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					strategic marketing | branding | public relations

focused | experienced | connected

                                           Introducing the EXCITE MARKETING TEAM, an independent strategic
                                    marketing, branding and public relations agency focused on the professional
                                        services, real estate, manufacturing, technology and healthcare sectors.

                                         The Excite Marketing Team was founded in 1999 by Pamela McElrath who
                                     took a leap of faith to build an agency based on her own vision, not someone
                                        elseʼs. To accomplish this goal, she elected to use the successful model she
                                    had developed while working internationally for two global manufacturers. It
                                    is this fundamentally unique business model that separates Excite from other
                                                               marketing, advertising and public relations agencies.

                                    Unlike the traditional agency, with expansive layers of bureaucracy and a top‑
                                          down approach, everyone on the Excite Marketing Team is a first‑string
                                      player with high levels of international expertise in various disciplines. This
                                     means that we bring resources and solutions directly to our clients to create
                                             multi‑platform marketing, branding, and public relations campaigns
                                                                                 to ultimately achieve their goals.

                                     The Excite Marketing Team offers each client a unique and individualized ap‑
                                    proach to strategic positioning, marketing plans, advertising, website design,
                                    marketing materials, social and on‑line media, public relations, special events
                                     and networking connections. With our unparalleled resources, business con‑
                                      tacts, media knowledge and experience, we are able to consistently deliver
                                    real‑world solutions to better serve our customers. We invest ourselves in our
                                              clients and never lose sight of their marketing goals and objectives.

    Excite works with you to make sure all of
  your programs and campaigns work in harmony
      to drive sales and meet business goals.
                                           DELIVER MORE
                                          THAN PROMISED
                      It’s part of our novel approach to business.
                                                                       OUR VISION
To provide the best strategic marketing and public relations with higher quality service
                                 and creativity, better results and greater overall value.

                       Itʼs an obvious fact, but one sometimes overlooked by agencies:
                  we are here to serve our clients. We exist only because of our clients.

                         So rather than focus on winning awards (although we have),
  the Excite Marketing Team™ delivers what the client needs. We work as your partner
               ̶part of your company team̶to provide in‑depth marketing counsel
                                     with sound strategic planning as a starting point.

 We have developed the EMT Strategic Partnership, a federation of seasoned, creative
 professionals who work with us to provide you with the services you need. Unencum‑
bered by large, in‑house departments, we can concentrate on recommending the right
                   mix of marketing tools instead of cross‑selling our agencyʼs services.

  From strategic planning and brand development to collateral materials and print pro‑
     duction, from advertising and public relations to trade shows and special events to
Internet and social media, Excite Marketing Team has the resources and capabilities to
                                                  deliver virtually any service you need.

                                                                             The result?
     Powerful, strategic marketing, advertising and public relations that deliver results
                                             where you need them̶your bottom line.

focused | experienced | connected

                  MAKE YOUR
               MARKETING COUNT
                     Hire a partner who connects the dots.
                      HOW WE WORK
                      The success of the Excite Marketing Team centers on evaluating the relationship between
                      our clients and their target audiences.

                      We draw on deep experience, insights, and relationships to provide fresh thinking, clear
                      and compelling communications, and access to leading media and centers of influence in
                      key business, government and non‑profit sectors.

                      Whether you choose to raise brand awareness, increase profits, introduce a new product or
                      business, or connect with potential business partners or channels of distribution, Excite pro‑
                      vides connections that speak directly to your clientele to achieve lasting results.

                      WHAT WE PROVIDE
                      Backed by decades of proven performances, we have great capacity for analyzing organi‑
                      zational structure and formulating viable strategies that advance our clientsʼ objectives.

                      With the EMT Strategic Partnership, we have access to some of the regionʼs best‑in‑class
                      communications resources.

                      We further define the term “grass tops influence” with our reach into the spheres of decision
                      making in our region's business, government and nonprofit sectors.

                      We are a firm known for outstanding connections, whether you want to connect to po‑
                      tential clients, centers of influence, potential business partners, or the media. Our con‑
                      nections include key networking and targeted business introductions, and regional and
                      national media.

                      Excite Marketing Team connections directly
                      play into all of our efforts on behalf of our clients.
                                             OUR WORKING SPECIALTIES
                      The true nature of marketing today is no longer just about serving
                     the customer. In order to become truly successful, a company must
                       become competitor‑oriented. It must look for weak points in the
                      position of its competitors and then launch marketing campaigns
                                                              against those weak points.

                      Unlike many agencies that offer a “one plan fits all” approach, the
                       Excite Marketing Team will partner with you and your staff to de‑
                     velop effective, goal‑oriented, integrated marketing and public re‑
                      lations strategies tailored just for your market and your company.

