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									            Introduction to Exopolitics (Expol 101)

   Extraterrestrial Technology, the Black Budget, and
                    International Politics


Black budget operations have produced weapons and other experimental
technologies that can be used in military operations or civilian control activities.
According to Dr. Michael Salla, every year billions of dollars of Congressional
appropriations are diverted from their congressionally sanctioned purposes to the
CIA and DoD based intelligence agencies without knowledge of the public and
with collusion of Congressional leaders.1

This paper will discuss the latest Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) weapons
and other experimental technologies, some of which originated out of these black
budget projects. With much of this technology, there are official, public
descriptions of what these weapons or other technologies are used for, and then
there are potential covert uses for these technologies that could have exopolitical
significance. EMF weapons, by their nature, are the most insidious type of
weapons, because the victim can‟t visibly see them coming, nor necessarily
immediately feel any adverse health affects from exposure to them. I will discuss
both types of uses and their overall exopolitical significance.

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The “official” information on the HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral
Research Program) Program is that it is jointly managed by the US Air Force and
US Navy, and is based in Gakona, Alaska. It is designed to “understand,
simulate and control ionospheric processes that might alter the performance of
communication and surveillance systems for both civil and defense purposes.” It
intends to beam 3.6 Gigawatts of effective radiated power of high frequency radio
energy into the ionosphere for these purposes: 2
     To generate extremely low frequency (ELF) waves for communicating with
       submerge submarines
     To conduct geophysical probes to identify and characterize natural
       ionospheric processes so that techniques can be developed to mitigate or
       control them
     To generate ionospheric lenses to focus large amounts of high frequency
       energy, thus providing a means of triggering ionospheric processes that
       potentially could be exploited for Department of Defense purposes
     Electron acceleration for infrared (IR) and other optical emissions which
       could be used to control radio wave propagation properties
     To generate geomagnetic field aligned ionization to control the
       reflection/scattering properties of radio waves
     To use oblique heating to produce effects on radio wave propagation, thus
       broadening the potential military applications of ionospheric enhancement

There is much speculation that this technology is being used for other and
possibly more sinister purposes. One of the main “unofficial” uses for HAARP is
as an incoming missile defense shield that is effective against missiles from
Russia or China. 3 It is believed that the decision to build HAARP was one of the
major reasons for the collapse of the Soviet Union. HAARP works by knocking
down missiles and aircraft by affecting their guidance systems and creating
atmospheric disturbances that lead to them crashing. At lower power levels, it
has the ability to look down from the ionosphere and detect cruise missiles and
other incoming objects. 4 The shield can be put down to fire weapons, and then
put back up to defend against incoming missiles.

On the morning of February 1, 2003, the morning of Space Shuttle Columbia‟s
re-entrance into the Earth‟s atmosphere over California, Marshall Smith, ex-
NASA engineer/scientist, logged HAARP transmissions in the missile defense
mode from 4:15 am to 7:20 am PST. These were the first HAARP transmissions
since late 2002. He believes that Columbia was hit by the shield that heated up
its left side and caused it to turn into a fireball. He also believes this was a
terrorist act performed by Al-Quaida through a graduate student with an F1
student visa. 5

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Another suggested use for HAARP technology is to detect and image
subterranean features such as tunnels, bunkers, and other potential military
targets. Research into the feasibility of using HAARP for this purpose is still
underway. 6

HAARP has also been associated with the ability to control global weather and
use it as a weapon. This includes climate modification, polar ice cap melting,
ozone depletion, earthquakes, and ocean wave control. 7

There are health concerns associated with the use of radio frequency and
microwave radiation (as in HAARP) in the form of chronic, nonthermal effects.
These effects include behavioral aberrations, neural network disturbances, birth
defects, cataracts, altered blood chemistry, and changes in the endocrine and
immune systems. 8 More insidious than these effects is the concern that this
technology can be used to manipulate and disrupt human mental processes
(mind control) of a very large population in selected regions over an extended
period of time. The frequency needed to detect subterranean features is within
the same range that is disruptive to human mental functions.

