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									Franklin Pierce University
Master of Business Administration (Online)

In business today, you need a better advantage than just good management skills. The advantage of
management leadership training can advance your career and help you reach new goals. Our online
MBA programs at Franklin Pierce University are designed to help professionals advance in the business,
information technology, health, human resources and IT fields. The decision-making and management
skills that you take away from the online MBA programs will give you the advantage of leadership that
you have been looking for.

MBA in Leadership
Are you looking to advance your career in business, government, health or social services? The online
                                         MBA in Leadership from Franklin Pierce University helps
                                         business professionals advance by developing and promoting
                                         leadership skills.

                                                 This leadership online degree program is designed to meet the
                                                 needs of business, government, health, and social services
                                                 managers who seek to advance their careers. More than that,
                                                 however, the program centers upon those characteristics that
                                                 develop and promote leadership. Within the leadership
                                                 degree framework, the program stresses decision making and
                                                 managerial skills. Guided by experienced faculty who bring
                                                 theory and practice into the classroom, the discovery of new
                                                 concepts and methods is enhanced by other graduate
                                                 students whose varied backgrounds contribute to what some
                                                 have referred to as an exciting learning laboratory.

                                                 Early in the MBA in Leadership degree program, students are
                                                 required to develop a foundation paper that encapsulates a
                                                 goal to be realized. Over time, the student is expected to
                                                 expand the foundation paper by applying new knowledge
                                                 developed through each leadership course.

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The Franklin Pierce University Faculty

All of our instructors bring real life experience to their curriculum to ensure that what you’re learning is
practical and applicable to your everyday career. Most of our instructors have over 20 years of work
experience in various fields, such as:
     o Presidents and high level executives
     o Consultants to professional organizations
     o Published authors
     o Internet professionals

Graduate Studies Mission
The mission of Graduate Studies is to graduate leaders of conscience within its professional disciplines
who display high level skills in critical thinking, professional skills and community involvement and who
are prepared to assume roles of responsibility within organizations and the community. Through the
integration of theory and practice, graduates bring a state-of-the art knowledge base to their
professional lives along with skills in continuous learning which keep them in the forefront of their
professional discipline. Within the context of work, family and community, graduates promote character
development and embody the character of a well-educated person.

Curriculum Philosophy

The philosophy underlying all graduate degree programs is one of action based learning. This concept is
built on the principle that the motivation and desired outcome of learning is a need to solve problems in
the real world. The educational research literature demonstrates that learning is retained when it is
most meaningful and that the most meaningful learning is that which is applied to real problems or
situations as close to the learning experience as possible. The focus of our curricula is to replace passive
learning with meaningful and active learning experiences. These experiences may come from real
problems brought from the profession or work place to the classroom, mentoring experiences, worksite
observations, networking, using current literature for analysis of concepts related to a course, etc. The
student actively applies concepts as a way of learning and reinforcing learning.

                             MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

Franklin Pierce University MBA graduates are expected to become leaders within their organizations.
These prospective leaders are educated to look at situations from a systems-wide perspective,
addressing human, organizational, and community issues. The Master of Business Administration
degree program requires students to develop a Leadership Portfolio. The portfolio enables students to
articulate leadership strategies. The portfolio begins with a “foundation paper”, using an organizational
strategic management process to guide students in their progress through the program. Each course
requires a module paper to be added to the portfolio allowing students to track their progress and
reflect on their learning; continuously linking learning to their strategic plan.

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MBA Mission
The Master of Business Administration degree provides students with the leadership skills essential for
today’s managers and crucial for advancement to higher levels of responsibility. The program focuses on
specific content areas as well as the skills, principles, and habits that are the chief components of
effective leadership. Exploration of the leadership theme is central to each content area. The leadership
theme and action based curriculum carry on the institution’s traditions and vision as represented by the
undergraduate Individual and Community Integrated Curriculum that seeks to prepare graduates to
function well as citizens.

MBA Goals

To prepare students for managerial excellence in a variety of settings, the Franklin Pierce University
MBA is committed to the following goals:
    o Understand the linkages between character development, intellect and citizen
        leadership in an increasingly complex world.
         Develop and use processes of collaboration, inquiry and critical analysis as students encounter
        management issues and alternative perspectives in management theory and its application.
    o Engage in the inquiry and interpretation of organizational culture in the public and private
        sectors. Students will advocate for positive change within their organizations and communities.
    o Through a process borne of self-development, our students will recognize their
        natural responsibility for others and the transformative nature of leadership.

MBA Objectives

Graduates of the Franklin Pierce University MBA program will develop the abilities to:
   o Understand classic leadership theory, and analyze diverse organizational cultures from different
       frames of reference.
   o Articulate their concept of leadership and management to advocate for and effect meaningful
       change, and demonstrate their skills as leaders.
   o Apply knowledge, values, disposition and critical thinking skills to business
   o Identify, gather, organize, interpret and synthesize information, making use of an expert body of
       knowledge to become competent problem solvers and decision makers.
   o Communicate persuasively and coherently using oral, written and electronic methods.
   o Recognize ethical dilemmas in the business environment.
   o Use valid and reliable quantitative and qualitative methods of inquiry and decision making.
   o Understand, analyze and employ data and results of financial statements and reports.
   o Appreciate cultural relativism as it relates to global perspectives.
   o Understand the relationships of government, business and economic systems within society.
   o Exercise informed social responsibility within organizational and community frameworks.

