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					             Career Portfolio User’s Guide

The Career Portfolio is an online tool created by the
Career Center that helps you present your skills to
employers, graduate schools, and other organizations.
The Career Portfolio will help you:
  • learn about skills employers value
  • find ways to develop skills
  • show you have these skills through examples of
    your work
  • deliver all of this on the Internet only to the people
    you choose

Your Career Portfolio can help you organize and
describe your accomplishments at Florida State. If you
consistently use the portfolio, you may be a stronger
candidate for jobs or grad school. This is because you
can better answer interview questions based on the
experiences documented in your portfolio. Furthermore,
recruiters can see actual evidence of your work.

You can start your Career Portfolio at any time, the
sooner the better! To get started:
   A. Access the Career Portfolio at
   B. Log in through Blackboard (if you are already
      logged into Blackboard, access the Career
      Portfolio under Secure Apps).
   C. Explore the First Time User Tour for a
      comprehensive overview.
   D. Start building your portfolio.
The profile is the first area that referred users, such as employers, will see when they enter your Career
Portfolio. The profile gives you an opportunity to make a strong impression right from the start. You can
highlight items such as your background and goals, and you can even write a cover letter directed to an
individual viewer. The profile can be personalized to fit your needs, allowing you to summarize your
strengths and qualifications.

                                                                       A. Go to the main menu of the Career
                                                                       B. Click “Profile” in the Build section.
                                                                       C. Click “Add Entry” to make an entry
                                                                          to your profile.
                                                                       D. Enter an item name (Welcome,
                                                                          Goals, Background, Objectives, My
                                                                          Qualifications, etc.) and then write
                                                                          an entry.
                                                                       E. Check the box next to the
                                                                          portfolio(s) in which you want the
                                                                          entry to appear.
                                                                       F. Spell check and save your entry.

2                                                                                   Career Portfolio User’s Guide
Embedded in the Career Portfolio is a list of
“Career/Life Skills” – these are skills that            A. Go to the main menu of the Portfolio.
employers who hire FSU students value and
                                                        B. Click “Skills Matrix” in the Build
look for in potential candidates. These include
communication, creativity, critical thinking,
leadership, life management, research/project           C. On the left are skills and across the top
development, social responsibility, teamwork and           are experience areas. Click “Add/Edit”
technical/scientific skills.                               in the cell where the experience area
To make a good impression, it’s up to you to               and the skill you wish to demonstrate
demonstrate that you have developed these                  intersect.
general skills, as well as specific skills needed in
your career field. Through the Skills Matrix, you       (continued on the following page)
can document how you have developed your
skills using reflection statements. You can reflect
on your experiences in a variety of areas, such as
jobs/internships, courses, service/volunteer work,
memberships/activities, and other interests/life
experiences. You can even add skills to your matrix
that are more specific to your major or career field.

Career Portfolio User’s Guide                                                                          3
Developing and documenting these skills makes you better prepared to market yourself through your
resume, during an interview, or writing a personal statement. Update your skills matrix each semester
and you’ll have an arsenal of information at your fingertips.

      D. Click on “Add Entry.”

      E. Add information about how the
         experience allowed you to develop that
         particular skill.

      F. Check the box next to the portfolio(s) in
         which you want that entry to appear.

      G. G. Spell check and save your entry.

     Questions to consider as you reflect on your experiences include:
          1. Why is this experience significant?
          2. What learning took place or how did you apply what you know?
           3. How were you successful during this experience?
           4. What challenges did you face and how did you meet them?
           5. What changes did you make as you went along? What compromises?
          6. What did you learn about yourself as a result of this experience?

4                                                                                 Career Portfolio User’s Guide
Your resume or curriculum vita (CV) is an
important piece of your Career Portfolio
because it documents your qualifications for a

Create your resume in a word processing
format. Make sure to double-check your work
for possible mistakes and ask a career advisor,
friend, or professor to review your resume or
CV and provide suggestions. Remember that
your resume/curriculum vita is a marketing
tool and should present a positive image of
your experiences and abilities.

