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									                HUE & CRY NOTICE
             REWARD OF RS. 50,000/-

NO. 84/2011 DATED 24.4.2011 U/S 363-IPC P.S. NEW


                            STATION HOUSE OFFICER,
                           P.S. NEW FRIENDS COLONY,
                                          NEW DELHI
                          011-26834563, 011-26934863


  FIR NO 84/2011 DT 24/4/2001 U/S 363 IPC PS NEW FRIENDS
 COLONY I. O. SHO. N.F.Cly Sunil Kumar
DELHI POLICE                                            DATED:-25.04.2011

                           TRAFFIC ADVISORY

                          (26TH APRIL TO 1ST MAY, 2011)

         India Open Badminton Super Series Championship -2011 will be
 held at Siri Fort Sports Complex from 26th April to 1st May 2011. About 300
 players from various international teams will participate in this event. Delhi
 Police has made elaborate arrangements for parking & traffic circulation,
 pedestrians movement, control and safety of the visitors for the event.


        Entry for Badminton Stadium Sri Fort Complex is available only
        from Siri Fort Road. The Stadium is not accessible from August
        Kranti Marg.

        For spectators surface parking is available at L&DO Ground
        near Kendriya Vidhalaya Sadiq Nagar across Sirifort Road
        opposite Gate No. 3 of Stadium.

        No HGV and LGV will be allowed to ply on August Kranti Marg
        and Sirifort Marg during the Championship.

        No vehicle will be allowed to park on Sirifort Marg and August
        Kranti Marg.

        Motorists destined for Outer Ring Road from Ring Road and vice
        versa are advised to avoid August Kranti Marg. They are advised
        to use J.B. Tito Marg or Aurbindo Marg for their journey.

         There is likelihood of slowing down and congestion of traffic on the
 above mentioned roads. General public and the motorists are advised to
 avoid the above mentioned roads and co-operate with and follow the
 directions of the traffic police men posted there to avoid inconvenience.

DAILY BULLETIN                                                             25-4-2011
Public help shought:-
Old Delhi Railway Police have sought public help in identifying the following bodies:-
1.     A male age around 25/30 years, height 5’4”, wheatish complexion, normal built, round
face, wearing cream colour shirt, white baniyan, grey jeans pant, found on 13-4-2011.
2.     A male age around 35 years, height 5’5”, wheatish complexion, normal built, round face,
wearing checkdar shirt, sky blue pant, found on 14-4-2011.
3.     A male age around 60/65 years, height 5’7”, sallow complexion, thin built, round face,
wearing Blue underwear and keseri lungi, found on 24-4-2011.
4.     A male age around 45/50 years, height 5’7”, saallow complexion, medium built, round
face, wearing kesari shirt and black lungi, found on 21-4-2011.
5.     A male age around 20/25 years, height 5’4”, wheatish complexion, normal built, round
face, wearing sky blue lining shirt, yellow baniyan, black pant, found on 20-4-2011.
6.     A male age around 50/55 years, height 5’1”, wheatish complexion, normal built, round
face, wearing sky blue shirt, and blue lower, found on 22-4-2011.

                                                                     Dated 25.04.11
       With the arrest of accused Rakesh @ Kale (35 years) s/o Raj Singh, R/o
Village Dadodha Khurd PS Bahadur Garh, District Jhajjar (HR), the staff of PS Sultan
Puri has rescued the victim and recovered robbed tractor-trolley and Alto Car used in
commission of crime.
       On 22.04.2011, the complainant Sh. Surrender Singh r/o F-1/1, Sultan Puri,
Delhi visited PS Sultan Puri and reported that 4-5 persons came to his house and
forcefully took his tractor along with trolley and abducted his driver Manoj. In this
regard, a case vide FIR No. 159/11 u/s 365 IPC PS Sultan Puri was registered and
investigation taken up.
       During the course of investigation, a team comprising of Inspr. Samarjeet
Singh, SI Kulbir Singh, HC Surendra, Ct. Shree Bhagwan, Ct. Bajrang Lal and Ct.
Rajender was constituted under the supervision of Inspr. Arun Sharma, SHO/Sultan
Puri to rescue the victim and recovery of robbed property. During investigation,
victim Manoj was contacted over telephone who told that he had been abducted by
one Rakesh @ Kale along with his associates who confined him in Village Dhaboda,
Haryana. Immediately, a raid was conducted at Village Dhaboda, Haryana and
accused Rakesh @ Kale was arrested, driver Manoj was rescued and robbed tractor
was recovered. Subsequently, on the statement of victim Manoj, Sector of law
382/506/411/34 IPC was added in the present case. Efforts are on to locate other
accused persons namely Basant and Rajender.
       On sustained interrogation, accused confessed to have abducted Manoj with
the help of his associates namely Basant and Rajender.        At his instance, robbed
tractor trolley and Alto Car (belongs to his brother Parveen) used in the commission
of crime recovered. Accused disclosed that he had made a tractor trolley for
Surender for Rs. 80,000/- but he did not pay the due amount and kept on lingering
him. Hence, on 22.04.11, he hatched a plan for abducting driver Manoj and robbery
of tractor trolley. He involved his associates Basant and Rajender with him. As per
plan, they visited the house of complainant in Delhi and took forcefully tractor-trolley
and abducted driver Manoj. They took them to their village where they kept Manoj
as hostage and asked Surender to pay Rs. 80,000/- with rate of interest of Rs. 5/-
per hundred-per month (around 60%) in lieu of release of driver Manoj and robbed
       Rakesh @ Kale (35 years) s/o Raj Singh, R/o Village Dadodha Khurd PS
Bahadur Garh, District Jhajjar (HR) is a school dropout. He is married and has four
children. He is blacksmith and running a shop in his village.
    1. Robbed tractor bearing Regn. No. HR 13D-4561 along with trolley.
    2. Alto Car bearing Regn. No. HR 13E-8665 used in commission of crime.

                                                                (CHHAYA SHARMA)
                                                               DCP/OUTER DISTRICT

PRESS RELEASE                                                      SOUTH        WEST


With the arrest of three accused namely Amjad (age 24yrs) s/o Wazir r/o
Gullu ka makan, Village Pochan Pur, Sec. 23, Dwarka, Delhi , Raja-Ul Huq
(age 24yrs) s/o Aijul Rehman r/o Vicky ka Makan Village Pochan Pur and
Hafizur (Age 46yrs) s/o Asiruddin r/o Village Pochan Pur, Sec. 23, Dwarka,
South-west District Police has worked out a sensational case of murder of a


Complainant Ati-ur-Rehman S/o Sh. Abdul Gaffur R/o House of Parveen
Village Pochan Pur, Sec. 23, Dwarka reported that he is a labourer and has
been residing at above address on rent. His nephew named Ohid @ Rohit
aged 15-16 years along with his friend Deenu, had been residing with them
for last 6-7 days. Complainant further revealed on 19.04.2011 at 5.30 PM,
Ohid @ Rohit was sent to house of his daughter namely Sahjanara , residing
in Subham Apartment Sec. 22, Dwarka to take her to Pochanpur to attend
a marriage. However, when they reached the outskirts of the village Pochan
Pur, Ohid@Rohit asked Sahjanara to go alone and that he would come after
some time. On this Sahjanara left Rohit at Gulab Dharam Kanta, Pochan Pur
and came alone to her father’s house. Complainant waited for Rohit when he
did not turn up till 7.30 PM, the complainant set out to look for him. At last,
Rohit was found at Gulab Dharam Kanta, alongwith Khebur and Latiff. Rohit
was called but he said that he would come after some time. However Rohit
did not turn up in the night nor the next day. Complainant and other family
members intensified his search. On 21.04.2011 at around 6 PM they reached
at a secluded place, Sec. 19, Dwarka near Radha Swami Satsang where they
saw a heap of freshly dug soil. Upon closer scrutiny they observed that a
human being knee was partially protruding out of the mud heap. The soil
was removed and that the dead body of Ohid @ Rohit was found under the
soil. They informed the police & the deadbody was taken into            Police
custody. On inspection of the deadbody injury marks were observed on the
right eye and multiple stab wounds on the abdomen.
 Upon this, a case has been registered under relevant sections of law at
Police Station Dwarka Sec-23 and investigation has been taken up.

