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					               DHS Digest
                     Volume 1, Issue 4
                          A.G.B.U. Manoogian-Demirdjian School 6844 Oakdale Avene, Canoga Park, Ca 91306
                                                                                                                               May 2008

                Everyone’s Talking About Talking
                  BY: ANGELA TASLAKIAN                             is mostly third generation         here, the Armenian youth         the more generations there
                          Sports Writer
                                                                   while the Armenian youth in        speak mainly English. The        are living in a new country,
         Why is the new gen-      spirit alive. This is so         L.A. is mostly first genera-       difference is that in            the less motivation regarding
eration of Armenians not          because they have been           tion. The new generation of        Argentina, the Armenian          Armenian spirit is being
speaking Armenian regularly?      growing up with each other       Armenians living there speak       youth’s parents hardly speak     stressed onto the youth.
Why is the Armenian youth         for years.                       even less Armenian with each       Armenian themselves, mak-                 “I think the Armenian
losing their Armenian spirit?               “The life we live in   other than we do, even             ing it hard to try and keep up   youth should speak Armenian
Why don’t today’s Armenian        America is so English based,”    though they also go to             the Armenian spirit there;       because being Armenian does
children care about               says Narineh Melkonian, a        Armenian schools. Over             there is hardly any motivation   not mean only knowing the
Armenians or Armenia?             teenage Armenian student         there, they speak Spanish          coming from the parents.         traditions and participating in
Nobody knows the answers          going to an Armenian private     with each other, just like over             This shows us that      church services, that is only
to these questions for sure,      school in L.A.                                                                                       half of it. Culture has a lot to
but there are some things that              Basically, the new                                                                         do in an Armenians identity,
can be learned about              generation of Armenians in                                                                           but language is as important
Armenians that have maybe         L.A. are so use to being with                                                                        as culture,” says Dr. Elli
been ignored over the past        other Armenians that they                                                                            Andreassian, vice principle of
years.                            think the whole world has                                                                            AGBU MDS.
         The question asking      this many Armenians every-                                                                                    “I think, since the
why the new generation of         where. But this is not true.                                                                         language of instruction of the
Armenians are not speaking        Some counties have very lit-                                                                         school is English, all day
Armenian regularly is mostly      tle Armenians living in them,                                                                        long they are just hearing
heard in the Los Angeles area     and they try very hard to                                                                            English, and only forty-five
where there has been an           keep all the Armenians close                                                                         minutes is dedicated to
immense increase of               together so that the Armenian                                                                        Armenian class,” responds
Armenians in the past few         spirit and culture will not                                                                          Dr. Andreassian when asked
years.                            fade.                                                                                                why she thinks the Armenian
         Armenian grandpar-                 For example, Egypt                                                                         youth in L.A. is not speaking
ents are heartbroken when         is one of those countries with                                                                       Armenian regularly.
they hear that their grandchil-   only about 7,000 Armenians                                                                                    No one knows what
dren are not speaking             living there. The Armenian                                                                           will happen to the new gener-
Armenian on a regular basis,      youth do speak Armenian                                                                              ations of Armenians in the
even though they are being        with each other even though                                                                          future. What we do know, is
sent to Armenian schools.         they live in a place where the                                                                       that we are very spread out in
Some Armenian schools             main language is Arabic. The                                                                         the world, and every country
stress the importance of being    grandparents of these                                                                                is different. This gives us a
Armenian more than others,        Armenians do not complain                                                                            large variety of Armenians
but the kids are all the same,    about their grandchildren not                                                                        living in the world.
speaking English any time         speaking Armenian.                                                                                            Only time will tell
they can with each other.                   Armenian youth                                                                             the outcome of so much dis-
         It may be that the       speaking Armenian with each                                                                          parity. Being “different” in
Armenian youth that go to         other does not only have to                                                                          this country is hard, and it is
Armenian schools in L.A. are      do with the place you live in                                                                        very natural to change and
very friendly with each other.    or how many Armenians are                                                                            adapt over time.
They have been with               living in that place, but also
Armenians of the same age         about which generation you
from other Armenian schools       are from.
for so long that they feel no               For example, the
need to keep the Armenian         Armenian youth in Argentina

   93rd Anniversary                                                                                   meeting ended with speeches
                                                                                                      from Archbishop Hovnan
                                                                                                      Derderian and Primate and
                                                                                                      Archbishop Moushegh
                                                                                                                                                This day goes to
                                                                                                                                       show that ninety-three years
                                                                                                                                       later, Armenians have not
                    BY: LIANA ATALLAH
                                                                            The councilman of         Mairdirossian. As these          been forgotten. Our ancestors
                          Senior Editor
                                                                   our district, Councilmen           speeches were held, news         have shown a sense of
                                                                   Dennis Zine, as well as            broadcast organizations were     strength that as latter genera-
         On April 18, 2008,       event for the Armenian com-
                                                                   Councilman Wendy Gruel             there and televised the whole    tions should appreciate. This
students from Student             munity. The students, with
                                                                   and Council President Gil          thing. In the end, students      is the reason why we do what
Council Cabinet, the commis-      Mr. Levon Keshishian as their
                                                                   Garcetti attended this city hall   from DHS School and Alex         we can to keep those names
sioners, Armenia Club             chaperon, went to L.A. City
                                                                   meeting to support and com-        and Rose Pilibos School were     and stories alive and as time
Cabinet as well as prominent      Hall in order to witness the
                                                                   memorate such a tragic event.      recognized and applauded for     goes on, it is apparent that
members of Senior Class           L.A. County commemorating
                                                                   Council President Gil              attending the event and show-    this goal is being fulfilled.
Fundraisings were invited to      the 93rd anniversary of the
                                                                   Garcetti opened the meeting        ing how prominent our
take part in a monumental         genocide.
                                                                   with a speech and the council      schools are in the Armenian

                           Op-Ed                                   Elections                             Art & Ent.                                 Sports
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Page 2                                                                                                                                                            May 2008
                                                            News & Features
Too Hot, Too Cold, Never Right
     BY: ANDREW ARPAGIAN                    helps prevent human caused ineffi-
              News Writer                   ciencies. “In the past, we have had the
                                            timers turned all the way, and the air
          As I walk through the halls, I
                                            conditioning would continue to run
constantly walk from the DHS Build-
                                            for many hours after school closed”,
ing to the new annex. Things appear
                                            said Mr. Keshishian.
newer, cleaner, and more controlled -
                                                      Despite the ability for teach-
except the temperature. I enter room
                                            ers to request to override the set ther-
209 Ms. Kirkman’s classroom, for my
                                            mostat at any time, they often do not
daily Journalism elective, but instead
                                            use that freedom. “I get most requests
of it being welcoming, it creates sensa-
                                            on a hot or a cold day, but usually
tions similar to those of a sauna, fol-
                                            none on a normal day. Only during
lowed by the cold of a Siberian winter.
                                            extreme conditions.” stated Mr. Boul-
          Teachers in this section of the
                                            ghourjian, our DHS Disciplinarian.
building are not blessed with the luck
                                            The inconveniency involved in call-
of being able to adjust the tempera-
                                            ing Mr. Boulghourjian and having the
ture. “I would love to have control.
                                            request transmitted to the custodians,
The students make remarks and it is
                                            can be time consuming.
disruptive to the learning environ-
                                                      Therefore students and teach-
ment, especially when they are shiv-
                                            ers alike resort to using conventional,
ering while trying to take a test or
                                            primitive methods of maintaining
quiz,” says Mrs. Kirkman, an English
                                            homeostasis, without shivering and                                                                    Photo Christine Haroutunian
teacher. “It is hard for them to con-
                                            sweating. Both are seen carrying             Students bundle up for freezing classrooms and want fresh air in extremely
centrate when it is not a comfortable
                                            sweatshirts into these classes, prepar-                                     hot classrooms.
temperature within the classroom.”
                                            ing to warm up for the upcoming ice        hot we open the windows, but it does- ration. Such perspiring makes stu-
          The school’s Director of
                                            age.                                       n’t do anything” states Sirak, a junior. dents more susceptible to getting sick.
Business Operations, Mr. Levon
                                                      Unluckily, students do not       Open the door and more warm air en-                In the worst of conditions,
Keshishian, states the lack of thermo-
                                            have a plan of action against the com-     ters the classroom. Students are left      students can resort to the room tem-
stats in the classrooms is “a step for-
                                            mon heat waves surging through the         with no alternative, and must endure       perature water fountain across the
ward toward a more efficient and
                                            classrooms. Opening the window has         the heat, often causing intense perspi- hall, or swim in their sweat.
modern school.” The new concept
                                            little to no effect. “When it gets too

 Future Business Leaders of America                                                                                                “It’s a lifestyle.”, says Mrs. Bedross-
                                                                                                                                   ian when talking about being a well
                                                                                                                                   informed and connected businessman.
   BY: NARINEH MELKONIAN                    as investing and buying stocks are         molded into going against urges and                   One might ask how this revo-
              News Writer                   discussed. Every Thursday meeting,         having good judgment in our busi-           lutionary club came to be. It is not a
                                            a sheet of paper with the weekly top-      ness-dominated country. This club           surprise that our Armenian school that
         Do you feel deprived of train-     ics is given out to each club member       has awaked a new breed in our               lacked a business club has now got
ing for your business-related future?       to clarify goals and intentions of the     school, the clever capitalists of the fu-   one. So if you are interested in
Well, feel this way no more, for our        club.                                      ture.                                       stocks, or just want to make your par-
school has adopted a brand new club                  The club is designed to help               Valuable tips are learned such     ents happy, this may be the club for
for the DHS entrepreneur inside of          students experience the stakes and re-     as using your resources and logic           you.
you. Future Business Leaders of             wards of being a stock-owner to cre-       rather than depending wholly on fac-
America is an organization that             ate well-disciplined businesswomen         tual numbers while investing. Stu-
teaches the business skills needed for      and men. This is achieved by the           dents are also taught to invest in
being a well-connected and aware,           stock market competition being held.       things that they find to seem promis-
stock master.                                        This competition includes         ing as a product for the buyers.
         The club meetings are held         each group participating in an online               It is important for the mem-
every Thursday in Mrs. Bedrossian’s         pseudo-investment game on                  bers of the club to make smart
room at lunch time. The club is gov-        www.simulator.investopedia.com.            choices for the companies they invest
erned by Andrew Arpagian and                Each group is allowed to spend up to       in, because the competition includes
Armen Haroutunian with their fellow         $100,000 on their investments. At the      the actual stock market changes of the
friends, Shaunt Avanessian and              end of the year, the group with the        companies. Students are encouraged
Vatche Yousefian.                           greatest net income will be rewarded.      to keep track of the fluctuations of the
         In the meetings, topics such                In the meetings, students are     stock market on a day to day basis.

