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2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1 C ATA L O G

Certificates, degrees and courses designed and
sc h e d u l e d f o r a d u l t l e a r n e r s .
Quality Education Developed Especially for You
UW Professional & Continuing Education is your resource for adult learning. Whether you
want to update your skills, boost your career, delve into a new field or get creative, you’re in
the right place. Choose from more than 125 certificate programs, dozens of graduate and
undergraduate degrees and hundreds of courses — all built for adult learners and offered in
the evening, on weekends and online. Each of our programs is developed by, or in
partnership with, a UW college, school or department. By tapping the minds of the top
thinkers, doers and leaders in the field, we offer you a transformational learning experience.

Autumn Programs .................................................................. 2           Environment & Sustainability .............................................. 28
Arts, Writing & Culture.......................................................... 6            Health, Medicine & Social Work ..........................................30
Biotechnology & Biomedical ................................................. 9                 Humanities & Social Sciences .............................................. 32
Building Construction, Design & Real Estate ...................... 11                          Law & Regulation ................................................................ 33
Business ................................................................................ 13   Nonprofit & Public Sector ....................................................34

                                                                                                                                                                                       Table of Contents
Communication & Media..................................................... 16                  Math & Science.................................................................... 35
Computing & Information Technology ................................ 18                         Additional Programs.............................................................36
Education..............................................................................23      General Information ..................................... inside back cover
Engineering .......................................................................... 26

Our advising team can help you choose                                                          UW Professional & Continuing Education
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Equal Opportunity
The University of Washington reaffirms its policy of equal opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital
status, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran. This policy applies to all programs and facilities, including, but not limited to, admissions,
educational programs, employment, and patient and hospital services. Any discriminatory action can be a cause for disciplinary action. Discrimination is prohibited
by Presidential Executive Order 11246 as amended, Washington State Gubernatorial Executive Orders 89-01 and 93-07, Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act
of 1964, Washington State Law Against Discrimination RCW 49.60, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, State of Washington Gender Equity in Higher
Education Act of 1989, Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Age Discrimination in Employment Act of
1967 as amended, Age Discrimination Act of 1975, Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1972 as amended, other federal and state statutes,
regulations, and University policy. Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action compliance efforts at the University of Washington are coordinated by the Office
of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, University of Washington, 231 Gerberding Hall, Box 351240, Seattle, Washington, 98195-1240, telephone
206-543-1830 or email
Release of Information
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 protects the privacy of your education records. However, certain information is considered
public or directory information and may be released to anyone unless you inform the Office of the Registrar that you do not wish any information released
For complete information, visit:
Two Certificates, One Dream Job
From working in a gold mine in New Guinea to               The Next Career Leap
painting buses in Seattle, Wes Hill had an unusual         Eventually Hill realized that, while he enjoyed making
work history. A passionate race car driver on the side,    money as a professional driver, he liked even more
he didn’t have a definite vision of his future, but he     being paid at least double that amount working as a
knew it wasn’t with buses. To explore fields with more     facilitator or presenter. So he enrolled in another of our
opportunities, he enrolled in a basic computing course.    certificate programs — this one in corporate training.
That step brought him closer to where he is today,         Today, 80 percent of his work is as a facilitator.
more than 10 years later: president and chief instructor
                                                           “The certificate program helped me make the leap into
for Automotive Adventures, LLC.
                                                            the next job category,” says Hill. He’s got the
Hill had an impressive odyssey — a beginning computer       credential, but more than that the program gave him
course put him on the road to his dream job. Car            the skills and perspective to succeed, the ability to spot
manufacturers like Hyundai jet him all over the world       problems and suggest solutions.
to facilitate meetings with distributors and business
                                                            For example, the Hyundai training program originally
owners. Jaguar sends him to their West coast
                                                            used photos of cars instead of real automobiles. But
dealerships to train their staff to effectively sell the
                                                            Hill stressed that good training must reach people with
luxury brand. Hummer and Rolls Royce vie for his
                                                            a variety of learning styles such as tactile learners who
unique set of talents as well.
                                                            need to physically use actual auto features to learn and
                                                            remember. Hyundai took his advice, and the course
Initiative and Continuing Education                         earned rave reviews.
Hill never would have guessed the good fortunes that
continuing education would help bring him. But his          Hill also credits our certificate programs for focusing on
story is a good example of how passions, education          business development and promotion. “The concept of
and finding opportunity in change can lead to some          creating Automotive Adventures as an LLC came from
remarkable places.                                          an instructor. That’s one more benefit of learning from
                                                            instructors who work in the field,” says Hill.
It all began with that one course, which led to a
computer internship at Eddie Bauer, and then to
full-time employment. When he saw his workplace
                                                            Opportunity in the Unpredictable
                                                            When asked what advice he would give to prospective
begin to focus on efficiency and better resource
                                                            students, Hill was thoughtful about the context of our
management, he enrolled in our Certificate in Project
                                                            current economy and job market.
Management program. Within three weeks he started
applying what he learned at night on the job. Eddie        “Look around you — now is not the time to resist
Bauer rewarded him with an entry-level management           change, because today everything is unpredictable.
position. But then came 9/11, and he was downsized          You don’t have to be comfortable with it — you just
in the aftermath.                                           have to work with it,” says Hill. “These programs help
                                                            people make transitions and know that opening up
At the same time, Hill was teaching high performance
                                                            new paths is okay — they help people feel comfortable
driving skills as a volunteer with local car clubs and
                                                            with change.”
racing cars part time. When Acura hired him as a
professional driver for a press event, his project
management skills kicked into place and he kept
noticing new ways to fine-tune the event. His
suggestions about time oversight, maximizing
stakeholder relationships and other efficiencies opened
management’s eyes. Word about his ideas got around,
and other event work came his way.
Great Teachers, Engaged Minds
One of the important aspects of a quality             Teresa McCausland,
learning experience is a great instructor. That’s     School Library Professional
why we select engaging leaders and faculty who        Endorsement Program
understand the needs of adult learners and bring      “Teresa McCausland is a leader in this profession.
important knowledge about the latest                   The structure and content of her class was
developments in the field.                             excellent. She knows her stuff!”
Each year we recognize the best of the best with      McCausland has taught at both elementary and
a set of Excellence in Teaching Awards. Student       secondary schools for over 20 years, the last nine
evaluations are a prime factor in the selection       as a teacher librarian at the high school level.
process. So thank you to those of you who wrote
evaluations of instructors, excerpts from which
                                                      James (Rick) Crozier,
are included here, and congratulations to the
                                                      Geriatric Mental Health
following award recipients.
                                                      “Rick Crozier has revolutionized my approach to
                                                       treatment, my patients, and helped me make
Bart Rulon,                                            more appropriate referrals.”
Natural Science Illustration
                                                      Crozier is program manager for Community
“Bart Rulon is an excellent instructor who knows
                                                      Services for Older Adults at Good Samaritan
 his craft. It is really good to have an instructor
                                                      Behavioral Healthcare in Puyallup and vice chair
 who is actually making a living in the field.”
                                                      of the Washington State Mental Health Planning
An award winning artist, Rulon’s work is seen in      and Advisory Committee.
museums and galleries displaying wildlife and
landscape art in the United States, Canada,
                                                      Clive Schuelein,
Sweden, Japan and England.
                                                      Project Management, Program
                                                      Management and Biotech Project
Buck Woody,                                           Management
SQL Server Specialist                                 “Clive Schuelein’s class was a very interactive/
“Buck Woody is enthusiastic and truly                  hands-on experience!”
 knowledgeable. He also gets why we are in the
                                                      In his 40-year career in information systems,
 class and has structured his approach with our
                                                      Schuelein has served as senior project manager,
 goals in mind.”
                                                      quality systems/planning manager and
An IT professional since 1981, Woody has worked       communication systems director. Most recently
for the U.S. Air Force, at an IBM reseller and for    he’s been senior project manager in the
NASA, as well as serving as a contractor for U.S.     information technology division of PACCAR.
Space Command.

                                                      Linda Lawson,
                                                      Communication Courses, Online
                                                      “Linda Lawson’s response and feedback to assignments
                                                       was much more attentive and useful than most
                                                       courses I’ve taken through my college career.”

                                                      Particularly interested in press/government
                                                      relations and First Amendment law, Linda Lawson,
                                                      Ph.D., is the author of Truth in Publishing: Federal
                                                      Regulation of the Press’s Business Practices, 1880-1920.
                                                                                 Get Connected
Uncover a New You This Autumn
Education can be transformative. If you’re thinking about making a career
change, ramping up your skills or exploring your artistic side, we have many
certificate programs starting this autumn.

Spend an Hour Investigating a Certificate
You can learn more about a certificate at an upcoming information session.
We offer in-person meetings and online webinars. During either, you can chat
with program representatives and your peers to find out if the certificate is
the right fit for you. Presenters describe what the program covers, the types
of individuals who might benefit from it, and other aspects such as the
professional backgrounds of instructors or the career paths and success
stories of recent graduates.
In-person sessions are generally offered on weeknights at locations on
campus in Seattle or at our facilities in downtown Seattle and Bellevue.
Webinars may be scheduled midday or in the evening. Most sessions last
about an hour.

Attend a Special Event
We’re planning more events just for you. We offer open houses that focus on
a particular field and career nights where you can tap into the expertise of
career consultants, human resource experts and other professionals. Our
events are free, informative and great places to network. Be on the lookout
for our upcoming events by checking our Web site, Facebook and Twitter, as
well as this section of our future catalogs.

Connect With UWContinuingEd Online
Learn what’s going on with UW Professional & Continuing Education
(UWPCE) via Twitter and Facebook. Both are useful places to get your
questions answered, find out about new certificate programs, and learn more
about special events. We’re on YouTube too. View our channel for videos of
career night events, testimonials from certificate graduates and other
information about UWPCE.

Keep Up With What’s New
Sign up for a newsletter and we’ll deliver it to you quarterly via email. Read
articles authored by our instructors, and discover some exciting educational
programs, upcoming events and resources that can help you expand your
skills and transform your career.

                  • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                        1
                  Arts, Writing & Culture
Autumn Programs                                                     Program Type   Format/Location            Schedule
                   Acting for the Camera                             Certificate    UW campus                  Mon, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
                   Drawing and Painting                              Certificate    UW campus                  Tue, 7-10 p.m.
                   Elementary Spanish                                Course         UW campus                  Tue and Thu, 7-9:20 p.m.; Reg #109014
                   Fashion: Concept to Market                        Certificate    UW campus                  Mon, 7-10 p.m.
                   Fiber Arts                                        Certificate    UW campus                  Tue, 6-9 p.m.
                   Literary Fiction Writing                          Certificate    UW campus                  Tue or Thu, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
                   Memoir                                            Certificate    UW campus                  Tue, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
                   Natural Science Illustration                      Certificate    UW campus                  Mon and Wed, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
                   Nonfiction Writing                                Certificate    UW campus                  Tue, 6:15-9:15 p.m.
                   Photography                                       Certificate    UW campus                  Tue-Fri, 6-9 p.m.
                   Popular Fiction                                   Certificate    Downtown Seattle           Wed, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
                                                                                                               Tue and Thu, 6:30-9:30 p.m. and
                   Screenwriting                                     Certificate     UW campus                 Sun, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on Oct. 9, Nov. 13
                   Writing for Children                              Certificate     UW campus                 Tue, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
                  Biotechnology & Biomedical
                   Basic Medical Sciences                            Certificate     Bellevue                  Thu, 6:30-10 p.m.
                   Biomedical Regulatory Affairs                     Certificate     UW campus                 Tue, 6-9 p.m.
                   Biotech Project Management                        Certificate     Online
                   Clinical Trials                                   Certificate     UW campus                 Wed, 6-9 p.m.
                                                                                     Downtown Seattle
                   Drug Discovery and Design                         Certificate                               Mon and Wed, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
                                                                                     and online
                   Medical Devices and Commercialization             Certificate     Bellevue                  Wed, 6:30-10 p.m.
                   Medical Diagnostics                               Certificate     Bellevue                  Tue, 6:30-10 p.m.
                                                                                     Downtown Seattle
                   Translational Pharmaceutics                       Certificate                               Tue and Thu, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
                                                                                     and online
                  Building Construction, Design & Real Estate
                   Commercial Real Estate                            Certificate     UW campus                 Tue and Thu, 6-9 p.m.
                   Construction Management                           Certificate     UW campus or online       Tue and Thu, 6-8:20 p.m.
                   Design Firm Leadership and Management             Certificate     Downtown Seattle          Mon, 6-9 p.m.
                   Digital Design and Fabrication                    Certificate     UW campus                 Tue, 6-9 p.m.
                   Facility Management                               Certificate     Online
                   Integrated Lighting Design                        Certificate     UW campus                 Mon, 6-9 p.m.
                   Therapeutic/Healing Garden Design                 Certificate     UW campus                 Tue, 6-9 p.m.
                   Accounting                                        Certificate     UW campus and Bellevue    Wed, 6-9 p.m. and Sat, 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
                   Adult Learning, Training and Development          Certificate     Bellevue                  Sat, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
                   Business Analysis                                 Certificate     Downtown Seattle          Mon, 6-9 p.m.
                   Business Development                              Certificate     Downtown Seattle          Tue, 6-9 p.m.
                   Business Essentials                               Certificate     UW campus                 Wed, 6-9 p.m.
                                                                                                               Mon-Thu and select Fri, 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
                   Business for International Professionals          Certificate     Downtown Seattle          or 10:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
                   Computational Finance                             Certificate     Online
                   Contract Management                               Certificate     Downtown Seattle          Mon and Wed, 6-9 p.m.
                   Essentials of Project Management                  Certificate     Bellevue                  Sat, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
                   Global Supply Chain Management                    Certificate     UW campus                 Tue and Thu, 4:30-6:20 p.m.
                   Human Resources Management                        Certificate     UW campus                 Mon and Wed, 6-9 p.m.
                   Investing in the Stock Market                     Course          UW campus                 Wed, 7-9 p.m.; Reg #108580
                   Managing Technology Professionals                 Certificate     Bellevue                  Tue, 6-9 p.m.
                   Marketing Management                              Certificate     UW campus                 Mon, 6-9 p.m.
                   Marketing Research and Decision Making            Certificate     UW campus                 Tue and Thu, 8:30-10:20 a.m.
                   Project Management                                Certificate     Various locations         See Web for schedules
                   Software Product Management                       Certificate     Bellevue                  Tue and Thu, 6-9 p.m.
                   Team Leadership                                   Certificate     UW campus                 Mon, 6-9 p.m.

                                     Visit for online courses and single course enrollment opportunities.

