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					Spring 2006 to Spring 2007                                  CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT PLAN                                                                                                 PAGE 1

CAMPUS: F.M. Gilbert Elementary                                                                APPROVED BY
                                                                                               DIRECTOR ELEM./SEC.:
PRINCIPAL TYPED NAME: Michael A. Crotty                                                        CIC CHAIRPERSON TYPED NAME: Chris Johnson
SIGNATURE:                                                     DATE:                           SIGNATURE:                                                            DATE:
           Develop a school culture that encourages all students to prepare for education beyond high school and use various technologies in the classroom as a
           catalyst for such focus.
           Achieve an exemplary District rating in Texas with each campus achieving a rating above ―Academically Acceptable‖ and meeting No Child Left Behind
           (NCLB) standards.

                                      Enhance and increase parent involvement as it relates to positive student academic achievement and measure this
                                      involvement annually.

                             Increase parent attendance to events and participation in conferences by an additional 10%

PROGRESS/RESULTS (end of year):

CURRENT CAMPUS ACCOUNTABILITY RATING:                                                                                        DATE OF CIC MEETING TO APPROVE:
  EXEMPLARY      RECOGNIZED         ACCEPTABLE                                        LOW PERFORMING                         CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT PLAN:

TARGET GROUPS:          G/T – gifted/talented;   C & T – career & technology;   LEP – limited English proficient;     AtR – at-risk;       Dys-Dyslexia;   504;      SpEd – Special Education

                                                                                       STAFF/OTHER                  TIMELINE             RESOURCES
  =                  STRATEGIES INCLUDING                              TARGET                                                                                    EVIDENCE OF MONITORING/
                                                                                         PERSONS                     START/            NEEDED: HUMAN
                    PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT                            GROUP                                                                                           ATTAINMENT
                                                                                       RESPONSIBLE                    END              MATERIAL FISCAL
            Support the role of parents in the area of                 All            Campus                  Spring 2006-             Staff time, training   Membership of IISD Parent
            homework and foster learning at home by                    parents,       administrators          Spring 2007              for campus leaders     Advisory Council
            encouraging teachers to prepare and assign                 campus                                                          about homework
            homework based on one of several homework                  leaders                                                         models, training at
            models such as Teachers Involve Parents in                 and                                                             campus for parents,
            Homework (TIPS) model.                                     teachers                                                        materials to share
                                                                                                                                       information, Title 1
                                                                                                                                       parent involvement
                                                                                                                                       funds/SCE funds
Spring 2006 to Spring 2007                        CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT PLAN                                                                            PAGE 2

        Participate in the development of a network for     Parents of    Counselors,         Spring 2006-   Staff time             Agendas and sign-in sheets,
        parent support during school transitions (e.g.      5 grade       Principals,         Spring 2007                           parent teams (3-5) to mentor
        elementary to middle school; middle school to       students      Office of                                                 new parents
        high school).                                                     Parent/Student

        Identify and initiate action to remove any          All parents   Principals,         Spring 2006-   Staff time,            Needs Assessment about
        barriers to effective parent involvement and                      Counselors,         Spring 2007    technology, Title 1-   barriers conducted and
        consider alternatives for those parents who are                   Staff,                             parent involvement     analyzed
        unable to participate at a school site during                     Irving IISD staff                  money
        regular school hours (e.g. home visits,                                                                                     Schedule of options for
        alternative scheduling, etc…)                                                                                               parent involvement outside
                                                                                                                                    school day from each

                                                                                                                                    Levels of Parent
                                                                                                                                    Involvement information on
                                                                                                                                    IISD website
        Utilize parental/involvement choice provisions of   All parents   Principals, IISD    Spring 2006-   Staff time, training   Media/communication
        No Child Left Behind, including communication                     Staff (Director     Spring 2007    about NCLB             products
        with parents about teacher certification, home-                   of Personnel,                      requirements,
        school compacts, and campus and student                           Director of                        training on Home-      Revised home-school
        performance information.                                          Special                            School compacts        compact
        Review and revise Home-School compact                                                                Title 1-A

        Promote a variety of communication systems for      All parents   Principals, IISD    Spring 2006-   Training for campus    Report from each campus
        campuses to inform parents about parent                           Staff               2007           leaders about          regarding media used for
        involvement including: newsletters, notices,                                                         communication and      communication with parents
        phone trees, voicemail, after-school programs,                                                       parent involvement     about parent involvement
        websites, email, and home visits.
        Increase regular two-way communication              All parents   Principals,         Spring 2006-   Training for           Increase in parents who
        between home and school including effective                       Teachers            Spring 2007    teachers about         report receiving positive
        teacher/parent conferences; opportunities for                                                        effective              phone calls from teachers
        parents to be involved in campus decision                                                            teacher/parent         and who report good
        making; phone calls reporting positive student                                                       conferences            parent/teacher conferences,
        behavior and achievement.                                                                                                   parent evaluation
Spring 2006 to Spring 2007                        CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT PLAN                                                                         PAGE 3

        Offer diversity training related to parent         Parents,      Principals,       Spring 2006-   Title 1-A Parent     Documentation of training
        involvement—for parents, volunteers, and IISD      Volunteers    Director of       Spring 2007    Involvement          events.
        personnel including information about: effective   IISD staff    Staff
        communication techniques, effective parent-                      Development
        teacher conferences, successful strategies for
        getting parents involved in their child’s
        education, parent involvement at different
        stages of child’s life and annual goal setting
        about school.