                 On registration of this case, police swung into action. A
dedicated team comprising Inspr. Bhagwan Singh (SHO/Dwarka Sec.23 ),
Inspr. Sukhdev Singh Meena (IO of the case), SI Atul Tyagi, SI Rahul
Kumar, SI Hazri Lal, Ct. Lokesh Kumar, Ct. Dharmender under the
supervision of Sh. Surender Kumar, ACP/Dwarka, was constituted. During
investigation, the evidences gathered pointed towards the involvement of
Latif and Khebur, the two suspects who were last seen persons with the
deceased. A massive manhunt was launched to trace the above persons.
The duo were residing in a rented room in Pochan Pur Village from where
they were found absconding. Several hide outs were raided in Gurgaon,
Rohini, Chakkarpur, Nangloi and other parts of Delhi. During investigation, it
emerged that the deceased had relations with Khebur’s sister. Due to this,
the relationship between the families of the deceased and the suspects had
become strained of late. Later accused Hafizur (father of Khebur), Razual
Haq (brother in law of Khebur) and Amzat were apprehended from
Pochanpur Village on a tip off from a respectable of the native village of the

Accused Hafizur was subjected to sustained interrogation wherein he
confessed to have murdered Ohid @ Rohit after hatching a well planned
criminal conspiracy alongwith his family members in order to prevent Ohid @
Rohit from dating his daughter. He further revealed that both the families
hail from the same Village i.e Mahenderpur, West Bengal. Deceased and his
daughter were studying in a same school in Hariram pur where they had
developed intimate relations. The deceased had been warned to stay away
from the girl. The accused later brought his daughter to Village Pochanpur,
Delhi. The deceased also followed them and came to Delhi. On seeing him
in the same Village, the entire family was infuriated and   they planned to
eliminate Ohid @Rohit. As per the plan, the deceased was called to a
secluded place in Dwarka on 19/4/11 for a party where they offered him
chilled beer. Once Ohid @Rohit got tipsy, they beat him up ruthlessly and
tried to smash his face with a stone and subsequently stabbed him in his
abdomen in cold blood in a planned manner. After murdering Ohid @Rohit,
they hurriedly buried the corpse under the ground near Radha Swami
Satsang, Sec.19 Dwarka in order to destroy the evidence.
              During further investigation, accused Amjad (age 24yrs) and
Raja-Ul Huq (age 24yrs) have also been arrested while other accomplices
are evading arrest.



1.     Amjad (age 24yrs) s/o Wazir r/o Gullu ka makan Village Pochan Pur
Sec. 23, Dwarka, Delhi, hails from West Bengal . He came to Delhi in 2007
and started to reside in a rented room of Pochanpur Village. In the morning
he does car washing in the societies of Dwarka and in the day time he works
in the office of Tokas builder.

2.     Raja-Ul-Huq (age 24yrs) s/o Aijul Rehman r/o P. Add. Vicky ka Makan
Village Pochan Pur, hails from Distt. Malda, West Bengal and came to Delhi
in 2006. He is a driving a car in Gurgaon and son – in law of accused

3.    Hafizur (Age 46yrs) s/o Asiruddin r/o P. Add. Delhi Ka Makan Village
Pochan Pur, Sec. 23, Dwarka, hails from West Bengal and shifted to Delhi
10yrs ago. In the morning he does car washing in the societies of Dwarka
and in the day time he does a labour work on daily wages.
Further investigation is in progress and efforts are being made to arrest
other accomplices.

                                           (A K OJHA) IPS
                               DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                               SOUTH WEST DISTT, NEW DELHI
 NORTH- WEST DISTT.                                         DATED 25 th April- 2011
                                  PRESS RELEASE

                With the arrest of the following accused persons , PS Mahendra Park has
busted a gang of interstate car jackers who used to loot luxury cars and then used to dispose
them off to various perspective buyers in Haryana and UP.
    1.      Sanjay (Aged 28 Yrs.)s/o Dharm Pal Gupta r/o RZ-46-B/1-A Gali No. 1 Sagar Pur
    2.      Kushal (Aged 26 Yrs.)@ Kimmi @ Ghan Shyam s/o Balbir Singh r/o Plot No. 65, Gali
            No.3 Jagdamba Vihar, Sagar Pur, Delhi, a History Sheeter. of P.S. Delhi Cantt. Delhi
    3.      Raja Singh (Aged 25 Yrs.) @ Raj s/o Manohar Singh r/o H.No. R-3/175 Sai Enclave,
            Delhi Cantt. Delhi
    4.      Subhash(Aged 28 Yrs.) s/o Mange Ram r/o Vill. Diwana Distt. Panipat HR.
    5.      Babloo (Aged 26 Yrs.) s/o Ram Kumar r/o Vill. Didwadi, Panipat, HR.
                The Case was registered on the statement of Rajdhar Yadav s/o Sh. Surya
Narain Yadav r/o L-1/2978, Gali No. 7, Sangam Vihar, Delhi aged 32 years, a cab driver with
Top Wheels Tour & Travels Co. Gurgoan (HR), who stated that on the night of 23/24.4.11,
while he was coming from Gurgoan to Pahar Ganj Delhi with his Innova Taxi No. HR-55 FT-
9619, three young persons signaled him to stop, when he crossed Rajokari Haryana Delhi
Border Toll Tax. When he stopped his taxi, they requested him that they want to go to Delhi .
The complainant agreed with a fare of Rs. 25/- each and they sat in the taxi. When they
reached Karol Bagh near Hanuman statue at about 3.30 AM, they forced him to stop the car.
As soon as , he opened the door of his taxi, they pounced upon him and put him inside the taxi
and gagged his mouth with Hospital bandage( which they had brought with them), tide his
hand and feet and drove the car towards GT Karnal Road. They also put knife on his neck and
snatched his Mobile Phone NOKIA-2690 No. 9560223361 , driving license and cash Rs. 20/-
from him. All of them threatened him with dire consequences. They threw him near Mukarba
Chowk GT Karnal Road and fled away with his taxi and belonging. The taxi was fitted with GPS
system. With the help of some Auto Driver , the complainant made a PCR call .
               During the course of investigation, after ascertaining the full facts and
description of the accused persons, Mr. Ashwani Kumar, Manager of Top Wheels Tour and
Travels Co. Gurgoan was called .. The GPS was got activated and after studying the
movement of the vehicle ,a Police team headed by SHOO/Mahendra Park was dispatched to
track and trace the vehicle and arrest the curlprists . The GPS showed the location in between
Karnal and Panipat and ultimately found in village Didwari Distt. Panipat.(HR) The taxi was
found in possession of accused Babloo and Subhash . They were interrogated and
subsequently arrested in this case from Vill Didwari itself.
               On sustained interrogation accused Babloo and Subhash disclosed that they
have received the taxi from accused Sanjay, kushal and Raja and further disclosed that
Subhash is known to Sanjay being old taxi driver at IGI Airport , Delhi. Sanjay and Subhash
also used to do touting for the passengers at Delhi Airport. Sanjay informed Subhash that he
along with his associates Raja and Kushal would bring a taxi/Car from Delhi for selling it to
perspective buyers of Haryana . Babloo is mastermind in preparing forged registration papers
of vehicles. On the disclosure and pointing out of Subhash and Babloo, three accused persons
namely Sanjay , Raja and kushal have been arrested.
             All the above three persons put to sustained interrogation who disclosed that
Kushal is a History Sheeter of PS Delhi Cantt. And is involved in many criminal cases of
snatchings/Robbery/Murder in Delhi. He is a local goon and Raja is his associate and also co-
accused in cases of snatchings . Sanjay was in need of money and he contacted Kushal and
Raja who have recently come out from Jail being involved in a case of snatching . They were
also in need of money. All the three made a planning and went to Delhi Gurgaon Border during
the night of 23/24-4-11 . At about 3 AM they stopped the taxi driven by Rajdhar Yadav and
asked him to take to Delhi. When they reached at Karol Bagh near Hanuman Temple, Sanjay
came down from the taxi and opened the gate of the taxi from driver side and pulled the driver
out. In the mean time, Raja and Kushal forceibly put the driver in between and gagged his
mouth with hospital bandage and looted his belongings including Mobile phone, DL and cash
and threw him from the taxi on GT Karnal Road and ran away with the taxi..