   2                                      • •
Communication & Media                                    Program Type   Format/Location                Schedule

                                                                                                                                                     Autumn Programs
 Audio Production                                         Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Tue and Thu, 6-9 p.m.
                                                                                                        Mon and Wed, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
 Editing                                                  Certificate    UW campus                      and Sat, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
 Editing                                                  Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Tue, 6:30-9:30 p.m. and Sat, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
 Independent Filmmaking                                   Certificate    UW campus                      Mon and Wed, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
 Public Relations                                         Certificate    UW campus                      Mon and Wed, 6-8:30 p.m.
 Technical Writing and Editing                            Certificate    UW campus                      Tue, 6-8:50 p.m. and Thu, 6-9:30 p.m.
 User-Centered Design                                     Certificate    UW campus                      Tue and Wed, 6-9:50 p.m.
 Virtual Worlds                                           Certificate    Online
 Web Design with Adobe ® Creative Suite ®                 Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Mon and Thurs, 6-9 p.m. and Sat, 1-4 p.m.
Computing & IT
 .NET Development                                         Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Tue, 6-9 p.m.
 3D Animation for Games and Digital Media                 Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Mon and Wed, 6-9 p.m.
 Advanced Digital Imaging                                 Certificate    Downtown Seattle or online     Tue, 6-9 p.m.
 Advanced Web Application Development in .NET             Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Thu, 6-9 p.m.
                                                                                                        Wed, 6-9 p.m. and Sat, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.,
 Agile Development                                        Certificate    UW campus                      Oct. 9 and Nov. 6 only
 Business Intelligence: Techniques for Decision-Making    Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Wed, 6-9 p.m.
 Business Intelligence: Building the Data Warehouse       Certificate    Bellevue                       Mon, 6-9 p.m.
 C Programming                                            Certificate    Bellevue                       Wed, 6-9 p.m.
 C++ Programming                                          Certificate    Bellevue                       Wed, 6-9 p.m.
 Digital Forensics                                        Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Thu, 6-9 p.m.
 Embedded and Real-Time Systems Programming               Certificate    Bellevue                       Mon, 6-9 p.m.
 Flash Application Development                            Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Wed, 6-9 p.m.
 Game Development                                         Certificate    Bellevue                       Thu, 6-9 p.m.
 Geographic Information Systems                           Certificate    UW campus                      Mon and Wed, 6-9 p.m.
 Geographic Information Systems Fundamentals              Course         Online                         Enroll any quarter; Autumn Reg #108365
 Information Security and Risk Management                 Certificate    UW campus or online            Wed, 6-8:50 p.m.
 Information Systems Security                             Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Thu, 6-9 p.m.
 Introduction to Web Publishing                           Course         Online                         Enroll any quarter; Autumn Reg #109121
 iPhone and Cocoa Development                             Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Mon, 6-9 p.m.
 Java Programming                                         Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Mon, 6-9 p.m.
 Localization: Customizing Software for the World         Certificate    Downtown Seattle or online     Wed, 6-9 p.m.
 Network Engineering                                      Certificate    Bellevue                       Mon, 6-9 p.m.
 Oracle Applications Development                          Certificate    Downtown Seattle or online     Tue, 6-9 p.m.
 Python Programming                                       Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Tue, 6-9 p.m.
 Social Media Technologies and Implementation             Certificate    Bellevue                       Tue, 6-9 p.m.
 Software Test Automation                                 Certificate    Bellevue                       Tue, 6-9 p.m.
 Software Testing                                         Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Mon and Wed, 6-9 p.m.
 SQL Server Specialist                                    Certificate    Downtown Seattle and online    Tue, 6-9 p.m.
 Systems Analysis and Design                              Certificate    Downtown Seattle and online    Tue, 6-9 p.m. and select Sat.
 UNIX/Linux Administration                                Certificate    Downtown Seattle               Mon, 6-9 p.m.
 Web Technology Solutions                                 Certificate    UW campus                      Tue, 6-9 p.m.
 E-Learning Design and Development                        Certificate    Online
                                                                                                        Thu-Mon, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.;
 Cold Regions Engineering                                 Course         Downtown Seattle               Course meets Nov. 4-8 ; Reg #109024
                                                                                                        Wed and Thu, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.;
 Construction Site Erosion and Pollution Control Lead     Course         Shoreline                      Course meets Oct. 27 and 28; Reg #109213
                                                                                                        Wed and Thu, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.;
 Construction Site Erosion and Pollution Control Lead     Course         Bellevue                       Course meets Dec. 15 and 16; Reg #109214
 Engineering Entrepreneurship                             Certificate    Online
 Engineering Leadership                                   Certificate    UW campus or online            Tue, 4-6:50 p.m.
 Global Integrated Systems Engineering                    Certificate    UW campus or online            Thu, 3:30-8 p.m.
 Heavy Construction Project Management                    Certificate    Online
 Infrastructure Construction                              Certificate    Online
                                                                                                        Wed, 6-9 p.m. and Sat, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.;
 Public Works Construction Inspection                     Certificate    Bellevue                       Course meets Oct. 20, 23, Nov. 6 and 20

                                                           • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                                     3
                  Environment & Sustainability
Autumn Programs                                                             Program Type   Format/Location     Schedule
                   Decision Making for Climate Change                        Certificate    Online
                   Environmental Law and Regulation                          Certificate    UW campus           Wed, 6-9 p.m.
                   Life Cycle Assessment                                     Certificate    Online
                   Low Impact Development                                    Certificate    Downtown Seattle    Wed, 6-8 p.m.; Course meets on two Sat’s
                   Stream Restoration                                        Certificate    Downtown Seattle    Wed, 6-9 p.m.; Course meets on three Sat’s
                   Sustainability Operations:                                Certificate    Online
                    Innovative Leadership for Change
                   Sustainable Transportation:                                                                  Tue and Thu, 6-8 p.m.;
                                                                             Certificate    Online
                    Environmental Issues and Impacts                                                            Also meets on Nov. 8 and 22
                   Sustainable Transportation:                                                                  Tue and Thu, 6-8 p.m.;
                                                                             Certificate    Online
                    Planning and Livable Communities                                                            Also meets on Nov. 8 and 22
                                                                                                                Tue and Thu, 6-9 p.m.;
                   Wetland Science and Management                            Certificate    UW campus           Course meets on two Sat’s
                  Health, Medicine & Social Work
                                                                                                                Fri, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.; Course meets on
                   Geriatric Mental Health                                   Certificate    Downtown Seattle    Oct. 8, Nov. 12 and Dec. 10
                   Gerontology                                               Certificate    Online              Enroll any quarter
                                                                                            Downtown Seattle
                   Healthcare Regulatory Compliance                          Certificate                        See Web for schedule
                                                                                            and online
                   Medical Management                                        Certificate    UW campus           Wed, 5:30-8:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                Fri, 1-7 p.m., Oct. 8 only and Sat,
                   Psychological Trauma: Effective Treatment and Practice    Certificate    Bellevue            9 a.m.-5 p.m., Oct. 9, Nov. 6 and Dec. 4
                   Sports Medicine and Human Performance                     Certificate    UW campus           See Web for schedule
                  Humanities & Social Sciences
                   Genealogy and Family History                              Certificate    UW campus           Thu, 6-8:30 p.m.
                  Law & Regulation
                   Electronic Discovery Management                           Certificate    Downtown Seattle    Thu, 6-9 p.m.
                   Forensics                                                 Certificate    UW campus           Wed, 6-9 p.m.
                   Guardianship                                              Certificate    Bellevue            See Web for schedule
                   Paralegal Studies                                         Certificate    UW campus           Mon-Thu, 6-9 p.m
                   Private Investigation                                     Certificate    Downtown Seattle    Tue, 6-9 p.m.
                  Nonprofit & Public Sector
                   Community Development                                     Certificate    Downtown Seattle    Tue, 6-9 p.m.
                   Fundraising Management                                    Certificate    UW campus           Wed, 6-9 p.m. and Mon, Nov. 22, 6-9 p.m.
                   Museum Studies                                            Certificate    UW campus           Sat, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
                   Nonprofit Management                                      Certificate    UW campus           Tue, 6-9 p.m. or Sat, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

                            Learn more about our certificate programs by attending an in-person information meeting or
                                 an online webinar session. For more information visit

   4                                         • •
                                                                                    Rediscover Education
Save This Annual Catalog
Our annual catalog is packed with details about all of our degree
and certificate programs, and it can be a great resource for you
year round. In the following pages you will discover important
reference information such as program and course descriptions,
when the programs are offered, and in what format — classroom,
online or a combination of both. So hang on to it. Information in
the annual catalog is a great supplement to the mini-catalogs we
will update you with throughout the year.

Education Designed for Adult Learners
UW Professional & Continuing Education (UWPCE) is your resource for adult
learning. Whether you want to update your skills, boost your career, delve
into a new field or get creative, our programs are designed and scheduled for
busy adults like you.
Degree Programs
Earn a degree that fits your schedule. Our graduate and undergraduate
degree programs offer flexible formats with evening, online and even
weekend options — ideal for working professionals.
Certificate Programs
Our certificate programs prepare you for an increasingly dynamic and complex
world. By design, each program challenges you to explore subjects in depth
and apply new concepts and skills in practical situations. Programs typically
span three academic quarters, providing you with knowledge and networking
opportunities to enhance your career, change your career or develop an
important personal interest.
Courses & Short Programs
Whether your goal is to earn college credit toward a degree, satisfy a
prerequisite, gain knowledge for your career or fulfill a personal interest, you
can find a course, workshop, institute, conference or travel-study tour that fits
your needs.
Online Learning
For your convenience, we offer a variety of courses, certificate programs and
even graduate degree programs that you can take either completely online or
in a blended combination of online and classroom instruction. Even with a
busy schedule, you can get closer to your goals.

      125 certificates + 30 degrees + 100s of courses


                  • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                5
                                                                                           Fashion: Concept to Market
Arts, Writing & Culture
                                            Undergraduate Evening                          Starts in Autumn Quarter
                                              Degree Program                               Learn to analyze the contemporary fashion market and
                          Earn the degree you’ve always wanted! The UW Evening             identify your own niche within it so that your ideas for a
                          Degree Program offers you the personalized attention             line of clothing or accessories will stand out, yet reflect
                          of a small school and the outstanding education of a             current trends. Understand how to make key decisions on
                          top-ranked university. Study with renowned UW faculty            the nature and sourcing of textiles and other materials,
                          full- or part-time and earn a respected UW degree with           costing and pricing, sample making, construction
                          other motivated students. Join the UW community and              processes and distribution. Find out how to put together a
                          gain access to campus resources like career advising and         marketing plan that will bring your work to the attention
                          academic support. There’s room for you and your goals in         of your most viable markets.
                          the UW Evening Degree Program.                                   Courses:
                          Degrees:                                                         Finding Your Personal Voice: Concept and Design
                          Communication                                                    Making the Design a Reality: Creating Your Line
                          English                                                          Reaching Your Audience: Marketing the Line
                          Social Sciences
                                                                                           Fiber Arts
                                                                                           Starts in Autumn Quarter
                          Application Deadlines: Oct. 31 for winter quarter; Jan. 31 for   Increase the creative, conceptual and expressive aspects
                          spring quarter; May 15 for summer/autumn quarter; and July       of your work in any medium of fiber arts. Develop an
                          15 for autumn quarter.                                           extensive visual vocabulary making use of such elements
                          Contact: 206-543-6160 or for                 as design, color, mixed media and collage. Experiment
                          additional information.             with incorporating elements of autobiography, history and
                                                                                           culture into your work. Participate in a rich and supportive
                                                                                           critiquing process.
                                             Certificate Programs                          The Creative Process and Fiber Art
                                                                                           Conceptual Strategies in Fiber Art
                          Acting for the Camera
                          Starts in Autumn Quarter                                         More Conceptual Strategies and Professional Practices
                          Develop your screen acting techniques for film, television
                          and video productions, and gain an understanding of the          Literary Fiction I
                          differences in acting for stage and screen. Learn about          Starts in Autumn Quarter
                          film and television production, including how to work with       Explore elements, such as richly nuanced characters,
                          film scripts. Acquire rehearsal and ensemble practice on         thought-provoking subject matter and lyrical language,
                          a film/video set. Understand how to market yourself as a         which are the foundation of literary short stories and
                          film actor.                                                      novels. Learn the craft of writing literary fiction by
                                                                                           focusing on character development, narrative voice and
                                                                                           point of view. Study works of literary fiction and develop
                          Introduction to Screen Acting
                                                                                           your own stories through concrete writing exercises.
                          The Filming Process                                              Discover how to bring the vibrant characters and ideas in
                          Ensemble and Audition for the Screen Actor                       your imagination to life.
                          Drawing and Painting                                             Foundations
                          Starts in Autumn Quarter                                         Intermediate
                          Discover the artist within and develop basic skills in
                          drawing, painting and mixed media. Explore the technical,        Capstone
                          philosophical and historical tools of drawing and painting.
                          Build composition skills as you draw still life, figure and      Memoir
                          botanical subjects. Study the basics of painting with acrylic    Starts in Autumn Quarter
                          or oil. Learn to develop a personal style and visual voice.      Develop skills to write about your life. Learn to use techniques
                                                                                           such as dialogue, description and back-story to capture the
                                                                                           truth of a particular moment, character or experience, and
                          Fundamentals of Drawing and Composition
                                                                                           create a compelling memoir. Explore how to compose a book-
                          Intermediate Drawing for Painting                                length memoir or collection of essays stage by stage. Discover
                          Introduction to Oil Painting                                     your true voice and material as you develop, structure and edit
                                                                                           your memoir. Establish your writing schedule, goals and vision,
                                                                                           and learn about avenues for publication.
                                                                                           Generating Memoir Material
                                                                                           Organizing Your Material
                                                                                           Polishing Your Material

    6                                           • •
Natural Science Illustration                         Popular Fiction Writing I                         Writing for Children
Starts in Autumn Quarter                             Starts in Autumn and Winter Quarters              Starts in Autumn Quarter
Develop your artistic ability and learn              Explore the backbone of the commercial            Investigate the world of children’s fiction
techniques to render detailed illustrations          fiction industry: popular fiction, which          and nonfiction, including picture books,
of flora, fauna and other biological                 includes several genres such as mystery,          chapter books and novels. Learn to bring
wonders. Enhance scientific understanding            romance, science fiction and thriller.            your own tales to life and captivate
through careful observation. Stimulate your          Examine the art of captivating readers            children’s imaginations. Discover how
imagination by visiting the Woodland Park            through strong plots, powerful scenes and         to transform the idea of a story into an
Zoo and Seattle Aquarium, and try your               three-dimensional characters. Learn how           enthralling narrative, page by page. Explore
hand at drawing subjects in their habitats.          to construct a suspenseful and complex            how to use your own inner resources to
Courses:                                             storyline, write believable dialogue and hone     strengthen your creative voice and prepare
Introduction to Natural Science Illustration         your craft. Master the development of the         for the long, quiet phase of writing and
                                                     beginning, middle and end of your novel           rewriting on your own.
Zoological Illustration                              during three different courses dedicated to       Courses:
Vertebrate Illustration                              each section’s development.                       Foundations
Wildlife Illustration                                The accelerated, intensive program is just        Intermediate
                                                     slightly longer than four months in length,
Botanical Illustration                                                                                 Capstone
                                                     offered winter quarter.
Applied Techniques of Natural Science Illustration   Course:
                                                     Popular Fiction I
Starts in Autumn and Winter Quarters                 Screenwriting
Explore one of the most versatile genres in          Starts in Autumn Quarter
contemporary literature: nonfiction writing.         Discover and develop your own original story
Discover how to master writing techniques            for the screen. Learn writing techniques that
and prepare your work for freelance                  free up your creativity, whether you want
publication. Create a portfolio of quality           to write for independent films, Hollywood
work suitable for publication in newspapers,         epics or television movies. Explore the art of
magazines, books or online. Explore topics           storytelling and the fundamental principles
and complete assignments designed to                 of screenwriting by studying seminal film
develop your voice and writing skills.               and television works.
The accelerated program is just six months           Courses:
in length, offered winter quarter.                   Story
                                                     First Draft and Rewrite
Nonfiction: An Introduction
Nonfiction: Writing Seminar and Portfolio

Starts in Autumn and Spring Quarters
Study traditional wet chemical and modern
digital photography techniques and
practices. Hone your photographic skills
through hands-on practice with a 35 mm
camera. Examine the basics of composition,
fine art printing and the digital tools that
will help you produce high-quality creative
images. Learn from the masters as you delve
into the history of photography.
It’s the Image that Communicates                         More Options
                                                         Enroll in a film workshop to complement or explore our Certificate in Independent
Photographic Techniques and Practical                    Filmmaking. Workshops are open to everyone and include The Business of Film:
Considerations                                           Money, Law & Markets; Film Directing, Producing and Production Management;
Advanced Photographic Applications                       and Sound Gathering on Location.
                                                         Earn undergraduate credit in an online course in English or Dance. Visit www.pce.
                                                to learn more.
                                                         Some courses within certificate programs are available for single course enrollment.
                                                         For a complete list of courses, short programs, workshops, conferences and online
                                                         options, visit our Web site and look under Courses & Short Programs.

                                                     • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                                  7
Biotechnology & Biomedical                                                                    Departmental staff can tell you more about graduate
                                                                                              nonmatriculated (GNM) status, application procedures and
                                                        Degrees                               other requirements. Visit
                             Master of Medical Engineering                                    Courses:
                             Learn to develop technologies and products that will             Molecular and Cellular Biology I
                             become the standard of health care in the near future.
                             This master’s program is specifically designed to help           Molecular and Cellular Biology II
                             working professionals in the local engineering community         General Pharmaceutics I
                             increase their level of training in the biological and medical   General Pharmaceutics II
                             fields. In addition to an introduction to basic medical
                             sciences, you will study critical topics such as medical         Statistics and Experimental Design
                             diagnostics, device design for medical environments,
                             commercialization, biosensors and biomaterials. Engineers        Basic Medical Sciences*
                             will gain hands-on experience from UW Bioengineering             Starts in Autumn Quarter
                             faculty in a convenient evening degree format.                   Explore the sciences that are the basis of medicine and
                                                                                              human biology, including cell biology, physiology and
                                                                                              anatomy. Discover the basic chemical processes of living
                                                                                              organisms and the mechanisms of cellular interaction.
                                                                                              Learn the physiologic and functional behaviors of organs,
                             Master’s in Pharmaceutical Bioengineering
                                                                                              the interaction of organ systems and the structural and
                             Explore advanced education in the areas of molecular and
                                                                                              anatomic relationships that are the basis of modern
                             cellular biology, drug discovery and design, pharmaceutics
                                                                                              medicine. Reinforce your learning with hands-on
                             and translational pharmaceutics. Develop a comprehensive
                                                                                              laboratory work.
                             background to become an effective multidisciplinary
                             collaborator in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical             To determine if credits may be applied toward a related
                             industries. This program is designed for working local           degree, contact the Department of Bioengineering.
                             scientists, researchers, engineers, and professionals in the     Departmental staff can tell you more about graduate
                             biotechnology, pharmaceutical and related industries.            nonmatriculated (GNM) status, application procedures and
                                                                                              other requirements. Visit
                             Professional Master of Science in Biomedical                     Cell Biology Seminar
                             Regulatory Affairs                                               Cell Biology Lab
                             Answer the call for well-trained professionals in the            Physiology Seminar
                             regulatory field and gain comprehensive training to
                             create, develop, regulate and manufacture pharmaceutical         Physiology Lab
                             and medical devices. Developed in partnership with the           Special Problems in Anatomy
                             UW School of Pharmacy, this relevant degree program
                                                                                              Surgical Anatomy Lab
                             emphasizes the key management aspects of taking
                             a medical product — drug, device or biologic — from
                             conceptualization to marketing and risk management.
                                                                                              Biomedical Regulatory Affairs
                             Networking opportunities with local medical product              Starts in Autumn Quarter
                             professionals and a hands-on practicum will help position        Understand the role of a medical products regulatory
                             you as leader in the regulatory field. A convenient evening      affairs specialist and the dynamic nature of the regulatory
                             and weekend format allows working adults to earn their           field. Learn how to locate regulatory information in key
                             degree in two years.                                             national and international sources. Grasp the laws and
                                                                                              regulations that apply to the development, testing and
                                           production of medical products, including biologics,
                                                                                              drugs, biotechnology-derived therapeutics, vaccines and
                                                                                              medical devices (including in vitro diagnostics). Explore
                                              Certificate Programs                            product development, manufacturing, post-marketing
                                                                                              requirements, reporting and enforcement. Visit http://
                             Basic Bioscience*                                       for the Professional
                             (online + classroom combined)                                    Master of Science Degree in Biomedical Regulatory Affairs.
                             Starts in Winter Quarter                                         Courses:
                             Investigate the core disciplines involved in drug design,        Introduction to Biomedical Regulatory Affairs
                             discovery and development. Examine the molecular                 Product Development and
                             structure-function relationship and discover how to
                                                                                              Manufacturing Systems
                             use proteins, peptides and DNA for drug therapies,
                             bioanalytics, diagnostics and biomaterial development.           Product Testing, Evaluation and
                                                                                              Post-Market Issues
                             To determine if credits may be applied toward a related
                             degree, contact the Department of Bioengineering.

