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The Pope of Sailing The Pope of Sailing


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                                                                        “No one cares more about amateur sport in Canada and

        st released …
                                                                        devoted more time and effort in making it better for young

                                                                        people than Paul Henderson. Through many Olympic
                                                                        Games and all over the world I have witnessed his efforts
                                                                        first hand. He is a true Canadian success and his journey
                                                                         and life story makes for great reading.”
                                                                           – Brian Williams, Veteran Canadian Olympic Sports TV Anchor


                The                                                      “In sailing the “Pope” has been at the centre of the action
                                                                         and lives to tell the tale. Perspicacious and amusing –
                                                                         just like the man himself.”

                                                                                     – Bob Fisher, "Renowned English Yachting Journalist"


                of Sailing
                                                                          “He has always defended fair racing and upheld the
                                                                          integrity of the sport and has never compromised those
                                                                          values. His passion is obvious and his enthusiasm
                                                                          infectious … you will hear all kinds of fantastic
                                                                           stories involving many of the great sailors.”
                          Paul Franklin Hen                                                        – Russell Coutts - Olympic Gold Medalist,
                                                                                                      3x Winning America’s Cup Helmsman
                                        voyage from a
                      “the remarkable                                                                       ****
                                        e whole world”
                      small island to th                                    “He has a lifetime of stories to tell about sailboat
                                                                            racing at the highest level, as a frequent winner in the
                                                                            International 14 class and as an Olympic competitor…”
                                                                                                                 – Bruce Kirby, Yacht Designer

                                                                             “He has been an incredible promoter and supporter of
                                                                             sailing and other sports in Canada and worldwide. He
                                                                             just cares about sailors, people, his friends and of
                                                                             course, and most of all his family. I am very lucky to
                                                                             be his friend.”
                                                                                    – Hans Fogh, Olympic Medallist and World Champion

                                                                               “For a kid from Toronto Island, it has been a great ride!”
                                                                                                                               – Paul Henderson

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