          The accused persons displayed a very unique Modus Operandi. They made a
planning that they will hire a taxi as a passenger and then will rob the same in a deserted place .
They had also brought with them Hospital bandage by which they gagged the mouth of the
victim and tied hand and feet just to show that the victim is an injured person and they are
taking him to Hospital . They were also armed with Knife.
A team of the following officers under the close supervision of ACP/Shalimar Bagh Sh.
Hari Darshan was constituted who worked hard, developed information and tracked the
movement of the vehicle and then arrested the accused persons and recovered the
looted vehicle and other articles.

       1.               Inspr. Jawahar Singh, SHO/P.S. Mahendra Park.
       2.               Inspr. Brij Pal, Spl. Staff/NWD
       3.               SI Madan Mohan, P.S. Mahendra Park.
       4.               SI Ajay Kumar, Spl. Staff/NWD
       5.               SI Rajiv Ranjan, Sol. Staff/NWD
       6.               HCAnil Kumar, P.S. M.Park.
       7.               HC Vijay Kumar, P.S. M.Park.
       8.               HC Praveen Kumar, P.S. M.Park.
       9.               Ct. Azhar Zaidi, P.S. M.Park.
       10.              Ct. Jai Karan, P.S. M.Park.

      1.          One Innova Taxi No. HR-55 FT-9619.
      2.          Hospital bandage by which the victim was gagged and tied.
      3.          One knife used in the crime.
      4.           Mobile Phone .
      5.           Driving Licence
      6.          Some blank and forged registration forms of vehiles.


                All of the accused persons have previous criminal history according to their
interrogation, which are being ascertained from their concerned police stations.

Kushal (Aged 26 Yrs.)@ Kimmi @ Ghan Shyam s/o Balbir Singh r/o Plot No. 65, Gali No.3
Jagdamba Vihar, Sagar Pur, Delhi, a

1.         37/04 u/s 454/380 IPC PS Delhi Cantt.
2.         150/04 u/s 457/380 IPC PS Delhi Catt.
3.         182/04 u/s 457/380 IPC PS Delhi Cantt.
4.         187/04 u/s /380 IPC PS Delhi Cantt
5.          312/05 u/s 392/411/34 IPC PS Delhi Cantt.
6.         89/06 u/s 509 IPC PS Delhi Cantt.
7.         466/07 u/s 325/34 IPC PS Delhi Cantt.
8.         31/08 u/s 457/380/411 IPC PS Delhi Cantt
9.         326/08 u/s 302/34 IPC Delhi Cantt.
10.        75/11 u/s 382/356/511 IPC PS Sagar Pur

1.    237/01 u/s 379 IPC PS Civil Lie, Panipat
2.    310/01 u/s 379 IPC PS Ghamra Karnal
3.    359/01 u/s 379/468/471/420/379 IPC PS Panipat City
4.    526/01 u/s 379 IPC PS Panipat City
5.    785/01 u/s 379 IPC PS Panipat City
6.    347/02 u/s 304B IPC PS Smalkha

1         477/04 u/s 307/324/34 IPC PS Chandni Bagh Panipat
2.        598/10 u/s 323/452/448/506/427/34 IPC PS Chandni Bagh, Panipat

Raja Sigh

1.        31/08 u/s 457/380/411/34 IPC PS Delhi Cantt.
2.        582/08 u/s 392/397/411/34 IPC PS South Rohini

  1.    Sanjay (Aged 28 Yrs.) s/o Dharm Pal Gupta r/o RZ-46-B/1-A Gali No. 1 Sagar Pur
        Delhi.- He is a school drop out and was working as a tout and a driver at IGI Airport .
        He came in contact with other touts and drivers like Subhash and local goons Kushal
        and Raja.

     2.      Kushal (Aged 26 Yrs.)@ Kimmi @ Ghan Shyam s/o Balbir Singh r/o Plot No. 65, Gali
             No.3 Jagdamba Vihar, Sagar Pur, Delhi, a History Sheeter. of P.S. Delhi Cantt. Delhi
             He is a history sheeter of PS Delhi Cantt and involved in 10 criminal cases
             previously. He is son of retired army subedar and fell in bad company by living in
             Delhi cantt army quarters. He started his criminal career from the year 2004 when
             he was involved in house breaking case. After that he formed his won gang with
             Raja and started committed snatching and robberies.

     3.      Raja Singh (Aged 25 Yrs.) @ Raj s/o Manohar Singh r/o H.No. R-3/175 Sai Enclave,
             Delhi Cantt. Delhi. He is a school drop out. His father was a auto driver and after his
             death he fell in bad company and sttrqted committed crimes in association with
             Khshal @ Kinni.

     4.      Subhash (Aged 28 Yrs.) s/o Mange Ram r/o Vill. Diwana Distt. Panipat HR. He is
             high school pass. He worked as a tout at IGIA airport and then became a driver. He
             came in contact with Sajnay who was also a driver at IGIA Airport. He also friend of
             Babloo who is master mind in making of forged documents of stolen vehicles

     5.      Babloo (Aged 26 Yrs.) s/o Ram Kumar r/o Vill. Didwadi, Panipat, HR. He also is as
             school drop out and is involved in criminal cases in Panipat HR. He is master mind
             in preparing forged registration papers of vehicles.

             The investigation is in progress. Their involvements in such other cases of car
             jacking is being verified.