 From the Editor                            the fliers, which ones
                                            catch your attention?
     BY: NATALIE NAHABET                    Do you see that the                                                      Arpagian
            Editor-in-Chief                 candidate put effort into                                              and Vatche
                                            the campaign? If they                                                   Yousefian,
         With election week drawing         did, they are probably
                                                                                                                   prepare for
near, we are all preparing for the          as enthusiastic as they
                                                                                                                      their fu-
wonderful chaos that will take over         say they are. So when
our hallways. The walls are covered         you get your ballot on                                                     tures in
with posters, people are covered with       Friday, before you                                                       business.
stickers, and sometimes the floor is        begin to fill in the cir-
covered in chalk. Candidates have           cles, think about the
spent countless hours to prepare            candidates. Do you
posters, fliers, stickers, slogans…you      want to have a fun
name it, they’ve done it! What you          year? Do you want to
probably do not realize is that who         have an enthusiastic
you vote for will be the one who de-        cabinet? It’s ALL up to
termines how much fun you will              YOU!
have during the year.                                                                                                                                     Photos: Jasmine Terzian
         By looking at the posters and
                                                      Photo: Mr. Martin
Page 3                                                                                                                                               May 2008
                                                        News & Features
    Conflict                               To Study? or Not to Study?
    Armenia                                   That’s My Question!
         BY: LAILA BABAIAN                     BY: VATCHE YOUSEFIAN
             Op-Ed Writer
                                                       News Writer

          The junior class of AGBU-                Yes, dear students of DHS
MDS was able to witness the ways          it’s that time of year again…No,
in which government and politics          not Christmas or summer vacation!
may actually have a direct effect         It’s time for studying for those big
on their lives for the first time         tests you, the students, take every
when the summer of 2008 Armenia           May. You know what I’m talking
trip was taken into reconsideration.      about, the A.P. Exams.
          The political drama in Ar-               Do not fret though; I have a
menia took a dangerous turn on            solution for your cramming and
March 1st, 2008 when eight people         late nights. My solution is taking
were killed in the capitol city of        several steps on how to get through
Yerevan. The intense rioting in the       those exams without having to
city square was essentially caused        stress out that you haven’t studied
by a feud between the two presi-          enough.                                                                                                 Photo Mrs. Kirkman
dential candidates and their sup-                                                 on this ruler for your Western Eu-     can look back at past A.P exams
porters over the legitimacy of the                1) Do not procrastinate, be-    ropean History Exam.)                  (yes, it’s legal). Using this as
2008 presidential election.               cause you will just be delaying and                                            studying material is probably the
          The winner of the election,     delaying, soon your work will be             3) Make sure your notes are       closest thing you’ll get to the cur-
Prime Minister Serge Sargsyan,            the size of mountains, and then      legible and easy to read, you don’t       rent A.P test you’re studying.
and his party was accused of elec-        you’ll just give up. Do your study- want to be guessing anything when
toral abuses such as manipulating         ing in small portions like an hour   looking back at dates or names that               7) You might want to hook
voters, buying votes, distorting tel-     and then give                                             are important.       up with some of your classmates
evision coverage, and filibustering.      your self a half                                                 4)            and create a study group, but don’t
The opponent, Levon Ter-Petross-          an hour break.            “Don’t just let your When the test                   distract yourself from the A.P
ian, used criticism of the current        Make the ratio teacher’s time, your par- comes, don’t                          exams by gossiping, getting a
government’s corruption as his            between your
campaign strategy, pinning the            studying and         ent’s money, and all sweat it! You   probably know
                                                                                                                         snack every five minutes, or the
                                                                                                                         occasional “What are you going to
blame on the Kocharian adminis-           breaks from      your effort going through more than you                       do after the A.P?”
tration.                                  2:1 or 3:1.                                               think you do!
          Armenians of all ages took
                                                            the torturous A.P. class,                                           These tests cost $80 to just
to the streets to protest the illegiti-            2) Read        go to waste.”                              5) Get      take and you don’t want to spend
mate results of the 2008 election,        the material,                                               those A.P          that much money to just fail, you
but were met with heavy military          don’t skim!                                                 books in our li-   want to achieve and say, “I got a
opposition. The situation grew            Make sure you know the material         brary or from Borders. The people      5!” Don’t just let your teacher’s
worse when authorities began to           inside and out. Study from the          who write those books usually out-     time, your parent’s money, and all
use nightsticks, tear gas, and water      book and your teachers notes;           line most things that you’ve stud-     your effort going through the tor-
hoses to suppress the crowds. The         make outlines, because mostly the       ied. Baarons and the REA A.P           turous A.P. class, go to waste. Take
Armenian people took this oppor-          A.P exams are based on the big          booklets are probably the best         my advice and you’ll be able to
tunity to loot and steal in some          picture rather than the minuscule       choices. Most of these A.P book-       pass.
areas of Yerevan, and fought back         details. If you can squeeze in some     lets usually come with practice
using rocks and pipes.                    notes online, that would help           tests which can be helpful with
          On March 1, 2008, the gov-      (Google someone’s name like             your studying.
ernment declared a state of emer-         Napoleon Bonaparte if you want to
gency in Armenia. They were then          know some information on him if                6) Go register at college-
able to restrict the flow of informa-     you want to get some background         board.com as a student and you
tion by employing strong censor-

                                                    A.G.B.U. turns 102!
ship on local and international
news, closing websites to the pub-
lic, limiting non-governmental or-
ganization activity, and
undermining civil liberties such as             BY: SERLI POLATOGLU               were sick, people were starving,       than itself; one that gives back to
the freedom of assembly.                               Op-Ed Editor               and the country was in shambles.       those who truly need help; that is
          Though this state of emer-                                                      Yet we proved ourselves        what gives me hope for the future,
                                                  Every year around this
gency expired on March 20th, there                                                yet again; we were able to bounce      and pride in our past.
                                          time, students of DHS are re-
is still very little information on the                                           back with the countless schools,               I’d just like to take this
                                          minded of our humble beginnings.
condition of Armenia available to                                                 charities, orphanages, and hospitals   time to say how thankful I am for
                                          The Armenian General Benevolent
the public. The 2008 Armenia trip                                                 that AGBU was able to put up.          those humble few who began a
                                          Union started in 1906, all because
has not been cancelled for the jun-                                               Their slogan, “unity…?” proved to      small organization, unaware of
                                          of the vision of one Boghos Nubar
iors, but attendance is still being                                               us that every helping hand mat-        how large its impact would be.
debated in the students homes.                                                    tered.                                 After being shown all the wonder-
                                                  After suffering the devasta-
                                          tion of the Armenian Genocide, the              Our 32nd anniversary has       ful things AGBU has done, I’m
                                          proprietors of AGBU knew that           just passed, and once again, I’m       proud to be a small part of a great
                                          something needed to be done to          proud to say that I come to this       thing.
                                          help out our homeland. Children         school. Knowing that I am part of
                                                                                  this organization that is greater
Page 4                                                                                                                                                       May 2008
         Mothers and                                                                                             Cliques?
                                                                                                                    BY: ALENE ASHJIAN
                                                                                                                          Op-Ed Writer

