Data Precision Data 6000 Digital Signal Analyzer with Model 620

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					            Data Precision Data 6000 Digital
            Signal Analyzer with Model 620
            Plugin and Manual

The Data Precision Data 6000 is a highly flexible waveform acquistion, display and
digital analysis system. With the included 620 plugin it has two channels for input signals
and provides 8-bit analog to digital conversion at sampling rates of up to 100
Megasamples/sec. Includes a detailed manual which is a necessity for this feature rich

CPU:                        16 bit, 8Mhz internal clock speed.
ROM memory:                 48 Kbytes including plugin expandable to 96 Kbytes.
Display:                    9 inch CRT. X,Y,Z type.
Screen Resolution:          512 lines horizontal by 1024 lines vertical.
Intensity Levels:           3 non-user-controlled. (Record,Fill,Cursor)
                            1 Single Trace (Full Screen), 2 Separate Traces (Half screen
Display Modes:              per trace). Also with 610 plugin (not provided) you can get 4
                            separate traces (quarter screen per trace).
                            2 traces overlaid (full screen). With 610 pluging (not
                            provided) you can get 4 traces overlaid (full screen). x vs y.
expansion/compression       x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64, x100
                            Coarse Steps: x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64, x100, x128,
                            x256, x512, x0.0, x0.5. Vernier by 1% of the coarse step.
                            Any displayed point (real or interpreted data point) can be
Trace position:             located at center of screen. Y position can auto track to force
                            variable data point to center screen.
                            10 x 10 field of dots displayed: Y unit/div and X unit/div are
Grid (Graticule):
                            independently adjustable.
Crosshair:                  3 Modes: Center, Origin, and Trigger.
Baselines:               One independently adjustable baseline for each trace.
                         Denotes X units interval. Starting point and duration is set by
                         user independently.
                         Block floating point, 16-bit integer array values, 32-bit real
Data format:
Data records:            Up to 64K data points.
Operand Modifiers:       Cursor, trace, next, baseline.
                         Set cursor start, set cursor end point, set baseline, set
Result indicators:
                         crosshair, set position.
                         Assign, delete, add, subtract, multiply, divide, spectrum
                         magnitude plus phase, for real or complex inputs, cross-
Record operations:
                         correlation, auto-correlation, differentiation, intergration, n-
                         point convolution (averaging).
                         Up to 8 operations can be chained. Up to 4 Record and 2
                         Scalar results can be displayed.
Ensemble Averaging
                         1 to 10,000 sweeps may be averaged.
Exponential Decay
                         1 to 0.0001 weighted runing average (time constant)
Maximum and
                         Envelope (with hold and clear).
                         Dual floppy (1.5 Mbytes of storage for data, text, control
Interfaces:              setups, programs, and extensions.). RS232, IEEE488, X-Y
                         plotter, PLOT-10 Plotter.
                         All functions are readable and programmable over RS232 or
Remote Control:
                         IEEE488 I/O.

Includes two manuals:
      82-5011 Service Instructions for Data 6000 Universal Waveform Analyzer.
       Major topics are:
          o Specifications
          o Principles of Operation
          o Calibration
          o Diagnostics
          o Schematics
          o Parts Lists
      Data 6000 Universal Waveform Analyzer Guide: Major Topics are:
          o Section A. Introducing the Data 6000
          o Section B. Summary Operation, Controls, & Commands.
          o Section C. Installation & Quick-Look Operations.
          o Section D. One-Step Operations (Main Frame).
          o Section E. Housekeeping & Memory/Record/File Management.
          o   Section F. Programming, Control and I/O Operations.
          o   Section G. Disk Drive Operation.
          o   Section H. Plotter Operation.

Scalar Processing Functions:
PER   Period
DUTY Duty cycle
CRS   Time to first reference crossing
CRS+ Time to first positive reference crossing
CRS-  Time to first negative reference crossing
RISE  Rise Time
DELAY Delay Time
OVSH Overshoot
PLSW Pulse width
STL1  Settling time to 1%
MIN   Minimum value
RMS   RMS value
MEAN Mean value
SDEV Standard deviation
NCYC Number of full cycles
HCYC Interval of first half cycle
STRT X-value at start point
END   X-value at end point
FALL Fall time
XMAX X-value at maximum Y value
XMIN X-value at minimum Y value
XLMAX X-value at local maximum Y value
STL2  Settling time to 0.1%
XLMIN X-value a local minimum Y-value
LMAX Y-value at local maximum
LMIN Y-value at local minimum
ENGY Energy in waveform
AREA Area under waveform

Vector Processing Functions:
DIFF                    Differentiation
division symbol         Division
X                       Multiplication
-                       Subtraction
+                       Addition
COPY                    Copy
INTG                    Integration
1/X                     Reciprocal
X2                      Square
square root of x symbol Square root of x
Logarithm               Logarithm

Mathematical Analysis (Advanced Mathpack)
Functions :
FFT Fast Fourier Transform
CONV Convolution
CORR Correlation
AVG Averaging
DIST Distribution Statistics

Additional Information:
      The 620 plugin (included) provides two channels for input signals. The 620
       plugin provides the highest sampling rate: Up to 100 megasamples/sec when one
       channel is used or up to 50 megasamples/sec when both channels are used. Note
       that the maximum sampling rate with the model 610 plugin(not provided) or 611
       plugin (not provided) is 100 kilosamples/sec and that is when only one channel is
       used and 50 kilosamples/sec when two channels are used.
      Disket drives and plotter NOT included.
      Unit passes all the self tests which occur at powerup.
      No probes.
      Approx. weight =38.5 lbs.
      Approx. size = 17.25"W x 8.5"H(including feet) x18.1"D(including 3 back feet)
       (1 of the back feet is missing).
      Manual included.

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