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									     Sampling and Handling                            TESTING REQUIREMENTS

          of Packaged                                 Prior to submission of samples for testing, or prior to                                 Sample Containers
                                                      reclassification of condition codes, the storage activity
     Petroleum Products for                           will consult the DOD QSL to determine status of the                       1 Gallon Fuel Can          8110-01-371-8315
       Shelf-Life Update *                            particular NSN and batch/lot number under a specific                      1 Gallon Grease Can        8110-00-178-8292
                                                                                                                                          Supplemental Instructions
                                                      IF the extension data is listed in the QSL, THEN update
PROVIDES:                                             the stock if it is stored as prescribed by the Item Type of             Except for liquids in 5 gallon and 55-gallon drums,
                                                      Storage in the DLAD 4155.37.                                            and semi-solids in 35-pound cans or 120-pound
• Shelf-Life Definitions                                                                                                      drums, all samples must be submitted in the
• Procedures for Shelf-Life Extension                 IF the QSL indicates condition code "H", THEN dispose                   original unopened container.
• Sampling Procedures                                 of the stock through the DRMO IAW local procedures.
                                                                                                                              For 55 gal Drums - A 1-gallon sample
                                                      IF the item is not listed in the QSL, THEN contact the                  representing all levels shall be taken. Agitate drum
DEFINITIONS                                           appropriate focal point listed in this document.                        by turning on drum roller (if available) for a
                                                                                                                              minimum of two minutes. If a drum roller is not
Shelf-Life Item. An item of supply possessing                      SAMPLING PROCEDURES                                        available, lay the drum on its side and roll the drum
deteriorative or unstable characteristics to the                                                                              for a minimum of twenty feet in two directions to
degree that a storage time period must be assigned.                          Sample Size                                      agitate. After agitation, stand the drum on end and
to ensure they will perform satisfactorily while in                                                                           immediately draw one gallon using a drum sample
service. There are two types of shelf-life items.     When instructed to submit a sample, the sample                          thief (NSN 6695-00-512-1816). Take an all-level
                                                      size shall be as follows:                                               sample by inserting the drum thief into the product
Type I Shelf-Life Item. An individual item of                                                                                 and allowing the product to fill as the thief is
supply, assigned an alpha shelf-life code (except                                                                             lowered to the bottom. Place thumb over the end of
X), which is determined through an evaluation of                                   LIQUID                                     the thief, remove the thief and empty the contents
technical data and/or actual experience to have a             Unit of Issue                         Sample Size               into a clean one-gallon sample can. Repeat the
definite non-extendable period of shelf-life.                                                                                 sampling process until the sample can is
                                                              Less than QT                               4 QT                 approximately 90% full. Pack and mark for
Type II Shelf-Life Item. An individual item of                      QT                                   4 QT                 shipment to the laboratory.
supply having an assigned shelf-life time period                    GL                                  1 GL
that may be extended after completion of                        5 gal CN                                 1 GL                 For Super Clean Fluids - Super Clean fluid is a
inspection, test or restorative action. These items           55 gal DR                                  1 GL                 fluid having a specified particulate contamination
are assigned a numeric (extendible) or X shelf-life   ---------------------------------------------------------------------   limit which is so low that the product is packaged
code.                                                                           SEMI-SOLID                                    in hermetically sealed containers under clean room
                                                              Unit of Issue                         Sample Size               conditions. Material will not be extracted from
DoD Quality Status List (QSL). A listing                                                                                      original containers. The following specifications
containing shelf-life information to determine if            Less than LB                              4 LB                   are for Super Clean products: MIL-PRF-6081,
Type II (extendable) shelf-life material may                      LB                                   4 LB                   MIL-PRF-6083, MIL-PRF-7808, MIL-PRF-17672,
continue to be used.                                         CN/CO (5 LB)                           1 CO (5 LB)               MIL-PRF-5606, MIL-PRF-23699,
                                                              CN (35 LB)                               4 LB                   MIL-PRF-46170, MIL-PRF-83282, DOD-L-85734
* Abstracted from DLAD 4155.37.                               DR (120 lb)                              5 LB                   and MIL-PRF-87257.
                                                      NOTE: For container sizes not listed in this table contact the
                                                      appropriate focal point listed in this document for instructions.       Notify DSCR or your Focal Points when 55-gallon
                                                                                                                              drums of Super Clean materials are due for retest.
                                                       FOCAL POINTS
                                                                                                       SAMPLING AND
              Sample Identification                                                                       HANDLING
                                                       Army:     U.S. Army Petroleum Center
Samples will be identified by means of an attached               Logistics Readiness Division           OF PACKAGED
tag containing the following information:                        ATTN: AMSTA-LC-CJPL                     PETROLEUM
                                                                 New Cumberland, PA. 17070-5008
      (a) National Stock Number (NSN)                            DSN: 771-5868                         PRODUCTS FOR
(b) Specification with Revision                                  Commercial: (717) 770-5868
      (c) Contractor and Contract Number                         FAX: DSN 771-4230
      (d) Product Batch, Lot Number or                                                                     UPDATE
          Emulsion Number
      (e) Size of Sample
                                                       Navy:     Navy Petroleum Office
                                                                 8725 John J. Kingman Road             - USERS GUIDE –
      (f) Quantity in Storage                                    Suite 3724
      (g) Submitter's Sample Number                              Ft. Belvoir, VA. 22060-6224
      (h) Product Nomenclature                                   DSN: 427-7333
      (i) Activity/Submitter Telephone Number                    Commercial: (703) 767-7333
      (j) Date Sampled                                           FAX: DSN 427-7389
      (k) Qualification Number (if available)
      (l) DSCR Control Number (if applicable)          Air Force: Air Force Petroleum Office
                                                                 DET 3, WR-ALC/AFTT
For DLA activities, the DD Form 1222, Request for                2430 C Street
and Results of Test, will be prepared in accordance              Bldg 70 Area B
with DLAD 4140.2, Vol III, Appendix E033P.                       Wright Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7632
                                                                 DSN: 785-8050
For Military Services, base/unit level, forms AFTO               Commercial: (937) 255-8050
475, DD Form 1884, or DD Form 1222 are                           FAX: DSN 785-8051
                                                       DLA:      Defense Supply Center Richmond
VISUAL INSPECTION                                                ATTN: DSCR-JDTA
                                                                 8000 Jefferson Davis Highway
Shelf-Life material not requiring laboratory testing             Richmond, VA 23297-5000
shall be subject to visual inspection.                           DSN: 695-5173
                                                                 Commercial: (804) 279-5173
For Base and Unit Level activities: Visual                       FAX: DSN 695-4370
inspection consists of checking for leakage,
corrosion, correctness and legibility of markings,     QUALITY STATUS LIST REQUESTS
and the general condition of the container.
                                                        QSL Internet Address:
For Wholesale and Retail activities: Inspect in
accordance with DLAD 4155.37, Materiel Quality
Storage Standards.


DoD 4140.27-M, Shelf-life Management Manual,
May 2003

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