          Daughters                                                                            The term clique is defined menians in an Armenian school
                                                                                      as groups of people who are
                                                                                      friendly with each other but ex-
                                                                                      clude others. High school is fa-
                                                                                                                           are subdivided? It is understand-
                                                                                                                           able that many of us don’t belong
                                                                                                                           in a clique, or don’t coincide with
                            BY: SERLI POLATOGLU                                       mous for its cliques, when           other cliques because you just
                                   Op-Ed Editor
                                                                                      questioning a group of students at don’t seem to get along.
         Quite frankly, I have never      I’d tell you that certain aspects of        DHS if they consider themselves               Some of you may not be
been given a more difficult topic to      your body aren’t, ummm…, the best.          as a “clique” replies were given     aware but friendship is a natural
write about than the relationship be-     But you don’t need to worry about it,       such as “No, not                                        process. People
tween mothers and daughters. I’ve         you’re beautiful!”                          really.” But walk-                                      commonly re-
literally spent fifteen minutes think-             Why even bother asking…            ing the hallways of
ing about how to approach this arti-      Every mom says the same thing.
                                                                                      DHS during lunch,
                                                                                                            “From elementary to late to othersthat share the
cle, and I’ve come to the conclusion               Now, on to the tourette’s.
that – I don’t have a clue.               Mom’s have to tell their kids the           you can see the         senior year many same interest.
                                                                                      floors are scattered                                    Such interest
          Finally, it dawned on me that   same thing 200 times a day. “Take
                                                                                      with different
                                                                                                                   people have                such as: sports,
I just have to be honest with my          out the trash.” “Do your homework.”
readers. See! Some of my mom’s ad-        “Clean your room.”                          cliques.              changed friends like theater arts,
                                                                                               But DHS
vice is already coming in handy. She
always said, “Honesty is the best pol-
                                                   Actually, I hear her the first
                                          time – but somehow I just can’t seem        isn’t filled with
                                                                                                             they change a pair music, and so on.
icy.”                                     to get off my bed and do what she           your average                   of shoes.”                     But then
         Hope that advice doesn’t bite    says. Poor mom, I’m the one who             groups of jocks,                                        again there are
you in the butt mom!                      made her this way.                          preps, nerds, and                                       also many
         I can only speak from per-                As for OCD - well that’s a         so on. Many of social groups are     cliques who are also friends be-
sonal experience, and through experi-     logical response to the tourette’s. No
                                                                                      made up of friends who share dif- cause they have nothing in com-
ence I have learned that in order to      matter how many times she asks me
be a good mother, you have to be a        to clean my room, I never do it. So,        ferent interests, one group of       mon. As mentioned earlier the
compulsive liar, have a touch of          she ends up doing it. And boy, does         friends even mention they “com-      uniqueness of each friend, or the
tourette’s, mild OCD, delusions of        she do an amazing job. After she            plete each other.”                   missing character, is united by
grandeur, and be possessive in na-        goes on one of her cleaning sprees I                 Considering DHS is an       friendship. Not to mention,
ture. All this culminates in the psy-     see things in my room I didn’t even         Armenian private school, students friendship is the most valuable
chosis necessary to carry out your        know I had – like a rug!                    should be united rather than di-     thing you can have. It takes pa-
motherly duties.                                   Delusions of grandeur – all        vided. Weather we are “bolsahye, tience and trust.
                                                                                      parsgahye, beyruitsi, or hayas-               From elementary to senior
                                                                                      tansi” should not matter, espe-      year many people have changed
                                                                                      cially because those titles are only friends like they change a pair of
                                                                                      given based on our family back-      shoes. Reasons can include dis-
                                                                                      grounds.                             agreements, misunderstandings,
                                                                                               When asking a senior with or simply not being on the ”same
                                                                                      a non-Armenian background from page.” Sometimes it just is not
                                                                                      a public school what he thought      meant to be and other times a lit-
                                                                                      of Armenians, he answered that       tle more work is needed in the
                                                                                      most of the Armenians at his         friendship to make it last.
                                                                                      school only hung out with one an-             By the time senior year
                                                                                      other and disregarded everyone       has come the chemistry of cliques
                                                                                      else that was not Armenian. He       and friends have been mixed, re-
                                                                                      even replied that the Armenians      placed, and balanced. The future
                                                                                      always hang out at a certain part    will have you looking back on
                                                                                      of the school apart from everyone high school conflicts as minor is-
                                                                                      else. One day he even decided to     sues, and all that will remain is
                                                                                      join the Armenian Club provided      those memories spent with those
                                                                                      at the school as a joke, but he      in your clique.
                                                                                      backed down after watching a                  To some those memories
                                                                Photo Mrs. Kirkman
                                                                                      group of Armenian stare him          will seem unworthy if they are
 Mother and Daughter Esther and Liana Atallah enjoy a very close re-                  down.                                not continued and to others the
                    lationship with each other.                                                Coming from an Armen-       experiences with those group of
                                                                                      ian point of view its good to know friends will be carried on with an-
         Let’s begin with the compul-     moms think they can do everything           that Armenians across the diaspo- other group of friends maybe Ar-
sive liar bit, shall we? All mother’s     at any time anywhere. Exhibit A:
                                                                                      ras keep a strong bond with one      menian, foreign, or both.
think their children are beautiful.               “Mom, I didn’t pack for
Don’t get me wrong, I see an inner        Turkey yet.”                                another, but how is it that the Ar-
beauty in all of us, but some of us               “Serli our plane leaves in 3
just don’t have physical beauty. To       hours!”                                     possessive in nature. They are ob-          anyways – it just evolves as we get
put it bluntly, there are some UGLY               “Sorry mom.”                       sessed with their children. If their chil-   older.
people in this world.                      THIS PORTION OF CONVERSA-                 dren weren’t related to them they                    There’s no way around it – one
         However, when said aestheti-     TION CONTAINS EXPLICIT CON-                could be considered stalkers. They           day we’ll all be psychotic, doting
cally-challenged people ask their         TENT NOT SUITABLE FOR                      want to know everything about our            mothers that incessantly complain
mothers for, say, fashion advice, the     CHILDREN.                                  lives, and, of course, once we don’t         about their kids but can never seem to
mother always tells them, “Anything               And then, magically, 10 min-       tell them anything and have gargan-          let them go. Ah… the joys of mother-
would look great on you sweetheart,       utes later my mom has 3 suitcases          tuan arguments about privacy, their          hood.
your beautiful.”                          packed, complete with toothbrush,          obsession kicks in. They ground us,                  But, I must say, I do have a
         I once asked my mother,          hairdryer, and magazines lest I get        just so they can keep us under their         tremendous amount of respect for all
“Mom, if I was ugly, would you tell       bored. So, I guess that wouldn’t           wing a little bit longer.                    the moms out there. I wouldn’t want
me?”                                      make it delusions of grandeur – they                Well girls, I’ve just introduced    you any less crazy.
         What did she say? “Of course     actually can do it all!                    you to your future. Scary, right?
dear. I wouldn’t be mean about it, but            And finally, my favorite –                  We all start out a little weird
Page 5                                                                                                                                                  May 2008
                                                                               forcing us to come here, then why go forward just a bit more when it

         Muttled Morale                                                        do we bother opening our mouths      comes to trying new things or tak-
                                                                               when it comes to school spirit and ing on new competitions and proj-
                                                                               even worse, laugh at those who       ects. It doesn’t take much effort to
                         BY: LARA ALTUNIAN                                     actually show they care?             say, “Good job, next time it’ll be
                                 Senior Editor                                         Thankfully, there are a      even better!” to someone and
                                                                               group of people (however small)      mean it.
          Upon entering most school      school.                               that do their best to make the place          We don’t have to partici-
 campuses, we immediately see a                  I’m not saying everyone       where we spend most of the first     pate in everything directly and we
 giant banner depicting a magnifi-       has to jump for joy over every an-    half of our lives                                           should defi-
 cent emblem in flashing colors,         nouncement made over the P.A.,        (sad but true)                                              nitely not
 which may read “GO                      but it would be nice not to hear,     more pleasant
 LIONS!”…or “…TIGERS!”…or                “Who cares!?” or “So what!?”          and enjoyable. It
                                                                                                   “School spirit is gen- forcedoing so,   into

 “…BEARS!” and oh my! the                when someone mentions the bas-        seems to me that erally defined as feel- but we can try
 countless other different possibili-    ketball team’s win against a school   most of us need
 ties there are for naming a school’s    other than Pilibos.                   to open our eyes
                                                                                                     ing enthusiasm for to be a bit        more consider-
 sports team. A large number of                  Every little thing our        a bit more and        your school and its ate of every-
 the students at these schools are       school does to advance itself is      consider every-                                             one working to
 eager to go to their teams’ games       important and should matter to the    thing around us –
                                                                                                        achievements.”                     make DHS a
 and often show interest when they       students since hey, we already        especially the                                              better place.
 hear about them winning.                spend most of our time here any-      students’, teachers’, and parents’   Plus, let’s not forget that in order
          What are all these things      way. The words “Second Home”          attempts at improving what we        for things to improve in the first
 representative of?…School Spirit.       come to mind, and although that       have. We should try to support       place, we first need to show inter-
 There are two words that mean a         sounds corny, it’s true.              them for their efforts.              est and enthusiasm about making a
 lot to some people and almost                   It’s funny how the same               This article was not written change.
 nothing to others. This has always      people who sigh and roll their eyes   for the purpose of calling out the            Our sports teams, art pro-
 been a controversial issue for the      when told not to miss the upcom-      people who don’t yell at all the     grams, etcetera will not excel if
 students of DHS. Do we have             ing girls’ volleyball game are the    games or participate in all the      we keep on raining on everyone’s
 enough of it? How would we              ones that are making several of the   events our school has, but to call   parade. We’re less likely to do our
 know without properly defining it?      numerous complaints about our         to everyone’s attention the idea     best when everyone around us dis-
 Does it honestly matter?                school’s poor performance in          that DHS is the place we go to al-   courages us from trying to suc-
          School spirit is generally     sports and its unwillingness to       most every day. Although this is     ceed. So instead of being a wet
 defined as feeling enthusiasm for       compete with other schools in         the reason for many people’s an-     blanket, let’s work harder to im-
 your school and its achievements.       anything other than academics.        tagonism built up against it, we     prove our school and everything in
 Unfortunately, many people prac-                If we’re going to act like    should instead find a way to ap-     it. It all starts with a little bit of
 tically don’t care whether some-        we could care less about DHS and      preciate what we have and push       school spirit.
 thing significant happens at our        whine about why our parents are       our school and the people in it to

                                                                                                                                       pictures taken by Booster Club

 S c h o o l s p i r i t a t s p o r t i n g e v e n t s ? S o m e                          h a v e n o s p e c t a t o r a n d s o m e
  h a v e a l o t .     C o m e o u t a n d s u p p o r t o u r                             s p o r t s t e a m s a t a l l e v e n t s .