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Foundational Competencies

Students who do not receive advanced standing based on undergraduate course work, but who have
substantially mastered the foundation competencies by other means, such as life experience, may
prepare documentation of these competencies at the time of application or at any time before taking
the third course in the program.

Financial Accounting

This foundational competency emphasizes the interpretation, analysis, and use of key financial issues,
which include the balance sheet, the income statement, statement of cash flows, cash budgeting and
financial forecasting. This competency is required for GM541 Managerial Accounting and GM561
Financial Management.


This foundational competency provides an introduction to economic theories and economic systems. It
places emphasis on supply and demand, economic cycles, money and banking, and the role the
government plays through the Federal Reserve System. Topics covered include measurement of national
output; consumption and investment; output determination; aggregate supply and demand; business
cycles; money and banking; inflation and unemployment; the effects of money on output and prices;
fiscal policy; deficits; and government debt. This competency is required for GM543 Economics for


This foundational competency includes an overview of the use of statistics and statistical procedures,
with emphasis on probability theory and its applications. Topics covered include computational
measures of central tendency; measures of dispersion; probability distribution functions; multiple and
bivariate regression; decision theory; population parameters; and statistical inference. This competency
is required for GM542 Quantitative and Research Techniques for Leaders.

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Computer Competency

This foundational competency includes and overview of word-processing, spreadsheets, the Internet,
and e-mail. This competency is required before enrolling in the MBA and MS ITM . Demonstration of
competence in these areas is intended to assure the student’s success in the program. MBA and MS ITM
courses build on a basic level of competence which may come from academic courses, work experiences
or other forms of formal and informal learning. Students are guided by their faculty advisor through the
process of documenting competency.


The MBA in Leadership program of study consists of 13 graduate courses. Each course carries with it
three (3) graduate credit hours, with the exception of GM691 Strategic Management, which carries four
(4) graduate credit hours.

Course Sequence

Students normally begin their studies with GM510, Seminar in Leadership. Students are encouraged to
take courses generally following the numbering hierarchy. GM691 is the capstone course in the MBA
program and is intended to be the final course in the sequence. No student will be allowed to register
for the capstone course unless all 500 level courses have been completed. No transfer of GM510,
Seminar in Leadership, or GM691, Strategic Management Seminar, is allowed.

MBA in Leadership Courses:
                   Seminar in Leadership
                   Legal and Ethical Issues in Organizations
                   Management Information Systems +
                   Managerial Communications *
                   Organizational Behavior *
                   Managerial Accounting
                   Quantitative and Research Techniques for Leaders
                   Economics for Managers
                   Financial Management
                   Marketing Management
                   Human Resource Management *
                   Operations Management
                   eCommerce +
                   International management
                   Strategic Management Seminar **

* Students choose two of the three courses
+ Students choose one of these two courses
** The Strategic Management Seminar is normally the last course taken to fulfill degree requirements.

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The Online Classroom

The online MBA classroom is very intuitive and user friendly. The online courses were built with
students in mind, so they are easy to navigate, and you will be able to communicate with your
classmates or your instructor – or both. The best part about taking your courses online is that you can
learn and participate at any time that is convenient for you. There is no need to drive to campus, park,
get a babysitter, or even leave your home or office. You can login and contribute when you have the
time. If you are one of those students who prefer to work late at night, there is a 24 hour (365 days a
year) helpdesk available.

Additionally, many students say that having this experience and education has given them more
confidence as a leader – all jobs are challenging and this online MS degree will help prepare you for
those challenges. Our students appreciate that they have the ability to maintain a flexible course
schedule. Students are not required to take a certain number of credits each term. You can start with
one course per term. As you build up your “online class skills” you can increase your course load. For
example, if your job is more busy than normal in the spring, but less busy in the fall – you can adjust
your course load each term in a way that fits your life.

About the University

Franklin Pierce is a four-year, coeducational, nonsectarian college located in the State of New
Hampshire. The curriculum is a blend of traditional liberal arts, pre-professional study, teacher
preparation programs, and a nationally-recognized core curriculum - "The Individual and Community."
1997 Recipient of the Templeton Award for Character-Building Colleges.

The online Masters Degree programs are run by our division of graduate studies – a division that is
accustomed to serving working adults with busy schedules. Our team is committed to the highest
quality academics and very high touch student services, which is so important to online students. As a
smaller university, we have the luxury of paying close attention to each and every student.

How to Apply
Applying to attend the online offerings at Franklin Pierce University is easy. Please visit us at, where you can download the application and all the tools you need
to build your application portfolio. Additionally, we have Admissions Counselors available to answer any
questions you may have about the process – please call us at 888-549-2702 for more information.

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