HAARP and Montauk

One of the most intriguing pieces of recent news with respect to HAARP is that it
is speculated to be operating at Montauk! John Quinn, in his article entitled
“HAARP‟s Covert Agendas – The Big Picture” 9 talks about the evidence to back
up this assertion. I would like to talk about the evidence in some detail, as I think
there is a significant exopolitical side to this development.

The story starts with the change of directorship and direction and focus for
Brookhaven National Laboratories (BNL) on Long Island. Several of the Navy‟s
key HAARP personnel are now stationed at Brookhaven. Brookhaven has been
associated with the Montauk Project and has a reputation for participating in
clandestine projects. Particle accelerators are also known to underlie much of
the area and are in use. 10

John Quinn‟s allegation is that the photos taken of the HAARP complex in
Gakona, Alaska that appear on the Navy‟s official HAARP website have been
doctored and that the REAL location of HAARP is in the Westhampton pine
barrens on Long Island! Why Montauk? It is a major earth grid hot spot where
various EMF, radio frequency, and gravitational processes all link together and
can be amplified.

This has been confirmed by Preston Nichols, author of several books on the
Montauk projects and a participant in some of its operations, and another
independent source. Nichols also confirmed that he had been working with an Air
Force contingent at Camp Hero‟s subterranean complex when they were working

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with particle beam technology in planetary defense operations against the Hale-
Bopp comet and an object claimed to be traveling in its wake. Since then, the Air
Force contingent has moved out and been replaced with the Navy contingent
associated with HAARP.

Preston is not absolutely sure what these particle accelerators and beam
weaponry is being used for. However, on April 18, 1998, he received a FAX that
he does not think is disinformation. It contains a lot of classified information that,
in his opinion, could only come from deep within the U.S. Navy. The FAX
reveals another agenda for HAARP that is more secret than the mind control and
weather manipulation agendas. The document indicates that the particle
beam accelerators are being used to effect interdimensional and time
manipulations! The author speculates that because the time portal apparatus
that was used during the Montauk project back in the late 1970‟s-early 1980‟s
was destroyed in 1983; this is another chance to generate the portals. There is
some evidence that the Navy has been experimenting with bringing various
creatures through the portals such as seals and Macrihanish Chinook. It is
speculated in Puerto Rico and Brazil where there are a number of “Chupacapra”
sightings that these creatures are being brought through a portal into our

Microwaves Used as Weapons

Microwaves are key in the evolution of a new series of non-lethal weapons that
the Military is interested in developing. These weapons could be capable of
preventing voluntary muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions),
produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term and long-term
memory, produce an experience set, and delete and experience set. 11

Microwaves used at low power densities can be used to induce sounds and
words within a person‟s head so that it appears that the person is hearing voices.
This technology can be used in isolated individuals either to send instructions to
soldiers in the field who are in combat situations or it can be used on the enemy
to scare and/or disorient them (one of the non-lethal weapons being developed).
There is also some evidence to suggest that this technology has the capability of
remote mind reading. 12

Microwave Cell Phone Towers

Cell phone towers are popping up all over the US terrain. Because it is a multi-
billion dollar industry, there is concern that the health effects from being exposed
to the microwave radiation are not being addressed. It can cause body tissue to
heat up and possibly alter DNA. This can lead to the development of pre-cursors
for cancer. Common sources of microwave radiation include: cell phones;

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cordless phones; garage door openers; wireless PDAs and notebook computers;
and microwave alarm system sensors.

Ted Twietmeyer, in his article „Dangerous Radiation from Hidden Cell Phone
Towers” 13 speculates that the proliferation of cell phone usage will force
companies to add more microcells, thus many of the existing towers will become
obsolete because they serve too large of an area. He thinks these towers will
most likely be converted to other mind control and tracking activities. Ken
Adachi, in his paper “ Mind Control – The Ultimate Terror” 14 says that other
towers whose antennae look like four slightly curved vertical plates about 2 feet
in length and located in either 3 or 4 quadrants around the tower are being
constructed. It is presumed that these are for cell phone usage but they produce
power levels that far exceed cell phone requirements. He believes these towers
are being used for mind control purposes as the frequency bandwidth chosen for
cell phone use matches the second order waves that Wilhelm Reich discovered
in the late 1940‟s to effect thought transmission and allow the mind to be
manipulated without the victim realizing it.