You may visit the Career Center and speak
with a career advisor for more information on
how to write a resume.

  A. Go to the main menu of
     the Portfolio and click
     “Resume/CV” in the
     Build section.
  B. Click “Add Resume/CV.”
  C. Name your document
     something that makes
     sense to you (i.e. Resume,
     Curriculum Vita).
  D. Upload your resume or
     CV by clicking “Upload”
     in the Attachment section.
  E. After uploading your resume/CV,
     you will be able to enter viewing
     requirements. This lets the viewer
     know what program is needed to view
     your resume.
  F. Check the box next to the portfolio(s)
     in which you want the resume/CV to
  G. Save your resume/CV.

Career Portfolio User’s Guide                     5
                           are an important
part of your Career Portfolio. References can
be from faculty, advisors, employers, and         A. Go to the main menu of the Portfolio.
others in your life with whom you’ve made a       B. Click “References” in the Build section.
connection. These are people with whom you
have developed relationships, and who would       C. Click “Add Reference.”
be willing to provide you with a positive         D. Enter in contact information for your references
reference. Start developing your references          (remember to check with these individuals first).
early, and keep them informed about what you
are doing. This helps them to provide a better    E. Check the box next to the portfolio(s) in which you
recommendation for you when asked. People            want the reference to appear.
who might write references for you include        F. Spell check and save your reference information.
professors, supervisors, co–workers, advisors/
sponsors for organizations, and others who
know you well. Remember to always verify
the accuracy and appropriateness of the
reference information with each of your
references. Also, make sure your references
are willing to have their information available
over the Web. Provide them with your current
resume when you are actively pursuing career

6                                                                          Career Portfolio User’s Guide
     A. Go to the main menu of the Portfolio.                                       is an area in your Career
                                                              Portfolio to show off the best samples of your
     B. Click “Artifacts & Examples” in the Build section.    work. It is important to carefully consider
     C. Click “Add Artifact.”                                 what you choose to upload as an artifact
                                                              because you want to showcase your most
     D. Name your artifact.                                   unique and best skills through samples of
     E. Upload your artifact.                                 your work. You can upload your research
                                                              papers, PowerPoint presentations, artwork,
     F. Write a description of your artifact and why you      or other examples you want to highlight.
        included it.                                          You also can link to Web sites that contain
     G. Check the box next to the portfolio(s) in which you   samples of your work.
        want the artifact to appear.
                                                              When writing a description of your artifact
     H. Spell check and save your artifact.
                                                              (step F), it is important for you to describe
                                                              what your artifact is as well as how it
                                                              demonstrates skills you have developed and
                                                              explained within your portfolio. For example,
                                                              you may include a PowerPoint presentation
                                                              completed as class assignment as an artifact.
                                                              Your description of your artifact may then
                                                              say, “This PowerPoint was created for my
                                                              Elementary Education class. It explores our
                                                              solar system in an easy-to-follow manner.
                                                              This PowerPoint artifact demonstrates my
                                                              creativity and communication skills.”

                                                              When customizing your portfolio, you
                                                              will have the option to indicate if you have
                                                              artifacts that are associated with particular
                                                              skills, so users you refer to your portfolio can
                                                              see how your artifacts and skills support each

                                                              Artifacts and Examples is an important
                                                              component of your Career Portfolio because
                                                              it allows you to demonstrate your skills in
                                                              a tangible format for potential employers,
                                                              admissions committees, and others with
                                                              whom you choose to share your portfolio.

Career Portfolio User’s Guide                                                                                7
The Career Portfolio allows you to have three different versions of a “showcase” portfolio. create another
version of your portfolio, click on “Add Portfolio”. You will then enter a name for your new portfolio and
follow Steps 2-4 in the Manage section. Now that you have entered in your information through the Build
section, you can choose what information you want to make viewable to users you refer to your portfolio
through the Manage section.

