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									This is a template for drafting a letter to a job applicant regarding the applicant's
scheduled interview with an employer. The letter provides a brief overview of the
company, sets forth some of the benefits of working for the company, and contains a job
description. It also includes the details of the applicant's interview including the date,
time, location, and documentation the applicant should bring. This document provides a
standard format and may be customized to fit the specific needs of the employer. It
should be used by employers when scheduling interviews with job applicants.
Please bring the following information and/or materials with you to this interview:

      Two printed copies of your resume.
      A list of your professional references with contact information.
      A copy of any licenses or certificates you currently hold.
      Two forms of identification.

The interview described above is the first step in our recruitment process. Should you be
considered further for the position, you can expect to complete the following additional
recruitment steps:

      An individual interview with ___[Title] [Or can be a panel interview, with several titles.]
      A panel interview with department heads of ___[List Departments].
      A final individual interview with ___[Title].

Qualified candidates who complete the steps in the recruitment process outlined above will also
need to complete a background screening, and a pre-employment drug screening.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled interview, please contact me by phone at ___[Phone
Number with Area Code], or by e-mail at ___[Email Address], as quickly as possible. If you are
no longer interested in being considered for this position, we would appreciate it if you would let
us know immediately, so that we may pursue other interested candidates.

Thank you again for your interest in XYZ Company. We look forward to learning more about
you and your skills and qualifications.

Thank you.



/___[Drafter and Typist Initials]

Enclosures: ___[Titles of Any Documents Enclosed (if none, delete this line)]

cc: ___[Name and Title of Persons Copied (if none, delete this line)]

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