        Sponsor TAKS Information Nights:                   All           Teachers          9/2006-        Organization of      Increased % of students
            One night specifically for parents of         students      Administrators    5/2007         family nights        passing TAKs.
               Grade 3 and 5 in order to explain           grades K-     PTA board                        (planning and
               Student Success Initiative and              5 including   Counselors                       preparation)         Increased parent
               expectations.                               G/T, LEP,     Title I                          Materials            involvement in school
            One night for the required public             ARI,          Instructional                    Title 1 funds        activities as determined by
               meeting to report and discuss the State     SpEd, At-     Specialist                       PTA funds            sign-in sheets.
               Campus AEIS Report Card results from        Risk, Econ
               2006.                                       Dis,
            Other TAKS nights based on math,              Migrant
               reading, and writing.
        Other parent involvement nights, one for each      All           Teachers          9/2006-        Organization of      Increased % of students
        six week period, include the following:            students      Administrators    5/2007         parent involvement   passing TAKS.
             1 6 weeks: Meet the Teacher Night
                                                           grades K-     PTA board                        nights (planning
             2 6 weeks: Family Library Night,
                                                           5 including   Counselors                       and preparation)     Increased parent
                Parent Computer Class                      G/T, LEP,     Title I                          Materials            involvement in school
             3 6 weeks: Family Math Night
                 rd                                        ARI,          Instructional                    Title 1 funds        activities as determined by
             4 6 weeks: Parent Computer Class             SpEd, At-     Specialist                       PTA funds            sign-in sheets

             5 6 weeks: A Book and a Bite Family
                 th                                        Risk, Econ
                Reading Night                              Dis,
             6 6 weeks: Spring Family Picnic
                 th                                        Migrant

        Develop the Gilbert Parent Compact to              All           Parent            8/2006-        Time                 Distribute compact with
        effectively increase home support for student      parents,      Advisory          9/2006         Materials            distribution of Gilbert Parent
        academic progress.                                 All           Committee,                                            Handbook
                                                           students      Administrators,
                                                           K-5           Teachers,                                             Monitor teacher use of
                                                           Teachers      Student                                               compact as a living-
                                                                         commitee                                              agreement vs. a signed,
                                                                                                                               forgotten document
Spring 2006 to Spring 2007                       CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT PLAN                                                                     PAGE 4

        Maintain consistent means of communicating        All           Administrators   9/2006-        Campus budget      Increased % of students
        school and student information to parents and     students      Teachers         5/2007         PTA funds          passing TAKS
        community: classroom newsletters, school web      grades K-     Office Staff
        site, school marquee, monthly parent calendars,   5 including   PTA                                                Increased parent
        weekly flyers sent home, TV scrolling screen,     G/T, LEP,                                                        involvement in school
        brochure holder in foyer, and phone calls.        ARI,                                                             activities as determined by
                                                          SpEd, At-                                                        sign-in sheets
                                                          Risk, Econ

        Schedule parent conferences with every parent     All           Teachers         October 2006   Time               Sign-in sheets
        in the fall semester.                             students
                                                          grades K-                                                        Student achievement on
                                                          5 including                                                      TAKS
                                                          G/T, LEP,
                                                          SpEd, At-
                                                          Risk, Econ
        Re-establish and re-vitalize the                  All parents   Administrators   11/2006-       Latino Literacy    Increased % of students
        Volunteer/Parent Center in our school for         All tudents   Teachers         5/2007         Library            passing TAKS
        various parent activities:                        grades K-     PTA board                       PTA funds
              Latino Family Literacy Project             5             Office Staff                    Campus Budget      Increased parent
              Coffee and Conversation with the                         Parents                         Comp. Ed. Funds    involvement in school
                 Principal                                              Counselors                                         activities as determined by
              Tips and Strategies for Effective                                                                           sign-in sheets
              ESL classes
              Volunteer Workforce time
        Continue the annual career day for students,      All           Teachers         5/2007         Schedule for day   Number of
        using parent and community volunteers.            students      Administrators                  Organization of    parents/volunteers at career
                                                          grades K-     Volunteers                      event              day—sign in sheets
                                                          5 including   Counselors                      SCE funds
                                                          G/T, LEP,     PTA
                                                          SpEd, At-
                                                          Risk, Econ
Spring 2006 to Spring 2007                       CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT PLAN                                                         PAGE 5

        Evaluate current business/partnership with   All           CIC members      9/2006-   Advertise on web   Increase the number of PIE
        Verizon and seek additional partnerships.    students      Administrators   5/2007    site/building      contacts
                                                     grades K-     Teachers
                                                     5 including   PTA board                  Communication
                                                     G/T, LEP,                                with CIC & PTA
                                                     SpEd, At-
                                                     Risk, Econ
Spring 2006 to Spring 2007   CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT PLAN                                        PAGE 6

  =                            TARGET   STAFF/OTHER   TIMELINE     RESOURCES       EVIDENCE OF
Complete                        GROUP      PERSONS      START/    NEEDED: HUMAN     MONITORING/
                                         RESPONSIBLE     END      MATERIAL FISCAL   ATTAINMENT
Spring 2006 to Spring 2007   CAMPUS IMPROVEMENT PLAN   PAGE 7

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