                                                                         (MEENU CHOUDHARY)
                                                                     Dy. Commissioner of Police
                                                                       North-West District, Delhi

NORTH WEST DISTT.                                                               DATED 25.04.2011

                                       PRESS RELEASE
             Three cheats including one girl arrested.
             Cheated many customers of their money on the pretext of helping them in
                withdrawing money from ATM.
             One mobile phone, Make Experia Sony-Ericson and Rs. 30,000/ recovered.
             Two ATM Cards of different customers recovered
                With the arrest of three persons, a racket of cheats has been unearthed by the staff
of Police Station Adarsh Nagar, North-West District, Delhi. The cheats were found involved in
duping many ATM card users, especially the PNB ATM Card holder on the pretext of
facilitating them to withdraw money from ATM machines. A Case vide FIR No.93/11 u/s
420/411/34 IPC PS Adarsh Nagar has been registered.
                On 19.04.2011, a complainant Jawahar Sahu R/O G-133, Jhuggi Jhahagir Puri
Delhi informed that on 18.04.11 at about 3.30 P.M. while he was withdrawing money from the
ATM machine of PNB Branch Adarsh Nagar, a boy (name withheld) R/O Mauj Pur approached
him pretending to facilitate money withdrawal and exchanged his card with another card. The
complainant realized change of ATM card only when he approached another ATM machine, as
the card was not operative due to different PIN. Immediately, he approached the bank and came
to know that this exchanged card belongs to one Harbans Kaur R/O Patel Nagar. On This
information the above mentioned case was registered.
            A special team under the supervision of ACP/Model Town, Ms. Aslam Khan IPS,
comprising Insp. Binod Kr Singh and S.I Sunny of P.S. Adarsh Nagar, HC Naresh of PS Model
Town and Ct Navin of ACP Office was constituted to investigate the case. During analysis of
misused bank accounts of different persons it was revealed that the amount from the
complainant’s account was transferred to account of some other innocent person and the same
was also siphoned off instantly just after transfer of amount. The investigation of these bank
accounts and telephonic calls of such persons, revealed that some known person of this account
holder may be involved in this racket. Detailed enquiries revealed the involvement of one Girl
R/O West Nathu Colony in this racket who had supplied the ATM Card of his brother Vivek to
her boyfriend Kunal r/o 363-P, Krishan Gali no. 10 Adarsh Mohalla Mauj Pur, Shahdara, who
misused the card with the connivance of a Juvenile (name withheld) R/O Maujpur. Generally,
they used to visit the deserted ATM locations having no guard and request the ATM users to
allow them to use their account for transferring some amount in their account and withdraw it
immediately, as they have exhausted their card use limit and they had to make some urgent
payment. During this process they possibly change the ATM cards of the user from whom they
were seeking help and also cleverly know the PIN No. so that they can withdraw big amount
from the other accounts. Before they were caught they had duped six persons within a span of
one week. During interrogation it came to notice that this boy (name withheld) has already been
involved in similar crime with similar modus operendi and was apprehended by the police of
Kotwali, Muzaffar Nagar UP.
          Kunal @Kapil, s/o Mam Chand Pal R/O 363 p Krishan Gali No 10 Mohalla Adarsh ,
            Mauj pur Delhi.
          (name withheld) R/O Muzaffar Nagar, UP.
          Name withheld R/O- West Nathu Colony, Shahdara, Delhi
               1. One mobile phone make Sony Ericsion Experia, worth RS. 28.000/
               2. Rs.30, 000/- cash.
               3. Two ATM Card of PNB bank.
          Inspr.Binod Kr. Singh(investigation) Adarsh Nagar
          SI Sunny Adarsh Nagar
          HC Naresh, P.S. Model Town
          Ct. Navin ACP office Model Town.
         Further investigation is in progress.

                                         (MEENU CHOUDHARY)IPS
                                         Dy. Commissioner of Police
                                          North West District, Delhi

                                                                      Dated: 25.04.2011


              With the arrest of Bhupinder @ Bhoopi s/o Late Om Prakash r/o H.No.
9, Gali No. 1, G-Block, Phase-III, Shiv Vihar, Karawal Nagar, Delhi, the North East
District Police of PS Karawal Nagar succeeded in apprehending a notorious &
desperate criminal on whom a cash reward had been declared by the UP Police . He is
also a proclaimed offender.


          From UP Police Distt. Bulandsher, an information was received
that a desperate habitual offender  Bhupinder @ Bhoopi wanted in PS
Muradnagar is hiding somewhere in Karawal Nagar but his hide out is not

             Based upon this information staff of Local Police start placing their
policenet to scan the area. Various local criminal of the area were questioned
with their persistent & relentless efforts, the team of officer headed by Inspr.
S.R. Mavi     succeeded in locating the hide out of wanted criminal and
apprehend him after conducing early morning raid on the intervening night of
23/24 April, 2011.

             From this examination and verification of his previous background,
it was revealed that he was a repeated & habitual offender. Four cases in Delhi
and 3 cases in UP have been registered against him. In Delhi heinous offences
including, attempt to murder, culpable homicide Not amounting to murder,
criminal intimidation & Arms Act were registered against him.

           In UP, he was wanted in Arms Act and stringent provision of
Gangster Act were also slapped on him. He is absconding from there and had
taken shelter in Delhi to escape his apprehension. He has been declared as
proclaimed offender (PO) and a reward of Rs. 5000/- has been announced on
his apprehension.

              The suitable reward is being awarded to the team for the good work

                                                                (SANJAY KUMAR JAIN) IPS
                                                            DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                                                                       NORTH EAST DISTRICT,

                 A daring lady namely Seema W/o Sh. Pradeep Bhardwaj R/o WZ-59, Village Naraina,
New Delhi, Age-32 years has apprehended one snatcher red handed in Possangipur market, Janakpuri
New Delhi.
J. Krishanmurti S/o Janaki Raman R/o D-662 Bindapur New Delhi Education :- 10th . He is a drug
     1. FIR No. 240/04 dt, 4.4.04 u/s 25/54/59 Arms Act P.S. Paschim Vihar.
     2. FIR No. 261/06 dt. 6.5.06 u/s 457/380 IPC P.S. Janakpuri,
     3. FIR No. 505/06 dt. 29.8.06 u/s 356/379/411/34 IPC P.S. Janakpuri
     4. FIR No. 603/08 dt. 28.9.08 u/s 356/379/411/34 IPC P.S. Sector 23 Dwarka New Delhi.
One gold chain snatched in the above incident.
                On 24.04.11 Smt. Seema came to meet her parents at village possangipur, Janakpuri,
New Delhi. At about 6.00 PM she came to A5B Janakpuri market to purchase ice cream. In the
meantime two motorcycle born youths came from backside and stop the motorcycle some steps forward.
One of the motorcyclists came near her and snatched her gold chain from the neck and tried to flee on
the motorcycle. On this, Smt. Seema immediately apprehended the snatcher. In order to tried to flee
from the spot she was dragged by the snatchers due to which she sustained scratches on her knees, but
she did not leave the snatcher. During this scuffle, the motorcycle got disbalanced and one of the
snatchers fell down. In the meantime SI Karambir along with HC Ramlal No. 449/W also reached the
spot and overpowered the snatcher, who was later on identified as J. Krishanmurti S/o Janaki Raman R/o
D-662, Bindapur, New Delhi. Another boy managed to flee on motorcycle. A case has been registered at
P.S. Janakpuri and accused was arrested.
                During interrogation, it came out that accused Krishanmurti is an drug addict and used to
commit snatching and thefts to quench the thrust for smack. Checking of the records revealed that he
was previously involved in 4 cases of Arms Act, Snatching & theft etc. Investigation of the present case
is in progress and efforts are being made to arrest his associate.
                Staff involved in good work is being rewarded suitably.
                                      (V. RENGANATHAN) IPS
                                     ADDL. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE,
                                       WEST DISTRICT: NEW DELHI .


       Special Staff of West District has busted a gang of notorious house burglars. The master
mind Suresh Kumar has been arrested who is a self styled transporter and is previously involved
in more than 14 cases of house burglaries. Sensational night burglary of PS Rani Bagh worked
out and part of case property has been recovered.