A PASSION FOR QUALITY                  It’s the way we work.
       Our working specialties include but are not limited to:

                                           STRATGIC POSITIONING
                                  MARKETING STRATEGY & PLANS
                                              MARKET RESEARCH
                                           MARKETING MATERIALS
                                               PUBLIC RELATIONS
                                   EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS
                                   CRISIS ISSUES & MANAGEMENT
                                   MEDIA RELATIONS & TRAINING
                                              DIRECT MARKETING
                                BRAND DEVELOPMENT & BUILDING
                                  NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS
                            INTERNET MARKETING & SOCIAL MEDIA

focused | experienced | connected

                                        “Excite Marketing Team has done more for
                                         me—both personally and professionally—
                                               than could ever be measured
                                                  in dollars and cents.”
                                                              Emily Sterling, Partner, Sterling Bilder

                     “Pamela McElrath was held in the highest regard
                     throughout the ERNI organization worldwide. This
                     is why she was chosen to lead the international
                    team to define and develop the company’s identity
                          and website for all of the ERNI Group.”
                                      Walter Regli, Chairman, The ERNI Companies Zurich, Switzerland

            A WORD FROM
                OUR CLIENTS
         “Excite’s approach was completely different.
    Pamela McElrath provided a clear focus and continuity
                   to our business process—
               very professional and creative.”
           Del Konnor, President & CEO, Pharmaceutical Care Management Association, Washington, DC

    “When recommending a marketing and public relations
  firm, there is only one choice: Excite Marketing Team.”
       James L. Perkins, Administrator, West End Orthopaedic Clinic & former Vice President, HCA Hospitals
A Representative Client List

Brandermill Country Club
Fordʼs Colony at Williamsburg             AVIATION
Goodstein Development Corporation         ERNI Airlight
The Jefferson Hotel                        MANUFACTURING & TECHNOLOGY
Johannas Design Group                     American Filtrona Corporation
LandAmerica Information Company           Cottrell Communications
The Omni Richmond Hotel                   Dollinger Corporation
Piedmont Realty Development LLC           Dollinger Canada Ltd
Prince William County Department          Dollinger Ireland
     of Economic Development                                                   STATE AGENCIES/ MISCELLANEOUS
                                          The ERNI Group
Real Estate Strategies L.L.P                                                   ARC
                                          ERNI Airlight
Sterling‑Bilder Development                                                    Greig Leach Fine Art
                                          ERNI Components, Inc. USA
The National Park Foundation                                                   Metro Richmond Emergency Communication
                                          ERNI Elektroapparate GmbH
The National Theater                                                                 Officer Recruitment Initiative
                                          ERNI Asia Pty
Smart Development LLC                                                
                                          ERNI Australia Pty
TIMMONS                                                                        Virginia Department of Agriculture
                                          VRCO, Inc.
Woolfolk Medical Group                                                         Virginia Department of Health
                                          ENTERTAINMENT/MUSIC                  Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Woolfolk Properties, Inc.
                                          The National Theater                 Workforce One
                                          FINANCIAL/CONSULTING/               PUBLIC UTILITIES
Broughton Systems Inc.
                                          PROFESSIONAL SERVICES               Pacific Gas & Electric
Core Consulting
                                          Cottrell Communications             Dominion Resources
First Health Services Corporation
Purkinje Systems
                                          The Greater Richmond Association
Telepath Telecommunications
                                                   for Commercial Real Estate
EDUCATION                                 The Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce
Academic Web Group                        The Greater Richmond Technology Council
The Goddard School                        HIPAA Regulatory Compliance P.C.
Jackson‑Field Home                        James Limousine Service
Virginia Commonwealth University          Johannas Design Group
Virginia Union University                 Legal Marketing Group
MEDICAL/NON‑PROFIT                        Magic Special Events
American Heart Association                Oliver‑Bendheim Design Associates
Christian Record Braille Foundation       PhillipsCox Insurance
First Health Services Corporation         Piascik & Associates, P.C.
Handcraft Linen Services                  Progressive Insurance
Hanover Family Physicians                 Smarter Interiors
Integrity Home Medical                    Telepath Telecommunications
The Institute for Living Well             TIMMONS
Memorial Sloan‑Kettering Hospital         Williams, Mullen Christian Dobbins
Metro Richmond Emergency
     Communications Recruitment
Mid‑Atlantic Spine Specialists
Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA)
PhillipsCox Insurance
Richmond OB/GYN
The Virginia Health Quality Center
Virginia Urology Center
West End Orthopaedic Clinic
Woolfolk Medical Group
World Mercy Fund
focused | experienced | connected

                                         Pamela McElrath
                                     Chief Marketing Officer
                                      Excite Marketing Team
                                          P.O. Box 29292
                                    Richmond, Virginia 23242
                                        Tel: 804.901.2494

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