     8                                           • •                                              *Offered for graduate or undergraduate credit.
 Biosensors and Biomaterials* (online)               Drug Discovery and Design*                           Medical Diagnostics*
 Starts in Autumn Quarter 2011                       (online + classroom combined)                        Starts in Autumn Quarter
 Explore the chemical and molecular interactions     Starts in Autumn Quarter                             Learn the techniques used in medical
 underlying the prevalent use of biomaterials        Explore the principles and approaches                diagnostics to screen, detect, diagnose
 in medical devices and biotechnology. Study         guiding the search for new drugs.                    and monitor disease. Through lecture and
 biosensors in use and under development for         Investigate biotechnology techniques that            demonstration, examine each stage of the
 measuring and tracking the complex biological       are used to identify, select and validate            diagnostic process and study the methods,
 components that provide a foundation of             molecular drug targets. Examine different            principles and terminology used in the
 modern health care. Focus on the interaction        classes of drug compounds as well as                 communication and consultation among
 between the analyte in its native environment,      their mechanisms of action and physical              various specialists. Learn about research designs
 the biochemical systems employed to measure         properties. Explore how the dynamic fields           and methods to describe disease occurrence,
 the analyte, and the physical transducers used to   of systems biology and bioinformatics                understand disease proliferation and identify
 convert this information into electrical signals.   impact drug discovery research.                      associated risk factors in different populations.
 To determine if credits may be applied toward       To determine if credits may be applied toward        To determine if credits may be applied toward
 a related degree, contact the Department of         a related degree, contact the Department of          a related degree, contact the Department of
 Bioengineering. Departmental staff can tell         Bioengineering. Departmental staff can tell          Bioengineering. Departmental staff can tell
 you more about graduate nonmatriculated             you more about graduate nonmatriculated              you more about graduate nonmatriculated
 (GNM) status, application procedures and            (GNM) status, application procedures and             (GNM) status, application procedures and
 other requirements. Visit http://depts.             other requirements. Visit http://depts.              other requirements. Visit http://depts. 
 educ_master_mede.html                               educ_master_pharbe.html                              educ_master_mede.html.
 Courses:                                            Courses:                                             Courses:
 Medical Chemistry                                   Molecular Biotechnology                              Medical Imaging Diagnostics
 Biosensors                                          Drug Discovery and Design                            Clinical Diagnostics
 Biomaterials and Biocompatibility                                                                        Introduction to Epidemiology
                                                     Molecular Targets and Drug Classes
 Biotech Project Management                          Systems Biology and Bioinformatics                   Translational Pharmaceutics
 (online)                                                                                                 (online + classroom combined)
 Starts in Autumn and Spring Quarters                Medical Devices and
                                                                                                          Starts in Autumn Quarter
 Learn to manage various discoveries,                Commercialization*                                   Discover how a drug moves from the
 development, testing and manufacturing              Starts in Autumn Quarter
                                                                                                          laboratory to the clinic. Learn the science and
 processes in a highly regulated environment.        Explore the human side of device design
                                                                                                          techniques behind drug development across
 Explore the unique project management               and learn to develop systems that can
                                                                                                          the phases of translational pharmaceutics.
 challenges in the pharmaceutical or biomedical      help a wide range of people in a variety of
                                                                                                          Study the principles of pharmacokinetics to
 industry. Discover how to ensure project            settings. Study how government oversight,
                                                                                                          test the effectiveness of a drug in laboratory
 progression within the scientific community.        laws and regulations influence and control
                                                                                                          settings, and explore how clinical trials
 Courses:                                            the creation and production of medical
                                                                                                          are designed and managed. Investigate
                                                     devices. Gain practical tools and strategic
 Project Planning and Organization                                                                        how to optimize drug formulation, scale
                                                     methods for successfully commercializing
 Project Execution, Monitoring and Control                                                                up manufacturing processes, and produce
                                                     new products and learn how medical device
 Project Management within a                                                                              biologics and designer drugs.
                                                     businesses can be structured and financed.
 Scientific Environment                                                                                   To determine if credits may be applied toward
                                                     To determine if credits may be applied toward
 Applying Project Management Principles                                                                   a related degree, contact the Department of
                                                     a related degree, contact the Department of
                                                                                                          Bioengineering. Departmental staff can tell
 to Biomedical and Pharmaceutical                    Bioengineering. Departmental staff can tell
                                                                                                          you more about graduate nonmatriculated
 Product Development                                 you more about graduate nonmatriculated
                                                                                                          (GNM) status, application procedures and
                                                     (GNM) status, application procedures and
                                                                                                          other requirements. Visit http://depts.
 Clinical Trials                                     other requirements. Visit http://depts.
 Starts in Autumn Quarter                  
 Explore the fundamental scientific, ethical,        educ_master_mede.html.
 practical, regulatory, historical and economic                                                           Courses:
 principles that support successful clinical                                                              Preclinical Development
                                                     Medical Device Design
 trials. Discover the major concepts guiding the                                                          Formulation and Delivery
 design and implementation of clinical trials,       Regulatory Affairs for the Medical Device Industry
                                                                                                          Process Development
 and learn to project manage the numerous            Medical Device Commercialization                     Clinical Development
 people and tasks involved at all stages of the
 process. Enhance your learning with hands-on
 exercises and real-life examples.                      More Options
 Courses:                                               Some courses within certificate programs are available for single course enrollment.
 Introduction to Clinical Trials                        For a complete list of courses, short programs, workshops, conferences and online
                                                        options, visit our Web site and look under Courses & Short Programs.
 Implementation and Conduct of Clinical Trials
 Project Management and the Business of
 Clinical Trials

*Offered for graduate or undergraduate credit.       • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                                      9
Design & Real Estate
Building Construction,                              Degrees
                                                                                       Construction Management* (online)
                                                                                       Starts in Autumn Quarter
                                                                                       See Construction Management, this page, for program
                         Master’s in Construction Management                           Courses:
                         Build on your undergraduate education in construction
                                                                                       Construction Safety
                         management, civil engineering, architecture and business.
                         Gain the latest skills desired in the industry, and network   Construction Estimating
                         with expert faculty and peers. Designed for working           Project Planning and Control
                         professionals, this convenient program allows you to attend
                         either full- or part-time, with most courses offered in the
                                                                                       Project Management
                                                                                       Design Firm Leadership and Management*
                                                                                       Starts in Autumn Quarter
                         The M.S. in Construction Management is also offered           Gain leadership and management skills, and discover how
                         online through the Online Graduate Program in                 to inspire and motivate design teams. Explore techniques
                         Construction Engineering, page 25.                            for developing and maintaining effective client relationships.
                                                                                       Understand the principles involved in cash flow versus
                                                                                       profitability, and choose the right methods of measuring
                                           Certificate Programs                        a firm’s growth. Develop forceful marketing strategies and
                                                                                       make smart technology choices. Create a tool kit of best
                         Commercial Real Estate                                        practices that you can apply to your own firm.
                         Starts in Autumn Quarter                                      Courses:
                         Examine commercial real estate as an interdisciplinary        Design Firm Leadership and Management: Part 1
                         field, review trends in commercial development, learn
                                                                                       Design Firm Leadership and Management: Part 2
                         static and dynamic analysis skills for four property types,
                         explore property management techniques and study the          Design Firm Leadership and Management: Part 3
                         marketing and sales of existing properties. Learn about
                         the real estate development process and review the            Digital Design and Fabrication for
                         associated legal and taxation issues.                         Architecture and Design*
                         Courses:                                                      Starts in Autumn Quarter
                         Introduction and Static Analysis of Commercial Real Estate    Discover how Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
                         Development Process and Project Sensitivity Analysis          (CAD/ CAM) can enhance a design practice through greater
                                                                                       flexibility and improved capabilities. Learn to design in a
                         Legal and Taxation Issues and Interdisciplinary               variety of digital environments. Develop skills in digital
                         Decision-Making in Real Estate                                manufacturing methodologies used in the industry, such
                         Also offered at UW Tacoma, for more information visit         as cutting and milling of wood, metal and plastics, rapid
                or call 253.692.4618.           prototyping processes and common file formats. Design and
                                                                                       produce a number of workshop projects based on CAD/
                         Construction Management                                       CAM technologies, including the creation of a building
                         Starts in Autumn Quarter                                      component and manufacture of its full-scale components.
                         Master the fundamentals of construction management.           Courses:
                         Learn the principles of commercial cost estimating,           Introduction to Digital Design &
                         including methods for developing a personal estimating        Fabrication Processes
                         manual, and cost estimating techniques for the medium-
                                                                                       Solid Digital Modeling & Parametric Design
                         sized general contractor. Explore the principles, practices
                         and techniques of planning, scheduling and controlling        Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing
                         construction projects. Focus on accident prevention
                         through construction safety techniques. Analyze and           Facility Management (online)
                         debate case studies depicting actual events in construction   Starts in Autumn Quarter
                         project management.                                           Gain a solid foundation in facility management principles
                         Courses Offered for Undergraduate Credit:                     and practices. Learn proven techniques for improving safety
                         Construction Estimating                                       and efficiency, for protecting and enhancing a facility’s
                                                                                       value, and creating a people-friendly work environment
                         Project Planning and Control                                  that fosters personal productivity. Study the design and
                         Construction Safety                                           construction processes and understand how to capably
                                                                                       manage communications and projects. Examine operations
                         Computer Applications in Construction
                                                                                       and learn to plan and carry out effective relocations.
                         Project Management                                            Offered for undergraduate credit.
                                                                                       Facility Life Cycle I: Planning
                                                                                       Facility Life Cycle 2: Design and Construction
                                                                                       Facility Life Cycle 3: Relocation and Operational Issues

  10                                           • •                                               *Offered for graduate or undergraduate credit.
 Integrated Lighting Design*                       Therapeutic/Healing                                Urban Green Infrastructure*
 Starts in Autumn Quarter                          Garden Design*                                     (online)
 Explore sustainable approaches to the             Starts in Autumn Quarter                           Starts in Winter Quarter
 effective integration and application of          Explore the capacity of the natural world          Discover how strengthening a city’s green
 daylight, building design and electric lighting   to refresh, renew and re-engage the                infrastructure network increases community
 in architecture. Understand the principles        human spirit by promoting stress reduction,        health and ecological resilience. Learn to
 linking light, human comfort and advanced         improved productivity and personal well-           recognize, quantify and apply ecosystem
 building design strategies in order to create     being. Study the therapeutic and healing           services and amenities in an urban
 the healthiest, most productive and energy-       benefits of the restorative landscape, as          environment. Explore humanity’s evolving
 efficient interior environments. Develop skills   well as essential programming and design           relationship to nature as expressed in
 in design and computational analysis, and         principles. Apply your learning to a real          biophilia and emerging theories of landscape
 create a toolkit of best practices that you       project with an actual client.                     performance.
 can apply to your own firm.                       Courses:                                           Courses
 Courses:                                          Historical and Cultural Overview of Healing/       Planning Urban Green Infrastructure Networks
 Architectural Lighting Design                     Restorative Gardens                                Designing High Performance Landscapes
 Computational Lighting Design and Analysis        Processes and Principles for Healing/Therapeutic
 Advanced Daylighting Seminar                      Garden Design
                                                   Independent Project

                                                      More Options
                                                      Some courses within certificate programs are available for single course enrollment.
                                                      For a complete list of courses, short programs, workshops, conferences and online
                                                      options, visit our Web site and look under Courses & Short Programs.

*Offered for graduate or undergraduate credit.     • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                                   11
Business                                                                  practices from e-learning to mentoring. Examine emerging
                                      Degrees                             technologies that can aid in learning, including social Web
                                                                          applications, virtual worlds and educational video games.
           Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at                 Adult Learning Patterns & Applications
           the Eastside Leadership Center
           This innovative program emphasizes coursework that             Principles of Training & Facilitation Techniques
           will help you build skills in leadership, management,          Instructional Design & Evaluation
           teamwork and effective oral and written communication.
                                                                          E-Learning and Emergent Technologies
           For experienced students, the program strengthens and
           refines critical skills and increases knowledge of sound
           business principals and techniques. For those entering
                                                                          Advanced Interactive Marketing
                                                                          Starts in Winter Quarter
           the business sector, the program offers the foundation
                                                                          Learn to develop marketing plans around digital media
           for careers in this rapidly changing arena. The program
                                                                          strategies. Make the business case for online marketing
           provides the highest quality educational experience
                                                                          campaigns. Evaluate business uses of online marketing,
           inherent in a degree from the University of Washington,
                                                                          including social media, search engine optimization (SEO),
           building excellence and expertise through strong student-
                                                                          email, blogs, pay-per-click, Web banners and virtual
           faculty relationships and team experiences.
                                                                          communities. Explore the impact of user-generated
                            media, data-driven decision-making and performance
                                                                          measurement. Focus on developing strategies to fulfill
           Master of Education in Intercollegiate                         your marketing goals, build your brand online and increase
           Athletic Leadership                                            your ROI.
           Prepare for leadership in the exciting world of collegiate     Courses:
           athletics. Designed with input from an advisory board of       Interactive Marketing Strategies and Methods
           top national college athletic and academic administrators,
           the program’s advanced leadership training offers in-depth     Interactive Marketing Campaigns and Protocols
           understanding of college athletics organizations. Drawing
           on expertise from both the UW College of Education and         Business Administration*
           the UW Foster School of Business, this master’s program        Starts in Winter and Summer Quarters
           equips you with a solid foundation in core business            Study core business concepts with a focus on how to
           competencies, including financial management, strategic        increase productivity, expand market share and be a better
           planning, public relations, marketing and fundraising. You     manager. Explore the basics of financial and managerial
           can earn this unique degree in only 12 months.                 accounting. Investigate the interrelationship between
                                                                          financial assets and market variables. Learn to develop and
                                                                          present a strategic business plan for a new venture or an
                                                                          analysis of an existing firm or business unit.
                            Certificate Programs                          Course:
                                                                          Fundamentals of Business
           Accounting*                                                    Business Analysis
           Starts in Autumn and Summer Quarters                           Starts in Autumn Quarter
           Through this intensive program, acquire technical
                                                                          Learn to identify business needs and opportunities and
           accounting knowledge characteristic of an accounting
                                                                          determine solutions as a business analyst professional.
           major. Learn about the use and preparation of accounting
                                                                          Develop an understanding of the organization’s structure,
           information for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.
                                                                          policies, business rules and operations. Deliver both IT and
           Examine accounting techniques for regulatory reporting,
                                                                          non-IT solutions that better address business objectives
           budgeting, information technology, operations and sales.
                                                                          and reduce risk. Gain exposure to waterfall, agile and
           Analyze, prepare and use financial information to make
                                                                          emerging approaches to IT development, and complement
           business decisions. Build your managerial skills and prepare
                                                                          your systems knowledge with powerful communication
           for professional certification exams.
                                                                          skills. Practice elicitation and collaboration techniques,
           The summer program is an intensive 18-credit program,          critical thinking and modeling. Gain practical experience
           covered in one course.                                         in the knowledge areas and competencies defined by the
                                                                          Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®) of the
           Adult Learning, Training and Development                       International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA™ ).
           Starts in Autumn Quarter                                       Courses:
           Explore crucial theories of adult education and learn          Analyzing Business Needs and Requirements Planning
           to apply them in a business or organizational setting.
           Discover what makes an effective trainer, why companies        Facilitating Assessment, Modeling and Documentation
           invest in employee education, and how to measure               Synthesizing and Gaining Alignment for Implementation
           training success. Design, develop and deliver effective
           learning experiences for adults using a range of teaching