Suresh Kumar S/o Late Shri Ganga Sahai R/o Rented house, WZ 172/78
Vishnu Garden,Khayala, New Delhi, Age- 40 yrs.
Permanent Address :- Village Guma, PS Rajpura, Distt. Badaiun ,UP.
Previous involvement- 14

       A number of incidents of house burglaries have been reported in the
areas of West District. Hence, Special Staff, West District was entrusted the
task of collecting intelligence and identifying the gang indulged in this crime.
The scene of crime was visited and secret sources were deployed. The hard
efforts of the team led to an information about a gang of notorious burglars
who used to work as contractor and identified the houses which are locked for
many days and latter commit burglaries. The gang is headed by one Suresh
Kumar. The information was further developed and all probable hideouts of the
gang were searched. On 24.04.2011, specific information was received by Insp.
Rajesh Kumar that the gang has committed a burglary in the area of PS Rani
Bagh where they have stolen gold jewellry and cash with some US dollars. The
gang members are disposing the US Dollars and again to dispose the booty the
gang leader suresh Kumar will come near Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar
crossing, Tilak Nagar,Delhi at about 08.00- 8.30 pm to meet other gang
members. On this information, a raiding party under the supervision of Insp.
Rajesh Kumar, consisting of SI Charan Singh, SI Manoj Kumar, , ASI
Balvinder,     HC Jaibhagwan, HC Hattu,HC Shashi Kant, HC Kirori,Ct.
Vinod,Ct.Sunil Kumar,Ct. Devender and Ct. Sudama was constituted and
deployed near Pacific Mall, Subhas Nagar Crossing, Tilak Nagar, Delhi. At
about 8.00pm, one person came near main gate Pacific Mall who was identified
as Suresh Kumar who was apprehended. He disclosed his name as Suresh
Kumar@ Bhura s/o (late)Sh. Ganga Sahai R/o Rented house, WZ 172/78
Vishnu Garden, Khayala, New Delhi. On his search US Dollars were recovered.
On interrogation he confessed of committing house burglary in Rani Bagh area
and the recovered Dollars were part of his share from the booty. On sustained
interrogation, Suresh Kumar disclosed that he along with his accomplice Sher
singh, Kanchi, Bijender Mota and Bijender pet kata all r/o Khojapur Distt
Badaiun, UP had committed the burglary in Rani Bagh area. In this regard a
Case vide FIR No. 36/11 u/s 457/380 IPC at PS Rani Bagh, North-West
District found registered. The accused was arrested.

       During interrogation, accused Suresh Kumar @ Bhura disclosed that he
hails from District Badaiun, UP and belongs to a very weak economical back
ground. He studied up to 5th standard. During childhood his father expired due
to illness and he with his brother came to Delhi. He came in contact with bad
elements of local area and started committing petty thefts. He was very
ambitious and wants to become a rich person. He started his carrier as a
labourer in Karol Bagh. He was not satisfied with his earnings as he has to
work hard for long hours to earn money. His earnings could not bear his basic
needs of his life. He was frustrated as he could not cope up with the speedy life
style of Delhi. He came in contact with a lady prostitute and he with his
brother Tulsi discovered a new modus operandi of committing crime. The lady
used to attract people and when the deal is fixed both Suresh and Tulsi robbed
off the victim. The gang was arrested in the year 1995. After coming out from
jail he was annoyed with his brother because he didn’t gave money to advocate
for his release. Thus he organized his gang with his friends from his native
village namely Sher Singh, Kanchi, Bijender Mota, Bijender Pet kata and
started committing house theft by break opening the houses. During this
period he has committed many house thefts and use to dispose off the jewellery
articles to one Bona sunar of Chandosi(UP). The gang was arrested many times
and was last arrested in the year 2009 from PS Punjabi Bagh. After release
from jail Suresh Kumar again cultivated new boys and made a new gang and
started committing house burglaries. About 2 months ago he with his
associates committed house burglary in the area of Pitampura, Rani Bagh in
which they got Rs.1,60,000/- gold jewellery and 3200 US Dollars. On
interrogation he disclosed that they have sold the jewellery articles to a jeweller
in Bareilly(UP) and have distributed the cash in equal shares. He has spent the
cash and was exchanging the US dollars for using them for his daily needs.
Efforts are being done to arrest co-accused persons and recover remaining
booty. Further investigation is in progress.
       Staff involved in good work is being suitably rewarded.
                                                          (V RENGANATHAN) IPS
                                         ADDL.COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                                                    WEST DISTRICT, NEW DELHI.


                The staff of PS Punjabi Bagh of West District has arrested five car jackers who
were involved in several cases of car jacking in Delhi and NCR and has recovered two INNOVA
cars from their possession.

  1.   Joginder @ Monu S/o Sh. Surjit Singh R/o WZ-159, Ravi Nagar, Chowkhandi Tilak
       Nagar, New Delhi. Age-23 years. Education-11th pass. He is driver by profession and
       attached his Indica car No.DL 1Y B 2900 with HSBC Company in Gurgaon, Haryana.
       Previous involvement - 1
  2.   Kamal @ Vicky S/o Sh. Raj Kumar R/o J-127, Vishnu Garden, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi.
       Age-24 years. Education- 9th standard. His father is a Security Guard. He is a driver
       by profession and attached with India DL 3C AC 6037 in Gurgaon cyber park. He is
       in habit of Gambling and has suffered huge losses in gambling. He tried to recover
       the losses by selling the hijacked car.
       Previous involvement - 1
  3.   Rajeev @ Noni S/o Late Sh. Shyam Sunder R/o B-1/402, 1st floor, Raghubir Nagar,
       New Delhi. Age-26 years. Education – 9th pass. His father was TSR driver. He is
       also driving a car of an accountant at Vishnu Garden, Delhi.
  4.   Satpal @ Billu S/o Sh. Tara Chand R/o Ward No.8, Mohlla Nathuwala, Mahendergarh,
  5.   Raju @ Manoj S/o Sh. Munshi Ram R/o B-2/307, 1st floor, Raghubir Nagar, Delhi.
       Age-38 years.

  5. FIR No. 113/11 u/s 379 IPC PS Kundli, Haryana.
  6. FIR No. 57/11 u/s 382/328/365 IPC PS Madipur, Delhi.
  7. FIR No. 96/11 u/s 382/34 IPC PS Mianwali Nagar, Delhi.

  1.   Two Innova cars.
  2.   One buttondar knife.


               Two incidents of car jacking were reported in West District. One incident was
reported from the area of PS Madipur in which one Rajeev Tyagi of Paschim Puri reported that
on 16.04.2011 he was engaged by 3 passengers to go to Gurgaon in Innova Car. When they
went to Gurgaon near Metropolitan Mall the passengers took liquor and gave him cold drink
with sedatives. He become unconscious and they took his Innova car and vanished. A case
was registered at PS Madipur in this connection. Another incident was reported in the
intervening night of 21/22.04.2011, complainant Dinesh S/o Sh. Charan Singh R/o H.No.C-52,
Shastri Garden was waiting in his vehicle No.UP17-T-1037, Innova White Colour for picking up
the passengers on the service road in front of A-block, Meera Bagh red light, Mianwali Nagar. At
about 03.30 hrs one person knocked the door of his car and when he opened the door of the
car then he asked why he is standing there and in the meanwhile two more persons came there
and robbed his vehicle. A case was registered at PS Mianwali Nagar.

