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					                                       Hanover report:

    Hanover is situated in the North of Germany, approximately 160 km away from
    Hamburg. In the early 80s the town became famous because there were a
    number of so-called “Chaos Days” which took place every year in the summer.
    It was a big punk meeting where punks from all over the world met in the city
    centre to drink and have fun together. In 1983 newspaper reported about 5000
    punks entering the city, one year later there was a big clash between punks and
    nazi skinheads which led to a lot of destructions of equipment and inside the
    scene. Although the Chaos Days stopped for a few years, there was still the
    “Christmas Pogo” in Hanover which took place right before Christmas in the city
    centre as well. But Chaos Days also took place in various other German cities,
    towns and villages. In the mid 90s the Chaos Days returned with a big bang to
    Hanover since there was a fresh generation of punks hungry for adventure. A lot
    of fight against the police took place because the cops didn´t want the punks to
    hang out at the city centre any more and therefore tried to drag them into other
    parts of town, plus it was harder every year for punks to enter the city at that
    particular weekend because the cops stood everywhere at railway stations and
    motorways to watch out for foreign punks. Year 2000 marked the last Chaos
    Days meeting in Hanover so far, because nowadays it´s nearly impossible for
    foreign punks to slip into the city. Further information about the Chaos days
    meetings are documented on the website: www.chaos-tage.de.

    Apart from the Chaos Days Hanover has still a very lively punk scene with lots of
    good places to go: Typical punk areas are “Nordstadt” (North Town) and “Linden”
    (both near city centre).

    In the Nordstadt the following punk venues are worth visiting:

          Stumpf (Contact: Stumpf, Am Welfengarten 2c, 30167 Hanover, Germany,
    mail: arbes@gmx.net , near main university): often gigs at the weekend, punk
    pub every Wednesday
          Kopernikus (Contact: Kopernikus Radau, Jädekamp 1, 30419 Hanover,
    Germany, mail: drandale@aol.com, Website: www.kopernikus-hannover.de.vu),
    often gigs, punk pub every Friday
          Korn (Contact: UJZ Korn, Kornstraße 28/30, 30167 Hannover, Germany,
    Website: www.ujz-korn.de), often gigs, various political meetings on weekdays
          Sturmglocke (Schaufelder Strasse), often gigs, directly in the Sprengel

    In Linden the following venues are good for visiting at weekends:

         Glocksee (Glockseestrasse, Website. www.ujz-glocksee.de), gigs and
    music every weekend
         Bei Chez Heinz (www.beichezheinz.de) ), gigs and music every weekend
The website of antifascist action in Hanover is located at: www.antifa-

There is also a lot of band activities, people might know bands like Boskops,
Klischee, Blut und Eisen, Blitzkrieg, Enola Gay, Recharge (www.recharge.de) ,
Urge, Militant Mothers, Alte Kameraden, Abstuerzende Brieftauben, The
Smarties and lots more from earlier days, nowadays there are bands around like
Subsistence, November 13th, Xawara (www.xawara.net ), Audio Kollaps
(www.audiokollaps.de) , Annex5 (www.annex5.de) , Sanitär, Rasta Knast, WKA,
Not Really (www.not-really.de), Metasystox, Gigantor, Wisecraecker and loads
more, too numerous to mention.

Good punk labels and distributions are Epistrophy Records (www.epistrophy.de)
and Nasty Vinyl (www.nasty-vinyl.de), Rockers (www.rockers.de) is a nice record
shop with loads of rare stuff, it has a online shop and also a “real” shop in
Hanover Linden.

There is also a non-commercial radio station in Hanover called “Radio Flora”
(www.radioflora.de), it has a punk program every Tuesday from 20.30 – 22.00
C.E.T. which is also broadcasted via internet (see website address above).

If you want more info, please contact me at: audiokollaps@gmx.de



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