Wedding
Vows. That was her first
   book for adults. Her
first book for kids is called
   Winning Monologs
for Young Actors. It was
   published in 1985.
         Peg has written many books. Many people don’t know
    that most of them are considered a series. Here are the couple
    series she has written:

   Disaster series
   Pete the Cat series

         Disaster series are the books such as Earthquake Terror,
    Nightmare Mountain, and Volcano Disaster. Pete the Cat
    series are the books such as Stranger Next Door, Spy Cat, and
    Trapped. Peg has other books, but there are not any more
    series she has written that I am aware of.
    Peg did a lot to become a famous author
and it all starts with school. One year she went
to the University of Minnesota. She also had
one year at a California state college. To
become an author you have to also do LOTS
of reading.
            Favorite Book
   Peg’s Favorite book is called Small Steps.
She likes it so much because it is her story
about having Polio. Also, her favorite book is
usually the most recent one she has written.
    Peg is very famous but some sad things have
happened in her lifetime. When she was in high
school she was diagnosed with polio. It paralyzed her
from the neck down and was hospitalized for nine
months. However, she made complete recovery.
    On April 28th, 2004, Carl, her husband, died. Peg
and Carl were married forty-eight wonderful years.
Peg’s children were all grown and married when Carl
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