Assignment by hedongchenchen


									                             Moodle Step-by-Step Assignment

  1. Your Moodle course may contain Assignment dropboxes to provide for submitting written

  2. Each Moodle Assignment will display the Assignment icon and the assignment title.

     This example displays two Assignment dropboxes – one titled: Research Paper – Single File
     and one titled Research Paper – Advanced Assignment.

  3. There are two types of Assignment dropboxes in Moodle

           Single Assignment – allows for only 1 document to be uploaded

           Advance Assignment – allows for multiple documents to be uploaded and for
           documents to be reviewed by faculty and returned to the student.

           This document will cover uploading to both Assignment dropboxes.

Single File Upload
                                                               Click the title of the

                                                               The submission form will open.

                                                                  1. Read the instructions

                                                                  2. Click browse to find
                                                                     your document
Locate the document you are
submitting on your computer
and click Open.

With the title of the document
in the field click the Upload this
file button.

You will receive a Successful
File uploaded message.

The submission is complete.
                       Advanced File upload is a
Advanced File Upload   more rebust activity.

                       This activity allows for multiple
                       documents to be submitted to
                       the Assignment dropbox.

                       This activity also allows for
                       drafts to be submitted. The
                       faculty may review the draft,
                       make comments and
                       corrections, and then return it
                       to the student.

                       When the document is in final
                       form it is submitted for grading.

                       To upload the document in
                       Draft form – click browse and
                       locate the document on your

                       Click the Open button.

                       With the title of the document
                       in the field click the Upload this
                       file button.
   1. Title of your document
      will appear.

   2. If you have more than
      one document click
      browse and upload the
      additional document for
      the assignment.

   3. Documents must be
      uploaded one at a time.

   4. If you wish to write a
      note to be submitted
      with the assignment
      click on Edit button.

If the document will be
reviewed and returned for
revision –

Do Not Click the Send for
Marking button.

If this is a draft the submission
is completed.

Use the course breadcrumbs
to return exit the submission
form and return to the course.
Use the course breadcrumbs
to exit the submission form
and return to the course.

When you are ready to submit
the assignment for grading –
follow the same directions to
upload your final draft.

When the document is
uploaded click on Submit for
marking button.

Moodle will confirm that you
wish to submit the document
for marking.

Click Yes to submit for

Submission is completed.

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