                                  allows you to rename your default “My Career Portfolio” or add showcase

                                                            allows you to select which items (from the Build
                                                           section) that you want to make viewable for this
                                                           particular showcase portfolio. You also can make
                                                           viewable your unofficial academic transcript,
                                                           unofficial service transcript, confidentiality
                                                           statement and PDF versions of these documents.

This section also allows you to rank items in your showcase portfolio so they appear in a certain order. This
functionality allows you to target your portfolio towards a specific industry, occupation, or organization. For
example, if the organization you are interested in values leadership and teamwork, rank these skills first!

                                                                      A. Click the link of the section of items
                                                                         you wish to show (Profile, Resume,
                                                                         etc. – note that for the skills matrix,
                                                                         you must go into each individual
                                                                      B. Click on each entry that you want to
                                                                         be viewable – this puts a check by
                                                                         the item.
                                                                      C. Click “Save and Rank.”
                                                                      D. Rank your items by moving each
                                                                         item up or down with the “move
                                                                         up” and “move down” links.
                                                                      E. Save your entry.

                                                                    you to see your showcase portfolio the
                                                                    way it appears to referred users. Be
                                                                    sure that it appears correctly before you
                                                                    provide access to others!

8                                                                                   Career Portfolio User’s Guide
allows you to provide access to referred users so they can view your portfolio. Referred users can include
potential employers, graduate school admissions committees, professors, family, and friends.

allows you to create access keys, send your portfolio, and view access details. Access keys are passwords
granting access to a particular showcase portfolio. You can create as many access keys as you wish for each of
your portfolios. You may want to create different access keys for each “audience” or person to who you will
be providing access.

                                                                   A. Click on “Create Access Key.”
                                                                   B. Type in a one-word password that
                                                                      you want to use. Access keys are case
                                                                      sensitive! Click “Save.”
                                                                   C. The access key will be created and a
                                                                      specific URL to your portfolio will be

                                                                                              allows you to
                                                                         send an e–mail directly to a referred
                                                                         user (anyone you want) with
                                                                         instructions on how to view your

                                                                         provides information about when
                                                                         each access key is used. It shows
                                                                         the date, time, and how often each
                                                                         particular access key is used for a
                                                                         specific portfolio. This is a great
                                                                         way to see if the person you referred
                                                                         to view your portfolio has actually
                                                                         viewed it – but only if you give each
                                                                         particular access key to a particular
                                                                         person or organization.

Career Portfolio User’s Guide                                                                                    9
The Career Portfolio will help you learn about and document nine skill areas that employers value and the
many opportunities on campus and in the community where you can develop these skills. In the Learn section,
you will find links that present opportunities to learn and gain new skills as well as assist you in building your
best portfolio. Additionally, you can now view portfolios created by past Career Portfolio contest winners at

10                                                                                   Career Portfolio User’s Guide
                                  Yes, you can. The             depends on the employer and organization. The Career
name that automatically appears on your Career Portfolio        Center does have some data to suggest that employers
is the name that the FSU system has attached to your            find the Career Portfolio very helpful in making decisions
secure login and password. In order to change this, go to       about potential employees. Even if the employer does not
My Settings and Change Name.                                    choose to access your Career Portfolio, the Career Center
                                                                feels that you will be much better prepared for the entire
                                                                job search process, and especially the interview, because
                                                                you have taken the time to evaluate and reflect on your
           From feedback that the Career Center has             experiences. You can also refer to your Artifacts while
received, many employers state that they will not utilize       in the interview and let the interviewer know they are
a portfolio until later in the interviewing process (i.e. the   available on your Career Portfolio site.
second interview), while some say they would look earlier.
We suggest you let employers know you have a Career
Portfolio early in the process, and they can decide when                                                             Space
it would be most useful. Some students have put access          is unlimited for all of the sections except resumes and
information in a cover letter/e-mail to the employer.           artifacts, in which you have 50 megabytes of available
                                                                space. When you go to add a resume or an artifact, it will
                                                                tell you how much space you have remaining. If you
                                                                decide to upload a large file (especially a video or audio
All of the items are defaulted to “off” – you must turn         file), this will take a great deal of space rather quickly,
“on” any items that you wish to show. See page 8 for            as opposed to uploading papers or other documents.
detailed instructions on how to do this.                        You may have to be selective in what you include. You
                                                                also can have access to Web space through FSU (ACNS),
                                                   To           which you could use to store things, and then link to
make transcripts viewable to referred users, go to the          from your Career Portfolio. Another option for large
Customize Portfolio section, select Transcripts (located on     pieces of work would be to choose part of it to upload (for
the left hand side), and check which items you want to be       example, choosing 10 slides out of a 100 slide PowerPoint
seen.                                                           presentation). Remember that referred users are not
                                                                likely to view something extremely large.