                         Billy and Amy pressure students for their votes.
                                                                                                                                         Comic by: Tamar Melkonian
Page 6                                                                                                                                                          May 2008
                                                       Advice & Fun Page
                                                                                                                                  Dear: Studentcouncilconfusion
                 Houri Tantig Answers Your Questions                                                                              It’s natural to feel anxious when com-
                                                                                                                                  peting in a competition as big as stu-
 From: Confusedlover                        worry about it so much. I’m sure          From: confusedfeller                        dent council. The first step to winning
 I am still in love with my ex. I can       they will support you no matter what      Being a guy, it’s hard to tell my           is being confident in yourself. You
 tell he still loves me and I want him      you do.                                   friends that I really like a girl because   have to feel like you are going to win
 back. But he has a new girlfriend.                                                   I’m scared that they will like the same     so others can see how much you want
 What can I do?                             From: ConcertChaos                        girl and that the girl will like them       to win. You should only be nervous if
                                            My girlfriend moved away so we had        back. What can I do?                        you haven’t prepared for your cam-
 Dear: Confusedlover                        to break up and I finally moved on. I                                                 paign. If you have prepared all your
 Okay, first of all, being able to tell     have a new girlfriend and the other       Dear: confusedfeller                        posters, labels, and flyers, then you
 that he still loves you and KNOW-          day I took her out to a concert and       I understand what you are saying            shouldn’t worry. Also, try running for
 ING that he still loves you are two        say my ex whom I still love to death.     about telling your friends how you          a smaller cabinet position, one that not
 different things. You don’t want to        My ex started to burst into tears and I   feel. But if they are your true friends     a lot of people are running for. And
 embarrass yourself by approaching          was heartbroken. Help!                    they would never do anything like that      don’t let yourself feel disappointed if
 him and seeing that he doesn’t feel                                                  to you. If you can’t trust them enough      you lose, because you got the experi-
 the same. I think you should talk to       Dear: ConcertChaos                        to tell them that you like a girl be-       ence of running and will be more pre-
 him about how you feel and let him         Having someone you love move              cause you are afraid they will like her     pared for next year. But whatever you
 know what’s going on in your mind.         away is always difficult. Moving on       too, then they aren’t your true friends.    do, never give up. If you lose, try
 Try to find out how he feels about         is even harder. And when you see                                                      again! Good luck!
 you too, and if he likes his new girl-     them again for the first time in a        From: Studentcouncilconfusion
                                                                                                                                  If you would like Houri Tantig to an-
 friend enough to stay with her, good       while, it’s very emotional. I’m sure      I have been in student council for one
                                                                                                                                   swer your questions, send her an e-
 for him. You should be happy that he       she knows you saw her, so I think         year, and I really want to run for a stu-
                                                                                                                                     mail at mdspaper@agbumds.org.
 found someone. But you never know,         you should talk to her and catch up       dent council cabinet position. But I’m
                                                                                                                                   If you would like to remain anony-
 he might still love you too, and leave     with her. If you still love her, do the   really scared that I might lose, and I
                                                                                                                                    mous like these students just give
 his girlfriend. Good luck! Be careful.     best thing for the both of you and tell   don’t know how I would run my cam-
                                                                                                                                           yourself a new name.
                                            her. Also, let your current girlfriend    paign. What advice can you give me?
 From: Goodmorals                           know what’s going on because you
 There’s this guy who I like, that does     don’t want her to suspect anything.
 things I don’t like. This is completely
 against my personal morals and I
 don’t know what to do because I re-
 ally like him.
                                            Try to remind yourself of your cur-
                                            rent situation with your girlfriend,
                                            and try not to think of the past too
                                            much because it is very easy for your
                                            feelings to come back. Good luck!
 Dear: Goodmorals
 I completely understand where you          From: notasgoodasher
 are coming from. Its hard liking           I’m jealous of my best friend. She’s
 someone who has aspects in their life      prettier and skinnier than I am and
 completely opposite of yours. But          she is everything that I’m not. What
 you have to understand that you can’t      do I do?
 change someone. If they love you
 enough and want to be with you, they       Dear: notasgoodasher
 will change their lifestyle on their       You are going to have many friends
 own. But if they don’t want to             in your life who will be better than
 change, you can’t force them to. In        you in some aspect of your life.
 the end it is their decision on what       There is always going to be someone
 they want in their life. I say stay        better than you. But, keep in mind
 good friends with them and see what        that you have many good aspects to
 happens in the future. Whatever you        yourself as well and that you are
 do, never lose him/her as a friend.        probably better than your friends at
 Hope that helped!                          something. You might think fondly of
                                            your friend and how pretty and
 From: Raceconfusion                        skinny she is, but I’m sure she does-
 I have an American girlfriend but my       n’t feel the same way. She probably
 mom won’t let me go out with her           says the same thing about you, talk-
 because she isn’t Armenian.                ing about how smart you are. She
                                            probably finds flaws in her appear-
 Dear: Raceconfusion                        ance that you wouldn’t think of, so
 I guarantee you many people are            don’t eat yourself up too much. I’m
 having the same problem. Living in         sure you are better at some things
 an Armenian community, it is under-        than her.
 standable for your parents to feel the
 way they do. They want you to con-         From: lotsofgel
 tinue the Armenian race and have           My best friend always comes to
 many Armenian kids. What they              school in a bad hair do. It’s so annoy-
 don’t understand is that we live in        ing because I want to tell her but I
 America, a country with many differ-       feel horrible. What can I do?
 ent races of people. You don’t choose
 who you fall in love with, and if it so    Dear: lotsofgel
 happens to be an American, so be it.       Part of being best friends with some-
 Your parents aren’t the ones in your       one is trust. I’m sure your friend
 position. They aren’t the ones who         trusts you and your opinion enough
 will be with the girl, so they really      to not get angry with you if you tell
 dont have a say in who you date.           her that her hair looks bad. She
 Also, you never know how long you          would want you to tell her instead of
 and your girlfriend are going to last.     being embarrassed at school with her
 You might find that with an Ameri-         hair looking horrible. I’m sure she
 can, you won’t feel as comfortable as      would really appreciate it if you told
 with an Armenian. Sooner or later          her, so don’t hesitate. She’s your best
 you will see differences in your           friend and you mean too much to her
 lifestyles, and it will be hard to adapt   for her to get angry with you. Hope
 to each other. Just keep your parents      that helped!
 good thoughts in mind, but try not to
Page 7                                                  Paradon Special                                                                       May 2008

 Turns Sweet
             Sports Writer

         Every year, our school
 celebrates the accomplishments
 of our students with an annual
 festival, Paradon. This year is
 the Sweet Sixteen of Paradon,
 so I thought it would be cool to
 give you sixteen reasons why
 you should attend Paradon this
 year. The festival will take
 place on Sunday May 21st.

         1. Paradon was started
 sixteen years ago, in 1992, by a
 group of committed parents
 and faculty members. The
 name Paradon comes from the
 Armenian words “park” and
 “don” meaning celebrating
 your spirit and blessings.

         2. The Grand Marshal
 for this year’s festival is Major
 League Soccer player Alecko

         3. The English depart-
 ment, similar to last year, will
 be hosting a few prestigious
 writers, including Aram

         4. There will be a trib-
 ute to William Saroyan to cele-
 brate his 100th birthday. It is
 called “William Saroyan I
 Love You” and will include
 dramatic readings of his litera-
                                     corn on the cob. The journalism     will be part of the sporting events                15. The Armenian depart-
          5. The math department     elective will have a sweet tooth    this year.                                 ment will be putting on a presenta-
 will be hosting a cook-off com-     booth, with many dif-                                                          tion with the middle school stu-
 petition, incorporating algebra     ferent varieties of      “The Grand Marshal                 12. The            dents called “History of the
 skills into combining different     candy. The Armenian                                  Friday before the         Armenian Revival” that includes
                                     club will be selling    for this year’s festival event their will be           music, poetry recitals, and per-
 recipes together.
                                     key chains and              is Major League an invitation only                 formances.
         6. The Science depart-      bracelets along with Soccer player Alecko event called
 ment will be having a chem-         Armenian pastries.            Eskanderian.”          “Tickle Your                    16. The Sardarabad Dance
 istry display, similar to their                                                          Senses.” This will        Group will be performing during
 previous experiments.                       9. The seniors                               include a showcase        Paradon with an event entitled “16
                                     will be having a variety show, con- of our student’s artistic talents and      Candles”.
         7. The Paradon commit-      sisting of many musical and         all proceeds will go toward the art
 tee will also be hosting the        comedic acts.                       and drama departments.                     The Paradon committee is working
 annual Choor drive, where they                                                                                     very hard to make this year’s
 collect bottles and cans of                 10. In commemoration of                13. There will be no judg-      Paradon one of the greatest; so
 water and soda to sell at           the sixteen years of Paradon, a        ing for this year’s festival taking     everyone should come and cele-
 Paradon. The winner of Battle       book will be published featuring       the pressure off of several different   brate the Sweet Sixteen together!
 of the Bands competition will       sixteen inspirational stories of how   groups who come up with events
 be playing at this event.           Paradon has impacted peoples’          each year. This will allow events
                                     lives’. The book will also include     to be more relaxed.
         8. The different clubs at   a series of pictures that represent
 our school will be given an         past Paradon festivals.                       14. The elementary school
 opportunity to fundraise and                                               will have several different events
 advertise at Paradon, with spe-             11. Several sports teams       taking place in the different class-
 cific booths. The Student           will be playing each other during      rooms.
 Council booth will be selling       the festival. A.G.B.U. Pasadena
Page 8                                                            St u d e n t                                           C o u n c i l
     Student Council President
                                                                  BY:   SERLI POLATOGLU
                                                                          Op-ed editor

                                                                problem with any other
                                                                         As for dirty cam-
                                                                paigning, our girls will
                                                                have none of it. Diana
                                                                states she has experienced
                                                                dirty tactics throughout the
                                                                years; people putting others
                                                                down to make each other
                                                                look good, and she’s tired
                                                                of elections being “popu-
                                                                larity contests.“
                                                                         When asked how
                                                                she felt about dirty cam-
                                                                paigning, Ani responded
                                                                “I’ve been through the
               Diana Oganeyan                                   election process more than                          Ani Shirvanian
         Coinciding with the     challenge, despite their       once, and I’ve been subject        lose, but I’ll never stop try-   enth with eight). I’d also
greatest political fervor that   busy schedules.                to dirty tactics. All I’ll say     ing. That’s why I’m a            like to have an Armenian
has hit our country in the                “I’ve had time to     is I won’t get involved in         leader – my ambition and         Spirit Dance, where we
past… well… four years           play three sports, maintain    it, and I would never put          enthusiasm for Student           would invite other
comes time for our very          my grades, and have a          anyone down, because the           Council will never end.          Armenian schools like
own Student Council elec-        life,” says Diana “so I’d      student body deserves a            When I lose, I try again;        Pilibos and Ferahian to
tions.                           have no problem adding         President that’s able to win       that’s what makes me who         express our Armenian
         This year the path-     President to my schedule.”     by running a clean cam-            I am.”                           unity. In addition to winter
way to presidency is prov-                Ani had the same      paign.”                                    Now, what sets           formal, I’d like to have a
ing itself to be very fierce.    idea. “You need to make                 Though Ani has            these girls apart from the       spring formal, and I want
Diana Oganesyan, a junior,       time for your priorities,      three years of student             rest? What plans do they         to change the format of the
and Ani Shirvanian, a            and what is most meaning-      council experience, Diana          have for the future?             Halloween Dance. I‘d like
sophomore both vie for the       ful to you, so I don’t think   is older. When asked if she                Diana says that if       to move it to a tent in the
title of Student Council         I would have any problem       felt this gave her an advan-       she is elected, she’ll “push     quad, and make it for mid-
President. (I’d like to point    making time for being          tage, she stated “I think          for a homecoming dance,          dle school. I’d like to have
out that both candidates are     President; I love it, so I’d   this puts me at a disadvan-        because we need more than        more casual dances for
female – can we have a           spend more time on it.”        tage, because people might         just winter formal. Every        middle school and high
moment to appreciate this                 When asked how        not give me a fair chance          school has it, and we            school; like a ‘90s dance.
girl power?)                     she would handle working       since I’ve already won             deserve this because we          And one thing I want to do
         Winning the posi-       with other members of cab-     once.”                             don’t have prom. Even            is promote school unity.
tion of Student Council          inet, Ani responded, “To be             Diana has served as       though I’ll push for prom,       That’s why when Student
President comes with a lot       President and in cabinet,      a student council represen-        my main goal is to get the       Council tries to come up
of responsibility; as            there is no room to have       tative, as well as Co-             middle school more               with themes for dances, I’d
President, one is expected       problems with others. You      President this past school         involved. I’d love for them      like to let the student body
to preside over all student      have to put your differ-       year.                              to have a St. Patrick’s Day      vote on the theme they
council meetings, work           ences aside and work with               Ani has run for           dance and a talent show;         would prefer. “
closely with other members       the student body, so no        three different positions          Battle of the Bands isn’t                 All of these ideas
of cabinet, appoint chairs       matter who I’m working         throughout her student             enough.”                         sound great girls! Good
of committees, and, most         with, I’ll make it work.”      council career, and, unfor-                “I have a lot of new     luck to both of you!
importantly, fulfill their                When asked            tunately, hasn’t yet been          ideas for next year,” says
duty as the official repre-      whether she had any part-      able to win. What makes            Ani. “We all know that
sentative of the student         nerships with any other        her so determined? “When           Skateland gets redundant,
body.                            candidates, Diana stated       I want something with my           so I’d like to try cosmic
          Sounds like a lot of   “Of course I’m close with      heart, nothing will stop me        bowling and laser tag. I’d
work, right? Well, both          Talin, and I want her to       from getting it. People still      like to do it two grades at a
candidates seem up for the       win, but I wouldn’t have a     say there’s a chance I’ll          time (ninth with tenth, sev-