        Seeing the spurt in the incident of carjacking a team of PS Punjabi Bagh consisting of SI
Manohar Lal, SI Sandeep, ASI Parhlad, HC Bijender, HC Naresh, HC Raj Kumar, HC Sarjit, Ct.
Munna Pathak & Ct. Om Parkash was formed under the leadership of S.H.O. Punjabi Bagh and
overall supervision of ACP Punjabi Bagh Sh. Satish Yadav. The sources were deployed and the
team so formed worked relentlessly and collected details of several criminals with similar
modus-operandi and activated secret informers to collect the information about the criminals
involved in these incidents. The details were analyzed minutely and on the basis of secret
information it came to fore that gang of carjackers headed by one Sardar ji Joginder @ Monu
might be involved in these incidents. The hard work of team bore fruit and on 24.04.2011 a
specific information was received through reliable source to the picket staff that three boys will
be passing through North Avenue Road, Punjabi Bagh in a stolen Innova car No. HR-26-BA-
6125, Silver colour at about 09.00 PM for selling it/ for committing crime. At about 9.45 PM the
above Innova Car came from Madipur side which was signaled to stop at the picket & the driver
Kamal @ Vicky S/o Sh. Raj Kumar who was driving the car was apprehended . The other two
tried to escape from the car but they were also apprehended and their names were disclosed
as Joginder @ Monu, Ravi Nagar, & Rajeev @ Noni. On personal search by HC Raj Kumar
400/W, one buttondar knife was recovered from the possession of Joginder Singh @ Monu
and a case FIR No. 78/11 U/S 25 Arms Act was registered at PS Punjabi Bagh. On sustained
interrogation accused disclosed that they similarly engaged inova car at Patel Nagar in the
month of March 2011. After crossing the Delhi Border they made the driver to get down from
the car and fled away with the vehicle. A case has been registered in PS Kundli, Haryana in this

    During sustained interrogation the accused persons further disclosed that in snatching of
Innova car one Raju @ Manoj was also with them. Further they have disclosed that on
02.05.2010 they had hijacked one Innova car from Dhaula Kuan. After snatching the car it was
parked in Vishnu Garden near their residence but the car was fitted with GPS system and was
recovered by the travel agency. They have also disclosed that before one week a Innova car
No. DL04C-AE-2211 was also hijacked from Madipur area which is in possession of their
associate namely Satpal @ Billu R/O Mahendergarh ( Haryana). On their pointing out the
subject car has also been recovered from the possession of Satpal @ Billu, age 33 yrs. s/o Sh.
Tara Chand r/o Ward No.8, Mohlla Nathuwala, Mahandergarh, Haryana. Original number plate
of DL-1ZZ-0629 recovered from the possession of accused Raju @ Manoj s/o Sh. Munshi Ram
r/o B-2/307, 1st floor, Raghubir Nagar, Delhi. The accused were also arrested U/S 41.1 Cr. P.C.
and information to the concerned police stations have been given. Further investigation is in

               Staff involved in good work is being rewarded suitably.

                                                                    (V. RENGANATHAN) IPS
                                                             ADDL. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE,
                                                                WEST DISTRICT: NEW DELHI .
                                                         Dt. 25/04/2011

       700 Gms. OF HEROIN SEIZED.
       PRICE  OF    HEROIN   IN   INTERNATIONAL                  MARKET

         A team of officers of the Crime Branch led by Inspr. Kuldeep
Singh and consisting of SI Abdul Qadir, ASI Rajpal Singh HC Parvinder,
Const. Jai Parkash, Const. Sandeep, Const. Rajender Singh and Const.
Kheta Ram under the supervision of Addl. DCP Sanjay Bhatia have
apprehended two persons involved in trafficking of heroin and have
recovered 700 Gms of Heroin. The Heroin recovered is worth Rs. 70
Lakhs in the International Market.

         Information was received on 24/04/2011 by ASI Rajpal Singh
that two persons are active in trafficking of Heroin in Delhi and Loni would
come near Gagan cinema, Nand Nagari, Delhi to deliver the heroin to a
contact. On specific information a trap was laid and two persons were
apprehended they were identified as i) Abid (aged 34 years) s/o Ibrahim
r/o Pooja Colony, Loni, UP and ii) Anil Kumar (aged 35 years) s/o Pheru
Singh r/o Tilak Ram Colony, Loni, UP. 700 Gms Heroin was recovered
from their possession. A case under the appropriate sections of NDPS Act
was registered.

         Both of them were subjected to intensive interrogation. Their
interrogation revealed that the heroin was provided to them by Nasim, a
resident of Loni. They were given Rs.10,000/- for each delivery.

1.       Abid s/o Ibrahim r/o Pooja Colony, Loni, UP – He is a desperate
criminal and involved in cases of murder, attempt to murder and Arms
Act of PSs Sarai Rohilla, Najafgarh and Mehrauli. After his release he
shifted to Loni. To earn a quick buck he along with his associate Anil
Kumar started vending Heroin for Nasim.
   2.         Anil Kumar s/o Pheru Singh r/o Tilak Ram Colony, Loni, UP– He
   is involved in cases of robbery, dacoity and murder. He spent nine years
   in jail in a dacoity-cum-murder case of PS Gokul Puri, Delhi. To earn easy
   and fast money he started trafficking Heroin for Nasim.

            Nasim is absconding and efforts are on to apprehend him.
   Further investigation is in progress.

                                                             (ASHOK CHAND)
                                                   DY. COMISSIONER OF POLICE,
                                                     CRIME & RAILWAYS: DELHI.


       Blind murder case of PS Chhawla worked out.
       Till date the girl remained unidentified.
       The husband of the deceased has been arrested.

        A team of officers of Crime Branch led by Inspector Bhagwati Prasad and
consisting of SI Praveen Kumar, SI Anuj Nautiyal, ASI Ashok Kumar, HC N.K.
Pavithran, HC Ajad Singh, HC Hari Kishan, HC Jai Bhagwan and Ct. Sanjay and
Ct. Haider under the supervision of ACP M.C. Katoch and overall supervision of
Addl. DCP P.S. Kushwah have worked out a sensational blind murder case of PS
Chhawla, Delhi. In this case on 06/08/2010 a dead body of a girl was found in
the fields of Shikarpur-Daulatpur Area under the jurisdiction of PS Chhawla. The
girl was found to have injury on the back of her head and her throat was also
found slit. An attempt had also been made to disfigure her face to prevent
identification. A case of murder and destruction of evidence was registered at
PS Chhawla but inspite of best efforts the dead body of the girl remained