 12                            • •                                             *Offered for graduate or undergraduate credit.
 Business Development                            balance alpha generation versus downside        environmental and energy concerns. Learn
 Starts in Autumn Quarter                        risk and study the latest risk budgeting        about advancements in telecommunications.
 Discover how to find profitable new growth      techniques. Complement your foundational        Review the legal, regulatory and
 opportunities. Create compelling business       knowledge with extensive training in            technological infrastructures that facilitate
 development plans for start-up businesses       open source R programming language for          global commerce and transportation.
 or to expand existing businesses. Gain          quantitative finance modeling and analysis.     Courses:
 funding and resource commitments to make        Courses:                                        Global Logistics Management
 investments and drive revenue growth.           Fundamentals of Mathematical and                Inventory Supply Chain Management
 Learn the core proven principles that enable    Statistical Finance
 you to create business value and growth                                                         Independent Study
                                                 Computational Finance and Financial
 through starting a new business or entering
                                                 Econometrics                                    Human Resources Management
 new markets. Actively engage in envisioning
 new business ideas, implementing business       Statistical Methods for Portfolios              Starts in Autumn Quarter
 development strategies in a simulation,         Programming for Computational Finance and       Expand your knowledge of the fundamentals
 and completing and pitching a business                                                          of human resources, and transform your
                                                 Risk Management (optional)
 development plan to secure funding.                                                             perspective from process focused HR
 Courses:                                        Contract Management                             practitioner to business enhancing partner.
 Business Development Methods                    Starts in Autumn Quarter                        Learn to identify workplace issues, address
                                                 Increase your professionalism in managing       and diagnose problems quickly and
 Business Development Strategies and Planning                                                    approach workplace effectiveness with skill
                                                 contracts. Explore the contract management
 Business Development Ventures                   process from a variety of angles and discover   and confidence. Understand how to educate
                                                 effective practices in negotiating changes      your organization about the varied skill sets
 Business Essentials                             and revisions. Gain practical experience as     that HR professionals offer.
 Starts in Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters    you complete work-related projects.             Courses:
 You will know how to function more              Courses:                                        Human Resources as Business Partner
 effectively in business by understanding        Legal Issues in Contracting and Procurement     Employee Relations
 fundamental business practices. Your
 knowledge of marketplace dynamics will          Negotiation Skills                              Training and Staff Development
 help you think more strategically and make      Changes, Terminations and Claims                Benefits
 better career and work decisions. Upon
                                                 Financial Aspects of Contracts                  Compensation and Reward Systems
 program completion, you will earn nine
 undergraduate credits.                          Governmental Contracting                        Workforce Planning
 Courses:                                        International Contracting and Special Topics    Also offered at UW Tacoma, for more
 Marketing Essentials                            Also offered at UW Tacoma, for more             information visit www.tacoma.washington.
 Management Essentials                           information visit www.tacoma.washington.        edu/pdc or call 253.692.4618.
                                                 edu/pdc or call 253-692-4618.
 Accounting and Finance Essentials                                                               Managing Technology
                                                 Essentials of Project Management                Professionals
 Business for International                      Starts in Autumn Quarter                        Starts in Autumn Quarter
 Professionals                                   Explore the core principles of project          Learn to make strategic management
 Starts in Autumn and Spring Quarters            management. Investigate case studies            decisions to help your business beat the
 Gain a better understanding of trade,           and participate in teams to study risk          competition. Examine investment dynamics
 marketing, law and finance in the               management, effective communication,            to secure the next round of capital funding.
 competitive, global environment. Develop        costs, scheduling and more. Learn to            Motivate others to work well in teams
 superior communication and negotiation          effectively lead a project and apply planning   and increase productivity. Explore project
 skills by improving your English and building   tools and principles to real-world examples.    management skills that you can apply to the
 your business vocabulary. Study strategic                                                       development of new products. Investigate
 marketing and learn techniques that increase                                                    real-world cases drawn from different
 your competitive edge. Explore product
                                                 Project Management Overview and
                                                 Role of the Project Manager                     technology settings and develop solutions
 distribution options and e-commerce                                                             based on management principles and
 opportunities.                                  Project Communications and Leadership           techniques studied in class.
 Course:                                         Project Planning                                Courses:
 Business for International Professionals                                                        Strategic Perspectives for Technology Professionals
                                                 Project Execution
                                                                                                 Team Leadership for Technology Professionals
 Computational Finance*(online)                  Tips, Tools and Technology
 Starts in Autumn Quarter                                                                        Balanced Scorecard for Technology Professionals
 Learn the key mathematical, statistical         Global Supply Chain Management
 and econometric foundations needed              Starts in Autumn and Winter Quarters
 for quantitative management of financial        Examine the distribution of goods from
 investments. Study classical methods of         point of origin to global consumption. Study
 portfolio construction based on volatility      the management of intermodal connections
 as a risk measure. Learn modern theory          among maritime, aviation and overland
 of portfolio optimization, discover how to      modes of transportation. Investigate
                                                                                                                         Continued on next page.

*Offered for graduate or undergraduate credit.   • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                                       13
Continued from previous page.

Marketing Management                              See the online Biotechnology Project                 Software Product Management
Starts in Autumn Quarter                          Management Certificate Program in the                Starts in Autumn Quarter
Explore how to better understand market           Bioscience section.                                  Learn how to drive the development of
needs and communicate with customers in           Courses:                                             successful software products. Examine
a systematic and integrated way using the         Project Management Overview                          high-volume packaged software, vertical
Web, email, direct mail, public relations and                                                          application software and Web-based
other messaging tools. Discover techniques        Communications                                       delivery of software. Study specific
for creating more effective promotional           Project Planning                                     disciplines and requisite core skills, such as
campaigns. Examine marketing strategies and                                                            documentation, presentation and project
                                                  Cost and Scheduling Fundamentals
learn how to drive significant and sustainable                                                         oversight. Investigate how a product
sales growth. Strengthen your marketing skills    Problem-Solving                                      manager’s role changes based on the size of
and gain hands-on experience developing           Risk Management                                      the company. Create product, development,
marketing solutions for a local business.                                                              support and marketing sales plans.
                                                  Procurement and Contract Management
Courses:                                                                                               Courses:
Strategic Marketing Management                    Leadership Skills                                    Market Analysis and Business Planning: Assessing
Integrated Marketing Communication                Project Applications                                 Product Opportunity

Marketing Practicum                                                                                    Software Product Requirements: Planning and
                                                  Project Management                                   Delivering Your Product
                                                  (online + classroom combined)
Marketing Research and                            Starts in Winter and Spring Quarters
                                                                                                       Sales, Marketing and Support: Launching Your
Decision-Making                                   See Project Management (online) on this              Product
Starts in Autumn Quarter                          page for program description and course list.
Learn to properly define market                                                                        Strategic Human
opportunities, design market research,            Project Management (online)                          Resources Leadership
construct surveys, perform accurate               Starts in Autumn Quarter                             Starts in Winter Quarter
sampling and complete data analysis using         Explore project management processes and             Build HR leadership capability around the key
SPSS. Examine methodologies for analyzing                                                              influencers of business and organizational
                                                  procedures. Learn how to formulate effective
customer databases. Apply models to                                                                    performance. Develop strategic and
                                                  communication plans, manage conflict and
scrutinize marketing problems and provide                                                              operational competence to grow HR’s role
                                                  build team rapport. Refine your skills in creating
support for subsequent decisions. Study                                                                in sustaining business value and shaping
new developments in online research, Web
                                                  a work breakdown structure, preparing risk
                                                                                                       culture. Leverage systems thinking using
surveys and data analysis.                        management reports and developing a project
                                                                                                       an organizational effectiveness framework
                                                  closure plan.
Courses:                                                                                               developed for this program. Evaluate your
Research for Marketing Decisions                  Courses:                                             own organization’s strategy, systems and
                                                  Project Overview and Planning                        practices to ensure strategic alignment. Apply
Database Marketing and Decision Models
                                                  Project Scheduling and Risk Management               your learning to public, private or nonprofit
Research Project                                                                                       organizations of all sizes.
                                                  Project Execution, Monitoring, & Control
Project Management                                                                                     Strategy, Structure and Organizational Capability
Starts in Autumn Quarter
Explore project management processes and                                                               Leadership, Talent and Culture
procedures. Learn how to formulate effective
communication plans, manage conflict                                                                   Team Leadership
and build team rapport. Refine your skills                                                             Starts in Autumn Quarter
in creating a work breakdown structure,                                                                Learn to empower employees and
preparing risk management reports and                                                                  transform them into high-performance
developing a project closure plan.                                                                     teams who deliver results. Develop your
                                                                                                       people management and team leadership
                                                                                                       skills through a whole systems approach
                                                                                                       to building, leading and managing teams.
                                                                                                       Understand how to prioritize projects
                                                                                                       and resources, set metrics and goals, and
      More Options                                                                                     implement effective evaluation and change
      Earn undergraduate credit in an online course in Accounting. Visit               management techniques.
      online.aspx to learn more.                                                                       Courses:
      Some courses within certificate programs are available for single course enrollment. For         Developing Teams
      a complete list of courses, short programs, workshops, conferences and online options,
                                                                                                       Leading Teams
      visit our Web site and look under Courses & Short Programs.
                                                                                                       Leading Change

14                                        • •

                                                                                                                                     Communication & Media
                           Degrees                            Starts in Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters
                                                              Advance your understanding of the editorial process and
                                                              apply your knowledge to editing a wide variety of print
Master of Communication in Digital Media                      and online publications. Explore the relationship between
Join the digital media revolution and gain the necessary      editors and writers, as well as the art of proposing
tools to understand and leverage the fast-changing            editorial changes. Enhance your own writing skills while
world of new media technology and distribution.               learning to collaborate in developing the best copy for the
Powered by industry innovators, distinguished faculty and     audience and type of publication.
media experts, this rigorous master’s program focuses         Courses:
on social media and the business of digital media in          Editorial Roles and Careers: An Introduction
                                                              Practical Grammar
Your command of new communication technologies and
their social, political, economic and cultural impacts will   Fundamentals of Copy-Editing
open doors to new careers across all sectors. You can         Advanced Editing
become a digital media expert in 15 months, attending
                                                              MS Word for Editors (optional)
class weekday evenings.
                                                              The Web-Savvy Editor (optional)
                                                              Career Development Practicum (optional)
                                                              Editing Corporate Communications (optional)
                Undergraduate Evening                         Proofreading (optional)
                  Degree Program
                                                              Independent Filmmaking
Earn the degree you’ve always wanted! The UW Evening
                                                              Starts in Autumn Quarter
Degree Program offers you the personalized attention
                                                              Learn what it takes to make a short documentary or
of a small school and the outstanding education of a          narrative film by working on a project from concept to
top-ranked university. Study with renowned UW faculty         post-production. Study the fundamentals of film and video
full- or part-time and earn a respected UW degree with        production, and learn to plan, produce and edit your work
other motivated students. Join the UW community and           with the latest technologies. Practice using camera, light
gain access to campus resources like career advising and      and sound packages on location and in a studio.
academic support. There’s room for you and your goals in
the UW Evening Degree Program.
                                                              Introduction to Independent Filmmaking
Communication                                                 Film Directing (optional)
Application Deadlines: Oct. 31 for winter quarter; Jan. 31    Shooting the Film
for spring quarter; May 15 for summer/autumn quarter;          — Track 1: Shooting the Documentary
and July 15 for autumn quarter.                                — Track 2: Shooting the Narrative Film
Contact: 206-543-6160 or for              Producing and Production Management (optional)
additional information.          Post-Production
                                                               — Track 1: Documentary Post Production
                                                               — Track 2: Narrative Film Post Production
                  Certificate Programs
                                                              The Business of Film (optional)
Audio Production                                              Sound Gathering on Location (optional)
Starts in Autumn Quarter
Learn the basic principles of audio engineering and gain
practical, hands-on experience while working in a sound
studio. Examine audio production from acoustics and
microphones to the recording and mixing process. Take
field trips to local studios to view professional sound
production for music, video and film. Study the use of
software to create digital audio files for the Internet and
other media.
Introduction to Audio Production
Audio Production in the Studio
Audio Production Project
Sound Gathering on Location (optional)

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Communication & Media
Continued from previous page.

Public Relations                                  Courses:                                        Virtual Worlds* (online)
Starts in Autumn Quarter                          Current Practices in Technical Communication    Starts in Autumn Quarter
Gain a comprehensive introduction to the                                                          Learn to use immersive virtual environments
                                                  Style in Technical Communication
essential functions of the public relations                                                       to enhance business, social and educational
professional. Explore the diversity of            Technical Editing and Document Development      interactions within all types of organizations.
issues and responsibilities that define the       Authoring and Production Tools in Technical     Examine methods for creating increasingly
profession. Sharpen your writing skills           Communication                                   sophisticated virtual worlds that incorporate
through a variety of assignments focused                                                          game theory, 3D environments and
on public relations challenges. Examine           Software User Assistance                        information science. Explore an emerging
techniques for managing relationships             Visual Design in Technical Communication        movement to create green workplaces by
with a range of groups, including the                                                             using virtual location alternatives to reduce
media, investors, community members and           User-Centered Design*                           the need for commuting and business
legislators. Acquire hands-on experience by       Starts in Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters    travel. Learn exclusively in a virtual world
working on a public relation challenge with       Learn about sophisticated planning and          environment through a hands-on and
a local business or nonprofit organization or                                                     practical educational approach.
                                                  development methods to ensure intuitive,
                                                  user-friendly product development. Explore      Courses:
Courses:                                          user-centered design and evaluation,            Selecting and Using Virtual Worlds
Public Relations Practices and Functions          usability testing and systems-based analyses.
                                                  Study the latest theories and explore tools
                                                                                                  Designing Virtual Worlds
Media Relations
                                                  and techniques to keep user needs, desires      Programming Virtual Worlds
Public Relations Writing                          and potential obstacles at the forefront of
Tools and Techniques                              each stage of the design process.               Web Design with Adobe®
Public Relations Strategy                         To determine if credits may be applied          Creative Suite®
                                                  toward a related degree, contact the            Starts in Autumn and Winter Quarters
Public Relations Practicum                                                                        Gain an intensive, hands-on introduction to
                                                  Department of Human Centered Design &
                                                  Engineering. Departmental staff can tell you    the current version of the most popular tools
Technical Writing and Editing*                    more about graduate nonmatriculated (GNM)       used to create Web sites and interactive
Starts in Autumn Quarter                          status, application procedures and other        content for commercial, professional,
Learn practical applications and fundamental      requirements. Visit www.hcde.washington.        educational and entertainment purposes.
concepts in technical communication.              edu/                                            Study Web design core concepts, including
Study information design, software user                                                           prior and emerging Web standards.
assistance, editing practices, layout and         Courses:
                                                  Usability Testing                               Integrate Adobe’s tools with accessibility
production and software applications.                                                             standards and current best practices such
Review the principles and practices of            User-Centered Design                            as designing with cascading style sheets
writing about scientific and technical topics                                                     and ensuring accessibility. Examine effective
                                                  Seminar: Current Issues in Human Centered
for a variety of audiences — from subject                                                         interfaces and learn about user-centered
                                                  Design & Engineering
experts to the general public. Explore                                                            design.
grammar, style and structure in technical         Visual Communication
communication.                                    Experimental Research Methods                   Introduction to Multimedia Design and Production
                                                  User-Centered Web Design                        Visual and Information Design: Digital Imaging
                                                                                                  Multimedia Web Authoring
                                                                                                  Web Authoring Using Flash
                                                                                                  Introduction to Web Publishing
                                                                                                  (optional preparatory course)

      More Options
      Enroll in a writing workshop to complement or explore our Certificate in Editing.
      Workshops are open to everyone and include: Proofreading, Editing Corporate
      Communications and MS Word for Editors.
      Earn undergraduate credit in an online course in communication or political science.
      Visit to learn more.
      Some courses within certificate programs are available for single course enrollment. For
      a complete list of courses, short programs, workshops, conferences and online options,
      visit our Web site and look under Courses & Short Programs.

