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									Joomla 1.5
Joomla, like Drupal, is a very popular open-source (free) Content Management System
(CMS) currently available that can power: community portals, discussion forums,
corporate sites, personal sites, blogs, e-commerce, and more.

Who’s using Joomla:
MTV Networks Quizilla (Social networking) - http://www.quizilla.com
IHOP (Restaurant chain) - http://www.ihop.com
Harvard University (Educational) - http://gsas.harvard.edu
Citibank (Financial institution intranet) - Not publicly accessible
The Green Maven (Eco-resources) - http://www.greenmaven.com
Outdoor Photographer (Magazine) - http://www.outdoorphotographer.com
PlayShakespeare.com (Cultural) - http://www.playshakespeare.com
Senso Interiors (Furniture design) - http://www.sensointeriors.co.za
(and many many more)

Just like Drupal, Joomla Hosting Providers charge approximately $5 - $10 / month for the
type of Service required by OMC.

Feature List:

Free / open source – Yes!

Makes distributed content creation as easy and user -friendly as possible –
    The page editor that comes out of the box isn't very user friendly but I installed
     "JCE editor" into Joomla which is much more user friendly. Users can also use
     their own web page editors, including MS-WORD, and copy/paste into Joomla
    There are various other Joomla editors we can implement and test with as well
    Out of the box I couldn’t find a way for non-administrators to author new material
     but I installed a component so that authors, editors, and publishers can upload,
     edit, and approve pages, without having to login to the administrator panel.
    There is a nuance having to do with menu items and new content. The default
     menu system in Joomla requires an administrator to configure the links in the
     menu which point to content pages. Our goal is to allow individual teams to be
       able to add new content for approval and once it is approved it would be available
       automatically in the menu system. I believe we can accomplish this but it will
       require testing with other menu systems. The worse case is that an administrator
       will have to add new menu items for new pages from time to time. I do not expect
       this to be a huge problem because once our main skeleton is defined I think
       adding new menu items will be limited.

Security features (authorized users, ability to limit which pages a user can
change) – Yes!
           There are two major groups of users: Manager/Administrator/Super
             Administrator and Author/Editor/Publishers
           Structural, navigational, template, and plug-in/module changes should be
             made by Manager/Administrator/Super Administrator; adding, changing,
             and approving articles should be made by Author, Editors, and Publishers;
                   o   Registered User: Normal visitors who register at the site. Can view Menu
                       Items that have Access Level of Registered. Cannot edit or submit
                   o Author: Can submit new articles for approval in the front end only. A
                       Publisher or higher must approve. Cannot edit existing articles.
                   o Editor: Can submit new articles or edit existing articles from the front
                       end only. A Publisher or higher must approve.
                   o Publisher: Can submit, edit, or publish articles from the front end only.
                   o Manager, Administrator and Super Administrator: Can do all of the
                       above plus can log into the back end admin portal for full control
                       including changing templates and adding plugins and modules (forms,
                       calendars, RSS feeds, etc…)
              Recommend configuring RSS feeds, which is built in to Joomla so that certain
               individuals can get notified when content is changed.

Approval process (new/modified content is not rolled out until it has been
approved by authorized people) – Yes!
          Articles remain unpublished until a publisher approves them from
            administrator portal or from the front-end component I installed

Data driven content… ability to control content with a database behind the
scenes (e.g. calendar of events etc). – Yes!
             Runs on mySQL database; this would not be much of a concern if we
               decide to have our Joomla installation hosted; it could become
               problematic in the event we decide to house and manage the servers
               ourselves which doesn’t seem to make much sense based on the hosting
               options available and the price and benefit of having hosting with expert

Ease of system/administrative maintenance – Yes!
              Easy to administer via a web browser including easy
               search/find/installation of plugins and control of appearance, structure,
               and navigation
Provides lots of choices and flexible in terms of the appearance, structure,
and navigation of our web site – Yes!
           Appearance and structure are very customizable. Navigation is fairly
             customizable assuming you stay within the menu system. There are
             several menu systems available for different needs, and each is very
             customizeable. There are hundreds of pre-made templates for appearance,
             style, colors, menu, and page article locations. We can modify the
             templates that we download from with the admin portal although some
             understanding of HTML is required in order to make any significant
             changes. There is also software such as Artiseer to create our own
             templates via a WYSIWYG editor

Lots of plug-ins available to add new features (calendar etc) – Yes!
        Extensions.joomla.org - Thousands of free extensions; examples ->
          o Calendars (dynamic and shared calendars for each Section and/or
          o Newsletters
          o Forms (non financial driven forms), Event Registration, Booking and
          o Group Email Managers
          o Reporting
          o Service Desk (internal issue tracking, parishioner suggestion box, other
             ticket related needs)
          o Project and Task Management
          o Social Network Links

Ease of publishing and displaying photos – Yes!
          Easy for content makers to add images to their pages
          In addition there are various add-in modules here specific to displaying
             images: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/photos-a-images

Automated health management features… e.g. automated alert if web site
goes down, scan for broken links and issue alert for broken links, automatic
scan for unwanted content, etc. – Yes!
           There are logging capabilities we can incorporate but we should strongly
            consider having an outside monitoring software and/or desktop software
            for this type of checking.

Ability to search within our web site – Yes!
        There are various search modules available for searching within our site

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