       HC Azad Singh received information that the unidentified girl is the wife of
Ravi Singh @ Bobby s/o Satpal Singh r/o Chanchal Park, Nangloi, Delhi and who
is presently plying a Gramin Sewa vehicle between Nangloi and Najafgarh.
According to the information he had murdered his wife and dumped her body.
This information was developed and it was confirmed that the wife of Ravi @
Bobby had not been seen for the last several months and that he had not lodged
any missing report. On the other hand there were rumours that she had run
away. On suspicion Ravi Singh @ Bobby was apprehended from Najafgarh,
       Ravi Singh @ Bobby was subjected to intensive interrogation. He broke
down and revealed that he had murdered his wife Sonia. Interrogation revealed
that in the year 2007, Sonia and Ravi Singh came in contact with each other as
their parents were living at Chanchal Park, Nangloi and were neighbourers. The
love affair started when Ravi Singh was still studying in Class-10 in a school of
Nangloi while the girl was school dropout. In January, 2008, the girl parents
came to know about the love affair and did not approve it. In March, 2008 they
shifted to Rohini. However, in April, 2008 both Ravi and Sonia eloped and went
to the ancestral house of Ravi in Badayun, UP and started living there in
Badayun Avas Vikas Colony. They got married in a temple in April, 2008 in
Badayun. Ravi Singh continued his study in Kunwar Hukam Singh Vadik Inter
College, Badayun and they were financially supported by the boy’s parents.
However, due to financial crisis Sonia through a distant relative of Ravi got a job
in a mobile shop in Badayun, UP. Sonia with passage of time developed
intimacy with this relative of Ravi. There were frequent fights between husband
and wife over the intimacy. In December, 2008 she ran away from Badayun. In
the beginning of 2009 she came back and continued living with Ravi. In March,
2010 she again ran away and returned back after a few days. In May, 2010
sister of Ravi who was living with them also eloped with a boy and Ravi
suspected Sonia behind her elopement. This infuriated him. In the month of
June, 2010 Sonia again ran away from home and came to Delhi to her relative’s
house. Meanwhile Ravi completed his 12th and came back to Delhi in June, 2010
and started living with his parents and earning his livelihood by plying a Gramin
Sewa vehicle. In July, 2010 Sonia contacted Ravi and came back to him. She
told him that the relative of Ravi with whom she was allegedly having illicit
relationship has promised to make her a model. She took some money from
Ravi and went to Badayun. However, after a few days she returned back and
started living with Ravi at Chanchal Park, Nangloi, Delhi. Meanwhile Ravi had
developed tremendous animosity towards Sonia because of her infidelity and
frequently running run away from house as well as of her role in elopement of
his sister. He decided to eliminate her. He recced the area and on 05/08/2010,
he took her on his motor cycle to the scheduled place. He parked his motorcycle
near the scheduled place and got down. Then with a stone he hit her on the
head. She became unconscious and then he dragged her in the nearby fields
and slit her throat with a sharp edged weapon that he had been carrying. In
order to prevent identification he tried to disfigure her face by hitting her face
with stone. He then came back home and spread the rumours that Sonia had
again run away.
       Ravi Singh @ Bobby (Aged 21 Years) s/o Satpal Singh r/o Chanchal Park,
Nangloi, Delhi has been apprehended under the appropriate sections of the law.

      Ravi Singh @ Bobby is also wanted in a case of attempt to murder of a
boy Akash in the area of PS Civil Lines, Badayun. Akash is son of the relative
with whom he suspected Sonia of having illicit relationship.

      Concerned Police Station Chhawla has been informed about his arrest.
                                                                    (ASHOK CHAND)
                                                        DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE:
                                                            CRIME & RAILWAYS: DELHI.

1.      Whereas, a large number of people sell and purchase Second Hand Vehicles including
Motor Cycles, Scooters and Cars in Delhi through dealers engaged in this profession.
2.       And whereas, it has been noticed that the Second Hand Vehicles are commonly sold
without filling all the columns especially date of transaction of form 29 and Form 30(part-I & II)
thereby resulting in transfer of vehicle to number of purchasers before the actual transfer of the
vehicle in the records of Transport Authority. This is to circumvent the requirement of section -
50 of the Motor Vehicles Act,1988, that the fact of transfer of vehicle should be reported to the
Transport Authority within 14 days for local transfer and 45 days for inter-district transfer.
3.     And whereas, it has been noticed that the stolen vehicles involved in crime are sold to
several purchasers through dealers/agents of Second Hand Vehicles. Such second hand vehicles
are likely to be used for commission of various type of crime like robbery etc. and may be used
even in terrorist activity.
4.     And whereas, it has also been observed that the record of seller and purchaser are not kept
by the dealer or agents engaged in the business of facilitating sale and purchase of Second Hand
Vehicles making it difficult for the investigation agencies to identify the criminals involved in
such crimes.
5.     And whereas, it is rendered imperative to put regulatory check on the vehicle dealers who
deal in sale and purchase of Second Hand Vehicles so that the anti social elements may not use
them to sell the stolen vehicles through them and it is felt that immediate action is necessary in
this regard.
6.       Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred upon me by virtue of Sec.144
Cr.P.C.,1973 (No.2of 1974) read with Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affaire, New Delhi`s
Notification No. U-11036/(i)UTL,dated 09-09-2010, I, Dr. G. Ram Gopal Naik, Assistant
Commissioner of Police, Sub-Division, Vikas Puri west Distt., Delhi do hereby make this written
order that all such Vehicle dealers who deal in sale and purchase of second hand vehicles
including Motor Cycles, Scooters and Cars in the jurisdiction of Sub-Division Vikas Puri, Delhi
      (a)      Maintain a register of sellers and purchasers of all the transactions of Second
                 Hand Vehicles.
      (b)      Ensure that Form 29 and Form 30 and the delivery letter are duly filled with clear
                 mention of the date of transaction.
      (c)       Affix photographs of the seller and purchaser on the register.

      (d)         Keep copies of identification documents like election card, Ration card, PAN
                    Card, Driving licence etc. as well as copies of form 29 , Form 30 (Part-I & II)
                    and Delivery letter for access by the police as and when required.

      (e)       Inform the nearby police station if the seller or buyer is found suspicious.
       These orders shall come into force with effect from 25-04-2011 and shall remain in force
for a period of 60 days upto 23-06-2011 (both days inclusive) unless withdrawn earlier.
       Any person dealing in business of sale and purchase of Second Hand Vehicles as dealer
or agent who contravenes this order shall be liable to be punished in accordance with the
provisions of Section 188 of the I.P.C.
       As the notice cannot be served individually on all concerned, the order is hereby passed
ex-parte. It shall be published for the information of the public through the press and by affixing
copies on the notice board of the offices of all DCs P, Addl. DCs P, ACsP, Tehsil Officer, all
Police Sactions Concerned and the offices of NDMC and MCD.

                                                                        ( Dr. G. Ram Gopal Naik)
                                                                      Asstt. Commissioner of Police
                                                                     Sub-Division Vikas Puri,Delhi
No.              /ACP/VP dated Delhi, the           25-4-2011


          Whereas, a large numbers of commercial places/shops have come up in Delhi, which are popularly known
as Cyber Café and a large number of people visit them to use the facilities available in such places including e-mail

 1. And whereas, it has come to the notice that certain criminal anti-social elements/terrorists are using these
facilities to mislead the security/investigation agencies, create panic in the public, endanger the security of VVIPs
and Govt. Installations, and help in the terrorist activities directly affecting the security of the State

2.      And whereas, it is necessary to take speedy measures in this behalf to prevent danger to human life or
safety, to thwart/prevent terrorist activities, which may affect the security of the state and disturbance of public
and tranquility.

3.       Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred upon the Commissioner of Police Delhi by Section
144 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 read with Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi’s
Notification No. 11036/1/2008-UTL, dated- 31.10.2008 and further delegate to the undersigned vide Govt of
India, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi’s Notification No. 11036/1/2010-UTL, dated 09.09.2010, I, R.C.Saini,
Assistant Commissioner of Police of Sub-Division Ashok Vihar of North-West District, Delhi, do hereby make this
written order, for strict compliance by the owner of such Cyber Cafes in the entire jurisdiction of Sub- Division,
Ashok Vihar, Delhi:-

(a)     Prohibiting the use of Cyber Café by unknown person and whose identity has not been established by the
owner of the café.

(b)      Maintaining a register for identity of the visitor/user.

(c)      Make an entry in the handwriting of the visitor/user mentioning name, address, telephone No. and
identity proof. The visitor/user shall also sign in the register kept for this purpose.

(d)     The identity of the visitor/user shall be established through Card, V.I. Card, R.Card, D.License, Passport
and Photo Credit Card (anyone of them).

(e)      The user of Cyber Cafe are photographed on continuous basis and a record of the same is maintained

(f)     Activity server log should be preserved in main server and its record should be preserved for at least six

(g)      If any activity of the visitor is of a suspicious nature, the owner of the Cyber Café will immediately inform
the P.S.

(h)      Record be maintained about the specific computer used by the person.