16                                         • •                                        *Offered for graduate or undergraduate credit.
                                                             Professional Master’s Program in Computer

                                                                                                                                         Computing &
                                                                                                                                Information Technology
                        Degrees                              Science & Engineering
                                                             This program offers students access to the University
Master of Science in Computing & Software                    of Washington’s Department of Computer Science &
                                                             Engineering’s first-class faculty and curriculum in a student
Systems (UW Bothell)                                         group that includes the best and brightest software
Become the complete developer by learning to apply           designers and engineers in the Seattle area. Consistently
software solutions to a wide range of real-world             ranked among the top 10 computer science programs in
problems, and function both as a strong team member          the country, the UW Department of Computer Science
and organizational leader. This new degree from UW           & Engineering developed this flexible, part-time master’s
Bothell offers a unique blend of core computer science       program so you can continue to work while you advance
subjects and modern topics that prepare software             your career.
professionals to succeed in this dynamic field.                                            Professional Master’s Program in Geographic
                                                             Information Systems
Master of Science in Information                             Investigate the emerging world of geographic information
Management                                                   systems (GIS) and discover how a system of hardware,
Capitalize on the industry-wide need for efficient and       software and data has enhanced the efficiency and analytical
comprehensive information systems. This relevant             power of traditional cartography. Examine the tremendous
and motivating program, offered by the UW iSchool,           range of information sources that can be combined to build
educates students in leadership, analysis and technology     a GIS database – from raw data, scanned maps and GPS
of information-intensive organizations. Drawing from         positions, to aerial photography. This program prepares
disciplines ranging from management, computer science        students to understand and apply GIS to solve complex
and information science, to philosophy, law and design,      problems in a wide range of disciplines. Support research
this master’s program gives students practical skills        and decision making in fields such as environmental studies,
supported by solid intellectual concepts.                    land-use planning, disaster preparedness, natural resource                              management and business marketing.
Online Master of Library and
Information Science                                          Master of Science in Human Centered Design
Prepare to take an active professional role in design,       & Engineering
management and evaluation of library information             Advance your communication and design knowledge with
systems. This high quality, high impact master’s degree      innovative techniques by studying human activity and
from the UW iSchool aims to equip students with a solid      translating that information into meaningful information
understanding of modern approaches to information            designs. In addition to studying information design, usability,
management, communications and technology literacy           new media applications, research methods, theory and
well matched for school, districts or higher education       more, you will gain hands-on experience working closely
settings.                                                    with faculty members on specific research topics as part of                              directed research groups. This ground-breaking program
                                                             is offered in the evening to accommodate the schedules of
Professional Master’s Program in                             professionals working full time.
Computational Linguistics                          
(classroom or online)
Be at the forefront of scientific innovation by learning
to transfer human competencies like language,
communication and ideas to computers. Computational
linguists develop new technology and products like
predictive text messaging, dialogue software for your car,
and medical devices. Offered by the distinguished UW
Department of Linguistics, and steered by an advisory
board that includes managers and researchers from many
leading technology companies.

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                                                 • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                                 17
Computing & Information Technology
Continued from previous page.

                                                    Courses:                                        Courses:
           Certificate Programs                     High Performance Data Integration with          Data Visualization
                                                    SQL Server                                      Data Analysis
3D Animation for Games                              Designing and Developing Web-Based Solutions    Data Mining
and Digital Media                                   with ASP.NET
Starts in Autumn Quarter                            Web Services and Security Implementation        C Programming
Discover the artistic side of the game                                                              Starts in Autumn Quarter
industry and explore basic concepts                 Agile Development                               Advance your programming through one of
and skills of three dimensional (3D)                Starts in Autumn Quarter                        the best and most widely used programming
animation. Learn to create memorable,               Learn the principles of software                languages. Develop skills for maximum
life-like characters using Autodesk® 3ds            development that yield faster release cycles,   control and efficiency in a variety of software
Max® and the Entertainment Creation                 higher quality, better teamwork and regular     application environments. Learn all aspects of
Suite. Explore techniques for project               adaptation to changing circumstances. Focus     the design and development process — from
planning, storyboarding and environmental           on increasing daily cooperation between         initial specification through testing.
storytelling. Study the work of industry            developers and businesses with rapid,           Courses:
leaders such as Pixar/Disney and PDI/               continuous delivery of practical software.      C Programming: Introduction
DreamWorks and understand how to apply              Develop Agile engineering skills, become a
their proven practices to your own work.            Certified ScrumMaster and prepare for the
                                                                                                    C Programming: Advanced
Courses:                                            new Scrum Developer certification through       Data Structures and Algorithms
Introduction to 3D Max                              a combination of exercises, simulations,        Introduction to Programming and Application
                                                    lectures and discussions.
Introduction to 3D Animation                                                                        Development (optional)
Character Design and 3D Modeling                    Agile Overview and ScrumMaster Certification    C++ Programming
Character Animation                                 Applied Agile Development                       (Bellevue or online)
Project Planning, Storyboarding, Environmental                                                      Starts in Autumn and Winter Quarters
Storytelling                                        Business Intelligence: Building the             Study the C++ language through a hands-
Advanced Character Animation                        Data Warehouse                                  on learning approach. Understand and
                                                    Starts in Autumn Quarter                        apply object-oriented modeling and design
                                                    Learn to transform raw data into business       principles to develop robust medium- or
Advanced Digital Imaging                                                                            large-scale software systems. Build your
                                                    assets by synthesizing massive amounts
(classroom or online)                                                                               knowledge base of programming concepts
                                                    of information in the forms of databases,
Starts in Autumn Quarter                                                                            by learning new ones and exploring existing
                                                    spreadsheets, text-based documents
Apply the latest digital imaging technologies                                                       ones in-depth. Learn and practice good
                                                    and various internal and external
to your work using Adobe Photoshop and                                                              software design and test methodologies
                                                    communications. Improve organizational
Lightroom. Increase the quality of digital                                                          using C++ as the implementation language.
                                                    use, sharing and storage of information
imaging through optimal processing,
                                                    by planning and implementing a data             Courses:
workflow, storage, calibration, printing,
                                                    warehouse project. Develop robust data          C++ Programming: Introduction
display and distribution. Create a portfolio
                                                    and technical architecture to meet business
using a wide-format Epson printer. Get                                                              C++ Programming: Intermediate
advice from industry leaders about new                                                              C++ Programming: Advanced
developments in the field.                          Courses:
                                                    Data Warehouse: Concepts and Principles
Courses:                                                                                            Database Management (online)
Color and Image Management                          Data Warehouse: Project Planning, Analysis      Starts in Winter Quarter
                                                    and Design                                      Learn to help organizations capture, store,
Image Optimization
                                                    Data Warehouse: Project Implementation          retrieve and analyze information in meaningful
Creative Output: Printing, Self-Publishing and                                                      ways. Become familiar with the fundamentals
Web Galleries                                                                                       of database management technology, design,
                                                    Business Intelligence:
                                                                                                    development and administration. Establish
Advanced Web Application                            Techniques for Decision-Making
                                                                                                    new professional relationships in the database
                                                    Starts in Autumn Quarter
Development in .NET                                                                                 management community with instructors,
                                                    Translate and manage mass-information
Starts in Autumn Quarter                                                                            guest lecturers and students.
                                                    for businesses, and drive effective strategic
Discover the vital technologies that power                                                          Courses:
                                                    decisions. Build mining models, perform
successful Web sites. Learn to create                                                               Database Fundamentals
                                                    what-if analyses and simplify data into
sophisticated, dynamic Web applications
                                                    practical visual presentations. Learn           Database Design and Implementation
and services. Explore development and
                                                    techniques to consolidate and aggregate
Web database integration using Microsoft’s                                                          Database Administration
                                                    data on customers, transactions and
proven approach, the .NET platform.
                                                    demographics.                                   Also offered at UW Tacoma, for more
Develop skills in vital technologies to ensure
                                                                                                    information visit www.tacoma.washington.
secure communications and transactions.
                                                                                                    edu/pdc or call 253-692-4618.

18                                               • •
Digital Forensics                              Flash Application Development                       Information Security and Risk
Starts in Autumn Quarter                       Starts in Autumn Quarter                            Management (online or classroom)
Develop the specialized skills to recover,     Focus the development of your                       Starts in Autumn Quarter
preserve and evaluate forensic evidence        programming skills on one of the premiere           Manage the defense and protection of vital
to support civil, criminal and internal        software platforms for creating interactive         company information from attack using
investigations. Focus on how to discover and   multimedia applications for the Web. In             the latest technologies and strategies.
document violations of computer usage in       this hands-on, project-driven program               Investigate the type of external and internal
corporate and public agency settings. Learn    you’ll explore project management, Flash            threats that can compromise customer data,
the laws and procedures to successfully        Action Scripting 3.0, integrating with              employee personal information and digitized
capture criminal use of the Internet, email    XML data, greater use of components,                intellectual property. Examine effective
and electronic files.                          animation and masking techniques, and               policies for mitigating risks and learn how
Courses:                                       further development methods using the Flex          to implement security and remediation
Law and Digital Forensics                      framework. Understand how to incorporate            measures across an entire organization.
                                               Flash with database-driven dynamic Web              Courses:
Digital Forensics Tools and Processes          content. Learn to generate and use shared           Information Security and Risk Management in Context
Applied Digital Forensics: Case Studies        libraries to improve performance.
                                                                                                   Building and Information Risk Management Toolkit
Also offered at UW Tacoma, for more            Courses:
information visit www.tacoma.washington.       Concepts and Principles of Flash Application        Designing and Executing Information Security
edu/pdc or call 253.692.4618.                  Development                                         Strategies
                                               Creating Rich Internet Applications with Flash
Embedded and Real-Time Systems                                                                     Information Systems Security
Programming                                    Building Data-Driven Applications Using Flex        Starts in Autumn Quarter
Starts in Autumn Quarter                                                                           Examine comprehensive and cutting-edge
Gain the skills to bring new, effective        Game Development                                    protective strategies for implementing
microprocessor-based devices to market.        Starts in Autumn Quarter                            and administering organization-wide
Learn to design, develop, test, debug and      Learn how to develop 3D games. Explore              security measures. Investigate the type of
document software for embedded devices         writing code to incorporate 3D graphics,            threats and attacks that can compromise
using specialized languages based on C         load 3D graphic models, and implement               a company’s information systems. Learn to
programming and Assembly. Benefit from         sound, user interface and game play. Gain           understand and apply technical protective
a practical understanding of ubiquitous        the skills to add advanced techniques,              measures to every aspect of a business that
embedded hardware and software — 98            including multiplayer, skeletal animation and       relies on information processing.
percent of all processors sold today are       artificial intelligence (AI) into games.            Courses:
embedded.                                      Courses:                                            Foundations of Information Security
Courses:                                       Introduction and Graphics
                                                                                                   Security Tools and Technologies
Design and Optimization of Embedded and        Advanced Graphics
                                                                                                   Applied Security Solutions and Emerging Trends
Real-Time Systems                              Artificial Intelligence
                                                                                                   Also offered at UW Tacoma, for more
Fundamentals of Embedded and                   Networking and Multiplayer                          information visit www.tacoma.washington.
Real-Time Systems                                                                                  edu/pdc or call 253-692-4618.
Programming with Embedded and                  Geographic Information Systems
Real-Time Operating Systems                    Starts in Autumn Quarter                            iPhone and Cocoa Development
                                               Investigate the emerging world of geographic        Starts in Autumn and Winter Quarters
Embedded and Real-Time Systems                 information systems (GIS) and discover how          Learn the language, framework, processes
Programming (online)                           a system of hardware, software and data             and skills to develop quality applications
Starts in Winter Quarter                       has enhanced the efficiency and analytical          for Apple’s iPhone OS, for both the iPhone
Gain the skills to bring new, effective        power of traditional cartography. Examine the       and iPad device platforms. Become familiar
microprocessor-based devices to market.        tremendous range of information sources that        with Objective-C and begin developing
Learn to design, develop, test, debug and      can be combined to build a GIS database – from      applications in the Cocoa framework, on
document software for embedded devices         raw data, scanned maps and GPS positions, to        both Mac OS X and using the iPhone SDK
using specialized languages based on C         aerial photography. Learn how to use the system     (Software Development Kit). Gain the tools
programming and Assembly. Benefit from         to support research and decision making in a        to design, build and test your applications,
a practical understanding of ubiquitous        variety of fields such as environmental studies,    and to effectively market them through the
embedded hardware and software – 98            land-use planning, disaster preparedness, natural   App Store. Expand your knowledge to include
percent of all processors sold today are       resource management and business marketing.         more advanced Cocoa programming skills.
embedded.                                      Courses:                                            Courses:
Courses:                                       Geospatial Information and Technologies             Programming with Objective-C and the Cocoa
Fundamentals of Embedded and                   GIS Data and Database Design                        Framework
Real-Time Systems                                                                                  Developing with the iPhone SDK
                                               GIS Project Planning and Implementation
Programming with Embedded and                                                                      Advanced Cocoa Development for Mac OS X and
                                               GIS Modeling and Analysis
Real-Time Operating Systems                                                                        iPhone OS
                                               GIS in Practice in the Pacific Northwest
Design and Optimization of Embedded and
Real-Time Systems                              Advanced GIS Analysis and Applications                                     Continued on next page.

                                               • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                                      19
Computing & Information Technology
Continued from previous page.

Java Programming                                Natural Language Technology*                     Courses:
Starts in Autumn and Winter Quarters            (online)                                         Concepts, Architecture, and Administrative
Learn the industry-standard programming         Starts in Summer Quarter                         Essentials
language used for a wide variety of             Explore the potential of natural language        Application Development & Administration
applications. Apply your new skills to          processing – a tool that helps sort and
branches of computing that produce smart        integrate data through automated human           Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning
cards, phones and super-computers. Develop      languages. Learn to bridge the gap between
a command of Java programming through           people and machines through predictive text      Python Programming
object-oriented design and design patterns.     messaging, speech recognition software,          Starts in Autumn Quarter
Courses:                                        dialogue systems and speech prosthetics.         Discover Python’s versatile programming
Object-Oriented Programming in Java             Biomedical informatics, litigation support,      language that is suitable for projects ranging
                                                media and advertising benefit from               from small scripts to large systems. Learn
Application Programming in Java                                                                  best practices such as version control, unit
                                                language technologies. Position yourself
Advanced Features of Java                       to meet the present and future business          testing, other professional skills and work
                                                demands for machine translation and              habits. Explore Python’s large standard
Localization: Customizing Software              information retrieval.                           library that supports many common
for the World (classroom or online)                                                              programming tasks. Acquire hands-on
Starts in Autumn Quarter                                                                         experience by developing a portfolio and
                                                Computational Linguistics Fundamentals
Learn to create international success for                                                        completing a substantial and original
                                                Shallow Processing Techniques for Natural        project.
businesses with key technologies and
                                                Language Processing                              Courses:
cultural adaptation. Customize the delivery
of products and services in foreign markets     Deep Processing Techniques for Natural           Introduction to Programming and Application
with localization tools such as machine         Language Processing                              Development (optional)
translation, terminology management                                                              Programming in Python
and global content management systems           Network Engineering
(GCMS). Use your existing skills in foreign     Starts in Autumn Quarter                         Internet Programming in Python
languages, project management or software       Prepare for the specialized field of network     System Development with Python
to gain a solid understanding of localization   engineering by building upon protocol and
project management and engineering              architecture concepts with hands-on lab          Rapid Web Development with
practices employed in this expanding            work and network design case studies.            Content Management Systems
field. Connect with industry professionals,     Discover the latest in-depth technical           Starts in Winter Quarter
instructors, guest speakers and your fellow     information on subjects of current interest      Learn how to create database-driven Web
students to learn first-hand what successful    in network engineering. Explore the              sites using a content management system
localization managers face on the job today.    integration of new technologies via wireless     (CMS), and how to evaluate different CMS
Courses:                                        networks. Learn how to select and manage         solutions. Plan, design, install, build and
Introduction to Localization                    vendors, and study the network design            customize Web sites using two different
                                                and engineering skills required to support       open source CMS: WordPress and Drupal.
Localization Engineering                        network environments.                            Examine the necessary and unique
Localization Project Management                 Courses:                                         requirements for successfully working with
                                                Network Architectures, Protocols and Standards   clients to build professional Web sites and
.NET Development                                                                                 transfer site ownership and maintenance to
Starts in Autumn, Winter and Summer Quarters    LAN and WAN Engineering
                                                                                                 them. Explore approaches to managing real-
Discover the tools necessary to develop         Advanced Network Technology and Integration      world development issues.
applications in Microsoft .NET, including
Web, Windows and Console environments.          Oracle Applications Development                  Building for the Web with WordPress
Examine how multithreading and                  (online or classroom)
class libraries can improve application         Starts in Autumn Quarter                         Drupal Site Development
performance. Gain a foundation of               With an emphasis on cross functionality,         Real-World CMS Deployment, Customization,
knowledge you can bring to the next level of    learn how to develop and administer              and Maintenance
advanced Web application development.           databases via Oracle. Study core regional
Courses:                                        database management systems (RDBMS)
Introduction to Windows and                     and apply those concepts to Oracle.
Web Applications in C#                          Examine Structured Query Language (SQL),
                                                normalization, data integrity, architecture
Intermediate Windows and
                                                and administrative essentials. Focus on
Web Applications in C#
                                                development using PL/SQL, and explore
Advanced Language Constructs                    administration issues such as security, back
                                                up, recovery and system management.

