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									                           Board Meeting Minutes
                  Wabash Valley Human Resources Association

Date:         March 1, 2006

Location:     Terre Haute Savings Bank Board Room

Time:         12:00 Noon

Attendance:   Mike Morris                   Carole Yaw                Kim Miller
              Paul Adams                    Roy Boissy                Jean Bonham
              Cindy Crowder                 Sheila Dinkel             Joe VanDenburg
              John Mace                     Dave Myers                Regina Stearns

Absent:       Barbara Cox                   Dawn Forsman

President Mike Morris welcomed everyone to the meeting.

   Treasurer’s Report
    Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report made by Carole Yaw and seconded by Dave

   Secretary’s Report
    Motion to approve Secretary’s Report made by Carole Yaw and seconded by David

   New Member Applications
    Mike gave report for Barbara. Eight new members will be attending orientation
    scheduled for March 8. There were no new membership applications at this time.

   Committee Reports:

              o    Communication by Sheila Dinkel
                   Contract was signed and Sheila is working with SHRM regarding new
                   website format. We were given four possible launch dates during
                   September or October of this year. We’re hoping for a September

              o    Diversity by Jeanne Bonham
                   No report.

              o    School to Work by Dawn Forsman
                   Dawn provided a handout updating the Board on the School to Work
                   Program which seems to be going very well. Dawn has spoken to
                   several educators and has distributed well over a 100 applications.
                   The response from the students is engaging, passionate and eager to
                   find out more. The grade level ranges from students approaching
                   sophomore through senior year.

              o    Community Relations by Cindy Crowder
                   No report.

              o    Programs by Joe VanDenburg and John Mace
                   Jean Bonham suggested Pete Jones, Excel for a presentation on
                   Diversity Programs. Actual presentation would be given by Carolyn

                   John Mace received information on the Speakers’ Bureau at the State
                   Leadership Conference. John and Joe will look into utilizing that
                   service for upcoming meetings. Roundtable discussions will be used
                   as a backup for any meeting in which we do not have a presenter.

              o    Legislative by Carole Yaw
                   Carole Yaw distributed information urging HR Representatives to
                   contact their state representative to oppose House Bill 1028. This
                   legislation would prohibit employers from setting policies and
                   procedures that protect their employees and customers while on
                   company property. Specifically, the bill would prohibit employers
                   from establishing policies that prevent employees and patrons from
                   storing firearms in their vehicle while on private property, particularly
                   an employer’s parking lot.

              o    Foundation by Dave Myers
                   No report.

              o    Professional Development
                   We need a chairperson for this position. Paul Adams was asked to
                   consider the opportunity.

   Old Business

              o    February Meeting Feedback
                   Joe reported that feedback was average, nothing really outstanding to

              o    State Leadership Conference Feedback
                   Everyone felt leadership conference was valuable. Mike announced
                   that Milton was no longer the Regional Director for personal reasons.

              o    By Laws
                   A subcommittee was formed (Kim Miller, Dave Myers, and Mike
                   Morris) to review and revise by laws.

             o     Ambassadors
                   Kim LaGrange and Candace Almond have volunteered to be

             o     Newsletter Articles
                   Board members are asked to submit an article by March 15.
                   Forwarding an article written by someone else is acceptable.

   New Business

             o     Chapter Activity Plan
                   Mike provided handouts of 2006 SHRM Chapter Achievement Plan.
                   Please review and be ready to discuss at the next Board Meeting, as we
                   would like to work towards the Superior Award for the Chapter.

             o     June Chapter Meeting Location
                   Kahn Room will not be available for June Meeting. There are two
                   other options at Rose Hulman. Karen Green has also offered a room at
                   Maryland Community Church on U.S. 46, Terre Haute. Kim and
                   Karen would assume responsibility of providing a catering. Board
                   decided that it would be nice to accept Karen’s offer and have June
                   Meeting at Maryland Community Church.

             o     Workforce Readiness Committee
                   We discussed the need for a Workforce Readiness Committee. A job
                   description was requested. It was suggested that Dawn Forsman’s
                   position title be changed to Workforce Readiness. Discussion tabled
                   for next Board Meeting.

             o     Revenue Share
                   Our revenue share from the state was $160.45.

             o     HR Games – April 21st and 22nd
                   The following people will be attending the games: Mike Morris, Kim
                   LaGrange, Carole Yaw and Cindy Crowder.

                   Mike has requested consideration for financial support for attending
                   the HR Games for himself and one room for students for two nights.

                   Motion to approve both requests made by Kim Miller and seconded by
                   Dave Myers.

             o     National SHRM Conference
                  Carole Yaw and Cindy Crowder will be presenting at the National
                  SHRM Conference. It’s quit an honor and the Board is very proud of
                  their upcoming event.

                  Carole and Cindy will share a hotel room. The National SHRM
                  Student Chapter will cover the cost of a hotel room for two nights.
                  Carole requested the Board to consider covering the cost of the last
                  two nights.

                  Motion to approve both requests made by Kim Miller and seconded by
                  Dave Myers.

              o   Next State Council Meeting - April 7th
                  Mike will be attending.

              o   Upcoming Events
                   March 8th Chapter Meeting
                     Speaker: Carolyn T. Roberts, Diversity Consultant with Vigo
                              County School
                     Topic: Diversity Program – Win Balance
                     Sponsor: None

                     Eastern Indiana HR Association Leadership Conference – May
                      19th in Richmond, Indiana

                      See Mike Morris for details.

   Other

              o   Secretarial coverage needed for April and May Boarding Meetings.
                  Sheila Dinkel agreed to provide coverage and Kim Miller volunteered
                  to be back-up.

              o   Membership email addresses.
                  We have eight members with invalid email address in the membership
                  directory. Letters were sent to individual’s business address that was
                  on file with only one person responding to date.

              o   Scholarships
                  Cindy will get information out regarding scholarships. Decision as to
                  who will receive scholarships will occur in April.

Meeting adjourned at 12:55 PM.

The next meeting will be Wednesday April 5, 2006 at Terre Haute Savings Bank.
Respectfully Submitted,
Regina Stearns, PHR, SHRM
WVHRA Secretary

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