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					              Web Enabled
              Anatomy of a project

December 11      Web Enabled Databases   1
    This lecture looks at what makes this
     type of student project into a good project
         Choosing a good title
         Making a good proposal
         Reviewing technology
         Choice of business focus

December 11                Web Enabled Databases   2
Reminder of Deliverables
Activity                 Date due
Project Proposal         30/10/2006
Initial Report           4/12/2006
Interim Report           22/1/2007
Completed Project        19/3/2007
(Report +
Demonstration            20/3/2007-23/3/2007

December 11         Software development       3
The initial report
    Current project status
         draft write up of the research done so far,
          including references.
         Any changes to project objectives and an
          updated project plan
         Any project outcomes e.g. choice of
          development methodology, programming

December 11                  Software development       4
Your title
    Take care about the title you choose for
     the project.
    It should indicate that you are doing some
     background investigation of the Web-
     enabled database area, not just building
     a system.
    The technology/systems/literature review
     can often help with the title

December 11           Web Enabled Databases       5
Improving your title
    Poor - Building a web enabled library system database
      Better - Investigation of role based access in a web
       enabled database using a library system as an example
    Poor - Creating a web enabled hair dresser booking system
      Better - Use of software design patterns in the creation of a
       web application using a hair dresser booking exemplar
    Poor - A web enabled pizza ordering system
      Better - An investigation into suggestive product
       composition using a web based pizza ordering system
      Better - Scheduling and load balancing for distributed JIT
       production using a web based pizza ordering system

December 11                    Web Enabled Databases                   6
    Your project proposal should have contained a
     list of 3-5 major objectives of your project.
    Objectives are tasks that require specific
     activities and their completion will always result
     in specific deliverables
         e.g. literature/technology review,
         data analysis,
         design,
         implementation,
         testing and
         validation

December 11                     Web Enabled Databases     7
Keep up to date
    Project proposals are “work in progress”,
     especially at the beginning of a project,
     so update them when needed.
    Remember when you do the evaluation,
     to go through each of these objectives,
     and comment on how successfully you
     have achieved them.

December 11           Web Enabled Databases      8
        Choose a software engineering methodology
         and follow it, e.g. iterative prototyping
             (this can be a helpful method since it allows you to
              match your learning curve to the project by
              implementing simple features first).
        Make sure you produce good design
         documentation (e.g. dataflow diagrams,
         ERD’s, Use Cases, Sequence Diagrams).

December 11                       Web Enabled Databases              9
general principles
    A good project will aim to demonstrate a variety
     of programming and design techniques,
    It will avoid finishing with a number of screens
     which in essence all do the same thing e.g. data
     capture, data display.
    Examples of extended functionality would be:
         User logins and different access rights
         Flexible user-controlled search mechanisms
         Automation of business functions
         Intelligence or analysis of data

December 11                   Web Enabled Databases     10
Choice of service
       A key decision is the choice of
        business/service – try to use your own
        interests or contacts; possibly some work
        experience (e.g. online DJ booking service, or
        a Somali poetry site).
       You must have a specific focus – this is not
        difficult as there are many examples on the
        Web to help trigger your ideas.
       Aim to choose an area that is distinctive. Use
        some of your project time to work on this by
        doing research and individual reading.

December 11               Web Enabled Databases          11
Open source
       There are a large number of freely available open source
        codes that implement standard web/e-commerce
        applications such as
             retailers,
             appointment schedulers,
             calendar managers,
             forums,
             help desks,
             customer relation managers, content managers,
             content syndicators, etc., etc.
       There is absolutely no point in re-inventing or re-
        implementing the wheel although wheels may be used in
        your project.
       Make sure that you reference open source material and
        don’t forget to describe (your contribution) how you
        selected, integrated and tested it.
December 11                       Web Enabled Databases            12
the basics …
       Go through the standard design
        procedures for a relational database.
       Research the business processes so
        that a good detailed data model can be
        worked out.
       The model needs to be normalised. This
        is really important.
       If your database has got obvious design
        problems then you risk failure.

December 11            Web Enabled Databases      13
Review properly
       Review the choice of technologies and
        sample some of the literature relating to
        your project (try typing the project title
        into Google Scholar, or the ACM
       Refer to the Literature Review Lecture
        for detailed guidance.

December 11              Web Enabled Databases       14
    Decide how to implement the database –
     Oracle, SQLServer, Access, MySQL;
    Decide how to implement interaction with the
     Web client – Java, C#, VB.NET, Javascript,
     VBScript, SQL, ASP, PHP, XHTML etc.
    These decisions should match your project
     objectives as each choice of technology has
     specific limitations/advantages and there is no
     “one size fits all”.
    Since this is a distributed application expect
     some frustration with the implementation.
    Some choices require more low level
     programming than others.
December 11              Web Enabled Databases         15
    Evaluate your project. You will find it
     helpful to have read some general
     articles on DBMS and the Web.
    You can add value to your project work
     by relating it carefully to specific issues
     that came up in your research
         user interface design,
         Web service standards,
         WebML, Web 3.0
         usability, security, maintainability.
December 11                  Web Enabled Databases   16
add a dash of pepper …
    a computer science project should
     include a non-trivial question of
     professional or academic interest to
     computer science
    a business oriented degree project
     should incorporate a critical evaluation of
     a key business issue

December 11            Web Enabled Databases       17
High scoring features
        A realistic data model; if you only have a
         single many-to-many relationship to break
         then it is far too simple and you have not
         spent enough time thinking through the
             ordering, booking, contracting,
             making appointments, browsing data,
             invoicing, submitting, registering ….
        Your model should make a good attempt at
         representing the semantic complexity of the
         data (the practical outcome is usually a good
         number, say 10, of carefully related tables in
December 11                      Web Enabled Databases    18
cont …
        Some interesting functionality via the Web
         browser, requiring you to
             write and test procedures of your own,
             or to successfully integrate and extend any open
              source code you have acquired
        Typical examples might be
             asynchronous behaviours,
             support for accessibility,
             support for multiple client platform types,
             use of MING or programmatically generated
              shockwave, etc., etc.).

December 11                      Web Enabled Databases           19
cont …
    Some academic interest, in that you are
     exploring or investigating an area or
     application that is relatively recent or
     novel and not simply a well trodden path.
    e.g. (circa 2006)
         semantic web, web ontologies, AJAX, rich
          internet applications, accessibility, e-learning,
          design patterns)

December 11                  Web Enabled Databases            20
cont …
       Either some extensive data gathering
        activity e.g. interviewing specific people,
        or researching specific markets (e.g. in
        certain types of commercial websites,
        web services).
       Or a good literature survey in which
        you have discussed a relevant topical
        issue and related it to the project
        development and evaluation.
December 11              Web Enabled Databases        21
    A good project must integrate your
     reading and research with a well
     designed and featured implementation
     that is properly evaluated

December 11          Web Enabled Databases   22

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