20                                        • •                                         *Offered for graduate or undergraduate credit.
 Social Media Technologies &                     SQL Server Specialist                             UNIX/Linux Administration
 Implementation                                  (online + classroom combined)                     Starts in Autumn Quarter
 Starts in Autumn Quarter                        Starts in Autumn Quarter                          Learn how to plan, support and administer
 Learn to deploy successful social media         Learn how to manage, analyze and leverage         UNIX/Linux systems – the operating system
 strategies within a for-profit, nonprofit       complex data using SQL databases and              of choice for more than 60 percent of
 or public sector organization. Explore a        servers. Stay abreast of leading-edge             businesses. Discover real-world solutions
 broad range of social media tools and           developments and techniques. Explore an           for systems management, data exchange,
 gain hands-on skills installing, customizing    in-depth view of SQL Server in a variety          security and performance through hands-
 and managing them. Acquire a clear              of business contexts. Work on smaller             on experience. Gain comprehensive skills to
 understanding of how to successfully use        applications as well as larger database           efficiently and securely administer networks
 social media to market a business and           projects.                                         of UNIX/Linux machines.
 communicate with customers. Develop a           Courses:                                          Courses:
 strategic social media plan in collaboration    SQL Server Essentials: Concepts and Tools         Foundations of the UNIX/Linux Environment
 with other stakeholders.
                                                 Database Development                              Administering UNIX/Linux Machines
 Social Media in Business                        SQL Server Administration                         Administering Large UNIX/Linux Systems

 Social Media Platform & Tools                                                                     Web Technology Solutions*
                                                 Systems Analysis and Design
 Social Media Thought Leadership:                (online + classroom combined)                     Starts in Autumn Quarter
 Defining a Roadmap                              Starts in Autumn Quarter                          Learn how back-end server and database
                                                 Learn how to assess business needs, review        technologies work with front-end Web
 Software Test Automation                        organizational structures, gather system          delivery to create seamless e-commerce
 Starts in Autumn Quarter                        requirements and translate organizational         experiences for customers. Design and
 Add to your testing skills by learning to       needs for the purpose of a viable IT system.      build interactive, information-rich Web sites
 design and develop automated tests using        Focus on the big picture by examining             with underlying databases. Create a Web
 the popular and simple C# programming           processes holistically – from inception to        interface and interactive Web documents.
 language. Benefit from a practical              project completion. Study methodologies           Understand the server environment
 and hands-on approach to developing             of effective end-user interfaces and the          and architecture of data-driven Web
 automated test cases for increasingly           software development cycle.                       applications.
 complex systems. Apply your new skills to       Courses:                                          Courses:
 Java, Mono C, or other programming or           Introduction to Systems Analysis                  Introduction to Web Publishing
 scripting languages.                                                                              (optional preparatory course)
                                                 Architectures, Modeling and Project Management
 Courses:                                                                                          Client-Side Scripting and Design
 Programming Concepts in C# for Testers          Systems Development and Implementation
                                                                                                   Server-Side Programming Using PHP
 Essential Elements of Automated Test Design
                                                                                                   SQL, Data Storage Technologies, and Web
 Advanced Automated Test Design in .NET                                                            Data Integration

 Software Testing                                                                                  Web Technology Solutions*
 Starts in Autumn and Winter Quarters                                                              (online)
 Learn the basics of software testing,
                                                                                                   Starts in Winter Quarter
 including documentation and efficient and
                                                                                                   See Web Technology Solutions, this page,
 effective practices. Examine the language
                                                                                                   for program description and course list.
 of the field, quality assurance, control
 processes and methodology. Discover
 how to design tests for various types of
 functionality as well as for usability and
 compatibility. Study all the major elements
 of the software quality and testing process.
 Software Quality Assurance and Process
                                                    More Options
                                                    Prepare for a computer programming certificate program or a Master’s of Science
 Test Design and Tracking                           in Computing and Software Systems. For those new to computer science and
 Software Quality Control and Process               passionate about advancing their education in this field, we offer the Introduction to
                                                    Programming and Application course, which serves as a stepping stone to certificate
                                                    programs. Visit to learn about the three-course Master’s
                                                    Preparation Sequence.
                                                    Some courses within certificate programs are available for single course enrollment.
                                                    For a complete list of courses, short programs, workshops, conferences and online
                                                    options, visit our Web site and look under Courses & Short Programs.

*Offered for graduate or undergraduate credit.   • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                               21
                                     Degrees                                                           Programs

            Danforth Educational Leadership Program                         Conference on Early Learning
            Prepare for principal and program administrator certification   Offered in Summer Quarter
            in this respected program for experienced teachers              Join the conversation about the latest advances in early
            and school counselors. Designed collaboratively by the          childhood learning research and the best resources to
            University of Washington faculty and educational leaders,       advocate for children. Get updates from UW faculty and
            the Danforth program offers a one-year intensive format,        renowned experts about how to support educational and
            a residential summer institute, and a cohort structure that     policy decisions that benefit all children in Washington
            fosters relationships with colleagues and peers.                state. This is a key opportunity for educators, state
                    legislators, advocacy groups, counselors, community
                                                                            leaders and parents to influence early learning as
            Leadership for Learning (Doctorate)                             advocated by Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire.
            Earn your doctorate of education and prepare to qualify
            for the Washington State Superintendent Certificate.
                                                                            Can We Talk
            This Ed. D. program prepares experienced educators to           Offered in Summer Quarter
            become K-12 superintendents, assistant superintendents          Focus on the use of controversial issues in secondary
            and district leaders in administration, business or finance,    school classrooms. Improve your ability to teach young
            curriculum, special programs, staff development and             people effective participation in classroom discussions of
            human resources. Leadership for Learning also prepares          controversial issues. Define controversial issues, analyze
            aspiring systems-level leaders of educational nonprofits        the rationales for including them in the curriculum, and
            and networks. The Leadership for Learning program is            review research that supports this method of teaching.
            a four-year, part-time program designed for working             Discover different discussion models and become adept at
            professionals.                                                  leading lively debates over powerful issues.
                                                                            Early Childhood Leadership
            Master of Education in                                          Starts in Winter Quarter
            Instructional Leadership                                        Develop a strong conceptual framework that strengthens
                                                                            your leadership vision for the field of early childhood
            Are you a passionate teacher who feels called to lead? The
                                                                            development and education. Gain a multidisciplinary
            University of Washington College of Education proudly
                                                                            perspective on system factors that contribute to early
            offers the Master of Education in Instructional Leadership
                                                                            development and learning. Acquire a core set of
            (MIL), a unique degree program that prepares teachers
                                                                            leadership skills that allow you to guide teams toward
            for emerging and critical leadership positions in school
                                                                            continuous quality improvement. Connect with essential
            and district settings. This degree serves teachers who
                                                                            resources and professional networks to remain current on
            want advanced knowledge of leadership and classroom
                                                                            issues in the field.
            practice, but do not currently aspire to become principals
            or administrators. MIL empowers graduates to become
            leaders in their own right, expanding their traditional
                                                                            E-Learning Design and Development (online)
            teaching role beyond the classroom and into the school
                                                                            Starts in Autumn Quarter
                                                                            Explore approaches to e-learning, instructional designs,
            community. Exercising their leadership, our graduates
                                                                            tools and procedures for e-learning environments.
            foster the professional development for teachers that can
                                                                            Discover how to effectively assess program content and
            lead to improved student outcomes.
                                                                            usability. Learn the best ways to launch and manage
                                     e-learning programs. Earn hands-on experience creating
                                                                            a project of your choice using strategies and techniques
            Master of Education in School Psychology                        acquired during the program.
            Prepare to play a crucial, supportive role in child
            development by training to become a school psychologist.
                                                                            Designing E-Learning Environments
            This master’s degree, sponsored by the UW College of
            Education, is approved by the State of Washington and           Developing and Managing E-Learning
            meets requirements for initial certification (Educational       E-Learning Assessment and Evaluation
            Staff Associate) as a school psychologist in Washington.
            Also approved by the National Association of School             E-Learning Practicum
            Psychologists, graduates qualify for national school
            psychologist certification. The master’s program
            also serves as the first three years of the American
            Psychological Association accredited doctoral program for
            those who wish to pursue advanced study.

 22                             • •
 Instructional Coaching                           National Board Certification                      School Library Professional
 Offered in Summer Quarter                        Support Program for Teachers                      Endorsement*
 Focus on instructional coaching, both            Starts in Spring and Summer Quarters              (online + classroom combined)
 the role and its responsibilities. You           Reach your goal of National Board                 Starts in Summer Quarter
 will examine coaching from a practical           Certification with support from the UW. This      Prepare for a position as a fully certified K-12
 perspective — What do coaches do?                program provides a one-day orientation, small     teacher-librarian. Learn to develop and run
 What skills do coaches require? What can         group sessions led by NBCTs in your region,       a successful school library media program,
 help coaches be successful? What are the         large group sessions to meet with fellow          and discover how to establish information-
 challenges of the work? — as well as study       certificate candidates, online modules and        rich learning environments to help students
 the research on instructional coaching. You      assessment center preparation. The UW also        become effective creators, critical users and
 will study methods to create equitable, high-    provides support for NBCTs seeking renewal        communicators of ideas and information.
 quality pedagogical practices that support       of their National Board Certification. For more   Explore information technology as a tool
 both teacher and student learning. Teachers      information, visit http://education.washington.   to enhance teaching and learning. Acquire
 from all grade levels and content areas are      edu/professional/boardcert.html or send an        hands-on experience as you work in the field
 encouraged to participate.                       email to                  and manage library media programs.
 Math Day                                         Pacific Northwest Institute on                    Administration of the School Library
 Offered in Spring Quarter                        Special Education and the Law                     Media Program
 Teachers and high school students                Offered in Autumn Quarter
 are invited to the UW to uncover the             Attend this annual institute for an overview      Information Technology for Teaching and Learning
 exciting, practical and rewarding world          of selected legal issues affecting special        Information Literacy for Teaching and Learning
 of mathematics. Choose from a variety            education administration and practices.
                                                                                                    Collection Development
 of sessions throughout the day that cover        Get updates on congressional amendments
 diverse applications of math such as robots,     to the Individuals with Disabilities              Catalogs, Cataloging and Classification
 weather forecasts and code-cracking. Listen      Education Act (IDEA) and recent court             Directed Fieldwork in Leadership and
 to panel discussions on the undergraduate        cases interpreting the act. Hear from             Management of Library Media Programs
 math student experience and careers in           nationally prominent faculty and school
 mathematics. You can also participate in         or plaintiff attorneys about Section 504          Information Services and Resources
 field trips to various campus laboratories and   of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans          in K-12 Education
 facilities to discover how math is put to use    with Disabilities Act, Sections 1983 and          Integrated Instructional Technology
 every day. Check our Web site in January for     1985 of the Civil Rights Act, No Child Left
 complete program details and to register.        Behind Act and other federal and state laws       Spanish Language Institute -
                                                  affecting the operation and management            The Guatemala Experience
 Mathematics Education Project                    of special education programs in public           Offered in Summer Quarter
 Let the Mathematics Education Project            schools. For more information, visit www.         Experience the culture and history of
 (MEP) bring customized, research-based          Guatemala firsthand. Improve your Spanish
 professional development to your district.                                                         language skills and develop a specialized
 MEP offers a variety of programs in              Puget Sound Writing Project                       vocabulary for your work. Immerse yourself
 conveniently scheduled sessions throughout       Starts in Summer Quarter                          in the community while staying with a local
 the school year. For more information visit      Teachers who are interested in learning about     family. Study Spanish and Latin American or send             writing instruction will benefit from this        culture individually with an on-site instructor
 an email to program director Rosemary            popular UW summer institute, affiliated with      as well as with instructors within the Ixquic
 Sheffield at              the National Writing Project. Develop your        Spanish Academy, a local Spanish language
                                                  leadership skills on the subject of writing,      school. Visit Mayan and colonial ruin sites,
                                                  and benefit from a variety of activities.         museums, a woman’s textile cooperative and
                                                  You will meet with professional writers to        take part in traditional festivities.
                                                  discuss the writing process; design writing
                                                  in-service programs for your sponsoring
                                                  schools and districts; write, share and reflect
                                                  on the processes of writing and teaching;
                                                  and develop ways to share your strengths as
                                                  consultants with other teachers.

                                                                                                                           Continued on next page.

*Offered for graduate or undergraduate credit.    • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                                    23
Continued from previous page.

Special Education Endorsement*                   University of Washington in the
Starts in Winter Quarter                         High School
Gain the competencies necessary to earn          Become a UW in the High School teacher
a Washington State Special Education             so that you can teach UW credit courses
Endorsement. Increase your job security          to your students in your classroom. Highly
by acquiring this in-demand teaching             qualified teachers are approved and trained
credential. Ensure success in the field          to offer UW courses using the same
through supervised experience in the             curriculum, texts and grading scales found
classroom and learning new supporting            on the UW campus. Courses are offered in
technologies. Build connections with UW          math, science, English, world languages and
faculty and local professionals during           computer science. For more information,
supervised internships. Achieve your goal in     visit
a focused effort with this condensed, three-
quarter, 21-credit program.                      World Languages Day
                                                 Offered in Winter Quarter
Summer Youth Programs                            Teachers, bring your students to UW
Starts in Summer Quarter                         to experience a fun and informal way
Your child can enjoy the University of           to discover the diversity of the world.
Washington campus, resources and                 High school juniors and seniors have
expertise through UW Summer Youth                the opportunity to learn how to live in a
Programs — unique learning opportunities         world whose boundaries are becoming
tailored to all ages. Summer Youth Programs      smaller and smaller. Students get to
offer academically oriented camps,               consider why learning other languages and
academies and short courses for elementary,      understanding the cultures of our world
middle and high school students. Find a          is essential and mind opening. Choose
summer program that will spark your child’s      from over 150 sessions ranging from mini
interest. For more information, visit www.       language workshops, to world music, dance,                     storytelling and more. Check our Web site in
                                                 December forcomplete program details and
                                                 to register.

      More Options
      Bring content-focused UW professional development to teachers in your district.
      Visit our Web site to learn how.
      Earn undergraduate credit in an online course in Library & Information Science.
      Visit to learn more.
      Some courses within certificate programs are available for single course enrollment.
      For a complete list of courses, short programs, workshops, conferences and online
      options, visit our Web site and look under Courses & Short Programs.

24                                       • •
                                                               Professional Master’s Program in
                         Degrees                               Electrical Engineering
                                                               Refine your knowledge in electrical engineering
Master’s in Aeronautics and Astronautics                       concepts ranging from wireless communications and
                                                               electromagnetics to microelectromechanical systems.
Engineering (online)                                           With a curriculum equivalent to the daytime program,
Refine your knowledge in engineering research and
                                                               the flexible professional master’s program allows working
sciences as you build upon your undergraduate
                                                               adults to earn the same career-advancing degree.
background in aerodynamics, flight mechanics, fluid
mechanics, thermodynamics, propulsion and other related
subjects. Students have the opportunity to attend class
in person or online, allowing working professionals to         Professional Master’s Program in Industrial
choose the format that is most convenient for them.            and Systems Engineering (online)                      Excel as a complex system thinker in today’s global
                                                               business environment and earn the same degree as
Master of Aerospace Engineering (online)                       students in the daytime program. Focus on systems
                                                               engineering, an interdisciplinary approach to designing
Expand your aerospace engineering knowledge while also
                                                               and optimizing successful systems that meet the business
learning key concepts related to business, management,
                                                               and technical needs of the user. Students have the
manufacturing and technical communication. This practice-
                                                               opportunity to attend class in person or online, allowing
oriented program is designed to be multidisciplinary, and
                                                               working professionals to choose the format that is most
helps engineers develop the skills to meet industry needs.
                                                               convenient for them.
Students have the opportunity to attend class in person or
online, allowing working professionals to choose the format
that is most convenient for them.
Master of Aerospace Engineering in
Composite Materials and Structures (online)                    Cold Regions Engineering
Explore new areas of composite materials and structures,       Enroll Any Quarter
and study the aerospace engineering industry, including        Meet the arctic engineering course requirement to
concepts in management, manufacturing and technical            practice in Alaska. Explore the challenges of cold regions
communication. Students have the opportunity to attend         engineering and solutions for technical problems related
class in person or online, allowing working professionals      to cold weather, snow and ice. Consider foundation and
to choose the format that is most convenient for them.         building designs for arctic regions. Learn about snow
                                                               control, ice growth on water surfaces, ice mechanics and
                                                               the physical and thermal properties of frozen ground.
                                                               Study the effects low temperatures have on construction
Master’s in Mechanical Engineering (online)                    materials and personnel.
Refine your knowledge in mechanical engineering
as you build upon your undergraduate background
                                                               Construction Site Erosion and Pollution
in aerodynamics, flight mechanics, fluid mechanics,
thermodynamics, propulsion and other related subjects.
                                                               Control Lead (CESCL)
Students have the opportunity to attend class in person        Enroll Any Quarter
or online, allowing working professionals to choose the        Earn your CESCL certification in this two-day course. Learn
format that is most convenient for them.                       about proper design, installation and maintenance of a
                                                               construction site to control erosion and pollution. Identify                                          potential erosion and pollution control issues to protect
                                                               aquatic environments, adjacent properties, public roadways
Master of Medical Engineering                                  and drainage systems. Select the best materials and employ
See page 8 for more information.                               the best practices for every situation. Visit actual sites and
                                                               study techniques for erosion and pollution control.
Online Graduate Program in
Construction Engineering
Learn to combine the engineering principles and
management techniques necessary to lead major
infrastructure efforts, including the construction of roads,
bridges and ports. Designed for working professionals,
this flexible, part-time program allows you to earn either
your M.S. in Civil Engineering or M.S. in Construction
Management completely online.
The Master’s in Construction Management is also offered
on campus, page 10.
                                                                                                                            Continued on next page.

