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Drupal Theming


									Drupal Theming
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Who is Lullabot?
Who are you?
• Where are you from?
• What do you do?
• What are you hoping to get out of this workshop?
What is Lullabot?
• A consulting company
  • Drupal architecture and blueprinting
  • On-call expertise and developer support
  • Hardware/software performance tuning
  • Community coordination
• A training company
  • Public workshops
  • Private on-site training
  • Articles, podcast, books, DVDs, etc
• Drupal and Open Source advocacy
• Community involvement and leadership
Let’s get started!
So how is it that this site
and this site
are both Drupal?
...or how about this site
or this
web two point oh
Out of the box:
Outside of the box:
This one gets huge traffic
people love the gossip
and there are a lot more out there.
            not look like
So why does my Drupal their Drupal?
The State of Drupal Theming
• It requires esoteric knowledge of Drupal

• Many different architectural layers - confusing

• It’s easier to do things the wrong way
Is it reasonable to ask one person
to be a great web designer and to
simultaneously know all about the
Drupal API?
The role of the Drupal Themer
• A conduit between Drupal and the designer

• Translation of Drupal’s powerful back-end code into real
  world front-end functionality

• Translating complexity into simplicity
Once the Drupal themer achieves
a true understanding of theme
functionality, they will realize they
can control the appearance of
They can use this knowledge to
bring a sense of calm to their
design team.
“We can do that.”
Drupal Zen!
The Themer’s Toolbox

• Knowledge of CSS and standards-
  based design philosophy and practices

• An understanding of Drupal’s theme system

• A general understanding of PHP

• Extra credit: JQuery Javascript

• A pocket full of tools for debugging these things
What is theming and what is not?
• This is a philosophical discussion: there is no clear line.
• Theming is controlling the look of your site.
• Theming is design implementation.
• Theming is Drupal’s presentational layer.
• Anything that runs through the theme() function
  • This should be everything that prints to the page
  • This should not be module logic, settings, or configuration
• Modules are left brain. Themes are right brain. Keep the
  logic out.
• The text of the user interface is not theming.
Drupal’s Conceptual Layers
               page templates
   Theme                                             other templates
                    node templates

                Core (bootstrap)

   Drupal        Core Modules

               Contrib Modules

               Custom Modules
How we gonna work this?
• We’re going to move relatively quickly


• Lots of “for more information” pointers

What we’ve got planned
• An intro to Drupal concepts

• Learning to think like Drupal

• A look inside the themer’s toolbox

• Behind the scenes: theme files vs. html source

• Drupal theme functions and template files

• Build a theme from the ground up
What do you get when you
combine this zen understanding
of all things Drupal with a mastery
of the tools needed to implement
your site design?

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