                                                                         BY: ALENE ASHJIAN                                    taken to interrogate Talia and
                                                                               Op-Ed Writer                                   Raffi to get a better understand-
                                                        At the end of every year         Tanielian and Raffi                  ing of why they should be cho-
                                                the student body elects a new            Khechoumian. Their duties as         sen for the position of co-presi-
                                                Student Council cabinet.                 Co-President is to maintain reg-     dent.
                                                Candidates work hard making              ular communication with the                   Talia Tanielian is cur-
                                                speeches and advertising their           Administration, Advisor, and         rently in tenth grade, she has
                                                positions, but believe it or not         SAO, take responsibility for all     been a member of student coun-
                                                many voters are not aware of             Student Body-sponsored activi-       cil for four years and this is her
                                                why they choose whom they                ties, and help the President with    second year running for the
                                                choose.                                  any required obligations.            same position. Her campaign is
                                                        This year running for                    To get to know both          based on “Legitimacy and
          Talia Tanielian                       Co-President are students Talia          nominees, the opportunity was        Honesty.” Her main goal is to
E l e c t i o n                                      Sp e c i a l                                                                                        Page 9

  Vice President BY: NARINEH MELKONIAN                             ommended weekly by the
                          Op-Ed Writer                             students.”
         This year, there are     the right choice, whatever                This isn’t the first
 two students running for         it may be.                       time he has run for a spot
 Vice-President. Patrick                  Patrick expressed        in the cabinet. Last year,
 Chamanadjian and Arteen          that he will be very active      Patrick ran for the same
 Mnayan both want your            and cooperative if he has        position and lost. He is
 support and vote, but don’t      the opportunity to become        back and as confident as
 make your decision just          Vice-President. “I’m glad        ever.
 yet! This article will help      to work with anyone who                   “I haven’t given up
 you get to know them bet-        is in Student Council            because I want to break the
 ter to make your final           Cabinet,” he said, “I’m          Chamanadjian curse,” is
 choice easier.                   cooperative and will work        what he said after being
          Patrick is an outgo-    great with them.”                asked why he is running
 ing 11th grader who is run-              “I’ll top Gaby           again. For those of you
 ning “in order to have a         because I will stay more         who have no idea what                                    Arteen Mnayan
 more active Student              organized and be more            “curse” he is talking about,              His campaign is        not 95%.”
 Council”. He says he does        active,” is what he              it is the one that he             backed up with the themes               Although he is run-
 not need any theme for his       remarked although he             believes prevented him and        of elegance, pride, and        ning against Patrick, they
 campaign this year.              expressed that Gaby is a         his brother                       confidence, which also         are close friends. “We went
         “My graffiti theme       close friend of his.             Chris, from winning a spot        characterizes himself. It is   to tennis and golf together
 last year definitely helped              Patrick says that he     in Cabinet.                       Arteen’s first time running    last week and frequently
 my campaign because it           will bring many changes to                “Last year I lost,       for a spot in Student          hang out,” he claims. He
 helped capture attention,        the school if he gets elect-     and previously I helped my        Council Cabinet. He says       says that he does not feel
 but this year it’s only going    ed. He wants to make more        brother with his campaigns        that he wants to run “to       any animosity toward
 to get better.”                  Student Council events           for four years.” Even after       shake things up, like a        Patrick in any way and
         Since both candi-        possible. He also says that      their losses, he hasn’t given     breath of fresh air.”          wishes that they could both
 dates are from the same          he wants to have music           up and is ready for a new                  When Arteen was       be in cabinet.
 grade, there is a possibility    playing in the cafeteria         trial.                            asked why he is running                 “Patrick is a very
 that the eleventh graders        while students are eating                 It is the time of        for Vice President, he         nice person, one of the best
 will have a split vote.          lunch.                           year when we choose a             responded by saying, “The      friends you can have, but
         “I trust that the 11th           “If the classrooms       brand new student body. It        school is looking for lead-    my personality is what sets
 grade is mature enough to        have surround sound sys-         is always a concern that the      ership.” He is encouraged      me apart from him and
 make their own decision,”        tems, why not the cafete-        cabinet members may not           by others to run for spots     allows me to go forward,”
 said Patrick. He is confi-       ria?” he announced, “We          cooperate. Patrick says he        in school activities.          expressed Arteen.
 dent that they will make         can play music that is rec-      is happy to work with any-                “Dr. Andreassian                He also takes pride
                                                                   one, but specifically wants       pushed me to take leader-      in his “armenianness” and
                                                                   Ani to win the presidency.        ship positions in the          uses it for his campaign to
           Patrick Chamanadjian                                             “I strongly want         school,” says Arteen. This     demonstrate his passion
                                                                   Ani to win because I feel         shows that the Vice            and drive.
                                                                   that she deserves it,” says       Principal believes he has               “It is part of my
                                                                   Patrick. He followed that         leadership qualities.          personality,” he claims. He
                                                                   statement by saying, “I’d                 “Me,” is what          added that he is one of the
                                                                   rather Ani win and me lose        Arteen responded to the        rare students at school who
                                                                   than me win and Ani lose.”        question of if he was          speak Armenian fluently
                                                                            So now that half of      endorsing anyone else who      and doesn’t just call him-
                                                                   the picture is drawn out for      is running. Although only      self Armenian, but actually
                                                                   you, the other half is also       eleventh graders are candi-    is one.
                                                                   ready to win you over.            dates for Vice President, he            Now that you’ve
                                                                   Arteen Mnayan is an active        agrees with Patrick that his   gotten to know the candi-
                                                                   student who is involved in        grade will not have a split    dates a little better, you can
                                                                   JSA, FBLA, and the                vote.                          make your decision based
                                                                   Armenian Club. He says                    In response to the     on your preference. Don’t
                                                                   he has a “magnetic person-        question of the eleventh       take the voting lightly,
                                                                   ality” and never hates any-       grade vote, Arteen said, “I    because their fate is in your
                                                                   one.                              have most of the votes, if     hands.
 have school spirit, and have bet-       for more than a year. He is cur-      is supportive of Talia’s cam-
 ter-organized events and meet-          rently in ninth grade, and this is    paign, and believes either one is
 ings for the Student Body.              his first year running for a posi-    right for the position as Co-
         She agrees to have part-        tion in the cabinet of Student        President.
 nerships with other candidates;         Council. Raffi is always seen to              Hopefully both perspec-
 and to make the cabinet more            be in high spirits and enjoys get-    tives have come across from
 efficient she believes supporting       ting involved with school             both candidates, and the deci-
 others would create an improved         events. He hopes to help the stu-     sion is now left in the hands of
 atmosphere. Talia has a level of        dent body interact with the           the DHS Scholars. Take into
 respect for all the nominees            administration more, and to help      consideration that this is not a
 even her opponent, Raffi, who           create entertaining and original      popularity contest, and both are
 she considers is a great guy and        events.                               willing to help the school
 she wishes him the best.                         Raffi is also friends with   become not only a place for
         As for the next candidate       all the other candidates and is       education, but also memories.
 for Co-President, Raffi                 open and willing to create a
 Khechoumian, he has also been           bond with anyone in order to
 a member of Student Council             progress school matters. He also      All pictures on these two pages were taken
                                                                                 by Jasmine Terzian and Mrs. Kirkman
                                                                                                                             Raffi Khechoumian
Page 10
                                                                         Treasurer                                                                           May 2008

                                                                        and compromise and agree         deal with money, my             beat really fast”, she said,

  Treasurer      BY: TAMAR MELKONIAN
                                                                        on one thing, because to
                                                                        have everyone agree is the
                                                                        most important thing.”
                                                                                 As it is her second
                                                                                                         posters are going to be
                                                                                                         around the idea of money.”
                                                                                                         she said “I’m doing this
                                                                                                         because the job is about
                                                                                                                                         “It’s both exciting and a bit
                                                                                                                                         scary at the same time, and
                                                                                                                                         my speech is also what
                                                                                                                                         makes me nervous.”
                         News Editor                                    time running, Talin has          how to raise it, deal with it           When she was
        Student elections        Council is in charge of.               learned a lot, and plans on      and what to spend it on.”       asked about the fundraising
are approaching, and we all              “I would get the               improving her campaign
need to have a clear picture     middle school much more                the second time around.
of what each candidate           involved,” she said when                        “Last year I was

