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                CCTV User Group                                  (Please Note; only written bookings will be accepted)
        Spring 2006 Seminar and Exhibition                       By Fax:          01252 514879
              “CCTV – IMAGINE”                                   Or by Post:      11, Ettrick Court                           Seminar, Delegates Workshops,
     The Liverpool Marriott South - Speke Hotel                                   Cross Street, Farnborough                       Forums and Exhibition
     Monday 3rd Tuesday 4th Wednesday 5th April                                   Hants GU14 6BQ                                (Including 2 nights accommodation)
     Review of the Information Commissioner‟s
                  Code of Practice
                                                                                                                                “CCTV – IMAGINE”
    The Home Office National Strategy for CCTV                   On Line
                                                                                                                                    CCTV – THE FUTURE?
        City Centre Regeneration and CCTV
    What happens after Licensing – The next stages
                                                                 Seminar Fees – Delegates / Partners                        Operator Licensing is now with us, but it is only
                                                                      Registration, Supper, Networking Evening – 3rd         the beginning of the „Professional‟ Journey
      The State of the Nations CCTV systems
                                                                      Bed, Breakfast 3rd and 4th
                     Workshops                                                                                               The Home Office and ACPO are developing a
                                                                      Conference Dinner on 4th
                                                                                                                            National Strategy for CCTV – What approach
                    Case Studies                                      Entrance to Seminar / Exhibition 4thand 5th
    A separate booking form (or photocopy) needs to be                                                                                      are they taking
                                                                      Coffee, Tea and Lunch both days, Delegates Packs
  completed for each delegate attending the Seminar. Please                                                                    The Information Commissioner‟s Review
 complete this form with First name and Last name for use on     Please tick appropriate box:
                      all name badges.                           Members Fees (2 Nights)                    £ 360.00            What have the consultations revealed?
            Email Correspondence is preferred.
                                                                 Partners Supplement                                             CCTV – THE OPORTUNITIES
Name of Delegate:                                                (Dinner, Bed & Breakfast (Per Night)       £ 60.00           New developments in anomaly recognition
Organisation:                                                    Additional Night                                               CCTV and City Centre Regeneration
                                                                 (Bed / Breakfast Per Night)                £ 105.00                 CCTV in the Retail Sector
Job Title                                                        Exhibitors Fees                                               Integrating Housing and City Systems
                                                                 (Inc. Display Stand and 1 Delegate)        £ 510.00
Address:                                                                                                                              CCTV – INITIATIVES
                                                                 Please note; Due to a continuing increase in numbers            Operator Performance Research
                                                                 and limitations on rooms and facilities, attendance for
                                                                 delegates and exhibitors is restricted to Members              Monitoring of small remote systems
E-Mail                                                           Exhibitors are requested to limit delegates to two to       ANPR – Taking a National Approach (TBC)
                                                                 ensure maximum attendance of end users                           USER GROUP INITIATIVES
Note – Invoices will be sent to the delegates address with             PAYMENT IN ADVANCE PLEASE!                                   UK CCTV Standards Board
further details of the conference programme. It is the                                                                           Compare your control room “Online”
named delegate‟s responsibility to ensure prompt payment.            Hotel Reservations and attendance will not be
Notice of cancellation.                                                  confirmed until payment is received.                    CCTV Systems survey - Implications
In the event of cancellation we must still charge the                                                                                      WORKSHOPS
individual the full fees unless we have people on a waiting
list who can take your place.
                                                                 VAT @ 17.5%………………………….£                                              More Choice – Smaller groups
We emphasise that the programme is presented in good             Total ………………………………… £
faith but in its draft format and we must reserve the right to
                                                                     A VAT invoice will be sent to the delegate‟s address       Mon 3rd / Tues 4th / Wed 5th April
amend it without prior notice.
                                                                                                                               The Liverpool Marriott Hotel - Speke
Conference Theme – “IMAGINE”                                                      TUESDAY MORNING SESSION                                   WEDNESDAY MORNING SESSION
The CCTV User Group is unique in that it is the only CCTV            Welcome by Chairman Mike Withers / Opening remarks                    “IMAGINE” – CCTV - INITIATIVES
User Group that represents the diversity of users of CCTV.           “IMAGINE” – CCTV – THE FUTURE??                                       The Code of Practice Review – Results of Consultation
Whilst our predominant membership is approx. 200 Local               Life after Licensing? – The next Stages – Skills for Security         Jonathan Bamford – Asst Information Commissioner
Authorities, no matter whether it is in the town centre,             Stefan Hay – Director of Strategic Development                        CCTV in the Shopping Centres and Retail Environment
universities, health trusts, transport, authorities, commercial or
                                                                     ANPR – A new National Approach                                        Des Roche – Stratford Shopping Centre
retail concerns, we can always learn from other‟s experiences.
                                                                     Speaker - To be Advised - ACPO ANPR Working Party                     CCTV - Remote Monitoring of small systems
The conference theme emphasises this by asking delegates to
                                                                     Integrating Housing Concierge and City Centre Systems                 New practical Initiatives from BT Redcare.
