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6- In December 10th 1995, after intense televising of the purpose and intent of the “House of
Religions” Foundation, Prof. Univ. Dr. Stan I Alexandru suggested the establishment of the
“Romanian’s Religions Peace Association” (A.P.A.R.). The leading role was given to Ms Marcela
Ghiulbenghian, and Dr. Alexandru was named General Secretary. The representatives of the cults
were granted the presidents of honor or presidents of doctrine titles. Each doctrinal event and
guidance has been carefully followed up by Univ. Prof. Dr. Stan I Alexandru.

April 4th 1995
7.a.- Ms. Marcela Ghiulbenghian and Univ. Prof. Dr. Stan I Alexandru established the “Association
for the Romanian Religions Peace” along with the cults’ representatives. The association is granted
juridical person status, with the seat address in Gen Cristescu nb.12. The main goal of the
association is peace and inter-racial, inter-faith and inter-human dialog. The association contract
was signed on august 14th 1995, and then taken to Sector 1 Courthouse of Bucharest. The
representatives of religions were in charge of the Doctrine.
7.b.- In order to create a permanent dialogue between NGO’s women leaders , President of “Sacred
Treasure of Religions” Foundation organizes a women’s Club of the FAPTE Association.

8.a.- In the summer of 1995, Ms. Ghiulbenghian ordered to carver Dumitru Alfred from Campina to
chisel a cross for the sanctification mass that will mark the whole area. Due to the very heavy
weight, the cross was brought by a truck and clasped to a concrete trestle. His Holiness Dirian
Mardikian and Diacon Haic sacred the cross and the land and later on, Father Stan I Alexandru
blessed the place during an orthodox service.

8.b.- Marcela Ghiulbenghian, President of “Sacred Treasure of Religions” Foundation and other
business people were invited to Brasilia on an administrative visit under the guidance of Prime
Minister Nicolae Vacaroiu.

November 24th 1995
9.- In the International Center of Media Hall, located on Batistei street, Bucharest, a press statement
was organized by A.P.A.R. and the Foundation to inform all 18 cults and Ministry of Cults
representatives of the intentions end events that the Association will support and organize in the
future. The conference was attended by many public figures. The meeting was followed by a
cocktail party.

December 8th 1995
10.- The Romanian Orthodox Brotherhood organized under the supervision of His Holiness the
Romanian Patriarch a Christian a soiree in honor of Saint Andrei, Apostle of Romanians and
Christmas Holydays. The event was held at the Palace Hall in Bucharest where Mrs. Marcela
Ghiulbenghian President of “Sacred Treasure of Religions” Foundation and “Association for the
Romanian Religions Peace” (A.P.A.R.) was invited.

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