                                                                                                          Narin Kharloubian
stands for in order for each     asked about what changes               running against someone
student to come to a solid       she would make if she                  who was older than me,
conclusion. This year, both      were elected, “because I               and had more experience,”
Talin Vartanian and Narin        believe that they are the              she said, “but this year I
Kharloubian are running          future of this school.”                think I have the right to say
for the position of Student              As the dynamics of             that I have more experi-
Council’s Treasurer.             a student election can                 ence.”
        Talin Vartanian, a       sometimes be tense, Talin                       It has been said that
junior on the varsity vol-       refuses to become a part of            bake sales are now prohib-
leyball team, has been in        any dirty campaigning.                 ited as a means to raise
Student Council for five                 “I would never say             money anymore, as they
years, and it will be her        negative things about oth-             take away business from
second time running for a        ers,” she explained, “I                our school’s cafeteria.
position on cabinet. Last        would just say the good                         “In the absence of              If elected she wants    problem she explained how
year she was the                 things about people I                  bake sales we would have         to contribute to the school     bake sales help to raise
Fundraising Commissioner,        would want to work with                to have other events” she        by coming up with new           money very well, but she is
which only builds her            in the future.”                        said when asked how she          ideas for the student body      confident that Student
resume’ for Treasurer as                 Running for a posi-            would raise money other-         to enjoy. She wants to use      Council can operate nor-
the Treasurer is in charge       tion in Student Council is a           wise, “like a bowling night,     this experience to know         mally even without it.
of the budget and fundrais-      bit of a gamble in the sense           or Skateland instead.”           how our Student Council                 “My goal here is to
                                                                                 If Talin were to be     works and how she can           get people to be more spir-
                                                                        elected as Treasurer, she        make our school a fun           ited for school, and to get
                                                                        would have to balance her        environment for our stu-        everybody involved, even
                                                                        schedule between Student         dents.                          the younger kids” she
                                                      Talin Vartanian

                                                                        Council and her Varsity                  She is friends with     replied when asked about
                                                                        Volleyball practices and         many of the candidates          her planned changes, “ I
                                                                        games. She knows this, but       running, so she knows she       want everyone, six-
                                                                        is very certain that there       would be able to work well      through-twelve to want to
                                                                        will be no time problem for      with anyone running.            better our school, and we
                                                                        her.                                     “Us working             can do this through
                                                                                 “It is my job to be     together will bring us          fundraising.”
                                                                        able to control and sched-       together” she explained                 Now, as both candi-
                                                                        ule my time,” she replied,       “whether we like it or not.”    dates’ ideals and goals
                                                                        “and I think I do have the               This is her first       have been said, it is the
                                                                        ability to do it and still be    time running for a cabinet      duty of all students to
                                                                        effective as our school’s        position, but she has been      decide who they think
ing of Student Council.          that the candidates running            Treasurer.”                      in Student Council for a        should be our school’s next
        Talin’s platform is      don’t really know who they                      Running against         year now. She says she          Treasurer and vote accord-
based on improving the           will be working with the               Talin is Narin Kharloubian,      feels a bit overwhelmed         ingly. These candidates
cabinet and increasing stu-      upcoming year until the                a sophomore on the cheer-        about running, but she          put a lot of time into their
dent involvement as a            votes are counted. When                leading squad who seems          shows her devotion in the       campaigns with their
whole. She is primarily          asked about this Talin felt            to be just as determined for     way that she is still deter-    posters and speeches, but
focused on keeping up with       pretty confident.                      the position as Treasurer of     mined to win.                   in the end it is up to the
deadlines, so as to prevent              “We all are pretty             our school’s Student                     “When I come to         students. It’s your decision,
last minute preparations of      mature people” she replied             Council Cabinet.                 the (Student Council)           make it.
the events that Student          “and we need to sit as one                      “Since Treasurers       meetings my heart starts to
                                                                        which Mrs. Kirkman, Dr.          flyers, speeches, and any-               Now the only thing
 Election Season                                                        Andreaasian and myself
                                                                        decide if the candidate is
                                                                                                         thing else they can think of
                                                                                                         that will get your attention.
                                                                                                                                         left is for you to pick
                                                                                                                                         which five students you
                   BY: MRS. KIRKMAN                                     qualified. In general, the       On the first day of the         want to have running
                    Student Council Advisor                             students that run know           campaigning, the candi-         Student Council for the
         Each year as the        Council for the current                what they are up against         dates are up bright and         next school year. Liana
school year comes to a           school year, each candidate            and they seem to be more         early to make sure they         Atallah, as outgoing
close, the school becomes        must have demonstrated                 nervous than election week       put up their posters in the     President has some advice
a little hectic for one week.    that they are dedicated to             itself,” states Liana Atallah.   prime locations.                for the students on how to
That week is Election            raising school spirit and              It also makes sure that                   This year each can-    make that difficult deci-
Week. For this one week          being involved. They have              once election week has           didate was also interviewed     sion. “Vote for who you
candidates show the rest of      been a part of events rang-            arrived that the best quali-     and photographed by the         think will better the school,
the student body why they        ing from the Halloween                 fied students are the ones       DHS Digest staff. Articles      not for who you think is a
deserve their votes.             Dance and Winter Formal                that are taking on the chal-     were written about each         more popular person. In
         There is a lengthy      to Battle of the Bands.                lenge of campaigning for         candidate, which will allow     the end, the people you
process in order to prepare               A month before the            your votes.                      you the opportunity to get      choose will ultimately
for elections that most of       elections each candidate                        Two weeks before        to know each of them bet-       decide how much fun you
the students at our school       fills out an application and           the elections, each of the       ter. Read each article, lis-    could have throughout the
don’t see before the week        goes through an interview.             candidates begins to pre-        ten to each speech, and         school year.”
of elections. Besides being      “They have to go through a             pare for their campaign.         think carefully about your
involved in Student              pretty detailed interview in           They put together posters,       vote.
Page 11                                                            Secretary                                                                            May 2008

    Gary Markarian                              Lara Armani                             Mary Azoian                          Tiffany Esmailian
                                                    Junior Lara Armani is one                                                         Even though Tiffany Es-
                                          of the four candidates running for                                                mailian, 9th grader, doesn’t have
                                          the position of Student Council                                                   many stable plans of actions, it
                                          Secretary.                                                                        doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have
                                                    Lara has a few goals if                                                 any ideas at all. She wants to get
                                          made Secretary that she hopes she                                                 out there and motivate the younger
                                          will be able to accomplish. She                                                   students, the Middle School in par-
                                          wants to raise more support for Stu-                                              ticular, into participating in Student
                                          dent Council and get more involve-                                                Council functions.
                                          ment from the student body. Lara                                                            Another goal of Tiffany’s,
                                          also wants to increase school spirit                                              if elected, is to expand our school’s
                                          here at D.H.S.                                                                    horizons. In her point of view, we
                                                    Lara is not only the eldest                                             seems to be more involved within
          The youngest candidate
                                          person running for the position of               Mary Azoian, 9th grader, is      our own tasks. Tiffany wants to get
 running for a position on the Stu-
                                          Secretary she seems to have the         filled with different goals that she is   the school more involved with dif-
 dent Council cabinet is 8th grader       most experience. What you would         hoping to put out on the table if         ferent charities. The Armenian
 Gary Markarian, who is running for       need to do as Secretary is to be,       elected as Student Council Secre-         Clothes Drive is a step, but that is
 Secretary.                               “Organized and know how to get          tary. The most important aspect for       not a Student Council run function.
          Even though Gary may            things done when they need to be        her is to bring in more activities for              Even though the ages vary
 have less experience working on          done,” Lara says.                       the school. With the start of a new       among the different candidates run-
 Student Council events that cer-                   Lara has the experience due   school year we should have a              ning for Secretary from 13 to 17,
 tainly doesn’t mean that he isn’t        to the enormous amount of help she      freshly cleaned slate. D.H.S. is our      competition has been agreed to re-
 willing to do everything he has to       gives Drama Conservatory, and so        second home and we spend many             main the same no matter the added
 go out there and make the next year      far all the plays have been great.      hours of the day there; why not           amount of people.
 we have an enjoyable year.               She believes that after all the work    make it fun?                                        Voting wise, Tiffany be-
          His main goal is, “To get       she has done, and the connections                Mary wants to increase the       lieves that she has a good chance of
 the student body to be more in-          that she has established, that work-    number of dances we have and in-          winning. She is open to meeting
 volved and give them a larger voice      ing with Student Council will be        clude other fun activities, for exam-     with different people and is an ex-
 and say in Student Council deci-         easy.                                   ple carnivals, throughout the school      troverted person. She understands
 sions.”                                            Most people know Lara         year, to give the students something      the skill it takes to balance different
          Gary believes that he’s the     through her work with Drama.            to look forward too.                      extra curricular activities together.
 one up for the job of giving the stu-    However working as a Stage Man-                  Mary believes that the key       For example, there is her life
 dent body more say. He also has          ager and as Secretary, “Isn’t realis-   to a being a good secretary is            schoolwork, sports, and Student
 ideas about bringing more available      tically possible,” Lara said. Lara      through honesty. When you prom-           Council.
 activities for the middle school stu-    will say goodbye to Drama and           ise the student body something it is                Tiffany has been a member
 dents. He believes that the middle       open a new chapter in her life with     usually best to come up with some-        of Student Council since sixth
 school should have some more             being Secretary. She will be free to    thing that is believable and some-        grade and knows it’s workings in-
 functions and be more involved           focus and dedicate her time with        thing that you can come through           side and out. She knows what she
 with dances (minus Winter Formal)        the responsibilities that come with     with. It is better to promise some-       should do, including making prom-
 and other Student Council func-          being Secretary.                        thing not-so-great that you can be        ises that she can keep, and what she
 tions, including Battle of the Bands.              Even though as the oldest     able to do rather than something          should not, including not siding
          When talking about his          among the candidates running for        completely out of this world that         with a certain side through the cam-
 chances of winning, Garry believes       Secretary and with the experience       you know you won’t be able to do.         paigning process.
 that as one of the younger candi-        to back it up, the chances of win-               Communication with the                     With this year more than
 dates he might be able to sway the       ning are still questionable. Student    students is something that Mary be-       ever it seems there is a larger line
 middle school votes over to him. It      Council voting can be done for          lieves is important. It would be          crossed between two different
 also helps his cause that he is up for   those who are capable but it can        good to get they’re input on things       groups within the candidacy.
 the challenge of opening new fun         also be a popularity contest. Friends   and than she might be able to incor-      Tiffany has remained neutral
 opportunities for the middle school.     can be voting for their friends or      porate some of their ideas into her       among it all and has not taken or
          Gary doesn’t believe that       because if something as insignifi-      own goals as Secretary.                   chosen a side.
 he has a particularly high chance of     cant as the way their posters have               As Secretary you need to                   Tiffany is ready to partici-
 winning. In this election he hopes       been designed.                          be able to get along with the differ-     pate with all the dedication and
 to spread his name out into the                    If the vote is done on po-    ent candidate members and Mary            work it takes to be Secretary. She
 school. Even if he doesn’t win,          tential Lara feels confident that she   believes that she will be able to do      believes that she has the charisma
 Gary says “I won’t be upset or dis-      will win. If not . . . then the vote    that. She has worked with the stu-        that it takes to work with many dif-
 appointed about losing and that I’ll     can go either way between the dif-      dents in different functions of Stu-      ferent people with different types of
 only try again next year.” He also       ferent candidates. Lara understands     dent Council and believes that she        personalities.
 believes that participating in a Stu-    that the responsibilities that come     will be able to work just fine with                 Tiffany believes that the
 dent Council election can be a good      with Secretary is not a joke and that   them.                                     previous cabinet members have
 experience to have.                      you need to put in effort and work               There is also the aspect of      done well and is willing to live up
          Gary is open to spend all       into it. “So please vote for capabil-   competition among the other four          to their creativity and ideas.
 his time and focus on Student            ity and previous experience,” Lara      candidates for Secretary. Mary be-                  She is filled with dedica-
 Council. He has made it top priority     said.                                   lieves that competition will always       tion, ideas to help boost our school
 to put his effort into the different               So if you’re interested in    be hard no matter the amount of           to open our doors and minds to dif-
 jobs that the position of Secretary      voting for the type of person who       candidates running.                       ferent ideas, and shows neutrality
 entails.                                 has the experience and understands               Mary is going to work with       among conflicts; if this is the type
          Even though Gary doesn’t        the work load that will come . . .      making the responsibilities that          of person who you want . . . then
 have as much experience as the           then vote Lara Armani for Secre-        come with being secretary as top          vote Tiffany Esmailian for Secre-
 other candidates may have, it cer-       tary.                                   priority. However she is confident        tary.
 tainly doesn’t mean that he won’t                                                with her position as of now. She
 give the job one hundred percent of                                              believes that the real difficulty lies
 his effort. Gary is filled with ideas                                            with the students, and their decision
 and goals to, most importantly,                                                  to try and pick the candidate that
 make the next year of A.G.B.U. a                                                 they particularly like best.
 more enjoyable and fun year.                                                              Confident but stoic, Mary
          So if you want the candi-                                               promises to try and make things
 date who promises you a better                                                   better and bring more fun activities
 school year and a larger voice . . .                                             into the next school year. So if you
 than vote Gary Markarian for Sec-                                                want honesty and more communi-
 retary.                                                                          cation . . . than vote Mary Azoian
 All articles on this page are by                                                 for Secretary.
       Ashley Markarian.
Page 12                                           Arts &Entertainment                                                                                 May 2008