Exopolitical Issues Associated with the Use of This Technology

I think there is a real story here if we look at the combination of the HAARP‟s use
to open portals to other dimensions and time, and the race to find stargate
technology in Iraq and other locations around the world. Various scenarios
come to mind that have exopolitical meaning.

Searching for ways to use HAARP to open up portals is consistent with Michael
Salla‟s assertion that a motive for driving the Bush administration to invade Iraq
was to control ancient stargate technology that could be found there. 15 If the goal
for the US is to be the “unofficial” greeters of the Anunnaki when they arrive, then
it makes sense that the US would want to offer the Anunnaki portals to come
through that are controlled by the US. This includes both the ancient stargate
technology as well as new portals that can be opened. If the US can‟t figure out
how to “restart” the ancient stargates, then they still have these new portals to
use. This will give the US the edge in being the first to deal with the Anunnaki,
find out what their intentions are towards humanity and Earth, and then make the
appropriate “deals”.

Another scenario is one in which the US knows that if the Anunnaki come back,
they may decide to destroy humankind because they want to end the experiment
or they want to upgrade us and cull the population down to a useful number. In
that case I would see the US wanting control of the ancient stargates to STOP
the Anunnaki from entering into our dimension & time, especially if there was a
concern that Saddam Hussein would let them in. Additionally HAARP technology
could then be used as a shield to destroy any incoming spaceships of the
Anunnaki, since it is thought that there are two forms of transportation that the

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Anunnaki use: stargate technology for the Anunnaki “elite” and spaceships for
the “rank and file” Anunnaki.16 The HAARP portals could be used to allow
helper ETs in, who could help us fight the Anunnaki.

It is not only in the interest of humanity that we not be completely destroyed, but
it is also in the interest of the Reptilians, since they use our emotional and
psychic energy to feed off of. Making the assumption that the shadow
government is the one supporting the grey/Reptilian presence on earth, these
portals can be used to bring more Reptilians into our dimension and time to,
perhaps, stop the Anunnaki from destroying us.

If the main goal for use of the portals and stargates is to bring in more Reptilians
for a complete take-over of the planet, then using as many portals as possible to
bring in these Reptilians seems logical. I am assuming that each type of being
has its own frequency and that these frequencies can be controlled at the
stargate or portal so that a frequency can be set to allow in entities of that
particular frequency. At the same time, HAARP can be used to “keep out” the
helper and watcher ETs by destroying spaceships as they arrive.

Another scenario is that the US does not want ANY Reptilians coming in through
the portals and stargates so they want to again ensure that they are in control of
who comes through, and use HAARP to find portals for the helper/watcher ETs to
come through. HAARP‟s shield would be used to keep the Reptilians away.

In the scenario where there could be a take-over of the planet either by the
Anunnaki or the Reptilians, these EMF weapons and mind control mechanisms
could be used on the general population to control them so the take-over would
be relatively easy. Control can take many forms. Microwaves can be used to
give commands to individuals to do something by disguising the voices as “God”,
Angels, Satan, personal guides, or the higher self or whomever the person would
listen to. On the other hand, microwaves can be used to render an individual in a
zombie-like or confused state so they cannot fight back. I can imagine an easy
take-over of major cities within the US just by turning on the microwaves that are
broadcast through the cell phone towers to render the population harmless. Any
resistance could be met with the use of the non-lethal weapons.

To conclude, I hope that our country is taking the high road and intends to use
this technology to help us understand our origin and where we are going as a
civilization. If the intent is to use this technology to help us communicate better
with the helper/watcher ETs, it would be a goal worth pursuing. The use of non-
lethal weapons is preferable to the use of weapons that kill, but we need to get to
a place where weapons are altogether unnecessary.

                                      Page 6                              12/2/2011
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