                   You are able to use your FSU e-mail up                                                  Access keys
to 260 days from the last day you were active with FSU.         are case sensitive. Be sure to give referred users the exact
It is a good idea to change your e-mail in your Career          access key you created.
Portfolio before you graduate, so that if you are sending
out access keys, it will be with an active e-mail address.
Make sure your e-mail address is professional!

 Each fall, the Career Center holds a Career
 Portfolio Contest that gives FSU students
 the opportunity to enter their portfolios for
 a chance to win scholarships. Judges of the
 contest include faculty, staff, and employers,
 so entering is a great way to get recognized.
 For details on how to enter and portfolio re-
 quirements, please visit Career
 advisors are available to review portfolios and
 provide feedback prior to entry.

Career Portfolio User’s Guide                                                                                              11
                         There are several reasons
why you may have trouble uploading something.                        There could be several reasons for receiving this
 1. You may have exceeded your 50 megabite space limit.      error. Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of each
    If you have, you will need to either delete something,   screen, or e-mail with a detailed
    or include a URL to your personal Web site.              description of where you were when this occurred and
                                                             what the exact error message was. You will be contacted
 2. Each artifact is limited to 10 mb.                       regarding your problem within three business days.
 3. You may get timed–out before the item could be
    uploaded due to a slow internet connection.
 4. The file type may not be recognized. Check your                     If you copied information from one source and
    extension to make sure it is a standard extension        pasted it into your Career Portfolio, the entry may not save.
    for the program you are using (i.e., .doc for a          Type information directly into your Portfolio in order to
    Word document). Make sure that there aren’t any          ensure that it will permanently save. When entering matrix
    additional periods in your file name that may cause      items, you can “copy” an item that you previously entered
    the system to read the file type incorrectly.            under a different skill to the current skill area.
 5. Check the file name. If you have any characters other
    than letters and numbers (‘ * # “ etc.), your item may
    not upload. Take out the special characters, then
    reload.                                                                           SeminoleLink is the Career
                                                             Center’s online system for students and alumni who want
                                                             to establish a formal relationship with the Career Center.
                                       Your Career           Through SeminoleLink, you will receive news about
Portfolio is an excellent way to show potential graduate     upcoming career–related events and programs and new
schools your activities and accomplishments as an            Career Center services. All students are registered with
undergraduate. Additionally, the Artifacts section allows    SeminoleLink. When you are ready to begin a job search
schools to view your academic work and see first–hand        for internships, co–ops, or full–time positions, you can
your abilities in the field to which you are applying.       upgrade to Plus! services.
Furthermore, taking the time to evaluate and reflect upon
your undergraduate experiences will help you write better
personal statements and prepare for interviews.

  SeminoleLink is the Career Center’s free, online system that can be used by FSU students and alumni to assist in
  the career planning and employment search process. Use SeminoleLink’s job search agents to look for internships,
  co-ops, and full-, and part-time employment. Or, upload your resume for employers to view, sign up for a mock
  or on-campus interview, and register to receive job notices that match your profile.

     1. Go to
     2. Click on SeminoleLink under Career Tools.
     3. Click on Student and Alumni Login.
     4. Enter your FSU ID and password.

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