              Books, Music and Plays
                                                                                                                                          The book starts with
                                                                                                                                 Roland in the desert, the last
                                                                                                                                 gunslinger in his world, and
                                                                                                                                 he is trying to catch a charac-
                                                                                                                                 ter known as the “Man in
                                                                                                                                 Black”, but the reader will
                                                                                                                                 find out his true intentions
                                                                                                                                 near the end of the first book.
                                                                                                                                          During his travel in
     Taleen Gharibian                Julieta Arslanian                 Sirak Kalayci                  Vatche Yousefian           the desert, Roland chasing
                                                                                                                                 after the Man for some time
          Imagine having to               The Drama                        Dynamic, articu-                The Gunslinger is     and meets some strange char-
 move from your home-            Conservatory has come a         late, perceptive, coura-        the first book of the Dark      acters along the way, a man
 town, from a place that ful-    long way since it first         geous, and outspoken.           Tower Series. This is only      and his crow, a group of
 filled your expectations, to    began three years ago. The      These are just a few of the     the first book of the saga,     townspeople who witnessed a
 a new, dull, boring town        plays have gotten more          adjectives that describes       so it’s only the beginning      miracle that has begun to be
 where everything to you         elaborate and professional      the best rapper alive, Lil’     of a great story. This story    seen as evil witchcraft, and
 seems horrible. On your         as well as more students        Wayne.                          even has some connections       eventually a young boy from
 first day of school, howev-     being involved. Every year                Born and raised in    with Stephen King’s The         “our” world named Jake.
 er, you meet someone who        the drama class keeps us        New Orleans, Louisiana,         Talisman, Salem’s Lot, and               King describes the
 suddenly makes your life        entertained with a new          Lil’ Wayne has just erupted     The Stand.                      desert and its inhabitants like
 more interesting- brings        play. It has made us laugh      in the music industry.                    Since the publica-    an artist painting a picture.
 new dangers to you and          in Cash on Delivery and         Don’t be mistaken this is       tion of Carrie, his first       He is known as the Master of
 your new “hometown.”            Rumors and evoked pity          not the beginning for the       novel, public awareness of      Horror, but this story takes a
 This is exactly what hap-       and sadness in The              veteran. Lil’ Wayne, his        King and his works has          detour from horror, and is
 pens to Bella Swan.             Crucible.                       real name is Dwayne             reached a high saturation       more fantasy and like a west-
          The book Twilight               This year, the         Carter, started rapping         rate, becoming as popular       ern-type movie. He will trap
 by Stephenie Meyer tells        Drama Conservatory has          when he was only 16 years       as The Twilight Zone or the     you in his type of world.
 the story of a girl named       gone Shakespeare perform-       old. He was in the early        films of Alfred Hitchcock.               King gives a differ-
 Isabella “Bella” Swan, who      ing his famous play, A          stages of Cash Money                      As the best-selling   ent perspective on his stories
 moves from sunny and            Midsummer Night’s               Records and now he and          novelist in the world, and      that will open the mind, the
 lively Phoenix, Arizona, to     Dream. There were two           his surrogate father,           the most financially suc-       imagination. He creates char-
 the boring and rainy town       separate casts for this play,   Birdman have made the           cessful horror writer in his-   acters that are lifelike and
 of Forks, Washington. She       Cast A and Cast B, each         label a powerhouse.             tory, King is an American       meaningful. Roland is seen
 lives with her father,          one with alternate                        Wayne has had         horror icon of the highest      as a gunslinger, but in his
 Charlie, while her mother,      actors/actresses for several    two major albums, The           order. King’s books and         teenage years, he was just a
 Renee, is traveling with her    roles. Both casts were          Carte and The Carter II.        characters encompass pri-       boy who is just starting to
 new husband, Phil. On her       equally good and did an         He has also had a collabo-      mary fears in such an icon-     learn the ways of the gun-
 first day of school, Bella is   outstanding job in keeping      ration album with               ic manner that his stories      slinger. There are great twists
 instantly the talk of the       the audience entertained.       Birdman. He was supposed        have become synonymous          and turns that will make the
 campus. She befriends a                  The actors were so     to release his album The        with certain key genre          reader think twice about his
 few students and even sev-      magnificent in their roles,     Carter III last summer, but     ideas. King is known as the     ideas of the Roland between
 eral boys compete for her       the audience believed who       due to his popularity his       original author of all the      his past and in the book’s
 attention, except for           they were and what they         album got leaked onto the       ideas that are instantly rec-   present.
 Edward Cullen, whom             were feeling. They              Internet before its release.    ognizable to millions as
 Bella sits next to in           responded with laughter to      Because of this he decided      popular shorthand like the
 Biology class.                  their jokes and with sym-       to just give this to the pub-   Killer Car, the Evil Dog,
          Later on, Bella        pathy to the affection          lic for free and he went        the Evil Clown, and the
 learns from her friend          between the lovers. A very      back to the booth to record     Haunted Hotel, every one
 Jacob Black that Edward         unique trait that made the      more hits.                      of those stories are based
 and his family are actually     show even more believable                 continued on pg.16    on either a book or a short
 vampires who drink animal       was how the actors didn’t                                       story, and each one as orig-
 blood instead of human          just act on stage, but also                                     inal and creative in its own
 blood. Bella does not           across the aisles. Along
 believe it at first. But, one   with how wonderful the set
 night, while Bella is shop-     was, it transformed the
 ping with her friends, she      auditorium into an actual
 runs into Edward and,           forest.
 while he takes her to din-               All the hard work
 ner, he admits that he is a     and collaboration that the
 vampire and has the power       Drama Conservatory has
 to read minds. For some         put into making this show
 reason, however, he is not      a success paid off.
 able to read Bella’s.           Everyone did a wonderful
 Despite their two different     job, whether it was acting
 natures, Edward and Bella       on stage or the tech crew
 grow close and fall deeply      in the background. Now
 in love. Everything is per-     we will just have to wait
 fect for the couple, until a    and see what they’ll sur-
 new coven of vampires           prise us with next year!
 visit and the leader of the
 group, James, has his eyes
 on Bella.
          Oooh, I am sorry; I
 cannot give everything
 away. But if you like what
 you have just read and you
 want to find out what
          continued on pg.16
Page 13       News & Features                 May 2008

                       be ri ng
          R em em

                                 Pictures taken by
                                Talin Gharibians and
                                    Mrs. Kirkman
Page 14                                                               Sports                                                                          May 2008

                 Booster Club                                                                      Play Ball?
                                    BY: ANI SHIRVANIAN                                                           BY: ANGELA TASLAKIAN
                                         Sports Writer                                                                  Sports Writer