4.       These order shall come into force with effect from 22.04.11 shall remain in force for a period of 60 days
up to 20.06.2011 (both days inclusive) unless withdrawn earlier.
5.       Any person contravening this order shall be liable to be punishable under Section 188 of the Indian Penal
6.       As the notice cannot be served individually on all concerned, the order is hereby passed ex-parte. It shall
be published for the information of the public through the press and by affixing copies on the notice board of the
offices of all DCsP, Addl. DCsP, ACsP, Tehsil Offices, all Police Stations concerned and the offices of NDMC and

                                                                                   Assistant Commissioner of Police,
                                                                                    Sub-Division, Ashok Vihar, Delhi.

                                                                                        Dated: 25.04.2011


             There are numerous complaints of illicit selling of liquor and drug
in the various parts of North East Distt. In various public meeting the resident
raised their concerns over this and associated crime.
             To deal with the menace and to have a crackdown over these
antisocial and criminal elements, a massive drive was lunched in the Distt. A
crack cum raiding Team was constituted in each Police Station. Besides this
three separate team were formed under the supervision of the DCP/North East
to conduct raids and apprehends there criminals.

            As a result of this special drive these special team succeeded in
busting various cartel and bootleggers who are selling contrabands. During
last 3 months, as many as 20 persons were arrested under NDPS Act from
whom 33 Kgs. Marijuana and 300 gms. of Heroin has been recovered. Several
drugs user were also apprehended.

            Specials raids were conducted at bootlegger and as a result, more
than 60 bootleggers have been arrested. From them 89.6 Ltr. Loose illicit
liquor, 176 bottles, 558 halves & 2444 quarters of Country Made Liquor (CML)
(“Desi Liquor”) and 37 bottles, 154 halves and 3244 quarters of Indian Made
Foreign Liquor (IMFL) have also been recovered and also 340 bottles of Beer
from the possession of culprits. It is pertinent to mention here that under
Delhi Excise Act selling of illicit liquor is a non-bailable offence. However, more
than 60 persons have been arrested under Delhi Excise Act for drinking in
public place.    This is a criminal offence in which drinker has to face
imprisonment up 3 months and fine which may extended to Rs. 10,000/- or

            Besides, this special emphasis has also been given to spread public
awareness among people through NGOs. A mass awareness campaign is being
planned for mass communication through interactive means like street play,
audio visual aids and mouth to mouth publicity through committed cadre of
NGOs. Efforts for rehabilitation of drug users have also been initiated in this

                                                        (SANJAY KUMAR JAIN) IPS
                                                    DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE
                                                     NORTH EAST DISTRICT, DELHI
                                                                  Date: 25.04.2011



       A team of officers of Crime Branch led by Insp. J.S. Joon and consisting of SI Sumer
Singh, ASI Joginder, HC Deepak, HC Suresh, HC Naresh, HC Raj Kumar, HC Sandeep, Ct.
Anil, Ct. Devidayal, Ct. Ajit and Ct. Pankaj under the supervision of ACP Bir Singh and overall
supervision of Addl. DCP/Crime Sanjay Bhatia have busted a gang of auto lifters.
Four auto lifters have been arrested. One Tata Safari, Two Scorpio, One Travera, Two Indigo,
Two Indica and One Swift Car recovered.

         Information was received on 19/04/2011 by HC Deepak Tyagi that a member of the
gang of auto lifters would be coming to Nand Nagari from Ghaziabad via Bhopara check post in
a stolen car. On specific information a trap was laid and one person identified as Jai Singh @
Ajay (aged 24 years) s/o Dhanna r/o Ashok Nagar, Delhi was apprehended while traveling in a
Scorpio car. The Scorpio car was found to be stolen from the area of PS Shakar Pur.
Subsequently, i) Sanjeev Tomar @ Ganja (aged 30 years) s/o Jagdish Tomar r/o Shahdara,
Delhi, ii) Babbal Aggarwal @ Babloo (aged 37 years) s/o Kanti Chand Prasad r/o Sant Nagar,
Burari, Delhi and iii) Vishnu Aggarwal (aged 49 years) s/o Ram Bahadur Aggarwal r/o Mandoli,
Bank Colony, Delhi were apprehended. 8 other stolen luxury vehicles One Tata Safari, One
Scorpio, One Travera, Two Indigo, Two Indica and One Swift car were recovered from their
possession. Case under the appropriate sections of the law was registered.

        All the accused were subjected to intensive interrogation. It was revealed that Vishnu
Aggarwal has a Motor Vehicle Accessories shop in the name of Car Shringar in a market of
Ghaziabad. He also has a Motor Vehicle workshop. He would purchase total loss vehicle
during auction by Insurance Companies. The demand for procuring a vehicle of the same
model would then be placed on the auto-lifters Sanjeev Tomer @ Ganja and Babbal Aggarwal
@ Babloo. They would then steal the specific model luxury vehicle and give it to Vishnu
Aggarwal. Vishnu Aggarwal and his associates would then cut the engine and chassis number
of the total loss vehicle and fix it on the stolen vehicle. They would then colour the vehicle with
same colour as specified on the Registration Certificate of the vehicle. They also punched the
engine number of the stolen car with the engine number of the total loss vehicle. On the basis
of the documents they would sell this car. Till the time, the vehicle is not sold they would use the
vehicle as a taxi. 3 vehicles stolen from PSs Shakarpur, Safdarjung Enclave and Mangol Puri
have been linked to the recovered vehicles.

       Sanjeev Tomar @ Ganja and Babbal Aggarwal @ Babloo are previously involved in
cases of theft and robbery of Police Stations Model Town, Shalimar Bagh, Mangol Puri,
Shahdara, Uttam Nagar, Frash Bazar, Krishna Nagar, Tilak Nagar, Roop Nagar, Greater
Kailash, Rajouri Garden and Janak Puri, Delhi.

        Concerned local police stations have been informed about their arrest. Further
investigation is in progress.
                                                                     (ASHOK CHAND)
                                                             Dy. Commissioner of Police,
                                                     Crime & Railways: Delhi.
                                                                               as below:-

S.No          FIR No       U/section                   Police Station

1.           82/03         379/392/397/34 IPC          Model Town, Delhi.

2.           82/03         392/397/34 IPC              Shalimar bagh, Delhi.

3.           147/03 411/34 IPC & 25 A Act       Mangolpuri, Delhi.

4.           202/93 411 IPC                     Shahdara, Delhi.

5.           247/93 379/411 IPC                 Shahdara, Delhi.

6.           489/99 457/380/411 IPC             Uttam Nagar, Delhi

7.           272/2000      389/452 IPC                 Farsha Bazar, Delhi.

8.           354/2000      380/452 IPC                 Krishna nagar, Delhi

9.           369/2000      411 IPC                     Krishan Nagar, Delhi

10.          1048/2000     380/411/34 IPC              Tilak nagar, Delhi.

11.          204/2002      457/380 IPC                 Roop nagar, Delhi

12.          555/2002      379 IPC                     Tilak Nagar, Delhi

13.          269/07 411/482/482/34 IPC          Greater kailash, Delhi

14.          500/2007      379 IPC                     Rajouri Garden, Delhi

15.          451/08 379/411 IPC                 Rajouri Garden, Delhi.

16.          279/08 379/411 IPC                 Janakpuri, Delhi.

17.          79/11         392/34 IPC & 25 A Act       Janakpuri, Delhi.

The criminal record of the arrested person Babbal is as below:-

S.No          FIR No       U/section                   Police Station

1.           279/08 379/411 IPC                 Janakpuri, Delhi.

2.           79/11         392/34 IPC & 25 A Act       Janakpuri, Delhi.

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