“IMAGINE” what changes may be necessary in the
                                                                     John Broomfield –Nottingham City Council                              A National Strategy for CCTV?
management and operation of CCTV systems in the future,
the opportunities available and case studies of varied systems       The User Group has always seen the licensing of operators as          Garry Parkins – The Home Office
                                                                     the first stage on a long journey to recognise the professionalism    User Group Initiatives, National System survey Results
Networking                                                           in the management and operation of Public Space Surveillance.         Peter Fry
We consider the networking aspect of the conferences to be           Stefan will be setting out the approach of „Skills for Security‟ in   Jonathan Bamford and his colleagues attended the
critical to their overall success and many delegates have            developing new National Occupational Standards and                    inaugural meeting of the UK CCTV Standards Board to
commented that they obtain different, but equal benefit from an      qualification and training needs to provide career development.       seek their collective wisdom, in a structured brainstorming
informal discussion with colleagues, speakers and exhibitors         Following its‟ original success in Northants ANPR is now a            session, for the review of their CCTV Code of Practice. We
over dinner as well as the speaker‟s presentations.                  prime tool in the toolbox for „Intelligence led Policing‟. An         anticipate he will reveal the draft review of his CoP.
Golf - Be Prepared Trophy (Networking in „The Open‟!!)               ACPO ANPR working party has been looking at the viability of          Whilst private property, shopping centres are often seen as
The Be Prepared Golf Cup Challenge will take place on                interlinking systems on a national scale and the implications.        ‟Public Spaces‟, and with bars and clubs face many of the
Monday 3 October 2005 at Woolton Golf Club, Doe Park, Speke          John Broomfield has had the unenviable task of integrating the        problems associated with the Town/City Centres. So what
Road, Woolton, Liverpool See                  City Centre CCTV system with his housing system in a purpose          are the differences and is there any change in approach?
Sandwiches will be available in the bar from 1 p.m. and tee off      built control room facility which many managers would envy.           At previous conferences we have seen the use of phone
will be at 2 p.m.                                                    But what were the issues involved and are there fundamental           boxes as camera platforms but a new initiative from BT
                                                                     differences in monitoring techniques for each sector?                 provides a far more flexible use of this infrastructure in
The fee to enter will be £30 per person. Please advise Don if you
                                                                     TUESDAY AFTERNOON SESSION                                             terms of CCTV surveillance for use in remote locations.
wish to take part ( giving your mobile
number and handicap if you have one. Unfortunately, if               “IMAGINE” – CCTV – THE OPPORTUNITIES                                  After the July bombings ACPO presented a position paper to
you need to cancel within two weeks of the tournament payment                                                                              the Home Office identifying the need for a National Strategy
                                                                     CCTV in City Centre Regeneration, the opportunities
will still be required.                                                                                                                    for CCTV. A small working party is considering the issues.
                                                                     Mike Birchnall – Asst Executive Director Regeneration
                                                                                                                                           Garry Parkins (Home Office) will outline the issues involved.
MONDAY EVENING                                                       Watching the watchers - Operator Performance
                                                                                                                                            WORKSHOPS AND DISCUSSION FORUM
Registration takes place on the Monday afternoon to be followed      Hina Keval – University College London
by a introduction to the conference activities and news of latest                                                                          The debates in the workshops after each of the sessions have
                                                                     Anomaly Recognition – The possibilities and the potential
User Group activities by the Director. This is followed by an                                                                              been voted one of the major benefits of the conferences,
                                                                     Paul Main – Clearview Communications
informal buffet supper providing networking opportunities,                                                                                 raising issues worthy of further discussion in our search to
                                                                     Liverpool the „City of Culture‟ is undergoing massive investment      identify „Best Value‟ and develop „User Group‟ Policy.
enabling us to get off to an early flying start on the Tuesday
                                                                     and re-generation and the opportunity has been taken following
morning. Delegates strongly appreciated the discussion forums /                                                                            They are facilitated by members of the “UK CCTV Standards
                                                                     £6.5m grant from the Home Office to install a new „state of the
workshops at previous conferences and so of course they are a                                                                              Board” who will provide delegates with an opportunity to
                                                                     art‟ CCTV system. Mike outlines the relationship and
fundamental part of the programme.                                                                                                         share their own experiences and raise issues in a more
                                                                     opportunities between regeneration and crime reduction.
Conference Hot Buffet Supper                                                                                                               informal arena on topics currently under review by the Board.
                                                                     Hina attended the last conference at Bristol and several managers
Conference fees include all meals and accommodation and the                                                                                There will be separate workshops for „Novices‟ and the
                                                                     agreed to her carrying out a research project on their operator
Buffet Suppers on the Monday and Tuesday evenings.                                                                                         old hands, and others cover such issues as ANPR, Digital
                                                                     performance. Her paper has been published and she will outline
   In fact there is so much going on throughout the 3 days,                                                                                Recording, Image Quality, Training and Licensing etc.
                                                                     the issues involved and her findings.
                              Including many opportunities to                                                                              An Open Forum enables
                                                                     Since the London bombings there has been increased interest in
                             network with your colleagues and                                                                              delegates to raise any issues,
                                                                     anomaly detection to assist operators identify incidents.
                                     fellow professionals                                                                                  spontaneously or in writing
                                                                     Clearview will outline what is achievable now and the potential.
                              „You just can‟t afford to miss it‟                                                                           beforehand.

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