        You see them at all      ference and help the athlet-   we coordinate with the                    As we all know,       messed around on the
the sports games; volley-        ic department of our school    high school and elemen-          this year’s Baseball team      field,” says Coach Bryant.
ball, soccer, basketball.        raise funds in order to        tary. We also organize           has been cancelled due to               Apparently, Coach
They are always there, sell-     make sport life for the stu-   titans awards night, along       various reasons. First off,    Bryant was not the only
ing snacks, supporting our       dents possible.                with the cooperation of the      last year’s coach is not       one who agreed with the
teams, and cheering our                  Over the years it      athletic department.             with us this year, and they    monkey business that
teams on. They are the           has grown to over fifteen      However, our main event is       could not find someone to      went on during practice.
smiling faces who always         people who have been able      field day, on April 26 this      coach the team this sea-                “Last year we ate
greet you as you receive         to accomplish a lot for our    year, which everyone is          son. It is said that the       Panda Express on the
your award on sports             school. Booster club, using    anticipating.”                   boys’ league has been          bench and were sleeping.
awards night. Yup,                                                                               postponed to next year         We were screwing around
that’s our AGBU-MDS                                                                              when they hire a new           a lot,” says a former base-
Booster Club.                                                                                    coach. When the team           ball player.
        “The AGBU-                                                                               was asked how they felt                 But some boys
MDS Booster                                                                                      about the whole situation,     look past last years mis-
Association is a volun-                                                                          they said they were            takes, showing that they
teer organization that                                                                           extremely heartbroken.         truly care about the team.
strives to benefit                                                                                        “The formation of              “That was all the
AGBU-MDS student                                                                                 the team was late,” says       seniors of last year that
athletes and enhance                                                                             Coach Yervand, Assistant       were eating, but they
the quality of our ath-                                                                          Director of the Sports         graduated, so we’re mad
letic programs and                                                                               Department.                    that it got cancelled,”
school spirit through                                                                                     “Coach Vince left     says Hagop Nazarian.
special events and fund                                                                          our school so we don’t                  Too bad the boys
raising.” (AGBU MDS                                                                              have a varsity coach, but      have to wait ‘till next
BOOSTER CLUB                                                                                     we talked to the boys at       year to play ball again,
MISSION STATE-                                                                                   lunch time and we’re           but we’ll be waiting for
MENT). Not once have             the funds they accumulate               Being a member of       going to try to get a team     them the following season
they failed at demonstrat-       through after school snack     booster club takes a lot of      next year. However, last       and keep cheering them
ing their commitment to          sales and field day, provide   time and effort. Someone         year some of the boys          on.
that mission statement.          our teams with many luxu-      would ask, what motivates
        Booster Club, as         ries.                          the dedicated parents to be     of the events always pays       athletic events. We expect
mentioned earlier, is a                  The outdoor basket-    involved in the booster         off in the end, with just a     nothing back but for them
group of parents who vol-        ball courts, the weight        club.                           smile from the kids.”           to be fully dedicated to
untarily spend their time        rooms, the jerseys, the tote            Armineh                        Booster club really     their teams and show
trying to instill school spir-   bags, and the new school       Shirvanian, a dedicated         cares about us, and always      sportsmanship. If we can
it in our students. Every        marquee, are all funded by     booster club volunteer said,    wants to provide us with        make such an impact on
Thursday, they meet, trying      the booster club, with no               “It’s a very good      anything we need. But           the kids that one day, after
to plan new activities for       intention other than their     feeling being in booster        what can we do back for         they graduate, they come
our students. Field day,         unselfishness and kindness     club. I recently joined this    our friendly booster club?      back and help the younger
awards night, senior appre-      to provide our students        year, and it has been one of    What do they expect back        teams by being a coach, or
ciations, and this year, the     with the necessities.          the most rewarding experi-      from us?                        by joining booster club,
annual lentin lunch, are all             Also, Booster Club     ences in my life. Seeing                “We do all of this      then we can say we have
planned out by our dedicat-      will be teaming up with the    the smiles on the childrens     because we love our chil-       fulfilled our mission” Said
ed booster club members.         PTO in hopes of renovat-       faces has made me realize       dren. Even those who            Ara Yessaian, chairman.
        Booster club started     ing the Nazarian hall (the     that I really am making a       aren’t our children have                 I guess all that’s left
eight years ago with just a      gym).                          difference. All the time that   become our children in          to say is thank you. We
few committed parents                    “During the year       booster club puts into the      some way. We want them          love you booster club!
who wanted to make a dif-        we have spirit week, which     planning and coordinating       to be successful in their

                                                                                                                                         Comic by: Tamar Melkonian
Page 15                                                                                                                                           May 2008
                N B A                                         P l a y o f f s
                                       They’re veteran players Billups,       may make it all the way.                 to make playoffs and no one still
          BY: SIRAK KALAYCI            Hamilton, Wallace, and Prince are              The biggest surprise are         knows who will win the champi-
               Sports Editor
                                       very smart and they work very          the Los Angeles Lakers as they are       onship. This year is probably one
          The NBA playoffs have        good together.                         very close to being first and they       of the closest contests in recent
 never been this close in the stand-           But the Western confer-        are being led by Kobe Bryant who         seasons and it looks like it will be
 ings. The Western conference          ence, in another case,                              is having another ter-      very exciting and a nail biter.
 holds many teams that                            is the oppo-                             rific year. Another                 The teams in the playoffs
 can become number one                            site. The first                          player having a great       this year include the Celtics,
 and the East holds two                           seed and the                             season is Chris Paul        Hawks, Pistons, Sixers, Magic,
 prominent teams that can                         8th seed are                             who should get the          Raptors, Cavaliers, and Wizards
 both win the champi-                             only two                                 MVP award since he          for the Eastern Conference. In the
 onship.                                          games apart                              has led the New Or-         Western Conference bracket there
         When the 2007-                           and anyone                               leans Hornets with his      are the Lakers, Nuggets, Hornets,
 2008 season started, all                         can come up                              great statistics. The       Mavericks, Spurs, Suns, Jazz, and
 eyes were on the Boston Celtics.      on top. The San Anto-                               Houston                                 the Rockets.
 Their new additions, Kevin Gar-       nio Spurs are the re-                               Rockets also                                We have two Los
 nett and Ray Allen, in Paul Pierce    turning champs this                                 with their 22                           Angeles teams in the
 seemed to make the best team.         season and they’ve                                  winning                                 playoffs and tons of
 That is why they are first in the     proven up to last Fa-                               streak are fa-                          basketball fans on
 whole league. They have proven        ther time as their aging                            vored but                               campus. Keep your
 to be the best team as they are       players still seem to be                            with Yao                                hope up and we might
 safely first but there is another     hold on. The Phoenix                                Ming gone,                              see one of them in the
 team that challenges them in the      Suns with the addition                              they are not                            Finals.
 east. That is the Detroit Pistons     of Shaquille O’Neal                                 probable in the finals.
 who are very close to the Celtics.    are starting to play better and they           Other teams are still dying

  An Interview with Liana                                                                Boy’s Volleyball
       BY: MRS. KIRKMAN                                                           BY: ARMEN HAROUTUNIAN                team has practice every single day
                                                                                           Sports Writer               that begins at 3:30 and lasts until
           DHS Digest Advisor
                                       Mrs. Kirkman: What other sug-                                                   5 o’clock.
        With the school year com-      gestion of events do you have for               The boy’s varsity volley-
                                                                               ball tryouts jump started the sea-               The team has so far played
ing to a close and elections under-    next year that Student Council                                                  7 games. Their record is (4-3)
way for next school year’s             never got a chance to do this           son in March to see who makes
                                                                               the team and does not. Boy’s Vol-       after shutting out San Gabriel on
Student Council Cabinet, I took a      year?                                                                           March 31 at our home court. The
few minutes to sit down and talk       Liana: “Having a carnival one           leyball is a Winter Sport at AGBU
                                                                               MDS, similar to other sports at         team has also defeated their
to Liana Atallah. Liana has spent      day during lunch and extend until                                               archrival, the Pilibos Eagles, at
the past year serving as Student       after school. Teachers and stu-         our school, ensures a great athletic
                                                                               regiment.                               the Eagle’s court. This game was
Council President and will be          dents can interact and have a lot                                               the last game at Pilibos for five of
leaving behind a long legacy of        of fun with game booths, dunk                   The team’s coach, Coach
                                                                               Hovik, lost his temper during a         the seniors.
service and spirit when she gradu-     tanks, cotton candy machines,                                                            Having a boy’s volleyball
ates next month.                       etc. School isn’t only about learn-     game during a game while the
                                                                               team was losing and the team had        team is extremely important to the
        We spoke about how she         ing, it’s about finding the balance                                             completion of our school’s ath-
feels about her presidency, events     between work and play and that is       to forfeit the game. After this inci-
                                                                               dent, Coach Yervant, the athletic       letic program. We hope they have
for the past year, and advice she      a very crucial issue that should be                                             a great season this year. Good
has for next years Student Council     addressed.”                             director, took over practices and is
                                                                               the current coach of the team. The      Luck!
Cabinet members.
                                       Mrs. Kirkman: You have spoken
Mrs. Kirkman: What advice do           about student ran assemblies dur-      democracy where everyone has an                  Liana has had a successful
you have for the incoming cabi-        ing Student Council meetings this      equal say and can contribute ideas.      year as President and believes that
net?                                   year, what do you mean by that?        By doing so, more people like to         the things that happened this year
Liana: “Always think ahead even        Liana: “The students should            get involved and essentially, a bet-     “will continue to live on” as she
if there isn’t an event near, your     have assemblies about issues that      ter Student Council is created.”         leaves her position and our school,
mind should always be thinking         go on today, such as drinking,                                                  “Student Council will always
about ways and ideas to better the     peer pressure, and so on. Having       Mrs. Kirkman: How do you think           thrive and better itself. Next year is
school spirit and get students in-     adults spoon feed the students in-     next year’s cabinet can live up to       no exception.”
volved.”                               formation becomes redundant and        the legacy that you and Natalie Na-
                                       by having students talk to stu-        habet have worked hard to put to-
Mrs. Kirkman: What was your            dents, it impacts the students in a    gether over the past two years?
favorite event from this past year?    different way.”                        Liana: “As long as the cabinet is
What makes it your favorite                                                   willing to work and is truly pas-
event?                                 Mrs. Kirkman: What legacy do           sionate about Student Council,
Liana: “I know it seems cliche to      you feel like you are leaving be-      anything is possible. Hours must
say formal, but it truly was. This     hind for future members of DHS         be dedicated to running not only
is not because its the biggest event   and Student Council?                   events, but meetings and issues
Student Council holds, but be-         Liana: “I feel like I have brought     prior to them. In the end, if the
cause I was able to see that all our   a sense of equality amongst the        cabinet is having fun while doing
hard work really paid off. Every-      students. I allowed younger kids       it, everyone will have fun.”
one, from the most school spirited     to feel like they can come up to us
to the non-spirited attended the       anytime and talk to us. Also, I al-
dance and truly had a good time.”      ways saw Student Council as a

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