Ch. 24: Pure Monopoly

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					Ch. 24: Pure Monopoly
   Characteristics
    A  single firm is the sole producer or supplier (firm =
     There are no close substitutes
     Monopolist controls the total quantity supplied and
      price  “price maker”
     Monopolist has no immediate competitors b/c barriers
      keep them from entering
     Nonprice competition: Product may be standardized
      or differentiated

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Barriers to Entry
   Economies of Scale
       Modern technologies allows for extensive Economies of Scale
       A firm’s L-R ATC will decline over the output range
   Legal Barriers: Patents & Licenses
       Patents: Exclusive right of inventor to use the invention
       Licenses: Government limits entry to industry or occupation
        through licensing
   Ownership/Control of Essential Resources
       A firm can prohibit entry of rival firms
   Pricing/Other Strategic Barriers
       Monopolist can create an entry barrier by cutting price,
        increasing advertising or other strategic action making it very
        difficult for new entrant to succeed

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Natural Monopoly
   An industry in which economies of scale
    are so great that a single firm can produce
    the product at a lower ATC than if more
    than one firm produced the product

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Policy Options
   If the monopoly is achieved & sustained through anti-
    competitive actions, creates substantial economic
    inefficiencies, and appears to be long-lasting, the
    government can file charges against the monopoly under
    anti-trust laws
   If the monopoly is a natural monopoly, society can allow
    it to continue to expand. If no competition arises,
    government may regulate its prices and operations
   If monopoly is unsustainable over the long-run, society
    can ignore it

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Price Discrimination
   The practice of selling a specific product at more than
    one price when the price differences are not justified by
    cost differences
   Conditions
       Monopoly power: The seller must possess the ability to control
        output and price
       Market segregation: At a relatively low cost, the seller must be
        able to segregate buyers into distinct classes, each of which has
        a different willingness/ability to pay for product
       No resale: The original purchaser cannot resell the

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Examples of Price
 Airline industry charges different fares to
  business v. leisure travelers
 Movie ticket prices vary by age, military
  service, time movie is shown
 Tickets to professional sporting events
  vary by age (baseball)
 International Trade

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Last Word
   De Beers’ Diamonds: Are Monopolies
     Page   456

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