                                                   • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                              25
Continued from previous page.

Engineering Entrepreneurship                      Global Integrated Systems                       Infrastructure Construction* (online)
Starts in Autumn Quarter                          Engineering* (online or classroom)              Starts in Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters
Learn how to determine market value               Starts in Autumn Quarter                        Examine the tremendous changes in
and protect and fund the development              Gain problem-solving and analytical skills      infrastructure construction and learn about
of intellectual property. Analyze effective       necessary to excel in today’s global business   advancements in materials, processes and
marketing techniques and strategies for           environment. Focus on systems engineering,      management. Explore substances and
overtaking competitors. Explore why               project management and finance, combined        techniques for marine, utility and pavement
more may be gained by giving away ideas           with a multicultural emphasis. Learn            construction. Develop your written
rather than paying for patents. Recognize         innovative techniques used by industry          presentation skills by creating research
the best ways to motivate employees and           to design and optimize complex systems          papers. Investigate the primary challenges in
encourage invention. Assess the complexity        that exist across a variety of engineering      overseeing heavy construction projects.
of establishing the amount of capital needed      disciplines.                                    To determine if credits may be applied
to fund a startup company and investigate         Courses:                                        toward a related degree, contact the
methods for accurately capitalizing ventures.                                                     Departments of Construction Management
                                                  Global Integrated Systems Engineering, I
Courses:                                                                                          and Civil & Environmental Engineering.
                                                  Global Integrated Systems Engineering, II
Valuation, Monetization and Protection of                                                         Departmental staff can tell you more
Intellectual Property                             Global Integrated Systems Engineering Project   about graduate nonmatriculated (GNM)
                                                                                                  status, application procedures and other
Technical Leadership
                                                  Heavy Construction Project                      requirements. Visit www.extension.
Finance and Legal Fundamentals for New            Management* (online)                  
Business Ventures                                 Starts in Autumn, Winter and Summer Quarters    Courses:
                                                  Explore the principles of developing cost       Construction Materials
Engineering Leadership*                           estimates for heavy construction projects,
(online or classroom)                                                                             Pavement Construction
                                                  and study different methods of procuring
Enroll Any Quarter                                and completing construction jobs. Examine       Marine Construction
Gain critical skills to become a successful       operations and techniques to improve            Utility System Construction
technical lead, first-level manager or program    productivity. Learn about temporary
manager. Learn how to understand and              structures used on construction sites. Delve    Public Works Construction Inspection
communicate with business professionals           into legal issues, research methods and         Starts in Autumn Quarter
in your organization, and acquire project         environmental regulations.                      Explore the critical aspects of the public
management expertise and the tools needed         To determine if credits may be applied          works inspector’s role in federal, state and
to make data-driven decisions.                    toward a related degree, contact the            local government projects, including water
Courses:                                          Departments of Construction Management          and sewer lines, public utility systems, roads,
Navigating the Business Environment               and Civil & Environmental Engineering.          bridges, dams and retaining walls. Study
Technical Leadership                              Departmental staff can tell you more            materials testing and various inspection
                                                  about graduate nonmatriculated (GNM)            methods for earthworks, asphalt pavement,
Decision Analysis in Engineering                  status, application procedures and other        concrete and other construction elements.
Project Performance                               requirements. Visit www.extension.              Learn about contract administration, plans
                                                                   and specifications, documentation and
                                                  Courses:                                        safety standards. This program is offered in
                                                  Construction Operations and Productivity        a compressed five-week classroom format.
                                                  Construction Procurement Systems                Courses:
                                                                                                  Public Works Construction Documentation and
                                                  Heavy Construction Estimating                   Communication
                                                  Temporary Structures                            Materials Testing and the Inspection Process
                                                                                                  Inspection Techniques for Construction Projects

      More Options
      Enroll in a short course for engineering professionals. Topics include Transportation
      engineering (TRANSPEED), CESCL certification, cold regions engineering and PE/FE
      exam preparation. Visit for details. If you would like
      a catalog of Engineering Professional Development Programs, send us an email or
      download a digital version online.
      Some courses within certificate programs are available for single course enrollment. For
      a complete list of courses, short programs, workshops, conferences and online options,
      visit our Web site and look under Courses & Short Programs.

26                                          • •                                        *Offered for graduate or undergraduate credit.
                                                                   Low Impact Development

                                                                                                                                                     Environment & Sustainability
                       Certificate Programs                        Starts in Autumn Quarter
                                                                   Expand your technical skills with training in Low Impact
                                                                   Development (LID), a sustainable design approach to
 Decision Making for Climate Change (online)                       stormwater management. Explore the design process
 Starts in Autumn, Spring and Summer Quarters                      and implementation of LID projects and become
 Learn to understand the impact of climate change                  familiar with environmental regulations that may impact
 and make educated decisions about adapting to and                 execution. Learn about practical applications of LID and
 minimizing its effects. Examine the causes and economics          gain project experience by participating in field trips and
 of climate change and explore possible responses and              a design charette.
 solutions. Analyze the financial, environmental and
 business aspects of minimization efforts.                         Courses:
                                                                   Foundations of Low Impact Development
 This program is offered in collaboration with
 Northwestern University, the University of British                Practical Applications of LID
 Columbia, and the University of California-Irvine.                Implementing LID Projects
 Strategic Planning for Adaption to Climate Change (UW)            Organizational Strategies for Sustainability
 Climate Literacy (UBC)                                            (online)
                                                                   Starts in Autumn Quarter
 Climate Protection & Environmental Sustainability: The Business   Learn to achieve sustainability goals in your organization
 of Mitigating Climate Change (UCI)                                by designing and implementing strategies, policies, plans
 Policy Responses and Options (Northwestern)                       and processes. Identify sustainability principles that
                                                                   can be applied to business decision-making. Discover
 Environmental Law and Regulation                                  how to promote economic and social progress while
 Starts in Autumn Quarter                                          protecting and improving the natural environment, and
 Examine the broad and complex field of environmental              explore methods of encouraging individual behavior
 regulations and gain familiarity with key laws that               change. Strengthen your leadership and management
 influence natural resource management. Improve your               skills to develop and oversee organizational strategies for
 understanding of agencies and organizations that                  sustainability, and implement best practices.
 create, enforce, interpret and work with environmental            This program is offered in collaboration with
 regulations. Study a diverse set of perspectives to               Northwestern University, the University of British
 appreciate the regulatory context in which environmental          Columbia, the University of California-Irvine and the
 decisions are made.                                               University of Texas-Austin.
 Courses:                                                          Courses:
 The Environment’s Regulatory Context                              Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability &
 Environmental Regulation: Laws and Institutions                   Green Business
 Practicum Project in Environmental Regulation                     Sustainability Leadership
 Also offered at UW Tacoma, for more information visit             Change Management for Sustainability or call 253.692.4618.               Implementing Organizational Strategies for Sustainability

 Life Cycle Assessment*                                            Sustainability Measurement & Reporting
 Starts in Autumn Quarter
 Learn how to track a product, service or policy throughout
                                                                   Smart Grid Technologies and Management*
 its entire life cycle and measure its ultimate impact on          Starts in Spring Quarter
 environmental and economic structures. Determine the              Develop an understanding of smart grid technologies and
 goal and scope of a life cycle assessment (LCA) to obtain         management from an electrical engineering perspective.
 an accurate and comprehensive analysis of environmental           Examine a broad range of timely and current topics
 effects. Use your findings to develop business models and         from utility distribution and energy delivery to emerging
 production practices that promote sustainability. Discover        energy resource management. Gain a solid foundation to
 effective tools and software commonly used by LCA                 pursue opportunities related to the unique power system
 practitioners.                                                    challenges of our time.
 Courses:                                                          Courses:
 Life Cycle Assessment & Systems Engineering                       Customer and Utility Distribution and Management

 Life Cycle Assessment & Toxicology                                Demand Response

 Advanced Topics in Life Cycle Assessment                          Renewable Energy Integration and Operation

                                                                                                                                       Continued on next page.

*Offered for graduate or undergraduate credit.         • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                                               27
Environment & Sustainability
Continued from previous page.

Stream Restoration                                Courses:                                         Wetland Science and Management
Starts in Autumn Quarter                          Sustainable Transportation from a Systems        Starts in Autumn Quarter
Gain technical expertise focused on the           Perspective                                      Study the physical and biological
design, implementation and maintenance                                                             characteristics of wetlands and their
                                                  Climate Change and Energy
of effective stream restoration projects.                                                          functions. Understand concepts of wetland
Learn key terminology, best practices             Environmental Analysis and Assessment            functional assessment and become familiar
and integrated theories. Refine your skills                                                        with different classification and sampling
and broaden your understanding as you             Sustainable Transportation:                      methodologies. Identify common wetlands
collaborate with multidisciplinary in-class       Planning and Livable Communities*                by field characteristics and gain familiarity
design teams and apply your knowledge in          (online)                                         with laws for wetlands regulation and
field exercises.                                  Starts in Autumn Quarter                         management. Conduct fieldwork and
Courses:                                          Examine the important issues involved in         research projects on wetland identification
Watershed and Stream Processes                    sustainable transportation planning. Review      and delineation throughout the certificate
                                                  policies and programs that encourage mixed       program.
Analysis and Design of Restoration Projects
                                                  use and higher density levels designed to        Courses:
Implementing Stream Restoration Projects          promote transportation modes other than          Wetland Science
                                                  the single occupancy vehicle. Study the
                                                                                                   Wetland Law and Policy
Sustainable Transportation:                       impact that transportation options have
Environmental Issues and Impacts*                 on the quality of service, the environment       A Landscape Understanding of Wetland Setting,
(online)                                          and sustainability. Explore the movement         Processes and Preservation
Starts in Autumn Quarter                          of goods, various freight options and the        Identification and Delineation
Examine the relationship between                  strategies for making them more sustainable.
                                                  Learn about the legal and legislative issues     Restoration and Field Botany
transportation and the environment,
including energy and climate change.              surrounding sustainable transportation policy.
Understand how transportation, which              Courses:
currently accounts for significant petroleum      Transportation Planning
usage, impacts air pollution and water
                                                  Livable Communities
quality from fossil fuel emissions to surface
water runoff. Develop tools, such as              Transportation Choices
life cycle assessment, that will help you
understand the full range of environmental
impacts associated with transportation
decisions and not just primary impacts,
such as congestion. Learn to conduct
environmental evaluations with a variety
of analytical tools, such as travel demand
forecasting and air and water quality

      More Options
      Enroll in a short course in environmental engineering or water resources. Courses
      include CESCEL certification, Wetland Delineation Intensive and the Regional
      Road Maintenance ESA Training Program. Visit
      cee for more information. If you would like a catalog of Engineering Professional
      Development Programs, send us an email or download a digital version online.
      Earn undergraduate credit in an online course in Environmental Science.
      Visit to learn more.
      Some courses within certificate programs are available for single course enrollment.
      For a complete list of courses, short programs, workshops, conferences and online
      options, visit our Web site and look under Courses & Short Programs.

28                                            • •                                       *Offered for graduate or undergraduate credit.
                                                               areas such as: community practice, global health, health

                                                                                                                                       Health, Medicine & Social Work
                                                               education, maternal and child health, nutrition, and health
                         Degrees                               policy.
Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics and
Health Information Management                                  Graduate Entry Program in Nursing (GEPN)
Prepare yourself to meet the demand for health                 Prepare to be a general clinical practitioner in this
information professionals in a dynamic health care system.     graduate program designed for those without previous
Learn how to use health information systems and other          nursing preparation who have a baccalaureate degree in a
technologies to manage the patient record, and improve         non-nursing field. This program combines the philosophy,
your teamwork skills in community-based internships and        purpose and objectives of the BSN and nursing graduate
projects. Courses are conveniently scheduled in the late       programs. Upon completion, you will be eligible to sit for
afternoon or evening, so you can earn your degree while        the National Council License Examination for Registered
continuing to work.                                            Nurses (NCLEX).
Contact 206-543-6160,, or        
                                                               Master’s in Medical
Doctor of Audiology                                            Speech-Language Pathology
Prepare yourself for professional positions in medical,        Gain foundational knowledge in the processes and
educational and private practice settings. Learn from          mechanisms involved in human communication and its
nationally and internationally known department faculty        disorders. Distinguished by its innovative practicum during
and community instructors as you refine your expertise.        the second and third years, this program focuses on
Upon completion of this program, you will be eligible          diagnosis and treatment, and includes a clinical internship
to receive the Certificate of Clinical Competence in           and fellowship. Upon completion, you will be prepared
Audiology from the American Speech and Hearing                 to work as a speech-language pathologist in a variety of
Association (ASHA).                                            medical and clinical settings.    

Doctor of Physical Therapy                                     Master of Social Work Extended
Develop your passion and skills for helping others as a        Degree Program
physical therapist. Designed to follow the completion of
                                                               Enhance your skills as a leader and prepare to empower
a four-year bachelor’s degree, this graduate professional
                                                               individuals, families and communities through your social
entry-level program includes a professional seminar, a
                                                               work practice with this professional degree program.
clinical clerkship and clinical internships. Upon completion
                                                               Offered through the UW School of Social Work, which
of the program, you will be eligible to take the national
                                                               is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the
Physical Therapy licensing exam in any state.
                                                               nation’s top schools of social work. Choose one of two                unique advanced specializations: Multigenerational
                                                               Practice with Children, Families and Elders, or Integrative
Executive Master of Health Administration                      Health and Mental Health Practice. Students usually are
Excel as a leader in the field of health care delivery         able to continue working full time throughout the first
management with this professional degree program               half of the program and then reduce their work hours for
designed for mid-career health services professionals,         the second half in this part-time curriculum designed for
including experienced managers, physicians, nurses             working professionals.
and other clinical practitioners, who manage, or plan to
manage, continuous organizational and technological            extdegreeinfo.html
change. Ranked by U.S News and World Report as one of
the top five health administration master’s programs in        MEDEX Northwest: Extended Master of
the nation, this program emphasizes practical, hands-on
experience. The executive format allows you to fit this
                                                               Clinical Health Services for Practicing
distinguished program into your busy schedule.                 Physician Assistants (online)
                                                               Prepare for a leadership role as a physician assistant by
                                                               developing the skills and tools necessary to navigate
                                                               the rapidly changing world of health care. In addition
Extended Master of Public Health                               to studying research methods, leadership and health
Expand your knowledge and skills in public health and          policy, you gain clinical experience in one of four focus
health services in a graduate-level environment while          areas: healthcare for rural and the medically underserved,
continuing your career. The Extended MPH Degree                administration and public health, academic medicine,
Program offers coursework via partial distance learning        or global health. This professional degree program is
in the following core public health disciplines: health        offered in partnership with MEDEX Northwest Division of
services, epidemiology, environmental health and               Physician Assistant Studies and UW Medicine.
biostatistics. Developed for public, community and
environmental health professionals, you can design an
individualized course of study through focused electives in    applicants/extended_mas
                                                                                                                         Continued on next page.

                                                   • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                                       29
Health, Medicine & Social Work
Continued from previous page.

