Letter of Employment Termination

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									This is a template for drafting a letter to an employee regarding termination of
employment. The letter sets forth the essential information including the date of
termination, the reasons for termination, and details regarding compensation and
benefits to which the employee is entitled. This document sets forth a standard format
and may be customized to fit the specific needs of the employer. It should be used by
employers when terminating an employee.
               Gross insubordination.

               Sexual harassment in violation of Policy No. ___.

               Your use of company property for personal use.

               Your disclosure of the Company’s proprietary information or trade secrets in
               violation of Policy No.___.

               Your involvement with illegal activities while on the job.

       Your inability to adequately perform your duties as expected, and as you have been
       informed during counseling sessions on ___[Date] and ___[Date].

Attached, please find documents [or You will receive separately documents] that outline your
rights for filing for COBRA benefits for the continuation of your group health and/or life
insurance benefits.

You are entitled to compensation for services rendered up to the effective date of termination,
and we have, therefore, attached your final check.

You may be eligible for unemployment benefits, however, please be advised that ___ [Company
Name] has the right to dispute such claim.

Please ensure that all company property is immediately returned. Our records indicate that you
have in your possession the following company property:

       Identification badge / keys or key cards.

       ___ [Other property]

       ___ [Other property]

Questions regarding your termination should be directed to ___ [Name/Title].



/___[Drafter and Typist Initials]

cc: ___ [Name and Title of Persons Copied (if none, delete this line)]

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