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					                                                               N o r’ w e s t e r
                              The Official Bulletin of the Kiwanis Club of Northwest Columbus
                                            Volume 79 – 9/02/2007 Edition
        Meeting at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Café, 1421 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, Ohio Tuesdays at 6:30 PM
    Founded November 21, 1928                                       Supporting The Grandview Heights H.S. Key Club

       OFFICERS:                         DIRECTORS:              up, so let’s ask again. Remember, we need to sell
President: Bill Snellgrove (433.7934            Amy Boyd         ourselves, our projects and our club, otherwise,
Pres.-Elect: Patti Lach (361.4086)          Jim Cowardin
Vice-Pres: Justin Cress (777.9953)           Fred Dietrich
                                                                 why would people want to join. When should
Treasurer: Mike Toomey (538.0990)       George Falkenbach        you start – today.
Secretary: Craig Jensen (486.7636)         Dick McCombs
                                                                 Lee Spitzer and wife Gerri are Upper Arlington
Past President: Joe Bettendorf                  Jim Perry
Newsletter Editor: Bill Snellgrove           Charlie Smith       residents and he is U.A. Aquatics and Park
                                                                 Facilities’ Manager. He was approved by the
                      Past Meetings                              board for membership at the last meeting.
8/21/2007 – We had the honor of hearing Ken Keller.
   Ken is the President of the downtown club, the
                                                                                What We Are Doing
   keynote speaker at the Mid Year and was very                  This weekend we have two major projects in
   dynamic! Ken is retired from his own PR                       progress. First, on September 1st we organized the
   company. He discussed stories from his book                   soccer teams for our leagues. We have about 1400
   Monkey on a Turntable. All the profits from the               boys & girls, and 150 coaches, in the program and
   book go to the Columbus Kiwanis Foundation.                   the fall contingent was assigned to teams.
8/28/2007 – We had our monthly club and foundation               Schedules have been done. Now, this week are
   board meetings.                                               coaches meetings and ordering shirts. It’s a whole
                                                                 Labor Day weekend event – and the week
                  Food and Thought                               following. Thanks to Coleman, Perry, Jensen,
                                                                 Kirsch, Shaw, Toomey, Obrig, Voelker, Snellgrove
9/04/2007 – TBA                                                  and some of their family and friends who worked so
9/11/2007 – Our annual golf outing will be at                    hard on this.
   Raymond Memorial starting at noon. We will
   have dinner at BHoF Café to swap stories and                  Second, on Labor Day we had the annual Punt,
   some awards. SEE “WATCH THIS SPACE” for                       Throw & Kick competition at Labor-Neighbor Day.
   more info.                                                    This event is always fun. This year the winners get
9/18/2007 – President’s Party. It will be a spouses’             a chance to go to further competition with a chance
   night and a lot of fun. We will be at Scioto                  to be at a Bengals’ game. Mark Garland organized
   Country Club. SEE “WATCH THIS SPACE” for                      this event -- More on this next time.
   more info.                                                    My thanks to all members who worked hard this
  As a courtesy, please contact Susan Lewis at the BHoF          Labor Day weekend.
  Café if you plan to come to a meeting – it helps her
  estimate the meal count. Phone: 291-2233, or email:                             NWK Club Notes
                                                                 If President-Designate Patti asks you to chair a
                       Membership                                committee, please say yes – and then do a fantastic
                                                                 job for her. Every president needs the enthusiastic
NWK needs your help! First, we need to do                        help of all members.
follow-ups with several people identified as having
membership interest in our club. Second, we all                       Ohio District Kiwanis Convention
know people who would be good members. I’m
                                                                 Election Results Repeat:
asking each of you to invite people to visit a
meeting during August. We had a number of                        Governor: Leroy Martin,
interested parties who could not attend our round-               Governor Elect: Kip Crain,

   Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time.
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                                                               N o r’ w e s t e r
                                              Volume 79 – 9/02/2007 Edition

Treasurer: Travis Humphrey and                                                     NWK Personals
F & S: Bill Snellgrove and Adam Sproles.                               [This space is available to all members]
 Passed a resolution supporting exploring
                                                                 We were all saddened at the death of Carl Arend on
   collaboration between Kiwanis and Rotary, Lions               August 18th. Carl was a 54 year member and past
   and Optimists.
                                                                 president of the club, and a past Lt. Governor of
            Upcoming Kiwanis Events                              Division 10E. He will be missed.
Oct. 23 is the Division 10W Council Meeting at Der               Matt Toomey will be getting married this fall.
Dutchman in Plain City.                                          Ed Morgan will be having surgery in the middle of
Oct. 20 , International President Dave Curry will be             September. Keep Ed in your thoughts and prayers.
in Columbus. More info to follow.                                                Food For Thought
      WATCH THIS SPACE!!                                         “A good speech has a good beginning and a good
                                                                 ending, both of which are kept very close together..”
          What’s next?                                                                          – Unknown Origin
  >> September 11th we will have                                 “Modesty seldom resides in a breast that is not
  our annual golf outing. Blind                                  enriched with nobler virtues.”
  Golfer Demonstration at Noon                                                                  – Oliver Goldsmith
-- Golf/Cart $28, box lunch $10. --                              “If Patrick Henry thought that taxation without
Tee times: Falkenbach Group 12:32 PM                              representation was bad, he should see how bad it is
          Cowardin Group 12:40 PM                                 with representation..”
          Garland Group 12:48 PM                                                           – Old Farmer’s Almanac
          Toomey Group 12:56 PM
          Oyer Group 1:04 PM                                     SEND IN ANYTHING YOU WISH TO HAVE
 One tee time left – Box lunches                                 CONSIDERED FOR PUBLICATION –
    Must be reserved by this                                     STORIES, FAMILY MILESTONES, JOKES,
                                                                 QUOTES, ETC. WE WANT THIS TO GET
 Thursday. Call Jim at 299-6040                                  BIGGER & BETTER. COMMENTS ARE
  >> Tuesday September 18th --                                   ALWAYS WELCOME.
  President’s Party, which will                                        – The Editor
 include special presentations.
   Social Time -Cash Bar: 6:30
        Dinner at 7:00 PM
Call or Email President Designate
        Patti (361-4086 or for
 >> Saturday October 6th will be
  the Pig Roast at the Coleman
Farm. Contact George & Marilyn
      Coleman for details.

   Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time.
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