Postbaccalaureate in Speech and                    Health Informatics and Health                 Healthcare Regulatory Compliance
Hearing Sciences                                   Information Management*                       Starts in Autumn Quarter
Prepare to apply to the Department of              Starts in Summer Quarter                      Gain an overview of health care codes of
Speech and Hearing’s master’s programs             Learn about the use of technology in the      conduct, ethics, laws and national issues related
and earn a Bachelor of Science degree              secure collection and maintenance of          to health care regulatory compliance in a variety
in Speech and Hearing Sciences. This               personal health data. Improve the delivery    of health care settings, particularly physician
postbaccalaureate program is for those             of health care with the latest methods        clinics, hospitals and long-term care settings.
who have a bachelor’s degree or another            and technologies for the collection,          Study recent health care reform legislation that
advanced degree in a discipline other than         organization, use and evaluation of health    requires most health care providers or suppliers
speech and hearing sciences (also referred to      care information. Understand legal,           who receive Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement
as communication sciences or disorders).           regulatory and compliance issues, and study   to develop compliance programs. Learn
                                                   finance management. Develop health care       how to develop effective compliance
                                                   management and leadership skills. This        programs, including effective auditing and
                                                   certificate program is 12 months long and     monitoring. Understand the operational
                                                   may be competed in one or two years.          safeguards necessary to promote adherence
                                                                                                 to legal, regulatory and health plan program
           Certificate Programs                    Courses:
                                                   Disease Concepts for Managers
Geriatric Mental Health                            Management Concepts for Health Information
                                                                                                 Foundations of Ethics and Compliance in Healthcare
Starts in Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters       Management Application
Increase your understanding of the acute                                                         Managing Financial Relationships and Incentives
                                                   Introduction to Health Care Systems and
and chronic mental health needs of older                                                         in the Health Care Environment
                                                   Health Data Systems
adults. Learn to understand, diagnose                                                            Establishing and Maintaining Effective
and treat these special clients using the          Healthcare Coding, Vocabulary, and
                                                                                                 Compliance and Ethics Programs through
latest information and techniques. Identify        Revenue Cycle Management
                                                                                                 Ongoing Risk Assessment
innovative ways to support clients and their       Organizational Theory in Health Facilities
families, and discover other community                                                           Medical Management*
                                                   Legal Concepts for Health
resources to help them manage and cope.                                                          Starts in Autumn Quarter
Courses:                                           Healthcare Computer Systems and               Discover how to lead successful health care
Helping Older Adults Cope with Grief and Loss      Electronic Health Records                     organizations in a challenging environment.
Dementia: Diagnosis and Family Support             Finance Concepts for Health Care Managers     Gain valuable knowledge and skills in
                                                                                                 areas such as planning, organizing and
Mood and Thought Disorders in Older Adults         Management Project 1
                                                                                                 implementing programs that address the
Navigating through Multiple Systems in Working     Problem-Solving and Decision-Making in        needs, quality and cost-effectiveness of
with Older Adults                                  Health Information Management                 patient care within the rapidly changing
                                                   Health Information Systems Analysis           health care environment. Learn marketing
Diagnosing and Treating Older Adults with
                                                                                                 and financial strategies, techniques for
Chronic Mental Illness                             Professionalism & Leadership                  improving efficiency and quality, and
                                                   Quality Assurance & Research in Health Care   leadership skills.
Gerontology* (online)
Enroll Any Quarter                                 Management Project II                         To determine if credits may be applied
Gain a framework to better understand the                                                        toward a related degree, contact the School
rapidly growing population of older adults.                                                      of Public Health and Community Medicine.
Examine aging from multiple perspectives:                                                        Departmental staff can tell you more
the individual, family and society. Develop                                                      about graduate nonmatriculated (GNM)
knowledge that will help you better serve                                                        status, application procedures and other
older adults in a variety of contexts such as                                                    requirements. Visit http://depts.washington.
housing, recreation, personal care, health                                                       edu/mhap/emha to learn more.
and wellness, business and human services.                                                       Courses:
Courses in recommended order:                                                                    Medical Practice Quality Measurement
Social and Cultural Aspects of Aging                                                             and Management

Biological Aspects of Aging                                                                      Strategic Management of Health
                                                                                                 Care Organizations
Psychology of Aging
                                                                                                 Leadership and Change Management
The Family in Later Life
                                                                                                 Health Services Financial Management
Capstone Course:
Current Issues in Aging

30                                              • •                                   *Offered for graduate or undergraduate credit.
Psychological Trauma:
Effective Treatment and Practice
(online + classroom combined)
Starts in Autumn Quarter
Build a comprehensive understanding of
trauma assessment and interventions for
both children and adults as you learn from
the leading clinicians and researchers in the
trauma field. Explore the impact of trauma
based on the unique experiences of your
clients. Examine and critique innovative
trauma therapy techniques. Practice specific
skills in assessment, diagnosis, treatment
planning and evidence-based practices.
Learn how to mitigate the personal impact
that may result from trauma exposure when
working with traumatized individuals in your
clinical practice.
Foundations for Trauma Assessment
and Treatment
Treatment Interventions for Trauma
Applications of Trauma Interventions

Sports Medicine and Human
Starts in Autumn Quarter
Learn how to optimize athletic performance
and overall fitness through a comprehensive
survey of sports medicine, exercise science,
nutrition and psychology. Learn the
fundamentals of injury prevention and
care. Explore concepts of exercise science
and nutrition to create health, fitness and
training plans. Study principles to achieve
personal performance and improve team
Introduction to Sports Medicine: Injury
Assessment and Management
Exercise Science with Sports Nutrition
Mental Training for Personal Growth and Peak

                                                  More Options
                                                  Earn undergraduate credit in an online course in Nutrition or Psychology.
                                                  Visit to learn more.
                                                  Some courses within certificate programs are available for single course enrollment.
                                                  For a complete list of courses, short programs, workshops, conferences and online
                                                  options, visit our Web site and look under Courses & Short Programs.

                                                • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                          31
Humanities & Social Sciences
                                                        Undergraduate Evening
                                                          Degree Program                                             Certificate Programs
                                      Earn the degree you’ve always wanted! The UW Evening          Genealogy and Family History
                                      Degree Program offers you the personalized attention          Starts in Autumn Quarter
                                      of a small school and the outstanding education of a          Learn to unearth new facts about your ancestors and
                                      top-ranked university. Study with renowned UW faculty         view the information within the political, economic and
                                      full- or part-time and earn a respected UW degree with        social changes that shaped communities of that time.
                                      other motivated students. Join the UW community and           Focus in-depth on a selected project to better understand
                                      gain access to campus resources like career advising and      the course of your ancestors’ lives and the lives of the
                                      academic support. There’s room for you and your goals in      subsequent family members. Uncover fascinating stories
                                      the UW Evening Degree Program.                                not just about your past, but also about the forces and
                                      Degrees:                                                      people behind societal transformations.
                                      English                                                       Courses:
                                      Humanities                                                    Genealogy and Family History
                                      Social Sciences                                               Research Sources and Strategies
                                      Application Deadlines: Oct. 31 for winter quarter; Jan. 31    Research Seminar in Genealogy
                                      for spring quarter; May 15 for summer/autumn quarter;         and Family History
                                      and July 15 for autumn quarter.
                                      Contact: 206-543-6160 or for
                                      additional information.

                     More Options
                     Earn undergraduate credit in an online course in English, French,
                     Spanish, History, Political Science, Psychology, Religion or Social Studies.
                     Visit to learn more.
                     Some courses within certificate programs are available for single course
                     enrollment. For a complete list of courses, short programs, workshops,
                     conferences and online options, visit our Web site and look under
                     Courses & Short Programs.

     32                                                    • •
                                                                 Paralegal Studies

                                                                                                                                          Law & Regulation
                    Certificate Programs                         Starts in Autumn Quarter
                                                                 Gain an understanding of the American legal system,
                                                                 including court systems, hearings, trials and laws. Examine
Electronic Discovery Management                                  legal theory and reasoning. Learn about the role of
Starts in Autumn Quarter                                         the paralegal and gain practical skills, such as litigation
Explore how electronic data plays a central role in today’s
litigation process during discovery and identification
of evidence. Learn how records and information                   Courses:
management policies prepare organizations for potential          Fundamentals of Legal Practice
litigation. Understand the laws governing electronic             Legal Research and Writing
discovery, including the consequences for failing to
                                                                 Litigation Basics
fulfill discovery and preservation obligations. Whether
you work in a law firm or an enterprise, learn how to            Business Law
manage the electronic discovery process, including the           Litigation Specialties
tools and techniques through which electronic evidence is
identified, collected and presented in the courtroom.            Complex Litigation
Courses:                                                         Also offered at UW Tacoma, for more information visit
Electronic Discovery and the Law                        or call 253-692-4618.

Records Management for Litigation Readiness                      Paralegal Studies (online)
The Collection, Review, and Production of Electronic Discovery   Starts in Winter and Summer Quarters
Also offered at UW Tacoma, for more information visit            See Paralegal Studies, above, for program description and or call 253.692.4618.              course list.

Forensics                                                        Private Investigation
Starts in Autumn Quarter                                         Starts in Autumn Quarter
Learn how evidence from a range of sources is identified,        Expand your legal and professional skills to enter or
documented, recovered and analyzed using a variety of            advance in the private investigation field. Learn about
tools and techniques. Follow evidence from collection and        courts and the legal system, practices of civil and criminal
analysis into the courtroom. Understand the rules for the        case investigation and preparation, and specific types of
admissibility of evidence in litigation, including how expert    investigation.
witnesses are recognized and permitted to testify.               Courses:
Courses:                                                         Private Investigation and the Law
Evidence                                                         Criminal Investigation and Investigative Techniques
Medico-Legal Investigation of Death                              Civil Investigation and the Business of Investigation
Law and Forensics

Guardianship (online + classroom combined)
Starts in Autumn and Spring Quarters
Discover a rewarding profession as a Certified Professional
Guardian (CPG) through this 100-hour certificate
program. Develop the skills necessary to be an effective
guardian of developmentally disabled adults, elderly
individuals with diminished capacity, adults with acquired
disabilities due to trauma/stroke and other adults who
have been declared “incapacitated” by Washington state
Guardianship Basics
Guardianship Roles
Advanced Issues in Guardianship                                     More Options
                                                                    Earn undergraduate credit in an online course in communication or
                                                                    political science. Visit to learn more.
                                                                    Some courses within certificate programs are available for single course
                                                                    enrollment. For a complete list of courses, short programs, workshops,
                                                                    conferences and online options, visit our Web site and look under
                                                                    Courses & Short Programs.

                                                       • 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                             33
Nonprofit & Public Sector
                                                            Degrees                              Community Assessment and Neighborhood Planning
                                                                                                 Building and Mobilizing Community
                                 Executive Master of Public Administration
                                 Excel as a leader dedicated to serving the public good          Building Assets to Alleviate Poverty
                                 with this professional degree program that provides             Strategies for Neighborhood Revitalization
                                 advanced leadership training and exposure to critical
                                                                                                 Real Estate Development
                                 areas for senior-level roles. Study management and policy
                                 analysis with the best at the Evans School of Public Affairs,   Building Organizational Capacity
                                 ranked in the top tier of graduate schools in public policy
                                 and management in the nation. Courses are designed              Fundraising Management
                                 to complement your current job duties by allowing you           Starts in Autumn Quarter
                                 to examine real-work situations through short written           Learn to implement standard and emerging fundraising
                                 projects, case studies and in-depth discussions. The            and relationship-building tools that will enhance your
                                 executive format allows you to fit this prestigious program     organization’s potential. Understand the processes,
                                 into your busy schedule.                                        vocabulary and ethics of the fundraising profession,
                                    and approach organizational interactions from a donor
                                                                                                 perspective. Become familiar with grant finding techniques
                                 Master of Arts in Museology                                     and learn to identify prospects.
                                 Prepare for a professional career in museum work in one         Courses:
                                 of the oldest, best established and most distinguished          Introduction and Annual Giving
                                 programs of its kind. Study with interdisciplinary faculty      Finance, Prospect Research & Grant Writing
                                 who bring expertise from a range of specializations in
                                 the field, and gain hands-on training in curation and           Fieldwork for Fundraisers
                                 management of collections in anthropology, art, botany,         Also offered at UW Tacoma, for more information visit
                                 geology, zoology and history, as well as in interpretive or call 253-692-4618.
                                 programs, community engagement, audience research,
                                 and museum administration through seminars and                  Nonprofit Management
                                 internships at regional and national museums. Many              Starts in Autumn Quarter
                                 classes are held at the Burke Museum of Natural History         Develop critical leadership skills to become a successful
                                 and Culture, where you will have access to extensive            nonprofit manager. Learn how to manage people, build
                                 museum resources.                                               effective programs and maintain a healthy and efficient
                                                       organization. Explore the essentials of fundraising
                                                                                                 and financial management. Discover how to develop
                                                                                                 communication plans and public relations strategies.
                                                  Certificate Programs                           Courses:
                                                                                                 Management Essentials for Nonprofits
                                 Community Development                                           Leadership & Strategy for Nonprofits
                                 Starts in Autumn Quarter                                        Fundraising and Communications for Nonprofits
                                 Learn to engage diverse communities and help
                                 community organizations survive and thrive in today’s           Also offered at UW Tacoma, for more information visit
                                 rapidly changing environment. Build your skills in     or call 253-692-4618.
                                 community organizing, neighborhood assessment and
                                 organizational development. Discover effective tools for        Museum Studies
                                 neighborhood revitalization, poverty alleviation and real       Starts in Autumn Quarter
                                 estate development. Familiarize yourself with local issues,     Familiarize yourself with the history, philosophy and goals
                                 organizations and resources through case studies and            of cultural institutions known as museums. Learn the
                                 guest speakers.                                                 processes surrounding museum collections and what goes
                                                                                                 on behind the scenes to make a museum succeed. Explore
                                                                                                 the roles of curator, conservator, director, collection
                                                                                                 manager and registrar. Conduct an individual practicum
                                                                                                 project at a local museum.
                                                                                                 Museum Basics
                 More Options                                                                    Educational Programming in a Museum
                 Some courses within certificate programs are available for single course        Caring for Collections
                 enrollment. For a complete list of courses, short programs, workshops,
                 conferences and online options, visit our Web site and look under Courses       Exhibit Design and Planning
                 & Short Programs.                                                               Building Audience and Engaging Community

     34                                              • •
                                                                                    Science & Math

        Master’s in Applied Mathematics (online)
        Increase your knowledge in applied mathematics and
        complement your area of expertise, whether your career is
        in engineering, manufacturing or research. This program
        is highly ranked nationally and allows you to earn the
        advanced degree that employers are seeking. Students
        have the opportunity to attend class in person or online,
        allowing working professionals to choose the format that
        is most convenient for them.

        Evening Master of Science in Physics
        Explore electromagnetic theory and the applications of
        quantum physics in this evening program designed for
        working professionals who have an undergraduate degree
        in physical sciences, engineering, mathematics or computer
        science. Taught by full-time UW physics faculty, the
        curriculum includes core courses that cover both classical
        and quantum physics, technical courses that focus on
        physics instrumentation, and advanced specialized courses
        of particular interest to research scientists and engineers.

          More Options
          Earn undergraduate credit in an online course in Astronomy,
          Statistics, Psychology, Environmental Science, Quantitative Sciences or
          Oceanography. Visit to learn more.
          Some courses within certificate programs are available for single course
          enrollment. For a complete list of courses, short programs, workshops,
          conferences and online options, visit our Web site and look under
          Courses & Short Programs.

• 206-897-8939 • 800-506-1325 •                                                             35
Additional Programs
                        International & English Language Programs                         Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UW
                      Since 1977, UW International & English Language                 The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of
                      Programs has been teaching English to students from all         Washington (OLLI - UW) invites adults over 50 to come
                      over the world. We serve a diverse student body with            together to share intellectual interests and make new
                      a variety of popular certificate programs in different          friends. In this lively learning environment, current and
                      subjects, formats and delivery methods which help               retired UW faculty and community experts lead workshops
                      international students at all English language levels achieve   and special events.
                      their goals. Students in our programs study with highly-        With membership that’s affordable, this series gives you
                      trained English language professionals on the beautiful         the opportunity to explore and discuss a wide variety of
                      UW campus and in our downtown Seattle classrooms.               thought-provoking subjects, and to exchange ideas with
                      We promote global understanding through exemplary               your peers. OLLI - UW courses are noncredit, with no
                      instruction, support and service to our students.               tests, grades or papers to write.
                      Online                                                          Classes are offered in Seattle, Redmond and Everett.
                      Take our courses from anywhere in the world and improve         Information meetings are a great way to find out more
                      your English language skills in the virtual classroom.          about the program and meet current and potential new
                      online.asp                                                      You will receive an overview of the program and then
                                                                                      have an opportunity to ask questions. Several information
                      Beginning Academic English
                                                                                      meetings are held each quarter in a variety of locations.
                      Intermediate Academic English
                                                                                      For more information
                      Advanced Academic English
                                                                                      Visit our Web site at, call us
                      English for Academic Writing                                    at 206-685-7372 or email
                      Beginning English for Writing in Science & Industry             Join Today
                      Intermediate English for Writing in Science & Industry          It is easy to become an Osher member. You can join over
                      English for Business Writing                                    the phone or by mailing or faxing the membership form
                                                                                      found at our Web site at
                                                                                      See the details on the Web site membership page.
                      Pursue your English studies conveniently in the evening,
                      while you maintain your daytime commitments.
                      Advanced Conversation
                      IELTS Preparation
                      TOEFL Preparation

                      Summer and Specialized Daytime Intensive
                      In a short period of time dramatically improve your English
                      language skills, prepare for future academic studies taught
                      in English, enhance your study abroad experience, or
                      perfect your English language teaching skills.
                      Language and Culture STEP
                      Orientation to Academic Skills STEP
                      Advanced Academic Preparation Skills (AAPS)
                      Summer Institute in English for Business & Law (SIEBL)
                      International Teaching English as a Foreign Language (I-TEFL)
                      International Studies Academic Year Abroad (ISAYA)

    36                                      • •
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